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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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you're at a live picture of backed up traffic on interstate 580 in okay rand. in the past -- oakland. they protest the election of donald trump. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, and -- >> historic meeting at the white house as the president- elect, and president obama meet to begin the transition of power. it's the first time the two have met each other, and first time we saw mr. trump in public since his victory speech after the election. >> more on that white house visit in just a moment, but first, developing news from that protest in oakland. deb has been the protestors all night, and joins us live with the very late at this time. debra? >> reporter: we're at 38th and telegraph, and if you look back, you can see a heavy
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police presence, and the freeway ramp, in the distance, we have noticed they've been moving very slow because some 60 to 80 protestors did manage to get up on to the freeway. they've been working to clear them, but that was out of a group of about 1000 protestors, and it's been a cat and mouse game as it often is with the late night protests. they are triage to funnel any remaining protestors coming through telegraph to stay on telegraph so they can sort of monitor and guide them, and not have them separating off and heading to any other freeway on ramps. this all began about 8:30 with the rally that became this march, and then took off, going downtown since. [ chanting ] >> reporter: they are winding through the same streets where
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windows were broken and fires set last night. tonight, several people were taken into custody early in the march, when rocks and bottles were being thrown. there's a heavy police presence, lots of backup by chp. they are determined to jump on trouble before it escalates. but they weren't anticipating they would find a way on the freeway. this protest started as they have for the past few nights in deally plaza. as for how long these nightly protests can go on? >> it's a movement that ebbs and flows. protest is just one form of response. the next step is organizing it. funneling the energy and passion and rage and organizing, door knocking to empowering people. to figure out how we will
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provide the social services that will be cut under the donald trump regime. >> reporter: we've seen some arrests already, likely to be many more. dozens of protestors on to the freeway. this is 580 at telegraph. coming back live, you're watching opd take off in another direction. the groups go into smaller groups, come back together, they meet up, they're looking for ramps, and it's kind of a fluid, and constantly changing situation for police to monitor. back to you. >> so debra, to recap, it's the eastbound lanes of 580 near the telegraph overpass, and those are shut down? >> reporter: you know, i don't know that they're shut down. looking at it, frank, it looks like there's traffic moving on the lower ramp, and on its
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upper ramp, so when we first got here, it was stopped and you could just see headlights. now, it looks like we are seeing traffic moving so i'll have to check and see if they managed to clear the protestors off the lanes and get back. >> there's definitely a backup we can see. i'm curious, we saw a lot of broken windows and other vandalism, fires set last night. do you see any of that tonight? >> reporter: the i don't see any vandalism tonight yet. i talked to the organizers of the rally. they said they don't condone that, and they don't want property damage. she said the rallies are supposed to end at 8:00, but what people choose to do afterwards is their own individual choice. that's not to say that more property damage may not occur in the next couple of hours, because there are still hundreds of people on the streets. >> are you hearing about any officers injured? last night, three officers were
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hurt. anything like that going on? any bottles being thrown at the officers tonight? >> reporter: the first arrests, they barely made it a block down to clay street. 14th and clay. that's where it stopped and a few people were taken into custody because rocks and bottles were already being thrown. >> very developing situation in oakland. thank you. we have late word from the highway patrol in san jose that northbound highway 87 was shut down because of another protest. the tickets were taken about 9:20 tonight, and show the traffic slowing in the area. we do have a crew in the south bay monitoring that situation as well. downtown oakland has taken a beating, what started as a peaceful protest last night didn't end that way. splinter groups broke away and did damage. the mayor said there is no
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excuse for vandalizing property. >> i understand why people are so angry, and i know that this is no way to protest the election, to trash the most progressive, diverse inclusive city in america. you don't have to destroy the town that you say you love. what's the point in that? i mean, you should do something constructive with all that energy, make it to washington, ruin his stuff! he has the business! why are you taking it away from us? we're simple people, just, trying to live our life every day. >> oakland police say they arrested 30 people for a variety of offense, including breaking windows or attacking officers, but just 12 of those arrested live in oakland. president-elect weighed in on the protests, tweeting today,
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just had a very open and successful presidential election. now, professional protestors, insighted by the media, or protesting. very unfair! >> at 10:30, we'll hear from some of the students that walked out of class today. their message, plus the protest that left a teacher injured. now to the historic meeting at the white house today. when president-elect trump med with president obama, and then republican leaders in congress. what he will need to accomplish to get ready. >> reporter: the big irony today is that both mr. obama and mr. trump in the past have called each other unfit for the nation's highest office. but there they were today, sitting down in the oval office, and showing respect for the orderly transition that's needed to keep this nation intact. >> >> reporter: side by side,
