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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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about the inmate who has been captured an escaping from a jail in the south bay as the search for a second fugitive continues. we are hearing from the woman who was driving buy when she spotted the redding mother who was missing for three weeks. the latest on the investigation. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> and good afternoon. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. police say a san francisco public works employee was shot and killed while painting an electrical box this morning, two blocks away from san francisco general hospital. >> tara moriarty joins us live from there right now. you spoke to family members. >> reporter: yes. they were quite emotional. they were hugging and cryings about hearing about the death, the killing of 27-year-old germane jackson. he was painting an electrical box behind me. there is a big bullet hole in
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the electrical box e was standing right there when he was shot several times in the back. he was rushed to the hospital around 8:00 this morning but later died. now, his grandmother told us that he had been working for public works as part of the mayor's job program which allows people with a criminal history to turn their lives around and work. jackson had a very minimal criminal record. police say he did have prior gang affiliations but his family says he left that lifestyle a long time ago and was focused on working and raising his 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. now, investigators are obviously trying to figure out who shot jackson. again, he was not in a gang. we understand there are witnesses to this homicide. police are keeping that information under wraps right now. we will let you know if we hear any more about this case. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tara, do you know if
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investigators have said whether or not this was a targeted shooting. >> reporter: they believe it was. but they are, again, being very tight lipped about this investigation. they have not released any sort of suspect, you know, description of the vehicle or anything like that. so we don't know if they have that information. we're just sort of waiting to hear from them. we have also reached out to dpw to get a statement as well as the mayor's office. we have spoken with them. this is a tough morning not only for dpw but the friends and family members of those who knew jackson. >> thank you, tara. one man was shot and killed in antioch when breaking into a home. the residents knew the intruder. they made a 911 call around midnight saying a man was breaking into the home not far from hillcrest avenue. when officers arrived, they found a 21-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. they have not released the man's name or how the residents
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knew him. a man accused of setting a south san francisco police officer is set to be in court. he is charmed with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. he attacked the officer with a skateboard on thanksgiving day. the doctors are optimistic about his recovery. a man who broke out of the santa clara county jail and on the run for about a week is back in custody. u.s. marshals arrested campbell last night in an antioch apartment. a second inmate is still on the loose. law enforcement officials are closing in on chavez. >> ktvu's jessie gary is outside of the jail with more on the arrest. we understand that campbell essentially fell through the ceiling before he was captured. >> reporter: yes. officials tell us that the u.s. marshals have opinion working with the deputies. they were led to campbell's sister's apartment late last night. let's take a look at a video.
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investigators banged on the door of the apartment on james donnelly boulevard and identified themselves. they identified themselves and that's when campbell tried to hide in the apartment atick-- attic. then he fell through the ceiling and on to the floor. >> it is scary because you don't expect that kind of stuff to happen. when you're sitting outside and see a whole bunch of cop cars and officers in full gear, it's a little nerve racking. >> reporter: also arrested, campbell's 24-year-old sister. she is charged with harboring a fugitive from justice and is in the santa clara county jail along with her brother. chavez and two other inmates escaped from a cell last wednesday. they used blankets climb down to street level and ran off.
