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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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so nice to start the day with santana. a little hazy out there. probably come some rain. we have a lot of rain this morning. it is a little bit like. but it will get heavier as the evening commute approaches. we will have rain with us all week. don't forget about -- >> it is light rain outside the studio. the roads are wet so be careful. steve paulson will tell you the rest. it is going to pick up. we have a wind advisory tonight. some of the rain is steady support santa cruz mountains. everybody will be in on the moisture. it goes across the pacific. next front coming in will be
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tomorrow -- tonight and tomorrow. three quarters in some isolated areas. wind advisory starts at 9 pm. and goes until 6 am on tuesday. higher elevations -- 45-50 miles per hour. maybe some more tree issues. we will have a lot of rain on the way. starting tonight and tomorrow and going into thursday. some of that is in the santa cruz mountains in santa clara valley. nothing to heavy. it is on the light side. 50s on the temperatures. a light air mass holds a lot of moisture. is going to start to pick up tonight and tomorrow. 50s and 60s on your highs. people are going to work -- but where are there issues? >> you said there were going to be showers here and there.
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every time it rains we get slower traffic. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be okay. it is still wet out there even though it is not raining now. it adds a little bit of time. to your commute. today you might want to think about adding 10 minutes. that is a tall order for any morning. if you want to stay on time you might want to do that. interstate 80 n. and south bound the traffic is moving okay. no major problems right now if you're driving on 580. it is low in pleasanton on 680. san francisco is ground zero of the latest legal battle over president. trump's travel ban. the ninth circuit of appeals will rule on this decision. >> reporter: that ruling could
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happen sometime in the next week. we don't know the timeline. washington in minnesota filed the suit against president. trump . the state of hawaii might join in as well. in a briefing filed before 1 am, the attorney general's say the pres.'s executive order unleashed chaos when it went into effect. people from 7 muslim countries were barred from entering the us for 90 days. washington says the travel ban negatively impacted students and staff at the university's. and across businesses like microsoft, amazon and expedia -- the atty. general. also argued that the ban is a violation of the 14th amendment. it discriminates on the basis of religion and national origin. on friday a federal judge in washington put a temporary stop
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to the travel ban. what the appeals court has to decide is whether that will be upheld or if the travel ban can resume effective immediately. in an interview that randy for the super bowl, president. trump defended the executive order and the policy.>> all we did was that those people carefully. >> the likelihood is high it has to go to the supreme court. it will take 5 votes to overturn. if it is a tie -- will be here for a long period of time.>> reporter: apple and some other tech companies have filed briefings in support of the state sued. diplomats say the travel ban will make the country less safe that us troops abroad in harms way. the administration has until 3 pm to respond. the ninth circuit court of appeals covers most of the united states including alaska and hawaii.
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even though washington state filed the lawsuit, that is the reason why the next chapter in the legal battle will be decided here in san francisco which is where the ninth circuit court of appeals is headquartered. in an interview over the weekend president. trump said he might take action against california where lawmakers are considering legislation that would make california a sanctuary state. >> i don't want to be fun anybody. i want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or a state. if they are going to have sanctuary cities we might have to do that.>> on another issue president. trump said he respects russian president. vladimir putin.>> i respect a lot of people. that doesn't mean i will get along with them. he is a leader of his country. i say it is better to get along with russia.
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if russia helps us in the fight against isis, a major fight -- and islamic terrorism all over the world. that is a good thing. >> president. trump was asked about report president. putin has ordered people to be killed. mr. trump's that the us has a lot of killers. our country is not so innocent. they are calling this the biggest comeback of any super bowl. the patriots beat the falcons 34-28. making tom brady the only quarterback to win 5 super bowls. the falcons played great early in the day. at one point they led the patriots 25 points. those patriots came back. forest the first overtime for a super bowl.
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they won the coin toss in the game. it may tom brady the only quarterback to mclaren park -- win 4 super bowl rings. >> tom brady went to sarah high school in santa fe it. that is where alex savage is out there this morning. >> reporter: we are here -- i am doing well. i bet a lot of people celebrated here on the peninsula. celebrating that super bowl victory. this is where tom brady grew up. he graduated from sarah high school in san mateo in 1995. his parents still live in this area. last night once again tom brady held up the lombardi trophy after a thrilling comeback victory. this was his fifth championship in his nfl career.
