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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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los angeles to london. overseas promoting princess diarist about what happened behind the scene when star wars was filmed hollywood reacted after fisher was marked to the hospital mark hammel tweeted as if 2016 could not get worse sending all of our love to carrie fisher. she was born in to hollywood royalty in 1956. the daughter of eddy fisher and debbie reynolds was destined for stardom launching as a act treat with princess layla. she adapted a book into a screen play and a movie starring meryl streep and sherly mcclain and became a successful screen writer revising hollywood scripts and taking on supporting roles. recently air temperatures prized her role as princess
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layla and scored more film in star wars. she spoke about her struggles with bipolar struggs and drug abuse. when asked a question do you fear death she says she fears the pain of dying but then added i have seen death and it did not look like fun but if i was going to do it i would like someone like me around. carrie fisher was 60 years old. in los angeles, wil carr. fox news. and for more on the life of carrie fisher log onto and look for our online story. you will find an interactive timeline of fisher's life on the home page. doctors perform surgery on raiders quarterback derek carr's broken leg. he broke aborne in his shin that means he is likely done for the year. joe fonzi joins us with an
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update on how today's surgery went. >> i think you can say if dare require carr did not know he is discovering the degree of scrutiny with a sports star. he went unsurgery to repair his fibla. performed in los angeles where carr is recovering this afternoon. his mother today made this post on facebook. derrick is out doing excellent and we are pleased as a family. thank you for all of your prayers. later carr weighed in saying the surgery could not have gone better and says he is starting the recovery process and thank the undoubtly thousands of people that have sent their prayers and wishes. being talked about and the media availability since the day on christmas kevin durant was asked about carr. >> you see the progression from the team. a couple of years ago. watching them from afar and
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seeing them at the top of the league and as far as they are playing and your leader and main guy goes up. that was heart breaking for me when i seen that. >> with the carr sideline the biggest time in the career of his backup. matt mcgoin, he will be at the helm sunday had the raiders play sunday and oakland win would clench the afc west and oakland loss and a win by kansas city would make the raiders a wild card team. mcgoin started 6 games for the raiders the year before carr drafted and oakland with an entirely different roster one and five during that 6 game stretch. so on charted territory for the raiders as they enter the playoffs and important game to be played on sunday. he looked like he twisted his leg and wondering and hoping he is okay and this is like the thing that could happen. it really is in terms of the raiders leader of the team and now it is time for the backup guy and he is there for
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a reason. just step up and see what he can do. >> when he says it couldn't have gone better. we don't know what that means. >> it means that they put the bone back in place and he will be on schedule for a normal recovery which is about an 8 to 12 week period that means he will be 100% healthy for mini camps and raiders fans should not expect anymore. san francisco judge rejected rather a request by the police union today to block a new use of force policy. the police officer's association filed a lawsuit on december 20th to reopen the negotiations on that policy. and requested a temporary in junction to stop the implementation. on shooting vehicles and a band on control hold known as carotid restrength. officers need the option of that hold. the judge denied it saying the union would probably not win in
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court. a california man is suing a high end store saying it discriminated against him and african-american customers. it was filed against vercacci usa after an incident that happened at the san francisco premium outlet store. paul chambers is following the story and spoke to the man's lawyer and has reactions from shoppers. what are they saying? >> it is an interesting story. a 30 page complaint that we received from the lawyer today. it says had the man worked at the store in the premium outlets he was told to tug on something black or hold it up to let people know that african- americans had entered the store. this vercacci store located at the san francisco premium outlets is where a 23-year-old man name chris sampeen opposing worked. he filed a complaint against the store saying while undergoing training he was taught to discriminate against african-americans. >> our client was trained to announce this verbal code if an african-american customer comes
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into the store. there's also a nonverbal code where the employee would tug on a black article of clothing. >> sampan opposing claimed the code was d410 and told to use it when an african-american entered the store. sampan opposing of mixed race claims he was terminated after working there less than a month. when asked why the complaint states he wasn't let go because of performance but because he doesn't understand luxury. and because he doesn't know the luxury life. which his lawyers believe is code for racial discrimination lawsuit. >> given the code that they have for a black customer coming in the store it doesn't take much of a logical leap to assume that you haven't lived the luxury life is code for we don't want an african-american american employee and so our client was terminated. >> asked if this is corporate or just a store one the lawyer says it is too soon to tell where the command came from but
