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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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tanner says the snow conditions have to be just right in order for him to be an effective human plow on wheels. >> details on this weekend's oakland a's fan fest including a change in low case. elementary school teachers and rock stars and now making music for the big screen. ♪[music] >> all right. pretty good looking thursday morning out there. maybe a little bit foggy. i'm a fan of the fog. i'm okay with it. you know what else? it's not raining. we should all be smiling as we enjoy the dry weather. the beautiful shot from the east bay looking across the eastern span into the sea of san francisco. >> you don't like fog, mike. >> you're living in the wrong place, brother. >> look at this. a's highlights. it's not going to be raining on
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saturday. we have a's fan fest not too far from our studios here in jack lemon square. they won't have it at the coliseum. they're bringing it to jack lemon square. i'm not there yet. >> convince me. talk to me. >> the a's want to make sure that they know that everyone -- they want to tell everyone they're staying in oakland. remember how there was a -- >> are they building a stadium in the square. >> perhaps. the whole campaign this year is going to be, hey, we're oakland's team. we finally saw the light. we're going to stay in oakland. we want to be in the heart of it. >> my children don't want to go down to scott's and get a drink. they want to go to the ballpark. >> but daddy does. >> you're right. i like scott's. a fantastic restaurant. we're going to move to politics. i want to inform our viewers there has been a back and forth about building the wall between the president of mexico and president trump. >> right. >> who is going to pay for it.
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president trump says mexico. >> mexico says no way. >> they're supposed to meet next week in the states here. >> not anymore. >> not anymore because trump said that mexico should pay for the wall or cancel the meeting. the mexican president said see you later, i'm canceling the meeting. >> it is a red hot battle already. not even a week in office. >> he already said epn he called on twitter we're not paying for the wall. >> president trump on the move this morning. right now he is on his way to the city of philadelphia. he will speak to congressional republicans who are having a three-day strategy retreat. live picture here of air force one landing there in philadelphia. this policy retreat president trump will talk about kind of the executive orders he has already signed in the first few days at the white house. other issues he has said he wants to make a priority also in his first 100 days. we're talking about repealing
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the affordable care act. also overhauling the tax system. we will bring you the president's comments live as soon as he starts to address republicans there at the retreat. this is an important retreat to remember. this is the first one in a decade where both the gop controls both houses of congress as well as the white house. again, we will bring the remarks to you as soon as president trump begins to deliver them there at the retreat. here in the bay area, agencies that serve immigrants say president trump is creating a lot of fear. the canalla license serves the spanish speaking community. since election day, people have been afraid. he worries that many undocumented immigrants will go into hiding. >> that's what happens when this type of environment happens, people have a tendency to stay in the shadows. and other social problems appear with that, right. peoples are victims of crime. they may not want to talk to the police because they're
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afraid. >> at last count, there were 40,000 latinos in marin county and half are undocumented. president trump signed an executive order to cut federal grants for sanctuary cities. there was a protest almost immediately on the steps of san francisco city hall. san francisco is one of four bay area sanctuary cities among hundreds of cities across the country that protect immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally. the mayors of san francisco, san jose, oakland and berkeley say they will take a regional approach to fight the effects of any federal funding cuts that may happen. you will find more on president trump's executive orders on there's also information about the president's call for a major investigation into possible voter fraud. just look for the politics section. president trump has said that he believes there was voter fraud during the november election. it turns out that three people close to him were registered in two different states.
