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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> women on the campus of san jose state university have their guard up as officials investigate sexual battery cases. i am ken wayne. frank is off tonight. >> and i am julie haener. three of those cases happened in the last week. in the last hour we received word of an arrest. we are live on campus with latest word from school officials on the steps they are
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taking. >> reporter: within the hour we have learned all of the victims are students and the school president issued this letter to the school community, recognizing the anxiety these incidents create and she also outlined steps to make this campus safer. has campus police have patrols, students said they feel safer traveling in packs following a series of disturbing sexual battery cases. >> it seems like it's happening daily. it seems to almost happen exclusively to women. >> reporter: at least six cases since mid-october, the most recent on wednesday at duncan hall. a female student says she was groped on the northeast stairwell. the same thing happened in the student union and a week ago wednesday in the northeast stairs of sweeney hall. >> it didn't used to be something you had to worry about. i am just going to class. but now it feels like even if
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somebody is working to closely behind me it's a weird feeling to always have to be on your guard. >> you have no idea when somebody is going to come out of the shadows or even the daylight.>> reporter: police do not believe one person to be responsible but believe all suspects are in their 20s. university police now say one suspect is a student and has been arrested after officers received a tip and he may have committed other sexual battery is not yet reported. >> it's so common nowadays. i get these reports and i don't really think twice about it. >> reporter: this student carries a sound alarm around her neck to protect herself while other female students are hoping for more respect. >> i see people as other human beings. it's not like you know, we're not playthings. we are not a thing you can do anything to. our humanity is not up for negotiation. >> reporter: we have also learned from the school president's letter tonight, the school plans to install 24 additional security cameras.
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they also plan to hire six additional patrol officers and also enhance lighting on campus in light of these cases. julie crook's>> and six cases, how does that compare to other years? >> reporter: well, in the letter the school reports that last year, 2015, there were 11 reported cases. this year so far, there have been's 17 cases and there are still weeks left in the calendar year. if students feel unsafe, there are bluelight phones on campus that they can call in the case of an emergency. also, they can call for an escort if they need one. >> thank you. police in san jose arrested a high school teacher on charges of sexual assault against a student. trudy hill surrendered to detectives at the police department and posted bail. she teaches english at santa teresa high school. detectives say she used her position of authority to exploit
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a 17-year-old male student. the superintendent of the eastside high school district said "we are shocked and deeply disturbed by these allegations. we want to assure the community that the safety and well-being of students is our highest priority and said hill has been placed on administrative leave. mount to the weather and another wet night around the bay area. i want to show you another live picture from berkeley. we are in a series of storms through the bay area. >> bill martin is tracking that for us. >> it has just been kind of this low grade rain all day. it continues out there for a time last night when it picked up. we got a quarter inch in some places but this overall accumulation can feel slow. 2.32 inches was the heaviest rain spot i could find. about an inch in santa rosa and saratoga. san jose, about a quarter inch. that's the last 24 hours but it is still drizzling. we have a lot of moisture streaming in off the pacific.
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tons of moisture available to these next few systems. i am showing you the close-up of the bay area. you don't see a lot of green but there is a lot of green under the radar sweeps. the radar is an picking up from san leandro to santa rosa we have light drizzle continuing right into the evening hours into tomorrow morning's commute. there is tomorrow morning. not a lot of green showing up but they will be but -- wet on the roadways. tomorrow afternoon, more light sprinkles. tomorrow, less shower activity down there was today. some roads will be wet. saturday, another strong system will bring significant rain to the bay area and impact much of the weekend into next week. we will see you back here. we turn now to debora villalon and larkspur. a rough day on the road. >> reporter: yeah, the north bay is getting soaked and definitely seeing its share of accidents although when the bay area gets wet, those are equal opportunities.
