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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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other two got away. what is that smell? calls pour in about a rotten egg order in san francisco. looking into the cause. o the cause. . hollywood legend debbie reynolds, taken to a los angeles hospital after suffering a potential stroke. this emergency comes one day after her daughter, carrie fisher, died after suffering a heart attack. >> more now on this breaking news about actress debbie reynolds. tmz reports the 84 -year-old was discussing funeral plans at her son's todd fisher, home. sources told tmz was a possible stroke. 84 -year-old actress has been understandably distraught since her daughter's heart attack on friday. we will be following the story and bring you updates on air and online. new information this
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afternoon in the stabbing death of a shopper at a target store on christmas eve. >> two brothers arrested, now their family says it was a case of self-defense after an argument over loud music. henry lee was in court today for today's proceedings and joins us now with more. >>reporter: it was an emotional seen in the courtroom today as both suspects brothers, both brothers formally charged with murder. the victim's wife stood up and used an expletive, the suspects father tells me the suns were provoked. cameras weren't allowed in court as families of the victim and the suspects waited for the case to be called. two brothers frankie archuleta and jesse archuleta accused of killing tyrone griffin on christmas eve inside the target store in hayward. griffin shopping for toys with this four -year-old son and was upset that frankie was playing loud rap music on his phone. the three men got into a fight
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and jesse allegedly stabbed griffin to death in the toy section as a little boy watched. >> want to make sure -- i don't want my husband's death to be in vain. he did a heroic thing being there trying to protect his son. >>reporter: the suspects father, who do not want to be identified, says it was griffin who attacked first. >> frankie was attacked he got upset because he got his music on. >>reporter: he said griffin bashed frankie's face of the champagne bottle. jesse said he was also hit as well when he seen what happened he rushed over to help his brother. >>reporter: his son jessie and stabbed griffin. is that frankie suffered facial injuries. >> my son under his eye lid is shattered and fractured. might have to have it surgically repaired. >>reporter: hayward police are commenting on what led up to the killing but the father says target security video will show exactly what happened. >> i talked to frankie last night he told me everything would come out.
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now doesn't look good but everything will come out when they see the video, hoping it comes out to where my son's really were defending themselves. >>reporter: still, the father says he is sad that griffin died. >> very sorry and remorseful for that, should never have happened. >> people are shopping you want to play provocative music that is inappropriate, turn it down. your life could have been spared. >>reporter: the two brothers did not enter a plea today and will be back in court tomorrow. for now they are being held without bail. i know usually these cases police to keep video close. to we know anything about when we might see what actually took place inside that target store. >> i know the target has extensive surveillance video. usually they keep the video under wraps until the preliminary hearing. concord police say man
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accused of sexually battering an 80 -year-old woman now in custody. happened this morning as the woman returned to her home. police say the 49 -year-old sexually battered the woman then tried to steal her purse. she resisted. investigators say he then ran off. he was arrested a short time later and is in custody on charges of sexual battery, elder abuse and attempted robbery. hayward police continue to search for two attempted burglars who led officers on a high-speed chase in oakland. a group of three men smashed the window of a motorcycle shop on foothills boulevard early this morning but were interrupted by police before they could steal merchandise. the man took off in a stolen u- haul. police say the driver rammed the truck into a police cruiser. chase ended in oakland for the man took off on foot. police later arrested a man they suspect was the driver of the u-haul. >> a 20 -year-old male from
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oakland and is charges include assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, burglary, high-speed chase, box truck stolen. >> they were caught on video surveillance and police at least two remain at large. chp has arrested a wrong way driver in south bay on suspicion of drunk driving. it happened just after 3:30 a.m. in the southbound lanes of interstate 280 near byrd avenue. investigators a 23 -year-old of north hollywood was driving the wrong way and crashed into a chevy head on. a third car hit his car. he and the driver of the chevy were seriously hurt, but there injuries are not life- threatening. the driver in the third car was not hurt. chp says the incident could have been much worse. >> had a -- head on collision a freeway speed and people survived is absolutely amazing. i will assume they both have their seatbelts on, airbags
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deployed in the passenger compartment stayed intact enough to keep them both alive. >> the crash caused a freeway back up even though traffic was light. a popular lake tahoe ski resort reopening tomorrow after an early morning fire temporarily shut it down today. the fire reported around 3:00 a.m. at the homewood mountain resort south lodge. these are images from the north tahoe protection district. crews say the fire damage to building that housed administrative offices and a restaurant and no one was inside at the time. the resort says the building will be closed but all other operations will be up and running tomorrow. president-elect donald trump today suggested that president obama is disrupting the transition of power. the president-elect tweeted this quote doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and roadblocks. that this was going to be a smooth transition. knots. trump did not explain.