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as part of the investigation, they will find out. >> typically we can connect it at least one level up the hierarchy to the regional level and often times we can connect it to the top. >> unfortunately this type of behavior is not new. commonplace for many establishments for years. it doesn't surprise me that an upscale store like vercacci would do that. >> i like the lawsuit because we need to take a stand against stores and it has to be made known. >> they treated us kindly and i would go back to the store again. now we reached out to vercacci and the attorney representative did not get back to us but we have heard that the accusations are false and they will meet in federal court in march. paul chambers from livermore. paul, thank you. well oakland police are
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searching for a gunman that shot and killed the former marine in east oakland. officers responding to a shot spotter alert found 23 year-old chris killian at 7:15 last night on humble street near brookdale avenue. pronounced dead at the scene. killian lived in oakland and attended hayward high school before joining the marines. according to a go fund me page that was set up by his sister he dropped out of college when his father was diagnosed with cancer. we know what prompted a fatal stabbing inside a target store. the victim asked two fellow shoppers to turn down the music inside the store and instead they stabbed him to death in front of his 4 year-old son. crime reporter henry lee spoke to the victim's wife about the loss on christmas eve. >> in the end tyrone griffin was trying to protect his son trying to buy a last minute christmas gift. insteadling joshua saw his
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father take his last breath. family members are heartbroken over the loss of tyrone griffin. >> he tried to protect his kids from seeing unseen danger, even being out in traffic and he lost his life trying to behavior rowic to his son. >> on christmas eve a last minute holiday shopping spree turned deadly. in the toy section trying to get a toy train when they encountered two men playing loud music with offensive ha lyrics. griffin asked to turn the music down and they got in an argument and a man pulled out a knife and stabbed griffin as his son watched. >> it would be the last time he would be able to protect his son. >> griffin died at a hospital. hayward police arrested two suspects after they ran from the store. their names have not been
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released. now prosecutors are expecting to decide whether to file murder charges and coming up at 6 we will hear more from the victim's family. henrily. ktvu fox 2 news. the group around serve years but the california independence have gained attraction after election of donald trump. we are saying this will get louder and we would rather be independent. >> even though support is growing why it may not be enough for california to become an independent nation. college football fans arriving in the bay area for tomorrow's bowl game here at levi stadium. coming up, why the football game will be special for one father and how it will make family history. tracking this holiday week. i hope you have it off and walking at home in the comfort of the living room with the fire on. we got cold weather to talk about and the chance for
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showers as we head towards the
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weekend. trump tower in new york city evacuated because after suspicious package that turned out to be a backpack full of toys. video posted on twitter showed people running through the lobby in a panic. new york city police said the backpack was found near a nike store. the all clear was given 3 hours ago. donald trump lives in the tower but is in florida now. fans are starting to arrive in the bay area for foster bowl game at levi stadium. maureen naylor talked to fans that flew in for the game and
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joins us live outside the stadium in santa clara. 35,000 people are expected to attend the bowl game tomorrow at levi stadium. about half the capacity and probably why, take a look, the upper level seeds are covered tonight. the game is set to start at 24 hours from now. >> at the san jose airport a direct flight from salt lake city delivers university of utah fans. >> what was it like on the plane? >> a lot of red shirts. >> this woman arrived wearing her utah necklace and matching earrings. >> when we move back to utah we had football season ticket business -- tickets before a house. the family i married into is red-blooded. >> wednesday night utah will be fighting for this trophy trophy as they take on the university of indiana. seen here in a team photo at levi stadium. >> we don't go to too many bowl
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games. we are a basketball school. >> the bowl game is a treat for this father wearing red utah gear from the head to the toes. plus a carolina panthers sweat shirt. >> his oldest son plays in the nfl for the panthers and played in the last super bowl at levi stadium. >> now his baby, if you will, will take to the same field for the foster farms bowl. >> we came for the super bowl. yeah. and we lost. so hopefully this one is better. that's great history to have my two sons to play in the stadium again and i am hoping that this one will be better. >> both teams are in town serving meals to st. anthony. in santa clara there is a new sheriff in town.