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we will start with the process to crash. chicken parts all over highway 101 in san mateo. the big rig stopped suddenly and it's foul load shifted and spilled, closing three lanes as the evening commute was starting. it has been that kind of day. >> i would assume he collided with the center divide. >> reporter: one crash after another in many of the usual spots like this stretch of 880 and the berkeley curve on i 80, both slippery in the rain. >> vehicles tend to take that term at a high rate of speed. they lose control. there is a lot of oil on the roadway. >> reporter: while most of the accidents were minor, this one in vallejo set off a train reaction. a truck spends out, big rig swerves, three -- for vehicle gets hit. the woman driving was pinned in her seat for a half hour. we can all improve our odds by slowing down and making sure
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tires and wipers are in good shape. joining -- judging by the blades, some people are driving blind. >> last-minute squeaking more it's getting stuck were jumping around or it goes flying on the freeway. that happens. people don't replace them so they go flying. >> reporter: there are so many places and perches you don't see coming. this is san rafael this evening not far from where someone began their day by side swiping a chp cruiser with the officer in and. >> it just kind of happened and i looked at it. it didn't register and then i realized he hit me. >> reporter: the officer was writing a report about an earlier crash. he was shaken but not hurt. >> i feel lucky. sometimes we need a reminder of how dangerous this job can be. >> reporter: chp reminds everyone you can lose control in an instant because of the oil built up on the freeway.
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when you mix rain, it's bumper cars. fortunately, there is just one more commute day to get through this week. >> so many examples of why it's important to take it easy out there. now to the latest on the oakland warehouse fire. we stopped by the ghost ship this afternoon and saw firefighters working in the steady rain inside the burned- out building. federal investigators say they're going to send him a forensic mapping team to create a diagram and pinpoint the fire origin. meantime, officers have reopened international boulevard to traffic at 31st. the warehouse fire has sparked fear among others in oakland who occupy unpermitted live workspaces. as cristina rendon reports, they went to city hall to voice concerns about possible crackdowns. >> we don't want to be forced out of our homes and live in fear. >> reporter: or than a dozen artists expressing concern to the oakland city council. >> we do not want to live in fear.
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>> reporter: they fear the city will crack down on unpermitted residences in commercial spaces, prompting evictions following the deadly ghost ship fire. >> there were people who lost their roommates to the fire and now don't know how to pay for rent because they don't have the roommates money. there are landlords that don't care. >> we want our friends loved ones to be safe. many of us lost friends and loved ones are not fire. >> reporter: this woman lives in a co-op and says she is eager to work with city officials to come up with a solution. until then, many are calling for a moratorium on red tagging buildings. daniel franco hopes the city will grant amnesty to tenants and landlords. they say landlords who fear liability are handing out evictions. >> the bay area as a whole needs to solve its housing problem. people wouldn't be doing this if they had other options. >> reporter: council is listening. >> we don't want to do something now that would penalize most of the law-abiding citizens of this community who are safe and operating safely. >> reporter: council members say they intend to work with
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landlords to make sure oakland does not see mass evictions. they also want to help property owners come into compliance without fear of punishment. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the city council also ratified an emergency declaration allowing oakland to request state and federal funds to pay for the city's response. it also held a moment of silence for the 36 victims. the final victim was identified today but that person's name has not been released. names of 31 of the 36 victims have been publicly released. we learned two additional names today, 35-year-old jennifer mendiola, a graduate student in psychology at the university of california and 36-year-old joseph matlock, an electronic music performer and feature. the controversial figure who leased the ghost ship has been reunited with some tenants. tmz spotted derek el mina in oakland last night having dinner with survivors of the
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warehouse fire. other former residence of the ghost ship have accused him of ignoring clear dangers in the building. in a rambling interview, he said he was" incredibly sorry about the fire" but did not say if he deserved to be held accountable. oakland raiders fans are disappointed tonight. they were hoping for a win in kansas city to solidify playoff hopes. >> instead, the raiders lost to the chiefs, leaving a promising season a little more precarious. fans have a lot of success to celebrate this season. >> reporter: they do. they were really hoping they could be celebrating a win tonight inside during the second half when there was those interceptions this place exploded in cheers. people are really feeling optimistic about their team this year and optimistic about the chances of the team staying here in oakland. forget rain and cold outside. raiders fans were feeling the
