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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 11, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PST

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traffic is restricted. we have
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video of what they look like earlier. the accident happened early this morning, the car was in flames when emergency arrived . no word on how the accident occurred. the hearing reports the driver could not make it out in time. are working to confirm that information. penetrations not confirmed but there are reports the occupants or driver was not able to make it out in time. as we come back to our live picture one more time, you can see investigators still going over that car is returned to the left you can see there's a heavy police presence which will affect traffic along capitol expressway, be aware of that. you were to try to confirm what we can about this accident including the exact time whether this was a deadly accident here.
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you head over to rosemary, was a rainy with saturday. >> we are trying out. the residual moisture we have talked to do with but outside of that, it's a go. if you have outdoor plants, we will have the high clouds in place and that's providing us a beautiful sunrise this morning. giving of you as we look towards the east, we're looking at that sunrise. the rain is gone at least the time being. it will be back as we get into the business week and not for today. where visibility issues, over towards the north day, central and south bay areas, if you're on the roads earlier find pockets around santa rosa. early-morning drive take it easy you may find a little wall
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of fire. to which are wise, we're off to a cooler start. yesterday if you were joining us, upper 50s to start the morning, low 60s as we got to the afternoon and that was about it. 46 in oakland, 42 in novato. actually start in santa rosa. before our temperature, graphics showing down by 22 degrees this morning. novato starting at 20 degrees cooler than where you were yesterday. i 14, palo alto, by 12 in livermore and 16 in concord. if you getting out, doing early- morning shopping, we don't have the rain to contend with but you have the chill to cool it out. afternoon highs, 56 them cisco, upper 50s for east bay as we head to the south bay, 50 degrees for san jose. a nice pleasant day in store. will be dry.
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with days and rain in the bay area. a look at the extended forecast coming up. the raiders finish for now but this was what it looks like yesterday. the rain washed out part of the road and wet weather was too much for the storm drains to handle which led to closure on southbound lanes. because traffic problems on highway 13 in oakland. chp post this photo of a downed tree which blocked part of the red there. down trees and for the street have people busy and sonoma. pg&e says the tree came down early saturday knocking out power to a small neighborhood there. this weakens what weather has caused delays at the steps go international airport. 21 flights canceled 200 others delayed yesterday and that was because of all that's rain and
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wind. things expected to improve but even catching a flight at sfo is being advised to contact the airline before heading off to the airport. so far no flights have been canceled in or out of local oakland or san jose. >> portrays back on schedule after a power outage stranded passengers between san francisco and daily city. many writers are not happy. it shows what public transportation in the bay area does. it rains, and falls apart. >> we get it there a bar isn't running. they should've made the shuttles more frequent., >> the outages reported around 2 pm, but service was restored at your side. not clear what caused the problem. is not a possible source of frustration because not clear with the new forms springs doubt
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-- station will open it was first expected to open for halloween but that is pushed back to thanksgiving. bart is still testing equipment which means the earliest it could be open with be january. a terrorist attack overseas, bombing at egypt's largest christian cathedral killed 25 people. dozens of others injured in the attack as camera. police said the deadly bombing took place during sunday prayers. many of the victims are women and children. there was no immediate claim of responsibility but police say the attack may be linked to egypt's muslim brotherhood. the roof of a crowded church collapsed in southern nigeria killing at least 60 people. disaster crews expect that death toll to climb higher for the church was still under construction when the roof caved in. investigators say crews rushed to finish the work and time for saturday's ceremony to ordain a new vision.
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woman in san jose was killed after police say she led officers on a chase. it happened after a 30 last night, there's a map showing where it's was. food deal avenue and sherman oaks drive. it also try to stop the woman but she took off. please didn't chase of the said she ends up crashing later and her name has not been released. that is if please search for the driver who hit and killed a man kept going. happened after 3 o'clock yesterday morning. best used in the man was pronounced dead at the scene. please don't have a description of the car, the theaters ask anyone with information to call san jose police. today, family and friends will pay their final respects the youngest victim of the tragedy. funeral services scheduled today for 17-year-old james mcgill. this is the first funeral for oakland fire victims. he was an 11th grader who attended a school of the arts
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in san francisco. the team performed at a youth choir, he was also the sign of alameda county sheriff's deputy. the effects of the church will honor the victims of the warehouse fire. look at the regional will bring its bells 36 times. one for each person killed in the fire. that is scheduled to happen at 1230. later tonight, members of the community will unveil alike art installation in the cathedral called jacob stream, it was passed. that unveiling is set for 5 pm. is a committee continues to grieve over the warehouse fire, and oakland business owner stepping in to help with the tragedy. be well natural is offering free treatments like massage, eyecatcher and other services to public. the owner hopes to open a dialogue in the aftermath of the fire. vigils and fundraisers continue to be held for the victims of the fire. tonight at eight, movie and other guest djs will perform at
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the mezzanine to a minimum $20 donation gets you in the door, proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund which is already raised more than half $1 million on the crowdfunding site. >> tickets on sale right now for alternative rock concert to benefit the families of the 36 people killed in the warehouse fire. the bay area band primus will head up wednesday's events . this is immediate -- benefit is being held at oakland's fox theater of features a host of popular acts. the search for pleasure resumes riskier was lost in an avalanche area lake tahoe. where the avalanche happened and why efforts to fight him had to be called off yesterday. donald trump speaks to fox news, the president-elect
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thought of the transition of power and who he was to be the next secretary of state.
