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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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be in the mid-50s. 60s for most of the day and 50s to the north. westbound 80 at el portal we have a crash that is blocking lanes. getting out of richmond or toward richmond it is here. this crash started at about 4:00 and here we are coming up on an hour and traffic is very slow this morning. they are making progress with one person taken to the hospital with minor injuries. now it is a question of getting the vehicles out of the way. we have early-morning delays on interstate we have early- morning delays on interstate 80 . where also looking at the tracy super to meet. you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive on 205 and 580. is pretty normal which means slow traffic. once you get to
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livermore it looks good. the drive on interstate 880 in oakland, both directions doing very well, no major problems. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it has been raining but the traffic is still light. some of the silicon valley tech leaders will meet with donald trump today in new york. some of them were big critics of trump during the election. >> we are here in front of facebook and the coo is going to be meeting with trump and so are many other tech leaders in the industry. today many of them are going to be meeting with donald trump a trump tower in manhattan. it is likely he will be speaking about jobs. it will be an interesting conversation because many were critical of trump during the election.
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there was concern about his stance on immigration. on the list to meet him is can cook -- tim cook as well as executives from tesla, oracle, intel, cisco and ibm. donald trump did not shy away from scrutinizing tech companies during his campaign, but this meeting could signal a truth and give donald trump an opportunity to influence these leaders but it also gives tech leaders a chance to do the same . were just going to have to wait and see. also silicon valley workers have published an online pledge opposing donald trump's suggestion of the muslim registry. workers say they stand in solidarity with muslims. they are refusing to contribute to any sort of data collection. many compare this to the holocaust or the internment of
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japanese americans during world war ii while 5. as of this morning more than 500 people have signed that pledge. donald trump transition team announced rick perry will be nominated for energy secretary. last night the president-elect continued what he calls a thank you to work. he was in wisconsin and talked about the many different kinds of people who have been showing up a trump tower to meet with him. >> leaders and tightens of industries in the arts, sports science are reaching out and want to find ways to help. in my office today the great jim brown, bill gates, and a winter , kanye -- anna winter and
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kanye. >> today marks the 4th anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre in newtown connecticut. the city plans to take 15 minutes of silence to honor the. >> this is obviously a different video. here we go. that is when the attacks took place 6:30 in the morning on december 14, 2012. they are also learning flex to half staff in honor of those shot to death that day. the new town center for support services which handles counseling related to the tragedy is extending hours because of the somber anniversary. police are questioning a man after suspected are making materials were found in his home . a swat team served a search warrant and you drive at spring valley lane about 8:00 yesterday morning after neighbors complained about a strong chemical smell outside of the home. inside investigators say they found gallons of chemicals that could
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be used to make explosives. east bay mud is posting signs along the open estuary telling everybody to stay out of the water. they are posting those signs and 4 languages. they say raw sewage is spilling into the estuary. they have installed new electronic monitors out there. just yesterday one of the monitors alerted that pollution may be escaping from east bay mud's plant. officials say they are putting up signs out of caution. they hope to get better, even more accurate readings today. 3 young adults accused of kidnapping a woman in taking her to hang out for purposes of human tracking -- trafficking are due in court today . the woman, a recent high school graduate was taken to any of, but was able to call police to report that she was being forced into prostitution. friends of the suspect say she went with them on their own -- on her own to shoot a music
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video. investigators are looking for 4th suspect. investigators now say they are learning more about a house fire where woman was found dead. we're joined live now. >> they believe the fire was set up to cover up a murder. >> yes, this is a homicide and arson case. we brought you the story as breaking news yesterday. when we arrived it was a case of a first alarm fire. yesterday afternoon the alameda county's sheriffs office confirmed that this is a homicide and in arson case -- and an arson case . she was 59 years old and lived alone.
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her body was left in the garage and according to the sheriff someone set her body on fire and then set the house on fire. >> it could've been a burglary interrupted or someone may have been watching her and knew she was a widow and lived there alone in target her -- targeted her for that . >> investigators have the house taped off. they are asking neighbors for any help they can provide which includes any video from surveillance cameras that could show some unusual, someone arriving or leaving the house. we will be out to the scene and will grab another update. it might be 2 early to know this -- too early to know this but have they heard from them in members or friends? >> no official word but i can tell you when i was out there yesterday morning we did see a couple of family members go to the house and talk to investigators.