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in meantime the president- elect's cabinet almost completely the secretaries of agriculture and veterans of your have yet to be nominated as well as u.s. trade representative. political analysts say the nominees are not likely to run into problems during the confirmation process since republicans will control the majority. all in all trump is going to get virtually everyone he nominates. it is possible he will have to withdraw one or two because of problems that emerge. >> first up for confirmation is alabama senator, jeff sessions for attorney general. his confirmation hearing set for the second week of january. a group of people protested against the president-elect in san francisco this morning. demonstrator staged a die in about 11:00 a.m. in the former bank of america building on california street. it is now partly owned donald trump. protesters say they oppose trump's recent statement on twitter about expanding
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america's nuclear capabilities. they say they are represented the people who would die in a nuclear war. >> all this is to say no. we are not going to accept trump as president. it is an illegitimate government and people have a need, responsibility, a right to say no they are not going to accept it. >> organizers gave a heads up they plan to protest again on new year's eve. a san francisco judge has refused to police union request to block the city's new use of force policy. police officers association wild a lawsuit last week to reopen negotiations on the policy and requested a temporary injunction to stop its implementation. a ban on officers shooting at moving vehicles and a ban on a specific neck hold will jeopardize officer's safety. the judge refused to grant the injunction saying he thought it was unlikely the union would prevail in court. three days away from new year's eve. as people get ready to celebrate 2017, there are
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security concerns surrounding festivities. the efforts to try to make sure new year's eve celebration stay safe. >>reporter: an estimated 1 million people expected to be in new york's times square for the world they must countdown to the new year. strict security measures in place for those waiting hours for the ball to drop an streets surrounding the area will be closed. >> we have extraordinary capacity to protect our people and we are vigilant against such attacks. >>reporter: police in the german city of colon also increasing security following yes -- last year's new year's eve attacks. hundreds of women reported they have been attacked by groups of men. extra security cameras in place. >> we will have 1500 officers on duty,. >>reporter: officials in rio de janeiro preparing for an influx of visitors some 2 million people expected to celebrate a
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copacabana alone. thousands of additional police officers will be patrolling key locations throughout the city. >> we are excited about seeing millions of people having a great time, listening to music and watching the fireworks. extra security in moscow ahead of celebrations in the russian capitol. authorities have stopped suspected terror plots related to new year's eve in tunisia and bangladesh. bangladesh. . >> along with security at the new year's eve ball, already to go. crews just in finish and 288 famous waterford crystal triangles on the ball. 12 feet in diameter ways more than 11,000 pounds. the ball that will drop saturday night will be illuminated by thousands of led light. an estimated 1 million people expected to gather in times square to watch the ball drop. new details on the new year's eve events going on in the bay area go to
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we've got you covered. there is a new menorah at san francisco's washington square park in north beach to replace the one that was stolen last weekend. and make east coast company called menorah to go heard about the theft of the 150 found -- 150-pound brass the door donated a replacement. this is a photo of a similar menorah from the group's website. nation quote a wonderful gift. police have not located the brass menorah or made any arrests. dozens of reports of a found mystery odor in san francisco. coming up, the investigation underway. the world continues to moore the death of carrie fisher. coming up we talked to a medical expert on how this is raising questions about women and heart disease. t disease. . after a cold start this morning, a very nice afternoon
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out there. mostly sunny skies. coming up we will let you know if thursday is the warmest day of the weekend a chance for a few showers before 2016 comes to an end.
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. 84 -year-old actress debbie reynolds hospitalized today for a possible stroke. we told you about that at the top of the newscast. the medical emergency happen this afternoon, as reynolds was discussing enrolled plans for
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her daughter, carrie fisher who died yesterday. those funeral plans are still pending, but fisher's sudden death has put heart disease among women in the spotlight. it is not clear whether carrie fisher died of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. she was on a flight from london promoting her book when the incident happened. join us now is dr. larry for. thanks for joining us. heart number one killer among women. >> yes. >> why is that? >> heart disease is the number one killer of men and women. we have talked before about how when people come in you think about chest pain. that is based on studies on men. we didn't have as much information about women. we have done research since then and there are other symptoms that women -- that may indicate a woman has heart disease. something we are looking at half of our patient are women.
