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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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she wore a burkini that covers you from the neck down. she entered the pageant to break barriers for muslim women. new information about the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team that crashed in columbia. giving people a taste of living in poverty. >> $25 for a box of spinach. plus, it's that time of year, the tap dancing christmas trees are back in studio just ahead of the tree lighting ceremony in oakland's jock london square -- jack london square. some songs you have to turn up a little bit. speaking of rocking and rolling, how about your golden state warriors last night. durant and curry putting up 25 points against the hawks. welcome to the 9, everyone. not a bad thing, sal, when you win 12 in a row. >> and they won against a good defense. >> a scrappy hawks team.
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speaking of rolling along, cyber monday, i want to take your take. >> it was huge. >> $3.45 billion spent online. that is a 12% increase. >> i didn't buy one thing. >> do you know why. >> why. >> because you can open up your phone and buy on your phone. >> i got a couple of messages. this looks good. i'm going to buy it. >> what about free shipping. is there free shipping. >> i can't remember the last time that i paid for shipping. cyber monday means nothing to me. when i see something i want and it's a deal, i jump on it. if i don't want it, i don't want it. >> bye-bye black friday. >> black friday was a bust. we could not find a line to save our lives on black friday. >> i still go to the stores. i thought it was a big story for retailers across the state. tragedy hitting the world soccer community. a charter plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashed
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in columbia killing 76 people. reporter phil keating has more from miami. >> reporter: rescue workers and first responders combing through the wreckage of a chartered flight that crashed in columbia late monday night, killing at least 76 people, including all of the members of a championship soccer team from brazil. in route to columbia for a south american soccer tournament. >> we are supporting with all of the neighboring my in as parking lots, emergency medical staff, this is a tragedy. it is something that is unthinkable. >> we are very sad this has topped to them. this could have easily happened to us, to any family member, to any player. >> reporter: authorities say at least three soccer players were among the five survivors. relatives of the players now arriving at the team headquarters where officials have set up a crisis center for family members to get information and support. >> we were very moved and shared a lot of the dream with them. the dream is now over.
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>> reporter: the plane was in route from santa cruz, bolivia to columbia when the contact was lost around 10:00 p.m. monday. it declared an emergency before going down, electrical emergency. there is no other information at this time about what may have caused the crash. columbian officials are gearing up for a thorough investigation. >> obviously in these types of investigations we cannot discard other causes. the testimony from the survivors will be as valuable as other factors but we will have an investigation. >> reporter: the president has declared three days of national morning in columbia. phil keating, fox news. this was video that was posted to instagram moments before the plane went down. marshall took the video of himself and a teammate you can see smiling and laughing. he has head injuries after the crash but alive. his teammate survived the crash
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but later died. soccer's international governing organization is reacting to the crash and tweeted this morning. fifa's thoughts are with the victims and families and fans on this tragic day. the president of brazil has ordered three days of national mourning for the team members who died. back here in the bay area, a number of people were arrested in soak land during a protest calling for a higher minimum way. this is part of a national day of action demanding that the minimum wage be raised to $15. supporters took part in the protest. demonstrators marched to 98th and international where they sat in the middle of the intersection. some of them were arrested, cited and then released. one of the people arrested told us she earns $11.52 an hour working at a richmond mcdonalds. >> we're standing today because there is no other way that we're going to show corporations. they're hurting us on a daily
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basis. well, let's hurt their pockets for once, you know. that's why i stand today and i will -- i'm going to stand today and every other day until we get what we deserve. >> this demonstration started at a mcdonalds. protesters in chicago gathered in front of mcdonalds waving signs and chanting. they also sat in the street to stop traffic. minimum wage works at o'hare airport walked off the job and held a rally. one person was killed and two others wounded at a shopping mall in union city. >> investigators are now looking at other cars parked there. >> reporter: allie rasmus just received new information from police. what are they tell you, allie. >> reporter: i talked with a sergeant and he says the
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shooting does not appear to be random and that he believes the people directly involved why acquaintances although they couldn't specify on the exact motive or what specific relationship these folks had with each other. right now crime scene technicians are back on the scene. they were earlier this morning. the technician was waiting for some of the condensation to evaporate on the cars parked in the parking lot so he could dust for prints and get additional evidence. this parking lot right in front of the movie theater is where the shooting happened around 9:00 last night. police say a parked vehicle with two people inside was struck with a barrage of gunfire. one person was killed and two others were injured. police are not sure if the person was specifically targeted in the shooting or if he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. now, people who live nearby heard the unmistakable sound of that gunfire last night.