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they didn't want to speak on camera sweating have a chance to ask them anything but the family has been notified. >> hopefully investigators are getting more information from the. -- them (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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welcome back. the warriors ended their 5 name road trip on a winning note thanks to a big night from greene.
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>>[ video playback ] >> that was perfect. he had 12 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists for his first triple-double of the season. the pelicans foot of the fight -- put up the fight but the warriors got away with the one 13 - -- 113 - 109 when -- win. >> the sharks force a shoot out against toronto. in the shootout logan scored and jones stopped 3 toronto shooters. they face the ottawa senators tonight. the man who inspired the famous ice bucket challenge was honored last night by the ncaa. is the former boston college baseball player who has lou gehrig's disease. he was supposed to get the 2017 inspiration award next month the national, but because he
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cannot travel, the ncaa hand- delivered the award right to his home. >> when the chancellor of germany dumps a bucket of ice water on your head you know you have had a global impact. congratulations pete. i cannot imagine anyone that represents inspiration more. >> pete is the man. the ice bucket challenge has raised more than $150 million for the als association since it took off 2 years ago. researchers say that money helped lead to discovering a gene that is very common in people with als. >> that certainly did make a very big global impact and then they changed it to the new challenge of new challenges. >> the challenge today might be getting safely to where you need to go. i ran into water and it was also windy on the richmond sand
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filled the bridge. >> you can see a lot of traffic already. it will be busy on 80 westbound. let's see what we have because of that crash at el portal . they are clearing and now but traffic is going to be busy as you drive through there. the traffic is going to be slow. it looks like they might be opening are just about to open the lanes but you can still see some slow traffic as you drive through the area. let's move along and take a look -- i will move the maps over to the gilroy super commute . you can see northbound 101 still looks good as you drive through morgan hill into san jose. no major problems getting into the silicon valley. >> interstate 880 had oakland looks good. headed down to 238 there is a crash on the shoulder. it has not caused traffic but it is there. usually a 5:30 is when our traffic patterns
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change. we have lots of reports of drizzle. there are many from san jose especially as you move north. around the bay and some of these measurable amounts, kind of that is presentence -- persistent .wind and rain , already advisories have been posted. for some of the burned areas we also have to keep an eye on that. for good reason we will have decent totals coming in here. we have an isolated amount of 5 inches that would not surprise me. marin county, they have been doing well since out of the gate for this rainy season. i will throw them in the next. santa cruz mountains are going to be very windy. the sierra nevada, the high wind watch, winter storm watch, snow will go up and come way down by friday. the system is lifted. as it deepens to the west we have teeter totter effect that drives the norse -- north, but
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the moisture is still in place. we have about a half inch for some poor -- points north it doesn't look like it is raining , will it is. the breeze is beginning to pick up now southeast. that is a sign of things to come as we head into tonight and tomorrow. 50sã40s on the temperatures. santa cruz at 54. saratoga 56. most of the rain will be north and some of the drizzle in the mix. highs will be in the 60s to the south around the bay. 50s to the north but tomorrow we bring in the rain in wind to the north . here comes the cold air. it will be a freezing cold pattern as we head into the
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weekend early next week. the idea of making city college of san francisco free for students closer to becoming a reality. san francisco board of supervisors voted last night 9 ãone to help make it happen.>> [ video playback ] >> these demonstrators saying a christmas strong -- song yesterday spreading holiday cheer but also their message a free education for city students . the city voted to put aside $9 million for a fund that will make the school tuition free for all city residents in the coming school year. >> we are not asking for a handout but we also didn't pass proposition w to fall -- to pass the other budgetary woes. we thought for it because we believe city college -- fought for it because we believe community college should be free for everyone.
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>> the mayor says he does not plan to spend all of the money that the board is putting aside. californians without health insurance have one more day to sign up in order to be covered on january 1. enrollment began on november 1 and then january 31 of next year. there is a delay so in order to have health insurance in place by january 1, and roman has to be completed by this thursday. the next deadline, those who don't sign up at the january 31 deadline will be eligible to buy health insurance undercover california until the next open enrollment period in 2018.
