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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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information about their investigation tomorrow. >> as of today, the coroner has identified all of the victims. the final victim was identified today but the name has not been released. names of 31 of the 36 victims have been released. we learned two more names today including jenifer and joseph matlock. all present rise for a moment of silence. >> reporter: the horption-- house of representatives had a
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moment of silence for the lives of the victims of the fire. today uc berkeley held a memorial service for two current students, two graduate students and a volunteer that was lost in the fire. >> four to 500 people came to mourn the loss and celebrate the lives of the students in the fire. >> there were five members of the campus community. >> reporter: jenifer morris
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and vanessa plotkin were students. family members spoke of the pain and anguish of their loss. >> when she was young, as part of our church community, she was learning about the lord and she accepted jesus into her heart so we know she is alive today. >> i feel her in my heart. she is in all of our hearts. >> reporter: victoria plotkin lost her sister and also her lifetime best friend. >> she was my twin sister and my best friend. she was my light. she my sun. >> reporter: in the entrance
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way, friends and well wishers signed portrait pages to commemorate the event. 31 other families and friends are going through the same grief over what never should have happened. today artists in oakland lined up to speak at city hall. they said they are live work spaces are threatened as landlords fear libility and are carrying out evictions -- liability and are carrying out evictions in the wake of the fire. >> reporter: oakland will be receiving funds from the state and the federal government, but before this happened, a dozen people spoke and suggested that the funds be released to
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artist' spaces. they want a moratorium on red tagging buildings. they said many people are getting evicted and getting notices from landlords because they fear liability issues. >> we want people to say, we care about you and you can stay. if we hear about code compliance and you are saying, we need to shut down these places, it's bull. >> one woman said she wants to live in a safe space and she's willing to work with the counsel to come up with a solution. the coin members understand the concerns. they intend to make sure that oakland does not see mass evictions and they want to work
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with property owners to help them come into compliance. it's not clear when oakland will receive the funds. the city administrators said it's up to the source of the funding to determine how it will be divided. >> is the team coming to oakland to understand the cause of the fire going to have influence on the policies coming out of city hall? >> reporter: yes, the team is going to make better recommendses for safety and -- recommendations for safety and other matters. today we are also hearing what it was like for first responders who got on to the scene movements after it
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started. coming up we talk to a battalion chief about how his team feels knowing they could not help more. no damage or injuries reported from a 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of california this morning. the quake was felt in the bay area and was followed by an after shock. a tsunami warning was issued in the pacific this morning after another quake hut the solomon islands. there are no reports of injuries there. the tsunami warning for several pacific islands included had a hawaii but no tsunami occurred.
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i can see some dramatic looking clouds over san jose and the fog has moved in along the oakland estuary. we have receive 2 inches of rain in the north bay. >> it's been a wet 24 hours. the rainfall accumulations seem like nothing because on a typical rainstorm, you may see 2 inches. it's been a heavy drizzle mist. we have a disorganized system that is coming in with not a lot of focus, you see that stream of moisture in the pacific. it's like a hose spraying up and down. it's a light mist. it's not heavy. there is no real cold front or strong upper air support so we
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are getting this moisture streaming it. it's dropping it's heaviest precipitation in the coastal hills. so petaluma shows no rain but we are getting a significant mist. the radar misses a lot of this stuff. the fact that you see these patches does not mean nothing is happening. it just means that the radar is not picking it up because the showers are so small. so san jose, mostly dry, we showed you that live camera shot. this is the system that was slated to come through this morning and make a mess of the morning commute. it did. now get ready for the next system. we line all of that for you in just a minute. a startling admission fl officials at san jose state university.