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he took home his fourth super bowl mvp award last night. that is more than any other player in nfl history. the patriots -- it looked like they were done last night trailing by 25 points. to start the second half of last nights game. somehow they turned around. brady said his team never stop believing. >> we played our tails off let -- all season to get to this point. to beat this team and get down 28-3. a lot of mental toughness by our team. >> reporter: brady dedicated last night's victory to his mom who has been battling an undisclosed illness the past year and a half. she is the one wearing a scarf on her head. she has not been able to attend any of the games in person all year long. she did make it to houston last night for super bowl li.
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she was there to celebrate on the field with her son. after that unbelievable victory, there is some talk this morning -- a lot of talk that tom brady might now be the greatest quarterback in nfl history. maybe even better than his childhood idol joe montana. i'm not saying that -- some people are suggesting that. i would not suggest that around these parts. the city of boston will honor the patriots tomorrow with a victory parade. fans were at the super bowl said they never doubted their team what win another trophy. >> we were down 28-3. we came back. >> the patriots never give up. belichick told them never give
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up. patriots fans say they are happy to hear tom brady talking about playing 3-5 more years. in boston fans filled the streets. shortly after the super bowl victory. this is video from overnight outside fenway park. people were dancing and chanting brady. president. trump and first lady melania watched the super bowl in florida. a hosted a party at the trump international golf club in west palm beach. he laughed during the third quarter when the falcons were up 28-3. in a tweet he congratulated the team. president. trump is friends with tom brady. he pretended -- predicted the patriots what win electric
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bills going up by double digits. a huge hike in bills is touching many people in california by surprise. a deadly shooting is under investigation in fremont. the call about an altercation that led to that. some light rain this morning. wind advisory tonight. a lot going on today and tonight and tomorrow. also the rest of the week.
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and just a couple of hours the second week of the murder trial of garcia torres, the man accused of kidnapping and teenager sierra lamarr began. he is charged with a 2012 kidnapping and murder a 15-year- old sierra lamarr even though her body has not been found. the defense is arguing investigators mishandled evidence. and she might have run away from home. last week one of her friends testified she and sierra have plans to meet the day she disappeared. and she would never abandon her family and friends. if he is convicted garcia torres could get the death penalty or life in them -- life in prison. a car late to a hit and run crash that killed a pedestrian last week has been found. it happened thursday morning on highway 101. the man who was hit died at the
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scene. they were able to figure out the type of car involved. based on the debris from the scene. they have not said how they were able to find that car in hayward. they have a person of interest but no arrests. today the u.s. senate expected to vote on confirming the president nominee for secretary of education. experts predict the senate vote on the the the vols will end up in a tie. 2 republican senators say they will vote against betsy devos after getting a lot of calls from their home districts. if that happens mike pence will be called in to vote to break the tie. betsy devos did not get much support during earlier hearings. she seemed unfamiliar with the individuals with disabilities education act. she also said guns might have a place in school to protect students from grizzly bears. thousands of students at 1030 colleges tuition free next semester or an agreement
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reached by the san francisco board of supervisors. after months of back and forth the mayor has agreed to the plan which calls for spending 5 1/2 million dollars on free tuition. san francisco residents who have lived in the state for at least a year are eligible. it will also pay for books for low income students. supporters say it will help city colleges turned the corner after losing one third of the students. fiji and 80 customers angry after getting higher-than- expected electric bills. for december and january. the increased natural gas rates by 13% back in august. most people probably did not notice until recently when they turned up their heaters because we had cold wet weather. the rates have gone up three times in the past year. the bills will averaged 20 -- 21% higher than they were this time last year. some people say their bills have double.