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isn't that a glorious start to the day. the brain has moved out for the sun will be shining. will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy for today, little on the cool side but you will not need your umbrella the outdoor activities. but which you can expect for today i'm in the rain will return coming up. donald trump sat down with chris wallace from fox news was first sunday interview. here's a moment from that exclusive interview with us for the washington post story about russian hackers. >> why would save i put up the story the russians wanted you to win? a commercially played out.
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democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeat in history politics in this country and thank you, they're putting it out. it's ridiculous. we need to get back to make america great again which is what we're going to do. the party started the process. >> will have more of that exclusive interview coming up during our in o'clock hour. donald trump supporters are playing key roles in his presence of cabinet and other positions. some of his biggest donors have been tapped to keep on supporting him bafin government positions. that includes education secretary betty davis and playing it did $1.8 million to the truck campaign. >> trumps third-biggest factor linda mcmahon is the president- elect's choice for small business illustration. she didn't need $7.5 million to mr. trump. is not unusual for top residential dollars to land for residential assignments after an election. in his interview, donald trump would always say he's very
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close to taking his secretary of state. rumors swirl around exxon mobil ceo rex harrison known as a dealmaker in the energy business. he is negotiating with countries like russia and yamin on business deals, he has close ties with russian president latimer pruden whom he has known for more than two decades. suggest it remains one of the final positions for the trump cabinet to be filled. numbers show 75% of registered california voters have about last month's election because active state offices at the highest rate of participation since the 2008 presidential election. just over 14.6 million ballots are cast. liquids 162% of the vote in california with four in california with 4.3 million more votes the donald trump. our such as that is able add fluoride to tap water after years of debate about safety. >> 2012 the santa clara valley water approved funding after hefty push from top health
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officials argued it reduces cavities in children by as much as 40%. the project is expected to be completed by 2020. the recent wet and cold weather has created concerns of the safety of homeless people in the bay area. tents and tarps at this camp have taken quite a beating during these stormy weather. many people huddling together under a freeway overpass to stay warm and dry. -down on the streets for a long time. some is to have been out longer. i'm here to talk about, they go through a lots. they are called. many bay area charities and church groups have stepped up to help the homeless during the recent storms. taima 715. let's had back to the weather. if you want something great,
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sunday. yes. the models are quite accurate. about the dinner are things started to wind down we're mostly cloudy, very soggy bits the most part were looking at dry weather last night's into this morning. clouds continued to stream overhead but nothing falling from the sky. there's a beautiful view of a mix of sun and clouds. the clouds will stick around, will have that soft sunlight for most of today. first let's take a step back. the symmetry for we received in the last 24 hours.>> napa almost 8/10 of an inch, oakley reporting more than 1 inch, an inch and close to one third. san francisco did well, 83 107 is reported there. almost half an inch for livermore and san jose picking up more than 4/10 of an inch as a. getting a few of what's going on right now. the cloud cover you see how stretches way back.
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this will continue to be in the forecast for today. working at dry weather, cool weather. we are in monday with dry conditions. it gets interesting once again. to say the next chance at rain moving in. if you plan to judge this year can't be prepared, snow levels start love between four and 5000 feet and there's already a winter weather advisory in place for tuesday the sierra. let's talk about the numbers. the headline this morning is how much cooler it is. 41 degrees in fairfield, 42 in novato, with a stethoscope. upper 40s in oakland, hayward and san jose. a few more numbers along the peninsula. 44 for palo alto. you'd highs, under partly cloudy mostly cloudy skies with upper 50s, 56 in san francisco will 57 in concord. both they in the day. extended forecast increasing clouds as we get into monday
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tuesday, more rain, serious note of chancery will linger through wednesday into thursday. if you have those out your chores or outdoor events or activities, the next couple days will be the best time. has been a series of first- person formerly conjoined twins were now sleeping for the first time in their own beds. >> after marathon surgery, the twins emotional mother is calling this moment a dream come true. we talk with the hospital about the dead delicate procedure to separate the girls. this newly released video chronicles the end of one chapter and beginning of another two-year-old conjoined twins. this past tuesday the
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little girls are wheeled into the operating room at the chones hospital in stafford. and what is the last time the twins are seen sharing one body. >> what happened next was a 17 hour long successful surgery to separate the girls. and we construct their newly individual bodies. using 3-d models of doctors had to figure out which organs went with which girls. the toddlers have separate hearts and lives but were joined at the sternum, diaphragm, liver and pelvis. >> it was a big challenge. little by little, with the help of a lot of people and people were able to from the top down separate them. >> it was achieved come true. >> was hard for the twins mother to hold back her emotions. >> the key to all the doctors. for believing and holding her
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hand while we went through this. it's been a long road for these two little girls from antelope near secretary. >> this is an and this is erykah badu >> born at 32 weeks by emergency c-section, twins spent seven months at lucile packard's intensive care unit. following the surgery, you see one of the twins being carefully wheeled down the hallway the first time in a bed by herself. before this milestone was reached, gary herbert was concerned about the smaller twin erica. >> we were concerned about her preoperatively because she kept getting smaller. more calories we gave, the bigger ever got. >> reporter: he says erica is recovering quicker than her big sister. doctors expect a little girls to spend another month here at the hospital before heading home. in the meantime, they share a
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hospital room in separate beds. a big stutter for golden state warriors fans coming up. the surprise on the court as a team plays.
