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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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recovery and removal of debris at the oakland warehouse . the fire that happened last weekend is winding down but investigators are zeroing in on a possible cause. the latest on the investigation coming up. it is a somber anniversary in hawaii. and mark 75 years the deadly attacks on pearl harbor. how the days are being remembered in the bay area. mornings on 2 continue. good morning, thank you for joining us wednesday morning december 7. >> good morning, we will tell you if you need an umbrella today -- later today , more likely tonight and tomorrow but it is getting closer. it is on the way but cold air is already
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in place. there is nothing we can do to budget that until we get the warmer sector of the system to come in so we can modify it a little bit. what you are seeing on radar is high base but it is going over a very cold air mass. highs will be extremely cool and very low. winter weather advisories are out. the snow level will start to go up. when you get in the 20s and you get cloud cover coming in you will be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s. clouds are already moving again in the mendocino county. it looks like rain will start a little earlier up north that it will take a while to juice rings up. lower layers are very dry with the cold north wind we had the last couple of days. we have 44 as a high in santa rosa. very chilly. >> that is is hot in -- that
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is as hot as it is going to get in santa rosa ? >> that is as hot as it is going to get. i wouldn't call 44 hot. the morning commute right now looks about the same as it normally does which means we are already seeing slow traffic on 580 westbound coming into the altamont pass. as we look at 205 and 580 we notice the traffic is going to be busy not only on 580 but also 205. this region will be slow. once you make it into the livermore valley it looks better. also looking at the san mateo bridge if you are going that far, westbound 92 traffic looks good headed out to the high- rise. at the they bridge toll plaza not a big crowd getting into san francisco. investigators in the open warehouse fire believe they are zeroing in on the cause of the devastating fire.
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the search comes as the city of oakland players -- declares a local state of emergency . we have the latest on the recovery efforts in the investigation. good morning, city could decide on that emergency declaration tomorrow. what it would allow them to do is get federal and state reimbursement for some of the cost of the recovery efforts. it will also allow businesses in the area, some of which have been without power in the last 5 days will allow them to get reimbursement as well. as to the cause it appears investigators are zeroing in on what the source may have been. the chef explains they are looking at a refrigerator that had in the back of the warehouse as a possible source of the fire. you same is based on the way the fire burned around the appliance. yesterday authorities exported some the family members back to
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the side of the devastating warehouse fire. you can see emergency warehouse -- emergency fire crew leading them around the site. 30 of this 36 victims have been identified. one victim they still cannot id. when i spoke to the sheriff he described a really heartbreaking scene, discovery that some of the corner's deputies made when they were going through the wreckage of the fire when they found 2 victims huddled together. >> it looks like the male his trying to protect the female from the fire. it is appears -- it appears he had his arms around her. >> a concrete wall adjacent to the warehouse and one of the neighboring buildings was torn down so that it would not collapse on investigators and
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people doing the recovery and removal work. cadaver dogs did search through the area beforehand to make sure there were no additional victims inside. they don't believe they will find anymore big dems. at this point they have gone through more than 90 percent of the building and the casualty number remains 36 individuals. it is 5:05 now in the names of 9 more of those victims were released late last night. they are 34-year-old johnny of oakland. 29-year-old are a job oakland. 34-year-old amanda kershaw from san francisco. 2 of the newly named victims had connections with uc berkeley. madding graduated from the school and 21-year-old vanessa plotkin was a student. alex vega was identified here q1 to the party with his girlfriend michaela gregory who also died. her name had been released earlier. here are the other names that have been released recently.