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his daughter tiffany truck, steve bannon and trees respect nominee steve. it is not against the law to be registered in multiple states but illegal to vote twice in the same election. groups concerned about voter fraud say multiple registrations make it easier to vote twice. for a second time in a week a car has gone off of the road into niles canyon creek. christien kafton joins us live from the scene in fremont with new info on what happened. >> reporter: we have new information about the driver in this case. first we're going to go ahead and show you the vehicle still here. i was just talking with keith, my photographer. and we're saying if anything it seems that the water level is getting higher and obscuring the car. the water is too high for crews to retrieve it this morning. a solo car accident around 5:00 this morning that sent the car into the water. crews arrived on scene. once they arrived, they found out that the driver had been able to get out of the vehicle
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somehow on his own and make it to the shore, crawl up on to the niles canyon road and flag down a car. that car took him to a nearby 7- eleven where an ambulance took him to the hospital to be evaluated. this is a dangerous stretch of road. it appears that a drowsy driver may have been the cause of today's accident. . >> it's about 40 miles per hour when he actually fell asleep entering the curve. he woke up halfway through the curve. at that point he realized that he crossed over the double yellow lines, swerved to the right and lost control and ended up in the creek. >> reporter: now, as an accident in the creek on niles canyon road sounds familiar that's just because saturday it was another car with a woman that went into the water in the same area. crew wills begin searching
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again for jada jenkins. they are hoping they are closer to finding her. jenkins collided with another car and plunged into the water on sunday. crews believe she was able to smash the window and was swept away. her car was pulled out on tuesday. you can see the water level is very high on that car. crews tell me that they believe it will be three to five days before they're able to try to pull this car out of the water. as we said, guys, the water is fast moving and it appears to be getting deeper over the course of the morning. retrieving the car will be difficult. >> thank you, christien kafton. let's bring in steve paulson. just looking at that live picture, a lot of creeks looking more like rivers. and we haven't had rain in 48 hours. >> many by the way. some are dropping but others seem to be rising a little bit. i'm not sure if they control that upstream or not. there is a series of dams along that stretch. we have breaks in the clouds. fog lifting a little bit.
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still out there. everything is coming out of the northwest. you see the fog. cloudy skies for a while. now it is partly sunny. you can see everything is dropping down out of the northwest. these are quick movers. if this was a dry air, the system never would arrived. high pressure is really kicking in. the barometer around 3044. still we get the cloud cover. 40s on the temps. slight off shore breeze. nothing that much to write home about. cloud cover, cloud cover. it's about out of the picture right now. one more system will come in late tonight and tomorrow. but it's going to fall apart. it looks ominous but it will loss a lot of energy. thursday, friday and saturday, no rain. temperatures warming up sunday and monday. we will take this to the end of january on tuesday. tuesday night though, watch what happens on wednesday. we start to trend wetter on wednesday and thursday. i have seen the forecast updates from february 1st to february 11th.
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they are wet again in the north bay. get the message out early even though it's five, six days away. nice weather into the weekend. we will take it. >> thank you, steve. flu season is turning out to be one of the worst. some hospitals in santa clara county are taking steps to prevent it from spreading. el camino and good samaritan hospitals in san jose are restricting children under the age of 16 to visit patients during flu season. children have a high risk of getting the flu and spreading it. at regional medical center, they're seeing twice the number of cases as last year. at el camino, three times as many. >> that's why we put the polys in place, to protect those individuals and everybody else. those who have gotten the vaccine, the vaccine was quite accurate this year. the duration of the symptoms and intensity are less. >> 14 flu deaths in california including the first in santa clara county in recent weeks. the bay area runs the gamut for best city for families to
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the worst. an analysis by a company called apartment list. topping the study of 510 u.s. cities is flower mound, texas near dallas. vallejo was near the bottom at 507. cities were judged in categories of affordable housing and safety. there are a lot of people not happy with bart. passenger satisfaction rates are at the lowest level in 20 years. 30% of those questioned say bart is not living up to the standards they want. that is up 5% from two years ago. the biggest complaints are reliability, finding a seat and they want bart stations to be cleaner. bart officials face similar problems and always found a way to wants back. our question of the day to you is about that report. if you ride bart, what improvements would you like to see? if you don't ride bart, why don't you? rebecca b tweeted more trains,
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cars, spaces, seats, fewer delays, and break-downs. more parking at stations. i often don't ride because i can't park mid morning. >> here, here. >> he doesn't ride because it is still not in san jose. when i travel and have a choice. >> angela: use cal trains because there are power outlets. >> it's not all bad. i have a reverse commute. seating is okay. >> we will keep checking your responses throughout the day and share them with you at 9:30. the hashtag is #ktvuthe9. the assault on a police officer in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness that is now under investigation. one of the biggest decision in a high school student's life. the advice how to pick the best college that suits your family. also live pictures in philadelphia. president donald trump is expected to exit air force one any minute now. he has arrived in philadelphia at the beginning of a group
