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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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a very wet start to the weekend. rain and wind became an issue for drivers on the roads. but it didn't get in the way of the big game today. >> ♪ >> come rain come shine, does not matter. we are here for the big game. >> president-elect donald trump involved in a twitter war over his vice president. why he's firing back at the cast of hamilton. plus a fight for funding. why sanctuary cities across the country are bracing for backlash by the trump administration. >> we will cancel all federal funding for sanctuary cities. world health organization issuing an update on the zika virus. why it could be less of a threat. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> i'm ross palombo. >> i'm alyana gomez. we begin with the weather. today's rains made driving a big challenge out there. traffic moved slowly along some freeways.
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in berkeley the 119th big gain was not about to be canceled. thousands of cal and stanford fans made it to the stadium unfazed by the weather. they tailgated and piled on lots of layers. >> we try to go with something that's not completely waterproof . you're going to be said. >> come rain come shine. does not matter. we are here for the big game. >> high winds toppled trees and whipped up waves off of the marin county coast. taking a live look outside san francisco the rain is giving us a break right now. but what can we expect heading into sunday? meteorologist mark tamayo has the answer and is tracking the forecast. >> we're tracking more showers as we head into sunday forecast. even the possibility of thunderstorms and cold unstable air moves into northern california. as far as rainfall numbers for today they were very impressive. the focus for the most part was up in the north bay. look at the number over three inches of rainfall over two inches out toward guerneville
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and sebastopol. pretty impressive numbers with the system, and you can see on this panel look at the bottom right. san jose only reporting two hundredths of an inch of rain. south bay probably thinking what rain? look at ben lomond over 2.5 inches of rain. san rafael 2.65. santa rosa 2.64. san francisco nearly a half inch. things fairly quiet on the radar right now. you can see this is the satellite and radar loop over the past six hours. right now we have the rain and snow heading out to our east where they do have a winter weather advisory in place out toward the sierra. the radar here we go with the live doppler sweep, not a lot of action to show you for the north bay. central portions of the bay. down the south bay and santa cruz mountains coverage right here. closer to ben lomond and right around morgan hill. we have shower activity nearby. a little bit of action on the radar right now. we have some damp pavement across parts of the bay area. live camera looking out toward
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the golden gate bridge. as we head into sunday, still some shower chances. we'll have the updated forecast model and also take a look at the five-day because eventually we talk about more changes as well. showing up on the long range weather map. >> thanks so much. the weather caused travel headaches at sfo. some arrivals were delayed 2.5 hours. most of those are short flights up and on the west coast. make sure you call your airline first. stay with ktvu fox 2 weather team for updates on the weather of course. you can get the forecast anytime with the free ktvu weather app. hundreds of people braved that rain today in san francisco to protest president- elect trump. this video was posted to social media a little while ago. the group marched down market street carrying signs and chanting slogans even in all that rain. the president-elect met with one of his most vocal critics while working to assemble his white house team. former nominee britt -- met romney met with trump in new
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jersey today. romney is being considered for secretary of state. during the campaign romney called mr. trump a phony a liar and a con man. but today the former governor simply said the meeting went well. >> very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect. and look forward to the coming administration. >> donald trump also met with the former head of washington, dc public schools michelle rhee. she is being considered for education secretary. the democrat is the wife of sacramento mayor kevin johnson. trump's schedule includes a meeting with chris christie who was demoted from his job running that transition team. as well as former new york city mayor rudy giuliani who is also reportedly in the running for secretary of state. and kansas secretary of state chris kovac who is known for supporting a tough crackdown on illegal immigration. president-elect trump last out on twitter after the cast
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of hamilton delivered a message to vice president-elect pence. pens was in the audience for the hit show last night. mr. trump tweeted three times about the incident with -- which blew up on social media. the president-elect posted this. very rude and insulting of hamilton cast members to treat our great future vp mike pence to a theater lecture. couldn't even memorize lines. the cast had for mike pence and the reaction. >> reporter: the show uses rap and hip-hop to tell the story of alexander hamilton while highlighting the strength of america's diversity. with male and female actors up other playing characters who were all-white. brandon victor dixon pulled out a cue card and read a message from the cast directly to pence. expressing their hope the administration will be inclusive. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us but we truly hope this charge inspires
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you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> pence had left his seat before the message but heard it from the hallway. he did not respond but waved to the crowd including protesters as he left. now president-elect trump is demanding an apology tweeting, our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of hamilton. cameras blazing. this should not happen. the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man mike pence. apologize. dixon responding to trump tweeting quote, conversation is not harassment, sir. and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. the actor says the cast felt it was important to speak on behalf of all marginalized groups who are fearful of a trump administration. >> i'm so glad we had the opportunity and so glad that he stayed. he stayed and he listened. and i truly appreciate him doing that. >> hashtagged boycott hamilton