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president obama and president- elect trump were the the civil and cordial. >> we now are going to, want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, the country succeeds. >> we really, we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful, and some the difficult. so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many more times in the future. >> reporter: surprising praise, and mr. trump promised to up due much of mr. obama's work. the first meeting in the oval office lasted 90 minutes, longer than anticipated. did mr. trump has two months to prepare, his team will have to filmore than 4000 positions before he takes office january 21. mike pence had his own meeting with vice-president bid deny, and then up -- biden, and then
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up to capitol hill to meet paul ryan. they viewed the inauguration site. ryan's trump criticism was replaced by enthusiasm for the the -- president-elect. >> donald trump had one of the most impressive victories he have we've every seen, and we're going to turn that into progress. -- we've ever seen, and we're going to turn that into progress. >> reporter: mr. trump and mill i milania met with mitch mick mcconnell. the tentative list includes an inner circle with rudy guliani considered for attorney general, chris christie for attorney general, or homeland security. form her house speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state, jeff sessions for secretary of defense, and businessman steve mention under consideration for white house
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posts are campaign manager kelly conway, ban none, and steve miller with jason miller, republican national chairman, reince. once mr. trump is sworn in, he will manage nearly 4 million employees, and a 4 trillion budget. he is receiving intelligence briefings. you see trump's airplane, he flew in and out of washington on his private jet, and broke with protocol by not allowing journalists on to the plane or in his motorcade. obviously, during the campaign, there was quite a bit of tension between him banned some journalists for some events because he didn't like what they were reporting. how that will go forward will be interesting in his presidency. they are going to plan some war exercises for his transition team to get a sense of what to
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do in a crisis, and he's getting the intelligence briefings. he has a big job. he's going to be in charge of nearly 4 million employees, and budget of $4 trillion. >> it is interesting to see the list of the cabinet members. any other names you're hearing about we might recognize? >> reporter: that is interesting to see that list. we couldn't post all of them, there were about 41 that came out initially, but definitely some washington outsiders, governor mike huckabee, sarah palin. ben carson, and rich scott, the florida governor. >> has he given any indication when he will make some decisions. >> reporter: it will probably be fairly soon. this is the first time we've seen him out in public. there hasn't been a lot of, i guess, speculation on who's going to be announced when, but they're's going to have to do it quickly, because january 21 will be here before we know. >> and the real size of sitting in the oval -- realization of sitting in the oval office for
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the first time had to something. michelle obama and milania met. the white house says the two talked about their children and raising them in the white house. trump's son is barren. the two also the toured the private residence. we're looking how hillary clinton spent part of her day, a woman posted this picture on her facebook page. margo says she decided to relax with a hike in a favorite spot in chap waugh. she stepped into a clearing, and right there, saw bill and hillary clinton. she said she hugged hugged clinton and said she was proud to vote for her. at 10:30, we will take you to a job fair. a quick update on the
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developing news we are following on interstate 580 in oakland. chp confirms it has cleared the freeway lanes of protestors, and as you can see, traffic is becoming, beginning now to recover. the san jose, a terrifying scene where a pedestrian was killed this afternoon by suspected drunk driver. it involved three cars, including a news van. the collision happened at 4th 4th and santa clara in front of san jose city hall. we have this report. the. >> reporter: just after 8:00, the coroner moved the bodies of a man killed. police say he was in front of san jose city hall, when after 4:30, a white pickup truck heading southbound crashed into a dark colored sedan and then hit a pedestrian and a news van. >> what's more upsetting to realize you have so many
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pedestrians in a dense area, and you have a lot of vehicular traffic, and obviously something bad and caused a collision, and very possible the pedestrian was just an innocent victim. >> reporter: the news van belonged to kgo, the impact strong enough it pushed the van forward. the reporter and photographer were inside the truck when it happened. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and are expected to be okay. it's unclear if the driver was distracted distracted speeding. but was arrested for under the influence. >> if they're impaired on the road way, horrible things like this happen. it can be anyone walking on the street, or crossing the street, you know? so i guess it's -- it's shocking. >> reporter: the employees from fourth street pizza were working and heard the crash. >> we heard the boom, so we ran out and i mean, at first i thought it was a regular crash,
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you know? but then you could the just see -- it was scary. >> reporter: police blocked the intersection for several hours. >> they think it's more important now for people to watch their speed and make sure they're not running red lights, because we don't have a full fledged traffic unit like we used to, which did a lot of traffic suppression. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance from fourth street pizza and traffic cameras. the victim appeared to be a man in his 40s or 50s. he was not tied to the trump protest. still to come here, 12-year- old girl hit by a car and given a slim chance of surviving. her story of survival and gratitude to the doctor who helped her. >> and we have more clouds in the forecast as we head into friday. that could lead to a chance for
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a few showers on the weekend. >> scott peterson was convicted of killing his wife lacy and their unborn son. why more than a decade later, peterson's family is still fighting to free him from the death row. >> everybody thinks it's his fault.