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retreat for republicans. talking about strategy, also certainly we will touch on the fact that he signed a number of executive orders in his first few days. we see here the president exiting air force one, giving a brief wave to the crowd. this begins his three-day retreat in philadelphia. along with his senior advisors. we're also mentioning the fact that mexico's president has said we are not going to visit the white house after donald trump said you will pay for the wall. we will stay on top of the live pictures and the president's address when we come back. ?q
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the organization works with parents and students. you say it is all about fit. this guy went to cal. maybe cal wasn't right for me. >> so many great universities in the united states. over 3,000 four-year universities. maybe it's not a great fit for your son or daughter. >> how do you know it's a great fit? you can do the tours of the campus. how do you tell. >> it is one of the toughest decisions for a young person. when you see kids applying to 20 to 25 universities which is up significantly from when you went to school. >> i think i applied to two
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schools maybe. >> i will say something that has not changed. i remember my first day at cal i walked into wheeler hall there was a class of a thousand freshman for a big class. no one is going to hold my hand here. if you're a student who needs more individual attention, you go to a different school. right. >> i think that's exactly the point. there are students who learn better in smaller institutions. some learn better in bigger institutions. some want the sports. some want arts and drama. >> some have financial concerns. >> the cost of education, tuition has outpaced any commodity. it has risen 1,200%. we're getting news that the uc will break its six-year freeze on tuition and increase 2 and a half percent today. >> do you see a lot of patients pressuring their children to go to the college they attended. i went to stanford. you're going to stanford. i don't care what you say. >> a lot of patients would love
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to see their son or daughter go to the school that they went to. i think a lot of parents are also like the brand. what is the most brand out there. what we tell kids, brand should be one of the components in which you consider where you're going to go to school. i will tell you if you look at u.s. news and word report and look at the rankings, rankings have nothing to do with output in terms of education. so we have to be thinking holistically where our kids will do well and get a job afterwards. >> a follow-up question to the cost of education. is it even worth going to college? do you get students asking you that? there are people creating their own companies especially in the bay area. why do i need to go and get in debt. >> fundamentally, education is an important journey for most young people. you look in silicon valley, there is definitely reason to think about other options. gap years. and the whole uncollege
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movement which peter thiel saying i will give you money not to go to school. it is not there yet. but what is the best fit for you. >> a lot of students, a lot of people my age say i wish i would have applied myself to more scholarships. there is money to be had out there. sometimes you undersell yourself. i could never get into harvard. maybe they were look for you because they have skills that they need. >> $30 million of financial aid goes unused every year. there is money out there. frankly we're scared about the big tuitions at the private institutions. it is the private institutions that have the most money to give. down in los angeles, lmu, places like santa clara, something like 60% of the students are receiving some form of aid there. >> i was going to say you're talking about aid and financial burden. i have to mention i am a proud product of the junior college system. i grew up in livermore and went
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to community college and transferred to san diego state. san diego state is one of the big marquee schools but it worked for me. >> and the realities of the community college system in california still provide an excellent education and a great opportunity to move to a four- year university. the challenge that we have seen as the job market has become tighter, more and more people going back to community college and getting your classes are harder. still community college is a great opportunity for a lot of kids in the bay area. >> i agree. i was one of them as well. >> college of marin. >> yes. >> appreciate the conversation. coming up on morning morn the -- mornings on 2 the 9. why the japanese chose president trump for a dog despite the comments about women in the past. details on fan fest and changes that you need to keep in mind. with the xfinity tv app,
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>> it's baseball seas object sort of. >> almost. >> this saturday the a's will hold the fan fest event giving access to players and coaches. >> this time around, there are changes, including the location. >> joining us live in the studio is catherine acre. hey, catherine. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> i wasn't a big fan of moving it away from the ballpark. >> i am. >> i am. >> why the switch? is there an event going on? is this something that we will see every year going on at jack london square. >> we are commit today oakland and want to make sure that our fans and community know that. there isn't a better place to be besides the beautiful water front at jack london square. >> that's a big change. in the past they had it at the coliseum. people used to going there. this is a more urban
9:23 am
environment. >> we are committed to oakland. we are looking at a number of spots in oakland and we are looking at downtown locations. >> including jack london square. >> that is o our list. >> are we going to have a new stadium at jack london square. >> we are evaluating many sites. every one has pros and cons. >> you are a pro. >> i imagine that by hold thanksgiving at jack london square, you height catch the person who is there for the farmers market, to catch the ferry. getting to your stadium takes amount of doing. if i'm going there, it's probably the reason that i'm going. i won't happen upon it. >> right. but you bring in fans who yet to realize they're fans. >> it's a good idea. hopefully we will have a number of people in the community and around the area to come on down. a short walk from bart. a ton of parking with a number of parking structures.
