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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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robin williams window opens up about the condition that ravaged her husband's brain. it is considered one of the safest universities in the country, news of a possible rape has people on edge in palo alto.>> disturbing news at stanford, police investigate an alleged rape the victim says she was attacked by a stranger. >> the student reported she was raped on campus early friday. jesse gary is live on campus with more.>>reporter: a third- party came forward and told police about this crime. that party was connected to campus security authority, the alleged victim is not come forward. police remain hopeful.>> we will continue to see if we can get the victims to come forward. when she is comfortable,
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investigation will take off from that point.>>reporter: all police know is that the alleged rape happened inside the suspect east side dorm room on campus early friday morning. the woman did not note the suspect and it's not known how she got into his dorm room. officials say the third-party the reported the rape was quiet to tell them. and alert was sent out to students and reminded them of the zero tolerance policy. the university teaches students what types of behaviors are forbidden and what to do in cases of sexual misconduct. some students say it's not that effective.>> entering this environment, there is a disconnect between what you know and what you are willing to do.>>reporter: the sophomore says the brock turner case has
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had a chilling effect on people's willingness to report sexual misconduct. turner was convicted of three counts of sexual assault. judge aaron persky sentenced turner to a year in jail. he was out in six months. governor jerry brown just signed a bill friday, requiring prison time for sexual assault convictions. officials say there is little they can do until the victim comes forward and give them a full account of what happened. will>> it will be interesting to see what happens. thanks to jesse gary at stanford university. san francisco police say they have taken another step busting up a child pornography ring. the investigation began six months ago, detectives with the internet crimes against children's unit first identified during weight and danica moran's as having
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uploaded pornography with children under the age of 10. that led them to arrest lorenzo brown, dustin tomlin and michael brown of sacramento, all for possession of child pornography. a 61-year-old man in the south bay is in custody accused of possessing child porn. the santa clarita -- clara police issued a search warrant to dennis bell crews finding over 1000 images on his computer and downloading 10,000 other images. concorde investigators are analyzing surveillance video that someone opened fire out to police headquarters, striking the building. no one was hurt and it's unclear whether or not police were the intended target. investigators say they spoke
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with a witness in the area and that the person heard the gunshot and heard a car speeding away. the witness did not get a good look at the vehicle or the suspect. investigators are focusing on surveillance video that's mounted outside the station and video from other locations.>> hopefully, it will show the vehicle. i don't know how close we consume or how clear the picture will be. >> if the shooting was deliberate there is no evidence to believe it's related to the protest from police involved shootings that are happening in other parts of the country. concorde police say they have not received any threats. people woke up to rain.
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as we look outside of our studio on our emeryville camera, you can see dark clouds. it's been like that most of the day. a second store is expected tonight and rosa is tracking those. this showers have been like and they started early. we've been cloudy and cool with just hit and miss light showers throughout the afternoon. that will continue through the evening. 57 degrees in santa rosa, 60 san francisco 64 in livermore and upper 60s in san jose. you can see on the radar, light and sporadic we may have drizzle in areas where we are not seeing green. the north they -- the north bay has some sun.
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if we get into the east bay we have bay point, pleasant hill getting some and going south sprinkles reported around san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, scotts valley. tonight, we will continue to have these light showers throughout the area, just enough to get the road let. mostly cloudy skies, chance for showers will wind down. by tomorrow we are drying out and warming up. when i come back, we will look at how much rain has fallen since yesterday and what you can expect. coming up next, donald trump campaigns and his campaign is dealing with the negative headline surrounding his taxes and now his charitable foundation.
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hillary clinton tries to make up ground and ohio. fleet week returns and what you can expect.
