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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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connected to the sexual assaults on campus. >> let it snow. the four on two starts now. the deadly oakland warehouse fire was not caused by a refrigerator. atf investigators said they do not know what is to blame for the fire. >> we will have the latest on the deadly oakland warehouse fire investigation this a moment. first we start in san francisco where traffic near the mos cone yu center -- moscone center has been stalled. >> reporter: traffic has been allowed to come down four lt street and take a right hand turn on to howard. that's the good news, but
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everything around the area is closed. water seeped through cracks at fourth and howard strees. witnesses -- streets. witnesses describe water coming from the steet. it went into the underground parking garage and flowed into a construction site. the culprit? a 121 year old pipe. >> this is a 12-inch pipe that was installed in 1895. >> reporter: crews work to shore up the roads. >> the city has 1,000 miles of water pipes under the streets, all vawr ying sizes and ages.
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we are underway with an aggressive program to repair and re-- varying sizes and ages, we are underway with an aggressive program to repair and replace the pipes. it's ongoing repair and maintenance. >> reporter: water officials tell us that the weather could have played a role in the rupture, they said that the breaks happen when the weather changes. back here, you can see that the crews have a ways to go, they were hoping to get things wrapped up by five or 6:00 but it does not look like it's going to happen. the traffic is backed up all the way down past market.
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if you are in this area, make sure that you avoid fourth and howard streets. anywhere near there is going to be a mess. thank you. it looks like a mess. thank you tara. we are going to continue to see more rain, we had a bit of a reprieve but we have more rain. >> yes. the main rain focus is up to the north but things are changing over the next 12 hours. this is the satellite. the green is the organized rainfall. to the north, we have clouds in the bay area. we had mist and showers this morning. but they have stalled out. we have the cold air to the south and the warmer coming from the north.
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you probably noticed the warm temperatures for today. we have some 60s, san jose, 64, santa rosa, 59 and san francisco in the upper 50s. this is our live camera looking towards the oakland estuary. the clouds will be thickening up over the next few hours. saturday morning, rainfall, maybe half an inch to over an inch. some of the wettest locations could get 2 inches. with the warm nature of the system, we have high snow levels in the sierras. snow levels are approaching 8,000 feet. right around lake level. lots of rain for us first thing tomorrow morning. at 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees. in the afternoon we hold on to some showers late saturday morning into the early portion
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of the afternoon. wrapping up the day we hold on to the chance of a shower. that will set the stage for a break into sunday. this is the forecast model, you can see the rainfall developing into midnight. the rainfall rates pickup overnight. this is 7:00. then lingering into the afternoon, you will notice by 3:00 p.m., the rainfall is heading to the south, closer to monterey bay. we have more rain in the forecast for next week. police in san jose arrested a high school teacher on charges she sexual wri assaulted a minor student. trudy hill surrendered to detectives and has posted bail. as lee tells us, another student tipped off the authorities. >> reporter: san jose police said 30 to year old trudy hill
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used her position as an english teacher to coerce a male student into a sexual relationship. her arrest did not come as a surprise. >> i called this happening last year, i had her as a teacher. she was touchy with the kids. >> reporter: students said they knew hill to use snapchat to send photos to her students but nobody recalls seeing inappropriate photos of the teacher. it was another student that turned hill into the authorities. >> we started the investigation when a tip came through through a facebook posting. we informed the police and they began the investigation. >> reporter: the san jose
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police department that investigates crimes against children started to investigate hill for sending possibly obscene images to the teen. then they uncovered a sexual relationship that went on from august to november. >> we reached out to the student and the family to see if they needed the support. >> reporter: parents said they are concerned that hill has student's personal cell phone numbers and social media accounts. >> teachers are supposed to communicate to parents through the school. >> reporter: hill was arrested but posted bail. she's on administrative leave. the school has a policy against teachers communicating directly to students. they have to use the school's
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gmail account or they go through a school site. university police from san jose university said a a male was taken into custody for sexual assault. there have been six sexual assaults since mid october. all of the victims were students but police did not think that only one person is responsible. >> you do not know if someone is going to come out of the shadows. >> before it was not an issue. now it feels like, if someone is walking closely behind me, it's a weird feeling. >> reporter: the university is increasing security.