9:24 am
hopefully we will come down. there's free food trucks. >> i didn't know free food trucks. i didn't know they were free. >> i notice the a's are making a concerted effort in their ad campaign to feature oakland. you had the mayor on the new ad campaign. you filmed them there. it was the a's but oakland wasn't mentioned as prominently as right now. >> that's right. we will be at the oakland zoo and lake merritt and on bart later on this week as well. our commitment to oakland is what we are focused on. we are rooted in oakland. that's our new tag line. >> rooted in oakland. >> isn't it nice. >> do the a's have any say in the raiders and the team possibly moving to las vegas? i mean, you know, with the warriors going to san francisco, it seems like it's all family there. the warriors, a's and raiders. it is sad to see the warriors taking off to san francisco. some think it is a great idea. do the a's have a say whether or not they want the raiders to
9:25 am
say. >> we don't have anything to do with what the raiders are doing. we wish them the best of luck. they have a desire for a new stadium as well. our search and our focus is completely separate from theirs. >> okay. and then you said the free food trucks. what else can fans experience at jack london square on saturday. >> free player autographs and photos, opportunities with the players. the world series trophies with stompers. q and a sessions. we have a great kids interactive area. we will have memorabilia sale. everything is online at >> thank you. >> baseball season. >> i like it. >> we have more information about fan fest on look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab and find it on our ktvu mobile app. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, super bowl sunday is less than two weeks away. that could mean maybe some sick
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calls the day after. the campaign launched to make the monday after super bowl sunday an actual holiday. i can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit
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♪[music] ♪[music] >> all right. welcome back, everyone. there's a new bart survey out today that those passenger satisfaction rates are at the lowest levels in 20 years. that prompted the question of the day. if you ride bart, what improvements would you like to see out there. elliot smith says my pet peeve when an escalator breaks down, they rope it off. let it be stairs. we can still use it as stairs exclamation point. >> simple. direct. >> more reliable clean trains and stations. outlets would be nice. people like to plug their phones in. no constant fare hikes and better parking. this person says he gets a lot of tickets in the parking lots here. here is one i like. more frequent trains running
9:29 am
later hours would be nice. sometimes i can't do something in the city because bart stops running. if you go to the late concert or something, you can't get back on bart. >> you brought up in the last hour about new york. >> they have -- >> right. >> 24/7 trains. >> could we do it here. >> bart says no. >> right. >> bart says no. >> because. >> they need -- they obviously have two tracks as you know. >> right. >> they need that time to maintain the tracks. >> okay. thank you. >> ifs a question that has been asked time and time again. i will mention two quick comments. no five car trains during peak hours and then another twitter using writes cameras that actually record. i'll say i -- i mean i drive to work because i get here in the middle of the night. when i use bart, it is usually great for me. however nothing kills my soul than getting out a late show running down the escalator and seeing next train to dublin in 19 minutes. i would like more frequent trains. >> have you ever been running
9:30 am
down the platform and seeing the train leaving. >> yeah. that is my tiny thing. bart has been good to me. i don't use it every day. we will ask you to use #ktvu. the bay area is home to a new national champion. figure skater karen trent of fremont. >> even though she is just 17, she beat champs several years older. >> she is training in southern california. she joins us via skype. good morning, karen. congratulations. >> good morning. >> how would you describe that experience of winning? is it the greatest moment of your life to date? >> yes, for sure. it was definitely a shocker. i went to nationals just staying really focused and just thinking about putting out two solid performances and really thinking about what i want to do and what i want to take from the competition. so being able to skate so well
9:31 am
