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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on sunday officials noted a hole in that spillway is more water flowed into the lake. they thought it would fail so they issued an emergency evacuation for nearly 200 they thought it would fail so they issued an emergency evacuation for nearly 200,000 people. extended beyond butte county in to sumter county. as they urge people in low- lying areas to move to higher ground. the governor. issued an emergency order. experts are emphasizing the orville dam is not in danger. they want to stress the problem is erosion on the emergency spillway. water officials say they need to lower the level lake by 50 feet in the next few days to prepare for another storm. with so many people living below the orville down order to leave their homes nearby evacuation centers are filling up. alex savage is now in chico this morning where some people
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are saying -- at the fairgrounds.>> reporter: we are at the silver dollar fairgrounds in the town of chico. we just got here a short time ago. this is the parking lot behind us. you get a sense of how many people are hereby the number of cars in the lot. we do know there are quite a few people who have been sleeping in their cars. outside of the red cross evacuation center. the center itself is completely full. this is one of a number of shelters set up in chico and across the area to help all of those people who were suddenly forced to leave their homes yesterday because of those erosion issues with the orville down. authorities ordered more than 130,000 people to evacuate the area below the dam. that includes the town of orville, grizzly, marysville cut yuba city and many other
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communities along the feather river downstream from lake orville. traffic you can see it was backed up for miles yesterday. and throughout the night as well as people packed up what they could and they drove to higher ground. we talked with one woman who lives in orville. she came to the chico fairground shelter with her kids.>> it is pretty nerve- racking. everything we have can be washed away. the important part is safe here. >> reporter: this is the scene and yuba county. new video -- there were long lines at gas stations as drivers filled up before they left the evacuation zone. a lot of stores busy including a target store the people are going to stock up on things like water and canned goods. all the hotels in the area filled up quickly last night. they are working on a fix for the erosion issues with that
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them. at this point it remains unclear when these evacuees might be allowed to return to their homes. a lot of issues still to work out>> itself like it could be an extended period of time. the orville down as part of the feather river project. it went into service 1968. the lake is the second biggest man-made lake and county -- california. this is not the first time there have been questions about the safety of the reservoir. 12 years ago 3 groups set the dam failed to meet modern safety standards. they said there were heavy storms the water level to rise faster than it could be released down that spillway. they said the unreinforced emergency spillway could build -- could be wrote it and could cause flooding. the dam was relicensed without making changes.>> office of
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emergency services is keeping an eye on the orville down right now. the state operations center in sacramento was activated to coordinate a response to the emergency. employees were called to help agencies manage the possibility of a spillway failure. and also help the communities under the evacuation orders. >> that was a message being broadcast to thousands of people evacuated. as they evacuated that area last night. you can see for yourself the huge line of cars and headlights as people left town. our crew was headed to the area as the line of cars were heading out. most of the roads and highways including highway 70 and highway 99 were packed. president. trump's national security adviser might be in some trouble this morning.
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his name is michael flynn. his job to be in jeopardy after reports he spoke to russia's ambassador before the president took office. >> it is not clear whether the president himself still have confidence in one have this top advisers.>> reporter: you can see michael flynn at donald trump's side. he is seen as a brilliant leader. but did he go too far or are democrats looking for a head on a platter? it is tough to see in the dark -- it looked like national security advisor michael flynn was trailing the president after air force one landed at andrews. he is still part of the administration that are his days number? a white house aide punted when asked about it yesterday. >> it is a sensitive manner. he served his country with distinction. >> reporter: he is accused of possessing a us sanctions with
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us russian ambassador before president. trump is sworn in. which could be a violation of federal law. vice president mike pence initially came to his defense. >> i talked to general. plant yesterday. the conversation that took place at that time were not in any way related to new us sanctions.>> reporter: was he misled? >> i would be interested to know how the vice president feels after he was basically thrown under the bus. >> this comes at a critical time for national security. north korea test fired a missile. the trump administration might be we working in executive order on security. and president. trump needs with prime minister justin trudeau. as far as flynn is concerned we know the president trump values loyalty. and michael flynn has been at his side for a long time.
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president. trump's says the immigration raids taking place across the country are part of a promise he made during his campaign. the president. tweeted the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. gang members drug dealers and others are being removed. hundreds of people have been rounded up and deported inmate recent days. people protesting of the race gathered outside john mccain's office into the -- tucson arizona. federal immigration authorities say the rates are part of routine enforcement targeting immigrants illegally with criminal records. millions of people watched the grammy awards last night. it was a big night at the grammys for a dell. but it wasn't all smooth sailing. >> did you see that? why she had to restart her  tribute to george michael. a record turnout at this
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year's chinese new year parade in san francisco. the performances and fireworks all celebrating the year of the rooster. we still see traffic that is going to be busy in many areas. this one big rig problem problems as my promises to mess of traffic on fremont city streets. we have a problem on 580 in pleasanton. is going to be a tough morning. at least the weather is behaving for now. we get higher clouds. changes for later in the week as well is rain returns.
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welcome back. record crowds in the streets of san francisco on saturday to
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celebrate the chinese new year. >> the parade has fun and action for everybody. that was one of the sites, firefighter -- firecrackers -- dances and a lot more. the parade moved through market street, the parade moved through market st., powell and gary celebrating the year of the rooster. a lot of local and state political figures what they are writing on cars. some of the people like ms. chinatown road in a trolley car.>> so proud of our heritage and the contributions we have made. my father came from -- he came in 1950. we are very proud to be here is chinese americans. >> when you look far back, that whole exclusion stuff. the city understands how contributing immigrants are. diversity is celebrated. it really is our strength.