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trended on twitter as people debate whether this act was appropriate. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. the numbers are out after each ballot was counted in the election. a record number of people voted in alameda county. the registrar voters announced late last night it finished processing all the ballots. there were 670,245 votes cast the most ever in alameda county history. nearly 889,000 people had registered to vote. turnout was 75%. under state law alameda county has until december 8 to certify the results. oakland restaurant becomes a victim of its own success. it open nearly 10 years ago and was a big factor in oakland's uptown renaissance. now the hotspot that many say led the way in that area and is so popular with warriors players and others can no longer afford the skyhigh rents there. ktvu's leigh martinez just got back from the final party and i know a lot of people are
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surprised to hear the doors are finally closed. >> reporter: that's right. this was it. the final farewell ended at 10:00. it did shock local customers and loyal customers especially since the place was a huge party spot on the weekend. golden state warriors were regulars as well. but unfortunately they were away this weekend. as popular as this place was, it could not afford the success and got pushed out. >> reporter: when it first opened nine years ago, ozumo was the only game in town. >> this really got this whole area going. so it's really sad. >> reporter: sad because ozumo will pour its last drink and prepare its last cuisine. >> i've been here three times this week. >> reporter: ozumo was to go to place for oakland foodies and celebrities. >> we have many times stephen curry, harrison barnes, everyone. >> reporter: the big names and loyal customers could not save
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ozumo from the surrounding success it helped create. the rent at the broadway location is believed to increase more than double. >> they could barely sell these condos upstairs. to now being the reason for the increase, definitely is a little bit hard to swallow. >> reporter: it is larger than most oakland restaurant and the cost plus increase in insurance happening in january are also cited as factors in closing. >> more of a big party scene. that's the weekend. you have monday through thursday, not as big as it should be. >> reporter: saturday night is the final farewell to oakland. and its loyal patrons. it's goodbye party had tickets for an open buffet and bar. >> the bartenders, i don't know if that's a good thing or not but they are very friendly here. and there are a lot of regulars. >> reporter: the staff of 45 received notice two weeks ago. the manager said they are trying to help employees find
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new jobs. ozumo staff says they are grateful to oakland but sad to leave the home it helped build. ozumo says its flagship location in san francisco is doing very well. the company is planning to open at a new location this time in san jose santana row sometime next year. >> what about the staff members? can they find jobs at the restaurant in san francisco or the new one opening in san jose? >> reporter: the one in san francisco is already fully staffed. however the san jose location, the manager there says that's a possibility. they've been offered jobs. san jose is quite a hike coming from oakland. but the event manager says she had even offered to take in some resumes and kind of shop around some of her former employees to other area restaurants. looking for people. >> that is tough news. especially right before the holidays. leigh martinez live in the newsroom, thank you. california's unemployment rate held steady for the fourth
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month in a row. the jobless rate was unchanged at 5.5%. a year ago it was 5.9%. the state gained 31,200 jobs last month. here in the bay area employees added more than 13,000 new jobs. the employment development department says more than 2.4 million jobs have been added since february of 2010. golden gate bridge officials are planning several temporary closures of parts of the pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of the bridge. for closure is set for tomorrow at the south anchorage between five and 10:00 a.m. weather permitting of course. during that time pedestrians will be stopped at the closure and won't be able to completely cross the bridge. similar closures are set for december 10 and 11 so mark your calendars. if you travel that route the temporary closures are to allow crews to replace roadway lights. a police officer shot in southern california. it happened in hawthorne in
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part of los angeles. police were responding to a disturbance call there and when they got there, they found a man armed with a machete and a gun. police shot one officer in the leg. that officer is expected to be okay. police returned fire hitting the suspect, his injuries are not life-threatening. oakland police say an armed man robbed a chase bank this morning. the man who they say was wearing a security jacket went into the bank on mountain boulevard just after 11:00 this morning. he was brandishing a gun and he got away with about $1000 in cash. before running away. they have not found him yet. police are asking for your help in finding this man accused of robbing the 7-eleven along sunset avenue earlier this month. he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. and he too was armed at the time. if you recognize him of course, call police. a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence. we will protect american lives. we will cancel all federal thundering to century cities. new concerns about the president-elect immigration
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policy. sanctuary cities like san francisco and san jose. at 10:30 the debate heating up with millions of dollars estate. later in sports andre ward and the biggest fight of his career is the light heavyweight title on the line, as he takes on sergei kovalev. first, weeding out hopes of misinformation. how zuckerberg says he will stop fake news on facebook.