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>> let's talk about carrie fisher. they haven't said if it was a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. what is the difference? >> i was reading in the media and i saw heart attack and cardiac arrest. those are different things. the heart is a muscle and it needs blood and gets blood through arteries. when an artery is blocked part of those heart muscles die. that is a heart attack. you can have symptoms of that, people can survive that. sudden cardiac arrest on the other hand is very different. it means your heart stops. typically someone collapses to the ground immediately. it is often fatal and there is not much we can do. that is why you put the defibrillator on them, do cpr. if you have a heart attack, you need to open artery maybe get a stand. if you have sudden cardiac arrest you either need to get shocked forget medication to stabilize your heart. two totally different think. >> someone died suddenly of heart disease, do they most likely have previous symptoms?
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>> again, tough to say based on i want to know more information, how old are they, young or old? usually yes there has to be a history of some kind of heart disease. did mom and dad have that? do they have underlying high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, all things that are modifiable risk factors. and what is their lifestyle, diet, exercise, drug use, alcohol, cocaine. i don't know to what extent a lifestyle would be involved. carrie fisher was known to have bipolar. some medications can increase your cholesterol and predispose you for diabetes. but also did her mental illness lead her to turn to drugs and alcohol to medicate some of those symptoms. all of that stuff is a risk for both heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. >> i want to shift focus, today we learned debbie reynolds was rushed to the hospital, carrie
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fisher's mom, with a stroke. the stress of losing a daughter obviously comes into play here? one would think it might. >> it totally does when you talk about heart disease. the stuff i looked up today too him one of things we focus on as it is provoked by exertion or exercise. what we learn for women is a can often happen at rest, sleep and by stress. certainly an emotional stress or. >> thanks so much for your expertise. appreciate it. we lost a number of celebrities this year from david bowie, prince, muhammad ali and carrie fisher. a south carolina man has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to protect betty white from 2016. the 94 -year-old actress is still alive and well. the crowdfunding campaign has raised $3700. the man says he is planning to donate the money to a local theater company. fans have a way to show support for the late sportscaster, craig sager.
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footlocker will begin selling pins tomorrow one features a colorful suit, a microphone and the third reads sager strong. all benefit -- all proceeds benefit the sager strong foundation. he died of leukemia two weeks ago. prior to his death they partnered with footlocker on the fence. stacy sager thought the project should move forward to help those stricken with cancer and display his unstoppable spirit. >> a first look at weather, i wasn't sure in this morning. mornings beginning to improve those numbers a little bit. in the afternoon a completely different story. it is nice to be outside. sunshine and temperatures flirting with the 60 degrees mark. here is a live shot toward walnut creek. lots of sunshine. get ready for more as we head into your thursday forecast. the main storm track to the north of the bay area. we are expecting big time changes next
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week to remind us it is still winter. right now on satellite there is a storm track heading north right now. with that we are in the clear. more sunshine for thursday and friday a few extra high clouds with the system wobbling off of the southern california coastline. current numbers santa rosa 59, concord 58, san jose 60, san francisco upper 50s, 57 still cool in some spots but not as cold as it has been. live camera looking toward san francisco. beautiful view looking across the city towards the bay bridge. we are in the clear. very nice for your wednesday afternoon. pretty chilly overnight could still have frost. fair skies, patchy frost tomorrow morning. not as cold talk about 20s early this week but the coolest locations close to freezing for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 42, san jose thursday morning
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in the 30s, 36 degrees. the plan tomorrow expecting clear and cold, patchy frost and lots of sunshine for the afternoon. temperature timeline bump up those numbers by 3:00. warmest locations very nice approaching mid 60s for thursday afternoon. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. coming up forecast highs in her neighborhood and before 2016 comes to an end i think we can be tracking a few showers. will break down timing coming up in the full five day forecast. coming up a boat capsize is in florida. and minutes the rescue of three california teens and the string of events that led to the incident.
