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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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has three parents. sinceagain, three people to make one baby. >> rain moving into the bay area. where and when it will hit. >> how to say no during the season of celebration. plus the sounds of the san francisco symphony. we're joined live by the conductor behind some of your favorite holiday shows. ♪[music] >> well, very nice to be inside on this cool december morning. as we give you a live look at storm tracker 2. a lot of green on the screen. i don't think the heavy stuff is coming for a while. yellows and red on the way to the bay area. welcome to the 9. i don't think i'm going to go to the park. i was going it take the children after school. >> probably not. >> skip it.
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i have a chicken and dumplings meal planned. >> the cold weather. >> they are phasing out the see saw. there is something called the federal safety guidelines for playgrounds. they say they are leading to tailbone, spinal injuries. because of the threat of lawsuits, parks and local -- >> i can see that. if you get off of it and there is someone else on the other side, they can be hurt. >> monkey bars and swings. >> at our elementary school you can't play tag. you can run but not chase. if i'm pursuing you and you fall and crack your tooth, then your dad sues my dad. no tag at our schools. >> i just wanted to mention the see saw. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. i believe we have it. we have been talking about the storm system working its way from the north bay down to the
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south bay. traffic not too bad. sluggish on southbound 101 into san francisco. there are delays when it comes to air travel. give you a live look at san francisco international. basically if you're sitting at an airport in san diego, seattle, they're holding planes until sfo calls and says you're good to go. take off. >> i'll tell you why oakland and san jose are not impacted. san francisco has two parallel runways. when they land together in bad weather, they can't see each other. >> they just have the one runway. >> yes. >> and that delays planes. >> let's get over to our meteorologist steve paulson. it is excuse ming. >> green on the screen. the heavy stuff not showing up until later. that is correct. thank you. some of the heaviest rain up in the mendocino county. there is a back edge to it. the front is finally moving here. it is now moving into marin county and parts of napa
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county. i know there is rain on the peninsula. i know there is rain on the south bay. i'm talking about the front. the heaviest rain. you think it is raining now, wait until later. it is moving in. these are your timelines approximately. south bay the heaviest. not just rain. the heaviest will be this evening. honestly i cannot keep up on some of these totals. cloverdale 1.64. hillsberg 1.66. st. helena, an inch and a quarter. santa rosa an inch and a third. kristin nelson says drizzle has just turn today heavy rain in tibber on in mill valley. it will be interesting to see how bad it gets later today. just you wait. it is on its way. there is the back edge of the front in mendocino county. from fort bragg, you will start to see intense rain. then it will let up. not so much for ukiah and lake
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county. and now moving over to napa county. you can see some of the heavier there. napa, sonoma, petaluma and over towards inverness. the heaviest is getting closer to san rafael. not there yet. it has about an hour or two to go. now, moisture coming up from the west/southwest. not associated with the front. it has moved into the peninsula. santa cruz mountains. also the santa clara valley. that's not the front. the front though is on its way. so is the associated low. once that arrives, the rain rates will really pick up. the breeze and wind advisories are up. gusts to 50 in higher elevations. it is all out of the east, out of the south/southeast. that is a relatively warm pattern for now. the cold air arrives tomorrow and gets really cold as we go into the weekend. there's a long way to go on this system. it is tapped into tropical moisture. two lows, one a colder source coming out of the gulf of alaska. the other one coming up from
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the hawaiian islands. rain and heavy winds. tomorrow morning, most of this will be done. off and on rain friday. and then dry but cold, baby, as we go into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> you heard the man. it is starting to pure in the north bay. this storm will only get stronger later today. alex savidge joins us with a look at the problems that the storm is already causing, alex. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of issues around the north bay. good morning to you guys. heavy rain in sonoma county. we're getting dumped on here. over the last couple hours, it intensified. we're west of santa rosa. here is an issue that you're seeing all over the area this morning. this is a look at hall road. you have decent flooding on the side of the road. some cars are coming through faster than they probably should. there is obviously the danger of hydroplaning. some cars coming through nice and slow which is what you want to see. one of many issues we're seeing. want to take you to video we shot a short time ago. this is the scene north of
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forestville. highway 116 shut down still in both directions right now as crews try to clear a huge tree that toppled over this morning. it came down on power lines in that area. and obviously they had to shut down the road because of the dangerous precarious situation. crews are coming in with chain saws, trying to get the tree cleared out of the way. that is just one of many problems we're seeing already as this storm arrives in the bay area. i want to bring in chp officer marcus hawkins. you have been busy. what have you been deal withing in terms of calls. >> primarily this morning, because the storm has been going on for a couple days, but today brings the high winds. today has been falling trees and power lines coming down, trees on power lines, power lines on trees. sometimes it goes both ways. and the flooding in the roadways and cars hydroplaning and spinning off of the roadway. >> lots of spin-outs. lots of crashes on the slick