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tough night for the winners. the most impressive winning streak last night against the warriors and the stunning upset,
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they destroyed cold state 110- 89. golden state had won 16 of the previous 17 games with four last night, it's the warriors worst loss of the season since the opening night surprise against san antonio. the sharks get a milestone with their one get a milestone with their 1000th win in franchise history. sharks bounce back and consecutive losses by beating the carolina hurricanes fourth entry in san jose last night. patrick marleau scored's 12 seconds into the game. home and picked up his first goal of the season. sharks who had allowed late goals of the two previous games held on to win. >> tabasco game between cal and uc davis is the mismatch that's how it played out last night on the court. the students at the billion was saturday night and tenants. a lot of it was provided by charlie moore pre-22 points for the game by halftime, the bears put the aggies out of reach in
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the crease 8-286-61 routes. college football has a new heisman trophy winner this morning. >> when it is, lamarr jackson of university of louisville. quarterback lamarr jackson becomes tennis player in history to be awarded the-. 19 you suffer put up the you game like numbers with moves to start the season but slow down in the past few weeks. that didn't stop him from community-based were in college but ball. the bill plays lsu newsy. here's what's happening here, mercedes-benz sports we can get things started at 834 by the fox pregame show at nine then at 10 its washington against philadelphia. the raiders are off after their thursday night duty this week. if you want more news, all that's happening will head over at 92 ktvu plus so mornings can continue. stanford band will not
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take the field anytime soon. the controversy has been barred from performing through next spring. with a hot accident here in san jose is closing down major thoroughfare and will have the latest details on this fiery crash. we want to work with the city. >> to help protect affordable housing, we launched a one host, one home policy. now they can only rent it one address and san francisco. we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of stethoscope. at mountain vista farms, treatment
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will collect. taking a live look outside, please are investigating a crash overnight near capitol expressway and capitol avenue. we just put a call into please get more information and will pass that along to you as it becomes available. we have cushion kept it there so check in with him in just a moment as well. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. >> rosemary is in it has good
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news for us in terms of getting out side today. delivery is tapering off. >> looking at great weather. you have the outdoors, you will not need the imbroglio need the jackets, cooler this morning, some still with fog. as a live look at the golden gate which. we have clouds in place, filtered sunshine is what we will call today and a cool one. 10-20 degrees cooler at this hour than 24 hours ago. santa rosa 36 waking with 47 san francisco oakland 46 livermore 40s as well. the 24 hour temperature change says a lot. numbers down by 16 degrees in concord, down by 12 at oakland by 14 in mountain view. and be remiss if i don't go to take a santa rosa, 20 and be remiss if i don't go to take a santa rosa, 22 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday at this hour.
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over portions of the north bay we pick up on fog and it could cause issues if you're getting at the door early in on to the roadways. santa rosa and napa reporting visibility down to half mile. it does look widespread. darker shade of gray here. becomes more dangerous when you're not expecting it hits with warning. it's out there this mine, afternoon highs for today 56, san francisco expect 58% is a upper 50s for concord, east bay shoreline 50-50 six expected for napa. we will continue with the quiet pattern for a couple of days. rain will make it back in the extended forecast will have a look at what you can expect coming up. would you like to breaking news. crews at the scene of that fiery crash. >> christian captain is there. what do we know? >> we have moved closer to the vehicle. this is a new view. it appears the vehicle was a fiery crash in part of the wall held back and collapsed onto the hood and partially into the
7:31 am
passenger cabin of the car. there's traffic restrictions on capitol expressway and capitol avenue where we are right now. if your child next to the area be aware their travel restrictions. capitol avenue shut down in both directions. one lane one side shut down. there's an intense investigation underway, we seen photographers at the scene photographing and measuring. this does not appear to be a regular injury accident, we have video of what the scene looked like earlier. you can see this was a fiery crash when the steelers first arrived. at this point, investigators still not confirm if this was a fatal incidents, they were for us to the public information officer and we're waiting to hear word from them about what is going on and why there's this intense investigation underway. we hear reports the driver of the vehicle or occupants was not able to get out in time.
7:32 am
we're working to confirm that. we comeback tour last scene. you can see this accident scene and those investigators taking measurements at the scene. this has been going on since we arrived 35 to 40 minutes ago. it's a very intense investigation, not what you would expect from a regular injury accidents but officers on scene not confirming this was in fact a fatal accidents. we're working to confirm what happens that you can see from the burn damage on the vehicle and affect the wall has collapsed back on the vehicle, this could have a very forceful impact, not sure on the cause and working to confirm whether or not this is a fatal accident. it seems that a fatal accident investigation but we are working to confirm. the same storm that brought rain to their area brought rain and snow to the sears. let's check out this live picture from lake tahoe.
