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his horrified son watched. >> daddy died trying to protect you. daddy tried trying to be a hero. >> i don't want his debt to be in vain and unfortunate that would be the last time he would ever be able to protect his son. >> griffin died in a hospital. hayward police arrested two suspects after they ran from the store. the names have not been released. griffin's family is trying to make sense of it all. >> i could see visions of him i just think to myself man, my brother is gone. >> how do i word it or explain it? and tell a 4 or 5-year-old that their dad is gone and never coming back home. how do you explain it? i reached the courage to say that daddy is not coming home. he is in heaven. >> she wants justice for their
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families. >> i don't want them to get out of jail. >> the prosecutors will decide whether they will be charged with murder. >> how is that little boy doing? >> i have a 4 year-old son myself and you see him playing with our lights and talking about helicopters and how he likes to go to the park. it is unclear whether it has sunk in for him. he is only 4 years old. the police authorities are saying was there surveillance video catching what happened? >> yes, target has extensive superintendent but neither target or hayward police will say whether it was caught on video. thank you. santa clara deputies say a man is under arrest for killing his mother with a baseball bat on christmas morning. 39-year-old matthew sa lousky was arrested on sunday.
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police found claudia salousky with head trauma. her son was booked on suspicion of murder. carrie fisher has died. she never regained consciousness after heart attack and those are sharing kind words saying she was one of a kind, funny and emotionally fearless. anita takes us through the career that went way beyond star wars. carrie fisher known as her role aspirin sessions lawmakers layla in the blockbuster franchise passed away four days after suffering a heart attack on friday. in a statement from her daughter, billy lord, her mother passed at 8:55 a.m. tuesday at a los angeles hospital saying she was loved by the world and she will be
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missed pro foundly. >> hollywood has been quick to react to carrie's death with tweets being poised by many celebrities. including mark hammel that tweeted "no words # devastated" another from billy dee williams saying" she was a dear friend that i greatly respected and admired. the force is dark today" and harrison ford says" carrie was one of a kind and emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely" the actress and writer born in to hollywood royalty on october 21st, 1956 in los angeles, california. she was destined for stardom. her parents were singer eddy fisher and debbie reynolds and a pop culture icon after
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starring as princess layla. >> carrie fisher was witty and funny and she wrote like a dream and fantastic actress. fisher published her first novel in 1987 called postcards from the edge that she later adapted into a screen play and was made into a film starring meryl streep and sherly mcclain fisher became a successful screen writer and revising many hollywood scripts and taking on supporting roles in when harry met sally. >> she long battled drug addiction and mental illness and recently reprized her role as princess layla in the force awakens and finished filming star wars episode 8, the 3rd film due out in december of
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2017. carrie fisher was 60 years old. anita vogel fox news. news of fisher's death became public many of the costars took to social media. she was princess layla but a special friend to us. we will miss her dearly. mark hammel wrote no words, devastated. anthony danes says i thought i got what i wanted under the tree. in spite of so many thoughts and prayers from so many i am sad. and gwendolyn that stars in the new star wars film wrote we have lost our princess. raider quarterback derrick carr recovering after undergoing surgery on his broken leg. he broke a bone in his shin in a game on saturday. he is likely done for the season. just as the team gets set for the first playoff game in more than a decade. backup quarterback matt mcgoin
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will take over as the team tries to clench the title on sunday in denver. derrick carr had the surgery in los angeles and he tweeted surgery could not have gone better. received great news and started the recovery process. thanks for all of your prayers as i heal up. scary situations at shopping malls across the country. shoppers looking to return ill fitting christmas gifts. met with chaos in several states after fights broke out in shopping centers around the nation. much of the brawls, many of them and the arrests involve troubles tracked through social media. tom vacar looks at the issues and whether social media should bear responsibility for the problems. in 9 states chaos reigned when folks gathered at malls and shopping centers. some of the young troublemakers summoned over social media such
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as facebook or twitter. the town center mall in the denver suburb of aurora was sun such site. >> we had multiple skirmishes altercations occur that we needed to close down the mall for public safety. >> at the upscale antone beach wood mall shoppers were freaked out. >> running and screaming and i saw a girl get trampled over. it was scary. >> i am not processing exactly but yeah, squared is a good thing. i have been calling everyone and just trying to get home where i am safe. >> social media such as facebook and twitter are commercial enterprises that make money from ads aimed at users drawn to those sites. the 20-year-old federal communications decentsy act protects social media such as facebook and twitter from any liability for harm done as those that use the media to create that harm. but that law is now being tested in a federal appeals
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court. >> so we asked folks at walnut creek shopping district should social media be partially liable for harmful activities set up over the sites. >> i would think it is too much interference, we can hold the television or newspaper accountable when a story is brought which might spark an idea for a criminal. >> as far as having responsibility for the injured and the damage i don't think they would have that but they do have a certain amount of responsibility for policing their sites. >> this is territory that is unknown to us and so we have to figure out how to solve the problem in alike way that everybody at the society agrees with. >> five nations, brazil, russia indian and thailand and china have laws that establish weapons for social media companies. tom vacar fox 2 news. and an investigation is under way in pleasant hill after witnesses say a shooting
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injured a man innocent bullets into several nearby businesses. you can see the bullet holes in this starbucks and what appears to be a blown out window at a hawaiian barbecue restaurant. police say the shooting started at 9:15 last night. most of the businesses were still open and customers were in and around the mall when those shots rang out. gunshots, i heard 7 shots. >> and did you think somebody had been hit? >> i didn't know. i just knew it was close and very -- like an all gun. like a semiautomatic gun. it didn't sound good. witnesses say one man was hit and bleeding when he ran to the starbucks and took off. investigators have been checking local emergency rooms in hospitals and no one has shown up with a gunshot wound. >> a large mall in sacramento has a new policy raising concerns. >> it allows the groups to turn teenagers away on busy days if they are not with an adult.