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they plan to hire more campus officers and improve the lighting on campus. federal investigators gave an update on their probe of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. they are using forensic mapping technology to track the origin and cause of the fire. they said the process will take three days. they are preparing a diagram of the fire scene. they said a refrigerator was not the source of the fire, despite initial reports. >> the refrigerator was in the area of the origin but was not the cause of the fire. that was made known definitely by the electrical engineers. >> they are planning another update too the investigation of the deadly oakland warehouse fire monday. >> we learned the names of the
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last victims of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. they were barrett clark, 35, michele sylvan, 37, nicholas walrath, 31, and peter wadsworth, 38. 34 year old john birnbaum was a dj. every face has a story, that's especially teu when it comes to -- true when it comes to the deadly oakland warehouse fire. >> reporter: this professional photographer was here to honor his son who died here. >> i wanted to get some closure. my wife could not and would not come down here. but to me, this is part of
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closure. >> reporter: in the day that he has been here he met some of his son's friends. >> they had a lot of photos of my son, also some of the poems that he wrote. they were very gracious people. >> reporter: with these new photos, his family collection and what he shot today, he will put together a photo book in his son's honor to help bring closure to himself and his wife. >> my son's life is over, we have to just keep going and put our lives back together. >> reporter: there will be a lifetime of regrets for the little things. >> there is a lot of things that i wish i had said to him but i will never be able to. that's what is sad. i have had people say, he is in a better place, i say, no, he
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is here. i miss him. this is where i want him to be, unfortunately that will never happen. >> reporter: he closed with guess ros at this. >> i wanted to offer my condolences to them and their loss of life. tickets went on sale early erl today for a concert to benefit the families of the people killed in the warehouse fire -- earlier today to benefit the families of the people killed in the warehouse fire. the bay area band primus will head up the event. the benefit is being held at oakland's fox theater. proceeds will go to the fund that has raised half a million dollars on the
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site. next, we head to the sierras as we look at conditions this weekend. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th.
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. many people are heading up to the sierras this weekend after a storm rolled through the area. when they get there, they will find lots of fresh snow. lets check with our man in the mountains. how r-- are you doing?
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>> great. it's looking good. the temperatures are a bit warm. we have a mixture of snow and rain. maybe an inch and a half to 3 inches at the top. the snow has started to fill in all the way up to gun barrel. we are getting ready, tonight action to see a lot more snow, looks like the temperatures are going to be dropping and we have an inch or two of moisture coming in. snow levels are dropping to 6,200 feet. we are hoping to wake up to 12 inches of snow. this has been a nice system. it came in wet. it started dry and packed it down to make a good sierras base layer. right now, you see the cloud cover above me, just a bit of
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whipped. there are some kids across country skiing. it's a great time. you will have an amazing weekend in lake tahoe. >> that makes you just want to jump in your car and go. you are head up tomorrow. >> thank you. health officials are offering a warning to people hoping to pick their own mushrooms for consumption. we are speaking to a doctor treating a family effected by a mushroom called a death cap. >> reporter: seven people have been effected by these mushrooms this week. a death cap has a greenish top and it's got a bulb on the
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bottom. doctor mitchell has been treating the patients. for the last several years he has been running a nation wide trial on the use of an antidote for the poisoning. he said that the key to survival is early detection. that's complicated by the fact that symptoms do not start right away. >> we have had many patients telling us that they were the most delicious mushrooms that they have ever eaten, there is a delayed onset of symptoms. the initial symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea take six to 24 hours to start so the people that eat the mushrooms do not recognize that it's the mushrooms that have caused
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their symptoms. >> reporter: two of the victims are on the list for liver transplants and experts said the bottom line is, if you are unsure about a mushroom, do not eat it. thank you. coming up next, if you were hoping to get those ear buds for christmas, there may be a delay. that's coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. in a rare misstep for apple products, they announced that the new air pods buds will be delayed. this is a big let down for people that have the i phone sevens. >> the first thing that i wanted was an air pod when i got my i phone seven. when we heard that preorders were not available, we thought something might be wrong, then in october we knew that something seriously was wrong. the wall street journal said they think that the problem is with the sync issues with the pods. post pods are sharing a signal
