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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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living in cars with no end in sight. >> i wasn't worried about it but i am concerned to you. >> canada's prime minister seems to get along with president trump at the white house. >> at the end of the day, the president and i share the common goal. >> the four on two starts now. high anxiety in oroville dam. 200,000 people out of their homes hoping the dam will hold. >> welcome. i'm ted rowland. >> and i'm heather hays. it is a frantic fight to keep the situation at the oroville dam from getting any worse. >> water is being drained as fast as upon. we have complete coverage and we start with tom vacar that is live in the south side of the dam with the latest. tom. i think it is very fair to say that some sort of a failure is highly unlikely if not impossible at this point in
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time since the river or the lake level has gone down below that spill way that caused so much trouble. as long as it doesn't go back up to there things should be okay. i want to show you something. we are in downtown oroville and they are trying to keep the feather river from getting higher. within its banks and out of the normal flood planes this is acceptable flow. what they had earlier was greater. about a third greater and they couldn't allow that to continue so they opened up the full throttle so to speak on the water they were letting out despite the damage at the bottom of the spill way. but what they are really trying to do at this point in time is just get a handle on all of this. get the river level down so that the -- i'm sorry the lake level down so there isn't a problem with it as more rain comes in. in fact here is what officials had to say. >> there is no water that is
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flowing over the emergency spill way at this time. that's an important thing. because our primary goal is to ensure safety of our community and the residents that we serve and this is a a big step towards that. the lake levels are continuing to fall. that's also an important point. and our objective is to lower the lake level by 50 feet in order to prepare for future inflow of water due to storms and precipitation. the dam itself is sound. it is doing its job. we have someling pieces of that critical to the operation and the dam that is impaired. so we are constantly monitoring that and responding to it. >> there is some shoring going up in some of the developments along from the upper portion there where the water came down
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and made erosions. it is not affecting the face of the dam but not helping. they will start to use the helicopters to do some sort of shoring up with a whole bunch of other thing. while all of this is going on, it is fair to say that evacuation say it is still going on. difficult to get the people out. yolo center and butte and it is just a tough decision to bring them back. all of this working take as much as two weeks or longer. whether or not the evacuation order will stand that long we don't know but what we do know for sure is nobody is coming back anytime soon. it is like there is nobody around here. most of the stores are closed and the restaurants but there are some people in town, probably several hundred if not several thousand and a few stores open to service the
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people they are providing relief to and there are locals you can tell as well and i suspect that that is true for the evacuation areas. we will have to see what the rains do. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. thanks, tom. you can see the live pictures. the helicopters making the sand drops and the work is continuing. >> it is. for those evacuees, anxiety and worry and questions about when they will return home. >> we will continue the coverage with ktvu's rob roth in yolo county where more and more people seem to be showing up. >> that's right. we are at the yellow county
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fairgrounds in woodland and it is getting bigger inside as the day goes on. take a look. p you can see the children playing in the parking lot and the schools are closed and that is what they have been doing. there were 250 people here earlier. those in charge say they are bringing another 250 cots by tonight. many here are from yuba city ordered to evacuate immediately. >> hundreds of people here evacuated. they all have homes they are worried about and want to go back soon. >> our belongings are there. they are over there and then our jobs, we can't do anything. >> these are some of the 30 members of her extended family like many people they never expected they would have to leave their home so fast. they say go, go. i didn't waste no time. >> we were passing by so fast and the gas stations were full
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and it was just all panic. >> people brought the dogs and cats and large farm animals. most agree with the decision to evacuate, better safe than sorry. how long will they have to be here? rain is expected thursday so they could be here awhile depending on how the spill way holds up. >> we all are concerned because it is something that can happen but as long as we are all together and safe, that's basically all that matters. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsome paid a vis to it those displaced and set up cots and says that california needs to pay closer attention to their dams and levees. >> the taxpayers deserve more attention to the
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infrastructure. >> the 200,000 evacuees are hoping their homes will be high and dry if and when they go back to them. rob, thank you. for now more on the lake levels and the rain which is approaching and let's swing over to meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> as far as we know the lake level drops bringing a little bit of good news and continues to fall this afternoon. let's take a look at the latest numbers given to us. it has fallen about five feet below the emergency stage which is some good news. that was given to us in the 3:00 hour and likely to be another update coming. the main spillway continues to release one hundred thousand cubic feet per second. normal is 55,000 so a lot of water coming through there and the biggest is to really drop the lake by 50 feet from what i understand. here is a look at the future cast model. talking about rain on thursday. there's the first system but that's not going to be the only system. a second system on friday. a third system on sunday . we