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sheriff david reynolds from indiana came out for the game. >> warm yesterday and two weeks ago 15 degrees below zero. it is nice to see the sun. i spoke with one of the local hotel managers. she said they had rooms available. when they get a boost things will be busier when the seahawks match up against the 49ers back to you. i heard you had numbers. how much is each fan expected to spend at the game? >> i asked a couple of fans how much they were spending and some said $300 and $700 for a flight and about one thousand dollars to come out and spend a few days in the bay. 'tis the season for bowl games. maureen, thank you. today's zwanzaa celebration was filled with people celebrating the holiday including mayor lee. it began yesterday and held in a different location each day.
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it focuses on a different principle. today's principle was unity. this is the 50th anniversary of zwanzaa. >> did i hear you say rain is coming back our way. >> i am teasing. you know there is a slight chance of a sprinkle but it is nothing to change your plans over. you will see in the five-day forecast as a chance just that. right now the rain is to the north and south and east of here. we have a nice dry pattern and talking 5 in santa rosa and 54 in vallejo. the highs today. warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow will be warmer still. we will be warmer overnight because of the cloud cover. what you see here. and the clouds, it will be cold and frosty. in some places instead of 28 in santa rosa you will be more like 33 degrees or 32.
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you are up a few degrees and you will still get frost at 37 degrees. if that is an issue for you. there are the clouds and made for a beautiful sunset. i hope you saw that and maybe you did or didn't but it was beautiful. right now 48 in nevada and chilly and 46 in fairfield. temperatures just plummeting. an but with that said because of the clouds. 5 degrees warmer in fairfield and 5 degrees warmer in livermore. an interest shot. tam is in the background in san jose. looking at levi stadium. and the proximity a long push. >> fifty or 60 miles. >> hazy. is it hazy or foggy? >> hazy. a little bit and that shot, you don't see it that much. we had it the other day you of the chopper. when you see cam on the north side of the city, you can't see the lights of san francisco. that's a coal shot. >> the cameras are getting better and better so we are
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getting the quality of the pictures we get off of the live cameras. in the old days they were good and now the h d cameras pick up so many. overnight lows. not that bad. much warmer than they have been. chilly and as we look at oakland tomorrow morning. you know at 7:00 a.m. you are at 50s and you will end up the low in oakland at 48. and lunchtime the sky. partly cloudy and sunny like today. that is what it is. a lot like today. a few more clouds and slightly warmer for your daytime high in oakland. a nice-looking day tomorrow. and i did tease a chance of a sprinkle. the models yanked it out. the opportunity. the real chance for rain now shows up on -- middle of next week and i think the middle -- the new year. i think there's the continue for real rain again. cool and brisk in the meantime. >> yes, cool mornings and mild. jackets, i would leave a jacket
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on most of the day. phil, thanks. sure. coming up. shots fired outside an east bay shopping center. they are open for business. what witnesses are saying about the frightening incident.
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>> a man accused of killing his mother with a baseball bat on christmas morning is under arrest in santa clara county. 39-year-old matthew saloukie
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was booked on suspicion of murder. when they arrived they found 79- year-old claudia sa lousky with head trauma. she died at the hospital. finding in pleasant hill shopping center. bullets hit a starbucks. christian spoke to a woman that heard the shots. >> you can see it appears to be a bullet hole in the wall here and if you look to the side you can see that the wouldn't at the hawaii restaurant appears to be blown out in this incident. multiple shots were fired, we spoke with one woman that says she was nearby and heard the shots ring out. >> it sounded like gunshots. i heard 7 of them. >> did you think somebody was hit? >> i didn't know. i knew it was close and it seemed like an automatic gun. you know like semiautomatic. it didn't sound good. >> investigators say the shooting started at 9:15 and
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most of the businesses were open in the area and customers were in and out of the mall at the time of the shooting. police arrived shortly after shots were fired. williams said that one man was hit and bleeding. they started to run in the starbucks and took off in a car. this is the first shooting that we have had in several months anyway. but it can happen anywhere, anytime. pleasant hill police spent hours trying to find the gunshot victim. they used the license plate of the vehicle he got into, to track him down. police say they are not seeing anymore information as it could affect the investigation. outrage over the election of donald trump have some people in california pushing for independence. why a political expert tells us the chances of california leaving the union are zero. yesterday a lot of folks in alot of places supposedly using social media injured people and damaged property at malls.