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roads. we saw one this morning. i want to play video of a crash this morning that you know about along highway 101. a couple of cars spun off the roadway, took out a sign. thankfully no one hurt in that situation. when you talk to drivers after crashes like this, you want to give them advice about how to avoid these situations in the future. what do you say to them? >> you can see the vehicle behind me, speed is always a factor in 99% of incidences like these. it's a matter of slowing down, looking out for the hazards in the roadway. whether it be the flood or the tree in front of you. >> as we have been standing here, we're watching folks come through here a little too fast. what is the potential here with this kind of standing water on a -- what is essentially a highway, thoroughfare. >> a lot of times what you don't know is when you look at the water in the roadway, it could be shallow or deep. a lot of times we have potholes
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and the asphalt gives underway. what looks like shallow water could be six inches deep and you could blow out your car's alignment or worse. obviously the hydroplaning issue. >> a lot of hazards on a day like this. it is just the beginning of this storm system. thank you for taking the time with the chp out of sonoma county here. and they are busy. so we appreciate him taking just a few minutes to chat with us this morning. a lot of issues, downed trees and downed power lines a concern. again, the rain just now picking up in the area. >> thank you, alex. our coverage of the storm continues. at 9:30, steve will have another look at your forecast. we will go live to san francisco where preparations are underway. president-elect donald trump has chosen ryan to be his no, ma'am fee for secretary of the interior. some have expressed concern over the choice as the person in charge of managing our
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country's federal land and federal resources. he has called climate change, quote, not proven science. at the high tech summit in new york that president-elect donald trump held with tech leaders he told them they already have one thing to thank him for, the rise in tech stocks since he won the election. >> doing well right now. and i'm very honored by the bounce. they're all talking about the bounce. so right now everybody in the room has to like me at least a little bit. >> among those at the meeting yesterday apple ceo tim cook, amazon ceo and google co- founder larry page. most of them supported hillary clinton in the presidential campaign. the president-elect told them that he wants to help their companies do well. he promised he would negotiate fair trade deals that make it easier for them to do business with other countries. tesla ceo who attended the meeting and uber ceo are joining donald trump's
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strategic and foreign policy group. the advisory group has 18 members and includes the heads of pepsi, jpmorgan and disney. the metropolitan transportation commission is looking at a possible toll increase for most bay area bridges. they are talking about a measure on the 2018 ballot to increase how much drivers would pay to drive across the bay bridge and six other bridges according to the marin ij. the ex interest money generated would pay for transportation projects around the bay area. commissioners are not saying how much tolls could go up. they have calculated how much could be raised with one, two and three dollar toll increases. the golden gate bridge is not included in any mtc plans since it is operated by its own district. $3 increase, i know that is the high end. >> right. >> but in christian's report i was saying i feel like they just raised them. >> they did. >> and then again. >> that would be a huge hit, especially since it is not a
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progressive increase. it means that everyone of all income levelswould have to absorb it. >> the $3 may be harder for me because i make a third of what you make. >> it is actually the other way around. >> i don't think that is the case. we're trying to break down what it means for you and your monthly budget, et cetera, when it comes to increased fares across the bridges. >> right now people who go from oakland to san francisco pay about $1,500 in tolls. >> if the $3 increase happens, they would pay $2,200 a year in tolls. that's an extra $750. >> but it's not that far off from other commuting options. daily ac transit riders pay about $2,100 a year in fares. bart about the same. ferry riders pay almost $3,500 a year. so that brings us to our question of the day. we've been asking you throughout mornings on 2 how much does it cost for you to get to work? we know some of you have very long commutes, that tracy super
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commute. >> i'm doing the math right now. >> carry the one. >> okay. >> you work on that. let me share what viewers have been tweeting. when i was in the bay, it used to cost me $50 a day to get to and from work. moving to sacramento cost is $10 all in. >> christina says $6. i know it doesn't sound like much, two buses, one hour, union city to fremont. >> and rachel says almost $400 a month for bart and bart parking aside from pretax benefits, work does not subsidize. >> are you working on your math. >> i'm $300 a month. this is gas and bridge toll. you're looking at like $3,600 a year. >> that is significant. >> i have never really done that math. it puts into perspective how much it costs to get here. >> now you know. we will keep checking your responses. i will double check his math. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the federal reserve has hiked interest rates and warned
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marin creases possibly on the way. up next, what this means if you're trying to secure a loan.