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since the start of the semester there have been at least five acts of sexual battery, this includes the most recent crime that happened yesterday. we have reaction as well as the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: officials said there is been a spate of crimes the past two weeks but when they dug deeper, they found this stretch of crimes stretch bhak to the -- back to the beginning of the semester. the police have stepped up patrols following the latest acquisition of sexual battery. >> i did not expect this when i first came here. i got all of these alerts on my phone. >> reporter: the most recent incident happened inside of duncan hall. a female was dproapped in a
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stairwell -- globed -- groped in a stairwell. these pictures show the person responsible for the crime that followed the victim from a nearby pizza place. there were at least three more sexual batteries dating back to august. >> it's awful that it happened like this. i wish the best to the victims. >> reporter: these cases happened during the same time frame as two acts of sexual assault. in september, a former water polo player attacked a woman. he was suspended from the
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university. >> they know, but they are willing to risk it or do what ever for what ever their incentive and they do not care about the consequences. >> reporter: we have been waiting for the university to update us on this story. we got an e-mail a short time ago that said, we are close but not ready to provide a statement. we are going to stay on the story throughout the evening and bring you the latest coming up at 10:00. if you do not have a friend that can walk you to your next building, call campus security and request an escort. thank you jesse. a fighter pilot in two wars, the first american to
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orbit the earth some -- and a united states snort. remembering john glenn. >> emotional parents detail the beginning of a new journey for their two year old twins that no longer have to share a body. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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at one point child protective services removed the three children belonging to derick almena, also known as derick ion and his wife. >> reporter: we already knew that city inspectors have not been inside of the building in 30 years but the question remains if cps went inside, should they have shared what they found with others. three years ago cps removed the children of der derick almena, also known as derick ion. the family was not there when the fire broke out. questions are being raised whether or not officials missed warning signs about the dangers at the warehouse, i visited child protective services to see if they shared their
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findings with other agencies. we have pieced together the conditions inside of the warehouse that led to cps involvement. issues began to surface when the couple's daughters were four years old and six and 11. there was a sexually explicit party at the warehouse. someone complained. we spoke to a woman that helped take care of the children. >> derick was in denial. i stood in front of the building and said, your kids are in danger, he said i was
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being hysterical. >> reporter: derick almena, also known as derick ion asked for a restraining order against this former resident, shelly mack. the children's mother said that her children are condemned by slander. the family was back together after a court heeng. family services said they cannot discuss -- hearing. family services said they could not discuss any cases. >> so, cps took the kids two times, how many times do they
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take them away? >> reporter: we only have one report of a removal. everything is confidential. thank you. it was snowy this morning in the sierras, there was three to 4 inches of new snow but the snow turned to a cold rain. snow is expect the later tonight but only above 8,000 feet. chain controls on i want state 80 were lifted but if you are heading to the sierras, bring the chains because things change. it's been warm in tahoe all day, rain at the lake level. snow last night and yesterday showed up in the lower
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elevations, like parts of the foothills. this is the last 24 hours, you can see right here, marin had the most precipitation. it was not bad. it was a good little rainfall considering the dynamics were weak. the dynamics are the absence of a cold front. now we have scattered showers and drizzle throughout the bay area. it's making a mess of the afternoon commute. the ground is slick. the roadways are holding water. if you driving around or waiting for someone, it's going to be slow. i am showing you the width of that moisture plume as it's pushed onshore. so this is the oakland estuary.