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smoothies! only from tums . german prosecutors said they have detained a 40 -year-old tunisian man the suspect of being involved in last week's deadly truck attack in berlin. the phone number saved in a cell phone of the man believed to be behind the attack which killed 12 people. anis amri died friday in a shootout with police in milan, italy. they are now trying to determine if he had help executing and planning the attack. isis has claimed responsibility. the white house expected to announce by the end of the week, action against russia for interfering with the presidential election. russia has called the
4:25 pm
accusations nonsense that u.s. intelligence agencies concluded russian hackers intended to sway the election in favor of donald trump. the moved by president obama is getting bipartisan support from republican senator john mccain and lindsey graham. we need to let all the adversaries of america know that if you interfere in our elections you will pay a heavy price. those who doubt we should retaliate, you don't understand the world at all. >> this is of utmost seriousness what they have done. everybody knows they have done it. >> the series of measures expected to include economic sanctions as well as some sort of cyber response. the white house is reportedly trying to make it difficult for donald trump to rollback any actions given trump has questioned whether the russians interfered with the election in the first place. this developing story, israeli government officials lashed out at president obama and secretary of state, john kerry.
4:26 pm
angry about the u.s. allowing the united nations security council vote declaring israeli settlements in the west bank and jerusalem illegal. john kerry spoke at the state department pointing out u.s. poly -- u.s. policy has been against the policy for decades. >> enshrined in international law for 50 years provides for the withdrawal of israel from territory it occupied in 1967 in return for peace with its neighbors and secure and recognized borders. it has long been accepted by both sides and it remains the basis for an agreement today. three teenagers from southern california were the focus of a marine rescue. a long way from home. 218 -year-old and a 16 -year-old from orange county route on the water in the florida keys yesterday when their boat capsized. and climbed on top of the whole after the boat took on water and flipped.
4:27 pm
the life that is trapped underneath the bow. luckily they a cell phone and a signal. they were able to call 911. florida wildlife officers rescued them along with the marine deputy. declaring the drought is over? the reason water officials are not ready to do so just yet. something smells rotten in san francisco in the wee hours of the morning. perhaps you smell that. what was it? more on that investigation and new information i just got after the break.
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. more than 50 reports of a foul history smell and severance's. >> i live in san francisco. i did not smell it but a lot of people want to know what was the source. we have been looking into the stench. do you have an update, do you know what the sources? >> the smell think billy is gone but now we're trying to figure out exactly what is. we spent the day scouting around the city, trying to find out exactly where the smell came from and where it went. still looking into that. we have new information, look at our video. we follow the noses of a lot of people, dozens of complaints started coming in around 1:00 a.m. and lasted until 3:00-4:00 this money. nearly 100 residents from bayview to the marina all complained of smelling rotten or sulfur type smell.
4:31 pm
>> we checked monitoring data, we have not seen anything that would indicate to us there is a concern. however we are still trying to determine the source and what it might have been. >>reporter: how do you track the source? >> looking at sewage treatment plants, looking at large industrial facilities to see if anyone had an upset in the middle of the night last night. >>reporter: a multi task force made up of different forces including pg&e, fire department, department of public health, office of emergency management, usga all investigating. i got an update from the bay area air quality management district. they tell me they were investigating a release from the chevron refinery over enrichment that happened last night. they think that could be the source but they don't have a conclusive answer yet. we will have an update in about an hour. >> that is interesting, a lot of the reports came from san
4:32 pm
francisco. it doesn't appear any reports have come from richmond. >>reporter: one of the things they talked to me about the reason they weren't necessarily looking up are over they checked the weather patterns overnight, it did not appear as weather conditions were right for some released to happen in the east bay and follow air currents to san francisco. they were looking more on this part of the peninsula, san francisco down further on the peninsula looking at in dust reading -- plants, recycling plants thinking that would be the source. in the summertime that can happen when you have heat and areas like that can produce an odor, but not during the winter, that is why they were all scratching their heads. now they are looking to the east bay chevron refinery. we will have an update at 5:30. it appears that bay area pasta restaurant chain pasta pomodoro has shut down.
