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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this is ktvu fox news mornings on two. mornings on two continues knew. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, here's a live picture of san francisco. look at that, quite a bit of water coming through that area there, that's because of a
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water main break, this is fourth and howard street. we have a live report coming up. >> he just fell into a puddle. >> my goodness. >> don't you hate that feeling. >> yes. >> we will be out there talking about how long this is going to be closed. we also have a lot of water around the roads because of the rain, i saw people driving way too fast yesterday. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, are you ready for the rain? >> no but i will take it. right now we have a plume of
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moisture coming across the area. also there is a lot of fog embedded within it. there was a band of fog that went through oakland and parts of the east bay, this kind of a pattern can get to the santa cruz mountains. we are in the 40s and 50s. warmer than a faw days ago. we is a pretty good front coming in tomorrow for rain. sal, it's bad enough when it rains, thank goodness it's not snowing. >> we would have a whole traffic and weather channel if it did. developing news in san francisco. potentially a big traffic problem in the south of market neighborhood. fourth and howard, a water main
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break. christian is there. i do not think i could have chosen a worse spot. >> reporter: this is the most heavily traveled intersection in san francisco. we are at fourth and howard. the intersection is shut down because of the water main break. we are hearing that this intersection could be shut down until at least noon, possibly longer. think about the effect that will have on the morning commute. the road appears to be buckling. you saw that gentlemen tripping a couple of minutes ago. it gives you a sense of how rough the road is and what may have happened. portions of the road might be sinking. it's not safe for any vehicles to travel on. this area could have been
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hollowed out and a sickk hole could form. the water main break put the water on the street but the problem is the water that may be under the street. the city will likely need an engineer out here to see if vehicles are safe to pass over. no word on what caused the roads to break. so fourth street is shut down between folsom and mission. if you are going through this area, find an alternative way of getting around. the early estimate is that it could open at noon but if the area has a voit that is washed away by the water and the
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intersection is not safe, they are going to want to get out and repair it. we will try to get you an ak ralt time -- accurate time line on when they will be opening it. this is going to be a big traffic problem, if you are going down to the freeway, or if you are going shopping in that area or going to the center, it's at fourth and howard. if you want to get to the freeway, i recommend using 10th street. you can avoid fourth street and that will get you to the highway. this will have a chain reaction on the whole area. even on third, there is likely to be a traffic jam in the
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area. we can stay on the mops here, lets go to the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco looks good. there is an issue south bound 101, the traffic is effected by an overturned vehicle. traffic is slow coming down to the golden gate bridge. the altamont pass looks okay. thank you, sal. be careful if you are heading out on the roads, you may run into wet roads because of off and on sprinkles. california highway patrol said it's responding to twice as many spin outs on the rainy days, during the evening
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commute, a rig hauling chicken parts was forced to shift and it spilled its contents on the highways. people are going to need windshield wipers. >> people do not replace them and they go flying. >> california highway patrol said you can lose control of your car and get into an accident in an instant. there is oil and fluids on the roadways, so they advise, slow down. police in santa rosa arrested a woman they said tried to kidnap a girl. police said the woman grabbed a girl outside of a store but put her down when the child's
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mother screamed. now to our tferg coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. federal investigators are sending a team of mapping experts to yeet -- create a diagram of how the fire started. authorities said they believe that the cause was electrical but they have not figuring out the cause, all 36 victims have been identified. people living in live/work spaces in oakland without a permit are afraid that they may be evicted after the fire. many are worried that the city
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will crack down on unpemented home and they are calling for a moratorium on red tagging buildings. >> there are people that lost roommates and do not know how to pay the rent. the landlords do not care. >> the bay area needs to solve it's housing problem, that's the problem. >> we do not want to penalize the community. >> the city council said they plan to work with landlords to insure that there are no mass evictions and they want to work with property owners to get them into compliance. tickets go on sale for a benefit to help the victims of