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>> pretty rapid succession of shots. i would say probably about seven to nine shots. >> quick access to the freeway. so you could easily get away with bad things. >> reporter: police say witnesses got a good look at the suspect's vehicle and the get away car and police were able to stop it and arrest the people inside. three people were taken into custody. and police are not looking for any other suspects connected to this. they don't think there is any outstanding danger to public safety. police were already in the area when the gunfire broke out. they were able to respond within minutes because they are already doing extra patrols in this area near the shopping center because of concerns of side shows happening in the neighborhoods near by. that's why they were able to respond so quickly. the shooting does not appear to be connected to any side show activity. mike, gasia and sal, back to you. >> thank you, allie. donald trump has called mitt romney back for a follow-
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up meeting today as the president-elect decides who will be his secretary of state. yesterday mr. trump spent an hour with retired general petraeus who is considered another contender for the key cabinet post. >> the meeting went very well. i met with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world and showed a great grasp of a variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. and we will see where it goes from here. >> and we're also hearing that sometime today the trump transition team will announce that price has been tapped for secretary of health and human services. he is a former orthopedic surgeon and a critic of the affordable care act. an official revealed that the president-elect's choice for transportation is he lane chou. the president-elect has said getting an not from structure
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spending bill through congress is a priority. she is married to mitch mcconnell. the official announcement of her nomination is expected later today. the university of california and the cal state university system are telling undocumented immigrant students studying in other countries to come home soon. all of the students receiving that message registered for the doca program. the cal state and uc systems already told the students they could be prevented from reentering the u.s. if they are not back before the inauguration in january. it could cost students money and education credits. >> they have to pretty much stop what they are doing and plan to come back home. >> stuck partially finished with loans that need to be paid or outstanding financial commitments. >> there are thousands of students who are not citizens and do not have immigration papers throughout the cal state and uc systems.
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the next few days could be important to the future of the oakland raiders. the mayor said that the city council will discuss a framework to build a new stadium for the raiders in a closed session today. the city is not working with the raiders but ronnie lot and his team of developers and investors. mark davis said that he is still committed to moving the team to las vegas. in the meantime, the sports business journal reports that the nfl will brief a group of owners tomorrow on studies examining the markets of both oakland and las vegas. today is giving tuesday, a day that you're encouraged to give back to your community. it could be donating money or volunteering your time or even just giving a stranger a cup of coffee. what do you do to give back? so many responses are beautiful. i volunteer and give money for basics. food and shelter. this year adding civil rights. >> another twitter user, christina says i donate scarves and gloves to the homeless.
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i like it, christina. >> these two twitter followers do something same floor what i used to do. last year we handed out tamales to people looking for work on the streets. ted says we make packages with food, money and socks for people standing on the corners. i have done that. >> i love it. >> i have made sandwiches in little bags and go up and hand them to them. >> what was the reaction. >> thank you. not always. but they look in the bag and they start eating it on the spot. >> it is an actual something other than wiring money through the internet. we love hearing your responses. we will check them throughout the day and share them with you at 9:30. the hashtag is #ktvuthe9. a couple trapped in the sierras for two days is now safe and recovering. how search and rescue crews were able to track them down. tipping point experiments
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>> all right. welcome back. imagine going to your grocery store and seeing prices like this here. cold medicine. >> wow. >> was $9. now $45. toilet paper, $3.46. now $17.30. >> milk was $4.88. now $24 a gallon. >> wow. recently that was the experience for shoppers at a grocery store in san francisco's knob hill district. tipping point took over the store and set the prices at five times the normal price so everybody would know what it was like to live with poverty line prices. let's look at what happened. >> $62? what happened? >> $66.85.