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35-year-old billy dixon of oakland, 32-year-old hannah and 29-year-old nicole siegrist of oakland. the transgender community has been deeply affected. 3 of the people that died were transgender artist. their friends and fellow artists gathered last night in downtown oak to remember them. 33-year-old at boca was a poet -- ed was a poet. this 29-year-old moved from connecticut to berkeley. she loved to paint place -- play-based and electronic music . >> the artistic community here especially the lgbtq community
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is very connected. we don't have a lot of spaces.>> another artist was 35-year-old alice kush on. he was a filmmaker and the father of 2 girls. one of younger victims was jennifer morris went to the warehouse with a friend to enjoy the music and dancing. as we mentioned earlier, several victims had connections to uc berkeley. chelsea dolan had a weekly program on the campus radio station kalx. she was performing at the warehouse party. she grew up in marin county and had work at the ice cream parlor, the fairfax coop. mourners placed flowers in from the shop to remember her. we have developing news of a huge earthquake in indonesia where these 97 people were killed -- hours ago . this is cell phone video. you can see a building coming down on a car. the death toll could rise as
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some victims might still be very in the rubble of the collapsed -- very in the rubble of the collapsed -- buried in the rubble of the collapsed building. in 2000 for more than 80,000 people were killed in an earthquake and tsunami in that region. today is the 75th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor by japan. the attack lasted more than 7 hours. it ended with severe damage to the us pacific fleet. most of the battleships were repaired and then put back into service. the uss arizona remains as an underwater memorial to the 2400 americans who died there. there are official ceremonies at a memorial today, but some of the survivors say it is something they will carry with them forever. >> i can talk about it.
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if i do talk about it, i cannot sleep. >> one very private ceremony will take lace on board the ship. a small group will gather to remember their ship mates. they need and remember those who died aboard the ship as well as survivors who have died since their last meeting. the beacon on my -- on the top of mt. diablo will shine. the beacon is lit once year as a tribute to those who died as well as the people who lived to tell about what happened. originally it was installed to help with cross country aviation but after the bombing of pearl harbor officials turn the beacon off saying it could lead -- turned the beacon off saying it could lead japanese pilots to attack the coast. it will be reset at 9:00 tonight. it will stay on until sunrise
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tomorrow morning. oak hill memorial park will also remember what happened at pearl harbor 75 years ago. it is hosting a memorial to honor the victims of the attack . the tribute will include the navy tradition of a 2 bell ceremony as well as a wreath laying. the public is invited and anyone can speak about the events of that day. the ceremonies begin at 9:00 this morning. the chp and marin county sheriffs office is asking for help to find a missing man who suffers from a medical condition and may become disoriented. keith weaver was last seen yesterday afternoon at his home in mill valley. he is about 5 feet 6 and weighs 160 pounds. he has graying hair and hazel eyes. he was last seen wearing a dark blue fleece jacket, brown shirt, and all of colored pants. you drove away in a gray honda. there is the california license plate 6stz409. anyone with
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information is asked to call the marin county sheriffs office . a controversial ad by the san francisco police officers association. coming up, the proposal by the city they are protesting against.
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time now 5:15, but the holidays are a little brighter and better for 2 dozen families, needy families, thanks to the san jose sharks. the players surprised them with gifts that they bought themselves. we were right there for that special moment.
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>> reporter: for susanna and her 2 young children for the first time they will not have a christmas tree and that is because they don't have a place they can call their own. >> it is so sad. my kids want a christmas tree and we don't have one in our place right now. it is hard. >> down on her luck with no money for presence, she is not alone. she is one of 30 low income families chosen by san jose unified healthy start family resource program their wishlist was given to the san jose sharks player. >> i just found out that he was the sharks player. her family adopted by tommy winkles called it a humbling experience inking of his 10 month old daughter. >> i think christmas this time of year is about family. >> throughout the night the families were treated to ice- skating and holiday meal with
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the players but the best part was the families were given presence. >> just to see the looks on the faces of these kids when they are opening up a present and they see this as bears. they are very happy. >> to be honest i was actually going to crack. >> other players echoing the importance to get back. the team captain hopes to bring them joy. >> it is a nice memory, fun night and something they can look back on and say they really enjoyed. >> at least on this night for the family it is a chance to forget their problems. >> a are going to get something and i am happy. i am excited. 5:17 is the time. who wanted check in for a look at traffic. would we keep an eye on? >> we are looking at the gilmore kimi, people who drive from gilroy to morgan hill to san jose, that commute is a long one and we would like to
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keep an eye on it for you. right now it doesn't look bad. we got off to a good start here and there have been no major issues. as a matter of fact these big commute is also looking good get into the south bay. 880 looks good. list took at 880 in oakland. it looks good here in both directions. we are off to a pretty decent start to this wednesday morning commute. when we get to the bay bridge there is not a big backup yet but traffic is moving along well. usually at about 5:30 is when things start to change. at 5:18 let's bring steve and. >> thank you. good morning everybody. we have cold conditions out there and now the cloud cover will move in. that will make for a very cloudy day with rain developing later. some highs will only be in the 40s.