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the fire. the bay area band primus will head up the event. this is a video they posted on you tube. the benefit features a host of popular indie acts. the proceeds will go to help the victims. the kansas city chiefs beat the raiders snopg the raiders' six game streak -- snapping the raiders' six game streak. the raiders scored a touch down before the half. that cut the lead but they could not finish off a second half come back, the raiders did
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not capitalize on turn overs and derek carr had a rough night. the chiefs and raiders are tied for first place in the afc west. if you plan to head to the sierras this weekend, expect a lot of snow and rain. we are checking in with caltrans. there is no snow requirements yet but you may want to bring your chains. skiers and snow borders are enjoying fresh snow at m mammoth resort. >> that's a cool place to ski. a san jose high school teacher was arrested, accused
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of having sex with a student. we will tell you where the teacher was working coming up. president-elect donald trump has almost finished filling up his cabinet. how much of a battle will he have with democrats over these picks. we have more on that coming up. >> we look at a commute that is wet. all of the bridges are slower than usual, we let you know more about that straight ahead. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ♪
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for all your sides. . welcome back to mornings on 2. the great smoky national park reopens today after the wild fires in tennessee. officials are eager to reopen the park. it's the nation's most visited national park. almost 11 visitors last year. two teenagers suspected of starting the fires have been arrested for arson. hillary clinton spoke out yesterday against fake news, she was on capitol hill for an event for retiring nevada
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senator harry reid. she said, it's clear that fake news can have real world consequences, it was a reference to a gunman that fired shots inside of a washington, dc puz shop that was the target of a conspired theory. president-elect donald trump may have to prepare himself for a battle with congress. some democrats in the senate may try to block some of his nominees. >> reporter: a lot of the blanks are filling in. all of the cabinet members have been to be confirmed by the senate and that means picking and choosing their battles. president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour last night. >> i believe we are in the process of putting together one
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of the greatest cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of the nation, do you like it so far? >> reporter: his picks have made conservative happy, but two of the most recent ones may upset democrats in congress, scott pruitt for the head of the epa and the nominee for labor secretary. >> it's nonsense to suggest that opposing epa regulations that are stupid means you are for dirt yeah air. >> there is a lot of important money in the democratic camp that comes to the democratic
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party based on environmental issues. those kinds of people will be arguing to take a stand on scott pruitt. >> reporter: the nominee for labor secretary has supported the use of immigrant labor. >> his pick could annoy both sides. >> the republicans have a small majority in the senate. but nangs to changes in the snalt, made by democrats, all that i need is a small majority to confirm cabinet picks -- thanks to changes in the senate, made by democrats, all
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that i need is a small majority. there is a water main break at fourth and howard and we also have a problem in marin county, this is a sig alert. considering how many lanes it's blocking, i thought it would be worse. there is a mile long backup in marin county. hopefully they will be clearing it before it gets bad. i also wanted to mention fourth and howard. the intersection is closed until further notice because of a water main break. if you want to get to the freeways go town 10th. that will get you on to the freeways. this is going to have an effect
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on people going to shop in the area. it's near the fifth and mission garage. it may even effect people going in on third street to get into the financial district. today is a good day to use bart because of this ongoing situation. we have a decent commute on the bay bridge toll plaza. on 280 in san jose we also have very good conditions. north bound 101 from gilroy to san jose looks good. lets bring in steve. >> happy friday, sal. still a lot of fog out there, cloudy and drizzling. that can add up over time. yesterday had some impressive
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totals in some areas. martinez picked up an inch. the santa cruz mountains, 3 inches of rain, southern california, 2 inches. sfo had really heavy rain overnight into the morning hours. richmond an inch and a quarter. moisture continues to take aim at us but it's moving a little south. maybe we will get a few breaks before the next system arrives late tonight into saturday. a lot of moisture, a little bit of rain and fog. there was a system that came by but it fell apart. the santa cruz mountains are getting some. 50s for some, 60s for others.