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heat in ricky's sports bar. faith in raider nation is strong this season. >> i was born the same year as them and i think we're going to win.>> reporter: holiday santa hats, black-and-white. and fans like philip smith have one big christmas wish. a happy ending to a dream season. >> this season is just so different. it's a breath of fresh air. it has been so long. >> reporter: ricky henderson was there along with other lifelong loyal believers, the raider nation faithful. >> today is my birthday. i love them to death. a raider fan till i die. we ain't no bandwagon fans out here. >> it's been a long drought for the city so very very happy for them. good for the city of oakland. good for the whole bay area. >> reporter: but this night,
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fans also know they are lost in a bigger battle. >> contacting supervisors, signing petitions, and emails and all that stuff. >> reporter: hoping to keep the team in oakland. >> i will be a raiders fan but i am a oakland raiders fan. this is where they were born in 1960. here is where everybody supported them. they've got the raider nation but raider nation starts in oakland. >> reporter: and tonight, the save oakland fans were urging fans to write to the alameda board of supervisors and the oakland city council members, both have meetings on tuesday and there are things who are planning to be there to try to urge these elected officials to get some sort of deal done to keep the team here. reporting live in san leandro, ktvu fox 2 news. a backlash against a barbecue restaurant. still ahead, the racist and hateful messages the owners say they received after speaking out about a potential fire
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hazard. a 14-year-old boy has faced an uphill battle his entire life. watch as his dream comes true. >> i saw it. >> how basketball changed a life.
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the warriors steph curry is a hero to many kids but for one teenager with an unusually difficult life, steph curry is his everything.
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>> scott rief has the story of this warrior's star making a child's dream come true. >> reporter: brandon was a beautiful, healthy baby boy for about six weeks.>> he started having quirky movements, reflexes that didn't seem right. we were told it wasn't a big deal. within a week, they escalated to where it was clear there was something going on.>> reporter: infantile spasms, the most catastrophic seizures a child can house. >> the worst thing for any parent is to watch your offspring suffer and know that you can't do anything about it. >> the only solution at the time seemed to be basically removing half of his brain. >> they can't perform surgery on a four-month-old because it's not going to go well so they gave him this medicine to slow the seizures down. that's all it was supposed to do. i have these doctors that to this day are scratching their head whenever we go back
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because not only did it slow them down, it stopped them. >> we got extremely lucky because of the malformation he developed cognitive delays so his entire life he struggled. >> reporter: such was the backdrop for brandon's childhood that the family persevered. in time, the kid who is not expected to walk or talk did both and so much more. >> to watch him keep developing with a never say never attitude inspired the heck out of myself, my kids, my neighborhood, and people are amazed at where he has come from where he should be and where he is now.>> reporter: sports were not part of brandon's life as a small child. couldn't play them, didn't watch them until his younger brother jack showed him a video from the internet. >> steph curry, when he started to make these unbelievable half- court shots i found the video and i showed brandon.
10:18 pm
he looked at it and i could see his eyes just below the second he saw the video and ever since then, he has tracked every single basketball game steph curry plays. he knows every single player on the warriors. cognitively, we didn't even think he was capable of understanding. >> reporter: you might say steph curry became a healthy obsession and then something even more amazing happened, that of session gateway to emulation. >> one day he came to me and said i want to learn how to shoot baskets. this is a child i couldn't get to go outside and play with my other kids. ryndon can catch.'s balance was off. >> he would play and we would watch with his left hand. a baller bounce and get away from him.>> it wasn't really easy for me. >> reporter: he just kept practicing. >> all of a sudden, he was playing basketball. >> i dribbled the ball. i tried.
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i want to be an nba player. >> reporter: my kid was living life as normal as a kid can at 14 years of age playing basketball outside with his brother. i never would have dreamed in 1 million years and we were told it would never be possible.>> reporter: basketball and steph curry became brandon's world but in the that world unlike the one most of us live in, a boy's idol is readily accessible. >> he said to me mom, my only wish is to meet steph curry. you might as well tell me you want to meet barack obama. i went from the mission. long story short, i was connected to the warriors and here we are. >> it's good to meet you. how you doing? >> good. >> where do you want to shoot from? i'm going to play defense.