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antioch is 36 and calm. there are colder readings than that. your timeline: cold this morning with rain developing. it looks like rain into friday. we should get a break on saturday. we might have holdover rain into saturday. a lot of cloud cover beginning to move in. winter weather advisories out the sierra. snow levels could get down the 1500 feet because of this cold air. by tomorrow it will go up to around 4 to 5000. be advised there will be various -- very low snow levels . very cold readings in napa. they are at 29. water temperatures continue to go down. bodega bay 51. 54 monterey. that is the coldest
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they have been in a long time. they were in the upper 50sã low 60s not that long ago. clouds are already on the move in the mendocino valley so i would not be surprised if we had low 40s. 30s and 40s but a lot more 30s that we saw yesterday for sure. 31 along the creek already. danville says 30 degrees, 35 lafayette, livermore fire station, 12 up in truckee . you can see the cloud cover on the move for the sierra also up north and even into lake county . the concern will be maybe a little freezing rain. let's hope that doesn't happen. a lot of moisture is streaming up. it is not well organized. there is no buckle or strong jet stream support. once the rain starts in may keep going. this can be an area that could
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get some pretty good rain. cold start turning cloudy today and then rain develops later. on the weekend rainfall amounts we look pretty good for most. the key will be where the plume sets up. it may start off south and then lift northward. lake tahoe, if you're heading up the sierra is a winter weather advisory in 4:00 today. not a lot of snowfall but low snow levels. 46 napa. 48 concord and livermore. rain in by friday. a break on the weekend. more rain next week. it is 5:21. claims of racism in fremont at a junior high school as one student says every day he has been the target of insults. up next, the letter he wrote to school leaders. more writers say they are
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set -- riders say they are satisfied with the muni transit them but some say where they can make -- there are places where they can make improvements.
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welcome back. it is 5:24. 2 men's charged in the 19 -- men charged in the 1973 murders of 2 young girls have entered murder please. the young girls were reported
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missing after they didn't come back from a trip to the mall. hours later their bodies were found and they had been shot. the case with cold until recent dna test link to 2 men to the girls. they entered guilty pleas to charges of second- degree murder. they will not face the death penalty if convicted because that was not an option when the girls were sexually assaulted and killed. the fremont unified school district is responding to claims of rampant student racism . those claims are coming from a 13-year-old student at thorton junior high. israel howard says he has been the target of racist taunts and name-calling on a daily basis while going to class and he recently wrote three-page letter to school leaders describing those insults. >> people call me all sorts of names. i try to tell the office and they send me out calling me the bad guys. >> the message that student
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wrote resonated with so many people and said we really need to address this and taken seriously. if one of our students is feeling this way, it is something we have to pay attention to. the school district leaders say the offending junior high students have been disappointed but he is not giving us any other details -- disciplined but he is not giving us any other details . earlier this year the sisters of notre dame faced an eviction only to be rescued by multimillionaire life coach tony robbins. the chronicle reports the nuns are now gathering signatures in support of the soup kitchen in the mission district where robin spot the ground floor of a condo building. they are facing opposition from neighbors who fear the soup kitchen will only attract more homeless people. the principle of berkeley
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high school is taking an indefinite leave of absence. what happens now and why the school district told parents it could not give them much information. plus in response to the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, the city is now facing mounting pressure to do something about other similar setups with people living inside warehouses. we will tell you why officials say inspecting those buildings is a major challenge. good morning, we are looking at a key mute where traffic is still getting busier on the you sure freeway. our weather will start to get busy -- our east sure freeway . our weather will start to get busier. we will have a look at that and some live look at rain.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. even the bridge looks colder this morning. it looks beautiful but it looks called. traffic looks pretty good. >> it looks like a christmas tree to me. >> it does. a lot of people are out there this morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is the middle of the week, wednesday, december 7. >> thank you for joining us. it is 5:30 and it is cold out there. rain on the way for just about everybody.