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it's cool but not as cold as it was two nights ago. temperatures are coming up. friday you are going to see scattered sprinkles tonight. as we head to the morning commute, what we have in the forecast is what we have been seeing. so just continuing light showers. a lot of wet, a lot of clouds and very little rain accumulating on the ground. that's tomorrow. that changes saturday. we have strongerrer dynamics so maybe another inch of rain saturday morning. so tomorrow is a lot like today with even less accumulation. 60 tomorrow in vallejo. 58 in san francisco. i suspect by the end of this
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run, there is going to be a couple of feet of new snow. this pattern is going to last right through the bay area for the first part of tease. scattered showers saturday. then the rain gets going tuesday. we are in a wet period. keep the umbrellas handy. the rain is on the way. he was the first american to orbit the earth and 36 years later he became the oldest american space traveler. >> i have sense of deja vous. >> coming up, remembering john glenn, an american hero. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. he was a fighter pilot in world war two and the korean war, his next job took him into outer space. today the nation is mourning the passing of john glenn, we look at the remarkable life he lived. >> reporter: he was the first american to orbit the earth as part of nasa's great seven
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group. we look back on his mark on human history. john glenn will be remembered for his many roles in american history. he was a warrior in battle, our first astronaut to orbit the earth and one of the best representatives on capitol hill. >> i have a sense of deja vous. >> reporter: he was born in ohio and after the japanese attacked pearl harbor he became a marine corps pilot. he served in world war two, flying 59 successful missions. five years later he flew over
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north korea. after serving in korea he attended test pilot school. here he gained recognition by setting the transcontinental spreed record. but the late 1950s, the united states manned space program was starting and he was selected as one of the seven astronauts for project mercury. he became the first american to orbit the earth. after a few failed attempts at launching a political career, he won a seat in the united states senate. he was reelected in 1980 by the largest margin in the history
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of the state. >> he first ran in a primary, he had no feel for politics but he had a tremendous appeal because he was plain spoken and a national hero. >> reporter: he ran in the democratic presidential primary in 1984. on january 16th, nasa announced plans to return the legend to space, 36 years after he first orbited the earth. the second trip to space took off as planned. when the mission was over, america's oldest space traveler was given his second ticker tape parade on broadway in new york city.
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>> he is a genuine hero. >> i think you have to go out and work to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. >> reporter: following his retirement from politics and return from space, and he his wife founded the john glenn institute for public service. >> remembrances have flooded social media. nasa said, we are saddened by the loss of john glenn, god speed. scott kelly also an astronaut said i was very honors to have known him, god speed. president obama posted this photo of he and john glenn saying, john glenn spent his
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life breaking breaking breaking barriers. he said michelle and i have lost a friend. >> he was the real deal. he lived to 95 years old. he lived a full life and accomplished so much. thank you. coming up, the emotional toll of the oakland warehouse fire has hit the fire department hard. coming up, a veteran battalion chief tells us how a tragedy like this can effect first responders. >> a northern california mother says the most challenging part of the surgery was the waiting. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. now to the latest on the oakland warehouse fire. the coroner has identified all of the victims. there is no word on what caused the fire and earlier today the house of representatives observed a moment of silence for the vips. ktvu fox news has learned that the oakland fire department is bringing in counselors for those that fought the fire and
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recovered the remains. we spoke with a veteran battalion chief about what he saw and the emotional toll such a tragedy can take on first responders. >> reporter: firefighters train to rescue people but nothing could have prepared them for what they faced when they got inside. >> nobody could see that and not be moved. >> reporter: we spoke to the ba tal i don't know fire chief that -- battalion chief that commanded the response. he said while the fire was raging firefighters had trouble getting their hoses inside. they saw a stairway but could not get to the second floor. >> they put water on the stawrs
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and the stairs burst into flames. you give your heart and soul and you find out later that you left people inside. the depths that you are wading in is at times waist high mr. he first saw the nine bodies that were initially reported. >> it effected people emotionally, i cannot imagine being a family member. i have kids the same time as the victims -- same age as the victims. >> reporter: the oakland fire department is reaching out to all of those that responded here, especially to those that went inside for the recovery, to make sure that they are okay emotionally. the department is bringing in outside counselors. >> there are people that are internalizing this. we need to get the people out
5:35 pm
there touching base with them and looking out for them. >> reporter: the first responders will hopefully find a way to cope with what they saw but they are unlikely to forget it. 60 students from an oakland school visited the scene of the fire this morning. the students came to pay tribute to the 36 people that died. their teacher said the fifth and sixth graders came to class full of questions about the tragedy, the teacher said the students spent the whole week trying to cope. >> we held a vigil and our student counsel is collecting money to donate. we decided to walk over today with prayer flags.