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get in there. there it is right there. >> this is kind of your dream. >> it came true. i thought i was never going to see him but i saw him. >> you are playing one-on-one. who one? >> me i think. >> reporter: you made more shots than he did. >> for a kid to overcome that many obstacles, that means a lot. it just gives me more motivation to keep doing what i'm doing. >> i can't believe i'm having an out of body experience watching my kid out there actually throw the ball with steph curry and make it. he had a few great shots. it gives him that sense that he can be normal. the confidence he gained today is priceless to me. absolutely priceless. >> it restores my faith in humanity. to be able to give my child a gift that he will have the rest of his life. he will feel like he is somebody. i just want to say thank you. it's very moving.
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>> it's the best day ever for me. >> to see him smile and just to go out there and steph curry to be so gracious to do that have see him throwing. it's amazing. what a great story. >> were you getting choked up as i was. >> it's such a good feeling. >> a great story. law enforcement officers honoring the fallen colleagues. >> there is ways that we can cope and process what we have seen. >> at 10:30 pm, see how they hope to send a message by running a marathon while wearing uniforms. new life's for conjoined twins, now separated by bay area. there's. and the story behind a special picture now providing comfort to a woman who lost her boyfriend in the oakland warehouse fire. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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what that was the wrong picture. i apologize. the uc berkeley campus honored the people who died in the go ship fire. hundreds gathered for the special service. 20-year-old jennifer morris and 21-year-old vanessa plotkin were undergraduates. 24-year-old david cline and 25- year-old griffin madden were recent graduates, and 33-year- old chelsea bolton was a volunteer at the campus radio station. vanessa plotkin's twin sister victoria was among those who shared their grief. >> i love you, jenny [ crying ]. vanessa was my twin sister -- >> vanessa was my twin sister. she was my best friend [ crying ]. she was my light.
10:25 pm
she was my son. s my son. >> friends and well-wishers also wrote messages on large portraits of the victims to commemorate the event. and one-time oakland barbecue restaurant is facing backlash after the owner made a public plea for a live work loft next door to bring itself into compliance with safety and fire laws. some supporters of the space known as the salt lake called the owner of the barbecue restaurant a snitch for speaking out. someone said michael taylor posted hate filled comments on facebook against the business owner. dorothy king was a community activist and says she was devastated. >> to tell us to go back where we come from and call us the end word -- and word -- end -- n-word, i've lived here my
10:26 pm
whole life and i've never heard anything like that. >> yelp is reviewing reviews to remove posts that appear to be motivated by news events rather than the reviewer's personal experience. a woman who lost her boyfriend in the fire is finding comfort in a special picture taken about a year ago. she was kissing griffin madden outside a broadway show in new york when a professional photographer snapped the photo. the photographer showed it to her at the time but she never had it copied. after losing griffin in the fire, she posted a message on face. saying she wanted to track down that photo. that message reached the new york-based photographer who gladly shared the picture with her. coming up, the golden state warriors trip to utah tonight.
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the jazz face the music. mark tells us one of the stars had a scare coming up next in sports. these bay area law enforcement officers are embarking on an emotional journey. here about what they are doing and why. little dakota's nose was quivering in fear.
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john glenn passed away today after a long and is -- and illustrious life of accomplishment. he flew combat missions in world war ii and the korean war, set a transcontinental speed record as a test pilot, and became the first american to orbit the earth as an astronaut. he then went into politics and represented ohio for four terms before returning to space as the oldest person to do so. after retirement, he and his wife founded the public in city for service.
10:30 pm
glenn says you need to follow your dreams the matter your age. john glenn died at a cancer center in columbus, ohio at 95. 20 law enforcement officers from the bay area are doing something unique this weekend to honor their fallen comrades. they are running in the dallas marathon. >> they want to pay tribute to the five officer killed in dallas this summer and all officers killed in the line of duty. amber lee in the newsroom with a police sergeant -- the police sergeant behind the idea. >> reporter: these are officers from seven different agencies including san leandro, fremont, and the alameda county sheriff's office. sergeant ryan gill came up with the idea and told us running can help relieve the stress officers face not knowing if they will make it home each night. on the bay trail at the san leandro marina, this group of law enforcement officers are training to run the 26 mile dallas marathon.