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the race for the white house, donald trump and hillary clinton were busy in key battleground states today. the trump campaign had to pause to deal with a new wrinkle. mike emanuel has the
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latest.>>reporter: donald trump's campaign grappling with another negative headline. the trump foundation was served with a cease and desist order after failing to register before accepting donations. while trumps campaign believes this is politically motivated. it says it will comply. appearing before a military audience, trump try to shift the spotlight to his main rival hillary clinton. >> has anybody put a server in there basement?>>reporter: he stay clear of the new york times reports suggesting he avoided income taxes for 18 years. instead he hammered away at clinton controversy, the investigation into her private email server. >> her only experience in cyber security involves her criminal scheme to violate federal law, engineering a cover-up and putting the entire nation in harms way. >>reporter: hillary clinton storming through ohio, earning a slamdunk from lebron james.>>
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i hope to be elected president, i know here in ohio, lebron will always be the king.>>reporter: the former secretary says -->> yesterday, he was bragging that it makes him a genius. here's my question, what kind of genius loses $1 billion in the fiscal year?>>reporter: clinton is trying to convince voters that she is against free trade deals which have become unpopular across the rust belt. >> joining me now is san francisco's senior political editor and let's start with hillary clinton. she's trailing according to the latest polls, that was a good
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move to get the king on her side. how far does an athletic endorsement go?>> ordinary, not much. when you bring in lebron james it means a lot more than it would anywhere else.>> let's talk taxes. donald trump taps for -- tax returns showing he lost nearly $1 billion. how hurtful will this be and how much pressure will there be to release his taxes? >> i doubt they will reduce -- release taxes. you might say more of the same. the reason this is hurtful, it goes to the concern that many people have. the economy is rigged against them. that's what trump has been saying. he is profiting from this it doesn't look good. he says he is going to reform
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the system, that's a tough connection to make for anyone beyond his usual base. >> especially the way he has done it. if he had come out months ago and said he hadn't paid taxes and 18 years because of using the system. he has played a game and we all know now, that is not true. was that his mistake? was his message more than what he was doing?>> any time you are trying to be secretive, you won't look good. it doesn't look good to not be paying taxes. especially, when this is a tax advantage very few can take advantage of of. no one has a multiple real estate advantage for this tax break. we can only claim our mortgage
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deduction. >> the vice presidential debate is expected to be a snore fast -- fast. what if anything can move the needle, a major mistake? >> there's a history of great one-liners and such. keep in mind, these gentlemen who will be on stage tomorrow night of the first major decision that each of the candidates has made. this is the person they have chosen to be president, in case worse -- something were to happen to them. make sure that they know what they are doing, feel confident people are able to take over.>> for trump, mike pence will help him in that he seems to anti- trump and reasonable.
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>> you won't see him moving off of the topping -- talking points. they will seem more stable. many people in the bay area may be uncomfortable with some of the social issues. that does play a lot better in the western states.>> thank you, for your time. we will talk more before the election. the first and only five precedented to -- vice presidential debate is set for tomorrow in virginia. hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine describes himself as, boring while donald trump's running mate mike pence calls himself a be list republican celebrity. the debate will take place at longwood university in farmville, virginia and will
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start at 6:00 tomorrow evening. fleet week is underway and a very soggy san francisco. the uss san diego made it centers selling under the golden great bridge. the coast guard, the marine corps in the navy celebrate a flotilla and tall ships. in a few days, the blue angels will fly. joining us is david cruz, spokesman for fleet will. what's on tap this year?>> we are out here at 239 where you can see the air show. what i want to tell you, tomorrow we are putting out a big call for veterans. if you're a veteran looking for a job anywhere in the bay area come to our career summit tomorrow morning at 8 am at the
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memorial hotel. we have the details on our facebook page. >> is this something you typically do during fleet week? >> it is the second year. we have 50 companies coming looking to hire veterans right now. if you are a veteran, this is where you want to be. >> this event is to bring the navy two people, the ships, the sailors. talk about what fleet week is about. >> fleet week has an amazing mission, it starts off with our humanitarian response training program. we train our first responders with service members visiting, so they can help each other during times of disaster. later on in the week, we do community service over $20,000
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has been invested in san francisco. we get into the fun stuff, the ship tours, the air show is what everyone really loves.>> you have a new way for people to stay connected to what's happening at fleet week. tell me. >> i'm letting you know, you are the first to know. go to the app store and type in the word fleet week, you will get an exclusive look at the 2016 fleet week app. you can download the schedule and you can buy a burger for a sailor right there a completely supports the crew barbecue that we put on.>> you heard it first, go to the store and download the fleet week app. can you tell us about recruitment. >> that's part of what the military does. it's not a big part of fleet
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will have -- week. our mission is around helping the city of san francisco become more resilient. >> how important are the links between the navy and local agencies?>> everyone says, we bring different parties together from across the bay area, emergency managers, firefighters, first responders, elected officials to train with an learned from service members in town. >> the blue angels will fly thursday for practice and the big show is over the next three days?>> thursday is practice, friday, saturday and sunday is a full show. we also have a flight team from france for the first time ever.
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still ahead, high winds, heavy rains and hurricane matthew. preparations are underway is more than 200,000 people have been evacuated. this storm poses a deadly threat. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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safety regulators are launching an investigation into ford vehicles were steering and door latch problems. the problems are similar to those of others.
