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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tragedy at a bay area homeless shelter. a young man shot and killed while visiting family for the holidays. >> i heard my son's voice. immediately, i knew something was wrong. >> tonight, the family of the 18-year-old victim tells us the shooting may have been an accident. good evening, i'm julie haener.
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>> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. the scene of this shooting, we have new details on what happened there from ktvu's amber lee. >> reporter: ken, we're at love a child missions where the shooting took place at 9:30 this morning. tonight, the contra costa county sheriff's department says the shooting appears to be accidental. decorative lights adorn the individual homes that house families in need, but the holiday cheer is now gone from this home. >> i don't really, can't comprehend what happened. i'm so confused. there was a scream. i heard my son's voice. immediately, i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: jamie biggs says she was attending a prayer meeting at a nearby building. the mom says she found her 18- year-old son, joshua lopez in
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a bedroom, suffering a gunshot wound. >> my other boy on top of him trying to bring him back. >> reporter: biggs says joshua lives with his father. he was here visiting his mom and siblings for the holidays. mom says she suspects the gun was in joshua's backpack. she says she believes it was an accident, that joshua and his brothers had a great relationship, and that there wasn't any trouble between them. she says she doesn't know how joshua got the gun. >> the police officer says they were trying to put it together or something, and it went off. >> you know, he cares about papa. about momma. >> reporter: joshua's father, jesus lopez says his son didn't like school, but was following in his dad's footsteps, working as a concrete finisher. lopez says what he hopes what happened to his family will be a lesson to other parents. >> we've got to get more
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attention to what they're doing. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has not yet said who pulled the trigger. the parents tell me investigators have interviewed joshua's brothers. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. ken, julie. >> all right, amber lee reporting live. developing news now from the east bay, where we have word of a deadly freeway crash. it happened at about 8:00 tonight in concord on westbound highway 4, just east of the port chicago highway. the highway patrol says the accident involved a vehicle, which somehow clipped another vehicle, flipped, and ended up in a center divide. the driver of the car that flipped was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver did not suffer serious injuries. new information tonight on the identity of one of two people who died in a head-on crash in san francisco on chris mace day. 14-year-old andrew winn was killed after the car he was in
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collided with jessica zamora. zamora also died in the crash. police say zamora already had a dui warrant out for her arrest, and alcohol may have been a factor in this accident. winn's parents suffered minor injuries and are expected to recover. now to levi stadium tonight, where tens of thousands of college football fans filled the stands for the foster farms bowl. you saw it here on channel 2. the university of utah took on indiana at the home of the san francisco 49ers. azenith smith spoke to some fans who were excited and drove a long way to get there. >> reporter: some fans drove 12 hours from utah. some even further. but no one more excited to be here to watch this game than the proud families' parents of the players. levi stadium shined in prime time as the university of utah
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took on indiana university for the coveted foster farms bowl trophy. >> the recovery for indiana. >> reporter: it was nothing but a sea of red. an estimated 35,000 fans in the stands. among them, this indiana alum and his family, driving from denver. >> indiana doesn't go to bowl games very often, so we want to support the school, support the hoosiers and be here for the game. >> reporter: they were not alone. tailgaters fired up. this contingent of hoosier fans from the east bay. family and friends of jennifer beetle, a current indiana student. >> this is my first time ere and i'm really excited. >> reporter: these fans from australia decked out in yellow and green, wanting to take in the college bowl experience. hands down, the best fans, families of the players. the bowls family driving 12 hours from lehigh, utah. garrett is the left defensive
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tackle. >> i'm a proud dad. very cool. >> i'm excited. it's awesome to see my brother make it this far. >> reporter: beaming with pride. a first for these young players in the national spotlight under the bright lights of a professional stadium. >> we usually have a pre-game pep talk before every game he plays. today, just go out and have fun, have a great game. >> reporter: this proud mom now living in monterey. >> today, i wake up in the morning, i cry. >> reporter: supporting her son, 22-year-old pita, utah's defense end. it's the last game of the season, hopeful he'll play past the collegiate level. sometimes we forget how hard these players work to just be here to get to this level. levi stadium will host the foster farms bowl next year, and will also host the college football national championships in 2019. >> it was a thrilling game, all the way up to the very end.