10:31 pm
>> we see a lot of death. we see a lot of violence. >> reporter: this group has been training for months. they plan to wear their uniforms when they run the marathon in dallas. they want to feel some comfort. >> it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that this profession is evolving three right now and it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that officers who have sacrificed themselves on their chosen days. >> reporter: service and sacrifice is a badge they were probably but the inherent dangers of the thin blue line bring added stress. >> i found running and that's why i have gathered all of these police officers together, to give them a way to cope. to show them there are ways we can cope and process what we have seen. >> reporter: for gill, processing loss has been constant. he was friends with the four police officers killed in february 2009 in oakland and in july 2015, another officer he worked with, scott longer of
10:32 pm
hayward, was shot and killed during a traffic stop. when five officers were killed in dallas in an ambush, it was a breaking point. >> i just don't know how our families deal with it. >> reporter: gill points to an incident on october 16 in vallejo. a gunman targets officers at a coffee shop. gill says the fear of ambush is ever present. >> we go to work and some of us hafley expect that it's going to happen. we go to incidents and we get nervous and scared that this might be at. >> reporter: gill says he is on guard even when off-duty. >> i have had people show up at my house that knew who i was my family, we all had planned for what to do -- have planned for what to do if somebody comes
10:33 pm
after daddy. >> reporter: for a deputy with the alameda county sheriff's department, the current anti- police climate was not a deterrent but a challenge and running the marathon in uniform sends a message. >> just because we wear the badge and have the gun doesn't mean we are robots. we have families. we have feelings. we have goals. >> reporter: gill tells me about 20 officers will be running with him in dallas. a sheriff's deputy says for her, law enforcement work was a calling since childhood. >> we are relentless and very brave. we represent a really strong force. >> i love serving the community. i love seeing little kids way that me. i love everything about it. it's my opportunity to get back -- give back before my time is done. >> reporter: the dallas marathon is set for sunday. the bay area officers say their fallen brothers and sisters will be them every step of the way. gill tells me family and friends will join him, bringing his contingent to about 50
10:34 pm
people. he calls it the journey of a lifetime. julie? >> quite a story. thank you very much. microsoft says it has sealed a deal to buy linkedin. the tech giant but the social media network for $26 billion. linkedin is headquartered in mountain view where john weiner told workers operations will remain the same but microsoft has big plans for linkedin. it's ceo says microsoft plans to coordinate linkedin with eco- products. a big day on wall street where new records were set for all three major indexes. traders are optimistic about progrowth policies in a comp administration as well as a positive weekly unemployment rate. the dow climbed 68 points, nasdaq 23, and the s&p 500 added 4. we have video of formerly conjoined twins who underwent a 17 hour surgery this week.
10:35 pm
the video, released by the hospital, shows two-year-old eva and erika sandoval being wheeled into surgery and shows the models used by doctors as a guide to separate the girls. the pair was born joined at the sternum and pelvis and they shared a liver. the risky surgery was a success. after it was over you see one of the twins being wheeled down the hallway for the first time in a bed all herself. >> thank you to the doctors. for believing. [ crying ]. and helping. >> the girls are both doing well and recovering in the same hospital room but in separate beds. it should be about a month before they can return home with their parents to the sacramento area. some napa police dispatchers took time to make the holidays brighter. the police department posted these photos on facebook of dispatchers decorating a house for christmas.
10:36 pm
they found out the person who lives there was in the house to land couldn't decorate the house himself as he likes to do so the dispatchers and their family stepped in to put up all the latent figurines as a surprise for him when he came home.>> good for them. the weekend is almost here and there are a lot of ways to get into the holiday spirit. this year, santa con is one of the options we run down. tracking the weather forecast, we are going to see snow in the mountains and rain around here to the next couple of days. i will let you know the timing. but first, the final stretch for dozens of forces and they are bay area trainers. why they are being forced to move in a matter of weeks.