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the question is should that
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social media be liable? >> it is being called cal exit. a moment that appears to be gaining ground since the election of donald trump. >> supporters want california to become its own independent nation. monny francis, will this have a
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chance of becoming a reality. >> they want an international presence and opening an embassy in russia but the idea faces huge hurtles. in california outrage over the election of donald trump is on regular display. hillary clinton received four million more votes in the state than trump did and given that much of the company is made up of red states. the idea of breaking away doesn't seem as crazy to some as it once did. >> the approach is peaceful and legal and connected to doing a small and significant tweet to the californians constitution. clear heads the bay area chapter of yes california. a grass movement. she says the level of support has tripled since the election. >> it was such such a strong
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divide. the people that wanted to vote trump in and those that saw a different future. voting him in. it looks like it is not feasible. >> california is the world's 6th largest economy and pays the federal government $370 billion a year in taxes. yes, california says that is much more than the state's fair share. the group needs half a million signatures to qualify for the ballot in 2018. hadean believes that cal exit is a possibility but political analyst brian sobbal is not confident putting the union at zero. >> it would be anticipated it would be challenged to the supreme court but at the end of the day you would need 2/3 ratification from other states. california is a huge economic engine for the united states. and the idea that other states in the union would say oh, yeah, you can leave and go off
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on your own is not only unlikely, it is incredibly improbable. >> the founder of this is american and lives and works in russia announced the opening of an office in russia tweeting that the embassy of the independent of california opens in moscow. hadean says there is a value in showcasing the influence and economic power. even if the effort ultimately fails. i think that the fact that we are saying so outloud and this will get louder than we would rather be independent i think it gives people poor support on both sides. >> and the group plans to grab signatures next month. two big questions. would a majority of californians support the measure and if it does pass will 2/3 of congress go along. the answer to the last question is no way. >> what about the founder's tie to russia? >> it is a question that has
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come out. he is american and lives in russian and says there is no connection between this movement and the russian government. >> and the woman with the seemingly british accident. where are the californians in this story? >> i asked her if she considered herself american or californian and she says i consider myself a british californians. in san francisco talk of a new fire station along the embarcadero. building a floating barge featuring a two story fire stays. the city is looking to replace the cramped fire station at pier 22 and a half. it would be critical in an earthquake but there are logistical issues. it would involve 180-foot long pier and a 32-foot high fire station. the county's sheriff's department is asking for your
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help to find a homicide suspect. jonathan pierce is wanted in the december 12th killing of 23 year-old patrick domingo, known to have relatives in the east bay and sacramento. suspected of shooting the suspect in a head in a beacon gas station on el camino. the shooting occurred during a marijuana deal gone bad. according to witnesses pierce left in a dark suv and police say he is considered armed and dangerous. >> detectives are now trying to identify a passenger that was in the vehicle with pierce at the time of the shooting. anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the sheriff's office. there were fights, injuries and arrests and early closures at malls and shopping centers across the country yesterday. some of the violence encouraged on social media.