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thank you. debbie reynolds, the hollywood legend died today, a day after her daughter carrie fisher's death. tonight, the world is remembering reynolds, who at the age of 19 starred in singing in the rain. ironically, the same age her daughter was when she played princess leia in "star wars." ♪ [ music ] ♪ good morning good morning to you ♪ >> reynolds shined alongside gene kelly and donald o'connor, even though she had never before danced professionally. reynolds was reportedly planning funeral plans for her daughter when she reportedly suffered a stroke. >> a look back at her incredible life and career. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: lienal endary actress debbie reynolds has died at 84 years old, one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. ♪ i want to be loved by you
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>> reporter: the acclaimed singer, and actress starred in 45 films and countless tv shows. she was also a business woman, film historian, humanitarian, and avid collector of film memorabilia. born mary francis reynolds on april 1, 1932 in el paso, texas, she had her breakout role in 1950s three little words, but danced her way into film history two years later, when she costarred with gene kelly, and donald o'connor in singing in the rain. ♪ singing in the rain >> reporter: her success in the '50s continued with the affairs of doby gilis, susan slept here. the title role in the unsinkle molly brown garnered her a best actress nomination, she also
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headlined the sitcom, the debbie reynolds show. debby was married, and divorced three times. most famously to carrie fisher's singer father, eddie, who left her for reynolds' good friend, elizabeth taylor. >> reporter: reynolds amaced a huge collection of movie memorabilia, which she later was forced to auction off, due to bankruptcy. in 2011, she told us why so many people finds these items so endearing. >> we all would like to have our favorite movie star live with us, let's say, and be quiet. it's just nostalgic, and it's for our heart. >> reporter: reynolds remained active well into her '80s and was recognized for her charity work with a humanitarian oscar at this year's show, and a lifetime achievement award prosecute the screen actors guild. she is survived by her son
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todd. tonight, carrie fisher and her role as princess leia were honored with a lightsabre vigil in austin, texas. "star wars" fans held a vigil to celebrate her life and mourn her death. in los angeles, fans created a memorial on the hollywood walk of fame. she didn't have a star, so they celebrated at a blank star with the words, fisher always. a high school football team honored after overcoming adversity. >> tonight, one local restaurant is opening its doors and picking up the tabs for their banquet. >> outside right now, clear skies, coming up, a mild thursday forecast, and big changes setting up as we wrap up 2016. >> up first, stolen memories. the plea tonight from a gold star mom after a family ring
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goes missing from a cemetery where her son is laid to rest. >> and it's important to us. and to just take it it without any regard for our feeling, it's heartbreaking.
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president-elect donald trump held a round of meetings
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at his mar-a-lago estate in florida today to complete his cabinet. he also announced 8,000 jobs would be coming to the u.s. he said sprint, which is owned by is soft bank, will bring in 5,000 jobs. 3,000 jobs will come from a startup called one web. the president-elect harshly criticized the obama administration today for allowing a u.n. security resolution critical of israel to pass. he said we cannot allow israel to be treated with such distan, and disrespect. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal, and now this u.n. stay strong israel. january20 is fast approaching. fox's lauren blanchard tells us how secretary of state, john kerry defended the u.s. position. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. >> reporter: secretary of state
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john kerry defending america's abstention against ally israel, while laying out his vision for peace in the middle east. >> we could not in good conscious, veto a resolution that reirates, what has been for a long time the consensus, and international view on settlements. >> reporter: pushing back on allegations the u.s. helped draft the resolution, even as benjamin netanyahu promising to produce evidence supporting those claims. >> the united states did not draft or originate this resolution, nor did we put it forward.
