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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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people who want to honor the public servants for those who don't have a curb outside of their home. >> more protests over the election of donald trump. how to talk about what is happening with your children and teenagers. honoring those who have served our country. we are talking about veterans as they continue to help others. plus the green festival is in san francisco this weekend. we're looking at all of the eco- friendly items on the market. ♪[music] @7[music]77 >> a salute to the services. honoring men and women from each branch of the u.s. armed forces and their families. beautiful music to start a beautiful day on this veterans day holiday. when they play this song, sal and mike, members of each branch stand at attention for
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the duration of their song. it is moving. it gives me chills every time to see the pride on the men and women, their faces. those are those children. it is always an amazing moment for me. >> an estimated 21 million americans in the united states. two million in the state of california. two million veterans in our country are women. i think of sacrifice and the ability to vote in the election that we just had. thank you to all of the veterans who have served. >> yes, indeed. >> we will talk more about veterans day throughout the morning. we want to bring you breaking news. that hazmat situation at a recycling sorting center on pier96. >> these are pictures shared by firefighters. 22 people got sick when they came into contact with something that should not have been in the recycling. there is no shelter in place for people living near the
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facility. we're following another big story this morning. oakland police investigating a triple homicide. >> it unfolded shortly after midnight at 92nd avenue and san leandro street. >> federal authorities are also there, we understand. >> reporter: yeah. we have learned more about why federal investigators and federal equipment are here at the scene of the triple homicide and arson investigation. they simply have forensic evidence gather resources that oakland does not have. police are now confirming what my source has been telling me all morning long. that three people are dead. one person in custody. now, police say that officers were called to the 9400 block of zu nba r on reports of shots fired. when they arrived, one victim was found in the street and smoke coming from a garage. they found two more victims. at least one of the victims was female. we have learned that one person is being held in connection with this case. police are not saying why they
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suspect this person or if it is a male or female. they say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with this case. >> no one is in danger at this point. there is just the investigation ongoing. we're just investigating all aspects of the crime right now. >> reporter: now, extensive investigation currently underway. the crime scene itself is extensive. they will be out here for several hours. possibly early afternoon. we're hearing that investigators could be on scene here until as late as 2:00 in the afternoon, trying to get to the bottom of this and trying to find out exactly what the narrative is here, how this triple homicide happened. how the fire is connected to it. and how the individual they're questioning is connected to the three deaths. >> thank you. earlier this morning, president-elect donald trump tweeted about what he will be doing today. he says busy day planned in new york. we will soon be making important decisions on the people who will be running our government. >> and this follows trump's meeting at the white house with
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president obama. trump also met with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. there is a huge job ahead for the trump administration trying to fill the jobs over the next two months. his campaign staff says they are hard at work going through all of the resumes. >> this is donald trump's presidency and his cabinet and senior team to name. the major criteria will be loyal tee to him. >> trump is still defying convention, angering the media by refusing reporters to follow him washington. >> officials say there is no reason to vandalize and destroy other people's problems. >> alex savidge is joining us live from oakland as clean-up crews clean up the mess after a third straight night of violence. >> reporter: yeah. and a lot of cleanup to do in oakland and the uptown area. we are here this morning out of ted jacob engineering firm
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right at broadway and 19th. we have been watching here as work crews have just finished repairing a couple of the front windows smashed out during the last few nights of anti-trump demonstrations. you are the chief financial officer here with this firm. good morning to you. >> good morning, g. morning. >> reporter: a frustrating situation i know for businesses in the oakland area. where is your head at with all of this this morning. >> we're frustrated too. people have the right to demonstrate and protest. but to damage properties of businesses, that's not the right thing to do. it doesn't reflect well on those -- on those protesting for their cause and on the city itself. the city of oakland has been trying to uplift its image the last few years. there's a lot of new tenants coming in, a lot of new people coming in starting businesses here. we have been here over 25 years. we have never had this happen to us. it's always been the downtown,
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around 12th street where the civic center is, where city hall is. unfortunately this time they could not control the crowds who were protesting. >> and police pointed out that you had an overwhelming majority of the people demonstrating last night were doing so peacefully, to voice their displeasure with the election results. you have a small group who broke away from the crowd and caused trouble and that's when you had businesses like yours that were vandalized here. what is your hope? do you hope that the city, the police department will be more proactive the next time there is a protest in terms of protecting property like yours. >> yes. i don't think they took the proper measures the first time. they thought they would be okay. like they normally do. but it looks like they brought more help, i heard, from the police department. they are submitting a claim. they have like seven agencies helping them out to control this, the new
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events if they come up. they are doing a good job. the uptown people are cleaning up. we will repair the damage. we will be here. we will stay here. >> that's what we're hearing from a lot of business owners in oakland. three straight nights of demonstrations. business owners growing tired with having to clean up smashed windows. we have seen a lot of that the past few nights. but the business owners say they are part of this community. in fact we have seen a lot of business owners taking steps to try to show they stand in solidarity with the protesters, putting signs up in their windows and that sort of thing. >> thank you, alex savidge. as these protests continue following the election, many young people are speaking up about the results and what a trump presidency might mean. >> so how much should you actually tell them and how do you handle what they are hearing at school? >> for help with this, we are joined by amy grath, thank you for joining us, amy. i have very young children. six and a half and eight.