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ktvu news' tom vacar with a look at what happened and asked the question if social media should be held responsible. >> the day after christmas and other nations is known as boxing day and yesterday was like a prize fight. >> chaos raindropped at malls and shopping centers. some of the mostly young troublemakers summoned over social media such as facebook or twitter. the mall in the denver area of aurora was one site. >> we had multiple scrimmages throughout the mall that we needed to close down the mall for public safety. >> at the upscale toney beach wood mall shoppers were freaked out. >> running and screaming. i seen a girl get trampled over. >> i am not processing it exactly. scared is a good thing. i have been calling everybody
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and just trying to get home. >> social media such as facebook and twitter are commercial enterprises that make money from ads aimed at users drawn to those sites. >> the 21-year-old decent's act protects social media such as facebook and twitter from any liability for harm done by those that use the media to create that harm and that law is now being tested in a federal appeals court. >> so we asked folks at walnut street shopping district should social media be partially liable for harmful activities set up over the sites. >> i would think it is too much interference. we can't hold a newspaper accountable. >> as far as having responsibility for the injured and the damage. i don't think they would have that but they do have a certain amount of responsibility for policing their sites. >> this is territory that is unknown to us and we have to figure out how to solve the problem in alike way that
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everyone at the society agrees with. five nations, brazil and russia and indian and thailand do have laws to establish consequences through social media companies separating within their jurisdictions and that trend is growing. tom vacar, fox 2 news. all right. tom. thank you. with dozens of brews on tap at the popular place for beer drinkers to hang out. still to come while owners of this bar in san francisco are now claiming a building would steal its sun. historic meeting at pearl harbor talking about attack that kill service members 75 years ago. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area dealers. visit kia to learn more.
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investigators in russia are beginning to examine the flight data recorder from the military plane that crashed into the black sea on sunday. crews recovered that recorder today. they are hoping to pinpoint the cause. theories range from mechanical failure or sabotage or terror. 92 people killed including the famous red army choir. crews are racing to recover the bodies and the wreckage before the weather worsens. ties between the united states and israel are strained as israeli officials keep up
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the criticism of the obama administration. a spokesman for benjamin netanyahu says that the information from the u.s. resolution and pushed hard for it to pass. the united states is long used its u.n. security council veto power to protect israel on friday they abstained from a vote on land claimed by palestinians illegal. it passed and angered officials. it canoes involvement in drafting the resolution. >> president obama and second kerry have been saying in hundreds of conversations and public comments that israeli activity was pushing into the west bank and in a way that was making the two state solution unachievable. palestinian authorities spoke out since the vote. they are looking ahead to a january conference where dozens
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of countries could endorse a frame work for peace between israelis and palestinians. there was a historic visit to pearl harbor. the first japanese leader visited with president obama. he offered japan sincere condolences for the deaths of the as much as members. the japanese on december 7th, 75 years ago put the u.s. into war. >> the brave verry, we were called here is forever etched in our national heart. >> the two leaders also toured the usf arizona for a wreath laying ceremony. the visit comes 6 months after president obama became the first sitting american
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president to visit hiroshima. george michael's death comes after david bowie and prince and leonard cohen. his career sold more than one hundred million albums. george michael was 53 years old. coming up teenagers and marijuana. why this new stud could raise concerns about marijuana use. proving he is an mvp. seth curry and his family pitched into help needy oakland families. and we are tracking the forecast. a beautiful shot behind me. the sunset. clouds coming in and the clouds will keep it a little bit warmer. i will let you know what the temperatures will be for tomorrow and if that chance of
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rain will have any impact
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outage whatsoever. how teens perceive marijuana and how often they use it is from uc davis. research could raise concerns about teen marijuana use in california. >> the study compares perceptions of risks with marijuana and actual use of
5:45 pm