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>> all right. as expected the federal reserve raised a key interest rate yesterday by a quarter percent. and there may be more. predicting three more rate hikes possibly next year. the fed has kept rates near zero since the recession to stimulate spending. financial analysts say you may start to see higher interest rates for some loans. >> let's look at the markets. take a look at the dow in particular. deliciously close to the 20,000 mark. up by 125 points. >> joining us in the studio this morning is the financial
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advisor with morgan stanley. good morning, george. >> do we expect to see hikes going up 3%. >> janet and her team have suggested three raises next year. okay. at morgan stanley, we think it will be two. one in september and one in december. it is contingent upon the economy. with president-elect trump with his promises, if that's delivered on, that's going to hit the economy and maybe cause the third increase. >> these are things that the fed wants to do to stop the economy from heating up too fast. >> yeah. the fed is responsible for the supply of money. so if they're too liberal, that creates inflation. if tour too conservative, that slows down the economy. the fed is like a big train going down the track. if has a raise and another raise, it is hard to pull back on it. they are cautious. unlike the stock market which is euphoric right now. >> if i'm looking to buy a
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house in the next year or two or need a vehicle, should i speed up my purse. >> rates have been low for an incredibly long time. the party is over. we have time. but we're going to start to see the increase. especially if the economy gets more stimulated. we're not in this recessionary time now. >> but george, last time when they raised it, the mortgage rates didn't go up. >> it was marginal. it was marginal. if we have three increases and inflation, that will include the 30-year rate to go up. that will increase the mortgages. right now 30-year rate is 4%. all doable. >> i remember when my parents bought a house. i think their rate was 13%. >> yeah. when they refinanced. >> yeah. my mom told me that. >> they paid $70,000 for the house that is now worth one and a half. >> it went down to 5%.
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there was a euphoria. >> we probably won't go lower. the feds are going to make money tighter. it will have the cost of money go up larger. so that is kind of the plan going forward. we will see rates go up. right now, this 25 basis point increase yesterday, that will increate the short term rate a little bit for car loans and bank loans and credit cards. >> looking at the dow, up 132 points right now. >> yeah. >> is this the last rally in the market. >> no. i think we're in it for a little longer. we knew we would have a good upside once the election was over. now because of the three promises that president-elect trump has made, that will continue until -- >> until what? >> until he is actually inaugurated. >> okay. >> then we have the next 100 days. that's where the rubber hits the road. that's where the congress agrees to the tax cuts or not, agree to put a trillion dollars into infrastructure.
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that's what happens. we will start to hear different kind of news i'm sure. that will slow the market. >> what goes up has to go down. >> we were taught that a long time ago. >> george with morgan stanley. thank you, george. >> thank you. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, good news for the old school video super mario and all of his adventures coming to apple devices today. the cost to download the game to your phone or ipad. the holiday season in full swing. how to manage your time and stay married during the next couple of weeks.