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it's rates are still lower than the national average. they are recommending customers turn your thermostats down to save money. let's check in for a look at traffic. it is slowing down. we don't have anything major you should know about. bay bridge toll plaza -- the traffic here is backed up as it normally would be this time. it is pretty filled in all the way -- 20 or 25 minute delay. there is going to be a little bit of slow traffic. also looking at commute on interstate 80 -- more crowded. it is going to rain later and it will be cloudy today. via party had reports from commuters saying it just rain here -- it did not rain for long. all we care about is our the roads wet. if they are you need to slow down. this is a look at 80 westbound
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from hercules to richmond. no problems approaching the richmond bridge. we do have light rain. we will have heavy rain tonight. that will be for everybody. some of the outlooks going out 10 or 15 days are scary. there is going to be a lot of rain. as you know, we just went through a month of that. this month is going to be wet as well. we would like to know how bad do you think seasonal allergies will be. i think you can answer that sylvia. i think they will be bad. it depends on how warm we get and how much of a breeze we get. everything will be blooming. deep moisture stretches across the pacific. it will wrap up. if you go outside, at the surface in a smile. you get high about 1000 feet --
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the wind kicked up. at low level jet stream is going to take this moisture -- 2500 feet, to 500 the. we're going to see heavy totals over the next couple of days. there are multiple systems here. one we are dealing with tonight and tomorrow -- three quarters of an inch. wind advisory starts tonight. that takes us until 6 am tomorrow. many systems coming across the pacific. there are signs of systems up to the 21st and 22nd. light rain this morning. heavier rain tonight. a stronger system comes in on thursday. there is already blustery
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conditions. the higher elevations. it begins at 9 pm and goes until 6 pm tuesday. we are hardly getting deeper moisture right now. this is still out here. it is flying across. some of this is producing rain in santa cruz mountains. also santa clara valley. back into the part of the east bay and north bay. nothing to heavy but it is there. also in the napa county. so -- that will develop later. 50s and 60s and the temperatures. this is through the week. watch out toward sacramento. you are seeing areas approaching 7 1/2. there are flash flood issues for the mother vote. also in the sierra. i have seen projections of
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around 12 inches of rain looking out at 15 or 16 days. it is shaping up to be a wet pattern. today 50s and 60s on your temperatures. light rain will give way to heavier rain. a little bit of a break wednesday. the next system is thursday and friday. right now the weekend looks okay. we have seen that in the past few storms. it is hard to predict when it is coming in and where. those commercials with a political message. we will take a look at more super bowl commercials. the people are talking about this morning. it's 12-year-old girl from
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yemen separated from her family. the emotional reunion after a temporary block on president. trump's travel ban.
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visit to learn more. a 12-year-old girl from yemen back with her family in california this morning after being stranded overseas because of the travel ban. she arrived yesterday.
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we were there for that reunion.>> reporter: it was a reunion seven years in the making. she hugged family members and wiped away tears holding onto her sister she hasn't seen in 4 years. her parents live in most panels. their legal citizens. she was granted a visa was on her way to central california -- her journey halted cause of trump's immigration ban. hayden hurst up with her father and east african nation. >> i am happy because finally we finished with the process. we are finally back home. i appreciate all the support and help. >> reporter: they were now allowed to enter the unit as after a federal judge temporarily dropped the dan. >> it is an unjust situation.
6:26 am
a child cannot join her us citizen family. they should never have happened. >> reporter: immigration lawyers on hand at airports across the country to help immigrants given this window of opportunity. >> we are still nervous because it is not over yet. >> reporter: san jose international airport -- a dozen community members and social activists gathered outside international arrivals terminal. to welcome immigrants and refugees.>> the process is already very thorough. there is no need to create this fear and confusion.>> i fear isis local republicans backed the president what the travel ban reinstated. he doesn't like seeing families ripped apart, fernandez said his focus is on national security.>> for terrorist this is an opportunity to come in during this period. it is a dangerous move.
6:27 am
>> reporter: a researcher who had been stopped from entering the us last week because of the travel ban is now on his way for work at stanford university. the iranian researcher arrived yesterday at jfk airport after being turned away. he will work with stanford on robotics that will help make surgeries less invasive and cheaper for patients. it took him eight months to get the visa to come here. only to be held up again at the president's travel ban. >> i have a bit of concern -- i'm going to stay for just 3 months. i hope nothing happens to my stay here. i have more concerns about the future. we always had this open collaboration around the world. we never had concerns about whether we will be able to go somewhere physically or not.>> he was able to insert yesterday
6:28 am
because of that court order lifting the travel ban at least for the time being. the atlanta falcons season is over after yesterday's big loss. what this means for the future of the 49ers. an officer involved shooting in fremont leads one man dead. we will have the details coming up. we have slowed traffic he cause of wet weather. everyone is back at it for monday. we will tell you more coming up.