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the california murder case that put scott peterson on death
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row. >> peterson's wife laci, and the unborn son were killed before christmas in 2002. >> he's back on the case with an update on peterson, and questions about the ed used to convict -- evidence used to convict him. >> we find the defendant scott peterson guilty. >> reporter: when scott peterson was found guilty of double murder and sented to death 13 years ago, the family began the process of trying to get him a new trial. scott's mother, jackie, passed away three years ago, but the rest of the family and legal team continue to fight for his freedom. >> ultimately, i think the goal is to -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: laci was 8 months
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proceeding when she disappeared in 200,026,789 police were search for her -- in 2002. police would search for her. volunteers helped search for the mother to be. they didn't -- after initial searches turned up nothing, fear set in, they thought she was kidnapped while walking the dog. police immediately focused in on scott in part, because of the way he was acting the night laci was reported missing. over the next few days, as investigators searched the home, laci's family came to his defense. >> we love scott. he loves laci. they love each other. >> there's no evidence whatsoever that would point to him. no way. >> reporter: but a few weeks
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later, everything would change. peterson turned out had a girlfriend, named amber fry. >> scott told me he was not married. we did have a romantic relationship. >> reporter: before going public, amber worked with the police, recording more than 12 hours of phone conversations with scott peterson. on new year's eve, we have a vigil for laci, scott was on the phone with amber, pretending he was in paris. tapes would be pivotal at trial. juror number 4: >> he was casually speaking to his lover on the phone, while they're looking at his wife. >> reporter: it took the jurors 8 days to reach a guilty verdict. >> justice was served. >> i wouldn't be surprised the
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verdict wasn't overturned. >> reporter: there was never any forensic evidence tieing scott to the mud. >> murder. >> there's no murder weapon, dna, nothing the. >> reporter: the night before she disappeared, laci talked with her mother by phone at 8:30. prosecutors believe she and her baby were killed sometime later that night, or the next morning. they believe scott than transported her body in the back of this pickup truck to his warehouse where he had an office, and storage shed. they believe he moved laci's body into the 14-foot fishing boat, which he then drove to the berkeley marine to dump his wife and son into the san francisco bay. but prosecutors admit they're not exactly sure how he did it. >> i've never seen a case where the prosecutor couldn't prove how it happened, when it happened, and where it happened. the evidence shows at 8:30, the morning laci was reported missing, someone someone was
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online, shopping for women's clothing. if it was laci, he's innocent. then 10:30, he logged on the office internet, how to assemble a woodworking tool he purchased. >> scott has killed his wife earlier that morning, and she's in the truck. outside, on a public street. and he's inside on the enter looking on how to build a woodworking tool. that's a psychopath. >> he's a psycho pat, taking you and the rest of the family taking you are you for a ride. what do you say? >> i guess i would ask what piece of evidence makes you
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think he's guilty. you know? be specific. >> reporter: the most damning evidence is the bodies washed where scott said he was fishing. >> that is the probable cause that got him arrested but that's not sufficient when the alibi was so publicized. >> everybody in the world knew where he was. so anybody who killed laci knew where to put her. >> reporter: the attorney and family believe he was convicted because of his affair with amber, and the audio recordings played for the jury. >> how do you grapple with that? >> i don't know how he did it, i just know he did it. >> how? >> typical soft kill, you know, strangulation or smothering in the home. >> wouldn't that leave evidence? >> no. no. >> the fact that nobody can tell you exactly how he did it is not nearly as important as the fact that they can tell you that based on all the evidence and testimony that he did do it. >> reporter: peterson case is
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now the subject of -- three new documentaries. >> two are still in production. the third, trial by theory, which makes the case that scott to be innocent is expected for release next year. >> if he should scott peterson should be released, if you think scott peterson is innocent, you're wrong. he should not be released. and he is not innocent. >> reporter: scott peterson has maintained his innocence since his wife's disappearance. his legal team has filed two separate appeals. they don't expect any decisions for months, possibly even years. we're tracking some rain out there. it doesn't get here until tomorrow night, late, into the early saturday morning. that's the system that's weak. shouldn't be a lot of rain, if any. calling it rain is the wrong thing, drizzle, sprinkle here and there, south of san rafael.