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much warmer than it's been. 55 in stanford. hillsborough 55. truckie, 43. it's rain until the get way into the higher elevations. sacramento, there is more green than white so it's mainly a rain event. tonight and tomorrow it's a wind event with gusts over 100 miles per hour in some of the passes, that's overnight into early saturday. the next system gives us rain for most of saturday and the pattern is giving us a break sunday and monday. drizzle and foggy today. then rainfall saturday. some areas, if it sets up south or north, you can get more but this is showing you how much each area gets.
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so it's 63 in oakland, 64 in san jose, a lot of fog and rain through saturday. cooler and increasing clouds. sounds like a lot of rain. >> a series of systems. >> do you remember we were talking about the seven hour surgery to separate the conjoined twins, we have new video from the hospital after the successful operation. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to mornings on two, f. two inmates that broke out of the santa clara jail on the night before thanksgiving are due back in court. rogelio chavez and laron campbell were two inmates that cut through bars and escaped. they were on the run for a week before being recaptured. they are due in court for a plea hearing. they already faced 30 to 40 year terms. the escape may add 16 more months. a settlement hearing is expected for a napa woman and
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her boyfriend is happening this morning. they are used of killing a child. lawyers are hoping that today's event will let them go to jail without a trial. macy's kohls and sears are being accused of inflating discounts. the stores would publish ads showing big mark downs but they claimed that the items were never sold at those prices. several memorials and vigils are planned for tonight remembering the victims of the
5:28 am
oakland warehouse fire. coming up, the team of mapping experts that are heading to the fire site today. three sexual assaults on the campus of san jose state. we have a live report. >> we looking at the bay bridge, traffic is going to be busy. coming up we look at the toll plaza. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to mornings on
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2, vulg news in san francisco, this is a mess, a water main break in san francisco is effecting traffic, you can see this area is blocked off, this is fourth and howard. a very busy intersection, there was a water main break. sal is all over this. we are told that the area is going to be effected. they are going to have to go around. look at that. look at the divet in the road. sal will have all of the details coming up, welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. it's friday. a lot of people may be thinking about heading up to tahoe.
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>> go for it, it's raining though. if you are going today, it's fine, tomorrow will be very windy. it's warm today, temperatures in the 40s up there. we have a plume of moisture heading over us, embed in that is a lot of fog and drizzle. cloudy skies and upper 50s for many. it's moving through the area. there is a lot of moisture on the way too. whats frustrating is, i know it's raining in my house but it's below the radar. it's lower level stuff so the radar does not pick it up. again, the beam goes over the top of it but there are some areas getting steady drizzle.
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there is a breeze out of the east, especially in the santa clara valley. temperatures have warmed up to 50s and sibilitys. a few forts in the mix but mostly the 50s and 60s. we have a series of systems coming in for the next seven to 10 days. fourth and howard, sal? >> unfortunately we have that water main break. it's a 12-inch main, this will not be repaired until after noon today. so that's going to put a lot of pressure on other streets. a lot of people will be on fifth and eighth and 10th. it's going to be a difficult
5:34 am
morning in the south market area. even on third, people will be driving through, this is a block away from one of the biggest parking garages in the city, the fifth and mission garage. this is not going to be open, fourth and howard, until the afternoon, at the least. christian is there, gathering more information. we will have a report from him soon. lets look at 880, the traffic here is looking good. the solano county commute is moving well down to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza before you make it on to the span. lets go back to the desk. students at san jose state university are on alert after a
5:35 am