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some are calling it discriminatory saying the mall is not going after all teenagers but minorities. a farmer head of the mall says it is not about race. he says problems in malls usually start with teenagers. i would say it is untrue. we wept after every minor we could and we weren't targeting a race. >> we were only girls that is why i was like what did we do? >> the mall is standing by the one regret is not making the public more aware of the rule before it went into effect yesterday. a california man is suing this store saying they discriminate against african- americans. we will have the suit coming up. the bay area has seen a lot of rain in the past couple of months. in fact october was one of the wettest months we have seen in years. what does it all mean for california's historic drought. talking about the cool overnight. the cloud cover tonight and the
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changes you could see this week. in california, its own country. voters may get a chance to decide that in the coming
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years. new information about the new use of force policy for san francisco police. san francisco judge rejected a request by the police union to block a new use of force policy. the police officer's association filed a lawsuit on
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december 20th to reopen negotiations. they also requested a temporary injunction. object to a band on moving vehicles and a been on patrol hol known as carotid restraint. the judge denied the motion saying the union would probably not win in court. >> being called a cal exit. a moment gaining ground since the election of donald trump. >> supporters want california to become its own independent nation. monty francis says whether this has any chance of becoming reality. >> outrage over donald trump is on regular display. hillary clinton received 4 million more votes in the state than trump and given much of the country is made up of red states. the idea of breaking away from the union does not seem as crazy to some as it once did. >> it is lawful and legal and
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connected to doing a very small but significant tweet to the californians constitution. >> clear heads the bay area chapter of yes california. she says the level of support has tripled since the election. >> it was such a strong divide between us all. you know the people that want to vote trump in. and those that saw a different future, one to the negative by voting him in. so it just looks like it is not visible. >> california is the world's 6th largest economy and pays the federal government $370 billion a year in taxes. yes, california says that is much more than the state's fair share. the group needs half a million signatures to qualify for the ballot in 2018. hadean believes that cal exit is a real exit but the political analysts brian sobbal
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is not confident. he puts the chances of california leaving the union at zero. >> it would be anticipated that it would be challenged up to the supreme court. probably would need 2/3 ratification from other states in the union. >> california is a huge engine for the united states. and the other states would say you can leave and go off on your own is not only unlikely but incredibly improbable. >> the founder of california lives and works in russia announced the opening of an office in russia saying today the independent california opens in moscow saying there's a value in showcasing california's economic power. even if the effort ultimately fails.
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i think the fact that we would rather be independent gives people thought on both sides. state water officials are on the fence about whether to call an end to the drought despite the rain. october 1st marked the beginning of the water year and so far we have had 50% more rain than an average year. but water officials don't know what the rest of the year will look like. they say snowfall is just 72% of average. three months, almost three months to what could be the 6th year of the drought and it is too early to call that. there are too many factors involved and whether the drought is coming to a close. >> the department of water resourceless conduct the movement a week from today. julie you know what i will say. >> it is not over. >> as california, we are always -- don't buy it. it never ends. we have mediterranean climate and wet in the winter and dry in the summer. it is a drought climate.