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san francisco's international auto show kicked off this morning and as ktvu's christien kafton shows us the show has everything from transportation to dream machines. >> reporter: from the fast to the family friendly there's something for every car enthusiast at the international auto show. it's a chance for automakers to show off their latest and greatest innovations. toyota even had an automotive artist on hand to customize a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid. >> we call it a fuel-cell hybrid vehicle. and essentially what it does it's an electric vehicle but it replaces the big onboard battery with a fuel-cell. >> reporter: toyota had this concept on hand inspired by back to the future. >> this is absolutely my dream car. there's even a flux capacitor in the back. >> reporter: ford also on hand showing off the longtime best- selling pickup truck the fully loaded ford f-150. >> rear camera, lane assist, assist, sit -- you get the
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panorama roof all the way from the front all the way to the back. >> reporter: for the dreamers there are the exotics like this . >> between 2.8 and $3.2 million. >> i think -- with financing. down payment. >> check with your wife. >> reporter: enthusiasts turned out with the next generation of drivers ready to get behind the wheel. >> we are from dublin and we decided to make it out to the auto show to take a look at cars and let them burn off energy while we are here. >> reporter: if you missed the auto show you are still in luck. the auto show runs through the sunday after thanksgiving. in san francisco and captain, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco saint anthony's has started its annual things giving food drive, volunteers were busy except curbside donations everyone is encouraged to drop off turkeys canned food and clean and lightly worn
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clothing. students in pacifica plan to head for the -- planned ahead for their donations. >> we donated 300 pounds of clothes that my school collected for a clothing drive. our leadership class put on a service project and this time we wanted to collect some clothes to donate and give back to our community. >> good job. they planned ahead. saint anthony's expect to serve 3500 meals on things giving day. and will be accepting right up until then. you know what it means. after that, comes christmas. a giant christmas tree arrived today for a well-known san francisco skyscraper. the tree was delivered to the 555 california street building this morning. it will be installed and prepared for a festive tree lighting ceremony on tuesday night november 29. ktvu is a proud sponsor. it includes a performance by the doobie brothers. the event benefits all-stars helping kids a local charity started by 49ers hall of famer
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ronnie lott. to more sierra ski resorts are now open for business. a foot or more of fresh snow is expected to hit the tahoe area as mark told you earlier. skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes. they release this video of skiers and snowboarders today, having a great time on the slopes. the results have been busy using snowmaking equipment. to boost their base ahead of the snowstorm. heavenly and northstar plan to open on the day before things giving. in the mountains they do have a winter weather advisory in place right now. out toward the sierra, weather advisory in place through 4:00 p.m. right until 4:00 p.m. sunday. snowfall around 5 to 10 inches and snow levels right around 6000 feet but i have noticed we have been coming up a little bit around 6500 feet. forecasted close to 7000 feet for tomorrow. anywhere between 6,007,000 feet. snow level in the mountains. with -- winter weather advisory in place. picking up the system we had earlier today. moisture heading out toward the mountains.