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two were immediately captured and campbell was caught last night and now chavez is the lone fugitive. >> we are following up on the tips coming in and we are narrowing the locations where we believe he may be and we are working around the clock to take him back into custody. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is also working on plans to put in place tougher security measures at the jail following the break-out. i'm told that the board of supervisors has okayed a plan to put surveillance cameras in the older sections of the jail. part of the problem is they could not directly see the inmates in the cells because there are no surveillance cameras so deputies would have to go into the cell to see what was going on. that will be rectified. we will have more on that later in the afternoon. live outside of the jail, jessie gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> did deputies say if campbell and chavez were together after
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the break-out whether it's five hours or five days? obviously they weren't together last night when he was found. did they spend any time over the past week together. >> reporter: it's not known what kind of relationship. on the inside, they were cell mates for a relatively short period of time. campbell had been arrested and put in jail of february 2015. chavez, august of this year. they didn't spend a lot of time together in the same cell. beyond helping each other break out of jail, we're not clear on what type of relationship, if any, they had beyond just helping each other break out of jail. remember, they were searching for chavez down in gilroy a short time ago. and then yesterday over in east san jose. and now campbell was caught all the way up in antioch. it's not clear that they had any kind of close proximity beyond breaking out of jail. >> thank you, jessie. a 15-year-old football in de la salle has been arrested and accused of sexually
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assaulting a teenage girl. it happened on november 18th after a football game according to police. he is said to be a student of the nearby all girls school. concord police say they arrested the football player last night. concord pd plans to hold a news conference at 2:30. we will have an update of course on our newscast at 4:00. a warning for drivers near the golden gate bridge. two lanes are shut down on southbound 101. we will show you a photo. a car flipped over on its roof against the tunnel. highway patrol officers say the car is resting on a power box. it may take time to clear the crash. traffic is backed up as you would expect. avoid the route if at all possible. we will move to the latest on president-elect donald trump's transition to the white house. many wonder if there is a conflict of interest between his businesses and his new oval office job. >> the president-elect is planning to address the concerns on december 15th at a
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news conference. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump vowing to separate himself from the trump business empire. this morning in a series of tweets saying, i will be leaving my great business in total. adding, the presidency is a far more important task. meanwhile mr. trump announcing he will nominate former goldman sachs executive and finance chair steven mn uchin. >> our number one priority is the economy. get back to 3 to 4% growth. that is sustainable and focus on the american workers. >> reporter: he is a slap in the face to voters who hoped he would shake up washington. as more cabinet names are announced, mr. trump's allies are divided over the secretary of state contenders. mitt romney a former harsh critic of mr. trump meeting
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with the president-elect for the second time last night. >> i've been impressed by what i have seen in the transition efforts. the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid, effective, capable person. >> reporter: mr. trump has been able to strike a deal with carrier to keep manufacturing jobs in indiana that were going to be moved to mexico. he and mike pence will speak about the deal before heading to a victory rally in cincinatti tomorrow night. just this morning, house democrats reelected nancy pelosi as their leader. tim ryan had challenged her for the leadership position. given the dispointing results, it was time for a change. meanwhile house and senate negotiators in washington, d.c. have agreed to forgiven the debt of national guard troops who were ordered to repay their
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enlistment bonuses that they shouldn't have received. it requires the pentagon to forgive the repayment of the bonuses unless there is evidence that they knew they were not eligible to receive that money. the vote is expected by friday. the registrar's office in santa clara is still counting offices in a dozen races that are too close to call. they are verifying results from high speed scanning machines and hand recounting ballots. the office says ten races which vary from school board members to city council seats have a margin of victory within a half of 1%. and some of the candidates are there watching the recount. >> the historic election for us. the highest registration in county history. the longest ballot in county history. we have had races where we have done one recount. now we have ten recounts at the same time. they're anywhere from five votes separating the winning
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and losing candidates up to a couple hundred. >> by state law, the registrar's office must certify the election results by december 9th. still ahead, a worker at the san francisco performance cirque du soleil is killed on the job. the latest on the investigation. bundle up. a chilly day around the bay area. mark tamayo will be back here with your forecast. also, dozens of protesters take to the streets of san francisco to support demonstrators in north dakota against the access pipeline.
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>> criminal charges will not be filed against a charlotte, north carolina police officer who shot and killed an african- american man back in december. the mecklenberg county d.a. made the announcement today saying that keith scott was armed and the officer's actions were warranted. >> after a thorough review, given the totality of the circumstances and incredible evidence in this case, it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. he acted lawfully. >> vincent who is also african- american says scott refused to drop his gun. sew was forced to shoot him. the shooting as you remember touched off several nights of unrest in charlotte. a rally in san francisco has just wrapped up to protest the dakota access pipeline in north dakota.