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my six-year-old is coming home are questions such as is president trump going to send so-and-so parents away because they weren't born in this country. really heavy theme, especially for young children. how do i answer that. >> there are three main things that parents need to be talking to their kids about right now. one is just emphasizing that you are going to be okay. you are safe. you are protected in our family, at your school, in your community. the second thing that needs to be emphasized is that even though president-elect donald trump on the campaign trail, you know, expressed certain values that we as our family we have our own value system. we respect others. we see everyone as equal. we stand by blacks, muslims, mexicans, same sex parents. >> yes. >> that we respect others. >> is it important to explain and it depends how old your children are, about what
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democracy is. it's not always roses and maybe our country is not based on just one particular person and never has been. we have a system here. do you dive into it that deep or not even go there. depending on the age. >> absolutely. i think that we need to say that we honor the results of this election even if they are hard for us to accept. and i really like the point that you made. because i think right now we need to be talking to our kids about putting ourselves in another person's shoes. the other night, seth myers on his show made this brilliant point where he said that i know so many of you feel really frustrated but you need to think about the trump supporters and how frustrated they felt because they were frustrated but our economy. they were feeling left behind socially. and trying to understand. and the way that plays out, you know, with your kids is when they come home and they say so- and-so is mean to me, you show empathy and you say that must have felt horrible. but you ask them, why do you think that person was mean to
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you? is it because -- >> as parents we need to gather our own emotions before we have this conversation. i found that myself the last couple of days. i need to gather my own thoughts with my wife. >> our country has become so politically polarized. you used to disagree about politics but that person would not be your enemy. if the country is going to change, it may be up to the younger generation so say i don't agree with you about this but you can peacefully and civilly agree. >> yes. engaging in respectful debate is important. that they have a voice and this is america. and we have freedom of speech. it is amazing. that's why we're seeing so many of the kids walking out of school and protesting. >> right. but back to what mike was saying about gathering your own thoughts and emotions before presenting to their children. i have heard from so many parents who said i hugged my children and i cried.
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>> yes. that's okay. >> right. and so i struggle with trying to mask what you are feeling because kids can pick up on that stuff. is it okay to say, mommy isn't happy either. daddy is frustrated too. or do we try to present that front? >> i think it's okay to cry in front of your children but then you need to pull yourself together and move on. i'm finding right now that it is helping just doing fun things with my kids. we watched the warriors game last night. it felt so good. >> a nice win. >> yes. yes. yesterday after school rather than going directly home we stopped at the bakery and got croissants. tonight we're having dinner with another family and usually the kids play mine craft and the parents talk but we're going to play a game together. >> letting them be kids. >> showing them that we're okay. >> the family is still here. mommy's job is still here. our house is still here. >> i don't have teenagers yet. they're three and six. but there is video that we have
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seen on the playground there have been fights. >> attacks. >> yes. >> at the school yard. >> yes. >> about this particular election. and so as a parent of someone who -- maybe a child who saw that fight and comes home and says this person and this person were swinging about this, what would you tell those parents? >> and it goes back to judge university because you disagree with someone, they shouldn't be your mortal enemy. >> yes. yes. we need to respect others who have a different viewpoint. and that fighting isn't the answer. hopefully, you know, schools -- i found with my older kids that they're starting to engage in debates. and hopefully schools can encourage that and host debates for kids so they can express their views. >> i thought hillary clinton had a very great speech and was very gracious. it is important to talk about being a gracious winner and learn a lesson there. >> she said we are stronger together. i think that learning and teaching our kids how to come together right now is really
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important. >> okay. mommy files. we will read about this and more in the chronicle. >> thank you. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, on this veterans day, we are honoring our veterans in the bay area and across the country. up next, a ceremony with president obama at arlington national ceremony. we go live to some of the events happening here at home. and we at ktvu are honoring some of the veterans in our lives. this is allie rasmus' grandpa jack. he was a world war ii marine corps development he passed away earlier today. thank you to all of the veterans out there for your service. ♪[music]
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>> not a lot of big movements right now. the dow jones essentially flat. losing a handful of points. the s&p is down 6 points.