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from the pods. apple wants to make it so if you lose the one pod, you can use the other. so both pods get a signal from the phone. they are having trouble syncing the signals together. the other issue is coming from the bluetooth microphone. it has to isolate sound. so those are the two problems that they are having with that head set. but there are a few other vendors that are producing products like this. if this was on your christmas list this year and you are note getting it, samsung has something similar called the
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icon x. there are several other products out there that will fulfill that need, if you have it. it's a real problem for apple. the cool part is, a lot of companies would have forced through a so so product but apple is a perfect perfectionist. >> i read that when they were speaking with someone in the press, they said, it's coming out in january, what can people do, i know people can purchase an adapter. >> yes, right now, the i phone seven has no jack for your normal 3.5-inch cable for your
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head set. so you can get one of those competing products or get a regular one that has a wire connected the two, or there is an adapter that lets you use a jack. i wish it was here so i could play with it for christmas. instead it's a terrible misstep by apple. >> people are anticipating those ear pods. >> yes. thank you. >> questions over president- elect donald trump's business deals and one question remains when it comes to president- elect donald trump's cabinet. >> we speak with officials from the sierra club against coal in the city of oakland. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a developer is planning to transform the old oakland army base into a shipping terminal. part of the plan was to use the terminal to transport coal but the oakland city council put a stop to that by passing a no coal city ordinance, he is
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suing the city because he said it stops commerce. the sierra club is opposing the lawsuit. we have brittany king here to talk to us about it. >> reporter: what is the problem with shipping coal? >> the coal comes in through the city of oakland. it comes on uncovered coal cars and the dust comes into the surrounding communities. so west oakland will experience more air pollution. >> reporter: in the lawsuit they argue that the dust can be mitigated by covering it or they said it's not a big deal and the bay area air quality district has jurisdiction. >> where they are bringing it this, we already have a lot of
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air pollution issues because of the port and the freeway, they are already experiencing a lot of effects of air pollution. the coal dust contributes to that. >> reporter: is this an anticoal awrd yans targeted at global warming or for the health of the citizens of oakland. >> the city council looked specifically at the health and safety of the citizens of oakland. not the global issues. >> the developer entered into an agreement with the city of oakland in 2013, that development agreement had no problems with coal at the time. the ordinance has come later. he has spent $10 million since, should he get his money back. >> when he went into the
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agreement, he said there was no plan to ship coal. the city believed he would not bring in coal. >> reporter: but the agreement did not say what he could not ship. >> but it said that if there was a health and safety concern, he could not ship it. >> reporter: what is the sierra club's role. >> we are a community organizer. we work with community members to oppose the project. we plan to continue to support the city as they fight the lawsuit. >> reporter: without coming to an agreement that would allow, maybe coal to come through that is covered, there are coal transfer facilities in california, are you putting taxpayers at risk of liesing this lawsuit and being on the hook.
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>> i think that there is a ton of other commodities he can ship. he should focuson finding -- on finding another commodity to ship. >> reporter: we reached out to the developer and did not receive a response. they have filed a lawsuit. it's clear if you read the lawsuit what their take is. they believe that the federal government, not the city of oakland, should be regulating what is shipped in and out of the port. >> thank you for having me. new developments as president-elect donald trump builds his administration. rudy giuliani is taking himself out of consideration for secretary of state. he was considered a front
4:33 pm
runner but he faced business ties tie questions about his business overseas. >> reporter: on his thank you tour, president-elect donald trump touted his administration picks including his choice for labor secretary. he is considered a controversial choice by some. he is a fierce critic of the 15- dollar an hour minimum wage and the affordable care act. to people that appear to be liking each other more is president-elect donald trump and house speaker, paul ryan. still one question hangs over the transition, who will be the next secretary of state. military leaders and business executives like the ceo of
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exxon are all considered potential picks. >> does he want the leading force projecting force or does he want a deal maker. >> reporter: he is also saying he will stay on as the executive producer of the apprentice. >> he will answer his business questions on december 15th. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump jets off to louisiana for a get out the vote rally for republican senate candidate john kennedy, then he heads to michigan to thank the voars. hillary clinton is breaking her silence on the proliferation of fake news. in one of the most high lie public sized fake stories, hillary clinton is accused of
4:35 pm
