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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a baby girl is dead, her father facing murder charges. san jose please camping out, the department to sell stretched officers are sleeping in rvs between shifts. a rescue you have to see to believe. firefighters using a shop vacuum to save kittens. police living in rv buy right next to their station. welcome. san jose police say the staffing shortage is so bad some officers don't even have time to go home in between shifts. >> some officers working so much that instead of going home they are camping out across from headquarters. we spoke with police about the issue. >> reporter: take a look, this
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parking lot their headquarters looks a lot like in rv park. one dozen officers are sleeping here because overtime does not leave them time to drive home. there had always been if you are be here used by officers. but recently the number has grown. some other officers say they choose to sleep in their car. the problem, they are being forced to work overtime. the police chief said the situation is dire. the department is too short staff. he plans to go before the council on tuesday to ask for a declaration of a state of emergency. that would allow him to shift officers from other departments. >> it has just gotten worse. just between march and august
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over 1400 times i had to hold over officers that had already worked a ten hour shift into the next shift. 1000 of those times it was for at least six hours. you can't treat your employees like that. you can't continue that. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00 we will talk to a police officer about the toll told that all of this is taking. my understanding is that some officers that only rvs let other offices his them when they ey need a break. there are about ten other officers who we have been told are sleeping in their car. so, hard to get a number but i would take quite a few.
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we have a sad update to bring you about a story we brought you yesterday. officials say a six week old infant allegedly abused by her father has died. 30 to-year-old -- 32 euro matthew zabala was arrested on child abuse charges. those charges have now been upgraded to murder. the baby was brought to the hospital with a fractured skull and broken bones. the sheriff our office raising money to help with the funeral costs. you can find the link on a suspect behind bars in a deadly shooting. this morning police surrounded his apartment building. they arrested the man in connection with the deadly shooting of christopher puckett. the victim impact was pack was cousin told us his death has been difficult, especially for his children.
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>> i am glad that if he is the person that he is off of the streets. but i won't feel closure until i know for sure that he is the person and he is guilty. >> as for a motive police say he and christopher puckett had an ongoing dispute. investigators would not provide any other details. police investigating the 36th homicide of the year. police received a call last night about a possible dead body . offices found a man suffering from severe injuries and pronounced him dead. the circumstances of the death are still under investigation. no arrests have been made. bart is reporting a spike in cell phone thefts. more than one dozen writers have had their devices stolen over
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the past couple of weeks. >> reporter: it can happen is fast. video from a few years back shows a man stealing a cell phone. over the past two weeks 13 writers have had their phone stolen from stations in san francisco and oakland. >> you can be in a train and the moment the door opens it can be taken. we have it happen all of the time. especially if you are on the bottom of an escalator. >> reporter: she says cell phones are stolen all the time but the problem was much worse than three years ago before kill switches and absent could disable devices. her advice, keep your head up. >> just glance up and show you are aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: in one case a woman was walking through the tunnel at the station in oakland when someone took her cell phone from her
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hand. part writers say it is tempting to have your phone out on the train. train. -- bar to writers is a it is tempting to have your phone out on the train. these days it is risky. >> i keep my phone in my purse. i don't want any trouble. i don't chance it. i know better. it is too much going on. >> reporter: to avoid becoming a victim it is a good idea to keep your phone secure. also, never lend your phone to anyone. think about installing t installing a tracking app in case your phone is stolen.
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a judge in riverside county refused to suspend the right to die law. it gives terminally ill patients the right to request a life in a prescription. a group is fighting the law saying it does not do enough to protect patients who may be wrongly diagnosed. the judge did not throw out the lawsuit and the case will return in december. hillary clinton unleashed a new attack on donald trump today. in a new ad she used his own words. >> what do you have to lose?