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that's a minimal loss. nasdaq is up by one quarter of 1%. this morning, president obama participated in his last veterans day ceremony as commander in chief. the president took part in the traditional wreath laying ceremony. and then the president gave his veterans day address saying veterans day often follows election day which is appropriate since that is one of the rights that military service members fight for. >> when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of our best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. >> president obama praised the u.s. military as the most diverse institution in our country who work together as a
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united team looking out for each other. according to u.s. census data from 2015, there are 18.8 million veterans in america. a million and a half are american. about a million and a half are younger than 35. there are 930,000 vets alive today who fought in world war ii. to underscore the heroism, almost 4 million vets suffered disabilities while in service. many national chains are saying thank you to veterans with freebies and deals on food and drinks. here is a list of the national chains and results. they include ihop offering their red white and blue pancakes for free. little caesars, applebees and red lobster. baskin-robbins will low date 10 cents for every ice cream scoop sold. the freedom to vote and
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express your disappointment of the process are pillar that our veterans have fought to defend. what does veterans day mean to you? on facebook, zoe writes and says for me veterans day means hitler didn't make it across the english channel. my mother survived world war ii and immigrated to america. he means she met my father. it means i was born. it means everything. because of you, i am. this is our first veterans day as parents. i'm an enlisted coast guardsman and beaming with pride. patrick tweeted always take time to remember their sacrifice and dedication and celebrate my birthday with family and friends. >> beautiful responses. we will take your responses throughout the day and share them with you on ktvu the 9. coming up next on mornings
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on 2, in 2004, scott peterson was convicted of killing his wife and unborn child. why his family is still trying to free him from death row. take a look at your screen. the handsome young man that you see is our very own ken wayne. ken served in the navy. thank you to ken and all of the veterans out there who have served. ♪[music]
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>> on segment 2 this morning, notorious case that put scott peterson on death row. >> you remember his wife and unborn child were killed just before christmas in 2002. >> ken roland interviewed scott peterson before his arrest. now he has questions about the evidence used to convict him.
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>> find the defendant scott peterson guilty. >> when scott peterson was found guilty of double murder and sentenced to death 13 years ago, his family began the long process of trying to get a new trial. his mother passed away three years ago but the rest family and legal team continue to fight for his freedom. >> our goal is justice for lacy and connor. we have an unsolved crime. everybody think it's solved. it's not solved. >> my daughter has been missing since this morning. she is 8 months pregnant. >> lacy was 8 months pregnant when she disappeared on christmas eve 2002. police would spend the first hour searching for her near their home. the story touched people around the world. hundreds of volunteers helped search for the mother to be they didn't know but had fallen in love with. >> we want her to come home.