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>> alex savidge is live in san francisco. demonstrators took aim at big banks today, didn't they. >> reporter: they did. protesters say a number of large banks like wells fargo, b of a and citibank are helping to fund the controversial dakota access pipeline. today supporters of the standing rock movement marched into a number of the banks here in the financial district and withdrew all their money. a strong show of support for protesters in standing rock and a call today to divest from large financial institutions. hundreds marched through downtown san francisco this morning and stopped at various banks. >> no money, no pine line. >> reporter: while police guarded the door, some protesters went into this chase branch and pulled out all their money from their accounts. >> i just closed my account with chase. >> reporter: christina, a nurse at ucsf walked out with her
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debit card cut into pieces. >> money is the only thing that talks. so by closing my account at chase, hopefully i will have an impact on chase and hopefully they will divest as well. >> i refuse to be a part of funding the pipeline. i'm here to stand withstanding rock with indigenous people, protecting the right to life. >> reporter: this demonstration was organized by idle no more sf bay. they are showing solidarity with the standing rock sioux tribe in north dakota who are trying to stop construction of an oil pipeline on their line. there are serious concerns about how the pipeline would impact the water supply. protesters there are now braving freezing cold weather to stand their ground. >> many people cannot make it out to north dakota, especially with the winter storms going on right now. but our relatives, our brothers and she is enters are in the process of being evicked. they are not yet but that is what the sheriff says they will do.
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what we need to do is stand up stronger right now. this is something easy we can do at home to support the people on the front line in north dakota. ta. >> reporter: some of the world's largest banks have invested billions of dollars to help fund the controversial dakota access pipeline. and now standing rock supporters here at home are opting to take their business elsewhere. elsewhere. and the people who pulled their money out of those big banks today say they are planning to move it into credit unions. this demonstration, this march through the streets of san francisco lasted about three hours this morning. it has wrapped up now and everything was very peaceful. >> thank you, alex. opec has decided to cut its oil production. that could mean higher prices at the gas pump. at their meeting today, opec ministers agreed to cut 1.2 billion barrels a day. this is the first cut back in
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eight years. that news sent the price of crude up about 7% to about $50 a barrel. this past february, it plunged to a low of $26 per barrel. that surge is sending energy stocks sharply higher on wall street. note that u.s. consumers boosted spending again in october while their incomes increased at the fastest clip in six months. the dow jones up 45 points. a lot of gray above us and behind us on the oakland estuary. mark, you say colder weather is to come. >> yeah. a big drop off in temperatures showing up the next few days. between now and then, we have a warm-up to talk about as well. you have a little bit of both. right now this is our live camera. this is the golden gate bridge camera. a lot of rain drops developing the past hour or so. it could be deceiving. getting lots of sunshine reports up to santa rosa and san jose. that does not represent the
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entire bay area. we have picked up a bit of measurable rainfall, a few hundredths up to an tenth of an inch. still the possibility of scattered showers or drizzle. primarily around the coast and the bay for your wednesday afternoon. you can see the weak system brushing across northern california and the bay area over the past 24 hours. and right now, as you can see, we have lots of low level moisture in place. even if you're not covered for a place like san francisco, on alex's live shot, they have wet roadways there, you have low level missture out there. enough to trigger the windshield wipers and use the umbrella as well. we have the cloud cover. notice the south bay, not too many clouds to the north bay. mostly sunny skies for portions of sonoma county. take a look at the cool numbers out there right now. santa rosa, 54. san jose in the upper 50s. checking in at 58 degrees. big picture is this.
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we're tracking the cool weather system coming in from the north. and for today, we are expecting this, partly to mostly cloudy skies. still the possibility of showers or a few sprinkles as the system moves across the bay area. once it moves out, we will have lots of sunshine. cold mornings over the next few days. you probably felt the chill in the air this week. that will persist with the overnight lows. here we go with the clouds later on today. we will take this into your thursday. lots of sunshine for thursday afternoon. same deal into friday. and your weekend should be nice as well. our next chance of rain and it could be a very cold system could be into next week for monday. take a look at the highs for this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s. close to 60 for your wednesday afternoon. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast as we do say hello to december. we are expecting mostly sunny skies as we head into thursday. winds do pick up in the hills though.