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fog works back to the coast over the next few days. actually it's already in in many spots in half moon bay, ocean beach. cooler at the coast next few days, temperatures today as we mentioned, they got up there, 80s, low 80s today. it's not going to be that warm tomorrow. next system comes in early saturday morning. not that much, unless you're around eureka. outside, it's calm, and here's the forecast for tomorrow. here comes the fog to the coast. some high clouds, and watch the clouds fill in tomorrow. lots of cloud cover tomorrow, so mostly to partly cloudy late in the day as the system approaches. and temperatures cooler. lots of 70s, you'll find the 80s if you go east and south of livermore. when we come back respect we'll push the model back into saturday morning. still to come, union square
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landmark sold. the deal on the macy's man store. >> steph curry had a big night. >> a story of survival, a daley city girl wants people to know who saved her life.
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story of survival, three months ago, we told but a horrific pedestrian accident that nearly killed a little 12-year-old girl from daley city. the doctors say it's amazing she survived. >> amber lee brought us the story in august, and amber is in the newsroom after speak together little girl today. >> reporter: polly is almost back to full speed. she recently celebrated her 13 13th birthday. and reached out to us to tell us how grateful she is to the medical team at sf again who
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saved her life. >> >> reporter: she is painting a picture of an owl. she likes the animal's wisdom and watchful eyes. it has the characteristics of the doctor that saved her life. >> it reminds me of the things that make you feel sad, or mad. >> reporter: kylie says she's sad when she thinks about the accident that nearly killed her on august 3. she and her grandmother were out of the skyline plaza shopping center when them hit by a black bmw. grandma suffered minor injuries. kylie had traumatic brain injury, intern bleeding, blood clots and fractured bones. >> i hate to say it, we didn't have much hope. >> reporter: he new her chance
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of survival was slim. she underwent two back to back surgeries. 72 hours later, it appeared she was going to pull through. she credits the medical team for saving her life. >> we got to her early, were aggressive. it was great, the day after surgery when she started to move everything around. >> reporter: neurosurgeon said she was spirited in her fight for survival, pulling out i.v. tubes, signs she was able to move, despite her injuries. physical therapy followed, it took three weeks before kylie could sit up, but it wasn't long before she have could walk. >> the hard work we do here, taking care of patients after traumatic brain injury, but patients like kylie make it worth it. >> this is beautiful. >> reporter: this afternoon, kylie gifted one of her newer surgeries with an acrylic painting she made of a phoenix riding from the ashes -- rising
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from the ashes. she wears a helmet at time to protect her head. she needs another surgery in about a month to replace a bone in her skull that was removed to relieve pressure in her brain after the accident. she proudly shows us her scars. >> i think the scars show who i am, and that what happened to me will get better. >> it's happening, it's happening. i mean, every day she is with me and i still think, if this is for real or no. >> reporter: she is eager to resume her life before the accident, she hopes to go back to school in january. she says she does not trouble with her memory -- does have trouble with her memory but is putting the accident behind her, and is grateful for the second chance. >> what a great story. >> and that painting was beautiful. do they expect a full recovery?
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>> they think so,. >> she has such a positive attitude, and sometimes that's all the difference. a job fair for veterans. why they're hopeful the new administration in the white house will come with new opportunities. >> an anti trump protest turns violence at a bay area school -- violent at a bay area school, and a teacher is injured in the process.
