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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> we need it. >> temperatures have been cold all week and once again we are talking about subfreezing across the bay. that will be the case tomorrow as well. you can see the beautiful camera towards san francisco bay and the bay bridge lights. always hate to see those lights performing for us. nice monday out there with not much of the way of cloud cover. we had the clouds yesterday because of this guy, low pressure approaching southern california. that is generating mostly cloudy skies across the bay area but we still have the cool northeasterly wind in place and with that temperatures cooling off and at -- and that is what we have right now. subfreezing temperatures across a few spots. santa rosa 29. sonoma county airport, 40. san jose 36. lots of 30s for livermore and walnut creek and napa 32. current wind speeds as well, still a breeze out there and fairfield at 14 and san
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francisco 12. you can see half moon bay gusting to 30 miles per hour. still a chilly start and possibly frost out there as well especially inland. 27 to 32 degrees . tomorrow morning will be colder and there's a chance we could have a freeze warning kick in. there is a temperature timeline, drive for today and low to mid 50s for afternoon highs. a close look at the five day forecast coming up. sal is off today and traffic is expected to be light. today is a federal holiday. we will check in on traffic cameras anyway. here is a look at the east shore freeway at the southwest down direction. as people head into oakland and the city and the bay bridge toll plaza, not very many cars on the road. no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza they were saying it there were four cars on the road. same with the golden gate bridge. i just see a few headlights out
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there. very easy drive. a massive search effort underway in the black sea where a russian military plane with 92 people on board crashed. this memorial service was held in the sochi airport where the plane took off yesterday bound for syria. rob schmidt has the latest on the crash.>> reporter: christmas day tragedy in russia after a military plane carrying members of the army's choir crashed into the black sea near the city of sochi. the aircraft carrying 92 people disappeared from radar sunday morning minutes after taking off. it departed from sochi and was headed to let talky syria where russia has a large military presence for a concert. >> all in all 3000 people are taking part in search and rescue operations. >> russian president vladimir
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putin expressed condolences and declared a national day of mourning. >> a thorough investigation will be carried out and everything will be done to report to families. >> many brought candles and flowers. among those on the plate, doctor flight was on the plane to accompany a humanitarian cargo shipment to a local high school in syria. also, nine journalists from a tv station in russia. locals remembering their lives and holding a vigil. no major weather patterns and -- patterns were present at the time of the crash. no possible causes rolled out. they say it could take days or weeks to figure out what brought that plane down.
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rob schmidt, fox news. san francisco men arrested after police say he stole a butcher knife from a bar and attacked two people outside. it happened after 11:00 yesterday morning near market entered. the suspect walked out of the bar with a knife and then got into a confrontation with two people who were sleeping on the sidewalk. a 30-year-old woman had a cut on her hand and is 62-year-old man suffered a cut to his face. the 25-year-old suspect was arrested. two men shot early yesterday morning outside a san francisco nightclub. please call to the grand nightclub near at&t park after 2:30 am. officers found two men on the sidewalk suffering from gunshot wounds. they are expected to survive. police in mount vernon, new york arrested a man who opened fire inside of a nightclub killing two and injuring four others on christmas morning at the mansion i. the owner of the club was one of the people killed. the suspect may have been thrown out of the club before the shooting happened and there are reports that as many as 200 people were inside that club at the time. time is 4:34 am. donald trump says he will dissolve his charitable foundation which was controversial on the campaign trail. ethics experts applaud his
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decision but there are still questions about how the change will be made. >> reporter: after the present elect trump won the election many wondered what would happen to his business empire. and his foundation. mister trump announcing he has directed his lawyers to begin dissolving the charity. in a statement the present elect saying to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. the foundation was established in 1988 and is run by mister trump and his three adult children. mister trump said it operates at no cost and that 100% of donations go to charity. mister trump hasn't personally donated to his own charity in a number of years. instead many wealthy friends have filled the coffers. closing the foundation isn't unexpected because it has been under investigation by the state of new york since
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september for the way it collects and disburses funds. it won't be simple. the press secretary for new york's attorney general tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. while the deputy director for the democratic national convention tweeting these harsh words. might be tough to shut down a foundation that is under investigation for fraud. taking a step back there is nothing trump year then shutting down the tiny part of his empire that might actually do some tangential good while leaving his for-profit company intact. mister trump hasn't given a timeline of when the foundation would be dissolved but he did say he will be pursuing his strong interest in philanthropy and other ways. lauren blanchard. time is 4:36 am. it's hard to find affordable and low income housing in silicon valley and a mother of two learned that the hard way after her apartment building was sold. >> she was homeless for a year but then she got resourceful.