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welcome back. reports of fighting in aleppo, syria has resumed despite a cease-fire deal. the buses that were supposed to take hundreds of sick and wounded people out of the area are just sitting there. >> yesterday rebels reached a cease-fire deal with forces and they agreed to evacuate aleppo, basically surrendering the city to the government, but this morning both sides are blaming each other for breaking the cease-fire in the planned evacuation is on hold.
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today in japan the us military plane crashed off the coast of okinawa. all 5 crew members were successfully rescued. the only had minor injuries. the crash is added to the anger of many people that say the us military presence on their island threatens their safety. the crash comes a week after a us marine died when his fighter jet crashed off the coast of western japan. >> back here at home governor jerry brown wants president obama to ban new offshore oil and gas drilling in california before he leaves office. he wrote the president thing the drilling would jeopardize the pristine coast and it goes against the campaign to use less fossil fuel. the president released a plan last month that bans new drilling until 2022. governor brown wants the band to be permanent. that could lead to a showdown with donald trump's
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administration. the president signed into law a piece of bipartisan legislation that gives funding and a boost for the fight against cancer. >> my mother who died of cancer was 2 1/2 years younger than i am today when she passed away. to know we may be able to prevent other families from feeling that same loss, that makes it a good day. >> the 21st century cures act authorizes 1.8 authorizes $1.89 for cancer research. joe biden fought hard to that bill capitol hill. he has been leading the moon shot initiative to battle cancer after his son died of brain cancer last year. >> it is going to make a big difference in this particular bill will allow people to live, live longer and healthier, but most of all, mister president, i think it gives people hope.
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>> it also gives states the billion dollars to help prevent and treat opioid and heroine of breeze over a two-year period. in oakland several patients who have either been helped were cured by stem cell research gathered to tell their stories. one of those people is the former high school star athlete from danville who became paralyzed from the chest down. as rob tells us now, many of those involved in the research are worried federal funding may be spread by the incoming donald trump administration. >> animal quadriplegic with a complete spinal cord injury. >> he was canton of his high school football team but then everything changed. the day before graduation last june he dove into a friend's swimming pool and broke his neck . is lower bodies paralyzed and does not have the use of his hands. >> i am looking toward the
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future, not what i have lost but what i can potentially game back. >> his attitude is nothing short of inspiration -- inspirational but he is a part of research. he is undergoing stem cell research with the hopes that it will bring most of his body function back. >> many of those are concerned about potential cuts in funding for stem cell research by the incoming donald trump administration and they said the patients are examples of why funding should continue and not be cut. >> federal funding cuts for stem cell research would have a chilling effect on the kinds of outcomes we saw today. >> the concerned the centers around the entire abortion debate, mike pence has written, i believe it is morally wrong to create human life to destroy for research. not only that i believe it is morally wrong to take the text dollars of millions of pro-life americans. >> i have never met a parent that care what type of cell
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cured their child. >> it is crazy the amount of progress they have made recently. i do hope that we recently -- i do hope that we continue to fund it . >> a controversial decision that is angering the san francisco police officers association. up next a memorial sanctioned by the city in memory of a man shot and killed by san francisco police. >> we're here fighting for oakland. we're here fighting for this community because there is no place like this community. >> a key vote in oakland on building a new stadium in oakland has passed. will tell you more about what it will take to convince the raiders to make them stay. good morning. we still have a lot of trust slow -- was so have a lot of
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slow traffic out there . we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not bad here yet but it is about to change. >> drizzle light rain but temperatures on the mild side. tomorrow we shift our focus to clouds, wind and rain.
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looking out across the oakland estuary in singing. it is wet out there. be careful driving. roads are slick. we have all the weather information. this could be an interesting morning. we're seeing crashes already. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. >> good morning it is 5:30. there is steve letting us know how bad it will get. >> what about the evening commute? >> more tomorrow. tomorrow is the day. we have little bit more for the morning. >> there are already advisories out especially for some of the burned areas for tomorrow. wind advisories are out . snow advisories, winter storm watches, you name it. there will be a lot changing in
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the next few hours. the snow levels will start up -- set off pretty high . the system has lifted way to the north but underneath that there is still a lot of cloud cover. we get so much moisture that it has squeezed out a lot. underneath we get areas of drizzle in the southeast breeze is beginning to show it self a little bit. 50s on the temperatures for most. a lot more 50s here especially mild down san jose in the southern end of the peninsula. where mild for some. tomorrow the system will swing in and everyone will get in on the wind and rain party. 60s for some and 50s for others. >> hello. there you are. >> we have a lot to talk about
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. the wet weather is always correlated with more things to go. we have traffic in solano county. the traffic is moving along pretty well in vacaville in fairfield but it is already getting a little bit slow in vallejo. as you drive through and see it is slowing approaching the interstate and see it is slowing approaching the interstate 80 connector. there was an earlier accident i was found 80. it is clear now but it was therefore long time. traffic is backed up on highway 4 as you drive into richmond. that is an unexpected early backup. when you get to the bay bridge you will see traffic is backed up already. there was a stalled vehicle just on the other side of treasure island, the san francisco side of you will. westbound 80 will be slow. this is a look at interstate 880 n. and southbound. the traffic is moving along pretty well in front of the oakland coliseum. i know that kevin has reached the bay bridge.