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thank you for joining us. it is monday it is monday, february 6. i was tweeting out the question of the day. is tom brady the best cornerback of all time?
6:31 am
a lot of people think it is joe montana. >> that is a good question. >> it is joe montana. >> best i ever saw. and this is coming from a former cincinnati bengals -- >> he single-handedly -- you know what i mean. he was the greatest i ever saw pixmap >> it is a very heated conversation.>> 49ers did not beat the bengals -- joe montana day. we do have plenty going on. when i say tennessee, it is really going to be going on later. rain has started for some. it doesn't take much. atmosphere is saturated. light rain this morning.
6:32 am
the rain and wind picks up tonight. we will get a break until thursday. another system comes in. that might be stronger. there is some projections here, some heavy rain the next 48-72 mountains. just light rain ahead right now. 50s, very mild. moisture streaming across the pacific. a mid latitude system. 50s, and 60s on the temperatures. we are looking at slowed traffic on highway 24. it is not exactly a great commute. the heavy rain in the wind a coming tonight. a little bit of the rain x is slower. that is what we're dealing with on highway 24 for walnut creek to open. -- oakland. this morning it is 20 or 25 minutes.
6:33 am
nothing major. i would suggest adding extra time are being patient as you make the trip. the bay bridge toll plaza -- about a 20-25 minute delay. if you are driving on 80 westbound you see slowed traffic -- hercules in richmond. a couple of minor accidents. a man is dead and a police officer recovering after an officer involved shooting in fremont. question is there now. what do you know so far? >> >> reporter: we have tracked down with this incident came to an end. we're hoping to hear more from neighbors as they wake up. they were here when the officer involved shooting unfolded yesterday afternoon. fremont officers were here for hours last night. it all started with a report of a battery a half-mile away.
6:34 am
an officer responded to that call tracked down the involved parties here. at the intersection of maoris in such a drive. the responding officer and suspect got into a physical altercation. which escalated to the point the officer drew their weapon and fired. other officers responded to the scene to save the suspect. the person was declared dead at the scene. the officer was taken to an area hospital for non- threatening injuries. at this point. the incident under investigation by fremont police. they have launched a parallel investigation. we have reached out to fremont police looking for information on the case. at this point they are not releasing any information about the identification of the suspect. we're hoping to learn more about that as the morning progresses. a mudslide has closed part
6:35 am
of highway 152. it my stay closed until friday. it happened over the weekend. people are being asked to take of the roots for the next couple of days to get around that mudslide. super bowl li is in the books. it was the biggest comeback ever and super bowl history. the patriots beat the falcons after going into overtime. joel is in houston with more.>> reporter: the new england patriots proved we can keep winning supervisor -- super bowls after an amazing comeback against the falcons sunday night. >> it doesn't get any closer to that. >> reporter: the super bowl went into overtime for the first time in history after the patriots came back from the grave.>> penalties and just mistakes.
6:36 am
i don't think it was one thing or another. >> reporter: the falcons were up big in the third quarter. before falling apart. >> we ran out of gas. these guys battled hard for it. we do it will come down to the end.>> reporter: the patriots scored 19 points in the third quarter. white scored the winning touchdown in overtime. >> you are playing with fire if you are trying to manage the clock when you are down 8 points. you get it in however you can. james ran it in. >> reporter: patriots fans never gave up faith. >> i think they went into the locker room and belichick said never give up.>> reporter: atlanta fans can't believe the falcons could not hold on to the victory. boston will hold a parade this week with their famous duck boats.
6:37 am
after tom brady thought his game-winning jersey was stolen, there is news that it has been found safe. and equipment manager for the patriots put the jersey in a safe place. it was not stolen. tom brady was very worried about that. it was a touching moment -- super bowl fans gave a warm welcome to former president george h.w. bush and his wife at the super bowl. >> president bush will you please toss the coin? >> reporter: they were brought out for the coin toss. the first public appearance by them since they were both in the hospital last month. the former president is 92 years old. he was treated for pneumonia. the former first lady is 91. she was treated for a
6:38 am
bronchitis. lady gaga looked good. she's thrilled the crowd during the halftime show. pam cook danced alongside her. lady gaga performed several of her hit during a 12 minute performance starting out on the roof of nrg stadium. she was lowered down by those cables. she was a big supporter of hillary clinton during the election. some people were expecting her to make some kind of political statement during the show. but she did not. millions of people are tuned in to watch the big game and halftime performance. their eyes were also glued on the super bowl commercials. one of them was from san francisco. take a look.
