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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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report of a home invasion of the bronx. when the suspect fled from the scene it turned into a chase. the sergeant that died 41 years old and a 19 year veteran of the department and the father of two young children. >> investigators say that a man and woman are in custody in connection with a burned body found in arroyo viejo park. carlos rameriz segoviano. police say she suffered blunt- force trauma and stabbed several times before her body was set on fire. the woman under arrest is said to be someone rameriz considered to be a friend. you are watching fox 2 news at 6:30. for a second consecutive day the f.b.i. is helping a local law enforcement to search for evidence in a cold homicide case from a dozen years ago. >> we learned that the case is tied to oakland resident cynthia linda alonzo. our jesse gary talked to the
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victim's family and has the latest in this report. >> it is very important for us to find our mother. she has been missing for 12 years. >> the path to closure is sandwiched between west oakland. this site could contain remains of cynthia linda alonzo. the 48-year-old disappeared on thanksgiving in 2004 and her brother talked to ktvu not long after. >> i am gradually accepting the fact that i won see her again and this is a tough. she is a beautiful person. >> her then boyfriend eric mawa was charged with second-degree murder and later convicted of circumstantial evidence recovered from his home. >> it has been very difficult. every day that we wake up or that either one of us wake up we think about our mom and we never knew she was this close to home.
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>> but the price to gain that knowledge could mean the release of maura from prison if alonzo's remains are found here. prosecutors said the state appellate court overturned his conviction. maura agreed to tell police where he buried her body in connection change for manslaughter. if they find the remains maura's sentence will be reduced to ten years behind bars with credit for time served. he has been in jail 12 years meaning he would be a free man. >> as a family we sat down and we talked about it and we had mixed decisions and we can change the politics. what is more important is to find out where my momma is out and to give her a proper burial. >> nothing was found during the two days that they searched the site. there is no deal. maura will continue to sit in
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prison for six years. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. mcdonald's restaurants in san joaquin county are teaming up to fight human trafficking. all 32 mcdonalds are owned by the same family and they decided to team up with the da to provide training so they can better recognize when someone may be a victim of human trafficking. >> i think it is wonderful and needed in this county. >> the partnership has yielded it a success when mcdonald's employee recognizes someone that is a victim of human trafficking and that employee contacted the police. >> disabled people in the south bay dealing with public transportation delays for a second straight day because the f.b.i. raided the offices of outreach and escort.
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a company that contracts with a transportation company. providing transportation for 7000 people. vta provided another company to step in and fill the void. >> this is like setting up a new company and we have to set up computers and telephones and they need to find their way around the building. >> the f.b.i. has not said why they raided the offices and it should be back to normal for disabled customers in a few more days. >> >> surgery for ucsf is in jail on 2 million-dollars bond. accused of selling narcotics to his patients. police arrested dr. chris owens yesterday. tara moriarty tells us about the charges. >> christopher dean owen a professor of surgery at the usva medical center sits in county jail. us p police arrested him last
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night and booked him on 99 counts related to the prescriptions and sale of opioids. ucsf said owens has been on investigatory leave since june 3rd and not engaged in clinical duties since then. his girlfriend turned up dead in a home that they shared together. owens has not been charged with a crime a source tells us that she died from a drug gsb commonly known as the date rape judge. >> george works at a deli near the couple's home and he hadn't heard about the death until today. he did remember patito fondly. >> she calm and smiled and thank you and have a good day. bye. normal. >> ktvu has learned that investigators are digging deeper into pateeo's death. most of the charges are for the transportation and sale and
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giving away of a controlled substance. ucsf says in september owens was placed unpaid leave and after internal investigation his physician privileges were revoked october 31st. it takes this incident seriously and urges the entire clinical staff including physicians and nurses and other care providers to be alert for signs of opioid misuse by any member of the clinical team and to report any such suspicions confidently. >> we asked owens for a jailhouse interview and he declined. his bail is set at close to two million dollars and he is set to be arraigned next week. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead. another samsung recall but not for phones. it is for million of washing machines and the reason why coming up. is your mail arriving late at night. see why packages are being so late in one part of the bay