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frank mallicoat shows how a helping hand helped her and her family get back on track.>> reporter: ondrea johnson admits she is cynical. who can blame her. and 43 with a 13-year-old special needs son in an eight- year-old daughter the single mom was evicted after sunnyvale apartment building was sold. so with no affordable housing to be had the certified medical assistant went mobile. she loaded the kids in her rv and spent the next nine months juggling three licenses inside of a rolling home. it had to be moved every 2 to 3 days to avoid attention. >> it was hell. every day. and you didn't know whether you were going to get a good nights sleep or someone might come knocking on the door. or if the neighbors were going to complain. or show up. >> a chance knock on that door opened a big door. sunnydale community service offered her help through their rental assistance program. that rv got parked for good and
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the johnsons landed in a warm two-bedroom san jose apartment. >> we were so happy. we slept on the floor, we didn't care. before we brought in and furniture. >> that furniture arrived a month later all things to the chronicle season of sharing program. her kids are now snuggled up in bunkbeds. >> this is pretty nice and more comfortable. the other was really cool. you have more space to move around. >> that is the most important to be with family. >> christmas suddenly has new meaning for the johnsons and it has restore their faith and given them hope. >> when you have a merry christmas? >> probably. and my mom says i will be spoiled. [ laughter ]. >> she said it. >> sometimes you wonder if it is augmented be okay again.
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but it is okay. i know that whatever comes our way, i did it once i can do it again. >> frank mallicoat. the season of sharing has been around for three decades and they can still use your help. join the campaign and be part of the work by donating online. we posted a link on our website. just click on the web link section. it was a deadly weekend in san jose. the homicide total now it's highest in 25 years. coming up, more about the latest killing on christmas eve. a messy christmas for many in the upper midwest. the freezing rain and heavy snow creating problems on the roads. the weather pattern is quiet. it is cold out there by our standards. coolest locations down to the 20s.
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there is a state of emergency in a michigan town because of a sinkhole. a dozen homes evacuated in fraser. the sinkhole opened up on christmas eve. one house partially collapsed and police have blocked off major roads and they had to divert traffic.>> leicester city -- electricity is often water is off. we need to reroute so we can get residents to get their contents because they will be out for quite some time. it is unclear how large the sinkhole can grow to but it is linked to a possible sewage problem located 50 feet underground.
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>> it was a cold, slick and messy christmas in the upper midwest and they will get more today. it started with freezing rain across minnesota and north and south dakota and then as it got colder it turned to heavy snow. blizzard and high wind warnings in effect this morning. 15 inches of snow expected before the storm moves on. that is causing major problems on highways and airports throughout the region for most of today. in arizona, interstate 40 closed by a big storm near flagstaff. bad stretch of road. 12 inches of snow fell in a few hours. road crews couldn't keep up with the pace of the snow and were able to keep the highway open. the highway is open again this morning. state troopers reminding drivers to go slow on the wet and icy roots. >> that is not an uncommon scene. in tahoe on the way to the sierra. they got snow earlier this week. >> yes. 12 to 18 inches so they are looking out. great conditions
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this week if you're heading to the sierra. perfect timing. the forecast coming up. as far as the national perspective you heard that the problem out there, the stormy weather. for us a quiet weather pattern with clear skies. a cold one as well. looking at the satellite and the radar, the system is moving through the midwest so here is the past six hours. you can see the rain signature. coming closer to show you the activity offshore we watch area of low pressure approaching southern california and this produced the clouds yesterday and as it moves to the south or stalls out we expect a few clouds out there and probably more sunshine today compared to yesterday. take a look at some of the current numbers out there across the bay. in the north bay now we have healdsburg at 30 degrees. petaluma 31. livermore in the 30s and walnut creek in the upper 30s. san carlos 36 and stanford 34.