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if you could put up our emeryville camera -- i need to give them a 2nd for that because we can see the stall is beginning to affect traffic getting into san francisco westbound. if you are getting into the city, i assume they will get that stalled vehicle out of the way. but the damage is already done as you can see. >> we're following the developing story of a large warehouse fire in santa rosa. the fire was first reported after 2:00 this morning your highways 101. one of the businesses that was damaged was full of books. no reports of injuries at this point. the cause of the fire is still under investigation for firefighters will remain on the scene throughout the morning. the stadium bill that may keep the raiders in oakland has now been approved by both city and council leaders. >> it is backed by ronnie lott
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and a team of investors. we're joined now to talk about the effort from keeping the team from leaving and heading to vegas. >> the effort to keep them here in oakland is certainly in full swing. mark davis has been eyeing the moved to vegas where a stadium has already been approved but ronnie lott's investment team is trying to keep the team in oakland. last night was of will be -- real big win for them . >> [ video playback ] >> you can hear the audience cheering last night. this was the scene at city hall as the city council voted in favor of a proposal to work with lot's investment group to build a new rater stadium -- raiders stadium.
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the council vote allows the city to continue negotiating with lott investment group $1.3 billion stadium complex at the current coliseum site. earlier today the alameda county board of supervisors also greenlighted the proposal with a 3ãone vote . the city would supply the land and about $200 million in infrastructure money. >> it is not just about us. it is about everyone doing something bigger than themselves. we're in this for the long haul . it is about the community, the people, the jobs. >> the city has pledged 200 million. 100 million would come from new stadium revenues that would be structured as part of the deal. the other hundred million would come from an enhanced infrastructure financing district which the city is allowed to do via state law which would focus revenues that are from the site into
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redevelopment of the site to pay for infrastructure improvements. >> many with the city say there is a limited risk to public funds. the owner -- not a part of the negotiations. he is still pushing to move the team to nevada were $1.9 billion stadium has already been approved. such a move would need league approval. the nfl owners meet later today in dallas. the raiders will be among the hot topics there. they are trying to convince the league there is a viable stadium option for the raiders here in oakland. lots of work ahead but they did clear a couple of important hurdles last night with those 2 vote. >> it was interesting. so many big names like you mentioned, roger pete, i saw mc hammer. >> there is something to be said for that. you can't really underestimate
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what it means to have guys like that. you had a good names were putting their money and everything else into the seal it remains to be seen but you still have to get mark davis on board with the deal. what they are trying to do is basically just get some of those nfl owners, enough of them to decide there is a viable stadium option here in oakland. if enough owners decide that is the case they might stay put. the exact cause of the oakland warehouse fire is still under investigation. the main focus is still the electrical system. the fire chief defends her department which have not inspected the warehouse. the fire chief says the fire department doesn't have the staffing to inspect every
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building in the city, and the fire department never received any complaints about the building. also the owner never applied for permits to have people live there or hold events there. >> all of these things would trigger us going out to the facility to do an inspection. in this case we have no record of any of those things being conducted. >> the fire chief says the event at the warehouse is what she calls a pop-up party and there was no permit asked for for that. her fire department wouldn't know people would be inside. >> the warehouse tragedy is affecting more than family members and friends of the 36 people who died. a technician from the alameda county's corners office says she and her coworkers have been working 15 hours a day to help the families of the victims. victoria says normally the corners office performs 5 autopsies a day. the monday after the big fire, the staff conducted 20 of them. she and other employees listened to
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parents tell stories about their sons and daughters. she says she felt she was able to know some of them which is why was so hard for the staff when each of those in terms were identified. >> i was heartbroken every time they would read off the names. i would sell my gosh i just spoke with that family. my heart broke. >> she also said the hard job of issuing all 36 death certificates was a very difficult one. she says it has been gratifying knowing that she and other county employees help to give answers to the victim's families as quick as possible. now she says they are in the process of returning personal items to their loved ones. >> a member of the san jose city council is accusing caltrans of not doing enough to keep the ways clean. driving along interstate 280 or any of the other main freeways, the councilmember says that it is hard not to miss the cons that litter and graffiti.