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>> reporter: prompting netanyahu to say the speech was skewed against the jewish state. >> a speech which was almost as unbalanced as the anti-u.n. resolution passed last week. israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: all of this trading friendly tweets, and netanyahu thanking him for what he calls mr. trump's clear-cut support for israel. 3, 2, 1! >> in san francisco, a group of demonstrators staged a die-in in opposition to the president- elect. saying they oppose mr. trump's posts on twitter about expanding u.s. nuclear capabilities. military service members confirmed two service members
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died today. an aircraft went down in the waters near a cruise ship terminal in the city of la port. as you can see near the top of the screen. the aircraft's wheels can be seen sticking out of the water, as a coast guard helicopter hovers nearby. the helicopter was an apache model that took off from nearby ellington joint field in houston on a routine training mission. witnesses say it appears the aircraft broke apart in mid-air before hitting the water. recovery crews are still searching that wreckage. new tonight, a plea tonight from a gold star mom in the east bay to find a family ring now missing from the cemetery where her son was laid to rest. the mother says the holidays are already a tough time for her without her family. her son was killed in afghanistan, and last year, her husband passed away. >> she's now on a mission to find the family ring that means so much to her. >> the bags under my eyes, is because i've been crying since
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christmas day. >> reporter: the holiday season is always a somber celebration, and this year, heartbreak rings in the new year. >> to take something that obviously, it's there for a reason. it's of significant value to us, and it's important to us. and to just take it without any regard for, you know, our feelings, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: roxanne doesn't know when the gold ring with the family crest was removed from her son's niche at the cemetery, but on christmas day it wasn't there. >> when sean came home from afghanistan, his wedding ring didn't come with him, so his wedding ring was missing. this is really the only ring we had from sean, and this is the ring that my husband had made for all of the boys. >> reporter: her husband died a day before sean's birthday last
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year. the corporal was killed in afghanistan in an ambush attack. six others lost their lives november 9, 2007. roxanne, a gold star mom has faced her own battles in life. >> i've been through breast cancer, and chemo, and all of that, and i didn't even cry when i heard the news about breast cancer. but this, i think it's just, it hit me really hard because i can't understand how someone can violate someone, number 1, who has protected our country, who is a war hero. >> a special tool would have been needed to open the niche. the contra costa is sheriff's department is investigating, and the cemetery said they couldn't comment without getting permission first from the oakland diocese. >> unfortunately there were no prints. it was clean on the inside. >> reporter: her late son received two medals.
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he served proudly, now it's up to whoever is responsible to return the ring. >> regardless of how much it costs, the most value about it is the meaning behind it. >> reporter: roxanne is hoping that this ring has not been melted down, or sold already. right now, they'd like it it to be returned no questions asked so the family of this corporal can have the peace they deserve this holiday season. ktvu fox 2 news. in weather, the bay area is clear right now for your wednesday night. we had two cloud areas. clouds up to our north, and some cold air up here, and high clouds to the south. both will be a factor over the forecast over the next few days. outside right now, we still have those northeasterly winds in place. offshore winds, so the pattern not changing too much. of course, we are cooling off, and already showing you some upper 30s towards santa rosa.
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napa. fairfield 36. san francisco 51, and san jose at last check reporting 46 degrees. beautiful towards san francisco. there you go with the bay bridge lights out there in the distance. you actually see city hall there as well. beautiful across the entire bay area for today. lots of sunshine out there. fair skies, patchy frost, and temperatures off to a cold start. 30 in santa rosa, and napa. livermore, starting off the day around 33 degrees. so clear and cold for tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. after that cool start, we wind up in this range. temperatures in the upper 50s, to the mid-60s in our forecast model showing you clear skies for thursday, but changes into friday. we'll talk more about those changes, and also the chance of a few showers before 2016 comes to an end. the homewood mountain resort of lake tahoe will reopen tomorrow after an early morning fire shut it down for the day. these pictures are from the
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north tahoe fire protection district. fire crews say the fire damaged a building that houses resort offices, and two dining areas. they say no one was inside at the time, and nobody was injured. the damaged building will be closed. the resort says all other operations will be up and running tomorrow. new developments from court following the stabbing death of a man at an east bay target store. >> hoping it comes out to where my sons really were defending themselves. >> up next, why the man says his sons were acting in self- defense. >> the warriors playing their first game since losing christmas day against the cavaliers. >> plus a big honor for a bay area marching band, heading to pasadena for the rose parade on new year's day.