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♪[music] ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ ♪ >> 'tis the season for holiday parties. whether you're hosting or attending, your calendar can quickly fill up. >> how do you avoid becoming overwhelms and exhausted? you should just say no.
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i have a hard time saying that. >> we bring in career and life coach briana hatchford. saying no can be a problem. someone told me if you use the phrase i have a commitment that day, i can't make it, it's like you're free of the built and maybe my commitment is just hanging out with my kids and my husband. having something to hang your no on to makes it feel so much better. doesn't it. >> yes. when you're describing a high value event that you're doing, the other person usually receives that no much easier. it goes down softer. and the high value event can always be spending time with your family. i have a family commitment. i have a work commitment. i have a presentation. i have a -- i have a community commitment. but having that is really important. it is one of the three keys in saying no powerfully. >> what are some of the other benefits to saying no. >> the benefits -- >> especially to your boss. >> never say no to your boss. >> i'm not saying to do that. >> there are other benefits.
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>> mike, you know that they watch television, right. >> i thought they were stepping away. >> no. they're here. >> work is important. but learning how to say no. we start in these areas of holiday commitments. so some of the value is you get energy and confidence. my clients are so excited about life when they're saying no because they feel like they're in integrity with who they are and what they want to create. >> here is the flip side. don't you have to be a friend to have friends? don't have you to maintain friendships? you can't always say no. if you invite me -- if you invite me to your house three times and i always say no. >> then i give up on you. >> there is that risk. >> sal, i don't think you have any problem with friends at all. >> i think you're good. >> hey. >> but it is important to acknowledge your friendships. so one of the keys to saying no -- you don't want to say no every time. we're not always enjoying all of the events. but acknowledging your friendship and say i value our
9:24 am
friendship. i know this event is important to you. but i have this other high value thing that i'm doing. and sometimes soft ening that startup of i really appreciate you asking me. i'm honored that i was invited. or if it is a request, i am grateful for your confidence in me. >> icing before you get to the no. i have to say i cannot say no to family. when my parents call and say, hey, your sister and kids are coming over. why don't you bring yours. i can't say no. especially to my parents. >> this is one of the hardest parts. people we really care about who get to our heart. we have a lot of empathy with them. when we have a high level of empathy it is, harder to say no. acknowledging that they're important is important. what is the value in it for you? if you have a value that you can find or that you can change if there is value in any piece of it, then say yes. but you can always say let me get back to you on that. and think it through. >> as a parent, what about --
9:25 am
it is the season of giving. we have children. >> yes. >> my son says i want a cookie. cake. no. whatever. sometimes my daughter says i wanted to go to bed earlier and i say yes. that is rare. those are the last people that i want to say no to. i find myself saying yes. is that a problem. >> yes. >> to children. >> well, it depends on your values. yes is really important. and no is the flip side of that. what you're saying no to, you're actually choosing something that you're saying yes to. if you're saying yes to the cookie, you're saying yes to having fun and the holidays and choosing that. but saying no to something else which is their health and maybe in the holidays that is important to do. there's a flip side to it. we have to make sure that we're choosing in our values integrity. i think you role modeling is important. we forget that no is a
9:26 am
leadership skill. powerful requests of someone and powerful declines are really a leadership skill. saying no to things that you don't want to do is powerful. and then they will get good at it as well. you have to be careful. once you say no to them a lot, they're good at saying no to others. >> it is useful all year long. happy holidays to you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> coming up, an east bay auto body shop restores and gives away five cars. the holiday tradition changing lives. up next we're live with the conductor of the san francisco symphony about the holiday events that are happening very, very soon. ♪[music] th magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales.
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never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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♪[music] >> welcome back, everyone. mtc considering raising tolls
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on six bridges in the bay area. $1, $2, $3. we're not sure. $3 being the high end. we were asking you how much do you spend to get to work every day. i broke it down. personally it is $300 a month. $3,600 a year. you know, if the bridge toll went up, that would put a dent in it. i feel they have gone up five, six years ago. >> it is interesting how many people responded when we put the question out. a lot of people giving specific details. ysabel. total $341. very thorough. >> she must be an accountant. >> daily commute cost is $40 per day including toll, gas and wear and tear, excluding my headache which is priceless.