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>> $66.85? >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> i don't think that is right. >> $25 for a box of spinach. >> butter of course $27.45. >> i come here all the time. it is not $25. >> $50 for soup. that is [censor] >> these four items. yeah. there's a special today. it is poverty line prices. every is five times the normal coast. >> we are joined by tipping point founder and ceo daniel leary. thank you for coming in. fired up shoppe -- shoppers there. >> yes. >> what was the goal of the campaign good to make people aware, to create some empathy for the one in ten families who are living behind the poverty line here in the san francisco bay area. we all can agree that in an
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area as wealthy as this, to have that many families living below the poverty line is unacceptable. tipping point, we have always sort of tried to stay below the radar. we thought this was a moment in our region's history that we have so many things at our disposal that we can attack, that we can tackle this problem of poverty. what bert way than to show -- better way than to show people by going into a shopping mart and seeing what everyday goods cost. we were talking off the air, the price of eggs. >> normally $6. >> yes. for someone with the average median income in 9 san francisco area is $150,000 a year. so for someone at $24,000 a year it feels five times more expensive. a carton of eggs feels like $30 to them. >> what did people say once they found out this was an experiment?
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did anyone say oh my gosh i had no idea that's what people went through. >> you had fired up shoppers. >> yes. >> once we told them what was going on, they took a step back and understood. it didn't hurt that we also paid for their -- paid for their groceries and they were in on it at that point. and they have helped us spread the word. >> you -- i think the problem is that -- well, first of a you made it personal. >> yeah. >> we all know there are families who cannot go to the store, load up the cart with everything that they need and extras that kids want. i don't see that when i go grocery shopping. >> that's right. >> why do we need to see them to realize it is happening. >> it is a great question. i appreciate the question. we get in our cars and come to work. and you can drive right by that family who is living in their car. and you don't notice. this is a way that everyone can relate. everyone has to go grocery shopping. everyone has to get their basics. and so what better way to make people aware than doing a piece
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like this. >> the challenge specifically in san francisco, i mean, we saw some aerial footage there. >> yeah. >> i went to high school in the city. it is so expensive now. how do you compare that to being in a different city. >> oakland, you brought up mayor shaft in an earlier segment. it is expensive in every region. we see a divide throughout this country. people can't afford the basics throughout the country, not just san francisco. we can talk about san francisco all we want. san jose is expensive to live in. oakland has some -- you know, talk about the brooklyn -- the brooklynization of oakland. this is an issue. >> it is a region issue. >> yes. it is a national issue and something that we need to understand that people are suffering and struggling. we need to make people aware of that in real time. >> people watching this say, wow, what can i do. >> yes. >> is there something that you recommend to do to help people
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who can't afford food? >> your twitter segment that you get where you get people to do what they can do. everyone can give a little bit. they can give $25 or $50. they can go to our website, tippingpoint .org and play with the calculator and understand what it is like for them and for someone living below the poverty line. we love giving tuesday. everybody has been shopping and thinking about giving gifts to family and friends. today is about what can we give back to the community. we appreciate you shining a light on this issue. we need to do more of it. it can't just be a one-day thing. >> we don't want people to leave. we do stories of people who leave that that can't afford the bay area. we love the bay area. the diversity of the bay area. we have to fight for them to stay here. >> we need better housing and transportation systems. this is a small way to get
9:20 am
people engaged. you have to make people aware of what is is going on in the community daily, which i appreciate you doing. these are tough issues. if everybody gets involved, we can make a difference. >> be unstoppable. you are also the chair of the super bowl 50 host committee. is that hangover done? >> i mean, we made money for the city of san francisco. the nfl said it was the best super bowl they have ever seen put on. i think the bay area really shined. 167million people watched that day. and we got to show off the best of the bay area. >> yeah. >> look at our november weather. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> i thought it was very informative. i liked the campaign. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> since 2005, tipping point has raised more than $120 million. very cool. we put the video of the experiment on look for it under the web links
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section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on ktvu app. in the spirit of giving tuesday, we will go live to the berkeley food pantry to show you the best types of food to donate and what bay area food banks need more than anything. we will be right back.