5:40 am
they want to hold caltrans accountable. now they're proposing a potential lawsuit that would force the state agency to clean up san jose. the mayor agrees the highways are horrible shape but says a lawsuit is not the way to go. >> filing lawsuits and waiting 4 years for legal process isn't the answer for me. i want to get caltrans out there today cleaning it up. >> he says one option is a $3 million contract with caltrans in the city of santa clara that would have conservation groups and other alternative work programs help with the cleanup. >> they have also been hit with another lawsuit demanding the agency stopped taking homeless people's property when cleaning up encampments. a coalition of homeless people in their supporters accuse caltrans of illegally taking property during sweeps. they want them to be required to give notice in advance of rates to prohibit them from confiscating people's purple --
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personal property . electrifying the caltrain tracks on the peninsula is one of 2 high-speed rail projects that now has funding. the high- speed rail board has approved funding for electrifying the project along with building the central valley segment. critics are announcing a lawsuit against the funding decision saying the $10 billion rail bond measure approved by voters in 2008 to not authorize money for electrification. once it is completed those tracks will eventually be shared by caltrain and the high-speed rail system. south toledo will buy 3 surveillance systems to set up around the city. the city will spend $107,000 to buy cameras to photograph the license place of cars entering and leaving south toledo. they say when the crime is committed they can check information from the camera. that will help to create a  short list of cars leading to
5:42 am
the crime. the camera will also be able to notify police if a car on the wanted list comes into town. the san francisco board of supervisors approve a resolution for creating a memorial for alex. to a shot and killed in 2014 by police. witnesses say he was waving a gun and acting erratically. police were called in. they say he pointed what looked like a gun at them. it turned out to be a stun gun and shooting led to protest and a federal lawsuit about police use of force. a jury found the police officers not guilty of wrongdoing. >> the police officers association released a statement saying the city should honor real heroes and said. hundreds of unsuspecting kids in oakland will get a surprise. coming up at 6:00, what motorcycle police officers will be doing this morning to spread holiday cheer. also edwards noted talks to
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twitter. we will play the advice he has for fixing twitter. the main rain line has moved northward. was still have lots of cloud coverage and drizzle but all eyes are on tomorrow's system.
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welcome back here's edwards noted. is advice on how to make twitter better. he had several suggestions on ways to improve twitter including letting users edit tweets after they are sent. is a controversial whistleblower who leaked top-secret information about government surveillance programs. right now he is living in exile
5:46 am
in russia. cuisinart recalling food processors after people found pieces of broken blades in their food. at least 30 people have cut their mouse or had broken teeth because of the blades. you can tell if you have a recalled model by the look of the picture. if your blade has those for widgets -- 4 rigid -- rivets. the air pods are now available. there were originally listed for deliverable -- delivery for december 21 but now they are only available for weeks away. only a limited amount will be available for the holiday season and only a limited amount will be available in stores starting next week. if you are an expert on emoji, company in london wants to hire an emoji translator.