7:33 am
this is sugar bowl for the plenty of skiers and snowboarders there but the wet and windy weather forced the resorts to close is this. storm also caused flooding in the foothills, there's a flood advisory for several counties yesterday including plasser and el dorado counties. this check out kirkwood ski resorts. people not complaining. skiers and snowboarders hitting subsisted. if you are headed to tahoe area today, chp was first to be very careful on the roads. no chain restrictions on 50 or her state 80. search will resume for skier lost in an avalanche with tahoe. it happened in the mount rose ski resort yesterday, crews searched for the missing that is believed to be in his 60s but were not able to find him. 30 say he was in an area closed off this game. search was temporarily called off last night for safety reasons. rain had creeks overflowing
7:34 am
in the sierra foothills. the water moving very fast and grass valley is today. his estates only in this bad a few times last 30 years. some must see from the sidelines, others worked to redirect the water from their homes. it has uploaded a range like this for six years. it's kind of nice. i will quit. it's causing some damage underneath in some places but summers. we need the rain, will take its how we can get it. there are reports of minor damage but no injuries. cold front brought snow and freezing temperatures to the region this weekend. the seceder major pilot michigan yesterday. what a mess. 40 vehicles and three semi's rental. the cars were littered all across the highway. it forced michigan state police to close their road in both directions. it was slow, everett had their flashers on.
7:35 am
also, it was a white out and cars were everywhere. they kept getting hit and hit and went into the ditch and got hit two more times. 's official say visibility was 50 feet and michigan is not the only one feeling the chill. 80% of the country is expressing below average temperatures. conditional tense claiming responsibility for two bombings near a soccer stadium in his temple. 38 people killed, more than 150 others were injured. please see less sense than he appeared to be a coordinated attack which happened just after a soccer match between two of turkeys top teams. one turkish tv sports croom was on air when the bombs went off. >> you can see the broadcast team running for cover. the turkish government is calling the attack a clear act of terrorism but they have already arrested 10 suspects.
7:36 am
stanford university is putting its spinning its marching band through expect. the panel found the band recently violated school policy for the ban was already barred from performing and weekends june 2015, 2016 season for taking rules on sexual harassment, alcohol, controlled substances, and he's in. university says the band will be reformed under a new research director. the parents of san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick survey support their sons position to deal. they told the website the undefeated they are a part of their son and meyer his strength and courage to ring attention to issues like inequality and police fertility. teresa said they want to avoid the limelight but decided to break their sons because it hurts them to read articles saying they do not support their son. fairfield police investigating two separate shootings that led left one man
7:37 am
dead and another injured. the first happened just after 9 o'clock last night near east travis boulevard. police say the victim was taken to hospital where he later died. 30 minutes later, the police were called to greentree circled or airport of another shooting it. we say that shooting happened at a party with more than 100 people inside. please say the victim in that case showed up at the hospital on his own, his injuries are not life-threatening. as it is don't think the shootings are related so far, no arrests have been made. santa clara police officer facing charges of felony domestic violence. they say they found a woman used dating with visible injuries. he's been on the force for seven years he's on paid leave while apartments castigates the incident. a massive marijuana expo ratts updates no and after 30,000 people expected to attend, the emerald cup. looking at a video from last year's events. a big crowd is expected at the county fairgrounds. the annual
7:38 am
pot celebration cost $70 to get them. doors open at 11 this morning, you still have to have a medical marijuana card to purchase the drug until 2018. is a call to pull all work products from the restaurants at san francisco international airport. it comes we get to the airport introduce travelers to a new therapy pig named lulu. the news cut the tension of peter. they say asking travelers the pets and play with her while serving her sisters and brothers upon a plate is in bad taste so the call for the band and the russians have,. christmas tradition, performing the san francisco ballet wardrobe department to see how those gorgeous costumes come together.