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we're following develops news in oakland, at this hour. where protestors continue to walk the downtown streets. this is a live picture you're looking at, from the area of broadway and grant. a large police presence is on hasn't. auto row, we've seen broken windows, and sand 87 -- and
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vandalism. this is the third straight night of violent protests in oakland. >> high school students skipped school in san francisco to air their concerns about the next president, as many as 2000 students walked out of classes today. many of them said they're not old enough to vote, but they want their voices heard. there was a strong police presence there, but officers say this demonstration remained peaceful. pleasant hill, protest turned violent. students who walked out of other schools in the area headed to college park. >> a violent confrontation broke out in a school hall, that involved a teacher and young person. the school's principal said police called the campus with a warning that protestors were heading that way. >> when we heard from pleasant hill police, we had about 15, 20 minutes before the students arrived on campus, so at that time, i sent out an e-mail to all of our teachers saying that this is a possibility of this
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happening. please secure the campus. >> this is video we obtained moments before the students entered college park high. officials used a loud speaker to warn protestors to be peaceful. the teachers involved in the fight didn't want to talk, but said he's okay. tomorrow, the nation will mark veterans day honoring those who have served. during the donald trump's campaign, he repeated a promise to help veterans if he became president, but never offered specifics. rob ross asked veterans what they hope so tee from the next -- to see from the next president. >> reporter: during his acceptance speech, one of the first promises president-elect donald trump made was this: >> we will also finally take care of our great veterans. >> reporter: today, on the uss hornet museum in alameda, more than 100 veterans came to the
10:37 pm
special job fair heat -- . >> paul served kuwait during desert shield, but said finding steady work is difficult since out of the service. he says if president-elect trump is serious about helping them, there's a lot he can do, from improvements at v.a. hospitals where vets have died waiting for treatment, to increasing mental health services, but he says there's a lot he can do surrounding jobs. >> focus on more plans for training, continue down that path, open the job opportunities, veterans priority hiring. >> reporter: potential employers say veterans make good hires. >> they're self starters, and they follow through. >> reporter: poll show veterans supported trump by about a 2-1
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margin. >> when our military folks go away to fight the good fight, they're left at home taking care of the kids and family. so the government i would hope would be the able to supplement the assistance for the family. >> reporter: newson is president of the organization that helped active service men and women to think about civilian careers before they leave the military. >> when you get out of the military, you're pretty much on your own, and that has to stop. that just allows people to generate problems. >> reporter: veterans hope trump means what he says about helping them. because they say the biggest battle they face should not be with their own government when looking for help. in alameda, rob ross, kt ktv you. more live pictures near broadway and 28th. protestors and police are on the move.
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price, $250 million for the macy building. the buyer, according to san francisco business times is more morgue stanley. they plan to consolidate the men's store with the main story just across the street at union square. macy's says it expected the deal to close in january. wall street, dow gained 218 point, to close at a record high. banks and industrial companies got a boost from the mr. trump's promise to boost infrastructure. former mayor is campaigning
10:42 pm
to be california's next mayor. he will focus on rebuilding the middle class by investing in schools and repairing roads and bridges. lieutenant governor newson has already announced he's running along with john chung, other entries: leonard cohen has died. the news was on his facebook page. the statement did not provide more details. he was a song writer since back in the '60s. he was a native of quebec, and lived in los angeles many years, his career spanned six decades. his best known song was halleluiah, and had an album released last month. he was 82 years old. tracking the raindrops as
10:43 pm
we head into your bay area friday night, saturday morning. plus, look at the daytime highs tomorrow. i think you'll be surprised with the cloud how warm it will be.
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back to live pictures from oakland, where there is a very tense situation which you're at here. it's a police line, we've had anti trump protests going on all night. in oakland, this is broadway, the building that you see in the background there, that's the old sears building, this is right next to the paramount theater. police have formed a line. there are hundreds of protestors out, they've been marching up and down broadway at one point they shut down 580. right now, they are marching back up broadway toward city hall. the police have essentially been the following them. we have some reports that there has been some damage, more vandalism that would be the
10:46 pm
third night in a row that this has happened. protests start off peaceful, and then generally as the night goes on, fringe groups break out, and that's when the problems start. again, live pictures here from downtown oakland, right near the paramount theater where there's a standoff with anti trump protestors. track your weather. these are the highs we had today. we did hit 80 in napa. it was warm day yesterday, and again today. and temperatures tomorrow, with the cloud cover are going to trend down a few degrees. so tomorrow, instead of upper 70s, low 80s. it's going to be, pardon me, upper 60s and low to mid-70s. so cooler. still pretty nice. lots of clouds tomorrow from this weather system. which gets in here tomorrow night. late and early into saturday morning. i'll show you the model in the second. it's not going to be a deal breaker. lots of upper 50s, low 60s,
10:47 pm
patchy fog along the coast. that makes sense abs the front comes in. san francisco tomorrow morning, patchy valley, coastal fog. by lunchtime, you're in the mid- 60s. it's a warm environment with partly to mostly cloudy skies. high in san francisco tomorrow, 68 degrees. here comes the next weather system. it gets in here, clouds increase tomorrow, and it's overnight, friday night, tomorrow night into saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, a distant memory. temperatures come down. here's the model. there's the fog along the coast. here is tomorrow night. lots of clouds, here is the saturday, 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., the showers, this is what we're talking about. this is the event, and boom, it's gone. and sunday looks pretty darn nice with mostly sunny to partly sunny conditions. 73 in73 -- so cooler, i don't
10:48 pm
see any 80s. it's all mid-70s and along the coast, mid-60s. you can see the temperatures there, pretty much on the mild side, slight chance of a sprinkle as we head into your bay area. >> it was nice out today, real mild for this time of year. >> we had a couple low 80s today, and yesterday. now, we're back into the 60s and 70s. still above average. sports is coming up next. we'll be right back.