9:30 am
>> $2. 3 miles on bike. plus he gets all of the delicious exercise. so that is a benefit. >> benefit. >> yeah. a great benefit. thank you for chiming in and sharing your stories with us and using #ktvuthe9. >> let's check in with steve paulson. is the storm making its way south. >> slowly. the heaviest will be tonight for some. some are getting rain. wait until this evening. especially south bay and parts of the peninsula. you are getting rain now. this is not the front. the front is up in mendocino county. it is moving towards marin county. san francisco, the bay, 10:00 to 2:00. east bay, later this afternoon. parts of the peninsula to the south bay, this evening into tonight. the rainfall up north has been going crazy here. 3.68. isolated four to five amounts up in the north mendocino county and lake county. geyserville almost two. calistoga hills over 2. santa
9:31 am
rosa 1.38. oak villa approaching an inch of rain. north napa, the heavier rain has hit. we have a long way to go. fort bragg, you still have all the way from ukiah to cloverdale and santa rosa. look at the line right there. it stretches over to yuba city. and then off shore from marin coast. strong south wind in advance of it. from napa to sonoma to petaluma, that's the heavy rain. moving into bodega bay and over towards drake's bay. you're getting rain peninsula and also south. that is the warm sector coming up from the west/southwest. that moisture streaming up. we have a long way to go. there it is. so tonight some of that heavy rain. look at that south wind roaring for some. especially in the hills. get ready. this is all on the way for tonight, you guys. i think the evening commute. sal, i think we dodged a morning commute that wasn't that bad. that will not be the case tonight. >> yeah. a lot of people, my friends
9:32 am
say, what am i going to do? take your time. listen to a book. >> yeah. >> take your time. >> go out there with the right attitude. >> get home safe. >> you got it. >> thank you, steve. city crews in san francisco are getting ready for the heavy rain and strong winds. christien kafton joining us live to continue our storm coverage. christian. >> reporter: mike, we are in one of the lower lying areas in the city. 17th and folsom. the city is rolling out an innovative program trying to prevent flooding in the area. you see the barricades here aiming to try to prevent flood waters if they do rise later today from reaching into this garage, getting into the apartment building. it is part of a plan by the san francisco public utilities commission to try to stop flooding in this area. this is really the first time that we have seen this rolled out in the city. right? >> actually in the city, yes. it is the first of its kind.
9:33 am
it is a demonstration project we are trying out for this neighborhood that is prone to flooding. it is a low-lying neighborhood. >> reporter: instead of sand bags, these can be moved into place to stop flood waters from getting into the building. >> correct. these bags in a plastic format that you can picture them. we deployed them earlier this year as well. this is the third time that we have done it. it is to help the neighbors and businesses in the area from the risk of flooding. we're expecting moderate to heavy rain today. >> reporter: and you had explained before that this is an area where this kind of thing happens. what is it about this particular area, 17th and folsom that makes it prone to flooding. >> it is a low lying neighborhood. you think of the topography. a lot of neighborhoods are draining into this area. almost like ground zero. the rain wants to go somewhere when it rains. >> it is a temporary measure.
9:34 am
is there a long-term fix? >> yes. so we're working on the long- term project. we're in the planning stages. but that takes years with design and environmental review. in the meantime, we wanted to help the neighborhood during the heavy rains. i also wanted to say that no matter what we do, no source can be designed to handle any and all storms. just think about an earthquake of 9.0 i wonder how much we can be able to withstand that. >> reporter: okay. thank you so much for joining us. we will check in with you later today. guys, if you can take a look here, we will walk you around. right now everybody keeping an eye on the weather because there is a concern about that rain today. not a lot of rain right now. some very light sprinkles. you can see the barricades go all the way around and then they go up to the upper side of this -- up this block here. so a lot of rain protection. a lot of folks hoping these do the job to protect the buildings if it gets a lot of rain today.