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this live look there. good morning to you from the way. waking up with a beautiful golden hue. but a cloud cover in place, it's going to be a dry day but it will be a cold day. have a look at what you can expect the backend of your weekend will take a look into the extended forecast coming up. high tides projected on the pacific coast for the next few days. caltrans is close in the lower half of marin county, anthony park and ride lot of highway 101 and one because of possible flooding the this area is one
7:42 am
of the areas it relates water easily during heavy rains and high tides. you should expect that lower lot to stay closed through friday. nutcracker season is officially underway. as the show so bid opening night. they were performed for the first time in the us in san francisco back in 19 in the us in san francisco back in 1944. it was wartime, costume budget was $1000. since then things have changed and went to the oppressed to see how it's gets them. is a working place. >> we sort a lot of things out. this is the hospital visit and getting ready. to take across the street for the kids to go to the hospital visit. george's completed fittings for party was for the >> that many get to peek inside the basement of the war memorial opera house and to be told, it's not the most glamorous spots. >> widgets always in the basement for this back if you think your closet is pat, you
7:43 am
have nothing on these folks. >> this hundred 68 rules i need to be performed every performance. there were 300 costumes made for those roles. those is quite a few tickets. when we look at the snow queen, their five snow queens. there are two dolls. there are five princess gram- positive. there are five -- >> we have 19 dressers. one want to person. to sewers and patty in africa >> getting ready for the nutcracker, that takes time. >> i say three or four months and four years we. >> preparation and getting the show ready and maintaining it. >> it's 11 hours for the >> hundred and 60 month. 500 hours. >> is just for a lot of the core parts. the rest will do in the next week or as we go.>> if anyone
7:44 am
illustrates the passionate takes to do this, it's patty and george. >> we are both this generation californians. we get along very well. >> halftime it, has been same bridge the commentators. it's like one of those things. >> we have sold without we were married. >> id days to wish each other sentences. >> there 70 some years of institutional knowledge between us. >> both of you got here by accident. >> yes. we had it for all the world together with the company as well. >> it was a couple of accidents, a few decades ago that brought these two here. >> i've been here for 33 years because professional ice skater . traveled around the world ice- skating and haven't had the skill of making my own costumes and the training that led me to the job where someone i had
7:45 am
worked with skating had the job and wanted to go in a different direction. it asked me to come till in for her. >> back in 1980. >> i've been at it, this is my 40th nutcracker. this can be short-term temporary salad dressing and little did i know what one would lead to another to another. >> i'm still here. >> you know why the nerlens, when you hear them talk about their work. >> every we removed all of the hoops and wanted the tutus completely. we're with the hoops so they with a dry, they don't trust. >> this is one of the mastheads. their 15 the show. they require a lot of maintenance and lot of work. it's been through three or 400 shares. these things tend to fall off and get left behind on stage
7:46 am
and have to get them back and you can see the wires poke out so it's not done yet. >> all these years and they still love looking at every detail. >> the end of the show, when they clean the stage, we get to bring back like buttons and so on. >> they love these customs. >> i love the dog. >> ladybugs are the cutest. if diesel kisses you will show every time. >> we watched them grow up. there's so much a family attached to this election.>> some of the ladybacks could be prima ballerina is in 10 to 15 years. >> we have seen that happen. they see them grow up and every year there's a new cancer. >> they are in the basements for hours on end. there is often a sneak out to take a peek at the magic they appear. >> spring every so often, station managers look at the
7:47 am
video said that's what that looks like. i always felt that when i retire what actually gets to sit in the front of the whole thing. >> it may not be glamorous but it's more than that. at christmas especially, it's calls to them. >> i called the "syndrome. he gets the calling and you go. >> the talking and having a christmas nutcracker like the people but no. >> they wouldn't be christmas. >> >> they love what they do. >> you hanging out with them and the dancers mike >> with children, it's is really amazing when you think of it started back in san francisco in the 40s and they said they didn't think would be a holiday tradition and now it's we hear that's nutcracker music. it's that time of year. >> pals special place a lot of people's hearts. >> you can check out performances of the nutcracker by the san francisco ballet warning to the 29th except for
7:48 am
christmas. two shows a day and after the performance along with evening performance at 7 o'clock. tickets are as low as $65 a person for this world-class events you can head to the website for more information on buying tickets, just look for the web links. we want to hear about your memories of the nutcracker ballet. >> i first the cracker, i fell sick. >> disposable instagram, twitter or the star facebook page. with a highlight your top moments coming up in our 9 o'clock hour we should be later for the second time is 748. we want to head over to rosemary. talked about so much whether twitter. i said yesterday as a held under my umbrella, had different a couple years this has been were hoping for any job.
7:49 am
now seems like we are getting quite a few. >> we are looking good. we're totally hundred percent of average for this time of year. that's very good news. 23 years ago, we had an excellent late fall, early winter and it turned off. we will not take it for granted. we'll keep it coming and we have another round coming tuesday. between now and then we try out and you have a good opportunity to get outdoors. giving you a few here at a beautiful sunrise. almost a half hour ago. the official sunrise but a lot of gold in the sky have to do with that's cloud cover in place for that will be with us for the entire day. take a look at what is coming our way. this will not change the kolby in an out of the high level class. b drive for today we have fought out there just a long portions of center is an napa reporting visibility down to half mile. be prepare for that if you getting out early. >> the central and south bay, partly cloudy skies flexibility looking pretty good.
7:50 am
>> here's a look at your future cast model. monday morning, more of the same. a lot of cloud cover but still dry. now we get into tuesday and this will be the next chance that same rain. anywhere from half inch to an inch of rain but tuesday's storm. the sierra be prepared because there's already an advisory in place for winter weather right there along i ate as well as highway 50. for this morning, and the rest of today will be the cool temperatures, a lot colder this morning than yesterday. 41 right now, 46 oakland's redwood city reporting 47. we had to north bay, 30s reported in areas around santa rosa. indicating temperatures with a few degrees of raising for some of our the inland committees. actually one here as well. the afternoon highs except for today will be on the cool side
7:51 am
but we will be dry, in an out of the class. it is except syska 59 oakland, southdale locations 50% is a literary space 66 and your into the north bay the six expected for napa. the extended forecast temperatures will continue to be on the cool side for monday that the clouds still in place. thinking as we get into monday. we start out to stay with rain and it will increase as we get into the second part of the morning. chance for rain wednesday chance for rain thursday. there is for you. mix of dry and wet weather. perfect pick. mila better we can get a break with more on the way. the players were worried during the flight.