running a child sex trafficking ring interest a pizza place in washington, dc. a man showed up with a gun, hoping to rescue the victims. hillary clinton spoke at a ceremony for harry reid. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that the fake news can have real world consequences. >> the full story about the pizza shop was posted on twitter by a former member of president-elect donald trump's transition team, michael flynn juneor. he has since been removed from
4:36 pm
president-elect donald trump's transition team. coming up, basketball facing a young boy's life. a young boy gets his dream of meeting steph curry. >> a few scattered clouds up there but we tracking a system that will produce heavy rain for one part of the weekend. we breakdown the timing coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. warriors star steph curry is a hero to many kids but for one kid with a difficult life, he is everything. >> reporter: brendan was a beautiful healthy baby boy for six weeks. >> he had reflexes that did not seem right. they escalated to a point where there was something going on. >> reporter: he had infant spasms. >> it's so hard to watch your offspring suffer. >> they could not perform brain
4:40 pm
surgery, they wanted him to get stronger so they gave him medicine to slow the seizures down. not only did it slow them down, it stopped them. >> we got lucky but because of the mal formation, he developed cognitive physical delays. his whole life, he struggled. >> reporter: the family persevered. in time the kid that was not expected to walk or talk did both and so much more. >> watching him and his attitude hags inspired myself and my neighborhood. people are amazing at where he has come. >> reporter: sports were not part of his life as a small child. he could not play them and did
4:41 pm
not watch them until his younger brother showed him basketball on the internet. >> i showed it to him and i could see his eyes blowing up when he saw itment he has tracked every basketball game that steph curry place. >> we did not think he was capable of understanding and comprehending. >> reporter: you might say steph curry became a healthy obsession. then that obsession gave way to em eu layings. >> he said i -- emulation. >> he came to me and said, i want to shoot baskets. >> he got a basketball, he tried to play. >> it was no easy for me -- not
4:42 pm
easy for me. >> he just kept practicing and practicing and all of a sudden, my kid could play basketball. >> i wanted to play like steph curry. >> he was enjoying a sport and living a life as normal as a kid can, playing basketball outside with his brothers. i never would have dreamed that could happen. >> reporter: basketball and steph curry became his world. but in that world, a boy's idol is accessible. >> he said, mom, i want to meet stuff curry. >> i was connected to the warriors and here we are. >> that's great such a great
4:43 pm
shot. >> nice to meet you, highway are you doing, where do you want to shoot from. >> wow. i am going to play defense. you are going to shoolt from there? -- shoot from there? >> get in there. >> reporter: was that your dream? >> yes, it came true, i saw him. >> reporter: who won? >> maybe me. >> to see a kid like brandon overcoming those obstacles, it makes me want to go out and play. >> i am seeing my kid throwing the ball with stiff curry and making it. it gives him a sense that he can be normal.
4:44 pm
the self-confidence he gained is priceless. >> it restores my faith in humanity. my kid felt like he was somebody. it was very moving. >> it was the best day ever for me. what a great story. i am holding back my tears. such a beautiful story. he finally got to meet his idol. lets talk weather. we have had a little bit of a break in terms of the rain but more to come. >> just some clouds today. it's mild in the bay area but the rainfall rates will be picking up as we head to the saturday morning forecast. for tonight we have a chance of a few showers. tomorrow morning rainfall and then showers.
4:45 pm
this is satellite data the storms are pushing closer to the bay area. it's been a very active week. we have another storm to talk about tomorrow. rainfall totals are ranging from half an inch to an inch and a half. the rainfall is developing from the north to the south. lets look outside right now. we have lingering clouds over the san francisco bay, we have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the rain has been focused to the north of the bay area. we will wakeup to the downpours. as we shift to the radar. we have clouds over the bay area and a chance of a few scattered showers out there by tonight. by 9:00 we are going to bump up the rain chances across the region. we have cold air to the north
4:46 pm
and warm air to the south. the warm air sticks around as we head to the weekend. winds could be gusting to 45 miles per hour. winds will be around 40 later tonight. we have showers in the north bay tonight. saturday morning by 7:00, heavier rainfall is coming in. as we get to the afternoon hours, we have scattered showers out there. if you want nt -- want a break, that's setting up for sunday. temperatures for tomorrow, upper 50s to lower 60s for the afternoon highs. we start out the day in the mid 50s and approach the lower 60s
4:47 pm
for afternoon highs. partly cloudy into sunday. we thicken up the clouds monday and we have rainfall tuesday and we gradually cool off wednesday through the rest of next week. nice to have those showers today. >> yes. that was a new graphic, it's cool. >> i have been working this weather system since 2000, i like seeing how the graphic progress. >> we have a look at the stories we are working on for the 5:00 hour. >> coming up, how a lemonade stand helped this girl draw world wide attention. >> city and county leaders are talking about a new stadium in
4:48 pm
oakland plus there is talk of a station development. >> thank you. next on the four on two, over a month after voters lebted president-elect donald trump, the obama administration is opening a probe into russia's role in the elections. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head.