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there are new details tonight in the stabbing death
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of a shopper at a target store on christmas eve that led to the arrest of two brothers. >> the brothers family now says it was a case of self-defense. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed in court as families of of the victim and the suspects waited to be called. two brothers are accused of killing tyrone griffin on christmas eve inside the target store. griffin was shopping for toys with his 4-year-old son, and was upset that frankie was playing loud rap music on his phone. the three men got into a fight, and jesse allegedly stabbed griffin to death as the little boy watched. >> i don't want my husband's death to be in vain. he did a heroic thing just for actually being there and trying to protect his son. >> reporter: but the suspects' father, who did not want to be identified says it was griffin
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who attacked first. >> frankie got attacked. >> reporter: he says griffin bashed frankie's face with a champagne bottle. >> jesse say he was also hit in the face with the bottle as well. when he seen what happened, he rushed over there to help his brother. >> reporter: the father says his son jesse then stabbed griffin. he says frankie suffered facial injuries during the melee. hayward police aren't commenting on what led to the killing, but the father says target security video will show exactly what happened. >> i talked to frankie last night. he says everything will come out when they see the videos. hoping it comes out to where my sons really were defending themselves. >> reporter: still the father says he is saddened that griffin died. >> i'm very sorry and remorseful for that. >> people were shopping, and you want to play some provocative music that's inappropriate, just turn it
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down. turn it down. my husband's life could have been spared. >> reporter: the brothers did not enter a plea. they're being held without bail. in the east bay, a high school football team recognized tonight after overcoming adversity. >> open the doors and tell them to come eat for free. >> up next, the show of support they got from a stranger across the bay. >> plus, a mystery odor in san francisco. dozens of people reporting the smell of sulfur in the city. we look into what may have caused it.
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now to a mystery in san francisco. people across the city say they smelled an odor of sulfur, or rotten eggs starting early this morning. the source of that smell is still not clear, but there are
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a few theories. >> reporter: the old adage to follow your nose, because it always knows was no help today. during the wee hours of san francisco, a smell so pungent, it produced calls of concern. >> the san francisco fire department did start receiving calls for a foul odor throughout the city. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department sent medical crews to 30 calls from the sunset to the bay view, the marina to soma. all complaining of smelling rotten eggs, or sulfur. tweeting anyone else in san francisco notice a powerful sulfuric smell? it smelled so bad it woke me up. >> any idea what it could have been? >> we just know it's not a gas leak. we checked and they all cleared. >> reporter: with a gas leak ruled out, the search is on for the source. we checked sewers, trash cans, and then we checked in with the
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bay area air quality district, which says the mysterious smell is not a threat to public health. >> we checked our monitoring data. we have not seen anything that would indicate to us that there is a concern. however, we're still trying to determine what the source of this is, and what it might have been. >> reporter: the multi-agency task force partially made up of the fire department, the health department, the usgs are investigating this odor. officials have said wind conditions weren't right for that type of drift. hopes of solving a lingering mystery on the noses of many. jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. now to pasadena, where hundreds of volunteers are getting ready for the tournament of roses parade. they are busy working on about a dozen floats covered in
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flowers. they say they're ready to pull all nighters so everything will be ready for the big day. a marching band from the bay area will be front and center during monday's parade. ♪ [ music ] the santa clara band guard drum and bugle corps will open and close the rose parade, only 21 groups were invited. we caught up with the world champions this morning, during their practice in gilroy. 245 band members will be marching and performing. >> it's been two days of intense rehearsals. we have to learn 3 to 4 parade tunes. we have to learn the opening ceremony, which is like 3 minutes long. so we're rehearsing like 12 hours a day to do so. >> this will be the second time the santa clara band guard has appeared in the rose parade. the first time was back in 2004. caught on camera.
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tesla's auto pilot feature put to the test after two cars collide right in front of it. >> lots of sunshine in your thursday forecast. tracking some showers before 2016 comes to an end, and a major cooling change as we begin the new year. >> and a swarm of earthquakes in nevada, felt as far away as the bay area. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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the driver of a tesla model x in the netherlands captured this video of his car avoiding a cash, thanks to the auto driver feature. it put on the brakes avoiding the wreck. the chain reaction crash wasn't immediately visible to the driver, but was to the car's radar. bank shares leading the way. analysts say some traders may have been locking in gains from the december rally. a string of earthquakes rocked nevada's desert. about 70 earthquakes have been recorded west of hawthorne. that's a remote area. the two largest quakes each measured a magnitude 5.7. the most recent happened just before 4:30 this afternoon.