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they cover the edge suv from 2011 through 2013 and the ford fusion. than national traffic administration has received more than 1500 complaints, the doors warning light will not shut off in some reported the doors have flown open, while the vehicles were moving. tesla says production numbers were good. it produced and delivered 24,500 cars throughout the world during the last three months. that's more than twice as many during the same period last year. tesla said it delivered 16,000 model s sedans and 8700 model x sport utility vehicles.>> hurricane matthew is being blamed for the deaths of two
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fishermen bringing the total number of deaths to four.>>reporter: hurricane matthew is sitting parts of the caribbean with high winds and heavy rain. the eye of the storm will travel east of jamaica before going over southwest 80. matthew could bring 40 inches of rain to the impoverished nation with the potential for deadly flooding and mudslides. 80s president is asking residents to listen and get out of harms way.>> don't think your head is right.>>reporter: streets in kingston are empty as dozens headed to a red cross shelter. forecasters say, matthew is on track to move to cuba. preparations are underway. some
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225,000 are being evacuated from the country's east coast as cubans lineup to stock up on supplies.>> we are getting ready. we are moving forward.>>reporter: matthew briefly strengthening to a category five storm making it the most powerful hurricane since felix in 2007. it's too early to say what kind of impact the storm could have on the east coast as it turns through the atlantic. matthew is impacting the us, 700 nonessential us personnel have been evacuated from the naval base in guantanamo bay. this is newly released video of a deadly shooting in sacramento. a firsthand look of what led to a mentally ill suspect being shot 14 times. major announcements from google and facebook.
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the latest gadgets, and services expected.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. the man is under arrest after leading the chp on a chase. they tried to pull them over, the vehicle did not have a license plate.
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he refused to stop when officers first spotted him in oakland at 1:30 am on interstate 580. you are looking at the aftermath. he continued to drive into castro valley and back into oakland. officers used spike strips but he kept going. he was driving on metal rooms in the vehicle caught fire. that's the picture you are looking on those at. the charges include felony evasion, drug possession, dui and driving suspended license. wet roads may be to blame for deadly crash in contra cora near the community of glenn frazier. the driver was described as an older woman was going 50 miles per hour and she lost control.>> they lost control and hit the center median and then bounced off, they fishtail
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then spun hitting a tree on the right shoulder. >> the cause is under first -- investigation. slick roads may have played a role. a deadly police shooting in sacramento is causing controversy. video shows police trying to run over a suspect before shooting him 14 times. police were responding to calls of a man waving a knife and acting erratically. the dash cam video shows officers trying to hit the man with the car, then chasing him on foot. moments later, gunfire can be heard on the video. civil rights attorney john burris demanded the police be charged with murder.
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google is about to shake up the gadget world. they are set to release new product at an event tomorrow. google is expected to drop two new phones, which will come with pixel branding and potentially the biggest push over for a google phone. they are rumored to announce home, and amazon echo rival. facebook reveals a feature to buy users -- allow users to buy and sell items similar to ebay or craigslist. it will be available for people in the us, united kingdom australia and new zealand. let's talk about it with our expert, ryan eldredge. it's a very crowded space, google has the money to get into it. from the make some headway? >> the new phones will be
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called the pixel in the pixel x out, it's a rebranding of the nexus. these will be premium phones. google has gone midprice point, these will be $600 plus. the xl will have a larger screen and they will be built by htc. google says it will be the most pure way to get the new android 7.1, they won't have any added software. this will be the best way to experience a new operating system. one thing they will announce is daydream view which will be compatible. that's a vr product, it you can put your phone on and watch vr content. there's no price being spoken
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of. they will also offer a wi-fi router. it's a router that you put in your house and it creates a network with other routers, you can say goodbye to the black box -- spots that don't get wi- fi or signal here they may be speaking of a new tablet and that's far-fetched. we aren't sure that will happen. google home will be sweet. it will rival the amazon echo and it will take care of some of the smart stuff you need taking care of in your home.>> there is a lot on the plate. google is a company that has so much money, they can do these things without a major risk.>> you have to know, google wants
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to know what we are doing online, so they can give us better products. it makes sense for them to have our wi-fi connection, our phone, tablet and anything else they can get there hands on. there are so many things outside the ecosystem and it's interesting that google is doing this, pushing it directly into the home to track what we are doing in order to sell us things.>> facebook is getting into the ebay world, it seems like a good fit. >> craigslist has been forever and facebook reports 450 million users a day shop on google -- facebook looking for products. this is a cool feature, they are going hard-core. they will remove the messenger icon at the bottom of the ios app and replace it with the marketplace