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>> our floor director was showing us this new sweatshirt. he has a new sweatshirt because it is so darn cold, steve. >> i thought it was a cyber monday purchase or something. >> actually a black friday purchase. >> super cozy. it is very cold. that's why we will go to steve. it is cold for the bay area. i don't want anyone making fun of anyone in the bay area who think that 39 is cold. >> we were colder than that for some. it was cold for us. maybe next weekend even colder as we head towards tuesday and  wednesday. i don't want to get too far
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ahead of myself. there are cold systems dropping in. until then, it's a beautiful day. just not very warm. these were some of the lows this many. lafayette 33. danville at 33. woodside 34. from mendocino county and lake county, 30 degrees on the fence posts. that's at cliff's house. napa county, gary, thank you for that information. i won be -- if it wasn't for a little bit of a breeze, i think we would have had more upper 20s and lower 30s. everything out of the north, things be are coming down. a little bit of a low cloud deck out in the valley. that is retreating. except for the higher clouds to the north, we look good for sunshine. it will be nice coast and bay. temperatures 40sand 50 -- 40s and 50s. temperature difference, a little cooler for most. concord running 6 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago.
9:25 am
down into arizona and southern california, the coldest morning in a long time. that little tiny system, the rope of the system will be in here with clouds. maybe light rain in santa rose. today 50s and 60s. temperatures will continue to stay nice in the afternoon. it's just during the morning that they will be very cold. big changes i think start next monday and tuesday. get ready. >> we will get that fuzzy sweatshirt. >> you need more than that jacket that you're showing off there. >> thank you, steve. >> yes. a northern california couple trapped for two days in the sierras has been rescued. >> my sister. where is my son. >> rory and suzanne were in the national forest on saturday when their suv got stuck in the snow. rory had to hike for three hours on sunday to get cell service and texted their son to let them know they needed help. both appear to be in good condition as you can see from the video.
9:26 am
>> you go prepared. we weren't planning on being stuck. but we had sleeping bags and we had food and water. so, yeah, we did fairly well. i started to panic a little bit today. tomorrow was going to be burn the tire. burn the tire day. >> search and rescue crews found a set of tracks that led them to the couple huddled up in the car. muni says no customer information was put at risk by the hack attack on thanksgiving. but it is a good reminder to stay vigilant during possible security breeches. chances are hackers will get more sophisticated and him for more disruption in the future. one of the greatest concernsis an attack to take control of the trains with passengers on them. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, it was a familiar sight around the bay area nor decades. coming up, tower records and the influence it had on so many
9:27 am
people and the music they listened to. and departments in alameda county are donating food with a twist. up next the canned food displays that are raising money and stirring up a little friendly competition.
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♪[music] >> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. we're talking about the question of the day on this giving tuesday. >> yes. >> if you are going to give, what will you doing. >> i volunteer a lot at my kids' school and cook food for school staff to share. i'm volunteering today getting out of the house. >> what are you seeing. >> i love janet's idea. three years ago. we gave up large holiday gift exchanges and do one gift. what we would have spent is donated to the redwood empire food bank. >> ann says i used to keep packed lunches in my home when i commuted from sf to home.
9:30 am
i used to volunteer often. since i'm not able to now, i just donate money to different causes. you can chime in on the twitter topics we have by tweeting us. let's go to dave clark in the news room for the top stories we're following. >> police say a deadly early morning car crash where a woman was hit and killed may have just been a tragic accident. it happened around 3:00 a.m. on monterey road. she was crossing the street when the tax 'cab hit her. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. he did have a passenger at the time but neither of them was hurt. the roads in the area were closed for several hours. but they have reopened and bta service is back to normal. the man accused of molesting a 9-year-old girl on a bart train is due in court this morning. 26-year-old marcus scott brown
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was arrested sunday afternoon. bart police say he was on a san francisco bound train near the bay fair station in san leandro when he started touching the young girl sitting next to him. a family member intervened. they got off the train to report him. police boarded the train and arrested brown at the coliseum bart station. we are seeing for the first time the santa clara county jail cell where four inmates cut through the window bars and escaped last wednesday night. two inmates were quickly recaptured. the other two still on the run this morning. now, they were being held in a 20-foot by 30-foot cell. investigators believe they cut through the old steel window bars with an edge that was slipped in or created from materials at the jail. the inmates then broke the window and used blankets as a rope to lower themselves to the ground. those are just some of your morning headlines from our news room. mike, sal, gasia, back to you.