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area. would you be surprised if your mailman showed up after midnight. >> i sure would. some people are getting their mail delivered in the middle of the night. tom vacar went out to figure out why. >> we started to receive our mail between ten p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> susan says her personal mail as well as her neighbors and
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constituents mail arrives late or not at all. >> they would get the mail delivered as late as two a.m. >> checking the mailbox is a ritual especially for those expecting checks or prescriptions. >> when it doesn't come, it is very annoying. >> bay area postal service spokesman russell ruiz says it is a problem. >> we have a staffing issue in some offices and vacant routes. most routes have full time carriers and those that are vacant, other carriers have to come in and diffvy up the route. >> so the other carriers are working overtime while the postal service wants to hire new carriers. >> we are looking at 600 carrier assistants. >> for a government agency once believed to be a dying dinosaur it suffering from growing pains. >> it is an increase in overall
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mail and in particular the online shopping that is going on right now. we are seeing double-digit increase in parcels. >> that is because u p s and fedex and many use the postal service to take the mail the last few miles and this year it expects 18% percent more parcels than last year and parcels that take more space and work to deliver. >> we are looking at 8 billioned investment. >> it will last for 8 decades. >> and until someone figures out how to email a sweater we will deliver it. >> and the growing pains may continue for some time to come. tom vacar, fox 2 news. a memorial honoring firefighters defaced. monument to honor the heroes that dedicated their lives to protect a city. i have the forecast. maybe a few raindrops. we will talk about that and the
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temperatures you can expect for
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saturday and sunday. >> this portion of fox 2 news sponsored by foster farms. a mem honoring fallen firefighters have been defaced. it isn't the first time. the stockton fallen firefighters memorial honors firefighters that dedicated their lives to protect the city of stockton. it was created after two firefighters lost their lives in 1998 trying to save a woman. earlier the monument was cracked and broken and vandalized for the third time in a year.
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firefighters think that the vandals are trying to steal the plaques off of the memorial. >> it angers people. >> the fire department has removed the old plaques and ordered new ones and they are working to find a way to try to deter vandals and thieves from striking. >> more problems for samsung as the company issues another recall. this time for washing machines. the tops on the samsung washers can detach during use. now the reports of 730 of them blowing off. one person says it sounded like a bomb going off. nine injuries have been reported including one broke an jaw. samsung is offering a free inhome repair to fix them. changes to the state's clean vehicle rebate project went into effect for buyers of all electric plug-in hybrid and
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fuel cell cars. this rule aims to increase the number of zero omission vehicles on highways. lower income buyers will get a bigger break while deals for higher earners are no longer being offered. ski resorts are gearing up to start. squaw valley and mount rose and borral all set to open on november 11th and a number of resorts firing up the snow making machines. >> the two largest snow making machines at heavenly and at north start resort. kirkwood acts on the natural and we are still very confident that our opening day on november 18th coming up straightaway in two weeks away. >> kevin cooper says the sierra ski season is expected to be normal which would be great news after several lean years for the resort. check in with bill martin
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and we were talking about how ski season is starting earlier. >> they are talking about opening the places and making snow and cold enough to get away with it. but we are talking earlier i remember the day before christmas if you got a ski day in that was a big deal and before thanksgiving is the norm now. outside we got temperatures that were warmer today than yesterday. today warmer -- well actually the warmest day all week. it cools off and temperatures in the 60s saturday and sunday. and as this weather system comes in saturday night. and then drops temperatures on sunday morning with a chance of a sprinkle. not a game-changer or deal- breaker. the fog will push to the coast and the bay will see fog and temperatures cooler certainly there and beautiful sunset or pass the sunsets this evening. a beautiful evening. cool in the north bay and seeing valley fog and more
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tomorrow morning and these temperatures, 42 in napa and that will get you 39 up in yawnville and outside of nap angiitis cooler and that is a cold start to a saturday morning. here is the late system saturday night into sunday morning. and a chance of an evening shower late saturday into sunday morning. consequently you will set the clocks back on saturday night. you fall back one hour, right? you can do it at midnight or two in the morning. just want to set it back an hour. a chance of a sprinkle sunday morning and a very weak just sort of system that won't produce much in our latitude. you go further north you will find rain. in fort bragg and up in the north counties. for us on the south end. i think we will see sprinkles. you set the clock back an hour and sunrise 6:41 a.m.