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the damage was minor with a few items falling off shelves in a store in hawthorne. seismologists say they expect to see aftershocks for several more days, even weeks, and point out if these quakes had happened in a populated area, they could have caused widespread damage. >> if they would have occurred in an urban area, we would have expected some damage to structures. >> quake activity can serve as a good reminder to be prepared wherever you live. giving back for a job well done. the owner of a popular san francisco restaurant opened his doors to the team after hearing their story. >> paul chambers first brought us their story last month, and attended the dinner after the team's best season in 30 years. >> reporter: the owner, greg stevens sayses he was so moved by watching our story that he had to do something.
10:37 pm
not only did he shut down his main dining room, he also provided the meals free of charge. two total strangers brought together with a common goal. >> i felt what you're all about, and what did you for these kids. it hit me in a way i haven't been moved in a long time. >> reporter: they're here to celebrate these young men. look at them now, all cleaned up for their awards banquet. >> i couldn't wait to be here today. he's my brother. >> reporter: we first caught up with kennedy high school football team last month as they attempted to win a state title. >> we just wanted to win a game. we just wanted to change the lives of the young people we work with every day. >> reporter: the struggles they're seen are ones most people could never imagine. >> i was in and out of jail two times. the first time i did a month. the second time i did ten months. >> my old he was brother was riding a go-kart, someone just pulled up and shot him.
10:38 pm
when they went to the story, they killed him too. >> reporter: since the original story aired, these young men say they feel the love from the community. >> it's like everywhere i go, walking up to me, like i seen you on the news, doing your thing. >> a lot of letters coming into the school. a lot of donations coming in for the school. just congratulating not only myself, but congratulating the young men. >> i recognize, when you put that story together, the challenges they face are so much higher than so many other kids that have to go through those challenges. >> reporter: i asked him why would a man who has no ties to a team be so generous? at first, he said it was the love and compassion he saw in the original story. then he opened up about a tragic event in his own life. >> i had a daughter who i lost
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in 2013. i lost her to cancer. >> reporter: out of that loss came his willingness to give back, and make an effort to change others' lives. something these young men are very grateful for. >> they're not even a restaurant in richmond, and they open their doors and tell us to come eat for free. i was in shock. i'm still in shock. this is a nice establishment, to pick up the tab and all of that, that means a lot. >> reporter: the team received certificates and their league championship patches, but more importantly, love for one another. >> you told me about your gpa. you got a good grade this time. >> 3.0 or higher. i'm trying to keep my grades up, and show people i can do it. no matter the circumstances or whatever it is. you can make it. >> reporter: the team's moto is we're all we got, we're all we need. the team did not compete for the state title, but for the city of richmond, they're
10:40 pm
winners. the owner of jillian's was so impressed with these young men, he said next year, he'll host a banquet again. >> has the owner said he's ever done this before? >> reporter: nothing to this grand of a scale. he said he was really impressed with the young men and wanted to give them an opportunity to let people know they do care about them, and to give them a path to success that they're on. >> they're great football players. they had an outstanding season, but beyond that, these are great guys. they're really good guys, and i think that's what people appreciate. >> reporter: exactly. more importantly, get those grades up. this is the first time that everyone on that team had passing grades, and that's something he wants to continue to build on, and let the kids know that education comes first. a bay area restaurant chain is closing up shop. >> a really incredible sense of betrayal, come the new year, with no job, nowhere to go. >> what we're learning about
10:41 pm
the abrupt closure of pasta pomadoro. >> a look ahead to new year's eve.