marijuana before and after legal obligation. from 2010 to 2012 and 2013 and 2014 in washington and colorado compared to states where it is not legal. >> we found in washington that 8th and 10th graders experienced a decrease in the perceptions of risks of marijuana and reported an increase in use of marijuana after legalization. for 12th graders there is no change in perception or use and in colorado, no change of perception or use of any great level. dr. serta, a uc davis professor that published the study can't explain why adolescents see fewer risks than kids in colorado but did theorize it could have because of colorado's ability to de sigmaize it. >> there was a commercial
5:46 pm
system related to medical marijuana dispensaries and a the lo of advertising of medical marijuana dispensaries prior to the legalization of the marijuana. >> dr. stanton at ucsf analyzed this says that because marijuana is socially acceptable the use increasing is inevitable. >> by legalizing marijuana in a frame work that is designed to protect and promote business you are going to create a situation where we are going to see the use growing rapidly and the health effect following. >> the study says it should raise concerns for states legalizing marijuana for recreational use. >> where marijuana is legalized. it is more assessable and you can buy it and that makes it easy for a legal market and more likely that people will use it. of course for adolescents it is still illegal but they can
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access it through other parties. doctor serta has studied the effects of long term or continual marijuana use says those people often have difficulties with relationships and at work. seth curry and his family handed out boxes of food in oakland. they partnered with an organization called feed the children to help 1200 low- income families this year. the curries handed out boxes filled with 25 pounds of food. and ten pounds of basic essentials, shampoo and conditioner and lotion and other items. this event started four years ago helping 250 families. setting wanted to see it grow bigger and bigger each year. >> we wap to keep pushing the envelope and making it bigger and better and more impactful and it has been a huge success so far. >> the seth curry foundation and the warriors community
5:48 pm
foundation financed the event. another example of how the warriors and the players are so good at giving back. when you think the curry family can't be good enough, they prove themselves to be bigger and better. >> they are, they give back so much. it is fun to see and riley was getting in the action. so great and ways also so great and awesome, well it is not the sunset, we call it the twilight. >> and i was just thinking about it, ken is a pilot and i'm a meteorologist. >> ways civil twilight? >> i don't know. a government term. but because of the cloud cover out there it is civil twilight lasting and you get a reflection of the sun off of the bases of the clouds. >> it is beautiful. >> one of the top ten this year i think. we have had good sunsets and i am here every night and watch the sunsets. >> so crisp looking you know. clear and crisp and the lights pop. >> it is.
5:49 pm
a beautiful night out there and kenny and i were talking about twilight after the sun sets and this time that you are seeing now. civil while and you want to measure it. it is when when the sun sets and it is completely dark considered civil twilights. not a term used often but it has been around for a while. the clouds will keep us warmer and those clouds are responsible for that great looking sunset. and those clouds as you think about what we were seeing in the sunset. the clouds are high. not low level clouds and pretty high level clouds because you see how high up they were. an interesting thing to note and that's why we are getting a long civil twilight because the cloud bases are reflected. 48 in napa. cold but not as cold as last night. five degrees warmer in fairfield and five degrees warmer in livermore.
5:50 pm
i think that's because of the clouds. i do. and then outside another shot looking back at the bay bridge and you can see the slight working. the lights are going there and there is that new span and the beautiful night and no spare the air night and a stunning evening and maybe you have relatives in town and it is fun when we get this kind of weather. we have blizzards in the plains and northern part of the country. you have had all sorts of inclement weather in the west coast and san francisco and the most beautiful weather certainly last couple of days and that weather will continue. it won't be warm but nice. wednesday morning, take the computer model to go through each day to see the cloud cover and chances of rain. tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon. no change and you see the jet stream stays put and that is where the jet stream is. now, 7:00 a.m. thursday, barely news. you see what happens. little south terly push and that is thursday afternoon. and here comes the clouds for friday.
5:51 pm
and remember i said there is the slight chance for a sprinkle and there's the slight chance for a sprinkle. maybe drizzle or sprinkle will show up. friday morning and then friday as far as i can go friday afternoon. it is a nice looking weekend a i head. clouds. as we saw. but the clouds will basically serve to keep us warmer in the overnight. remember we are getting crushed in the overnight. let's do this. can we take that camera. so pretty. this is what we were talking about. isn't that beautiful? >> yes. look at the lights. >> coming from shut opposing and you see the bay bridge and a beautiful, beautiful shot tonight. >> so big out there. >> the dome on city hall is changing colors. red and green a moment ago. it is going back and forth red and green. >> relatives in town. i always say it but it is the prettiest city in the world but i have only been to a couple. >> it is one of the prettiest.