seerdz of sexual assault -- series of sexual assault acquisitions on campus. >> reporter: good morning, we are back on this story after reporting it yesterday because we found out that sexual assaults here on the campus of san jose is happening more frequently. there have been 17 sexual assaults on women this year and six since october. three of the attacks happened this week. one happened at duncan hall. a woman was groped on a stairwell. the same thing happened earlier in the week in the student hall. >> it seems like it happens daily. it seems like it only happens
5:36 am
to women. >> reporter: surveillance pictures captured a student's pictures. he is a student and he has been arrested. it's not clear if the person is connected to other cases but the police here are saying that they have other sexual assaults and they believe that there are other suspects. all of the suspects are male and believed to be in their 20s. thank you. later this morning we will be haryk interest a south bay superintendent accused of having sex with a student. trudy hill was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old student. the superintendent of the east side high school district issued a statement saying, we
5:37 am
are shocked and deeply disturbing by the allegations. we want to assure the community that the safety and well-being of the students is our highest priority. now to our continuing coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. a federal mapping team will go to the fire site to figure out the cause. the names of 31 of the 36 victims have been publicly released and we have also learned two more names. jennifer mendiola and joseph matlock. later today, the atf is expected to release more about their investigation so far. the controversial figure that leased the ghost ship building has been reunited with
5:38 am
some of his tenants. tmz spotted derick almena, also known as derick ion having dinner at dennys with some of the residents of the goaf ship. in a interview with nbc derick almena, also known as derick ion said he was very sorry about the fire but he did not say if he was accountable for the tragedy. tonight at 7:00, the oakland city chorus will perform a concert for the victims. there is a reception and fundraiser at 6:00 hosted by the second friday organization. all proceeds from the event will be donated to a relief fund. hundreds of members of the
5:39 am
uc berkeley community held a memorial for the students and members of the community that died in the fire. one of the victim's twin sister was among those that shared their grief. >> i love you jenny and i miss you so much. she was my twin sister. she was my best friend. she was my light. she was my sun. >> friends and well wishers also wrote messages on large portraits of the victims to commemorate the event. on our website,, you
5:40 am
will find more on the warehouse tragedy including the investigation. we also have updates on our ktvu fox news mobile app. san jose city leaders are taking drastic action to clean trash off san jose freeways. they are considering imposing a fine on caltrans if they do not take action, trash on the freeway has been a problem in san jose for a long time. they are considering the measure next week. san jose is considering an ordinance to require hosts of
5:41 am
websites like air bnb to register with the city and only allow people to represent for 30 days or more. the golden gate national recreation area issued it's final rules on dog access. coming up, where offleash dog walking will be limited. in the east bay we are looking at a commute that is not bad. this is the macarthur maze, it's not too bad. we break it down in a few minutes. >> we have a weather update coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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. welcome back to mornings on
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2, developing news in san francisco. a water main break is effecting traffic at fourth and howard streets. look at that hole in the ground. it's a very busy area of the city, it's going to be blocked off until noontime, that's when repairs should be completed. there is a lot going on out there. christian is there and he will have a live update in about 15 minutes. san jose firefighters said one person was hurt after a house nier. the fire was reported after 6:00 last night. the fire department tweeted this photo you are looking at. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. the fire caused major damage to that hope. the children's hospital released a new video of the set
5:45 am
of conjoined twins that were separated after a 17 hour surgery. the video shows the kids being wheeled into surgery. the riffingy surgery was a success. >> thank you to the doctors. thank you for believing and hoping. it's a miracle. >> the girls are both doing well. they are recovering in the same hospital room but in separate beds, it should be a month before they can return home with their parents to the sacramento area. christmas is less than three weeks away and this weekend there are plenty of holiday themed events. we are all of the details in today's weekend watch. >> reporter: we are knocking on weekend's door. here's a few events happening around the bay area.