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you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. >> the last thing we need in the situation room is a loose cannon who does not care to find out fact or fiction. >> donald trump spent the day in las vegas meeting with hispanic leaders. a spokeswoman for the campaign said the new rhetoric from clinton is a way to shift focus off of her e-mail controversy. >> she is using that as a distraction and to take away from the constant scandal and list of corruption that she has had hitting her all week. >> clinton continues to defend herself against accusations that she granted access to world leaders who also gave money to the clinton foundation. her campaign said bill clinton would step down from the board of the charity if hillary clinton is elected. i want to start with you,
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talk about donald trump in las vegas today, trying to court the hispanic vote. good move by him? >> i would say in his favor nevada has a huge hispanic population. many of them work in the gaming industry are familiar with him already. a lot of them have trepidations about him. politically it makes sense to do it. it is also the case in reaching out to african-american voters that the campaign is wise to ask the question, are groups like latino americans and hispanic americans are african-americans better off with the democrats. these are fair questions. the reality is meeting around a table
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with these people that is not going to teach you a lot, especially when you are doing most of the talking. if you want to learn it back tell them you are interested issues confronting black voters, or brown voters, you should go to their neighborhoods, you should be visiting their places of worship. you should go and listen. >> you don't think he has done that yet. leo, i hope we have you. there he is. your thoughts on what joe is saying, trump does most of the talking and it does seem it is either a white audience or a little roundtable. is he missing an opportunity? >> i think someone is missing the fact and it is not mr. trump. i have been to plenty of the rallies. when i look out there i see brown faces, white faces and
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black faces. i see donald trump addressing americans. we are all americans, we are all in this country and we all know how bad it is and how much worse it has gotten. we are$20 trillion in debt. unemployment is massive. the welfare numbers, education is horrible. >> let's talk immigration. donald trump has made some changes. not only in his campaign but in what he has been saying in terms of his stance on immigration. you don't agree, you think he is saying the same thing he has been saying? >> donald trump our message on immigration is the same it has always been except people are listening to it in a different way. >> or is he delivering it in a different way?
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>> give us that at least. >> in the beginning he said we have got to get rid of the criminals. >> i think hillary clinton would agree with that. rid of the criminals. >> hillary clinton worked with the obama administration and has a record of deporting people. they have deported millions and millions. that is obama and hillary clinton pack was record. they have done nothing for hispanics or immigrants in this country. >> that is my point, if you are saying it isn't -- it is just the bad guys there is not much of a difference. your thoughts on his change over the week. >> let's not forget that he did express some regret over things he said. the fact that we are mentioning
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the notion about rapists rapist and others was from a speech he gave a long time ago, i am sure if he had it to do it again he might have thought differently about it. but it has offended a lot of people. hispanic and latino voters are a growing demographic in the u.s. if you are trying to reach out to those people you have to be careful about your language. if you really want to convince people of your sincerity your actions have to match your words. i think he would have been well served to reach out to these communities earlier. >> he even admitted he did not think he would be in this position. >> i think that is an excuse now. if you are a serious candidate you do the work. making that kind of an investment is what puts you in a position to win. imagine if trump had taken a position on a racial profiling
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and broken ranks with his party and said something like that, that i am aware of my on privilege and i want to see things change. take that issue away from democrats. if he had done that i think they would find him credible. we are seeing him change now 70 days before the election. >> joe, leo, sadly we are out of time. i appreciate your time. you see the parents of calvin riley, they are telling their story to ktvu after the son was killed in a senseless act of violence while out in san francisco. coming up, heroic efforts by firefighters, we will update
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you on the kitchens rescued from a pipe. a cooler day for the inland communities. we will see a warm up as we get into the weekend. i will have a look at what you can expect going forward coming up.
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joining me now is steve from the animal shelter. thank you so much for joining us. i want to talk about something else first. that is that creative rescue of some trapped kittens today. >> that was a really great rescue. a great happy ending story. the kitchens are at the facility here. they are doing well. they are recovering. it was just a really great collaboration between animal services >> reporter: the fire department as well as the community. >> we are looking at video right now from a cell phone. in the middle of your screen, your eyes aren't deceiving you, they used it to suction the little kitten from where they were trapped. it is difficult for me to see, we are actually were they trapped?
