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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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at how the latino vote could be critical in this election and fox reporter caroline shively is in new york with donald trump's final push in five states. to reporter joel waldman with hillary clinton's campaign blitz. joel. >> reporter: ken and julie being. amazing. 41 million americans voted but of course tomorrow is election day and all out battle ground blitz for hillary clinton and the democratic nominee trying to rally last minute support with the help of some pretty big names. >> hillary rodham clinton crisscrossing swing states with two stops in most win pennsylvania. >> tomorrow you can vote. pray, hopeful, inclusive big hearted america. >> on to michigan. >> america's best days are still ahead of us, if we reach
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for them together. >> and clinton is hoping to get a boost from high profile surrogates critical in the quest of 270 electoral votes. >> from tim kaine. >> to daughter chelsea and supporter in chief president obama. >> donald trump is uniquely unqualified to hold this job. but the good news, michigan, is you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get the job. >> clinton heads into election day with a 4 point advantage in the latest poll. and with the f.b.i. director pouring cold water on the renewed email investigation, she is focusing on her closing message delivered in this two minute national ad. >> i'm asking for your vote and tomorrow let's make history together. i'm hillary clinton and one last time, i approve this message. hard to believe that this two long campaign season is
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about to come to an ad. it will be a midnight rally in north carolina and lady gaga will be performing. a lot of stars coming out for her. joel you are in the epicenter of the political world with both candidates in the big apple. hillary clinton has canceled fans for a big firetruck show on the hudson river. do you know anything about that? >> the details around this are hazy. according to the nypd and they had a news conference about safety precautions on election day in manhattan because donald trump and hillary clinton have their election headquarters here. they are saying that the clinton campaign had the proper permits but for some reason which is still unclear decided at the last minute not to go ahead with this firework display. it is unclear whether it is a security concern or not. meanwhile i will add, we have
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another crew set to be at the donald trump headquarters tomorrow evening and there are all sorts of problems and the campaign not issuing press passes making it difficult for the press to set up for tomorrow evening. >> joel, thank you. wall street rallied today on the prospect of clinton victory and after the f.b.i. cleared her in that email probe. the dow searched 371 points for its biggest gain in 8 months. the nasdaq was up 119 and the s&p rose 46. donald trump is making five stops in critical swing states and his vice-presidential running mate mike pence is doing the same. his party will be in midtown manhattan. reporter: only one day remains in this world win presidential election and donald trump is hitting the trail with force. it is a battleground blitz.
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donald trump beginning a day in the southeast. stopping in north carolina and florida. taking aim at his opponent. >> the system is totally rigged. hillary clinton should not even be allowed to run. >> he will join his running mate mike pence in michigan. >> let me make you a promise. when donald trump becomes president we won't be paying ransome to terrorist states hillary clinton started that in iran. >> when it comes to honesty and trust trump continues to lead clinton by four points among voters. at the same time clinton significantly outperforms him on having the right temperament. clinton polled 60% and trump
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37. >> now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. >> before tonight is over trump would have held five events in five different states in just about 12 hours. ken and julie, back to you. so many swing states so close right now. new hampshire and north carolina and virginia and florida, a big one for donald trump where i think right now caroline hillary clinton has a razor thin lead. are you seeing anything last minute. >> the latest fox news poll out this morning has her leading by four percent in a national poll but as you said it all comes down to states. he has a narrower pass. if he could flip the light blue states to ready could win but as of now if the polls are right and they are not always right she has the clear path. but anything could happen tomorrow. big game tomorrow, the ground game getting the folks to the
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poll. >> caroline lively in new york city. the new york police department is ramping up security as the media operatives are descending on the city for the trump rallies. both candidates in midtown manhattan two miles apart. the nypd says thousands of officers will be on the job throughout the city and some enforcing frozen zones around the candidate's locations. they will be deployed at hundreds of polls places on high alert for any possible political violence. a majority of california voters are choosing to vote by mail and that still means millions will head to the polls tomorrow. tara moriarty reports from san francisco where voters have a lot of decisions to make. >> hello. >> it is quick and painless. >> thank you. >> the dropoff drive by ballot booth in front of san francisco city hall. this election a dizzying number
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of props. a proposed soda tax and band on homelessness and to make recreational marijuana legal. >> there is a lot of homework involved. i remember the booklet coming out being this thick. >> i read everything so i can zip through it. >> there is a lot at stake. >> voters in even numbered districts filled out four voter cards and those in some districts had five pages. some the most pretentious. the closest one for california state senate. >> a hard fought race and a key race because there are only state senators for this 6th largest economy so it matters. scott weaner spent the day vying for every last vote. >> as did his opponent jane kim. >> win or lose i feel good about the campaign. we ran a positive campaign making san francisco more affordable. most voters decided on who to vote for brandy roger was