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i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. dozens of horse trainers in pleasanton are being forced to
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leave their stables and training facility at the alameda county fairgrounds. the trainers told us the fairgrounds failed to get its contract renewed with golden gate fields to operate as an exactly training facility. train is received notice that the last day for training horses at the track will be christmas eve and the horses will need to be moved by january 15. >> this is our home. it's a great place to train your horse and we want to be here. >> it is absolutely beyond our control. it was a decision made from a request from golden gate fields. it was submitted with a license and voted on by an entity outside of us. >> the trainers are hoping for a change of heart. golden gate fields has been using the pleasanton stables and track as a facility since 2008 extract just in time for the holidays, prosecutors in
10:40 pm
los angeles are suing four retailers over allegations of deceptive advertising. macy's, goals, sears, and jcpenney are all being accused of inflating discounts. prosecutors say they would publish ads showing big markdowns from original prices but claimed the items were never sold at those original prices which is a violation of california law. the lawsuit seeks penalties and a stop to the practice. christmas is now less than three weeks away. there are plenty of holiday themed events to celebrate. rosemary orozco has the details in our weekend watch. >> reporter: we are knocking on the weekend. here are a few events happening around the area. in san francisco, expect a sea of red and white at santa con 2016. the annual santa pub crawl is saturday in the union square area. if you would like to participate it starts at noon. you will need to wear a full santa claus suit and bring a new unwrapped toy to the sf fire department toy drive and
10:41 pm
rc p -- rcep on facebook. shop the holiday streets in berkeley. shoppers can choose from arts and crafts including jewelry, wire work, hats, candles, pottery, and metal craft. the fair is between -- on bancroft. get a taste of traditional christmas. indulge in german food and drinks while browsing handcrafted gifts and live music performances. the event is at the mountain view city plaza. in the south bay, enjoy winterfest. on saturday, the san jose earthquakes will host the event running from noon to 5 pm and will feature more than 10 tons of snow and holiday activities ahead of the viewing party for the mls 16. you will be able to snap photos on the field with happy holidays displayed on the large stage behind you. is to 2016 sausalito light and
10:42 pm
bow parade fireworks show. in a typical year, about 40 decorated floats compete for prizes. the parade is saturday at 6:00. the warriors and readers are on the road. that is your weekend watch. we have some wet, winter like weather today and there is more on the way as we take a live view of union square in san francisco. chief mina are -- chief meteorologist bill martin is next with what to expect.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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getting a little snow on the past levels. at the lake level, raining most of the day but the snow report looks good as we head into your bay area weekend. we are going to say -- see real snow on saturday and then again on monday and tuesday.
10:45 pm
we still have light scattered showers around here. they did amounts to a bit of rain today, up to 2 1/2 inches in the marine county area. it's just this consistent, persistent light rain. here is the flow. the dynamics are pretty weak right now but if the dynamics are present in a major way, look at all this moisture coming in. this is basically the smaller atmospheric river. that can be a very productive pattern. most 3 miles of -- 3000 miles of moisture streaming our direction but it is such that we -- let me take it back can't say this area. this is the next area that is going to bring us a pop. that's saturday. in the meantime, we are going to get through all this moisture, about 800 miles of this that will produce a day tomorrow a little like today. it's going to be the flight, low grade rainfall part of the day. i think we will see more dry skies and conditions but still wet roadways for the morning and afternoon commute.
10:46 pm
outside now, the radar isn't showing much but much of it is falling below radar right now. just because it's not showing green does not mean it's not & wet all over the bay area. rainfall accumulations are light but adding up. as we move through tomorrow this section right here will bring light, scattered showers. that curly q gets here late saturday morning that will bring a more robust model. there is say the -- 7 am, lately scattered. the roads will be damned. be ready for that. the afternoon, not much going on. low grade, light sprinkles. and then late on friday into saturday morning, bang. mainly from san francisco north. and then 7 am, saturday morning it's raining and you see how progressive -- that's a good thing about that kind of
10:47 pm
system. you look for some kind of dynamic so it progresses through so it wasn't like today or how it will be tomorrow with a lot of water. this will move through and we get a break saturday afternoon. we get into sunday and sunday starts to dry out in preparation for what's coming around on monday and tuesday. right now, sunday is the best day this weekend. here is the 5-day forecast and morning commute. a little damp. saturday morning is going off. saturday afternoon not too bad. sunday is your day for getting out. monday increases the clouds and tuesday back into it. that's just how it works. almost winter time. we're not far from the solstice. i never lived in seattle. i know you did but doesn't it feel a little like seattle? >> that's a perfect way to describe it. it's misty and fine. not big raindrops just enough to be a big annoyance.