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the five-day forecast, your evening chance. the sweet spot for a sprinkle is right here. again i'm not changing my plans. know that because the cloud cover temperatures will come down a little bit. best day will be great and saturday is your nicest, warmest day and temperatures in a holding pattern next week with temperatures on the mild side. kind of a nice weather system and a pattern and we have been fortunate because october was so -- i don't remember an october that wet. now to san jose where registration for the sacred heart holiday toy and food program. hundreds lined up to be among the first to receive a free holiday food box and they will have an opportunity to pick out free toys for christmas for their kids. sacred heart plans to give out 7400 turkeys and they are in dire need of donations. the nonprofit needs to collect
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18,000 toys toys gifts. if you could like to donate you can go to and click on links. the warriors against kevin durant's old team. how the pregame drama spilled over to the game and
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post game locker room.
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>> i get it. that world series parades are supposed to be big and chicago is over the top. >> 108 years in one of the great sports cities in america. long overdue. >> this is what you expect. >> this is the result. you remember the giants world parade in 2010. well multiple the drought by two and the crowd by five and you have what went down in chicago. an absolutely unbelievable scene. as soon as they open the gates it was pure unadulterated bedlam. five million people, twice the population of the city. giants fans remember this scene and we have buses and they had
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cable cars. grant park where barack obama celebrated his victory in the 2008 celebration. and all of that blue incredible site and the trophy and some of the guys that earned it. the popularity on stage and then with the cubs nation. a captive audience, the heroes spoke. >> welcome to cub sox. 2016. look at this thing. >> i am holding this thing, the game makes a lot of individual awards. but this is definitely a team award for this team. this is a team followed m vp awards. >> i thought brett eldridge
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skipping the country music awards on tuesday night. the largest gathering of humans ever that is not a religious gathering for a funeral. i can't say for sure but i'm guessing kevin durant enjoyed himself last night as his new team pummeled his former team. the thunder in town. russell westbrook troyed his mate wearing the official photography garb. that is one of durant's hobbies. poured in 39 points and trash talking and much of it. after the game westbrook faced the music. >> when i get on the court, i don't talk to anybody but my teammates. >> there is a lot of trash talking. talking a lot of trash. >> is that different? >> i guess so. i guess that is what they do. we will see him again. >> i guess you were checking
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your phone. did kevin durant text you. >> i will talk to my wife. >> did you expect a text from him. >> i expect to get on the plane and go home and get ready for bed and get ready for saturday. >> both local pack 12 football teams at home this week. stanford and cal with number five washington, the undefeated huskies will look to stay that way as they invade memorial stadium. jake browning a legit heisman candidate and the bears sit at four and four. but have not lost at home. they also are number two scoring offense in the conference at 41 points a game and they understand the huge opportunity that sits in front of them. a complete team that we have played, certainly one of the most in college football and we have played at home and confidence here and we beat the last two ranked opponents and looking forward to the challenge and the players are
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excited. >> the pulloff is pretty cool and they have proven they are one of the best and we have a tough task and we will fire the bullets and play the best we can. >> the twitter atmosphere has spoke an. bishop o'dowd and san leandro. the highlights at ten. you thought your tv was frozen. no my mannequin poise inspired by the steelers coming out and they jumped me and took the mannequin challenge actually a thing. this is cool, not only the players involved. by the way look at james harrison. frozen and they had the frozen antonio brown interview. the entire locker room reporters. >> i love it. >> never seen anything like that. >> this is a cool. what is he doing in. >> you will freeze. you want your back to look good. that was perfect.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much.
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well, i must say, leonard, when i first heard your idea for giant jenga, i was skeptical. i can't blame you-- tiny twister was a complete bust. no, i was wrong. the looming threat of being crushed under a pile of lumber does add a certain spice. i've never felt so alive. (knock on door) oh, hello, alex. uh, let me go get you last night's recordings. what recordings? well, you remember when you told me i talk in my sleep? well, it occurred to me that, like most things i say, it's probably pure gold. so i started recording it all, and now alex gets to comb through eight hours of what i like to call "sheldon after dark." hey, leonard. hey. just playing a little giant jenga here. oh, i know-- i'm the one who had to buy him the helmet. so, do you have any plans this weekend?


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