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still waffling between clinton and trump. >> it is scary. i don't know. i will decide when i go right in there who i will vote for. isn't that crazy. >> it seems like a battle against good and evil. dynamic. yes. and it is kind of tearing my family apart. hopefully we will get back together. >> the polls will remain open at city hall until 8 tomorrow and then election officials will work around the clock through thursday making sure that all of the ballots are put through the tabulating machine and ultimately they say all of the ballots won't finish being counted for two or three weeks. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. california voters are deciding on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. the proposition includes detailed rules for growing and transporting as well as the sale and possession of marijuana. lieutenant governor gavin newsome says it is the outgrowth of a two year analysis on the legalization of pot in washington and oregon. he says the language and the
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california proposition is tighter with a focus on california protecting children and youth families and public safety and taxpayers. this is the most restrictive and the most comprehensive legalization measure presented in front of the voters and allows flexibility that means if there are things that occur in realtime, the legislature with a simple majority can make adjustments. if proposition 64 passes, californians will be able to possess and grow pot immediately. it could take up to a year though for the retail sale of recreational pot. the state has until 2018 to begin to issue the licenses. vermont senator bernie sanders was in sacramento to make his final pitch in favor of proposition 61. it would band the state from buying prescription drugs for more than the lowest price paid by the veteran's administration. a arp and the california nurse's administration support it. at the rally at the state capital bernie sanders says the drug companies are spending
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millions to defeat the measure. $131 million paid for by the drug companies to make sure that california and the american people continue to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. >> veteran groups are against proposition 61 and it could raise drug prices for them. on you will find complete election coverage and information for local measures and state propositions and all under the politics section on our web site. coming up, our election coverage continues on ktvu news at 6:30. getting out the latino vote. how that one demographic could be critical in tomorrow's election. we'll have the election day forecast. we will talk about the clouds tonight and the next chances for rain in the area. up first the latest in a bizarre hit and run in the east bay that left three people injured. this was intentional.
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it looks like they were in family court.
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a dump truck ran off of the road in san leandro. crashed into a house at 9:30 near saratoga street. the truck slid into a palm tree and it slowed it down. sky fox captured this video after crews pulled the truck up right. the driver suffered minor injuries and no one in the house was hurt. >> there was a frightening skeen outside the courthouse and police say a woman and a
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car ran down three pedestrians. it appears that the woman came out of divorce court and intentionally ran over her husband and two others. before officers stopped her she jumped off a bridge to her death. paul spoke to police and witnesses about what happened. paul. reporter: julie the three victims suffered non-life- threatening injuries. the suspect took her own life. now it all started thin intersection at the hit-and-run accident. all four involved were inside the courthouse for family members. the review of the surveillance video says there is no accident. >> this was intentional. they were in family court, the three people that were hit as well as the suspect and the incident. they were all in family court on pine street. >> now this video was recorded by sergio margarita working
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construction in a nearby building. after 10:30 this morning a man and woman and lawyer were crossing the intersection of pine and main streets and when a light blue vehicle struck them. police say the vehicle was registered from out of state and the driver was the estranged wife of the one of the victims. the woman struck one of the people again and 20 minutes later there was a call from a woman jumping from the bridge. the coast guard responded and found a deceased female under the bridge. a vehicle matching the description was located on the bridge where the woman had jumped. the woman that jumped from the bridge was also the driver of the vehicle that struck the pedestrians. as of right now her name is being withheld. once again the three people hit by the car are expected to survive from the injuries. julie. paul, reporting in martinez tonight. thank you. an oakland couple charged with murder in the death of a
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volunteer with the alameda county sheriff's office. laura rogers and her boyfriend curtis taylor charged in the death of carlos rameriz segoviano. prosecutornot discuss a motive. police say segoviano was beaten and stabbed and her body burned and left in an oakland park. prosecutors say that laura rogers stabbed the victim and that curtis taylor doused her with gas. they threw away a knife and gas can in a dumpster that police recovered. the two knew each other and the attack was not related to the victim's work at the sheriff's office. s investigators are looking for a key piece of evidence in the killing of an 18-year-old man whose body was found buried on the ground of sonoma state university. investigators say that curt kimberly was last seen on his bike.
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it is a white man's 2011 cannondale quick cx3 mountain bike. it has recently installed road tires that have reflective material bill into the sidewalls. kimberly's body was found buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area of the campus last wednesday. he lived in catadi and missing since october 17th. when he left on his bike to visit friends. authorities say he had been stabbed several times and now they want to locate that bike. the san francisco district attorney's office says that they will not be filing charges against a surgeon accused of selling prescription opioids. 49-year-old chris dean owens is vascular surgeon and associate professor of surgery at the usfva medical center. arrested last week and late today the da told ktvu that there is insufficient evidence to charge owens. the doctor was set to be released from jail today. we are tracking clouds.