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>> they were down in a pipe. it was on sunny view. passersby had heard cries from kittens, identify there was a mother cat around the area too. that is when the officers were called in. the first kitten was actually rescued by our officer who fixed a flashlight to a pole and was able to rescue a kitten. at that point i i identified the second kitten was really far down. so she made the call to bring in a shop vacuum. they got it down there. the fire department helped us. as you can see it was a pretty creative rescue. >> it sure was.
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>> when the kittens came out they were on the brink of death. the medical team has done an amazing job of treating them, caring for them, and they are very much on the road to recovery. >> we are actually showing some video. it looks like they are getting around pretty well. you can see one of them is limping a little bit. i am guessing they will be up for adoption soon? >> yes, we wait between 4-6 weeks. we want to make sure that they get to 2 pounds. i am happy to report they will be going to foster on monday to finish their recovery and when they are done with foster they will be up for adoption. just so you know the medical team named them bill and ted because of their not so excellent adventure. >> that is great. let's talk about pet adoption. i understand you have several
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dogs up for adoption. >> we do, we have two full shelters that we have some wonderful animals. we are focusing on dogs today. i have one right here. do you want a treat? she is very motivated. >> she is a little camera shy. >> right now but after another treat she will wake up a little bit more. >> how many dogs do you have available for adoption? >> we have over 250 dogs up for adoption right now. so, we estimate she is about four years old. she is a german shepherd, obviously.
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what she has shown us in the shelter is that she is very friendly. she has had great interactions with the volunteers. she is very food motivated as you can see. but she has been really gentle and you know, she has a bit of a skin condition but other than that she is a very ideal dog. i have been spending a lot of time with her and i have enjoyed it. >> let's hope another family or someone else my might think about adding a pet to their family. thank you so much steve. unfortunately, we are out of time. is there a a way people can look online at these dogs. >> you can come to our website and before you go i will show you that we have an adoption special going on in august.
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>> fantasticks. thank you so much. -- fantastic. thank you so much. be sure to head to to check out a photo gallery of the dogs. we want to see your pet as well supposed to our facebook page. you can also go to instagram. let's check in with rosemary. do you have a dog? >> i don't have one of my own. my little ones are just enough for me. maybe when they get older. we do have some good weather out there if you plan on walking the dog. partly cloudy skies around the bay.
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if you go to the coast it is cloudy and cold. there is your look at the san francisco. here is a different point of view from up above. we had a little bit of clearing around noon today. it did not last very long. the clouds will be moving across the bay as we get into the evening hours. san francisco partly to mostly cloudy as well. along the coast, all the way down to santa cruz, monterey and beyond. onshore wind it today at 30 miles per hour. that cool air has been blowing through the delta the entire day. as a result concord, livermore all cooler today. 75 in concord. closer to the bay temperatures a few degrees warmer. xt six in san francisco.
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football tonight, 69 at game time. partly cloudy skies. it will be a a nice evening if you are going to the game. as we get into the evening the clouds will move across the bay. we start out tomorrow morning cloudy but the weekend will be a little bit warmer than where we have been. good weather looks to last until on -- the good weather looks to last into the end of august. we will be back in just a bit. coming up, a mother and father searching for justice. the parents of calvin riley, the man shot and killed while playing pokemon go, grieving their loss. >> i would say that was stolen from us. it is a piece a piece of our heart that will never be the
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the iconic golden gate bridge may soon be going high- tech. >> reporter: right now when you cross into san francisco you pay as you come through the toll plaza over here. now there is a plan to keep the toll plaza but move where you pay.