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>> thank you, dave. ohio state university students are back in class this morning just one day after a student attacked other students and he was killed by police. last night some of the students attended vigils for the victims on campus and neighboring churches. a school wide vigil is planned for tonight. most students wanted to sit quietly and pray for the 11 students hurt. four students are still hospitalized. one of the victims is in critical condition but all are expected to survive. federal investigators are looking into the possibility that this was a terrorist attack. police say the 18-year-old who ran his car into a crowd of pedestrians and started stabbing people with a butcher knife and was later killed by a campus live. he came to the u.s. as a somali refugee and had earned permanent resident status. he had warned on his facebook page about muslims part of a sleeper cell waiting for a signal. students who talked with him say he always seemed nice.
9:33 am
the campus police officer killed the gunman is being called a hero this morning. 28-year-old officer allen was responding to reports of a gas leak when the suspect jumped curb and got out and started stabbing people. the officer ordered him to drop the knife and shot him when he did not drop the knife. the officer is owed a debt of gratitude. san francisco police are asking for the public 'help in identifying a fraud suspect. tara moriarty is joining us live. >> reporter: if you live in san francisco, unfortunately you're not a stranger to getting your car broken into, your credit card stolen. that happened to someone back in september. police have just uncovered some surveillance video that they are sharing with the public showing a suspect at a department store on the 700 block of mission street. this video was shot september 18th around quarter at 10:00 at night. you see the thief coming down
9:34 am
the escalator. he used the credit cards to buy more than $2,000 worth of stuff. the suspect is described as african-american, 26 years old, 6'2", 190 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and may go by the name of jay or jason. he also has a tattoo that resembles rosary beads around his neck. if you recognize him, call police or text a tip to 411. >> thank you, tara. the millennium tower, what is new with it. >> european scientists are saying that the sinking problem is visibility from outer space. this is a freeze frame that we're going to show you. you can kind of make it out. it shows the ground in the area of the luxury condo development has sunk more than an inch and a half in the past year. again, if you look closely, you see the red area. that is what indicates the sink
9:35 am
rate. engineers had estimated it was sinking one inch a year. that has changed since reports that the tower is sinking and has slipped 16 inches since it opened in 2009. these europeans started monitoring the area around the tower to try to predict earthquakes in the future. >> thank you, tara. thousands of cubans are paying their respect to long time leader fidel castros. there is a memorial in revolution plaza for castro. school and government offices are closed in cuba. a huge rally is planned for today to honor his memory. his funeral will be held on sunday in santiago. president obama will not attend the funeral but the united states is expected to send a representative. super food drive is a nonprofit that works with local
9:36 am
food pantries to make sure that they're receiving enough and the right kind of donations.  >> on this giving tuesday, we are looking at the best and worst things to donate and what items food banks are really looking for. >> alex savidge is joining us live at the food pantry with the answers to the questions. alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. during the holiday season, there's a lot of food drives going on and a lot of people want to donate. food banks want to emphasize they are asking for healthy food item it's you're going to give healthy items, nutritious items. your organization, you help to make sure that there are nutritious options at food banks across the country. good morning to you, ruthie. >> good morning, alex. >> it's like a game show here. >> yes. >> talk to me about what you would prefer people to donate. >> right. what we know is that people
9:37 am
coming in to food pantries need more than just filling empty stomachs. we want them to be nourished. the opposite of hungry is not full. it is healthy. >> so don't donate spam. >> right. donate healthy nonperishable proteins. here is a can of beans but packed in tomato sauce which is high in sugar as opposed to the same kind of beans canned in water. sow don't get the added sugar and salt. >> and this is an item that you see in a lot of the bins. >> people traditionally when they think of food drives think of tom ramen -- top ramen. we're focusing on nutrients
9:38 am
that help you fight disease and help you to be healthy. and an example that i want to highlight, you were going for it right here. >> yes. >> this is campbells soup, cream of mushroom. now pay attention. the can here has two and a half servings in the can. this has almost 2,000- milligrams of sodium in one can. that is actually more -- here is a good -- >> so this would be a better option, something like this, a split pea soup. >> right. it has way less sodium. people coming into food pantries already have hypertension, which is high blood pressure. so we need to give them foods that help them get off the medications instead of perpetuating their illness. >> along with the dried goods, canned goods, you encourage people to donate fresh produce. >> yes. >> are you seeing that here. >> yes.