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on navigation. the interesting thing, you can click that button and browse things by category or by price. things that are in your area and facebook uses its intelligence and text scanner to figure out what is for sale, if you have not listed something it will know it's there. it super easy for sellers, use napa picture -- you snap a picture, write a description and set a price. you can check areas and locations of where an item is in you can write back and forth to figure out details.>> that sounds good ryan eldredge. >> that's a lot of new stuff. cloudy skies, a little bit of rain still following. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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southern california is watching and waiting to see if i warning about an earthquake becomes real. officials say southern california should remain on alert until tomorrow. after more than 140 small
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tremors hit under the salton sea at the southern end of the san andreas fault last week. scientists estimate the probability of a quake with the magnitude of 7.0 higher. joining us now is doctor mia moto. 140? ranging from 1.4 140? ranging from 1.42 4.3. how concerning is this? >> it is. in 2009, there was an earthquake that started before the big one. it's definitely a concern. it's all up and down the state. it's been way overdue.>> the
4:40 pm
san andreas fault, how often do earthquakes occur along that fault and especially the southern end?>> concern is unprepared, many older buildings may have concrete that is extremely dangerous. even newer construction, fill in the areas of life safety. we need to act on that. the people in southern california in the bay area need to prepare. food and water for two or three weeks can make a big difference.>> if it speak to most people, they know they need a plan. i don't think a majority actually do. i want to talk more about this
4:41 pm
faults, the southern end of the fault has not ruptured since 1690?>> yes. it's definitely been overdue. we have an assumption, these earthquakes are small ones. they are moderate, there are big ones to come. the last big one was truly 1906 in san francisco. we have work to do, ratings of buildings can be done. it does not cost much to make it better and protect.>> it is
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important to take those steps. the governor is trying to push forward and earthquake warning system. thank you, for your time. we will turn things over to rosemary. anytime you hear about 140? in such a small time it is distressing. >> absolutely, that will shake some nerves. we have been talking about the wet weather we've been receiving. it has been a nice change. mostly cloudy skies and a lot like fall. we are watching the showers wind down. we are picking up a little bit for the evening. it does not look like much. here is a view of the north make, there are a few sprinkles
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and light drizzle. highway 4 and bay point and over the hills around walnut creek into the south bay. we have some over sunnyvale and highway 101 stretching through cupertino over the mountains we have some. near morgan hill in gilroy has tapered off. it will taper off during the evening as the system pushes east. the sierra received snow. in the evening, the scattered showers will move through by tomorrow morning we are in the clear. 8 am, it is clear. tomorrow morning picking up on moisture and we could wake up with drizzle before it finally pulls out of the area. we will see a transition back to drier, warmer weather.
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the warming trend begins tuesday and it will be relatively mild wednesday and thursday. inland will be back into the 80s, eventually. 55 degrees tomorrow in san francisco. afternoon highs for tomorrow 60s around the bay, 63 in san francisco, 60 at the coast, east bay 66 in hayward and low to mid 70s in antioch, 74 fairfield, south bay 72. the extended forecast temperatures will climb as we get into midweek. then back to warmer weather by the end of the business week. upper 70s around the bay, mid- 80s for the inland and the weekend looks good. led to upper 80s expected in the inland, cooling office --
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on sunday. a lot of 70s around the bay, 60s on the coast. back to you. investigators faced challenges as they tried to determine what caused last week's deadly train crash in new jersey. they have been able to talk to the engineer, he does not remember. he remembers arriving at work in stowing his cell phone and says he blew the train's horn and checked the speedometer, it showed only 10 miles an hour. he does not remember the crash. >> he remembers waking up on the floor of the, unfortunately the event recorder was not functioning. >> there was a second recorder on the train, it had an onboard camera and was buried in the wreckage. they are still trying to get to that, it is still too dangerous for the search teams to get there. investigators cannot say when they can recover the item. they do believe it will be helpful, given that the
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engineer does not remember. safety regulators are investigating ford vehicles were steering and door latch problems. they are similar problems to those that have caused 3 million fortes to be recalled. the probes covers 643. the probes covers 643,000 vehicles including edge suv from 2011 through 2013 in the 2010 ford fusion. the national highway traffic safety administration has received 1500 complaints about the vehicles. the door warning lights will not shut off in some have reported the doors have blown open while the vehicles are moving. one injury has been reported. tesla says the number of cars they have produced is good. palo alto maker announced 24,000 cars were delivered over the last few months, that's more than they thought.>>
4:47 pm
that's good news for tesla if you are an investor. the window of robin williams is going public with details of the last month of his life. susan schneider williams said her husband struggled with lewy body disease, a form of dementia. it altered his personnel to -- personality. she describes his condition as, chemical warfare inside his brain. she said he experienced unrelated physical issues and very high anxiety. she writes, robin was losing his mind and he was aware of it. we know he committed suicide two years ago. she went on to say, it was
4:48 pm
intense, confusing and relatively swift persecution. kim kardashian west was tied up and robbed at gunpoint.