4:33 pm
>> both restaurants closed signs posted quote pasta pomodoro's closed until further notice. >> live with the latest. >>reporter: police -- people did not get a chance to collect belongings from inside the restaurant they were notified by text message telling them not to come to work. they are concerned with getting a final paycheck and how to make ends meet. the day after christmas signs went up in a text message went to employees, all 15 pasta pomodoro locations would be closing for good. >> i am like merry christmas. you are broke. you have no money, don't know when you are getting paid. >>reporter: employees who did not want to be identified felt blindsided in the news and angered it came the attack. >> really incredible sense of betrayal the new year with no job and i were go. >> understand there are financial difficulties but my
4:34 pm
main thing is we obviously want to get paid and it is not right the way it was gone about. >>reporter: the owner the client to comment about the shut down. employees say they would like answers. >> they have yet to explain why . we have rumors and we can assume what is going on but ultimately there is no straight answer from anybody. >>reporter: customers out of like too. those with reservations and gift cards met with locked doors. >> shocking. >>reporter: employees will face the new year looking for new jobs. >> back of the house, front of the house, all in it together. >> we all go looking for another job. basically start over. >>reporter: ploys initially told they were on furlough and they would get a final paycheck an official termination friday. they are now waiting to see if that will be the case.
4:35 pm
>> obviously unfortunate anytime any business closes but the fact it was so sudden and the employees did not get notice is disheartening. >>reporter: my understanding in the text message to the employees, the owner said it was an extremely difficult business decision but that is all they have heard other than not to come to work. >> rough way to start near. >>reporter: the owners of the bar in the mission district voicing opposition to a construction project that could cast a big shadow over there usually sunny beer garden. known for the sunny outdoor space and a proposed five story condo complex across the street threatens to block sunshine patrons have come to expect. the bar owners have filed for discretionary review hearing at the condo project with the city's planning department. >> the shadow would cast across our beer garden during our
4:36 pm
happy hour and we would not receive the same amount of sun between march and october which is the peak season. >> it does get cold early especially in winters so not having any son would affect that. >> the review hearing scheduled for january 12 at san francisco city hall. the ground shaking early this morning in california and nevada. more than 40 earthquakes reported today near hawthorne, nevada, 70 miles southeast of lake tahoe. some people near yosemite and as far away as san francisco felt the first two wakes magnitude 5.7. the first it at 12:18 a.m. and the second 4 minutes later. video from snapchat shows the light shaking during one earthquake. brenda in modesto posted this video. no injuries or serious damage reported. in spite of recent rain and snow storms, california water officials are ready to declare the drought is over. >> tom vacar with a look at the water supply is the closeout 2016. >>reporter: .
4:37 pm
>> we don't have it ready now, hopefully we can bring it to after the break. still ahead raiders star quarterback photographed by tmz at a family video. the video posting how unhappy he was about it. lots of sunshine across the bay area today after the cold start this morning, looking very nice with amateurs on track to reach the 60s. a close look at forecast highs and very cold changes setting up as we head into the new year.
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peralta dot edu. like your future at the peralta colleges. . back with another look at weather. >> a little more comfortable out there especially for the afternoon hours. if you have been missing warned temperatures, you will like tomorrow. look at this beautiful sunset, golden sky over san francisco, glassy conditions on the water. nice after the cold start this monday. mostly clear skies over a good portion of california. the storm track up to our north, a pocket of cold air will be a big factor as we head into the weekend, especially next week as we start off 2017. hints of an offshore flow winds out of the north and east but relatively clear skies across a good portion of the region.
4:41 pm
we still have lots of 50s and still 60s to report toward half moon bay 63, mountain view 60, livermore 54 in santa rosa upper 50s. looking toward the golden gate bridge, you can see how clear it is. very nice perspective of the golden gate bridge this wednesday afternoon heading into wednesday evening looking toward the headlines as well. overnight no freeze warnings or frost advisories apache frost possible. alyssa locations into the low to mid 30s around the bay upper 30s to lower 40s. changes to talk about, not for tomorrow. clear skies thursday but two systems, one in southern california as we head into friday and a key player as we head into the weekend especially into next week.