9:35 am
>> thank you, christien kafton. you can take us with you in a sense if you to leave the tv. we have a weather app to get you around the storm. you will find steve paulson and the rest of our weather team on twitter and instagram and facebook. >> let's go to dave clark in the news room with some of the top stories. >> two people were killed last night in oakland at a gas station shooting. the police are still out there searching for suspects. it happened at the 76 gas station at 98th and edes. police were called about shots fired about 9:00 p.m. they found two people had been shot. one person died right there at the scene. the other person died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. and the names of the victims have not been released yet auntil the families are notified. well, in just about half an hour from now, at 10:00 a.m., city leaders in pacifica will hold a news conference about what may happen to an apartment complex on esplanade near the
9:36 am
ocean sitting on a crumbling cliff. it is expected that the building will be torn down. it has a lock history of erosion problems. over the weekend, a sink hole opened up. the police chief of hey yard is retiring after five years on the job. but she has been on paid administrative leave for four months while being investigated by the city manager. now, the city won't say why, but there's been speculation it was over a possible conflict of interest involving her new husband who is a consultant to the city. no comment by the now former police chief. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. this morning in oakland, a special celebration is being held for 700 school children at the scottish rite temple. >> ktvu tara moriarty is there where a play is going to start in 30 minutes, followed about i
9:37 am
a pretty large feast. >> reporter: that's right. this is -- first of all, this is a beautiful venue. i don't know if you can look at the ceiling. if you have ever been here, this is absolutely gorgeous. the perfect setting for a christmas pageant. we have folks trickling in right now. dr. carol connor is who founded this back in 2011. what is this exactly. >> let's see. it is a program that has now reached about 11,000 children from backgrounds of poverty and underservice. and the intent of francis in the schools is to introduce children to their heritage as souls here on earth with their human family to the core central-most ideas about every human life to strengthen them. >> reporter: now, i noticed that they are bringing in some roses. can you describe the significance of that? >> today's program is honoring the feast day of our lady of
9:38 am
guadalupe. our native guadalupe, 20 people come to her shrine in mexico city on monday, this past monday. the story of our lady includes a rose. and so we have the children put a rose in something that is a simile of the mantle. each has a rose that is in the mantle. you will hear her story in a minute. that will be enacted by actors and ten foot tall puppets and interactive dialogue with the children. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us this morning. we so appreciate it. we know later, around 11:30, there will be a big fiesta. a festive occasion here in oakland. is this open to the public? >> it is really for the school
9:39 am
children. >> reporter: just for the school children. we're giving you a glimpse of what here inside. it certainly is gorgeous. reporting live from oakland, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you. the sounds of the san francisco symphony have been bringing people to the show since 1911. ♪[music] >> for more on san francisco symphony and the work it is doing to bring music into our lives and our children's lives, we are joined by the conductor. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> good to see you. i have seen your concerts. the snowman, the charlie brown christmas. >> yes. >> it is a thrilling experience, especially for the little ones. that's the first time that i brought my children to the symphony. >> so important. open that door. >> yeah. >> it is an incredible art form. if you get them in early -- we
9:40 am
started taking my daughter to museums and shows and the symphony early. it is part of her life. it is like going to temple or church. you get in the habit and go. >> for me, it is everything. it is my life to be at the center. it is such an honor to be a guest conductor of an orchestra. san francisco symphony is one of the great symphonies of the world. to be the center of that music and especially with a group like the san francisco symphony, everybody in that orchestra is a star. they are all so good. it is an honor for me. >> you mentioned children and how important it is. >> yes. >> i play classical music for my children all the time. >> great. >> in fact, it started when we got this little machine that plays classical music for them as a lullaby. they liked that. >> absolutely. >> it's like, listen, this is the actual song, the whole song. >> exactly. >> at four years old, she already knows it. >> that is fantastic. >> the next step is coming to see you. >> coming to see us live.