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as you can see on the radar there's not a lot happening over the bay. some rain showers of here along the north coast. closer to eureka and cape mendocino. he would go with live doppler sweeps trying to detect rainfall and there's not a lot to show you right now. we take this to the central and southern portions of the bay area. down toward the santa cruz mountains we have more coverage here, to the southern santa clara valley. and here you can pick out, closer to watsonville and portions of santa cruz county for tonight. here is our live camera, to the golden gate bridge, damp pavement out there, keep that in mind. slick roads across parts of the bay area. and we still have some showers in the forecast for sunday. the waves have been increasing as well and we have a high surf advisory in place as we head into your sunday. waves will fall in this range from 10 to 15 feet. so extra careful right in the immediate coastline heading out there for tomorrow. the plane in san francisco, 7:00 a.m.
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some scattered showers 52 degrees. same deal at 11 and 12:00. at the forecast model trying to generate the higher chances by midmorning and by lunchtime. and then just a chance of a shower by 4:00 and temperatures only in the upper 50s close to 60 degrees across the entire bay area. notice the chill in the area over the past few days and we have been cooling off. here is the forecast model for tonight. into motion for tomorrow morning, line of showers moving in from the north and with these there's a chance it could have a few isolated thunderstorms pop up across parts of the region for tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon hours especially where you see the yellows and oranges forecast model picks up, 12:00 p.m. on sunday. and still some scattered showers popping up as we head towards 2:00 and then by four or 5:00 as well. with this keep this in mind the 49ers game for tomorrow levi's stadium, still a chance of scattered showers and temperatures close to 60 degrees. we talked about your sunday, more rain chances in our five-
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day forecast which we do approach things giving, more on that coming up in a few minutes. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says the company is working to weed out fake news now. after facing criticism for failing to stop the spread of phony articles in the run-up to the u.s. presidential election. while speaking to world leaders in peru, zuckerberg acknowledged the role social media has played in elections. he says all websites have a responsibility to ensure accuracy and fairness on the internet. >> we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. we can build artificial intelligence to fight terrorism, but we also need to make sure that we protect people's privacy. >> zuckerberg plans on including warning labels on false stories and working with journalists to develop a better fact checking system. facebook is hardly the only company struggling to address this problem.
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google has taken steps just this week to try to stop fake news writers from making money off of there add services. fantasy sports rival draftkings and fanduel are joining forces now. they agreed to merge after months of speculation and increasing regulatory scrutiny. financial terms have not been released. the deal is not expected to be finalized until later in 2017 and still requires federal approval. experts say the merger will likely raise antitrust concerns with regulators since the companies control nearly 90% of the market. officials say the merger will help cut costs as the two fight to remain legal in states across the country. sombra is recalling a wide variety of hamas products. the reason they are pulling the product off the shelves and what you need to know. zika virus is still an international health emergency. is it? new words from the world health organization.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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back now the time is 10:24. 63 people are dead and more than 120 injured after a passenger train accident in northern india. it happened near the industrial city where 14 coaches jumped the track. hundreds of people were trapped inside and the death toll is expected to rise. no word yet on what caused the train to derail. accidents are common in india where much of the railway equipment is out of date. 23million passengers use india's railway network every day. a u.s. weather satellite that could revolutionize forecasting takes off from cape canaveral. >> three, two, one. and lift off. >> there it goes. along with the lockheed martin satellite instruments developed in palo alto the satellite promises to deliver continuous high-tech views of hurricanes and other storms. how fast is this new satellite? it can take a complete picture of the atmosphere every five
10:26 pm
minutes. much faster than the ones we use now. new bird will now undergo about a years' worth of testing. the world health organization says they no longer consider the zika virus and international health emergency. but some health experts worry that lifting the emergency label could slow support for zika research. while the virus is continuing to cause new infections. the u.n. health agency is stressing that there is still a need for a long-term plan to tackle zika. >> we are not downgrading the importance of zika. in fact, by placing this as a longer-term program of work, we are sending the message that zika is here to stay. and w.h.o.'s response is here to stay in a very robust manner. >> u.s. centers for disease control says the announcement does not change the urgent need to find a new vaccine. president obama was in peru wrapping up his last scheduled overseas trip. at a meeting of the transpacific partnership, the
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president spoke to a group of young people in lima telling them president-elect trump new administration might not be as opposed to international trade as some might think. >> president-elect campaigned on looking at every trade policy as potentially reversing. some of those policies. but once they look at how it's working, i think they'll determine that it's actually good both for the united states and our partners. >> mr. trump has said many times he opposes the tpp and the white house has fought trying to pass it. president obama is expected to leave for washington, dc tomorrow night after a final day of meetings. tracking down three men suspected of robbing 16 northern california stores over the past four months. what the police department is crediting for the capture of two of them and the search for the third. the settlement for the trump university fraud case is in. just how much will be dished out coming up next.