and being able to win my first national title was definitely very amazing. >> i think it is amazing. talk about growing up in fremont. when did you first put on skates and how did it come to what you are today? >> well, i first put on skates when i was four. but i didn't realize how much i loved being on the ice until i was six. just being a shy and timid kid, when i first stepped on the ice, i just started realizing how much i loved it. and in a way, it was a way for me to kind of like express myself. so i just loved skating so much. >> yeah. karen, nothing is guaranteed. you've had some up and down years. so when things don't go well and you bounce back, does that make it especially rewarding for you? i know the last year or two, you had challenges now you're back on top. >> yes, it definitely made the victory very sweet for me.
9:32 am
it was definitely like really rough. i had two years pretty much having lots of foot issues and injuries and constant pain and being able to skate through those tough times were very hard for me. but i spent early this season working out my boot problems with the new boot company advantage skates. they really helped me out. and i also really need to thank my coaches, tammy gavel and nicholson. they helped me so much. i really owe it all to them for my success this year. >> karen, are you out on the ice every morning before going to school? give us a snapshot of your daily schedule. >> yes. i get up around -- since i home- school now i can sleep in a little more and i'm very thankful for that. but i'm still -- i'm a senior in high school. and i still have a lot of school work. it is definitely very hard for
9:33 am
me to kind of manage and balance the two important things in my life. but i guess i'm doing the best that i can. and i hope to keep doing it. >> you're doing phenomenal and competing in the world championships coming up in finland. is there one person in the world that you want to take down at worlds? >> actually that one person would be me. i just really want to be able to skate my personal best internationally. and for me, my biggest competitor, my biggest enemy is myself. especially my -- my mental aspect. because i guess skating is also -- it is about like physical strength and mental strength. and it's very important for me to take control and get things done. >> karen, do you do all the other 17-year-old things a
9:34 am
senior in high school would be doing? >> no. unfortunately. unfortunately. >> oh, no. okay. all right. prom is overrated. compared to what you're doing. congratulations karen. >> new national champion from fremont. karen chen. congratulations. best of luck. we will all be watching the worlds. >> thank you so much. >> so awesome. >> very cool. a new trump hotel could be coming to the bay area. a spokesperson says the company wants to expand in 26 major cities in the united states that includes opening luxury properties in san francisco, seattle and denver. currently there are eight trump hotels in the united states. so the expansion would triple operations. we spoke with one woman in san francisco this morning about the planned hotel. >> me personally i'm sure it would do good here. but i'm against it. >> why is that? >> i'm just not a trump fan at all. although i do like the resort in las vegas. >> the announcement might raise
9:35 am
ethical questions because of president trump's connection to the hotels. when he took office he turned the operations of the companies over to his two sons but refusing to divest from the businesses. a doll of president trump will be part of the center piece for the japan doll day. it portrays mr. trump wearing a gold kimono. one of four dolls to celebrate the health and happiness of girls in japan. the doll maker says mr. trump was included this year in hopes that he will make the world better for women despite earlier derogatory comments about women. there will be a protest at 11:00 this morning in san francisco by people opposed to president trump's policies. it will be held at the old federal building on golden gate avenue. 450 golden gate. the organizers want to show resistance to building a wall along the border with mexico, expanding the use of torture and banning refugees from muslim countries. let's bring you a live picture
9:36 am
from philadelphia where we are awaiting president trump to speak there at the gop policy retreat. as soon as he takes to the microphone, we will bring that you live. protests already in philadelphia. to the south bay where authorities are looking for a man who nearly dragged a santa clara police officer with his car. investigators spotted a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a 24 fitness in sunnyvale. he was wanted on a number of warrants including felony possession of ammunition. when officers approached him, he started the car and tried to get away. >> one of the officers grabbed, reached in the vehicle and grabbed the suspect to try to get him out of the vehicle. at that point, the suspect started the car engine and put it in drive and took off. the officer was holding on to him and running along with the vehicle and let go to avoid getting dragged. and the suspect fled the scene. the officer was not hurt in the incident. investigators say the suspect appears to have been living in the car. many of his belongings fell out