4:42 pm
this moves in friday, scattered high clouds, shower potential to our south and in the weekend we have a very cold air mass moving in. saturday a chance of scattered showers new year's eve, the best chance will be maybe for the morning hours into the early portion of the afternoon saturday, slight chance sunday but by late sunday night into monday another round of possible shower activity and cooler, snow levels could be very low across the bay area. could be interesting we start off next week with potential for low snow levels across the region. tomorrow clear skies thursday, friday scattered high clouds from the cell. highs chance of shower activity to the south of monterey bay. saturday we cloud things up. there is a chance of a few showers by saturday morning into the early portion of saturday afternoon. right now the evening hours, as
4:43 pm
we celebrate the new year should be dry. temperatures tomorrow a little warmer out there. upper 50s to lower 60s for afternoon highs shaping up to be a nice day. san jose 63, san mateo 61. five day forecast cold start thursday morning, scattered clouds friday, chance of a few showers but by evening hours we will be dry take that into sunday with partly cloudy skies. look at that monday, chance of showers temperatures for afternoon highs only in the upper 30s close to 50 degrees that could translate to very low snow levels across northern california. interesting as we head into next week. >> bring the parker for the outdoor celebration. we want to go back to the story about the state's water supply here is tom vacar. >>reporter: exactly one year ago today the sierra snowpack was 110% of normal.
4:44 pm
today, the snowpack is only 70% of normal. >> the downside of the condition so far is that the snowpack is still lagging behind what you would normally expect on december 28. >>reporter: the state says that is because of climate change. >> over the last several years, including just about every year the century has been to have a warmer year than the preceding year. >>reporter: warm storms the liver rain that admittedly runs off, not snow that sticks until warm weather comes. the reservoirs are a much better story. the 100 largest reservoirs in california average 88% full compared to 52% one year ago. >> affect the reservoirs are holding collectively throughout the state, more water today than they have since 2012. >>reporter: shasta, the state's largest reservoir is 110% above normal average. folsom and others have released some water to reserve enough
4:45 pm
control space should a string of heavy storms caused them to overflow their banks. so the state will increase water it allocates to water users from 20% to 45% of what they requested and it could be adjusted upward again. east bay the bay area's biggest water utility is sitting pretty. >> so far year and grand total precipitation is that 146% average. we are happy with where we are now, we are cautious. >>reporter: the rainy season is over at the end of march 2 of 3 wettest months of the season still lie ahead, january and february, giving us room for cautious optimism, but keep conserving, just in case. amazon refusing to turn over possible recordings that may have been made by one of its wireless speaker invoice
4:46 pm
command devices inside a home where a man was killed. police in arkansas month that amazon echo as part of their investigation but amazon has declined to provide the data citing privacy concerns. our legal analyst joins us now on the phone. so police have the device and have gotten some information but they want to check to see what if anything the device may have recorded around the time of the murder maybe an accidental recording. should they have access? >> if they get a search warrant and a judge approves it, absolutely they will get access to it the big if is if they can get a search warrant. a search warrant requires probable cause and requires the police investigators to go in front of a judge and ask a judge to review whether they in fact have probable cause to issue the warrant. >> here is the amazon is saying. they are not commenting on the specific case, that they did
4:47 pm
issue a statement, amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. amazon objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course. they want to search warrant, as you mentioned. >> and i think they are absolutely right. look at it from the other side. assumed the police want to search your echo. you have done nothing wrong but they have a suspicion. not a reasonable one, but a suspicion. without a warrant they go to amazon and amazon gives that information up. you would be chagrined to say the least that amazon is doing this. i think amazon is doing absolutely the right thing. police have proven time and again that when they search, sometimes they go overboard, beyond what the warrant requires. can you imagine what they would do without a warrant?