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the fbi says a bomb threat involving the boston celtics had appears to been hoekstra the plane landed safely perform the last night shortly after the threat was called in. the players were not told about the threat until they got off the plane. so this is scheduled to play the oklahoma city under later today. denver broncos linebacker brandon marshall is speaking out about a disturbing anonymous letter you received last week. it person was filled with racist ramblings, profanity and threats to his life.
7:55 am
marshall believes the hate mail is responsible for his response to him after he took a knee during the national anthem earlier the season. >> let's me know, that's the still exist. it's to be sent i put out to expose every thought was put to rest. that's still alive and exist. >> marshall posted photos of the handwritten letter on his instagram accounts. the broncos security staff is investigating the note. 20 bay area offices in texas when he says tim udell's marathon. last night they held a dinner officers from out-of-state the company officers are running in honor of the five officers killed in the july ambush in dallas. the officers will be in full uniform as they run through downtown dallas and one sergeant says he and his coworkers have trained for the past five months. it's all in honor of those killed.
7:56 am
>> were heard to spur the dallas leased departments we help them get to add top time of a lot of people's lives. that's the marathon represents a lot of officers feeling pain tomorrow, they'll want to quit. as officers will encourage each other kiss that is our family. >> the race started at 6 am. working to get the year of that's even a to you. coming up and oakland this is doing its part to help people cope with the warehouse fire tragedy.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. taking a live look outside. that's the one that creek direction. take a look at the skies. rain taking a break right now but we're going to get a little more later on this week. >> thanks for joining us, it's sunday>> thanks for joining us, it's sunday, december 11. will have your first weather in just a moment. first, here's what's making news this morning. we continue to fall the developing story out of south bay. a car fire has led to the shutdown of a major roadway. >> we find out more on what happened and the latest on that investigation. on a lighter note, we have invited a popular group of musicians into the studio. >> they are the penny west and their informing and you have a chance to hear them in person.>>
8:00 am
of a nice chat with them and give a taste of what they do coming up at the 15. facility can't wait to get to announce, the rain and wind impacted in break -- affected the roadways, there's an advisory in place this coming week with that in mind we want to head over to rosemary to talk about that and the rest of the bay area forecast. would expect to stay there will be a winter weather advisory for the sierra. will detail that in just a little bits. we want to talk about today. it's a chilly day, the annual run going on in areas over san francisco and it's a cold one to start the day. as we look into the east bay you see ugly. this partly to mostly cloudy skies stick with us as we get to the afternoon for looking at school conditions this morning. cold conditions.
8:01 am
49 degrees in san jose. the 24-hour temperature change down by 10, 20 degrees in some areas. down by 20 in santa rosa, down by 18 in napa. the east bay shoreline look at 13 degrees, 13 in livermore and the south bay san jose your 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. the clouds in place, filters sunshine in store for today, that's cloud cover not going away but the rain taking a break the next couple of days. with a little bit of clearing in the overnight aristeia hard to deal with proportions of the north bay, visibility down to a quarter-mile. looks like spot in nature. those low visibility starts take it easy if you have early-morning drive is the city north bay you might find it patchy and six. afternoon highs for today under mostly cloudy skies, 55 for pacifica along the peninsula, 57 in redwood city. upper 50s expected in san jose. 56% the >> napa and santa rosa.
8:02 am
temperatures holding steady as we get into monday. and again, wet weather comes back to the bay area. have a look at what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. we're following developing news in san jose. police investigating a fiery crash that happened a few hours ago. >> will get updated a little bit, talk with people to figure out what happens. is it one car accident crash will hear from christian just a bit. new from overnight, woman is san jose was killed after police say she fled officers and a stolen car and crashed it into a light pole. it happened after eight say she fled officers and a stolen car and crashed it into a light pole. it happened after 830 last night near fruitvale. police say patrol officer tried to stop woman but she took off. police say they didn't chase her but she crashed a minute later. herning has not been released. san jose police searching
8:03 am
for the driver of a hit-and-run and killed a man they kept going . it happened after 3 o'clock yesterday morning near east heading in north 15th street. mysterious to the man was in the road when he was hit was pronounced dead at the scene. please don't have a description of the car, the steelers ask anyone with any information if you're in that area to please call san jose. a terrorist attack overseas, as killed 25 people. dozens of others injured in this marissa tackett happened in cairo. lisa the deadly bombing at st. mark's orthodox cathedral to place during sunday morning prayers. many of the victims are women and children. there has been no immediate -- immediate claim of responsibility but they believe attack may be linked to egypt's muslim brotherhood movement. the roof of the credit church crashed onto worshipers in southern nigeria killing 16 people. the church was still under construction when the roof
8:04 am
caved in. in the scene as they cruise had rushed to finish the work in time for saturday morning to ordain a new bishop. we want to get back to christian captain in a san jose were please investigate that crash that happened a few hours ago. i can tell you we had a sudden increase in the level of activity. you can see is a large crowd of police officers and investigators and firefighters outstanding around with remains of the vehicle privileges derived in the last six or seven minutes. there are some traffic restriction underway as the investigation continues. this is an intense investigation for terms here you measuring as well, does not appear to be a regular injury accident. we have video of what look like earlier. we're hearing this is a fatal
8:05 am
incidents. the car was in flames. no word on how the accident happens. we're hearing that report of the driver or occupant of the vehicle couldn't get out in time. we're working to confirm that. we have called san jose police will times trying to work that and find out what happened. we talked with one man is one who says he heard the crash early this morning. >> there was a big huge sound. i thought it was medicare.>> that's a mile away. it sounded very loud. >> that intense investigation under way, we've seen a lot of photographers including one standing up on what appears to be a sound wall taking photos of the vehicle coming back to our live shot.