5:31 am
>> it is very cold for some especially up in parts of mendocino county in lake county. this cold air is not going to get modified soon enough. i would not be surprised at very low snow levels, a little sleet, freezing rain up towards lake county. 33 clear and calm. that will not last very long. clouds are increasing rapidly. rain will start earlier up north but cloud cover will give us a great cool, cold day for some. we have rain starting for snow levels at around 3000 feet for the north. when you get 20s it is going to make for a cold day. clouds will continue to thicken up and give us rain. 30s, 40s on the
5:32 am
temperatures but a lot more 40s . woodside is in there, 34 in stanford, 38 san mateo. hillsboro says forget it, we are sleeping in. cloud cover on the way. it will take a lot to juice things up. we are very dry with a lot of moisture streaming up that will eventually play into our weather . 40s and low 50s for temperatures. >> that is cold for this area. >> transplant friends, once they get out here for a little while they get soft. >> it is cold out here. good morning everyone. if you are driving solano county it is going to be busy as you drive between vacaville and fairfield. most of that comes in vallejo where it is getting slow on 80 westbound approaching 780. let's talk
5:33 am
about the other key that is already beginning to see some chronic conditions. highway 24 driving between walnut creek and the tunnel. a little bit of slow traffic, no problems. we have 10 minute delay before you make it onto the stamm. let's go back to the desk. more on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. investigators indicate they may be close to knowing for sure how and where the fire started. the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is focusing on a back wall of the building where appliances and one refrigerator in particular was located. reportedly that refrigerator had been shorting out in blowing fuses. the city of oakland is declaring a local state of emergency to help pay for the fire response. we will bring a live report from the command center at the scene coming up at 6:00. this morning there is
5:34 am
rising pressure on the city of oakland to deal with other warehouses were people are living illegally. we are in oakland were some people are pointing fingers at some other possibly dangerous buildings. >> reporter: there are any number of industrial building throughout the city that have been turned into housing, set up similar to the ghostship that caught fire on friday night leaving so many people dead. one such spot is known as the salt lake. people, we are told, are living in the second-story space that is right above the wholesale produce stands. the owner of the nearby barbecue restaurant is going to hold a news conference to demand the city do something about this live workspace that she describes as an illegal set up. the issue has come to the forefront after friday night's deadly warehouse fire. experts
5:35 am
say city officials are severely shortstaffed in this area that it means finding and inspecting these illegal setups is a tough task. >> we need to elevate the number of sassing -- staffing to enforce the building codes , fire codes because right now there are many really been converted into housing. >> our cruise stop by -- crews stopped by this space which is better known as the deathtrap. it is zone for people to live there, however people living in these spaces say that these are some of the only places they can afford to live. even though oakland has a fire marshal we have been told there are half as many fire inspectors here in the city of oakland as there are in similar sized cities. that compounds
5:36 am
the problem in this will certainly be an ongoing issue. at 10:00 this morning the owner of everett and jones barbecue will hold a news conference as she is demanding that something be done about this industrial building a few doors down from her restaurant for people she says are living illegally. one of the bay area best known and most popular musicians is talking about his time living in communal spaces like the ghostship. we're talking about billie joe armstrong lead singer of green day. he was at monday night's vigil and he posted a photo of the vigil on his instagram page. the caption read in part: spaces like this allow the strange ones to thrive and be the people that normal society rejects. >> people in the bay area and around the world are reaching out to help those affected by the fire. 2 fundraisers on the you caring website have
5:37 am
collected more than $870,000. the raiders, open 80s and golden state warriors join forces on one campaign and the other was set up by a group gray area foundation for the arts. >> we're looking to help people and individuals and communities in need like this here expect you caring does not take a percentage of the money raised but there is a credit card processing fee. >> we have link to the website . there you will find information about agencies and companies that are providing free and low-cost services to those affected by the fire. >> things may get heated later today at a meeting of the san francisco police commission. the use of force policy is up for discussion and it has caused quite a stir.