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>> after initial searches turned up nothing, fear set in. lacy's family boulevard she had been kidnapped while walking the dog. >> please bring our daughter home. >> police on the other hand focused on scott, in part because of the way he was acting the night lacy was reported missing. >> when did you realize that you were going to go fishing. >> it was a morning decision. >> while investigators searched the home and seemed to be focused on scott, lacy's family came to his defense. >> we love scott. he loves lacy. they love each other. >> there's no evidence whatsoever that would point to him. they are way off base in assuming that. >> but a few weeks later, everything would change. peterson it turned out had a girlfriend named amber frye. >> scott told me he was not married. we did have a romantic relationship. >> before going public, amber frye worked with police, recording more than 12 hours of
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phone conversations with scott peterson. >> on new year's eve, just before a vigil for lacy, scott was on the phone with amber, pretending he was in paris. >> i'm in the eiffel tower. >> the tapes would prove pivotal at trial. >> he wasn't in paris. he was very casually speaking to his lover on a phone while they're looking for his wife. >> it took jurors eight days to reach a guilty verdict. >> justice was served. >> i wouldn't be surprised if scott's conviction was not overturned. >> the main reason is that there was never any forensic reason tying scott to the murders. >> there's no dna or blood evidence or murder weapon. there's nothing that ties scott to the crime. >> the night before she disappeared, lacy talked with
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her mother by phone at 8:30. prosecutors believe she and her baby were killed sometime later that night or the next morning. they believe scott then transported her body in the back of this pickup truck to his warehouse where he had an office and storage shed. they believe he moved lacy's body into this 14-foot fishing boat that he drove to the berkeley marina to dump his wife and son in the san francisco bay. but even prosecutors admit they're not exactly sure how he did it. >> i have never seen a case where the prosecutor couldn't prove how it happened, where it happened or when it happened. >> he does not have time to do what he is convicted of doing. >> reporter: the evidence shows at 8:40, when he she was reporting missing. something was shopping online. lacy had a sun flower tattoo on her ankle. then at 8:30, scott logged o on to the warehouse computer sending an e-mail greeting to his boss and looking up how to
9:26 am
assemble a woodworking tool he had recently purchased. >> at the time according to the state scott has killed his wife and she is in the truck outside on a public street. and he is inside on the internet looking about how to build a woodworking school and sending holiday greetings. that's a psychopath. >> people who think that scott is a psychopath that is taking and you the rest of the family for a distorted ride by not admitting guilt but he is guilty, what do you say to that? >> i guess i would -- i would circle back and ask him what piece of evidence makes you think that he's guilty. and be specific. >> reporter: the most damming evidence is that the fact that lacy and connor's bodies washed up where scott said he was fishing. >> that is the probable cause that got him arrested. that is not sufficient when his alibi was so widely publicized
9:27 am
immediately. >> it is incriminating. everybody in the world knew where scott was. whoever killed lacy knew where to put her. >> reporter: scott's attorney believes he was convicted because of his affair with amber and the audio recordings played for the jury. >> how did you grapple with that, not knowing how he did it. >> i don't know how he did it but he did it. >> a it typical soft kill, strangulation or smothering in the home. >> wouldn't that leave evidence? >> no. no. >> the fact that nobody can tell you exactly how he did it is not nearly as important as the fact that they can tell you that based on all of the evidence and testimony that he did do it. >> reporter: the peterson case is now the subject of three new documentaries. >> there was a witness who said that he had observed a pregnant woman being put into a van. >> reporter: two are still in production. the third entitled trial by fury is expected for release next year. >> if you think that scott should be released, if you
9:28 am
think that scott peterson is innocent, you're wrong. he should not be released. and he is not innocent. >> he is very adamant there as was scott's sister saying this one is not solved. ted roland is joining us in the studio now. since his conviction and sentencing, have you reached out to him in letterform and tried to sit down with him and talk? >> right afterwards i wrote like every other journalist wrote him a letter. over the last few months, i've been communicating with his family and checking in with them in preparation for this story. and there is some willingness to talk. it didn't work out at this point but it looks like he will be participating in a documentary that will -- making of a murderer, track the appeals process. keep in mind voters have just changed the rules to expedite the death penalty in the state of california. that will also play into this documentary as they try to get him a new trial. >> can you talk about -- because i was here and you were
9:29 am
here. we were both working here at the time. and i remember what it was like in the news room. i remember the intense interest. someone who wasn't here, can you kind of go through how we were hanging on every single -- it was so intense. >> i have covered o.j. simpson, michael jackson and a ton of celebrity trials. i was working at cnn and scott peterson blows them out of the water because of the interest, the time that she was missing. the day before christmas. people really had this empathy for this missing woman. they fell in love with her. when he emerged, they hated him. amber, they couldn't get enough. by the time the trial started people around the world were glued at it. >> we're looking at video from your interview with peterson before his arrest. how do you think the case affected further criminal cases and criminal trials? it always seems ridiculous that
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my lawyer would allow me to talk to you if i might later be on the hook for something terrible. >> yeah. it's a case by case basis. in this case, they had the interviews with scott and they played them at trial. he did not take the stand. but it was an example of, yeah, if you're accused of something or if people think you're guilty, don't talk to the media. it will come back to haunt you. he did a handful of interviews and the jury saw them and the jury watched them and thought he is lying. he is lying. and it did help in his conviction, i'm sure. >> now he is on death row sat san quentin. >> yeah. >> his family, you wonder, was there any doubt ever? and they say absolutely not. they have religiously traveled from san diego to san quentin every other week. they take turns visiting him. they're convinced that he is innocent. we will see what happens with
9:31 am
the appeal. >> thank you, ted. >> thanks, ted. we here at ktvu are honoring the veterans is in our line. this is the father of one of our photographers martin. he passed away in 2003. he served in the air force. thank you to all of the veterans out there who served. ♪[music] so i got your test results an allergy to cat dander.w there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable?
