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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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there were no other reports of people getting sick among the more than 800 people that attended the dinner. a united airlines passed turned around after flames shot out of the engines. had more than 200 people onboard and landed safely at sfo. flight 837 bound for japan. united airlines says there was a disruption of the air flow through one of the four engines known as compressor stall causing that engine to flare- up. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. friend of a south san francisco police officer who was attacked and hit with a skateboard and then critically injured on thanksgiving day are planning a candlelight vigil tonight that is set to start in a half hour. they tell us that officer robbie shon has improved slightly. tara moriarty talked to a woman organizing the vigil. reporter: officers describe robbie as a good guy and
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motorcycle cup that has been on the force for 12 years. on thanksgiving day when he was brutally attacked and knocked unconscious by a man with a skateboard it was crushing. >> the mood has been somber. >> sergeant ken has worked side by side with him. >> we are brother and sisterhood in law enforcement and one of ours goes down it is traumatic. >> sha nhas been in and out of consciousness since thursday and yesterday he gave the thumbs up to family although he has a long recovery ahead. this is the 200 block where the attack happened. a passer by took graphic photos of officer shon when he was on the sidewalk and those picks made the rounds on social media. it is something that angered this community. >> it was horrific. >> camalla runs a local online newspaper in south city and she met shon at national night out in august. >> somebody's father and husband and brother and this is
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a family member in our community. i don't care who it is. you don't post that. wolf is organizing a candlelight vigil for officer shon at 7:00 at police headquarters where congresswoman jackie spears will attend. >> there was outpouring over the officer and that is where the focus is. >> donors to his go fun me page have contributed $107,000 to help his wife and two young sons during the difficult time. >> there is complete shock. like all families in law enforcement. you say goodbye to your loved ones before they go to work and you just expect for them to come home at the end of the day and unfortunately that was not the case. >> in south san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland police are looking for whoever shot and killed two men this morning. police say they received calls about gunshots on 39th street.
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officers found two men with multiple gunshot wounds. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. their names have not been released. so far there's no description of the shooter or information on a motive. one of three men accused of killing an east bay musician pleaded not guilty to charges including murder, robbery and a hate crime. the body of 28 year-old jazz musician william sims was found on november 12th beaten and shot. prosecutors say he was killed because he was black. the three suspects in the case are white. one of the accused men, dan porter kelly was in courted and two others 32-year-old ray simmons and 31-year-old daniel ortega is at large. >> tell us suggesting what this is a hate crime and mr. porter does not have a hate bone in his body and did not commit there.
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scheduled on december 9th at which time a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to hold porter kelly for trial. until then being held without bail. millions of americans are taking advantage of cyber monday looking for online deals. police say this time of year thieves are taking advantage an the shopping season looking for packages left on doorsteps. as ann reuben says one city is taking aim at the thieves with innovative approach to track down thieves. >> it happened at john's house and saw a package and inspected it and despite a surveillance camera stole it any way. >> it is violating your rights to have someone taken off your porch. >> it was a desk for my daughter. >> and campbell police say this package theft happens all too frequently during the holiday
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season. >> tired of criminals coming to campbell. >> and today on cyber monday, a day even more packages more will be ordered campbell police are putting on packages of your own. like their bike program. these are bait packages and they got gps units and will alert officers if they are moved. >> don't know what packages will be real and which packages will be a bait package. that's the message. don't come to campbell because you don't know if you will get arrested. >> and acting as a deterrent. john hopes it will take others to keep from going through what they have. his daughter hopes his daughter will be caught. >> it is very practical. we are not waiting for people to come to us and take things from us but we are going out and trying to catch the people. >> the bait packages are already out at houses and businesses around campbell. still campbell police suggest to take precautions of your own. maybe have your packages
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delivered to work and on your neighbor's house. in campbell, ann reuben. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up. a mother of 2 and she vanished without a trace. then after being battered and bruised and chained up, she reappeared. coming up next. what we are learning about this mysterious case.