9:37 am
of the vehicle during his struggle with the officer. if the man is caught, he will face criminal charges including assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon. the coast guard called off the search for the missing kayaker who disappeared near the dumbarton bridge tuesday afternoon. crews searched the area from air and water yesterday looking for the 32-year-old. in the afternoon, water levels sank so low that boats had trouble getting to the search zone. maldonado was out with a friend when the kayak tipped over. another friend says he was very skilled out on the water. >> ken was very experienced out on the water. his livelihood has been fishing. he has been fishing sense he was a teen and numerous fishing trips throughout the bay. >> the coast guard says it was difficult to end the search but there were just no signs of maldonado. san francisco mayor ed lee delivers the state of the city address today. he is expected to focus on many of the same issues he has talked about in the past, including jobs, the economy and
9:38 am
affordable housing. in today's speech he is likely to talk about the city's new police chief william scott and the battle against president trump in keeping san francisco a sanctuary city. the university of california board of regents will vote on a plan to raise tuition and fees at all ten uc campuses. it is expected to raise costs by $336 a year. it is a 2 and a half percent increase. the university says that would bring in an additional $88 million a year. one third of the money would go to financial aid for students. a spokesperson says the rest would be reinvested in the quality of the uc system. >> it would go for things like hiring more faculty, hiring more teaching assistants. it would go for improving mental health services. >> it would put an impact on my family, you know, to get the loans, secure those. i would have to find another job maybe. it is hard enough as it is already. >> if the regents approve the fee and tuition hikes it will
9:39 am
be the first increase in six years. also uc says the changes would apply only to families earning more than $150,000 a year. in 1967, nearly 100,000 young people converged on san francisco's ash bury neighborhood in what became known as the summer of love. >> the first major exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary opens right at san francisco city hall. >> ktvu's report alex savidge is getting an early preview of the exhibit. hey, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. incredible photos on display here. jim marshall captured some of the most important cultural and social moments and events from the summer of love in 1967. and they are all now in these amazing photos that are here on display on the lower level of city hall in san francisco. the exhibit is called appropriately enough 1967. we are joined by the cur ator
9:40 am
of the exhibit, meg shfler. tell us about the events that were captured by marshall. >> the show is chronologic. you can follow tim's entire shoot schedule from january through december for the entire year. he was at monterey pop festival when jimmy hendrix burned his guitar. let's walk and look at some of these as we talk. he was there for all of the moments. >> yes. not only shooting famous rock and roll concerts but also shooting on the streets in san francisco, capturing, you know, the hippy culture and all of the parades and free concerts throughout the panhandle and in golden gate park. jefferson airplane and the grateful dead and quiksilver messenger service. >> these are events that obviously define san francisco's identity in so many ways. >> absolutely. it is so important to see this exhibition at city hall. the san francisco art
9:41 am
commission believes this exhibition helped define our social consciousness of what 1967 is all about. >> okay. thank you very much. >> sure. >> the curator of the exhibit. >> thank you. >> we will walk down here and talk to amelia davis. she owns the jim marshall collection. good morning to you. these are some of -- some of the photos that you really appreciate the most, i think. talk to me about what these particular photos show. this is the concert on the panhandle. >> on the panhandle. there were a number of free concerts in the summer of love. and what is great about these is they're not the iconic jimmy hendrix burning the guitar that people think of jim marshall. what he is doing is going and turning his camera into the crowd and seeing how the crowd was reacting and seeing the two cultures happening converging in the neighborhood and really celebrating each other. and that's what is so unique i think about the san francisco and what was hatching is there