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i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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>> 9:33. we're checking your twitter responses to the question of day on this veterans day. the question is what does veterans day mean to you? i have the most beautiful picture i will retweet from lindsey who writes for me it is to honor my grandfather with my two boys in hopes of encouraging them to pursue their dreams as well. natalie saying veterans day means going out of may way to make veterans feel special. always thanking them for their service with a smile. >> i've had a few.
9:34 am
one of them -- i can't find the actual person. cheryl says she wants to thank master sergeant nathan for his service. family member there and we've got a lot of specific names of veterans today. and it is nice to see that. >> thank you tweeting us. we're following breaking news from san francisco. a hazmat situation on pier96. tara moriarty has just arrived on the seen. tara. >> reporter: yeah. we're in the bay view at the end of cargo way, if you know where that is. a bunch of people who work at this recycling center felt ill. they were throwing up and itchy eyes. and 26 of the 67 employees did fall ill. two of them are actually in the hospital right now. joining me live is the public information officer for the san francisco fire department, jonathan baxter, to tell us a
9:35 am
little more. this happened around 7:00. >> yeah. this happened around 7:00 this morning. san francisco fire department received a call for a number of people who had succumb today an enknown product at the recycling service. at 6 cargo way. you can see to my left this is the recycling center. they bring in all of the recycling material and see if it is actually recyclables. they have a large pile that are transferred in. they pull it out to go through it. that's at the point that the individuals start today have itchy eyes, shortness of breath. some were nauseous. we had a couple people who had more severe medical problems such as chest pain. a total of 26 individuals were affected by this. two were transported to local hospitals. the rest were evaluated by paramedics and they also spoke
9:36 am
with our base hospital physician at general hospital to make sure they understood what was going on with them. these are individual who's had symptoms but did not need to be taken to the hospital. >> you shut the building down and now it has been deemed safe. do we know what it was that the people inhaled. >> we have a full-time hazmat team. this team does the very methodical scientific procedure. they have to wear very safe equipment when they go in. they're the crew that walks in originally. they evaluate the entire area. they do samples of the air. they do samples of the ground. they go back to their lab in their hazmat vehicle and evaluate it and go back a second time to see if there are any changes. they have determined this is going to be normal standard products that people would have thrown away in their trash that has dissipated at this time and is no longer a threat to the building or to the general or immediate area. >> the problem is this is a recycling center. so you're not supposed to throw
9:37 am
your trash in the bin. >> that is right. i mentioned earlier being a resident of san francisco, i have that sticker provided to me that i put on top of my garbage can and recycling can. i know immediately i can't put it in this can. this is why we don't want that to happen. >> thank you so much for joining us. a good reminder to make sure that you're putting recycles in the recycling bin. 26 people got sick this morning. reporting live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> great reminder. thank you, tara. turning our thoughts to weather this veterans day. a lot of events happening around the bay area. for that, the weather is perfect. >> it is a perfect one for all of your festivities. we have a weak system bringing us all of the cloud cover from the north bay across to oakland this morning. that's a beautiful view there. we will have a lot of high clouds in place for today. temperatures cooling off just some. it has to do with the weak
9:38 am
system that you see right in here approaching the coastline. for today, a mix of blue sky and a little bit of cloud cover. as we get into the overnight hours, that weak system will provide us a few scattered showers over the north bay. it falls apart through the rest of the bay area. we are only expected to receive .01 to .02 of an inch before it moves out. don't cancel your saturday plans. we are looking at dry weather. a little bit of drizzle overnight into saturday. temperature-wise 62 degrees right now in novato. 64 for oakland. mid 60s to 70s for the afternoon. 72 expected in oakland. in the south bay you're looking at 76 for san jose. the clouds, perhaps a chance for a few scattered showers for saturday. then drying out. temperatures remain on the mild side for the back end of the
9:39 am
weekend with partly cloudy skies. monday and tuesday, not worrying about it yet but not a lot of change in store. i'll toss it back to you, mike. >> thank you, rosemary. we are taking a look at the headlines we were covering right here at ktvu during this week in the year 2001. >> battling the war on terrorism in the united states. a series of raids in locations across the country. >> u.s. custom agents searched this warehouse in seattle that serves as a wire transfer service. it was one of nine businesses raided under orders of president bush. workers said it only helps immigrants send money home and denied any business with terrorists. the white house says these businesses managed invested and distributed terrorist money. >> the money is the oxygen of
9:40 am