4:29 pm
the plan would you be moving towards the bus stop. we have a rendering a rendering showing what it might look like. backers say they need a new one to hold all of the equipment necessary and also to use cameras to scan license plates. they say there is not enough space on the old plaza. the bridge gave us documents this morning saying the new regulations will go into effect in 2018. board members hope to have it in place by december 2018. no word on how much it will cost. since there will be a new gantry to collect tolls it raises the question, does it make the old tollbooth obsolete? will it stay or will it go? >> right now we are going to leave the toll plaza as it is in its location. we don't have funding in place to remove the toll plaza.
4:30 pm
at some plays it opens the opportunity for us to re- envision the toll plaza. >> the bridge has said there has been an increase in the number of people who have hit the toll booth. we have seen the vehicles get wedged in as they tried to make their way through. there are currently no plans to get rid of the current tollbooth that stands here right now. back to you. there son was killed in san francisco for no reason. tonight the parents of calvin riley sit down with ktvu to talk about the son who was shot and killed three weeks ago. calvin, a college baseball player was with a friend playing pokemon go when he turned a corner and was killed. his parents are devastated and they have a message. >> i would say that you have stolen from us a piece of our heart, it will never be the
4:31 pm
same. the world lost an amazing person that was doing great things. and it was stolen. he was stolen from us and the rest of his life was stolen. all of his dreams, everything has he has worked so hard for was taken from him. it was taken from him for no reason. >> coming up at 5:30 we will have tara moriarty pass entire interview with calvin our parents. coming up next a development into the career of judge aaron persky. the change coming as critics call for his removal from the bench. also a ruling in the case of jaycee dugard, exactly seven years after being found a live in antioch.
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-- exactly seven years seven years after being found a life in antioch.
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it was this week seven years ago when jaycee dugard was found alive. we take a look back. >> it is like winning the lottery.
4:35 pm
she sounds like she is okay. >> reporter: her stepfather will never forget the day, he watched as jaycee dugard was stolen yards away from her home. flyers were posted and vigils were held. days turned into weeks, weeks into years. jaycee dugard was gone. in 2009 police officers spotted phillip garrido walking with two young girls on a college campus. the officer became suspicious and discovered phillip garrido was in and out of prison since the 1970s. nearby parole officers were notified. ultimately the female was identified as jaycee dugard. interviews with jaycee dugard provided information that only the victim and kidnapper could now. police say phillip garrido and his wife kidnapped jaycee dugard
4:36 pm
and brought her to their house. >> i thought he was weird. i never knew there would were children back there. >> reporter: police say phillip garrido admitted to fathering two children with jaycee dugard. neighbors told us they would never see the girls and they had never seen a a jaycee dugard, who is now 29 years old. >> for more details be sure to go to ktvu that make you can find flashback friday on our home page. >> we have an update on the jaycee dugard story. he appeals court decided that jaycee dugard cannot hold federal parole officials liable for failing to supervise phillip garrido. joining me now is our legal analyst. this is a case where the individual was under
4:37 pm
probation and there were parole officers going to his house years and years and with jaycee dugard is saying, is they should be held accountable and the court said no. your reaction to the ruling. >> keep in mind it was a federal court that said no. two of the local judges [overlapping speakers] -- we had a judge from back east come out and he was the dissenting vote saying, no, you should let her proceed with the lawsuit but keep in mind when she sued california they gave her $20 million. i have got to think those the judges knew that and thought, you got $20 million, it is not like we are depriving you. >> is this not a message to people that you can't hold public employees accountable? >> the courts are very protective of public employees
4:38 pm
because if we allow them to be sued they will be afraid to do their job. but the antithesis of that is you have either a lot of overworked probation officers were probation officers that did not care. hindsight is always 2020. but these guys walk out there when they go to see phillip garrido, they go to visit him and they don't bother to go to the back. when i went there the photos were very visible. it would have taken a minute a minute to to look around at back. again, hindsight is always 20, 20. >> let's move on to judge aaron persky. he told his bosses to take him off of criminal cases.