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officials announced a new agreement requiring background
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checks for uber and lyft drivers. the san francisco based ride sharing companies must begin to screen the drivers in january and the company must guarantee that the drivers have passed a criminal background check by april. the regulations are the toughest in the company officials say. the man accused of killing 9 church members will be his own attorney. the judge agreed to his request. the death penalty has been approved. 12 jurors need tonie selected and six alternates. a playboy woman and an insulting comment has pleaded not guilty to invasion of privacy. dannie matthers was not in court but her attorney says she regrets what she did and
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apologized for her behavior. she had shared the picture on snap chat back in july. if convicted she could get up to 6 months in jail and one thousand dollar fine. >> there are a few answers in the disappearances of a mother of two from shasta. shirry returned and she had been beaten and battered on thanksgiving day. three weeks after she set out for a morning jog. as reporter alley wolf tells us they don't know what happened to her and who took her and what happened in the 22 days she was missing. >> the steady hum of interstate 5. a quiet church and a few scattered homes. this is where investigators say a nightmare that dragged on for three weeks ended when a passing driver found sherry papine alive. >> she is very heavily battered. >> dispatch audio of the yola county sheriff's office reveals
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the young mother found battered and chained to something along northbound i-5 near county road i-17. >> 40 miles from the shasta community she vanished while jogging. one woman claimed she saw her on the side of the road posted to facebook. i couldn't stop in time to help you but i did pull over and report to police that i saw you by the road and was certain you needed help. she added that she didn't know if her call helped but was thankful she is safe. as investigators search for abductors, two hispanic women armed with a handgun, so much is unknown. why was the mother of two taken? what happened to her and how did she end on the side of the freeway so far from home? >> kind of bothered me because it is so close to my house and within walking distance from high mouse. >> kelsey coleman lives where
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the alleged abductors left her. she wants to know what happened and understand that things don't end as well. >> it is just like kidnap and then found a dead body. a couple of months later and now it is just -- now we found her and she is alive. >> many in the shasta county community are now questioning papine's story. the sheriff says they have no reason to disbelieve her and unclear whether she knew the kidnappers. there is 20 search warrants related to the case. detectives are looking through her computer. investigating old relationships and looking for surveillance video. hoping to figure out exactly what happened to sherry papine. hackers holding san francisco's light rail system for ransome. up next, the latest in what muni officials are calling a ransomware attack. we will talk about this week and temperatures cool in
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the morning and highs and a chance of a shower.
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see you back here.
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>> the hearing for a sonoma county man accused of drowning his 4-year-old in a baptismal bowl has been postponed. the man is charged with the murder of his daughter last week. today the hearing was continued until december 19th. so ordaz can be seen by a second doctor. there is a restraining order
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for him to see his wife and son. he arrived at the police station carrying his daughter's body. the f.b.i. is investigating a cyber attack on the transportation agency. the security breach happened over the busy thanksgiving holiday weekend but muni officials say transit service was not disrupted. ticket machines were taken offline and all day saturday after the message you hacked all data encrypted uponned up on the screen. cyber experts described it as ransom ware. a type of malware that prevents users from hacking into this system. the hackers will demand receipt of a big coin transfer before unlocking the system. the way to get into the system, they have to send out an email to a website or provide a link that somebody at the agency would have to click on and that's how the virus would enter our computer system. and at that point, the person
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would ask for a ransom. >> muni has no intention of paying a ransom. muni officials say private information was not compromised as a result but as a precaution muni allowed customers to ride for free through saturday while they investigated that breach. all right. let's get a check of the weather. bill martin standing by in the weather center. another dry day and it looks like rain coming midway through the week. >> maybe a little bit. a sprinkle. just a light dousing of rain. this is a the wrong word. slight chance of sprinkles. the rest of the week dominated by high pressure. we will see temperatures in the cool side in the morning. the winds are dying down and i wouldn't say mild. upper 50s. not unlike what we had today. so here is the story. nationwide getting hammered out here. these are tornado warnings