6:39 am
>> the ad caught people's attention sending a social and political message. is showed people of all ages, races and religions background. it never mentioned president. trump are the executive travel ban order. -- for the executive travel ban order. >> the political message is continued with this message from 84 lumber. it crashed the companies website directing people to go there for the ending of that story. it featured a spanish speaking mother and daughter traveling from mexico to the us. the end of it was reportedly
6:40 am
banned from airing on television since it mentioned president. trump's promised to build a border wall. not all commercial had a serious tone. >> melissa mccarthy -- that was an ad for kia. a lot of people were laughing out loud. several experts say it was one of the best commercials that aired. mccarthy seems to be on a roll making headlines. she made a surprise appearance on saturday night live playing sean spicer. we expect to hear an official announcement for the 49ers about their head coach. the nfl will now allow the 49ers to officially talk to kyle shanahan about becoming head coach. he was just named the nfl's assistant coach of the year. after a great year as the
6:41 am
offensive coordinator for the falcons. shanahan would be the 49ers fourth head coach in the past 2 years. oakland raiders fans took a step to keep the team in town. they gathered yesterday and recorded a video directed at the raiders management and the nfl. >> the group included members of the forever oakland organization which is dedicated to building a new stadium in oakland. the organizers say they are solid business reasons for keeping the raiders in the area. they are hoping the investment group can work out a deal to keep them in the east bay. fighting back against president. trump's travel ban. coming up -- the legal action
6:42 am
taken overnight in a san francisco federal appeals court. and how tech companies are joining that fight. a landslide closes a stretch of highway in marin county. the possible impact on one community. you can see traffic might be slower than normal in some places. northbound 101 doesn't look too bad approaching the split. light rain will pick up in intensity. i expect rain the next 2 1/2 or 3 days. more on that next.
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checking in on the numbers this morning. a life look at the dow jones. it is holding on to 20,053. down 17% this morning. the nasdaq also down a quarter of a percent. the 500 down as well. a lot of earnings coming in including twitter. if you other technology stocks. those companies are also weighing in on the travel ban. a lot happening on wall street today. police searching for who ever fired shot during a party for a college dance competition. it happened 1 am yesterday morning outside the sunrise banquet hall. students from several universities where there. several fights broke out during the party. is built outside into the
6:46 am
parking lot. that is when shots were fired. no one was hurt. police investigating a troubling discovery on a hillside in danville. on saturday they found what was supposed to be a swastika on fountains bring circle. that symbol was backwards which typically represent hinduism and buddhism. neighbors do not think that was the intention. they say this is not the first time the symbol has been seen in the area. when i join you in a couple of minutes -- a technical glitch during google's super bowl commercial has some home systems going off. what had -- what happened -- if you care nothing about football this picture on your screen will mean something to you. that is patriots quarterback tom brady kissing his wife,
6:47 am
holding his daughter while his mother is embracing help. we did tell you last week his mom has been battling an illness. we will explain why her presence was especially meaningful. these stories and much more when i join you in a few minutes. marin county a landslide has shut down into a half mile stretch of highway 1. that community is feeling the impact. 350 people are not completely trapped but they are cut off. part of highway 1 was torn away after a landslide from last month's powerful storms. the closure is causing more response time -- higher response time for emergency vehicles. some of the residents are frustrated. they of launched a phone and letterwriting campaign after caltrans said it might be months before the road is fixed. now they say design work has been sped up.
6:48 am
highway 1 is a coastal highway is very vital. that is one of the challenges we face. very necessary and vital road. it also is subject to storm damage. >> caltrans says that 5 1/2 million dollar project should be finished by april 1. some big problems on the road. hopefully just concentrated to those areas. let's check in for the majority of the commute. it is slow. we don't have major issues on highway 4. i want to mention the traffic is going to be busy over the hill. you can see how slow it is on highway 4 coming through. there are no major problems. you are going to see slow traffic continuing on 680 southbound through pleasant hill in walnut creek. we're looking at the bay bridge.