4:39 pm
your reaction to that? >> i think it is a smart decision. sion he has taken a lot of heat. ultraviolet is renting billboards on the freeway. keep in mind, she wasn't raped, but, they put billboards up. he is under a lot of pressure. his family is under pressure. the courts is under pressure. i think he is smart saying move me to civil court. >> that may change because that is his assignment for now. for now he is in the civil court. thank you. cal football getting ready to kick off the season and they are doing it with a new quarterback. details are coming up next. outside another miles a day. temperatures will get to warming up over the weekend. we will have more when we come
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in college football cal is down under getting ready to kick off the season with the first game of the year tonight against at the university of hawaii in australia. cal is ushering in a new quarterback the season. scott reese introduces us to davis webb.
4:43 pm
>> reporter lubbock, texas to berkeley, california as the crow flies about 1400 miles apart. >> it is hot. the bay area is 60 all of the time. the girls have been great out here. >> reporter: as the football flies they are virtual neighbors, running a similar offensive system, which made cal a perfect fit for davis webb. >> i embraced it. i always said it is kind of like studying abroad for me. i am here for six months. >> when he came in he had a plan. we got here on a thursday and friday he was in the morning -- and friday he was in the office. >> reporter: long hours for a guy facing a tall task,
4:44 pm
replacing the legend and top draft pick a jared goff. >> he had a great three years here. he really turned things around. i wish him luck in los angeles. at the same time i try not to think about him. i control only what i can control. >> the thing about cal football is the quarterback bar is set pretty high. we can certainly go back to aron rogers. so there is a great history of good quarterbacks. we think davis webb it will be just like those guys. >> reporter: he has not been on campus very long. he had is yet to suit up in a uniform. still, he has already emerged as a leader on the team. >> right when he got here, the hardest working person on the team. always watching film. always talking to the coaches. everyone sees what he is doing. that helps everyone.
4:45 pm
>> he has a great love and respect for the game. he never pounded his chest and said i did this or i did that. i think the guys respect that. >> i where our my emotions on my sleeve. i really love this game. -- i wear my emotions on my sleeve. i love seeing guys have success and reach your full potential. >> reporter: to that end the quarterback has a short but start to do list, designed to maximize his tenure a cal. >> my goal is to be the best teammate possible. that is what i can control. number two, to be a great quarterback. i hope i win a lot of games. >> there is a lot the football tonight. san francisco 49ers at home. there will also be a lot of high school games.
4:46 pm
depending on where you live you should bring a jacket. >> that is a great idea. as we get to sunset and beyond it is going to be cooling down. we have been running a cool. here is a look at san francisco. we have low clouds along the coast. we saw most of the clouds pulled back and we had a few pockets of sunshine. now we are looking at low clouds moving back across the bay as we get into the evening. tomorrow morning it will be widespread. let's take a look at where it is right now. sausilito, as you cross over the bridge you will find it there. this will not pull back of course it will continue towards the east. temperatures around the bay actually a bit warmer but in the cities cooled off a few degrees. santa cruz mostly cloudy.
4:47 pm
he onshore breeze is 50 miles per hour. it has been up all day long. it is breezy in your neighborhood. low 70s in napa. 70 -- 70 in santa rosa. inland 79 in livermore, 79 in concord. these areas a few degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. 76 in redwood city. 72 in oakland. for the inner east bay 78 in pittsburgh, 77 in black hawk. it does not seem like august. here is a look at the temperature change. still down by seven in fairfield. 8 in concord. livermore down by three. around the bay it is a little bit warmer today.