8:06 am
you see the firefighters and investigators still unseen. again, not typical of what you'd expect of an injury accident. we're working to confirm this was in fact a fatal accident. we're waiting to get word back from san jose police. one of the important note, capitol expressway, a major thoroughfare with travel restrictions. will discuss the latest on that open fire. family and friends will pay their respects to the inspector of that tragedy. this is the first funeral the oakland fire victims. use the left unattended the school. the dublin team performed to inquire he is also the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputies. san francisco church honor the victims with -- grace
8:07 am
cathedral will ring it spells 36 times, one for each person killed in the fire. that is scheduled happened at 1230 this afternoon. that is not, members of the opportunity will unveil a light art installation in the cathedral called jacobs dream, element is passed. the building is set for 5 pm. 's security continues to grieve, business owner is stepping up to help people cope with the tragedy. from 10 am to noon, be well naturally suffering free treatments like massages, acupressure and other public service. the owner hopes to open a community dialogue in the aftermath of the fire. vigils and fundraisers continue to be held or victims tonight at eight will be and other guests djs will perform at mezzanine. a minimum $20 donation will get you in the door. proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund which are has raised more than half $1 million on you caring
8:08 am
crowdfunding site. going to talk a little weather. the rain is done for now but will give you an idea what it look like yesterday. the rain washed out part of the roadway there. the wet weather was too much for those storm drains to handle which led to a closure of southbound lanes. what a catastrophic problems of highway 13 in oakland. this is posted by the chp. this downpour blocking part of the road. in sonoma county, pathology but down a purple. pg&e says that she came down early saturday morning knocking out power to a small neighborhood. bart trains back and schedule after a power outage stranded passengers. that's presently, many writers are not happy including some senses were pretty spinning in santa calm.
8:09 am
>> shows what public translation in the bay area area does. rains and applause. >> it's raining and we get to bart station in the not ready. they have shuttles running but you should maybe shuttles more frequent. in case of something like this.>> stranded santos, that's good. the outage was reported around 2 pm. part services was restored a few hours said. slackware what caused palms. it's unclear what with any warm spring selfie montford station will open. this was expected open before calling but that was pushed back to thanksgiving. now, still testing train control equipment meaning it like we won't be running until january. wiki into the holidays here. >> the going to sing us to the
8:10 am
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oh, look at this. disposable microphone for my uncle bob's 75th! a one and done. yes. find your voice and then dispose of it. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. our guest, group of talented performers in the holiday spirit. [ singing ]
8:12 am
>> it's patty west. they are highlight of the great dickens christmas fair happening right now. you have not missed it, you a couple more weekends to go check it out. we have members of the band in studio this morning. we're the director speaking fierce quashed the spec swashbuckling crew. >> we're the patty was school of seamanship. the rest of the year we are they see dogs. we specialize in nautical music. we bring the nautical to the naughty and nice at the dickens fair. >> what you think surprises people the most? it's fun. we started singing, we wanted to join. >> we love it. we all love each other. >> in the background of everyone singing here, you always have
8:13 am
been singing nautical songs? packet as a group yes. i've been doing is 32 years. some people are brand-new. >> >> how do you describe nautical music? for people who haven't, they say witnesses. i love it, it's fun and gives me a great move. >> see shanties which are traditional work songs ticket to entertain plaintiff repetitive tasks like hauling ropes. >>additional wide range of music. with slightly more risqui things . tell about tell us about the dickens fair. it's a holiday fun thing to go to progress >> they have seven continuous stages of entertainment which is great. five traditional pubs which is always lovely. and there's something for
8:14 am
everyone. there's father christmas, the pantomime for the children, there's literary characters you can see charles dickens for kipling. >> your belt by the whole experience. >> is incredibly immersive. everyone stays in character. >> do you go home in character? >> sometimes it's hard to stop. >> i would think so. people have who wise, what's and wears. >> you can find everything you need to know it dickens there's one more day this weekend. today which we will run off and sing more shanties. his next week, the 17th and 18th. >> you take the whole family.