9:42 am
were so many different types of people coming together. but they weren't clashing. they were all really coming together and learning about each other. and i think that's what really intrigued me about these photos. >> sure. >> when we go over -- go over this way. we come to actually jimmy hendrix playing at a free concert in the panhandle. and these are glimpses of history that just will never happen again. you don't have that access or a free concert without, you know, guards and linked fences. >> sure. >> this is just so much about what was happening and the explosion at the time. >> 89 different photos from the jim marshall collection on display here on the lower level of city hall. it is the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. here in san francisco, we are going to be celebrating this anniversary. anthony, you are with the california arts commission. tell me, there's going to be all -- >> i'm with the california
9:43 am
historical site. i would love to be with both. i love art too. >> thank you very much. i know you do. tell me about the events happening in the city to celebrate this important anniversary. >> sure. for the past year, we've all been planning how to come to san francisco, put a flower in your hair, and experience the legacies of the summer of love. with about 70 different partners, including our san francisco travel, we're welcoming people from all around the world who really want to know kind of did this happen? how were these revolutions born here? what was it about free love, flee music, these kind of explosive, kind of beautiful owe and also hard new realities of 1967. >> yeah. and they're very resinate today. >> a lot of people feel that. >> free love. we will be celebrating the summer of love. >> i will confess, i was not there for the summer of love, you guys.
9:44 am
i was not even a thought yet. it sounds like it was a good time. >> i'm sure it was, alex. thank you. coming up on mornings on 2 a ghostbusters hit remade by three elementary teachers. we will talk to no small children about their show coming up in the bay area. ♪[music] ♪ ghostbusters ♪ ♪ we're southwest, and we have one word for you... yes. ♪ yes to flying further for less. and yes to new international nonstops. that's just one more reason we're the official airline of the "yes" coast. and yes you can now fly to more of your favorite places from right here. that's transfarency.
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(sfx: clap, clap, ding)
9:46 am
♪[music] ♪[music] ♪ghostbusters ♪ >> you might recognize the sopping. how about the band behind it? they're called no small children. and they are a band made up of three elementary school teachers from los angeles.
9:47 am
besides being tapped for the theme song for the ghostbusters remake, they are also working on the music for a new netflix series starring drew barrymore. catch them live saturday at the boom boom room in san francisco. but first catch them in the studio. welcome, ladies. >> thanks, mike. >> no small children. i love it. how did it start? i was reading something about halloween costumes is that true. >> it started on recess duty. we all teach at the same school. >> you were like i play drums. i play guitar. >> we should start a band. >> what do you teach. >> i teach 4th grade. >> 4th grade. >> music. >> music. >> what is on the curriculum today, ladies. >> it is actually an in service day. we're not skipping. >> how did ghostbusters come about in trying to get that
9:48 am
song and redoing it. >> it was recorded without the intention of getting it into the movie but we ended up getting into the hands of the music director and the director of the movie and at the last minute they added it. much to our surprise. very pleasant surprise. >> how did you get it into their hands. >> one of the patients of our students actually was the -- was the composer on the film. >> that's how it happens. >> yes. >> it was totally random. it felt random. we do that all the time. not to the parents, but -- you are always hoping when you give your music to someone that they like it and they pass it ra long. it happened this time. >> how long have you been at this? it's not like you just started and you did the ghostbusters remake. >> it has been a like three and a half years since we started. we started out playing clubs, you know, little dive bars around l.a. and said yes to everything. now we have to say no to things. now here we are on morning television. >> what about the name, no small children.