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the abrupt closure of a bay area restaurant chain has left employees high and dry without a paycheck and without an explanation. >> why they're feeling betrayed. >> reporter: on the day after christmas, the signs went up, and a text message went out to employees. all 15 pasta pomadoro locations would be closed. >> merry christmas self, you're broke. that's the way i look at it. you have no money. you don't know when you're getting paid. >> reporter: employees who didn't want to be identified said they felt blindsided by the news, and angered that it came by text. >> an incredible sense of
10:44 pm
betrayal come the new year with no job. >> i understand they have to go down, but my main thing is we obviously want to be paid. >> reporter: the owner declined to comment about the shut down. employees say they'd like answers. >> they have yet to explain why. we have rumors, and we can assume what's going on, but ultimately, there's no straight answer from anybody. >> reporter: customers are out of luck too. those with reservations and gift cards will be met with locked doors. >> shocking, very shocking. >> reporter: and employees will pace the new year looking for new jobs. >> back of the house, front of the house, we're all in it together at this point. >> we all go looking for another job, and you basically got to start over. >> reporter: employees were initially told they were on furlough, and that they'd get a final paycheck and official termination on friday. they're now waiting to see if that's the case. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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people gathered at san francisco's ghirardelli square this evening for a menorah lighting ceremony. >> happy hanukkah, everyone. >> the jewish holiday began on saturday, and runs for eight days through new year's day. today is day five of hanukkah, so five candles were lit on a giant menorah. the celebration is meant to be a festival of lights, it also includes children's activities and music. well the weather in the bay area is clear right now. temperatures, we're getting ready for another cold night. not as cold as the past few mornings, but still enough of a chill in the air. high clouds to our north, and also to our south. the clouds to our south will be moving in on friday. as we come in closer, this is essentially our forecast for tomorrow. clear skies. we have mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, one of the warmest days of the week with lots of
10:46 pm
low and mid-60s for the region. some of the current numbers for now. san francisco 50 degrees. san jose last reporting 46. reporting mostly clear skies. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco. a beautiful shot here looking out toward the bay bridge as well. winds not too much of a factor. winds at 5, 10 miles an hour. tomorrow, as we mentioned could have some frost out there. no freeze warnings. no frost advisories, but the coolest locations back down to the low to mid-30s around the bay. still a bit of a chill in the air first thing tomorrow morning. in san francisco, 7:00 a.m. thursday, clear and cool. 43degrees. lots of sunshine. our sky cast showing you that at 12:00 upper 50s then wrapping up the afternoon hours. temperatures on track to easily reach the low 60s in downtown san francisco. here's our forecast model showing you once again the clear skies for your thursday. then taking us into friday,
10:47 pm
more clouds, then eventually we're talking about very cool air moving in from the north. this will be the factor in that friday forecast. with that some scattered high clouds. a slight chance of a sprinkle, closer to monterey bay. we're going to cloud things up by late friday night and into saturday. with this cold weather pattern in place, a chance for a few showers by saturday morning. monday, we could be talking about more showers and some very cold air mass moving in from the north. in fact, this forecast model showing you this. look out for this blue moving in. that's very cold canadian air moving in, and this could translate to some very low snow levels. once again tomorrow, lots of clear skies. then into friday, more clouds. here's when we bring in the chance of a few scattered showers saturday morning. then by saturday afternoon, we scale back on the clouds, and this should set the stage for dry conditions saturday night, as we celebrate the new year. here's the plan as we wrap up 2016, we are expecting the chance of a shower throughout the day, but it will be dry in the evening hours.
10:48 pm
3:00temperatures in the low to mid-50s. then heading into the evening hours, lots of 40s, right around 40, to 45 degrees. i think san francisco, a good bet of 45 degrees, as we ring in 2017. temperatures for tomorrow. upper 50s, to the low 60s for afternoon highs. as i mentioned tomorrow will be one of the warmest days of the week, at least with the afternoon temperatures. more nice ones out there, santa cruz, 69. san jose, 63. and gilroy, 62. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast, and temperatures cooling off, trending down, especially into next week. scattered clouds for friday. a chance of a shower, primarily saturday morning. it looks like partly cloudy skies on sunday. maybe some very low snow levels, i think 1,000 feet into monday, and possibly lower than that. i think we're going to sneak in a dry new year's eve forecast. >> sounds good. >> thank you, mark. sports is next.