5:38 am
>> reporter: the police commission will discuss what police can and can't do when it comes to using force. a big force of contention, whether an officer can shoot at a moving car. this video was released several days ago which shows a scene where a driver plows into the crowd of a people. they say many will die and be injured if a police officer is not allowed to shoot at the driver and stop the threat. they do not support the commission proposal which prohibits officers from shooting at moving vehicles because they think it is restrictive. the board of supervisors does. yesterday they approved the recommendation and urged police officers to stop disputing the use of force policy. this comes a year after the controversial shooting of mario woods. we will reach out to leaders and others involved to get comment later. last night the san francisco district attorney took part in a community forum
5:39 am
about officer involved shootings . the justice for mario woods organization put together that gathering. they are upset that he has not decided whether to file charges against the 5 police officers involved in the shooting and killing of mario woods last year. >> the goal is that there has been understaffing of the officer -- office in regards to these officer involved shootings. mario woods was holding a knife and he had attacked someone when he was fatally shot a year ago this month. about 5 san francisco police officers shot him in the bay area district. these are photos from the nevada fire district. a fire started in the garage of a home yesterday afternoon. investigators say that garage
5:40 am
may have been used as a lab to extract honey oil for marijuana. one person was hospitalized with burns and at least one issue be was damaged. no word on the damage to surrounding homes at this point. no homes were damaged despite the fire in menlo park area last night. it started at about 8 - 30. pg&e was doing work nearby and a spark in night in the gas -- a ignited the gas fire. the water -- the fire burned through a water main which put out the fire but sprayed water 10 feet in the air which caused flooding in the gas leak continued. it took crews about a half an hour to capture the leak but if -- in all of that no one was hurt. the principle of the berkeley high school is taking an indefinite leave of absence. underreport the principal left his job at the high school yesterday and no reason was
5:41 am
given for his departure. in an email the school district says the lack of information may worry some parents but they have to respect confidentiality . the school district has recently faced several lawsuits from alleged first amendment violations to possible mishandling of a sexual assault case at berkeley high. the results of a customer satisfaction survey have been released and more writers than ever -- riders say they are satisfied with the service. 29 percent of them rated service as 4 or fair. the areas they want to see muni improve includes service frequency, overcrowding and the on-time performance. for the first time since the tragic ghostship fire,
5:42 am
families of the victims were escorted onto the site. coming up, the counseling available to them as well as to the firefighters. first, the proposal that would have open 80s fans floating on the bank -- as fans floating on the bank. will tell you a little bit more about the morning commute and getting to the sum of. for some it is going to start to look a little like christmas. we have low slow levels -- snow levels in the mix. it will be a cold day . we have more coming up.
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welcome back. time now 5:44. thousands of people in tennessee will be able to return home for the first time following the devastating wildfire that started more than a week ago.
5:45 am
14 people killed nearly 1700 homes, businesses and other buildings were destroyed. is being called the largest wildfire in tennessee in 100 years. officials believe it was human caused but an investigation is underway. the fbi says there is no credible evidence the la subway system is in danger. deputies control -- patrolled yesterday after an anonymous caller from australia warned there would be a bombing at the nation. investigators are trying to identify the caller. they say he or she may have provided misleading information in the past. the bay area man who spent 18 months in a prison is writing a book. he was raised in marin county. in 2012 he was working for the washington post when he was arrested and tried on spying and other charges. after a closed-door trial he spent more than 500 days in an iranian prison. 49 of those in
5:46 am
solitary confinement. he was released in january as part of a prisoner swap. he did file a federal lawsuit saying he was psychologically tortured. talk of a new stadium continues. one of the newest ideas suggested is a stadium that floats. the president talks about the idea that was held at the open office hours for fan yesterday -- fans yesterday. about 100 people showed up to talk about the new stadium . if a floating stadium was built it would be the first of it's kind. >> we had the proposal for a floating stadium which we don't see everyday. it would float on the day and be moved around by tugboats. it was a pretty well -- they -- bay and be moved around by tugboats. it was pretty well
5:47 am
thought out. >> they say they will hold regular office hours for fans. we have an appointment with sal. you're watching our commute. good morning, let's go out and take a look at the tracy commute. we will start there this morning and look at some slow traffic we have on the commute. let's see how slow it is. westbound 580 we have a lot of slow traffic. also on 205 we are down to 12 miles-per-hour. you will see some slow traffic year. if you are driving into the
5:48 am