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there's a chance that we could have a wind advisory kick in for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. it could boost the fire danger for southern california. partly sunny skies for sunday. mike and gasia, by monday, we're talking about a cold system moving in from the north. that will produce showers in northern california and possibly low snow levels in the bay area. it could be that cold next week. >> diablo mount tam a possibility. >> it is always a challenge. down to 1500, 2,000 feet. >> wow. residents are assessing damage after tornadoes. >> this comes as the death toll rises and firefighters are trying to get a handle on the raging wildfires. >> reporter: folks in the southeast are assessing the damaging following a series of heavy storms overnight. with several suspected tornadoes hitting alabama, tennessee, louisiana and
12:22 pm
mississippi. first responders and rescue workers combing through damage and destroyed buildings while anxious residents return home. >> we got down to the basement and then the building is tore up. we have had a community member lose their residence. but nobody got seriously hurt. nobody has lost any life. so we got that to be thankful for. >> reporter: other communities weren't so lucky. several confirmed deaths and officials throughout the southeast are reporting multiple injuries. many others are not sure if they will be able to recover from the damage. >> we had roof damages to barns and different things and trees and 18-wheeler beds and things that were actually tilted over. >> reporter: meanwhile, further north, in tennessee, crews are still battling the biggest wildfire to hit that state in a century. more than 14,000 people evacuated from the resort city of gatlinburg. as hundreds of firefighters work to save homes and businesses, including their
12:23 pm
own. >> we've got firefighters, first responders helping to put out the fires when their own homes are being lost. and that's something that people just don't think about. >> reporter: fire officials are saying the heavy rains from the past 24 hours could help them battle the flames. they're keeping their fingers crossed that the wet weather will continue. in atlanta georgia, john roberts, fox news. coming up, the popular san francisco movie theater evacuated after someone reported seeing a gun. what responding officers found and who they arrested.
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>> the california state board has filed a case against the contractor who built the apartment complex in berkeley where a balcony collapsed killing six people. it is a preliminary step towards suspending or revoking the license of the contract company segue construction. it alleges that the company, quote, willfully departed from or disregarded building plans or specifications. it also says it didn't use accepted trade standards for good and workman like construction. the company has 15 days to respond to the accusations. the city of oakland is considering plans for a major new development in the uptown development. it would include offices, retail space and community art space and fill the entire square block between broadway and telegraph and 21st and 22nd streets. if approved, developers hope to start building in 2018.
12:27 pm
across the bay, the board of supervisors vote today approve a 60 night limit on short term rentals in the city. it would limit days in short term rents to 60 nights a year, whether the host is on-site or not. current regulations allow for 90 nights and there is no limit for hosted limits. it goes to mayor ed lee for his signature. this comes amid a report that the bay area housing boom may be slowing down. sales across the area were down 11.6% in october on a year over year basis. the number of properties receiving multiple offers is down across the state. some economists say home prices are so high that demand is dropping. go pro plans to cut more than 200 jobs. the announcement came this morning as part of their restructuring plan to lower expenses. go pro plans to close the
12:28 pm
entertainment division and consolidate offices. tony bates will leave at the end of the year. that will save enough money for them to earn an adjusted profit. they announced camera sales over black friday weekend were up 35% from last year. an investigation is underway after a cirque du soleil worker is killed on the job. we will have a live report from san francisco after the break. we're learning more about what may have killed three people and sickened more than a dozen others on thanksgiving in the east bay. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor
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to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. >> spokespersons from cirque du soleil have not said whether a show scheduled for tonight will go on as planned the day after an employee was killed in an accident. >> allie rasmus is live with the latest on the investigation. allie. >> reporter: right now cal osha investigators are on-site taking pictures where the accident happened, talking to employees, witnesses and managers trying to figure out what went wrong here. this deadly accident claimed the life of a maintenance worker here yesterday just before the show. it was around 6:45 when police and fire responded to a call about this accident. a cal osha spokesperson says a maintenance worker was hit in the head with a lift inside the tent here in the parking lot at at&t park.
12:32 pm
the work was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries. last night's show was canceled and cirque du soleil put out a saying that it is with immense sadness we report an accident. cirque du soleil has not had any violations in our state in the past five years. in 2013, in las vegas, they faced more than $30,000 in fines for safety violations after the death of one of its performers during a show. again, that was in nevada in 2013. now, cal osha has a maximum of six months to investigate the accident that happened here last night. they are investigating if there is any criminal wrong doing that led to the accident. there is a performance scheduled for this evening. when i spoke to the media representative about 30 minutes ago, he said they did not know yet whether the show would go on as planned or whether it would also be canceled. as i mentioned, the worker who was killed yesterday has not
12:33 pm
been identified. but i spoke with the san francisco medical examiner's office about ten minutes ago and they say that the worker who was killed is from outside the country and that right now his family is working to have his remains transported back to his native country. but they believe that we could get an update about the man's identity later this afternoon. mike and gasia, back to you. >> thank you, allie. movie goers rushed to the exits during the show last night when a man in the theater waved what looked like a real gun. police received calls about 8:00 about the man. the s.w.a.t. team was called in and the theater was evacuated. police didn't have any problems taking the man into custody. witnesses say during the movie he began speaking loudly in the front rows of the theater. when movie goers complained and a security guard came in, the man became confrontational and pulled out what police determined later was a fake plastic gun. >> we were trying to watch a movie and then there was a commotion and someone said someone has a gun.