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>> the students also paid tribute to the responders that rushed to the scene. our coverage of the fire continue online at our website, eye oakland warehouse fire. we have in depth stories about the tragedy. a tearful mother spoke out today about her formerly conjoined twins that were separated earlier this week. the little girls are not living, for the first time, in spraid separate bodies -- separate bodies. >> reporter: this newly released video chronicles the end of win chapter and the beginning of another for the two year old conjoined twins. they were wheeled into the operating room in the last time
5:37 pm
that they shared one body. what happened next was a 17 hour long successful surgery to separate the girls and reinstruct their newly individual bodies. the doctors had to figure out which organs went with each girl. they have separate hearts and lungs but they are joined at the diaphragm and pelvis. >> with the help of a lot of people, we were able to, from the top down, separate them. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: thursday, it was hard for the twins' mother to hold back her emotion. >> thank you to the doctors for believing. we are so grateful. >> reporter: it's been a long road for these two little girls from antelope near sacramento.
5:38 pm
>> this is emma and this is erica. >> reporter: born at 32 weeks by emergency c section, they spent months in the hospital. following the surgery, you see one of the twins being wheeled down the hallway for the first time in a bed by herself. the doctors were concerned about the smaller twin. >> we were concerned about her because she kept getting smallerment the more calories they gave her, the -- smaller. the more calories we gave her the big her twin got. thank you. that's an amazing story. >> hopefully they will be fine
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moving forward. it's a long road to recovery. we wish them all the best. new names added to president-elect donald trump's transition team. how it could effect the people fighting for a 15-dollar minimum wage. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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mourning the deaths of two officers that responded to a call. the event ended with the suspect shooting and killing himself. minquell lembrick shot and killed nicholas smarr who died today. the two officers were childhood friends and roommates and attended the police academy tomorrow. president-elect donald trump selected the ceo of carls junior to head the department of labor. also he met with the victims of the attack in yie hoe state
5:43 pm
university -- ohio state university. 11 people were injured by abdul razak ali artan, nobody was killed. >> these are amazing people. >> president-elect donald trump's approval rating may need a boost. 40% of americans approve of his cabinet appointments. president obama's approval rating topped 70% as he was picking his cabinet. a marine corps pilot was killed in a crash off the coast of japan. it happened during a routine training mission in southern japan. today officials announced that search and rescue teams recovered his body. the 32 year old pilot was from
5:44 pm
texas. it's the holiday season and time for giving, coming up, why the salvation army needs your help. >> the warehouse fire raises the question of how the city is doing in inspecting willings at risk. >> we going to go into tomorrow and into saturday, that's when the next major storm system gets here, i will time it out for you after the break >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor.
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it's life care. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break news after the break . two teen age suspects were charged with aggravated arson in fires that killed four people in tennessee. in addition to the deaths 150 people were injured and the fire destroyed thousands of homes. victims that lost their homes or loved ones this the fire are reacting to the arrests. >> i hope that they understand, they cannot take this back. families have lost their homes, their cars, their families. >> the governor of tennessee
5:48 pm
said the fire was the worst the state had experienced in more than a century. white out conditions led to a massive pileup on an interstate in lansing michigan. the pileup forced the closure of the freeways. a snowstorm plowed to oregon today. some areas could receive as much as 4 inches of snow. the storm prompted schools in the area to cancel classes today. lets go over to bill in the weather center. look at the snow in oregon. it's coming down below seattle. >> yes, the arctic air mass
5:49 pm
settled down in the rockies, it's bumping up against the cascades. all of this cold air is coming from the east and it's funneling the river, it's isolated in the portland area. they are getting snow. it happened out there. but not that often. it was interesting to see how the cold air was funneled into that little city. not in tacoma or seattle. we have light scattered showers, they accumulated a bit. in the sierras, we have over an inch of rain, there is more on the way. tomorrow we see more of the same but with less