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you may have seen that sunset. pretty nice. i mean a lot of activity in pacific. big trough of low pressure. it extends all the way out to the day line north of the hawaiian islands. impressive and it doesn't do anything except give us great sunsets. and warming temperatures. because this trough digs, the ridge pops up. a ridge of high pressure in the vancouver area. >> big ridge and it will drop down through the basin. the idea being we are are dry as we go to the next few days. we will see clouds and partly cloudy conditions tomorrow. but dry and temperatures on the warm-up, 60s and low 70s. cloudy out there now. overnight lows because of the cloud cover it will be chilly and not as cold as they have been at times. last week. 69 right now in napa. 69 in hayward and 68 in fremont. outside right now we have got temperatures that are like i just said upper 60s and low 70s. mile and no fog along -- a
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little bit of fog on the coast and more fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the forecast overnight lows. you remember we had upper 30s and low 40s. temperatures higher because of the cloud cover. the forecast tomorrow you will see the fog trying to get to the coast and offshore about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the temperatures pop in. yellows are 70s and greens are 60s. a warmer day tomorrow with lots of mid and upper 70s in some places. we will see you back here. a special surprise for an an east bay pilot. i feel like if all of these people believe in me and i believe in me then this thing can happen. coming up next. how he is getting the chance to fly even after a shooting that left him paralyzed. the raiders on top of the nfl after they took on the broncos and became first place
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in the a p -- afc west. a deadly shooting rampage three years ago. more on that coming up.
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a 32 year-old oakland man was paralyzed after being shot and even though he uses a wheelchair it never stopped him from taking to the skies as a pilot. >> henry lee shows us now he wants to do more with his aviation career and today oakland city officials and a
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surprise guest made it happen. quincy carr lugs the furniture store signs in his wheelchair to the street corner and tries to get the attention of passing motorists and it is to pursue his passion of being a pilot. >> i would like to fly. >> he earned his pilot's license but four years later paralyzed in a shop and he had to learn how to fly with hand controls. he earned his commercial pilot's license. he told us he wants to go to school to become a flight instructor. >> i want to ask you a question. what is your dream? >> to and flight instructor. >> are you going to do it. >> we are going to do it. >> oakland police and firefighters and libby shaft
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surprised him with a 10,000- dollar check. captain sully sullenberger made a surprise vis. >> it what surprises me is his perseverance. >> i am shocked and feel like if the people believe in me and i believe in me then this thing can happen. >> it is very easy to complain and say why me? why me? but when you have this attitude it is not what happens to you, it is how you actually handle it. >> oakland police sergeant clay bird was moved to help carr that stayed positive despite being shot five times. >> i went ahead and said unbe coming things to his dove and asked them not to say things and the guy came back out with a firearm and started to shoot him.
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>> the two developed a friendship and bird said he knew he had to help the hard- working man. >> now here we are. thanks, man. >> this is so cool you guys. >> you probable won't find quincy carr at the street carner. getting ready to take to the skies. in oakland, henry lee. >> what a great story. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with continuing election coverage including the push for the latino vote. events under way right now in the south bay and how that one demographic could be critical in the election outcome. i think it shows that it matters that we matter and that our communities are rising. plus unhappy with who is on your ballot. we explore what happens when voters decide to write in the candidates. fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to our top stories. a female driver appeared to intentionally run over her estranged husband outside of the courthouse and drove to a bridge and jump to her death. her body was recovered from the water. the incident happened after a hearing at the county's family
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law courthouse. an oakland courthouse is charged with murder in the death of 21 year-old darla rameriz segoviano. laura robbers stabbed the victim and doused her with gas before leaving her body in an oakland park. investigators believe the two women knew each other but did not reveal a motive. >> it is a sprint to the finish line as hillary clinton and donald trump crisscross battle states to pull in votes ahead of the election. trump was in five states north carolina and florida and pennsylvania and new hampshire and michigan. clinton was in north carolina and michigan and in the night in philadelphia where she will be joined by her husband the obamas and bruce springstein and bon jovi. a record number of latinos are projected to cast ballots that could be a game-changer. cristina rendon live in the
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south bay where enthusiasm is running high. we are inside st. paul's united methodist church and this is a live look at the church. within the last hour a blessing of the ballots in a symbolic way to show how people vote is a reflection of their faith and people here from many faiths representing many organizations. reaching out to young people and people of color and anyone that has been marginalized who may feel that the votes does not count. this year the latino vote could be historic. if projections are right 15 million latinos could cast ballots compared to 11.2 million that voted in 2012. that is because an additional 4 million latinos have become eligible to vote since the last presidential election. >> i think it shows that it matters. that we matter and that our communities are rising


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