12:34 pm
>> we treat it like it is real. we always have to treat these situations like they're real. the theater was evacuated and we had him isolated in the theater by himself. so we just created a safe zone, like a safe buffer zone. >> list say even though the gun was fake, the man could face felony charges. a standoff ended peacefully with the suspect in custody. we told you about the incident at noon yesterday when police received a call from a woman who was being held against her will by an ex-boyfriend. she had been trapped at the house for two days. >> she was being held and the person had a weapon. when we arrived, she met us. we started getting some information. but she was being very uncooperative. >> because the victim said her ex-boyfriend was armed, police evacuated neighbors and told others to shelter in place. the woman got out of the house and was taken to the hospital. after a 7-hour standoff, police decided to bring in a battering
12:35 pm
ram and tore down the face. he faces assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping charges. according to reports, some players of the napa high school football team held down teammates and beat them. the napa unified school district is also investigating. so far none of the students have been disciplined because the investigation is ongoing. the contra costa county sheriff's office have released the identities of the three people who died in the food related deaths. one victim is 43 years old. the other two are 59 and 69. all three were residents at assisted living facilities in antioch. >> the autopsies show that all three had similar abnormalities in the intestines. we have more on the investigation and the more than dozen other people who were sickened. >> he was vomiting and had
12:36 pm
diarrhea real bad. and couldn't keep anything down. not even water. >> reporter: the voice of a worried dad describing the crisis that landed his developmentally disabled son in intensive care friday morning. >> badly dehydrated. his kidneys were not functioning. he was running a high temperature. >> reporter: doctors braced him for the worse. >> it doesn't look good. don't get your hopes up too high. >> reporter: 41-year-old jimmy had eaten with other residents of his group home at a thanksgiving dinner at antioch's american legion hall. besides him, 16 residents or relatives connected to two other board and care facilities that ate at the event became ill and three died. health officials expressed condolences. >> our hearts go out to the families who lost live snooze even as autopsies are performed, still no idea what food was tainted. with so much food served, they may never know. >> it comes from retail
12:37 pm
establishments. some of it was prepared at the site. some of it came from volunteers. i think it will be really difficult for us to know. >> reporter: add to that another possibility. dinners distributed outside the hall, not inside. >> there were other folks who came to the event that wanted to donate food. it was already in these containers. >> reporter: the church in charge said to those dinners packed in styrofoam. they couldn't vouch for them. >> we understand there was such a long line of people waiting to be served that some folks did take that food. >> absolutely shouldn't happen at any dinner. >> reporter: dave doesn't know exactly what his son ate. but after five days at jimmy's bed side, a big relief today, improvement. >> they just moved him today from intensive care unit up to the third floor, in a regular room. so it -- you know, it sounds promising and looks -- looks good so far.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> the golden hills community church issued a statement saying in part our dinner in antioch is only one of a number of possibilities that county health is investigating. they say they're praying for the families who lost loved ones and for others who are sick. the chiropractor convicted of inappropriately touching a patient is back on the job. he is working, accepting new patients at good life chiropractic in campbell. he has an active license despite the conviction last year of felony sexually battery of a 21-year-old patient during an office visit back in 2013. >> it is unbelievable. i don't think he should be there. >> they should revoke his license. >> the chiropractor is appealing his conviction. he will have to register as a sex offender. a hearing over his license is set for december 20th. at this point he can still continue to practice legally as long as he has his license. we're hearing from the woman who helped share the redding mom who went missing for three weeks after she was
12:39 pm
taken against her will. >> we learned new details yesterday about her condition when she was found. she was branded not only with an image but a message. >> reporter: it was early thanksgiving morning when allison sutton saw a woman in trouble on the side of northbound i-5 in yolo county. >> i have like a vague memory of a flash of her face with -- with a definitely scared look on it. >> reporter: seeing a panicked face, blond hair and an arm waving in the air was enough to startle sutton. >> i could have hit her. she was close to the side of the road. frantically waving what looked like a shirt up and down trying to get someone's attention. >> reporter: she pulled over, called 911 but had no idea the woman she saw was sherry, the young mother who vanished during a jog near her redding home three weeks prior. >> i feel like i should have done more. >> reporter: her husband keith