9:49 am
>> it actually -- it started because it was -- the friday before mother's day and we were on recess duty and we thought it is a good time to have just adult time. some adult fun. and it turns out that our students parents come to our shows and say, it really is good to hang out with adults. >> yeah. what about i think of rock bands and janice joplin, one of my favorite female musicians, blondie, cranberries. do you have a specific inspiration. >> maybe it's not even a female rock band. >> exactly. i think i have a lot of inspirations. joan jett and pat benatar. it is all about the music. >> all three of us have different musical influences. very different backgrounds and different musical influences. when you listen to our music you can hear a lot of those influences in the music. one of the things that we joke about, another name for all
9:50 am
female band is a band. >> well said. what about you? any inspiration growing up that you relate to your music today. >> sure. i mean i come from joplin and alvin jones. those are the drummers that i listened to over and over again. and chen clash and english beat and the police. those drummers. there are so many influences for all of us. >> i'm a band geek so i love old soul music. >> aretha franklin and otis redding. >> what about being live on stage? what do you get out of it as a performer for you? >> you know what, you become very addicted to it. there are fewer things more exciting and a little scary and addictive. it is one of the great joys of my life. >> so is that the goal to be a band on stage live or do what you did with ghostbusters and also the netflix.
9:51 am
>> yes to all of it. >> more the merrier. >> yeah. >> netflix we're in the new series coming up coming up. we are psyched about it. it is another avenue that we love. >> where do you see yourself in a year? you ride the train when it is rolling. >> that's what we're doing. we're taking life as it comes. we don't know. >> last week we were in washington, d.c. we were asked to play the unity ball after the women's march. wonderful opportunities. >> and new music we're about to release. >> it is on our website. >> we know you have students. do you have children of your own? any of you. >> i don't. >> i don't. >> i actually have three children. they're all adults. all sons. >> and they support you and love that you are out there.
9:52 am
>> they absolutely love we're doing this. they have said to me before when i was considering moving to l.a., mom, if you do not do this, i'll be really mad at you. >> no small children. thanks for coming in and telling your story. i appreciate it. rock it this weekend in san francisco. we have more information about the band including how to get tickets on our website, look for it in the web links section on the mornings on 2 tab and also on the mobile app. lisa, joanie, have a great show this weekend at the boom boom room. >> yeah. ♪[music] ♪ ghostbusters ♪ directv now! the future of tv is now.
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>> the last time the warriors last back to back regular season games was april of 2015. after losing to miami on monday there was doubt that the warriors could keep their nba record alive. the hornets almost spoiled steph curry's homecoming there. kevin durant said not so fast. he scored 16 of 33 in that quarter. the warriors beat the hornets 113-103. curry chipped in 28 points. the warriors have not lost two in a row in the regular season for 132 straight games now. nickers going somewhere no other candy bar has gone before. this year it will air a live commercial during the super bowl. it will be western themed. it will star adam driver, best known for the star wars movies.
9:56 am
he apparently will playa very hungry cowboy. you can watch super bowl 51 and all of the commercials and halftime show which is what i like on february 5th, here on ktvu. it starts at 3:30. there is a petition to make the monday after super bowl a national holiday. >> for the past 50 days, the greatest day on earth has been followed by the worst day on earth. >> kraft heinz is giving their works the monday off after the super bowl. they created an ad online about the plans. there is a petition circulating to make it a national holiday. more than 16 million people nationwide usually call in sick the day after the big game. joining tomorrow on the 9. we will be whipping up super bowl snack ideas for your big game parties and live with monique who is performing at tommy t's in pleasanton. we will bring in the live pictures from philadelphia.
9:57 am
we are waiting to hear from president trump any moment now. when he does begin to speak, we will bring it to you live on ktvu fox 2 as well as ktvu plus. we will stream it live for you on the president is in philadelphia just ahead of a three-day group retreat for republicans. no doubt they will be talking strategy. we expect him to touch on some of the executive orders he has signed. now of course the big news this morning, mexico says we're not coming to the white house and we're not paying for the border wall. when the president starts speaking, you will see it right here on ktvu fox 2. ?q
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