9:41 am
absolutely. the kids walk into that hall. >> uh-huh. >> and you see them just light up. >> uh-huh. >> and they hear those first notes out of the symphony orchestra. it is alive. it's great you that do to that play recorded classical music for your kids. there is nothing like the thrill of that sound live. >> was that your story growing up. >> pretty much. >> canton, ohio. >> my father was in the canton same tony and went into the shoe business and began -- he taught drums and such like that. i was raised in a very -- he liked sinatra and pop. i was exposed to it by my parents. >> let me ask you a question. i was not exposed to the symphony. i didn't go until about ten years ago. i don't go often even now. i will tell you this story. it has a point, randall. the first song that i danced to at my wedding was tiny dancer by elton john. there's a version that he does
9:42 am
with the melbourne symphony from about 20, 30 years ago. it hooked me. that was my first time going. >> oh. >> that is cool. what is your thought about injecting more rock and roll with the symphony. if you do that -- >> you are my man. you are my man. i have a project right now called rocktopia that was broadcast on pbs and hits the road on tour april and may. the san francisco symphony is an organization that has done a lot of rock fusion. i'm total nut about rock fusion. >> i feel like i would go more. >> absolutely. >> i would bring my children. >> it is a magnet for new audiences. that is what rocktopia is all about. the charlie brown score is a mellow jazz score and a brilliant one. >> right. >> in fact the first -- that famous peon 'piece, that is the first piece on the piano that my daughter learned to play. the san francisco symphony, to
9:43 am
other genres and other worlds, they are a magnet for bringing people in. >> are there conductors who say what is randall up to. >> fewer and fewer these days. the past generation, the conductors who were the high powered mistros would turn their noses up. many are open to rock fusion and open to jazz fusion and open to world music fusion. in a sense, it is what the -- the charlie brown thing, howard blake, beautiful score to the snowman. it's what it's all about. a bridge to a new audience. >> it's almost like teaching your children another language. >> it is. >> there is more to rock and jazz. >> people get uptight about i don't know if i have the right clothes to wear. don't you have to be a member of the symphony. >> it is open to all. >> it is just music. whatever you would wear to go out to a restaurant. wear your jeans. it is just music. come and enjoy. >> i love it.
9:44 am
i love it. randall, thank you for joining us. more information is on all of the info that you need on san francisco symphony's holiday schedule. look for it under the web links section under mornings on 2 and on our mobile app. tickets for children are half price. you can get people in the door for $10 to $20. >> less than a movie. >> and it is a live musical experience. >> a very full show. snowman on a huge screen. charlie brown is a charming production. >> i love it. what a joy to have you. >> thank you, randall. >> thank you for being here. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, we continue to roll towards christmas. next we're looking at toys for every budget. >> rocktopia. ♪[music]
9:45 am
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>> an auto body shop in the east bay is taking part in the season of giving. they handed over the keys to five car that's were restored after being totaled. ktvu's rob roth has more on the holiday tradition. >> reporter: it's as if santa and his elves made a pit stop at mike's auto body in antioch. >> one, two, three. let's do it, guys. >> reporter: mike has donated five cars to needy families today. the cars had been totaled but mechanics and technicians put them back together again on their own time and went to those who really need them. >> i never in my wildest dreams would even think that i would get a beautiful car. >> reporter: rose got the keys to a 2010 honda civic. she was selected among the dozens who wrote mike's explaining why a car was so necessary to them. >> at my age and being a grandmother, i think of safety first.
9:48 am
>> reporter: she is raising a 9- year-old boy by herself. walking and taking buses were getting to be too much. >> i can finally go places with my grandma and go to the park. >> reporter: the trunk of each car was filled with are presents and car insurance is paid for the first year. >> mike's auto body has been doing this for 16 straight years now. in that time, they have given out more than 60 cars to needy families. >> it is a great feeling being able to give back to the community and give back to the people who actually we have become friends with now. >> reporter: community action north bay received a restored minivan to get veterans to medical appointments. >> we have a 2007 that is biting the dust. i was praying this year was our year. >> reporter: this mother of three can't believe her luck getting this 2013 chevy cruz. >> i was so excited. >> reporter: her last car was totaled. she worried about what would happen if she couldn't get her son to a doctor.