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towards the south bay, brockport freshman morgan hill, temperatures in the upper 30s. santa cruz showing you 39 degrees. here is the overall weather pattern. this low pressure has the potential to produce rainfall in the bay area and there was once a chance on sunday and into this morning that it is hanging out in the pacific. ushering in that cool air mass once again. tomorrow morning will be colder than this morning. the main storm track to the north of the bay area and for the most part a dry week ahead with the exception of a slight chance of a shower and the chances becoming slimmer. that could be later in the week by friday and into saturday. lake tahoe, lots of sunshine and same deal wednesday and tuesday. overnight lows below freezing for today and you can see temperatures warming up as we do approach midweek. here we are today. mostly sunny. then a few high clouds will take this into tuesday and once again the main storm energy is to the north of
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the bay area so the key headline, no strong storms in sight and a pretty good chance no rain drops insight as we wrap up 2016. temperatures today after the cold start this morning, breezy out there as well. winds around 10 to 20 and santa rosa forecast high 54. livermore 51 and san jose 54. here is a look ahead. tomorrow morning a heads up. there is a good chance we could have a freeze warning kick in for the north bay valley and the east bay interior. those tomorrow morning back to the mid-20s. then a pretty cool week ahead. we will warm up the numbers by wednesday and thursday and looking towards new year's, as we approach 2017, and there is a slight chance of a shower by friday and saturday. we're talking about the cold numbers in the bay area and talking about hawaii during the break. just a warm-up in my mind that the current weather in hawaii now in honolulu is 75 degrees. right now.
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eventually i will get to hawaii.>> maybe you will get out there 2017. a woman in oakland marked a milestone christmas day turning 100 years old. >> her husband has a few years on her. he turned 103. amber lee talked to the couple about their secret to longevity.>> reporter: emanating from this quarter home in oakland lake neighborhood, is music from another era. during the useful years of ruth and henry fung. >> i don't know what to do with myself. >> she is doing plenty. she enjoys listening to music from pandora and place candy crush on her ipad and emails. exuberant that belies her age. 99 years old and turning 100 on christmas. >> give me your hand.
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we like to hold hands. >> she says romance and patience are key to a successful marriage. 76 years and counting. has been henry turned 103 last month. >> what kind of things do you like to do? >> sit down there and talking. sounds simple but it works. henry is a man of few words but he has what it takes to make ruth happy. >> he is very sweet. sweet and gentle and loving. [ laughter ]. >> she says they met in their 20s in los angeles and were married in 1940. they raised their family in the same oakland home for 67 years. >> thank the lord. it is nothing to have the person -- and three boys and three girls. >> to raise their family henry
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worked as a waiter and then a chef. ruth a stay-at-home mom and later an elementary school cafeteria worker.>> it was a simple life. >> she attributes longevity and great health to not drinking or smoking. henry is a former smoker. interest they share is playing slot machines. in their decades and opened the have seen a lot of change. >> every day pick up a paper and their killings and it is depressing. she said she has never had any trouble except for a burglary at her home a few years ago. still she says life and opened has been good. >> i do think the lord for all that we have. and my tender loving children and friends. >> amber lee, ktvu. while.