12:40 pm
is now opening up about the relief and horror he felt after seeing his wife for the first time. in a statement sent to "good morning america," he said, my first sight was my wife in a hospital bed, her face covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of the repeated beatings. the bridge of her nose broken. her signature blond hair had been chopped and she weighed only 87 pounds. >> he wrote that and it's out there. he did not talk with us about it. we were a bit surprised by it. >> reporter: the sheriff says that he wants to keep details about her ordeal private and his investigators are working aggressively to find the kidnappers who she identifies as two hispanic women armed with a handgun in a dark suv. investigators hope in talking to her, she might remember specifics about her abduction. >> of course we would be looking for
12:41 pm
much more detailed information regarding the suspects. the suspect vehicle. where she was held, whether it be one location or separate locations. >> reporter: the sheriff says every little detail is vital from a dent in the car to the way her kidnappers spoke. investigators are hunting down every clue until they get to the bottom of what sherry endured for three weeks. and in just about an hour, the shasta county sheriff's office is expected to hold a news conference. we will have the details of the news conference for you at as well as our next newscast at 4:00. three teenages led officers -- teenagers led officers on a chase and eventually crashed. the driver refused to stop.
12:42 pm
the driver ended up crashing into two vehicles at 54th. the three suspects got out and ran away but were taken into custody a short time later. david campos wants the city to set aside $5 million to protect undocumented immigrants. the money would be used to hire lawyers to represent people who face deportation. he is an immigrant him himself who was brought to the u.s. at the age of 14 from guatemala. >> it is a shame that there are 1600 people in detention proceedings right now in san francisco and thousands more around the country who don't have a right to a lawyer. >> we should do what we can to help people. that doesn't mean we should throw our doors open and throw our common sense out the window. >> critics say san francisco should not encourage immigrants to come here by offering them
12:43 pm
such assistance. president-elect donald trump has propsed to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities. for san francisco that could be a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. the city of oakland is moving forward with a plan to build the raiders a new stadium in oakland. after the break, what we are learning about the proposed plan, including how much a private investment group would contribute and more importantly how much would be expected from the city of oakland and the county of alameda. and flannel pjs, flannel socks. everything flannel because if you think it is cold now, just wait until what you hear what meteorologist mark tamayo has to tell us about next week.
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>> oakland city leaders are moving forward with plans for a new stadium for the raiders even though the team is not on board with the deal. the city council discussed a proposal to build the stadium on coliseum property. according to reports, the plan includes $600 million from the nfl hall of famer's investment group. the city would contribute $200 million from infrastructure improvements. >> it is about the voters and citizens of oakland. we want to make sure that they don't incur any debt. we want to make sure that the debt that they have will be paid off. >> the raiders say they are focused on building a stadium in las vegas. local raiders fans are optimistic that the team will remain in oakland. the council will vote in
12:47 pm
another closed session next week. the owner may be asked to sell part of the team to the investment group. the golden state warriors are celebrating a big victory. this after the state court of appeals upheld the environmental impact report for the project. a group called the mission bay alliance had argued that the arena would create traffic congestion around ucsf's mission bay hospital. but the appeals court ruled that the arena would not interfere with hospital access. the city plans to increase muni and cal train service in the area and add other traffic reduction measures. the alliance will consider an appeal to the state supreme court. research measures at mission bay would be negatively impacted by the warriors arena. in a statement the warriors said this clears the path for us to build a new state of the art sports and entertainment venue and bring the warriors back home to san francisco.