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watches and severe thunderstorms. right down by the boxes. that's unusual for this late in the season. some very unstable air. by the ohio valley and into new york. that will impact travel plans as you go east tomorrow. especially as you go east to the mississippi river. now i'm thinking about the airports in washington and la guardia. even atlanta. so for us, we are in high pressure and we mentioned that, dominant high pressure and weakens a little bit on wednesday and brings us a chance of a sprinkle. but again, not a game-changer at all. if anything will keep it warmer. overnight lows will get it down there and i was checking this out and see something different. you see this? i don't know. he was flashing colors right there. that green thing. >> i can't see. it is too small. >> it was cooling. flashing red and green. so overnight lows will be
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chilly as we mentioned. 38 in fairfield and cooler through time. the morning showers today are replaced by high pressure that sets us up with cold overnight lows and valley fog and that just took it through the day. dry all day. here comes the wednesday deal. this is a computer model. here comes the wednesday deal, right? and there we are about wednesday afternoon. maybe some drizzle. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy and a sprinkle. it is out of here. sort of like a nuisance. i wouldn't call it a shower. knew san weather at best. 59 tomorrow in vallejo an. these are the highs forecast for tuesday. and then here is the five-day forecast. there is the wednesday kind of hiccup and everything else runs along smoothly and mild and dry and in the night and morning. >> i can't wait to go skating. >> right. >> there is one down by the
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hyatt. >> and is there some near embarcadero. >> yes. >> i am terrible skater. >> i would think you are a pacific northwest girl. >> i'm a horrible skater too. >> you like hockey. >> i'm okay. james taylor has announce summer tour including at&t park in san francisco. the singer songwriter will appear in the city on july 29th after playing at national's park in washington and wrigley field. he will wrap up the tour at fenway park in boston. bonnie ray was scheduled at the opening act for all four of the shows. that will be a good show. kevin durant got a personal view of the raiders and talked today about his experience with game next. mark is up next.
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well how about the oakland raiders. when derrick carr dislocated his pinky. >> called it the most pain he has experienced. >> you could tell he was in so much pain. >> and the usual social media guys going how come he didn't just fall on the ball. hello. >> his throwing hand. >> he was only gone for one series. >> and that was his throwing
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hand. >> the returning hero. >> a lot of respect from his teammates. >> good stuff. this is exactly the kind of game in years past you are looking at it going how will they lose this one and it is not that kind of team this year. nine and two. a top the afc west and here is the play we are talking about. after intermission and he obviously in deep pain there dislocates the pinky and went into the locker room and fans that were there were telling me they didn't know why he was going in the locker room and didn't know what happened and he has the glove on the hand and threw a pick and returns to form and touchdown pass and the raiders take care of the business and come back win after blowing a 24-7 lead. jack del rio and company had it all the time. >> wondering how it was going to go when he got back out there. he settled in and fired away. it was awesome. the team got a lift from it and
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you know, that's all good stuff. it is a come-back like that and put the glove on. and get a big win. it was good stuff. that is our cameraman on the field for great stuff. andy. talking crazy and why not? >> how about a raiders cowboys super bowl. >> that would be fun. >> very provocative. >> no longer the one and 9ers. they are one and ten. and that is a franchise worse and had to throw that in. ten game losing streak. however this is going to get you points but they did look pretty good against the miami dolphins yesterday. 49ers took it down to the final moment as their man kyle kaepernick played better and nice to have hyde in there and chip kelly knows the drill.
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it only matters if you win. just think our guys are doing a better job and doing the things you need to do offensively in this league. only calling 6 starters in this system, it is good to get this. one has been banged up and i think they played hard. the 49ers by the way are staying down in orlando because they will travel up to chicago and take on the bears. i see that as a possible win number 2 for the 49ers. not ready to go out on a limb. but i do think they have a definite chance. talk about have a chance. against the warriors right now, that is tough business. as they are rolling. 11 in a role and 15 and 2 and the best record in the nba and working out today just lightly and getting ready for the atlanta hawks tonight. it will be kd bobble head. look at kevin durant in
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practice falling a football around and guess what he did? with a day off, he went to the raider game and he went to the black hole. talked about it today as your nba conference player of the week talking football. they get pretty rowdy and the black hole. i didn't know they called it that until last night. they get rowdy and that just explains. want to get away and enjoy the unity of a sport and it brings so many people together. you could tell they were so excited after they won and it was fun. >> fitting in well in the bay area. >> and you know what, 26th time he won the western conference player of the week award. so to put that into perspective temperature steph curry has won it 7 times. there you go. we are out of here everyone. thanks for joining us. goodnight.
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okay. are you from
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