10:48 pm
>> if we were in seattle we would all be at starbucks right now. >> that's why they are up there. >> listening to nirvana. sports is next. we will be right back.
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we're talking the readers. there is still a chance for the
10:51 pm
playoffs but it was disappointing tonight. >> of course you feel badly about a lost but they put on their big boy pants out to kansas city. they played in freezing temperatures and they played a good game. you could make a case that they outplayed the chiefs three had a four quarters. mark davis, who was out there with his team seeming to enjoy the matter, still sitting next to me. i am still trying to concentrate on the ball game. first break of the game, a punt for the chiefs as you see that right there. it's recovered by james cows are of the readers. that leads to a field goal and they are off to a quick lead but the second quarter alex smith leads a 70 yard play. tyreek hill, 26 yard touchdown catch and smith is 90 to 1 against the readers. smith is 17 out of 26. target travis kelce might be
10:52 pm
the best in the business. 26 yards leads directly to a short chiefs touchdown run. it's a 14 -3 lead for them. shortly after that, disaster. marquette king didn't have his best might. he punched it right down the middle to tyreek hill, the rookie. he bolts like he is shot out of a cannon -- canon. 78 yards past everybody and gone. you think this is going to be a disastrous night. it's 21 -3. raters out of the road. but before the half, the 92 yard drive offering hope. derek carr will drill michael crabtree. 12 yards to the 3. a touchdown run 21-10 at halftime. turnovers in the third quarter and it looks like the raiders are going to sneak back into this game as they usually do. it is smith picked by tj carrie. he will take it back to the a
10:53 pm
team but after that turnover, while the readers could manage was a short field goal by dan mccasky. next possession, khalil mack, your afc defensive player of the year strip searches smith. you can basically say reader ball at the 18 yard line. no touchdown. another field goal attempt. disaster. the holder is drilled and that cost them dearly. still, the chiefs can't score. two minutes left in the game. 4th and 6 at the chiefs 9 yard line. seth roberts, many a clutch catch for the readers this year, not that time. 21-13 final. they do certain -3. the chiefs have the advantage in the tie because they have beaten the raiders twice. derek carr, 17 of 41 passing for 117 yards tonight.
10:54 pm
no touchdowns and no he says, the finger was not bothering him. >> no, no. it's good. it definitely wasn't the finger. it was definitely a bad night. there is no getting around that. i hate to have a bad night come on this one out of all the games we've had but obviously we did do enough. i feel sick to my stomach when we put something out there like that on film. it hurts. i can promise you that. >> three games left for both the chiefs and the readers. meantime, the warriors early beat the jazz tonight by seven points. drawn to no conclusions. they got off to a quick start. they were board the rest of the way. kd with a great block. long to klay thompson. knowing your 60 but great start for the warriors. steph curry had no three- pointers last night but check that one out.
10:55 pm
a deep three. they pile on him, he sells with 26 points tonight. 14-4 and 22-5. draymond green starts it and watch klay thompson. all the way to the bucket. klay finishing strong. and then you go to check out the shot of the night right there. steph curry works for it, those it up. he's fouled. put it down. they are in business against the jets. never threatened freely as you look at the replay. he knows he's going to get fouled. they get a lift off the bench from the rookie pat mccaw. 10 points tonight. an easy laying on the other side but the scare came in the second half here. draymond green tweaked his ankle, had to limp into the locker room. he apparently checked out fine because moments later he was smiling on the bench and back
10:56 pm
into the game and healthy enough for this perfect scene. 21 points for kevin durant. 106-99 and the warriors are now 20-3. st. maries lost their first game, ranked 12 in the country. the gales lose to ut arlington. the final score 55-61 in moraga. or use play like these guys sometimes. the globetrotters looked blakes san antonio texas at the tower of the americas attempting the highest shot ever made in north america. went all the way to the top, secured himself with a harness, and then nailed a 500 -- 583 foot shot, 8 inches. to make the highest shot ever in north carolina.
10:57 pm
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