9:49 am
>> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> well, the toy insider is the go-to source about information about the best toys and tech for your churn. this morning a member is right here with gift ideas for any budget. >> let's send it over to gasia for more. >> i know you're not done with your shopping. >> no. >> don't fake like you are. >> thank you for joining us today. all three of us have young children. >> perfect. >> i'm done with my shopping. i can't say the same for the gentlemen. we will start on this side. this is something that i love. it is for boys and girls. >> absolutely. >> it is affordable and you're not stuck to a computer screen. >> exactly. >> this is called stick bot. kids with actually use these to create their own videos. you download the app and you place these figures in any way that you want. >> i want them to do this and then the next frame i want them to do this. and then he gets a handstand.
9:50 am
i'm the one manipulating the guy or girl. >> you must be the toy insider. >> we do love robots another our house -- at our house. >> these are perfect stocking stuffers. >> yes. what i love about these puppets is they are soft and have cute detail. these start at 8:50. a perfect way to have playtime. >> the gingerbread man encourages a puppet show. >> these are once upon a craft kits. kids in each kit you get a story book and a corresponding craft activity. you have classic tales like the gingerbread man. they can create a craft to go along with what they read. >> let's talk about a throw- back. when the rubrik's cube came out, it was all the rage.
9:51 am
>> this is called rubrics race. >> so these don't pick up. you have to do this kind of business. >> you slide it like a puzzle. the first to complete the pattern knocks down the frame and you have a winner. >> this is hand eye coordination and problem solving. >> you got it. >> we have my husband's old set of lincoln log that's his parents saved. they still hold up. they're real wood and play with them all the time. >> they haven't changed. this is their 100th anniversary. >> wow. >> all of the pieces are exactly like you remember them. everything made in the u.s. this set comes with over 100 pieces for kids to build with. parents and even grandparents can share their childhood experiences with today's kids. >> it doesn't hurt like a lego if you step on it. talk to me about this play house. >> very modern. this is a great series on
9:52 am
disney junior. she fixes the toys up. this is a play set. kids can have check-up times of their own. this has a reception area and a check-up table. you name it. everything is in here. i love this x-ray. >> thanks for coming into the toy hospital. >> how cute is that. >> there is a working elevator and even a helicopter for emergency situations. >> how much is this. >> $59.99. >> okay. we're inching up a little way. >> the next toy is fabulous. we have tried to stuff our producer sophie into it. she is tiny. she couldn't make it. i will wear the tiara. if sophie can't fit, i certainly won't try. this is your one big gift. >> you beat. this is the disney princess carriage. we get awesome light action. any kid would be thrilled to have this for sure. it goes up to 5 miles per hour. >> okay.
9:53 am
>> it has beautiful curtains. of course all of our disney princesses on the front. what else is there to say? it is gorgeous. >> this is almost $400. >> yes. this is about $398. families on a bigger budget. you can ride for up to 45 minutes at a time. >> get in there. >> no. trust me. sophie is half my size. i'll try on a break. thank you for joining us. we will be right back here on the 9. i would love to try, but sophie is like this big. if she can't fit. >> it's for kids three and up. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪
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9:56 am
>> super mario brothers lovers rejoice. it is available today on ios devices. super mario run is being released exclusively to apple. we remember and love all of this from the original game. it costs $9.99 and requires an online connection to play. a big honor for mike mac entie. he has been named the college football coach of the year. he left san jose state to go off and host the university of colorado back in 2012. the mighty buffaloes. not as mighty the first three seasons. this past season they had ten wins and he took colorado to
9:57 am
the pac-12 championship game. congratulations to him. me being a buffalo grad, it was intois to get a win. >> we never would have been able to tell that. >> that is our newscast for this morning. we are monitoring the storm making its way from the north bay to the south bay. follow us on our weather app as well as gasia and i will be bag here with the latest updates at noon. fun-filled hour we had. >> come on. do you want to try it. >> no. it has 130 pound weight limit. that is not going to work. come on. get it for your daughter. come on.
9:58 am
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