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breaking news along the ultima pass just west of tracy where there has been an accident. two lanes of traffic have been closed, traffic is back up for miles. this happened just before 1:00, at 120 this afternoon. crews responded to a big rig rollover and they were just able to move the big rig off to
4:51 pm
the side. that should help alleviate some of the issues. if you know someone or you are traveling through the altamont pass area, be prepared the backup is miles long and it will only get worse. reality star kim kardashian is back in the united hates after being robbed in paris early this morning. investigators say, armed robbers posing as police got away with more than $10 million worth of jewelry. harvey levin spoke to heather earlier and he says this was not a plot line for the reality show.>> somehow, these gunmen new to get in at exactly the right moment, when the bodyguard was out with her sisters at a nightclub. she was by herself. they were able to get in, get the tools, $10 million worth,
4:52 pm
handcuff her, gag her and throw her in the bathtub. there is something weird about this. they did do just that. they held a concierge at gunpoint, went upstairs and did there business quickly.>> maybe an inside job? >> i don't know who and i don't know if that happened. i know if the kardashian's are split suspicious, it feels like the timing was so perfect, in terms of the bodyguard leaving because her sisters went out in the bodyguard went with the sisters. just as that happened, she gets it.>> a lot of questions. a lot of people talking about it.>> the amount of security that family has in the amount of eyeballs have -- on kim kardashian. thank god, she was not hurt. >> it is scary and
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for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. russian president putin backed out of a deal with the united states to dispose of
4:56 pm
weapons grade plutonium. tensions over syria seem to be behind the move. the white house called the decision disappointing. >> this agreement that went into force into 2011 got which had of weapons grade plutonium. >> russia blamed the failure of the united states. authorities patrolling the united states southern border said they are dealing with a recent surge of immigrants. support groups are showing up with clothing and a place to stay. >> reporter: agents tell us they are apprehended 1,000 people in a day. that's just in the rio grande valley of south texas where a
4:57 pm
winding river separates mexico from the united states. most of the immigrants are coming from central america but if you thought the numbers in 2014 were high, here's a comparison. in that year, 66,000 families were apprehended. this year it's already exceeded that. we still have more months to go in the year. detention center are full with women and children. when they are processed they are given a notice to appear before an immigration judge and they are sent to live on united states soil. >> they are coming to your towns and schools. a lot of them are hard working and looking for opportunity. but not everybody is. tbent percent of those that we catch have a criminal history.
4:58 pm
that's -- 20% of those that we catch have a criminal history. >> reporter: a church has set up shop to help the immigrants transition. >> they get an opportunity to take a shower and get hygen items and a -- hygiene items and a nice soup. >> reporter: agents blame the surge on a few reasons. first, an open border then the violence in central america. also the word on the street in mexico and central america is get to the united states now because if donald trump wins and puts up a wall you will be sealed off so smulgers are using that as a marketing employ to get people to go to
4:59 pm
the united states. ktuv news starts now. a case of child porn in the south bay, this man is behind bars accused of possessing and distributing pawr graphic images -- porn graphic images of children. >> police served a search warrant on a man that they said has been distributing thousands of images. we outside of the jail where the man is in custody tonight. >> reporter: authorities said the investigation is just beginning. they want to know where the images might have been coming from and who else was involved. it's a case that has seasoned investigators shaken. this man, dennis valle cruz was
5:00 pm
trafficking in porn. >> i call him a predator because he's looking at the most horrible child porn that our detectives have seen. >> reporter: police recovered 1,000 images from his computer with more coming in by the second. >> when we did the search warrant he was in the process the downloading porn as we opened the door. >> reporter: he shares this home with his mother. she said she knew nothing about the raid. neighbors described him as quiet and pleasant and they said that they are shocked. >> i do not understand. >> reporter: he had a job as a draft engineer for a small technology company in gilroy. they are going to be looking for local victims. >> we do not know if


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