5:52 pm
>> i think it is too. >> des moines is kind of nice. >> quit it. i have never been to des moines. i don't want to rip on des moines. >> we do love it. thank you, bill. lebron james named 2016 male athlete of the year by the associated press. james received 24 first place votes out of the 59 cast by u.s. editors and news directors. he helped the cleveland cavaliers win the first championship in 52 years and he used his superstar platform to address social causes. lebron beat out michael phelps and hue sane bolt for the tightsal of 2016 greatest male athlete of the year. one of music's biggest stars dropped in on one of her biggest fans. taylor swift surprised 9 6- year-old cyprus porter. dancing in the baseball hat. gave him and his family a private concert at his home in
5:53 pm
missouri and serenaded them with their hit song shake it off. we went to the beat of the music and having a great time with it. >> a world war ii veteran. >> they normally don't go together. >> no. that's right. >> swift heard about porter and traveled from nashville to missouri for that performance. porter says he has been to two taylor swift concerts and plans on being center stage during the next concert tour. pretty good at 96. still going. san francisco bars say not in my backyard. coming up next. why they say a proposed apartment building will steal their son but also their
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the owners of a landmark bar in san francisco say the construction of a proposed apartment complex in their neighborhood would square away customers. many people that frequent that bar say the new building would steal their sun. and as foued mohammed aggad explains it would threaten business. >> the bar in the heart of san francisco's mission district. >> here you go. >> with more than sixty bears on tap. >> this is the 2nd largest keg room. >> it has been a staple for beer lovers for 40 years. >> this fakeries fantastic. besides going to the party this is the one of the few places to
5:57 pm
hang out in. >> a proposed condo building is threatening the bar's bottom line. >> the shadow would cast across the beer garden during happy hour and we would not receive the sun between march and ok that is the peak system. >> and the sunless beer garden means customers may go elsewhere. >> will you come here anymore. >> no. it gets cold in the winter and not having the sunlight would affect it. >> the new apartment complex built across the street just behind the fence. it would show half of the patio and the owners believe it could decrease sales by 30%. at oil changers where the proposed builders would go. workers are on edge. >> a worker that did not want to appear on camera worries that the site is contaminated by the oil underground. >> it would take years to get
5:58 pm
cleaned up. >> the bar owners doesn't want to stop the development but they would like less stories. >> they have been unwilling to discuss compromise. >> we have reached outside to the planning department but have not heard back. owners have filed for a review hearing of the project that would be heard at city hall january 12th temperature they want the workers to keep their jobs and patrons to continue to socialize and drink on the sunny side of the street. in san francisco, tara moriarty. a last minute christmas eve trip to target changes it forever after a father is stabbed and killed in front of his young child. >> he lost his life trying to behavior beheroic to his son. a simple request led to the tragedy. when a father asked two men to
5:59 pm
turn down their music. they attacked him killing him. it happened in front of his 4 year-old son on christmas eve. henry lee spoke to the victim's wife today about the family's devastating loss. >> family members heart broken over the loss of tyrone griffin. >> he always tried to protect his kids from seen and unseen danger. even being out in traffic or you know watching out for dogs. looking across the street. he lost his life trying to behavior rowic. >> on christmas eve a last minute holiday shopping trip at target in hayward. the 4 year-old son was in the toy section trying to get a train when they encountered two men playing loud music with offensive lyrics. griffin asked the strangers to turn the music down on their phones. the three got into an argument and one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed griffin as
6:00 pm
his horrified son watched. >> daddy died trying to protect you. daddy tried trying to be a hero. >> i don't want his debt to be in vain and unfortunate that would be the last time he would ever be able to protect his son. >> griffin died in a hospital. hayward police arrested two suspects after they ran from the store. the names have not been released. griffin's family is trying to make sense of it all. >> i could see visions of him i just think to myself man, my brother is gone. >> how do i word it or explain it? and tell a 4 or 5-year-old that their dad is gone and never coming back home. how do you explain it? i reached the courage to say that daddy is not coming home. he is in heaven. >> she wants


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