5:50 pm
accumulation. so it's cloudy, partly cloudy and brizley tomorrow -- drizzly tomorrow. 47 in napa and fairfield. these overnight lows are way up from two days ago when we were in the 20s. the moisture is flying in. we have a strong dynamic coming in saturday. saturday the morning system will dump some rain. tomorrow is like today. nothing is well organized. it's just light scattered showers. so tomorrow morning, light scattered showers. tomorrow afternoon, light scattered showers. now we get into the free fall accumulations as we go into the middle of next week. even though it's going to rain
5:51 pm
on and off through tuesday and beyond, we only get an inch and a half. it's just a persistent wet pattern. so tomorrow, scattered showers, maybe some breaks. saturday morning, it rains strong. sunday we get a break and monday night into tuesday it starts to rain again. so the wet pattern is good. the rainfall is over 140% in many areas. it's raining in lake at lake tahoe but the snow levels will drop in the next few days. the ghost ship fire has raised questions over the city's ability to inspect buildings and crack down on those that violate safety codes. we look at how the department compares to others when it
5:52 pm
comes to inspections. >> reporter: the oakland buildings department said the warehouse had not been inspected for 30 years. many wonder how inspections slip through the cracks when over the years past tenants have filed complaints with the city. for example, there were wooden pallets used to form a makeshift staircase. >> we are not inspecting all of the buildings because we do not have enough people or resources. >> reporter: the vice president for the oakland fire department's union said the fire chief did not hire enough code inspectors. right now oakland has one fire marshal and five inspectors.
5:53 pm
san francisco has one fire marshal and 88 inspectors and 837,000 people and san jose has 45 spebtors for 946,000 people. firefighters that did not want to go on camera told ktvu fox news it's not just the lack of staffing but it's the lack of an accurate database. they said the system is not user friendly, that it's difficult to enter information and also, buildings could be red tagged but the city would now allow closures. we were told by numerous sources that all media requests need to go through the maybe's
5:54 pm
office. maybe libby schaaf said her office will be working on code enforcement and inspections. it's an unmistakable sound of the season, coming up, it's not donations the salvation army is coming up short on. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. it's a familiar jingle we hear over the holidays, bell ringers, they are out today despite the rainy weather, it's a sign that christmas is not far away. but the salvation army could use a little help, there is a bell ringer shortage. >> reporter: we all know that souped, it could only mean one thing. >> it's christmas time. >> reporter: make is one of thousands of bell ringers asking for giving nationwide. it's the sal vagues army's biggest fundraiser. no -- salvation army's biggest fundraiser and no donation is too small. those dollars add up.
5:58 pm
the red kettles brought in $150 million last year, the return on your investment, priceless. >> why did you give money? >> because my mom said. >> reporter: how did that make you feel? >> good. >> reporter: did it give i christmas spirit? >> yes. >> reporter: if you not give money, how about a little work. the salvation army needs bell ringers. young, old, even first timers, they need you. >> we want to get out to the public more, in order to do that, we need volunteers. if you can, call the salvation army and get into a place where there is an opening and have fun with it. >> reporter: for you potential bell rippingers out there, let
5:59 pm
me tell -- bell ringers, let me tell you, there is an art to it. >> i like a consistent ringing, you just tap it. >> reporter: the bills will ring until christmas eve night. ktvu fox news at 6:00 starts now. rain spoked the bay area and the forecast shows it's sticking around for a while: . good evening, we have team coverage of the rain. aliana has the problems we are seeing on the roy strks first, bill, we have been seeing drizzle all day. >> it's accumulated. we have seen accumulations of up to 2 inches.
6:00 pm
san francisco, over an inch, it has not been heavy. but the rain continues for the afternoon commute. you can see the areas of green representing something coming down. in between the areas of green, it's coming down. we are seeing widespread moisture released into the atmosphere all the way south to santa barbara. the morning commute tomorrow looks wet. cooler temperatures than you would expect with more rain. saturday we have a significant storm. see you back here with the computer model and the timing. all of that rain is making for a dangerous commute. we have seen a lot of rain related accidents and traf


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