12:48 pm
that new arena is scheduled to open in the year 2019. yesterday in alameda, one member of the warriors continued the season of giving. mcghee took them on a shopping spree at target, my favorite store. throughout the season of giving, players and coaches participate in events to help bay area youth and families. the san jose sharks are in first place after beating the phoenix coyotes 2-1. they were down in the 2nd period when it was tied up. it went between the legs of the goalie. the game stayed tied and went to ot. brent scored on a power play to give the sharks the 2-1 victory. they play the kings tonight in l.a. gray and drizzly as i speak, mark, there is someone on the oakland estuary olding a
12:49 pm
right pink umbrella -- holding a bright pink umbrella. >> yes. we do have looking out toward walnut creek camera looking towards clouds in place. a lot of the moisture we're dealing with right now is not really with the system but just a lot of low level moisture in place. you have moisture near the surface and that comes outs in the form of drizzles. mostly cloudy skies. there is the cloud cover over san francisco, oakland and san jose. that's where we are picking up the wet weather closer to the golden gate bridge and oakland as well as gasia mentioned. as far as current numbers, it is cool out there. bundle up. lots of 50s on the board here for santa rosa, fremont, san jose and half moon bay checking in at 53 degrees at last check. we kind of have this flow from the pacific moving in to the north and west. today partly to mostly cloudy
12:50 pm
skies. a cool one with the chance of scattered showers throughout the afternoon hours. mainly near the coast and right around the bay. 6:00 tonight showing you this. lots of clouds over a good portion of the bay area. then we will take this into your friday. lots of sunshine thursday afternoon. thursday. and then into friday. you can see mostly sunny skies. i will say on friday we will have a big area of high pressure build in off shore. that will generate stronger winds, especially for the hills. there's a chance on friday that we could have a wind advisory kick in for the north bay and east bay hills. at least for today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees for your wednesday afternoon. and here is a look ahead. your 5-day forecast as you can see into thursday. mostly sunny. possible wind advisory. nothing issued yet. maybe a wind vise rye for the north bay and east bay hills. we have the new format of the five-day here. the wintertime version showing
12:51 pm
you the afternoon highs. everybody is grouped together close to 60 degrees. we are warming up saturday. the overnight lows off to a cold start. 30sand 40s. what you don't see is day 6. that could be monday of next week. definitely a sharp drop-off in temperatures. gasia was suggesting bust out the flannel for next week. >> yes. >> it will be cooling off. maybe snow showers at least in the low snow levels in the bay area. >> can't be too cozy. thank you, mark. bring the magic of flight to a new dimension. we will show you the new star wars drone today launched in san francisco.
12:52 pm
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>> coming up today at 4:00, new information on that bizarre alleged abduction case. >> shasta county officials are updating the case of sherry, the mother of two was released on thanksgiving day. we will have full update for you today on the 4 on 2. just a few minutes away from the closing bell. looking at the market right now. the dow jones a lot of green on the board. the nasdaq and s&p in the red with the nasdaq down 47 points. the s&p barely moving at all right now. down one point. some children in a san diego hospital had unexpected special visitors. several birds from sea world stopped by to try to cheer up
12:55 pm
the young patients. there were penguins waddling down the hallways and up to the children. the children don't know what to make of them. there was an owl and the slowest animal in the world, a two-toed sloth. they were given stuffed animals to keep when the other animals had to go back home to sea world. students preparing for final exams are getting help from four legged friends. take a look at these friendly dogs. they are not usually what you would find during finals. santa barbara city college is using the dogs to relax the students. the dogs and their humans are part of the nonprofit organization called all for animals. for two hours yesterday they greeted students outside of the campus library. >> they're are squeals of laughter and smiles. and they are so excited to be here. so some of the students will
12:56 pm
sit down and meet one of our dogs for five minutes in between classes. >> we're all stressing out. i think this, you know, petting these dogs, you know, just helps us forget about what is going on around us. >> and school officials say they plan to bring the dogs back again before final exams begin. whatever helps to get that a. >> absolutely. if you're a fan of star wars, you're going to like the futuristic drone launched in san francisco. it can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. the drones bring the magic of flight to a whole new dimension. they allow users to engage in laser battles. they are detailed and painted certified. they become in a collectible display. don't let my children see that. >> we have a star wars drone at home but not laser. this hovers five feet. >> maybe santa is watching.
12:57 pm
>> time to make the list. tomorrow is december. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always on follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great rest of the afternoon as we give you this live look at the embarcadero there in san francisco.
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