5:46 am
in san francisco expect a sea of red and white as santa con takes over the city. the annual santa public crawl takes place in the downtown area, you need to bring a new toy and wear a santa claus suit. also the holiday street fair in berkeley. shoppers can choose from hats, wood, crafts and more. the fair is between dwight and bancroft. indulge in food and drinks at the mountain view city hall
5:47 am
plaz from 7:00 to 9:00 saturday. -- plaza from 7:00 to 9:00 saturday. you will be able to snap photos on the stadium field. in the north bay it's the 2016 parade and fire works show. 40 decorated boats compete for a variety of prizes. the parade is saturday at 6:00. the 49ers are playing at home. i have been to the boat parade. it's nice, it's pretty. bundle up though. it's probably going to be cold and raining. sal, lets talk about the rain, the roads have been tough for the drivers. >> yes. we have a new word of a crash
5:48 am
at north bound 101 at spencer avenue. this is just off the golden gate bridge. there was an overturned car going north bound. there was one going south bound. that one is almost clear. the north bound one just occurred. so far there is no backup but the traffic is going to start to backup driving from san francisco into marin county. lets move along and look at some of the other commutes. the bay bridge is slow westbound trying to get into san francisco. there have been no major issues. remember at fourth and howard, the intersection in san francisco of fourth and highway ard is shut down due to a water main break. howard is shut down between third and fifth. >> what are you going to do,
5:49 am
sal? >> i would take bart and not drive. we have a lot of cloud cover and fog. some of the areas of fog have reduced visibility. there is still pockets of drizzle and light rain. it seems like the radar is down in tracy. all day yesterday and today, what is going on with the radar. the showers are below the beams. so it does not pick up the showers. there are some areas where there is a little bit of clearing. but we had some pretty good rain
5:50 am
totals. southern california, 2 inches. sfo, that was a record rainfall there. richmond had pretty good rain. most of us picked up half an inch to an inch and a half. except for san jose. there is still some rain in here but you cannot see it. we had a bit of rain moving through oakland to the east bay. it's lightning up a bit. the breeze will start to crank up, out of the east/south east. it's going to up over the sierras. that south east wind picks up as we get a front coming in. the temperatures are up. 56 in56 palo alto.
5:51 am
56 in morgan hill. 57 in santa cruz. 43 in truckie. you do not have to worry about snow there until sunday or monday. tonight and tomorrow, another system is in place, there is plenty coming in in the next six to 10 days. we may get a few breaks in the clouds. some clearing is taking place, a lot of clouds and rain in the mix. the temperatures are mild. rain into saturday. partly sunny and cooler sunday and monday. increasing clouds tuesday. >> thank you. an interesting sighting in arizona, tupac and robin williams. we have the store i why that is
5:52 am
-- story that is going viral this morning. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. this is an usual story. robin williams and tupac were spotted together in arizona but it's not the two that you were thinking about. a woman named romin williams
5:55 am
and a man named tupac were arrested together -- robin williams and a man named tupac were arrested together. a man pled guilty to bank fraud and was ordered to pay $11 million. he told the judge he was not involved in the mortgage scam. prosecutors said several of his former employees obtained mortgages through illegal means. it helped them keep large lines of credit. 20 bay area law enforcement officers are doing something special to honor their fallen colleagues. they are going to texas to run the dallas marathon.
5:56 am
they are honoring the bay area police officers. they will run the race in their police uniforms. >> it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that the profession is going through and it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that the sacrificed officers felt on their chosen days. some police office dispatchers took time to make the holidays brighter, the police department posted these photos on facebook, dispatchers decorating a house for christmas. the person that lives there cannot decorate because he's in the hospital so they went out to decorate. they did a great job. it's a surprise for the person
5:57 am
when he comes home. >> that's sweet. we continue to follow developing news of a water main break in san francisco. it's going to be there for a while and it's causing problems. we have live temperature coverage on the alternative routes you can take. san francisco mayored lee has not -- mayor ed lee has not made a decision. >> a lot of cloud cover, more widespread rain is on the way for tonight and tomorrow. we have more on that coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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5:59 am
. a water main break shuts down a major intersection in san francisco. we give you the latest time line on how long it going to take to reopen. what federal investigators
6:00 am
will be doing today as they search for the cause of the oakland warehouse fire. good morning, thank you for joining us, if you are just waking up, it's friday december ninth. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. >> do we need an umbrella. >> i would take one. it's foggy out there for some. we are in a pattern where you can get rain even though the radar does not show it. it's mild, that's the good news. i think that we get a break before the next system rolls in. many people reteethed this out. a nice rainbow over sleepy hollow in --


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