terrorism. without the means to raise and move money around the world, terrorists cannot function. >> on november 7th, 1991, legendary basketball player magic johnson made the announcement that shook the world. >> because of the hiv virus that i have attained, i will have to retire from the lakers. >> magic was on top of the sports world after leading the lakers to five world champions. then he had a new battle to wage against a disease that at the time many considered a death sentence. and go on he has, becoming successful businessman, i not so successful talk show host, a touring basketball player and a voice for people with hiv and aids. >> i would not say it is gone. but it is asleep. we will see another 20 to 30 years. >> it may be the most scandalous street in the bay
9:41 am
area. >> san francisco police patrol 6th street. kevin martin has 20 years on the force. he can pick and choose any hours that he wants and beat. but he chooses the graveyard shift on 6th street. there are families on 6th street and some children are evident at night. >> even though it is 6th street, this is their home. you know, it's not a castle. it's not the fairmont hotel. it is what they have though. and that means something to them. >> stand by. >> and for more details on the stories, go to find flash back friday right there on the home page. today is veterans day. all week long on the 9 we have been featuring reports on and about veterans leading up to today's holiday. >> the city of pleasanton is dedicating a new memorial. >> we're joined by doug miller, chairman of the plate anton memorial committee. >> good morning to you.
9:42 am
>> good morning. >> what branch of the military were you. >> i was in the army. >> i just want to say before we dive into the conversation, thank you for your service, doug, from all of us at ktvu. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> the inspiration behind the memorial, is it tied to the 21 residents in pleasanton who died fighting for the country. >> absolutely. we don't want them to be forgotten. >> any that you are tied to more so than the others? >> i'm pretty familiar with most of the people that are memorialized on this -- at this site. >> so you're going to have a parade and then you're going to have -- >> they had that parade. they're going to have the dedication. >> i'm sorry. the dedication. there are a lot of veterans from a lot of different campaigns. do you find that they all come together when something like
9:43 am
this happens? >> yes. absolutely. we still have world war ii veterans here. and we've got veterans from all campaigns since world war ii. >> let's talk about the fact about world war ii that out of the 16 million who served, about 850,000 remain. it seems as though soon there will not be a world war ii veteran in my hometown parade. what would you like to say about the importance of the world war ii veterans of their generation that you want tomorrow's children to know about? >> well, as everybody knows, that was called the greatest generation. they came are back from a tremendous campaign. and they got to work, got educated and really built this country. we're so proud of them. we're so proud that they're still among us. and we honor them every year. >> doug, how do you think what today's veterans are coming
9:44 am
home to compares to what veterans of world war ii returned home to? >> i think that we've gotten back to the kind of celebrations that used to occur after world war ii. here in pleasanton, we've got great groups. pleasanton military support group. any time that somebody comes back from a deployment, we have a huge welcome ceremony for them in their front yard. they're overwhelmed by it and they will never forget the experience. >> one of my favorite things about veterans is having a conversation with them, to sit them down and to have them tell me a story. any story. because their eyes light up and they tell me about what it was like when they served. do you have any stories and do you share those with young people? >> oh, sure. i do. but if you would allow me to talk about two or three people that were memorializing, i
9:45 am
would like to do that. >> we hear you have a couple flag there's. >> sure. okay. so charles perry is here. and he is the earliest recorded casual that we can find in pleasanton. he died two months after the end of world war one. he is buried in france. we have very little information about him. but we assume that his injuries led to his death. his wounds led to his death. over here is another pleasanton resident. he was the first casual from world war ii. we have named our vfw post after amdroes. then we have perry meyer. he was the first carl in our city from vietnam -- first casualty in our city from vietnam. and his father and uncle served
9:46 am
in world war ii. they are buried in the cemetery where there are 500 veterans buried dating back to the civil war. >> doug, thank you very much for showing us those plaques of the veterans. thank you for all that you do for the community and veterans there in pleasanton and thank you again for your service in the military. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 the green festival starts in san francisco. a look at all of the eco- friendly products it has to offer. we are honoring the veterans in our lives. this is our producer's fee on say david. he served in the army for six years. both active and reserve. thank you to all of the vets out there. ♪[music]
9:47 am
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9:49 am
>> the san francisco green festival begins today and runs through sunday. >> this morning we're getting a look at what will be out there. let's send it over to mike. >> thank you. i'm here with the president of the green festival. thank you. welcome to the bay area. what is unique about this year's expo in san francisco, would you say. >> thank you, mike, for having me on. happy veterans day. thank you for serving. the green festival. we present the best in livable. we bring together 250 vendors. we have the kia soul. you can come test drive it. this is the best that you can get. >> popular in the bay area. we are surrounded by green, especially on my right.