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big earthquake hit off the coast of chilly yesterday. it was a 7.6 magnitude centered off the southern coast of chilly. thousands of people evacuated after the tremor for fear of a sunol me but the tsunami warning was canceled less than two hours later. some of the highways are damaged and 20,000 people are without electricity. tomorrow the japanese prime minister will make history becoming the first leader of japan since world war ii to visit pearl harbor in hawaii. japan prime minister shinzo abe abi will visit the site of the japanese bombing with president obama. that leaders say the visit is intended to show the power of reconciliation. resident obama became the first sitting american president to visit hiroshima where the us dropped the first atomic bomb. with the holidays in oakland for firefighters, all about spreading christmas cheer. rob malcolm has more on how firehouse 13 in fruitvale gave back. >> reporter: when it comes to
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spreading christmas cheer the guys at firehouse 13 on derby avenue in fruitvale come through. >> and as always they delivered. >> hello. >> we have gifts from santa for you guys. >> he called us to see if we could drop some presence off. is that okay? >> what is your name?>> shy. >> the smiles on faces set at all. >> this is good. they are spreading the spirit for people who may not get a gift because of economic reasons but it is nice that they are out here giving gifts. >> thank you. >> annual christmas eve tradition and on christmas day some of these guys will be working and don't seem to mind. >> i have been with the
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department 18 going on 19 and i have worked a lot of christmases. >> how many? >> enough to say i have worked a lot of christmases and sometimes you have to work christmas eve or christmas day and really do we have to work both but occasionally that does happen. most families understand that. >> i am a new kid. we are called the new kids. it means i get to work all the holidays. thanksgiving which is fun. i bring the family down. >> we had to ask.>> this christmas the wife and kids, i have four kids so they will be opening presents and doing their own thing. they are ready to go to grandma's. that is nice. >> there are benefits. [ laughter ].>> to working. >> he was joking of course. >> for myself it is a great experience because i have a small family and the opened fire department is an extension of my family. being able to come to work and
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have a couple great meals as well as see a lot of happiness in the community is really rewarding. >> this christmas day beheaded this hassle shared his special message. >> my christmas wish is for the citizens of oakland a piece since we've had this disaster in the last few weeks. maybe we could take time to take a 2nd to give each other a good cheer and a good hug. >> from the fruitvale neighborhood, rob malcolm. hundreds of people celebrating hanukkah in washington dc with the lighting of the national minoru. the festive ceremony also included music and food along with that dancing dreidel. the jewish holiday began on christmas eve and the next time the holidays will overlap will be in 2019. hanukkah ends january 1. back here at home a christmas day tragedy that
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happened in san jose. a drunk driver caused a crash that killed her and a 14-year- old boy. another music industry icon has died. have fans and friends are remembering the life of george michael. weather, cool and breezy and cool. i already said cool. the main system heading to the south, i will let you know if the weather pattern sticks around.
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. get ktvu news, weather, traffic, sports. download the fox 2 news weather app today. good morning! president-elect donald trump gets back to work avenue the holidays. and -- after the holidays. and president obama is making some last minute moves before he leaves office. we'll bring you a live report from washington. plus -- >> we should've won that game. we had it in our hands. so -- >> reporter: the warriors lost that nailbiter to the defending champions. when they'll get a chance at the cavaliers again. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> welcome to "ktvu mornings on 2"! >> you're back! good to see you! >> i'm glad to be back! >> good to have you back! steve is off today.
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>> right. >> my surf instructor -- [ laughter ] >> yes! >> i think i am! >> i'm just a cheerleader. >> we'll bring the snack. >> sounds like a plan! some cold temperatures this morning. a few high clouds that moved across the area yesterday. most the clouds have moved out to the south. you want to bundle up this morning. we have this locked in cold weather pattern out here. this is our live camera. nice to see the embarcadero lights shining brightly there. quiet monday morning. it's a cold one. as you can see on the satellite, the main clouds heading toward southern california. we have a pretty good, brisk, easterly wind or northeasterly wind out there. so if you're exposed to that, you'll feel it. current numbers right now, santa rosa, 29. san francisco, 40 degrees. 35. and livermore at 34 degrees. so once again, off to a cold start. i think tomorrow morning will be cooler. a check on some of the current wind speeds out there. around 5 to


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