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following president-elect donald trump's victory on election day mayors in several sanctuary cities are reaffirming their commitment to shelter undocumented immigrants. they say they will not cooperate with authorities if they are forced to issue deportation orders. will carr has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: with billions of dollars potentially at stake the debate over century cities is heating up. more than 300 sanctuary cities and counties across the country. while policies vary, typically local authorities choose to not help federal immigration authorities unless serious crimes have been committed. the trump administration could limit his cautionary grants from the federal government to century cities. takes emphasis go alone which gets $1 billion every year from
10:31 pm
the federal government. that city was in the headlines in 2015 when kate stanley was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and was released from the san francisco jail despite a federal request to keep him behind bars. leading up to the elections in -- trump frequently mentioned her death and planned to take federal dollars away from century cities. >> a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence. we will protect american lives. we will cancel all federal funding to century cities. >> reporter: since the election law enforcement and city leaders from los angeles chicago and a number of other large cities run by democrats have said they will challenge any move by the trump administration to crack down on immigration and sanctuary cities. take a listen to bill richardson the former governor of new mexico on tucker carlson tonight. >> as long as the local law community the local law enforcement community local city council agrees with the mayor this is the states rights or city rights issue. the police should be determined by a mayor.
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>> reporter: members of law enforcement to support policies say they encourage immigrants to report crimes instead of remaining in the shadows. will carr, fox news. president-elect donald trump has settled three fraud lawsuits linked to trump university for $25 million. the lawsuit followed trump throughout his presidential campaign. students from the now-defunct school claimed they were duped into paying thousands of dollars to learn the secret of trump's real estate success. >> regulators are putting new restrictions on wells fargo. following the scandal over unauthorized customer accounts. the san francisco-based bank now needs to get advanced approval before making a wide range of business decisions including payments to departing executives. wells fargo said it would comply with all these new requirements. uc berkeley employees had a message today for their bosses. pay us enough to eat. the union workers essay the university pays them so little that they have to skim or skip
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meals to make ends meet. they point to a recent study which found 70% of uc clerical workers and administrative assistance struggled to put food on the table. the study was commissioned by the teamsters union which represents the workers. uc has said wages for the clerical and administrative groups are competitive with other employers across the state. police in stockton say a computer program help them track down three men suspected of robbing 16 stores over the past four months. the robbers struck two stores on the same night and investigators say that help them use predictive analysis software to figure out where they might strike next. officers say they were waiting outside a wingstop restaurant last night when the men showed up. police chief explains what happened next. >> two police officers identified themselves. and at least one suspect turned and pointed the shotgun at the officers.
10:34 pm
for their safety the officers fired their weapons. >> two of the three suspects were critically wounded. a third ran off and is still at large. investigators say they risk -- the recovery shotgun believed to have been used in robberies. a deputy shot and killed a staffing suspect today. it happened when deputies found two victims just north of watsonville. when they found the suspect they say he came at them with a knife. both of the stabbing victims are in the hospital. one is in critical condition. a medical transport plane is crashed, killing all four on board including a patient. it went down last night in a parking lot at northeastern nevada. the plane was flying from the elko regional hospital to the university of utah medical center when it crashed. a patient a pilot and the medical staff were all on board at the time. that patient had heart disease and was having chest pains and doctors were sending him to utah for more specialized care when that happened. no word on any charges or fines from this bizarre form explosion yesterday. the fire suppression system accidentally went off here. at a hanger at mineta san jose
10:35 pm
sending this form out onto the streets. cruz first blocked the storm drains there to keep the foam out of the may. then they used an agent before vacuuming it and taking it to a chemical plant. officials say the phone did pose potential environmental and health hazards. fire department spokesperson said that he does not think there will be any long-term impact. what a crazy story there. it's being dubbed touch disease. the malfunctioning screen problem many iphone users are complaining about and just how much the fix will cost. and in weather still tracking lots of clouds over the bay area right now. scattered showers out there as well. some sunday shower chances as a possibility of thunder storms. also talking about things giving.