9:50 am
what is this that you have that you brought in? >> this is a garden. you can grow up to 20 plants and flours and vegetables, especially if you're living inside and you don't have much space. this is perfect to go into the green living and behind the at&t park if you come right after the giants game, there is a tower garden planted. it is unique. >> when people go to the expo, you mentioned the vehicles. but is there a focus and a little bit of something for everyone. >> we have something for everyone. we have vegetarian food, home and garden. if you want to make a difference for yourself and the environment, this is the perfect place to go. >> what else have you brought in. >> we have, for example, this is made of 100% bamboo. >> for baby wipes. >> yes. >> just getting out of that stage. >> it also smells good. >> i've seen for dog bags they have healthy alternatives for the environment as well.
9:51 am
>> yes. >> to our left. >> yes. we do have 100% nontoxic. if you want to really do good playing with your child, this is the best that you can get. >> is it more about the vendors and getting their names out or the consumers. >> it is actually about people. we believe it is so important nowadays after the crazy election to make a difference. and we want to show that you as a consumer as an individual we have the chance and we have the power to make the right purchase decisions. >> have you seen a difference in -- you said been attached for 15 years from back then to today and how far we have come? >> yes. it has definitely changed. we want to go more mainstream because nowadays it is important for everybody to make a difference. >> what else do you have. >> this is one of my favorites. this is the color blue machine. >> is that a wine fridge. >> no. i wish it was. but it is converting air into
9:52 am
water. and it just uses -- humidity. only 35% humidity you need. >> is this something that you see in homes. >> yes. >> or businesses. >> you can put it at home for small offices, for businesses. you don't need water. all you need is this beautiful machine. it is just $1,200 and you're independent from any water resource. >> i understand before you go, thank you for bringing these in. san francisco is just one stop on the west coast. >> we just finished los angeles which was a great show. next year we're going to florida and we're also in new york and washington, d.c. on the east coast. >> thank you for coming in. we like the expo. we have actually put more information about the green festival on our home page at look for it right there in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on our mobile app. dr. karina, thank you very much. have a wonderful event and welcome back to the bay area. >> thank you, mike. i appreciate it. >> of course.
9:53 am
we'll be back after the break.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> all right. playing back to back nights can be grueling in the nba, especially if that second game is on the road and in the mile high city of denver. but the warriors had no trouble last night against the nuggets. steph curry with a nice 33 points on evening. overcoming a tender ankle. five warriors scored in double figures as they won 125-101.
9:56 am
the san jose sharks will make another stop in florida to fate the lightning. the sharks defeated the florida panthers 4-2. made up for ankerly defensive mistake by scoring the game-winning goal. grab your cleats and your shin pads. a new pro soccer team in the bay area is having tryouts. the delta is hosting open tryouts today and tomorrow starting at 9:00. go over to the soccer field at geneva avenue in city. the delta has their first season starting next year. before we leave you here at 9, we have to mention a bit of news. there are a number of airlines reporting problems. alaska airlines specifically. check with your carrier. we will have updates on facebook and twitter and at noon. before we leave you on this veterans day, of the 19 million veterans in the country, more than one million are here at
9:57 am
home in california. we thank you for your service. have a wonderful veterans day. we will see you back here at noon. ♪ i'm proud to be a american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that life to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to them ♪ ♪ because there is no doubt i love this place ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪
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city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> hello! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ]


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