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. can you believe it, christmas is less than three weeks away, this weekend there are plenty of holiday themed events. >> we are knocking on weekend's door, there are a lot of events. in san francisco, there is
4:51 pm
santa con. the annual pub cruel is this the union -- crawl is in the union square area. you have to wear a santa suit and bring a toy for the fire department toy drive. in the east bay, there is a crafts fair which includes jewelry and metal crafts and more. the fair is between dwight and bancroft. get a taste of germany at the mountain view city hall plaza from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the san jose earthquake will
4:52 pm
have a festival and a viewing party for the mls cup 2016. you will also be able to snap photos on the field. in the north bay, it's the lighted both parade and fire works show. boats compete for a variety of prizes. the parade is saturday at 6:00. that's your weekend watch. >> it's never too late to find good travel deals, it pays to be flexible on your travel deals. the average price for the holiday season is up to $187 a night. the average flight to most destinations is $400. >> the busiest airplanes are
4:53 pm
expected to be atlanta and chicago. >> one way to ease travel stress is to get to the airport early. >> i heard that tuesdays are the best days to book. >> that's good advice. strong allegations against russian hackers, the investigation launched by the obama administration hoping to find out more about the russian role in the election. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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there has been a stunning turn of events in south korea where lawmakers voted to impeach the president, following the vote the president was stripped of her power and she apologized to the south korean people, the prime minister has stepped in as the acting leader and park has been embroiled in a corruption scandal -- accused of letting a close friend manipulate government affairs and now there is worries that this could hinder the north korean nuclear's cash nuclear weapon program. >> the attorney general has been following this and continues to believe in the maturity and strength of the constitutional institutions of the republic of korea. >> the country's constitutional court will decide whether to an the presidency or reinstate her but the decision could take six months. president obama has offered
4:57 pm
or ordered an intelligence review of russian hacking of the democratic national committee in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. >>reporter: the obama administration is again accusing russia of hacking democratic party officials and the campaign and now the president is ordering a full review of the allegations which makes clear that russia was involved. we no longer view the cyber threat is simply a technical problem or an intelligence problem but rather a threat certainly in the national security space. some republicans are pushing back and they accused the white house of trying to get political cover to hillary clinton and criticizing the intelligence committee for making the allegations public saying it damaged the credibility of the electoral
4:58 pm
process. >> i think that what they did by going to the public was a terrible move that created a lot of panic. >> the white house says this is not true and inner appearance in of born election is not something that should be taken lightly. >> we are committed to the integrity of our election and the report will dig into the pattern.>>reporter: we are learning more about the security preparations for the upcoming presidential inauguration and there have been no credible threats thus far but homeland security is ramping up ahead of the protesting crowds that are expected to descend on washington in january. >> transitions are a time that adversaries will want to try and take advantage of. >>reporter: president-elect trump refused to accept the conclusion that russia was behind the cyber attack surrounding the election, in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 pm starts now. one week later no cause
4:59 pm
for the warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland last friday. today we learned what did not spark the fire when the atf ruled out a refrigerator as the cause. that evening, i am tran27, frank is off. >> and i am julie haner, we learn the names of the five remaining victims, 35-year-old barrett clark of oakland was a sound engineer that went to santa rosa high school. 34-year-old jonathan birnbaum of berkeley was a dj and well known in the electronic music scene. 38-year-old entrepreneur peter lived in the warehouse and the girlfriend of 31-year-old nicholas walrath said he was an attorney the love to help people. they called 37-year-old michelle sullivan creative and warm and they say her partner also died in the fire. the father of one of the 36 victims came to the site to take photos and reflect.
5:00 pm
>> i knew he was in here and i knew that they were going over there names and i had visions in the middle the night just thinking about him lying there. it does affect you, it's very tough. >> there are a lot of things i wish i had said to him but i will never be able to. >>reporter: robert lapine said his son edmund grew up in utah and moved to the bay area a couple of years ago, the 34- year-old was working at a bakery in training to become upper restart, his son loved poetry and music. 36 people were killed in the fire one week ago today. with the remains remove federal agents have stepped in to figure out what caused the fire. agents with alcohol and tobacco and firearms fraud and the forensic mapping team, tom joins us now from the scene of the deadly fire with the latest. to


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