4:48 pm
this is a safeguard we are guaranteed in the united states constitution. they can't just search us as citizen, they can't search devices without a search warrant, usually. i am all on board with amazon doing what they are doing protecting their consumers. they are not saying they won't, they are saying have a judge review it and then with illegal search warrant we will give you what you want. >> i want to switch gears and talk quickly about dyllan roof, the young man found guilty of killing nine black worshipers at a south carolina church in 2015. representing himself in the sentencing phase, today he told a judge he did not plan to call any witnesses or present evidence to ask a jury to spare his life. what do you make of that? >> he might be smart as a fox and during that because the jury will look at him and think number one you look at that type of crime. they have found him guilty. you can't be in your right mind although legally saying because
4:49 pm
you knew right from wrong the jury is going to look at him and say he is not putting a defense on, not doing anything, i think will make it harder for the jury to bring back a death sentence. remember the number of people he killed? probably but i actually think this is his best shot to prove to the jury i am crazy enough to represent myself and i'm crazy enough not to put a defense on so do you really want to kill me? he may not be thinking those things, i am not sure he is smart enough to do that, but given what he is doing there may be some brilliance at a certain level. >> we will see what happens in the courtroom. as always thanks for joining us. the raiders unplanned quarterback transition is in progress, as they get ready for a huge game in denver on saturday. matt mcgloin the starter after
4:50 pm
-- he is settling into the role it in by experience in 2013 when he started six games as a rookie. by all accounts he is a gritty competitor and clearly has low tolerance for negativity. >> i'm not searching out people to block them, i don't sit there and do that but to be honest if i am reading an article that i come across somebody, sarcastic tweet or article bashing the organization of the locker room, i don't want to read that stuff. that is what gets people blocked on twitter. >> think before you tweet. if the raiders beat the broncos or the chiefs lose to the chargers, oakland will earn a first-round bye in the playoffs and get a home game after that. derek carr continues to recover from surgery on that broken leg. tmz snapped this photo last night in los angeles.
4:51 pm
you can see his leg in a cast on some pillows. raiders owner marc davis leaning over all smiles. unassisted ground a cat -- instagram account he wasn't so happy about being photographed. afterward he posted this video on his account with the comic, what you really want to do when you just want to eat dinner with the family, and walk outside and tmz has to get the first shot and you don't because god has got you. the new film that generated about $19 million in the opening weekend. we will hear from the stars about their own experiences with their children. i can't stop thinking about that car video. pretty funny.
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
. the next time you want to watch a disney movie you might consider hello. the acquired the exclusive license rights to more than 50 disney movies. those films along with others in the agreement will be available on any other streaming services. the new family-friendly holiday movie why him attracted big time crowds. >> the cast has just as much fun offscreen as it does in the movie. >>reporter: making a respectable $19 million in its opening weekend, ryan cranston, james franco comedy, why him, explores a protective father and his daughter's older boyfriend, looking for his approval. >> by christmas morning you will be calling me son and i
4:55 pm
will call you dad. >>reporter: during cast interviews, they could not stop singing praise for the movie, literally performing unrehearsed an official theme song. >> [ singing ]. >> . >>reporter: a little johnny mathis. the costars did not feel any to compete no matter how much we were willing to pay. >> they are chief. we are expensive. we are waiting for the benjamin. you only have singles. >> we don't want to put them -- they are novice i won season six of the voice, go back in google. >> no father would want their
4:56 pm
daughter with this guy. >>reporter: when it comes to dating any of cedric the entertainer's kids someone similar to james franco's curator is not an option. >> that would be a big no. >> talking about james franco or james franco's character. >> neither one. i have met them both. the answer is a resounding no. >> i feel like i am so normal. >>reporter: fox news. warriors back home tonight hoping to start a new winning streak and vanquish memories of that lump of coal the cavs and officials put in their christmas stocking. steph curry and his family made the most of yesterday's off day partnering with feed the children to help 1200 low- income families in oakland. they gave out 25-pound boxes of food as well as 10-pound boxes of basic essentials. he started the event four years ago and he wants to see it continue to grow. >> we want to keep pushing the envelope.
4:57 pm
keep making this bigger, better, more impactful. i think it has been a huge success so far. >> the steph curry and warriors committee foundation help finance the event. they will host the toronto raptors tonight. i have a feeling they will look to take it out on the raptors after what happened christmas day in cleveland. >> i hope they do. hats off to steph curry and all the warriors who helped so many, especially around the holidays. this organization gets it, all about giving back, not just on the holiday. >> that will do it for us. join us for more news on the plus, coming up. >> foster farms bull coming up on ktvu. utah and indiana. enjoy.
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>> we are fox sports! >> the team. to be a part of one is to understand strength, loyalty, and togetherness. >> trusting your teammates, believing each other. >> when we fight together, we never lose. i >> it's our time to shine. >> these two teams have earned the chance to compete in one final battle. >> it's a huge game and a privilege to play in. it's an honor. >> the next step in our program. we have to try to find a way to find a win against them. >> my goodness. >> touchdown hoosiers. >> heeds he's a speedster. >> with one of the best bowl records and


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