main part of livermore it doesn't look that bad. we are a little bit slow on the dublin interchange. we are also starting to see slow traffic on 880 as you drive south. we have slow traffic down to about 25 miles-per-hour. it is beginning to get congested. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic backed up for about a 15ã20 minute delay. no problems on the on 280 going toward highway 17 in the south bay. at 5:48 let's go to steve. is cold out there. we have many 20s. there were a few yesterday but a lot more today and also 30s. the cold air is in place in the cloud cover will start to move in. highs will be in the 40s for many. it will be a cloudy gray day and then rain develops. ricky is up in lake county. it is 26 degrees in lakeport and the stars of slowly disappearing. he was kind enough to scratch this out. it will be cold up
5:49 am
in lake county and for many. cloud cover on the move. this is not reaching the ground yet but it is a sign of things to come. winter weather advisories are out. where down the 1500 feet of torque shasta. week -- toward shasta. we can have some very low levels as we get some of this cloud cover. we could be a little dicey for this afternoon. by tomorrow the valley will get up to 5000 feet but tonight and tomorrow morning could be very low for obvious reasons. we are getting 20s and 30s in here until the air mass is modified. there could be low snow levels. 30s, 40s for many already down to the santa clara valley. morgan hill that gilroy -- at
5:50 am
gilroy , 33. 1222 up in truckee. we will go from partly cloudy to cloudy. there is a lot of moisture streaming appear. it is not organized in there is not a strong dynamic. rain tonight will take us into thursday and friday but a cold start this morning with highs only in the 40s for some. i would expect rain to develop and then continue into friday. it looks like we will get a break over the weekend. from san jose there will be some decent amounts. winter weather advisory at 4:00 today. not a lot of snow just really low snow levels. 40s for napa. these of the
5:51 am
high temperatures. >> rain is on the way and will take us into the end of the week. they say it is freezing and 38 degrees in antioch. >> that is about right but the highs will be in the 40s. it has been a growing problem in oakland, illegal dumping. up next we will tell you about the steps city officials are now taking to catch the people responsible.
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welcome back in his 5:54. cirque du soleil resume performances in san francisco one week after an employee was killed in a work-related accident. live -- large crowds at last night 's show. is the first show since the death of one of the founders was hit while lift during the setup of the show. oakland city council members are taking the first steps in tackling growing illegal dumping on city streets -- problem on city streets. show the severity of the problem , hitting cameras captured some people in the act in some children as young as 8 years old found themselves picking up trash right outside their
5:55 am
school. the city council has installed special cameras and some of the dumping hotspots. >> we will be able to identify license plates so we can track down the offenders. >> the city council committee also improved -- approved a plan to release -- lease a contractor truck to help with removal. the sacramental woman has been reunited with her missing dog after 9 years. the dog went missing in 2007 when her home was burglarized. during the incident her dog managed to get out of the house and that was the last time she saw her until this week. she was found wandering the streets of roseville, 20 miles from where she went missing. >> i am shocked because you always hope you get your dog back, but 9 years and 13 a half years old and she is still alive -- 13 1/2 years old and she is
5:56 am
still alive . >> she had some matted fur but otherwise is doing okay. a 50-year-old san francisco gay bar that was in danger of closing now has a new two-year lease. in july the owner of the stud said he planned to sell the bar after the building's owner raised the rent by 150 percent. now a 15 member group is buying the bar saying they negotiated a new two-year lease a lower price. after 2 years they plan to move the bar to a new, unannounced location. last week the stud was designated olympic see -- a legacy business which means it is eligible for city grants. iphone says the problems with the iphone success is bigger than they thought. earlier this year customer said the phone would just shut down. now they are getting reports
5:57 am
from owners of phones made outside that timeframe here to comes from a component in that battery that was exposed to long. there is no safety risk but they would not say how many phones affected. firefighters in oakland are getting closer to figuring out what caused that deadly warehouse fire. up next, the implants -- the appliance investigators are focusing on . donald trump is named time magazine president of the year. the reason he was chosen. good morning, we're seeing traffic that is moving along pretty well in some areas. here on the richmond bridge approach there seems to be a problem. we are getting to the bottom of it right now. cold and clouds on the way will make for a day with highs in the 40s for some. we have what is in store for the week coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the side of the warehouse fire know when is in big site as recovery efforts begin to
6:00 am
wind down. the cause coming up. good morning, thank you for joining us wednesday morning december 7. 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. >> good morning. we're also talking about the weather, the fact that it is cold and you may need an umbrella. >> out there later but not this morning -- you may need it out there later but not this morning . clouds are on the move. they will increase in the cold air is really not going to get modified until tonight. temperatures will start to go up . we can see cloud cover is beginning to sweep been. will go cloudy. there are weather advisories out for low snow levels. this is all about the cold air for some.


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