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the story of the state. you got earthquakes and fires and drought. it is never over. we need to adjust our thinking so like australia has done, the big dry. ten years of drought in australia. they got drip systems and they began to conserve and got themselves down substantially in water usage and that is what we need to do. it doesn't matter. we need to change the views on water. agricultural in the valley and we have got tons of water that get september a million different places. and so we have to change our views on water. 46 in napa and 40 in fairfield. julie is tired of hearing it. because in the breaks i make a rant. city hall talking about changing colors, christmas lit up and san francisco is beautiful and it will be chilly
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tonight. but the cloud cover out there is going to be such that temperatures are slightly warmer than today. it starts off warmer with highs tomorrow under partly sunny skies in the mid and upper 50s. we will see you back here with the commuter model and the chance that i keep talking about. see you back here. a mystery surrounding a purple heart and award for valor found abandoned but now it is returned to its rightful owner. >> president-elect donald trump and president obama the war on words playing out for all to
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see on social media. some chaotic moments at trump tower in new york. take a look. the building was evacuated because of a suspicious package that turned out to be a backpack full of toys. video posted on twitter showed people running through the lobby in panic. new york city police say the backpack was found near the entrance to a nike store inside the building. the all clear was given about 2:00 our time. president-elect donald trump lives in the tower but in florida for the holidays. mr. trump is staying active. despite criticism for the current administration. fox news correspondent lauren blandhard has more. >> 153 days since president- elect donald trump last press
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conference but he has remained active on twitter weighing in on hot button issues at home and abroad. some have complained by doing this, mr. trump is stepping on the current administration's turf. however the future white house press secretary sean spicer says the president elect's tweets are his way of connecting with americans. unlike any president before. >> i think that allows him to add an almost of a conversation that has never occurred. >> this as the president elect tweeting his opinion after the u.s. passed a resolution condemning the israeli settlements in palestinian territories. the unite the nations has such great potential but for right now it is a club to get together and have a good time. so sad. meanwhile mr. trump announcing he would be closing the donald trump foundation in order to separate himself from possible conflicts of interest. the foundation has been under investigation by the state of new york since september. while the state attorney general's press secretary says
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the foundation can't legally dissolve until the investigation is complete. >> the actual legal process of dissolving it is a technicality that he may have to wait for but for now he can stop using the foundation as a charitable vehicle. >> it seems the goodwill between the current and current president is starting to crack. president obama suggesting that he could have beaten mr. trump had he been able to run for a 3rd team while the president- elect donald trump said no way. lauren blandard fox news. thomas bosser will be the taken to the homeland security and counterterrorism and james greenblat special representative for international negotiation. fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. a historic meeting at pearl harbor. the meeting of japan with president obama at his side visits a u.s. memorial for the first time and claims of racism at a bay area vercacci store. a lawsuit lays out the accusations including workers using a secret code to let
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others know of black customers entering the store. fox 2 news at s at 6:30 is next.
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now here is a look at today's top stories. after carrie fisher died this morning following complications of a heart attack. she was 60 years old.
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generations of fans know her at princess layla. she was also a best selling author of books including postcards from the edge. >> fights broke out last night at a mall. it was caught on cell phone and posted to social media. it ranges from minor to mass evacuations and occurred from colorado to tennessee. police are investigating what if any role social media may have played. the heart broken family of a man that was stabbed to death while shopping with his 4-year- old son on christmas eve is speaking out. tyrone griffin was shopping at the target store in hayward. police say that griffin encountered two men playing offensive music. he asked them to turn it down and he was stabbed. he died at the hospital. the two men war arrested a short time later. you are watching fox 2 news at 6:30. a bay area worker is suing
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vercacci claiming the store discriminated against him and black customers. >> one of the allegations is that they use a secret code to alert employees when a black person enters the store. it is located at the outlets in livermore. >> this is located at the san francisco premium outlets where chris sampeen opposing worked. he filed a 30 page complaint against the store saying while undergoing trainer he was taught to discriminate. >> our client was trained to announce the verbal code if an african-american customer comes in to the store. there is a nonverbal code where the employee would tug on it. >> it was d410 and toll to use it when an african-american
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entered the store. sambin opposing says he was terminated after a month. when asked why, the complaint states he was not let go because of performance reasons but for "because he doesn't understand luxury and because he doesn't know the luxury life" which is lawyer believes is code for racial discrimination. >> given the code that they have for a black customer coming into the store, it doesn't take much of a logical leap to assume you haven't lived the luxury life is code for we don't want an african- american employee. and so our client was terminated. >> when asked if this was a corporate policy or a store one, the lawyer says it is too soon to tell where the command came from but as part of the investigation, they'll find out. >> we can connect it at least one level up the hierarchy to the regional level and often times we can connect it to the top. >> illk says unfortunately this type of behavior is not new. it has been commonplace for


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