8:15 am
you had me at pub.>> and one says stop talking, want to hear them sing.>> >>[ singing ]
8:16 am
8:17 am
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will come back. let's talk weather. the rain has moved out after leaving us with a good amount. we're looking at dry weather for sunday. show you a view of union square this one. isn't that gorgeous? if you're going to be outdoors doing shopping will not need the envelop. qb drive the next couple of days and more rain and snow on the way. take a step back and look at some of these numbers in the last 24 hours. most eight most 8/10 of an inch, livermore almost a half-inch. san jose 43 100. we get into better numbers here. more than an inch. 8100s of an inch reported in the last 24 hours. since friday the national weather service reporting 2 to 4 inches of rainfall at some of
8:19 am
our weather locations. giving you a view, all the cloud cover that continues to swing into the bay area, not going to bring rain but there will be a system dropping out of the gulf of alaska will commingle with this moisture will be back with wet weather by tuesday. could linger into wednesday and thursday. for today, dry went with partly to mostly cloudy skies. a little on the cool side. tuesday we have the next system rolling in and there's a chance for rain wednesday and thursday. be prepared. we need the rain jacket, just not the next few days. in the meanwhile, we have cold temperatures to start the morning. for the in napa, 38 in santa rosa. east bay, 44 from walnut creek. a lot of these around as well. a cool one, cooler than where we were 24 hours ago.
8:20 am
dumba 20 degrees for some. 43 menlo park with the seven summits have forgotten highs for today, probably to mostly cloudy skies. upper 50s to the east bay shoreline. upper 50s into sunday. the extended forecast and temperatures remain on the cool side, even a tad cooler as we get back to work monday. monday night, the clouds thicken up and by tuesday were joined by rain once again for the national weather service issued an advisory for the sierra can't be compared for that. this might be prepared for that. waking up christmas morning, is like a scene from a movie.>> the winning bid tonight's inside the home of christmas story.
8:21 am
when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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8:23 am
donald trump sat down with chris wallace for his first sunday interview. here's a moment from that interview where he talks about washington post story about russian hackers helping trump win. >> president obama ordered up full review of russia's involvement hacking into the election and democrats are calling for hearings. do you think this is part of an effort to undercut to you? packet it could be. president obama has been terrific. he's been very respectful of the process. i saw that. i wanted, i think it's great. i don't want anyone hacking us. i'm not talking about countries and talking but anyone pier it. if you do that i think you should not just say russia you should say other countries also. and maybe other individuals. >> will have more of that exclusive interview coming up during the 9 o'clock hour. also, donald trump would
8:24 am
only say he's very close to picking his secretary of state. rumors are swirling around exxonmobil chief and ceo next person known as the dealmaker in the energy business. he is negotiated with entries like russian and yemen on business deals. >> has close ties with brush and present benefit and whom he has done for more than two decades. secretary of state remains one of the final positions represent trump -- president- elect trump to fill ukah >> things are shaping up for commemoration services for john glenn. he is scheduled to lie in state on friday. the event would be followed by memorial service at ohio state university on saturday the 70 still needs to be approved by ohio state board that meets tomorrow. a former marine pilot will be buried at arlington national cemetery. he died thursday at the age of 95. samsung has announced plans to disable the remaining funds. samsung wants to get those
8:25 am
remaining note phones out of cigarettes. will send inducted. the phone from charging. the phones have been banned from commercial flights, samsung issue a recall after several of the phones spontaneously caught fire. were has issued new guidelines for writers. they ask customers to share write to please refrain from commenting on another writer's appearance or just if they are single. currently, over carpooling option has become popular among passengers looking for love. the writing committee says passengers can be banned from the service if they don't follow the company's guidelines. someone will spend the christmas holiday at the iconic a christmas story house in cleveland ohio. the auction and the two-day stay from december 24 226 just ended. everyone will get more than $800 in gift simply a major award lake lamp. the fictional boyhood home of
8:26 am
ralphie parker the 1983 film. the winner paid $6200 for that price. well worth every penny. there plenty of soggy fantasies in san francisco this weekend. hundreds of people braved yesterday's heavy rains this year's santa con events. the bars of a free drinks to those dress up like center. santa con can be around events but there been no word on any arrest this year. >> they have skivvies run this morning. >> i saw santa yesterday. he is is a full santa suit from the waist up and then just boxers. >> it's a little chilly out there today.
8:27 am
>> you are right. relatively mild yesterday. that the cases one temperatures in the 30s and orders. by the afternoon, mid to upper 50s in the forecast with dry conditions, but expect a lot of cloud cover. tomorrow we get back into the wet weather. by tuesday, rain for the bay area, snow for the sierra with advisories in place for the sierra because something to be aware of as commute for tuesday through thursday. will remain the chance of showers wednesday and thursday. dry but the wet weather is coming back. thank you for joining us this morning. we are off early for fox sports coverage. let's give you a look at a lineup of what's ahead. >> mercedes-benz sports we can get things started. there will be followed by the fox pregame show at nine. that nintendo be washington against philadelphia. the raiders are off because of
8:28 am
this is the buckle. they lost to the chiefs, the arresting up for next week. >> we're not done yet. we'll go over to and be there at nine. with her we hope you will join us then. we leave you discordant -- gorgeous picture of the golden gate bridge. imagine a world where the holidays are about joy again.
8:29 am
where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
8:30 am
>> the red hot raiders were knocking on the door for another comeback for they were cooled off. it is now the chief when they have the giddyup in terms of the afc west. it should be a game the 49ers had a shot at. but again, this week against the jets, this time at levi stadium. can the 49ers break their franchise worst losing streak? and he is an olympic champion, light heavyweight champion, and he has never lost a professional fight. andre ward joins us on the mercedes-benz sports weekend. >> this is mercedes-benz sports weekend.


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