5:47 am
they need someone to decode how emoji translate. a face with tears in some cultures means laughter, but in other cultures it means grief. more than 100 people have applied for that job so far. apple's latest mobile operating system is out now and there are 2 would use getting a lot of attention. social media buzzing about the female and male singer because they look a lot like david bowie . back to have that stardust look. this is just 2 of the 72 new emoji unveiled during the latest update. let's check in with sal for
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a look at traffic right now. >> we do have a look at the tracy commute that is going to be busy westbound 580 has been pretty slow. have been slow speeds as you drive over to the livermore area . people that come through a going to be dealing with slow speeds. no problem when you get into livermore. westbound 80 is still recovering from an earlier accident. it is very slow almost right after you get off the bridge almost into richmond. there was an earlier accident at el portal that has no clear . when you get to the other parts of east bay we can look at a live picture of interstate 880 n. and southbound into traffic is moving along very nicely. at the bay bridge they are clearing a stall. they had
5:49 am
to slow the light down. traffic on the bridge is kind of a mess really and they are going to have to keep those metering lights out which means there's going to be a bigger backup than normal to get on. is already a 25 minute delay and is not even 6:00 at -- 6:00. we have a lot of cloud coverage. there has been some drizzle from san jose, oakland eastward. mostly cloudy today and mild. all eyes are on tomorrow. i think our inpex haven't changed too much but there is a high wind warning . the
5:50 am
national weather service says we are not messing around. and some of the higher peaks 70 mile per hour gust of possible. it will be very windy around here tomorrow. just get ready. we have high wind watch. there is flash flood watches posted for tomorrow especially for the burned areas. it will be snow on the go. wind first then snow . there's your system going way up. some of the heavier rain, deeper moisture is focused to the south. it will continue to lift but will come back in tomorrow. i have seen this pattern before the santa cruz mountains. today will be more in the russian river but it will keep stacking up. southeast not too bad but by tonight it will start cranking up. i think you will hear your wind chimes overnight.
5:51 am
upper 40s, 50s for some, little cool in the east bay. for this, here -- for this time of year you get that little east tabriz. we have a lot of cloud cover today but then all eyes will start to swing the system into tomorrow. look at the moisture tapping into that. most of this looks to be heading to southern california but that certainly bears watching as the system starts to work its way and. morning drizzle clouds today. the rainfall amounts look pretty good. we will start north and then start to sweep south. by tomorrow afternoon in san jose it is like where is it but it will sweep through late thursday night into friday morning. 60s on the temps to mid 60s. some 50s for some. after friday, friday morning, friday night it will be windy -- and
5:52 am
the cold settles in . from the ashes of the lake county fire, the way to help this holiday season. we will have more on buying your christmas tree now and helping others later.
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welcome back.
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family and friends are remembering alan thick -- thicke quite surprising he died in los angeles. she suffered a heart attack when he was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son carter. robin called his father the greatest son he ever met. he recently appeared in the netflix show fuler house. he was 69 years old. children were treated to a shopping spree thanks to donald penn. >> happy to give back in able to put these -- and happy to put a smile on these kids ' faces pierced >> i really love my family and my mom. i'm getting my mom a lot of stuff because she is very pretty. i love her a lot and they need her to look good. pen in some of his teammates took the kids on a shopping spree in walmart in san leandro
5:56 am
. they call it shop with the druck -- jock and they do it every year. 2 sisters from lake county come up with a unique holiday project to help victims of the wildfires. the christmas tree you by now is one you can donate later. participating nurseries will sell the live potted trees and then next month you can bring them back. they are then sent to burn zones. victims can choose 2 or 3 trees to restore some greenery to their yards. we're learning more this morning about how the muni chief technologist said -- about what the muni chief technologist said her first job was. it is slow out there. one of the freeways that is slow is
5:57 am
80 that would be the brave -- bay bridge coming into san francisco. will tell you why it is so congested and what it is doing to traffic toll plaza. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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silicon valley tech leaders are set to meet with donald trump. who is invited and what this meeting will likely be. good morning. thank you for joining us. i was waiting for maybe some christmas music. >> when it is such a pretty shot like this you don't need music. >> they are playing a little piano for us. >> that would be nice. i don't play the piano although i wish i did. >> ♪ . >> it looks clear that we have been busy out there. for the rest of the week it sounds like it's going to be pretty intense weather and traffic. >> thank you for joining us is
6:00 am
wednesday, december 14. >> it is damp and cold outside our doors. >> for some. >> i meant outside our doors. >> guess a lot of drizzle out there. a high wind watch has already been posted for the morning. in the valley it is very windy also up in the sierra and then snow will go way up the snow level and then come way down. there are all sorts of advisories. it is nice to say the moisture continues to stream. the deeper moisture has gone up into oregon. there will be pretty heavy rain up and to the north. radar will not do it justice but i know there are some out there right now. spectare line to stay to the north for now. is still cloudy to mostly cloudy day.


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