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looks like kd over the warriors? until further notice, this is stilt very much steph curry's team. he has been particularly sensational, at the warriors have every reason to complain, they got into the hotel room about 4:30 this morning. steph in a good mood to mix it up with the denver fans and sign autographs, and then down to business. 13 points, 9 rebounds, and one of the 5 assists to kd.
10:52 pm
mcgee contributed 10 points, big minutes for the first time. draymond, another steal. good idea, as he's getting started. steph, nothing but net! and then the warriors continue to move the ball around nicely. it's i igdala. and then the highlight of the night. he gets slammed, hits the shot, 4 point play as he hits the free throw. he had 33 points tonight, but when i was watching this, i was going what is he doing out there! what is he going to do! yeah, you guessed it. warriors win, i think it's safe to say they just toyed with denver, beat them 125-101. they are now 7-2. team that is not toying with anybody right
10:53 pm
now, look at the sharks like they're a playoff team. built for the pro season, but it doesn't hurt to get your thing together in the regular season. showing signs last couple of games out on the road. first six game road trip, they won the first, now tonight in sunrise, florida, little shark support for yagger. finding demur. and the former shock. still in the first. here is a brent burns wakeup call. you want to start playing like i am? he does not take no for an answer. bullies in for another goal. that spurred the team on. 2-2 in the third. 8:53 in. faceoff, wengel back hander, 3- 2. sharks having trouble scoring a lot of goals. 4-2 final. sharks do take it. much deserved week of rest for the raiders for the most part. their best game of the year
10:54 pm
played last sunday against denver, 7-2. but remember, five weeks ago, of an was -- everybody was freak out about the defense? its defensive coordinator people saying he's not ready. they are still ranked 27th in the nfl. they didn't look anything but porous. but ken north ton, junior -- norton loves the challenge. he was ready. >> everybody's just feeling bad about themselves, because it shows your character. it builds your team. you must say you can't skip steps. there's the learning process. you learn how not to do that
10:55 pm
anymore. you must do certain things to be a good team. i think defensive players and coaches understand that now. >> here's your surprise: thursday night pop quiz! cleveland is now 0-10. tell me the quarterback that last led them to victory. >> oh, wow! >> i'll give you a second as you watch the low-lights. >> think about it. let's look at what turned them into a 0-10 team. remember hugh jackson? people wanted him to be a niner coach. he's finding out what chip kelly learned. ravens, flacco, 3 touchdown. future hall of famer, steve smith, 11 yards. fourth quarter, quit googling it, frank! gees! this is a pop quiz and you're
10:56 pm
cheating. 28-7, cleveland 0-10. and there you go. it is who? >> is it the guy from miami? >> you googled him. johnny football. >> johnny manziel. and he's out of football. cleveland, you know, it's that long ago that cleveland won. it seems like manziel's been gone -- he's probably, in and out of rehab, basically the story. and just a quick note. since we have a couple of seconds. the giants have entertained the agents from the three top closer available on the free agent market. so they realize they have to get a quick start, get a guy who can handle the bullpen out there, and they're on it. >> have a good night, thanks for joining us.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman
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most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
so the five keys to investing wisely in a down real estate market are... keyp your cool... mm-hmm. keyp informed... legwork. i recently became a partner in a new agency, so i put together a seminar to recruit first-time home buyers. i want to give 'em a step-by-step description of exactly what i can do for them. am i worried that they might write it all down and just do it themselves? quite frankly, i hadn't thought about it until just now. do i really have to go to this thing? yes. you're a big part of today. you're my support staff. then why am i not getting paid? mm. that is a good question. and i think i'm gonna text you the answer on that cell phone we pay for. honey, do you wanna practice your part again? uh, no. it's just one question. i think i got it. yeah, but it's the most important question because it launches me into my big finish. (whispers) yes. that way, people leave excited. oh, i think people will be excited to leave.


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