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taking a look outside right now, wide shot of the bridge. the rain coming down all day. we wish that was an illusion. taking a break right now. the lesser chance of rain we'll have an update in just one minute. there is a major recall to tell you about tonight of a popular brand of hummus. sabra is recalling a wide variety because of possible listeria. the virginia-based company says the organism was found at a manufacturing facility but no illnesses so far have been reported. they are advising people to throw away any products with best before dates through january 23 of 2017. apple is finally acknowledging what's being called touch disease. iphone 6 plus owners have been complaining about the screen malfunctioning.
10:39 pm
the problem is not a design flaw and is caused by dropping the phone repeatedly. still apple says it will fix it for you but you have to pay $149. does not sound like a good deal to me. [ laughter ] the deal for the weather, mark tamayo has it in the weather center. >> i've got a great deal. free water for you. coming from this guy. [ laughter ] some raindrops it's been an active weather day in the bay area. a productive system across parts of the region. right now still some clouds and a few scattered rain showers out there. for your saturday night. we still have more activity to track into the second half of the weekend. right now we have the rain and snow out toward the sierra. winter weather advisory in place right now. the coverage on the right are not a lot to show you here. just a few scattered showers popping up here as you can see in the north bay, portions of marin county as well. between san rafael and novato. in the east bay out toward livermore they reported some light rain during this most
10:40 pm
recent observation at about 9:50. and then more scattered showers, santa cruz mountains, down closer to gilroy and the east of san jose, we have coverage although the south bay santa clara valley not picking up too much rain. but there's more coverage out toward the santa cruz mountains. as far as current numbers, it's been chile. i needed a coat when i went for a walk. temperatures right now are in the 50s. wind advisory which was up has expired. right now center is a 55. livermore 57. sfo checking in with the 50s as well. live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. holiday lights, you can see the defined layer here. there's that cloud layer pushing to the region. mostly cloudy skies right now. holding onto occasional showers for tonight. tomorrow the possibility of some thunderstorms as this system dives in from the north. the cool unstable weather pattern setting up for your sunday. today, the source of the rain from this morning that was
10:41 pm
organized front that moved in and then you can see this trough developing offshore. so occasional showers for your sunday. the chance of a few scattered thunderstorms as well. with that there's a chance of maybe some small hail. the forecast model as you can see 10:00 tomorrow morning scattered rain showers moving across the bay area. very challenging to track the exact location and timing but you get the idea. this model tries to generate some shower activity. possibly the east bay 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. we'll take this into monday. and you will see this. a chance of a lingering shower first thing monday morning. monday afternoon we are expecting partly cloudy skies. tuesday starts out dry and by tuesday night this system could be moving in and this could be a factor for the wednesday morning commute. we're talking about another potential system for thursday of course. that's for things giving in the bay area but looks like the strongest deal that was forged a moving across the bay area and then for tomorrow scattered
10:42 pm
showers and thunderstorms. temperatures for tomorrow it remains chile upper 50s to lower 60s for afternoon highs. not talking about any heat anytime soon. chance of a lingering shower monday morning. increasing clouds tuesday. by tuesday night into wednesday morning could be tracking scattered rain showers and there's the dancing turkey and it could be a wet turkey as well. especially by mid-to-late afternoon as another system moves in from the north. if you have any outdoor plans on thanksgiving make the most of the morning. that should be okay. >> all right. thanks so much. that does it for us on the 10:00 news. sports wrap is next. a big day in sports including the big game here, and andre ward goes for the title in las vegas. also the warriors look for their seventh straight win as they take on the bus.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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hello, everybody. thanks for joining us tonight. oakland boxer andre ward made his case as the world's best pound for pound fighter after a gutsy and perhaps somewhat controversial light heavyweight title fight in las vegas. ward taking on the champ, serge kovalev who held three title belts and is known for his power and indeed he did not ward down in the second round just the second time in ward's career that he's been knocked down but he got up and battled kovalev the rest of the fight. it went the distance. 12 rounds, and a unanimous decision. all three judges scored it for ward 114-113. kovalev felt he got robbed and many unofficial scorecards by hbo and


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