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i'm very proud of the city. a beautiful weather and organizers say the parade went off perfectly.>> it was gorgeous. we brought you live coverage of the parade. we had a great time out there. >> we all bring our families along usually. claudine out there -- amber on the parade route. we get to see the evening people as well. our paths do not cross. a lot of hard work went into that coverage. i posted a behind the scene picture of my instagram. all of our crew. you get to see us and we get to smile and wave. >> all of our directions -- directors and producers put in a lot of extra hours. >> i spotted myself in that video.
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i have a bald spot at the top of my head. >> i never saw it. >> it is there.>> our crew did such a great job. >> it is always fun to see -- the people that work at night. because we don't get to see them. obviously we work in the morning. >> you are working hard this morning. what happened in the road? >> we have a tougher commute on 580. a truck fire 580 westbound is to come up to the 680 interchange. is on the right shoulder. fire crews are taking up lanes. slow traffic on the tracy commute. more people will be in the car because letter h train is not working. the service is down. the union pacific meets the
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track porch freight train services next few days. it is an emergency reroute. that means letter h train is sidelined. more people will be in the car on the past. a lot of people on 580 and 205. no problems on the road just more people using those roles.>> let's go to fremont. about a block away from interstate about a block away from interstate 680 in front of fries electronics. this try to make a u-turn and did not make it. a bunch of diesel fuel stilts. this is a big mess. they have not been able to get this out the way. one of the main roads right through fremont near 680. this morning is a big the tour in place. other fremont roads are not going to be impacted here as well. 448. the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic looks okay. did you hear the joke what
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they call highway 37? >> lake 37. unfortunately. >> hopefully we can get that resolved before thursday. if you want to be educated, maybe you are saying i know about orville but i did not know there was a spillway. the main spillway as you probably heard has some damage. they have to use the auxiliary because the water coming into the dam was going into it a lot faster than it was going out. it peaked out early sunday morning. 1 am -- 12,000 ft.3 per second was coming over. the main spillway has increased. i can't find anything on the inflow past 1 am. about 100,000 is going out. that is lowering the lake very slowly. capacity is 900 feet.
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it made it up to 901. so water levels are dropping. that is good news. the problem is on the auxiliary -- there is a lot of erosion. they're trying to fix that. this is the break they need for 3 days. rain is coming back in some projections for the feather river -- 5-10 inches. they need to hurry. there are a lot of high clouds. changes developing today. it will be more show -- 40 degrees. a little cool to start. it will be cloudy today. 41 and kelsey bill. 19 up in truckee. 55 las vegas. 44 read it. the system -- a lot of energy coming across the pacific. there's been some indication may be more in southern california or central
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california. a dry forecast today and tomorrow. most of wednesday as well. temperatures in the 60s. they might hit middle to upper 60s by wednesday. look for increasing in the clouds. you get more cloud cover then we had on the weekend. rain returns on thursday. another system on friday. maybe into saturday. a break on sunday and another system on this time next week. rainfall won't be off the chart. we will keep an eye on it. this could change rapidly. rain returns for everybody on thursday. 60s on the temperatures. we had that break. we continue with it at least through wednesday. there is your brain for thursday. it looks like there will be off and on rain taking us into saturday. the biggest night in music -- the 59th annual grammy music awards. a night of tributes.
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there was also a few technical issues. we have more on the show.>> reporter: the 59th annual grammy awards celebrate it the best in music with the biggest spotlight shower -- shining on adele. she took home 5 awards. beyonci was the overall top nominee with 9 but only took home 2 trophies. missing out on the coveted top prize. >> the night wasn't all pitch perfect for adele. during her tribute to the late george michael she had to restart her performance. metallica lady gaga matchup hit problems when the microphone was not working. chance the rapper picked up 2 additional trophies for best rap performance and best rap album. making good on a bet -- 21
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pilots ripped off their pants to accept the desktop tool grammy. the late david bowie picked up 2 trophies. the evening was filled with tributes, music and bruno mars rocks the house for prints. -- plants. and hollywood -- fox news. a lot of people to tribute. >> a girl was kidnapped from her home -- what she said the suspect forced her to do. before she got away.
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police are investigating a kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl from her home. happened on tuesday while her family was gone. 2 people want to her house and forced her into a white colored car. she told investigators they took her to a different part of town and forced her to walk down the street while they followed her. the suspect forced her back into the car. she managed to escape and call her family. the girl reportedly has injuries. no description of the suspect. san jose will start the work week by cleaning up the streets. the illegal dumping rapid response team will be out
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collecting trash. it is part of the beautified san jose campaign which was highlighted during mayor state of the city speech. he will talk to the mayor -- we're going to talk to the mayor about this when he joins us live coming up. gasoline prices have been going down. nationwide over the past month. prices have dropped eight cents a gallon. the average price nationally is $2.28 a gallon. it is different in california. prices are up about a nickel. the average price around california is $2.87. prices and san francisco are a dime higher than that. coming up -- the flooding threat of the oroville dam is easing a bit. thousands of people are not out of the woods yet. eventuate -- evacuation orders are in place. what is next for the evacuees
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and what they are doing to keep people safe. we have a jackknifed truck in fremont -- on a street that connects to another major freeway. we will tell you about that coming up. >> at least it is not raining. it will be thursday. today we have an increase in clouds. ♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time,
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and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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almost 200,000 people out of their homes this morning. forced to evacuate because of a hazardous situation involving the oroville dam. the danger has eased a bit overnight, but it is not over. . good morning and thank you for joining us. it is monday morning february 13. >> it is a busy morning. the focus is on the oroville dam. fears of a possible collapse emergency spillway. 200,000 people near the dam were ordered to evacuate. take a look at the map of the area we're talking about. lake or


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