9:39 am
we get donations of a lot of appreciate produce every day that we're open through grocery stores and the county food bank. but we also get food from neighbors who grow if in their yards. >> there are people who use the food bank here -- the people here, are they choosing the healthier items. >> they are. for the reason that ruthie can talk about. the spam is still here. one man had to lose weight and was diabetic and he decided that because he is a client here, he can actually do it on the food we provide. so he could avoid unhealthy carbohydrates and get healthy meats. he lost a lot of weight. he is off medication and looks terrific. >> and it is important for the health of people who rely on food banks around the bay area.
9:40 am
>> yes. >> thank you so much. super food drive. and you can check out super food drive online. of course you can see the best items to donate here. if you're going to give this holiday season, give healthy. that's the message. >> alex, can you ask them about donating soda. i know that the food bank stopped accepting soda ten years ago. does berkeley take it. >> no soda. >> i'm getting a big no. >> okay. good. >> keep the coke. >> there you go. >> just to make it clear. alameda county is putting a spin on food donations. 16 county departments set up displays maiden entirely of nonperishable food items. we have super mario world set up by the county administrator's office. there's a pokemon display from
9:41 am
the technology department inspired by the pokemon go craze. issues of human trafficking was addressed by the district attorney's office. right now judges are reviewing the department displays and the board of supervisors will announce the winner on december 6th. if you want to check out the displays for yourself, we put up more information on look for it under the web links section of the mornings on 2 tab and on our mobile app. the san francisco chronicle's season of sharing fund is marking 30 days in the bay area. since creation, it has raised $113 million to help families and people in need. it provides grants to people in critical need. it also works with 160 community service agencies and 100% of the money donated goes to help those in need.
9:42 am
ktvu is a proud partner in this effort. if you would like to give, go over to seasonofsharing .org or call the number on your screen. all of this information is on under the mornings on 2 tab. i'm about to lose my mind. my favorite segment of the year. look who is here. the tap dancing christmas trees are back in the studio. more on their their appearance this friday night. and their big trip to new york for thanksgiving. and they're going to tap. stay with us. ♪[music]
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9:44 am
>> ten years ago the super store tower records closed its
9:45 am
doors. recently i took a back at the company awes influence on the san francisco music scene. ♪[music] ♪ come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride ♪ ♪ >> tower records came to san francisco when music was at the center of the music world. he wanted to expand the sacramento music store. the store became known for the glorious collection of music. records on vinyl. a record super store that san francisco and the world had never seen before. >> tower records was the first major record store. i mean, you could go to a department store and have a record section. you could go to a mom and pop record store. until russ solomon and everyone from san francisco started expanding and you could go to a tower in new york, yellow bags everywhere, i still have one, tower records was it.