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all right, it's all about the warriors tonight. so did they make up for christmas day? >> you know the deal with the warriors. they do lose occasionally, but they never lose two in a row. 118 straight games they've gone without losing two in a row, and they did it in pretty fine style tonight, although it wasn't the thing you thought may happen when they just
10:52 pm
blazed out to the quick lead against toronto. draymond knocked it away. clay will get it. watch the perfectly timed bounce pass. 14 points and 10 assists for draymond. curry here with a rebound. he had a very even night. he will pop the long three. hit 9 of 18 shots, and 3 of 6 for three for his 28 points tonight. kevin durant, a similar play here. says anything you can do, i can do it too. durant scopes the court. nothing it there, so he just does it himself. 22 points. a quick start, 19-4 lead, and they were up 17 at half. but toronto is stubborn, sticking around, they're a good team. curry behind the back for clay. the warriors are 11-0, when clay, and steph and durant all score 20 or more. watch this one, draymond, a lot of one-on-one here, with the
10:53 pm
left hand, he goes in. 121-111. the warriors are 28-5, and put the memory at least for the time being away about what transpired on christmas day. kind of an interesting game in that the most exciting play of the entire night didn't count. yet it was so good, you got to see it anyway. clay a block. durant to andre iguodala. a sensational pass. it can only truly be appreciated on the replay. however, as you watch it from this angle, durant from the floor. watch this, iggy going up for sean livingston. however, the fall had been called before all that transpired. it didn't count, but i had to show it to you anyway. you talk about an instant diagnosis, derek carr knew exactly what happened to him, while all raiders pans held their breath. derek carr, as you listen to it
10:54 pm
this, knew exactly what had transpired. >> it's broke! it's broke. it's broke, it's broke! it's broke! >> finish it off, matty. >> he knew exactly what happened, and he is pretty much done for the season, which brings in, enter the front and center stage, matt mcgloin who will take over. matt mcgloin, working it out today. he will get his first start since 2013 in denver on sunday. show you how he has not played this year. he's only thrown four passes, completed a couple of them. thrust into the spotlight, but that's not meaning he is loving the spotlight, or all the social media stuff that goes with being a pro quarterback these days. >> i'm not searching out people to block them. i don't do that on my phone. if i read an article, and i
10:55 pm
come across somebody, you get a sarcastic tweet, or an article bashing the oakland raider organization, or bashing the guys in the locker room, i don't want to read that stuff. this may be another one of those signs pointing toward how bowl games pretty much run their course unless they are to decide a national championship or some such notion. take a look at levi stadium tonight. the foster farms bowl. look at the attendance. apparently a few people chicken to show up at the foster farms bowl. utah, indiana. the utes. i like saying that. the utes down 17-3. he had 222 yards rushing. 10-7, the utes leading indiana here. it came down to this. indiana up, 24-23, and the utes, a 27-yard field goal to
10:56 pm
win it. 26-24 in front of perhaps friends and family. meantime, one of the most popular coaches in college basketball, tom izzo, michigan state, it was one year ago today he lost his dad. they had a big victory last night, and a very special day for tom izzo and family. >> hey guys! [cheering] >> group hug! >> all right, you guys, behave in there. that is 90-year-old dorothy izzo, and obviously those guys think the world of her. good day for tom izzo, and family and you know, it's good to see her in the locker room. >> a big smile on her face, all the hugs. >> that's the sporting life. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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phil, honey! check it out. grandpa sent us another postcard from his rv trip. "mount rushmore? i wish the tour guide would have rushed more." phil, we have got to do something about amber and ronnie's boat. that thing is making it impossible to park in our driveway, and it's an eyesore. on the other hand, they're our neighbors and we have to see them everyday. i worry about... rocking the boat. you know you can do better. keeping me honest. i love it. yeah, the boat is trashy. living next to it doesn't feel "on brand" for me. you know, with sea levels rising at their current rate, we should be glad we live near a boat. okay, so, that's three for "get rid of the boat." - luke? - count me out. this isn't a police state. that boat isn't hurting anyone. here's all you need to know about that boat. one -- tammy lafontaine sunbathes on it. two -- my eyeballs like looking at tammy lafontaine sunbathing.


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