6:49 am
you can see traffic has been slow. i want to mention marin county -- southbound 101 from 37 as you drive down through marin word. 37 is still open. after the heavy rain. we will see what happens. today it is open out of both directions. we do have rain on the way. there is some this morning. it is hit or miss. unbelievable amount of moisture moving across the pacific. there is just -- everything is pointing to a wet pattern. i want to thank -- silver oak winery. they invited me for their release party. it was professional and nice can be. thank you to everyone from silver oak. there was a lot of beautiful people there.
6:50 am
very good-looking crowd. thanks to everybody we had a wonderful time. it was raining -- it wasn't raining, it was pouring -- a strange day. honestly -- we might get a break this weekend or early next week. the 18th to the 22nd looks extremely wet. the next to them coming in a three quarters of an inch -- to maybe 4 inches of rain. the wind advisory stars tonight and goes through tomorrow morning. some light rain this morning, heavier rain tonight and tomorrow. thursday a stronger front. it does look like a break for the weekend. the wind advisory is not too bad at the surface. with all of this rain -- we have to keep an eye out on some of these trees. there is so much rain coming across it is a major concern. some of this is light to
6:51 am
moderate. santa cruz mountains -- has had an inch and a half to 2 inches. after that a light rain. 50s very mild hermas. there is so much moisture the low-level jet stream. it is going to take this out of the west and southwest and increase it rapidly. once it gets to higher elevations. that will equal heavy rain. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. rain is going to take us into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. maybe a break after friday and the weekend. a man critically injured while changing a tire in the south bay of next. the hit and run driver police are looking for. with the xfinity tv app,
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a lot of great teammates over the years. >> we're listening to super bowl champion tom brady at his news conference. >> if they put us in the position to win -- we try to lay it on the line. it is great for this team to lay it on the line like we did last night. with everything as they. and then win the game against a team that was a great team.
6:55 am
they gave us all we could handle. i give them a lot of credit. they are a great football team. matt played a good game, the defense played a great game. it took a lot of great plays for us to order -- overcome the deficit in the whole we dug. we were able to do it. we can celebrate together -- for a long time. that is a great feeling. >> we're listening live -- quarterback of the new england patriots tom brady on another super bowl victory. he mentioned joe montana, being one of his childhood heroes. that is our question of the day. it has become quite heated. is tom brady the best quarterback of all time? a lot of people say joe montana. weighing in on our facebook page. here in the bay area san jose
6:56 am
police are looking for a hit and run a driver who entered a man was changing a tire on interstate 280.>> it happened 4 am yesterday morning. police say the victim had stopped on the right hand shoulder and was changing his tire when he was hit. the suspect's car is described as the 2006-2013 red toyota corolla with damage to the left bumper. a witness help them find a suspected arsonist who said a car on fire in oakland. it was found engulfed in flames yesterday morning. the witness help them locate an arrest 20-year-old josi -- he was booked on several charges including arson. investigators are trying to find the owner of the car and determine why it was set on fire. president. trump says he doesn't know how his travel ban will affect the
6:57 am
chances of the united states hosting the 2024 olympics. los angelos is one of the cities competing to host the games against paris france budapest. in a radio interview president. trump said he would love to see los angeles get the olympics. but doesn't know if the ban would make it harder for the city to win the bid. we're coming up on our 7 am our. president. trump is sending a warning to california. >> i want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or state.>> how he is responding to news california was to become the first sanctuary state. it was a historic night for tom brady. alex is at his old high school. we will take a look back at the biggest sports event of the year.
6:58 am
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and fulfill all the potential that their parents imagine. ♪ every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. the legal battle over president trump's travel ban comes to san francisco. where the issue stands right now and what the 9th circuit of
7:00 am
appeals will decide on in the coming days. plus, maybe some football fans here in the bay area celebrating a super bowl win by the patriots last night because bay area native tom brady got his fifth championship ring. how he says his team was table to pull off a historic come back. 7:00 on a monday morning. take a look at the picture on your screen. get ready to go through some haze and mist and rain. it's going to be a wet week and thank goodness steve paul sen is working overtime to help us through the week. welcome back this monday morning, february 6th i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. straight to steve now. >> do i owe her money or something? >> i have relied on you these past two months. >> get ready. this week looks wet here


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