9:46 am
>> reporter: the store was open from 9:00 a.m. to midnight every day of the year, even on christmas. soon rock stars like elton john were frequent shoppers. senior editor of collectors base in san francisco. >> the other hey day was when m tv and thriller hit. because by then, we now had cds coming into the market. and a lot of people were replacing their record collections with cds. and that was huge for tower. ♪[music] >> reporter: tower grew to 75 stores and even opened in japan. but it was the people of tower records, not just the records, that made the store a destination as told in the colin hanks documentary all things much pass that chronicles the rise and fall of tower records. >> one key to the success of tower records particularly in
9:47 am
that period is we had no dress code. i really believe that a lot of people wanted to come to work for us, young people especially, so they weren't told how to dress. >> the people who worked at tower were musicians in many cases. >> i got a job at tower records because that was the only way i could get a job without getting my [censor] haircut. that is the truth. >> what about the people that you worked at tower? >> tower had that spirit of introducing people to music. they were all kind of music geeks. they were nuts and crazy about all of this stuff. and the people who knew rock and soul and the people who knew jazz, they knew it upside- down and backwards. that's why they were working there. ♪[music] >> reporter: at the peak of tower's popularity, paul wells was a young d.j. known as the lobster on the air
9:48 am
at the radio station ksan. >> it was my connection with the guys who worked for tower and the women who worked at tower, what is selling? what is moving? what are people buying from what we play? that's how we determine to keep playing something or let it fade away. ♪[music] >> reporter: analysts say in the end, a changing music business, the advent of being able to get music through your computer doomed the record store along with the overly aggressive expansion. >> i have to say it is sort of the same feeling i get when i have driven by a place that i have been in a traffic accident. and you kind of look at it and say that happened there. and it's like -- and you sort of wish it could be different. and it's never going to be. ♪[music] ♪ >> it makes me sad but then it
9:49 am
makes me mad as well. >> i walked into that parking lot to do the story and it still felt like tower records to me but it's a walgreens and a very night walgreens. >> i remember buying my first concert tickets there. the dead show. i went all three nights. nice story, sal. >> thank you, mike. once again, ktvu is the media partner for the annual tree lighting. and our own gasia mikaelian will be flipping the switch. >> she is with the dancing christmas trees. >> we brought them here, gentlemen. i am so happy to welcome back to the 9 the tap dancing christmas trees. i give you guys jazz hands. i have to talk to the head of the tap dancing christmas trees. we will see you perform right down the street this friday night. you are fresh off a trip to new york for the macy's thanksgiving parade. >> yes.
9:50 am
it was our fifth appearance in the macy's parade. tap dancing the three miles down the road. we did the opening with the muppets this year. >> you must have calves and quads of steel. i can't imagine tap dancing for three miles. >> you get a second wind when you see the crowds and the people. it is fantastic. >> is there something special about performing for your hometown crowd. this was one of the first performances that you had as a tree. >> yes. we actually did this in 1990. one of our first performances when i started. it is close to my heart that we come back to this every year and get to perform. it is wonderful. >> one of the first times that i saw you was at the children's parade in oakland. that unfortunately is not happening this year. the joy that you bring to the parade, you're so active.
9:51 am
it's a little catchy. but i guess that. tell me about the faces that you see as you tap along. >> it is fun and zany. the idea is we bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. the whole spirit of the holidays, it goes way beyond the dancing and costuming. it is the concept of the joy we're spreading and the fun. that works for us. >> i get it and i love it. before we have you do a bit of a performance, as funny and cute and silly it is, you take it seriously in that you don't want of your trees to appear without the head dress or the appropriate pants. >> right. it's like being mickey mouse. you would never see him without his head. when we get dressed like this, we all look the same. that's one of the fun things about a parade. you're following someone and you don't know who it is. >> are you hot and sweaty? >> it is physical what you do.
9:52 am
>> yes. we are all dancers and we dance professionally. we dance five, six days a week. >> it's a professional thing. it's not just a lark. >> no. >> i want to do it. thank you so much for tap dancing christmas trees. take it away as we head to break. ♪[music]
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> all right. the warriors winning streak still in tact at 12 games. it was a hard fought win. missed 23 three-point shots but still 105-100. curry and durant putting up 25 points in the game. they began the 4th quarter on an 8-0 run and did not give up
9:56 am
the lead. the warriors host the rockets on thursday. >> i gave the warriors jazz hands. the christmas trees are standing by for another performance. starting december 1st at ktvu we will take some time during the 9 to bring you feel good stories and segments that allow you to give back. we hope it will give us relief from the stories we have been covering lately. if you have a story about a local person or group that fit the guidelines, we want to hear from you. go to our facebook and post the message with your e-mail and phone number. the tenth annual tree lighting ceremony at 555 california street in san francisco known as the b of a building gets underway at 5:00 p.m. tonight's event benefits kids. joe fonzi will be out there covering that event.
9:57 am
>> very nice, joe. >> now let's see them again, the tap dancing christmas trees. take it away, trees. ♪[music] at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods,
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we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we don't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: welcome. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for watchg


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