4:48 pm
over the weekend we will see changes coming. a minor warm-up is expected for tomorrow. sunday looks to be the better day. morning lows fairly similar to where we started this morning. low 50s at the coast. inner east bay 59. 56 in concord. tomorrow morning we wake up with clouds again. for the afternoon mostly cloudy along the coast and temperatures very mild. we are not expecting any 90s. mid-80s at best. 85 in brentwood. 80 in concord. 67 for berkeley. 65 for san francisco. 78 in san jose. 83 in morgan hill. sunday temperatures continue to climb but we see a turnaround
4:49 pm
as early as monday. just a very mild pattern and it looks like we could end august this way. no heat wave for the month of august. just a really pleasant pattern. we have a look at what we are working on for the news at 5:00. >> the young woman in the middle of the police sex scandal is in florida tonight. she is headed to rehab today. tonight, she tells us the police picked her up and took her to the airport themselves. the question is, who is paying for her rehab? an emotional interview with some very heartbreaking parents. >> calvin riley was killed while playing pokemon go, tonight at 5:00 his parents -- his parentss tell us about their son. those stories all coming up tonight at 5:00.
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next, a big day for lego lovers. the newest addition to the westfield mall when we return. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus when you buy or lease a new 2016 passat. narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes.
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reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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everything is great for lego lovers in san francisco. today the first ever lego store opened its doors. dozens lined up for the grand opening for the shop at westfield shopping center. they offer kids designs with interactive displays. today the 1st400 customers received a free backpack with a purchase of at least $50.
4:53 pm
-- today the first 400 customers received a free backpack with a a purchase of at least $50. >> i could play legos all day long. >> one of eight master builders showed ktvu a model of one of the main characters from the lego movie. he is helping the kids to build at 8-foot tall version of him at the mall. pretty cool. apple says if you use an iphone you should update the operating system software. apple has created a patch to fix a security flaw. investigators say a company produced spy software that can read text messages and e-mails. security flaws in the operating system allow the software to be
4:54 pm
installed if the user clicks on a surface certain link. next, a european judge rules ona clothing ban in a resort beach town. how the ruling could affect the rest of the region. we will be right back.
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4:56 pm
the top court in france has overturned a ban on a
4:57 pm
mediterranean resort town. they president that should be binding for the rest of the country. france had drawn criticism for the ban which some defend as an expression of secular culture. we have more from london. >> reporter: it was a ban that divided a nation. now france's highest court has ruled it can't be banned on friends beaches. >> it is all about freedom of religion. >> reporter: the ban had fun sharp criticism from around the world with demonstrations taking place around europe. protesters demanding an end to the law targeting women and muslims. >> i think it is an outrageous attack on all women's rights. also, i think it is an attack on muslims.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: others defended the ban as an extraction of values and say the burkini does more harm than good. >> i support the ban on the burkini. >> reporter: meanwhile the white house has applauded the ruling say, pres. obama will always support freedom of religion. >> freedom of religion is something that we hold close to us in this country. what is important about the right to the freedom of religion is that every american citizen enjoys it. >> reporter: the ruling will mean that all 30 of the resorts will need to reverse the decision. that will do it for us. time for the ktvu news at 5:00.
4:59 pm
a six week old infant dies in a hospital after aft suffering what prosecutors say was horrific abuse. good evening. a man who already served a prison term for abusing a child is now charged with murdering his daughter. he is being held tonight on one million-dollar bail. jesse gary is live outside of the court in san jose. some are questioning why bail was granted at all in the case. >> reporter: the prosecutor did not want bail granted. she asked the judge to deny bail. attorneys argued matthew zabala, despite the charges, he is still is still entitled to have bail set. in the end of the judge sided
5:00 pm
with the defense reluctantly. >> honestly this is one of the most devastating cases you can work on as a prosecutor. >> reporter: this afternoon the prosecutor laid out the legal case against the matthew zabala. he is charged with murder, assault on a child with likely to cause death and the mystic abuse against the child's mother. over the night the baby died from a litany of injuries. doctors say the child had nine broken ribs, a broken arm and multiple fractures in each of her legs. her skull had been crushed leading to unconsciousness. she stopped breathing and ultimately died at the hands of her own father. >> the bad guy is in jail. he is in jail. >> reporter: police say the most recent attack took place inside of matthew zabala's apartment.


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