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are looking at rainfall and additional one to two inches could fall in the feather basin and that runoff in lake oroville. a a little bit of good news. they are not using the auxillary spill way. back to you. here is a little more detail about this current crisis. you got the dam which is the state's second largest main spillway and this emergency spillway that showed signs of erosion. we want to show you this view from sky fox from earlier. we will freeze this video for you so you can get a better idea of the layout of this area. on the right is the actual oroville dam that is not in danger of failing. the issues that we have been reporting live with the spill ways, right next to the dam is the main spill way that rosemary was mentioning where
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the water is currently being released. and right here on the other side this kind of darker area this is when the reservoir rose and this emergency spill way was put into use for the first time since it was completed in 1968. it is made of rock and dirt and built that way on purpose. it is supposed to be used as a last resort. once the water started to pour you can see the damage it caused. one a dirt side looks like a rocky cannon. all of that erosion was happening quickly and could tear apart the hillside. that is when they issued the evacuations. it starts when the original spillway was damaged last week. this is the main outlet for water to be released from a full lake oroville.
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in these pictures about midway down they are on the concrete slide and the water just starts to gush uncontrollably eroding the hillside. that's because the concrete underneath the spillway was ripped away. similar to a pots hole in a road. because the reservoir is full, crews have not stopped the flow of water to make repairs and ted, that right there lies the problem. >> joining us dr. peter glickavy. chief scientist at the institute. we look at the emergency spillway and the issues there, the erosion. how serious is it and answer this for us, if the erosion underneath the lip of the emergency spillway gives, does the whole thing potentially come crashing down? >> that's the big worry. we have the main spill way damaged and we have the emergency spillway that was caused into use over the week. if they were to learn the
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emergency spillway, that's a 20 or 30-foot concrete lip at the edge of the reservoir, if that erroded away you would have a 20-foot wall of water and this is the second biggest reservoir in california. that would cause uncontrolled damaging floods for the city of oroville and yuba city and that part of the valley. >> the fear etch that was in play when they ored the evacuations from the erosion. from what you have seen of the photographs is it concerning the amount of erosion? >> yes. the hope was to use the emergency spillway and serve its purpose and relieving the pressure on the reservoir but the erosion was worse than
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anticipated. tomorrow they started to see the fear about losing the spillway and that's had the emergency evacuation was ordered. >> if they could bring the water level down 50 feet, does that level -- does that solve the problem or is that emergency spillway still compromised because of the erosion and could theoretically give out. >> it is not in that position now. >> but is it compromised. >> they have to look. the hope is that they won't have to use the emergency spillway. they need to bring the lake down. probably 50 feet because as you noted big storms and a lot of snow in the mountains and the hope this is a they never have to use the emergency spillway and they will use the damaged
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by still functional main spill way for the rest of the season until the dry season starts in april or may. >> should haveth have gotten so high in the first place or offloading water at a more high wait? >> the only reason it got to using the emergency spillway was the damage to the min spillway was bad and they shut that off to look at it and a time when a trem amount of water was coming in the reservoir and that caused the reservoir to fill faster than they anticipated. they hope to draw down and won have to use that emergency spillway again and they are going to have to repair it in the next year or so. >> appreciate your input. thanks for coming in. ply pleasure. peanut butter meeting with the canadian prime minister. what they have to say about the travel ban and bilateral cooperation. should officials have phone
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about the danger to the oroville dam. we will take a look at the lawsuit filed years ago warning officials of the damage that officials are seeing transpire today. that's coming up next.
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♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. back now to the coverage in oroville. this scenario that we are seeing played out more than a decade ago. >> the sierra club and two other groups filed a motion
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with federal regulators predict that emergency spillway could fail. monty francis joins us. >> those groups raised the alarm about the emergency spillway in 2003. two years later they file this motion with the federal government outlying their concerns and they were dismissed. >> the catastrophe related to its emergency spillway comes as absolutely no surprise to ron stork with the group called friends of the river. >> it turned out it looks like we were right. >> for 13 years stork has been warning that if the emergency spill way was ever used that massive floods could follow. >> it is heart breaking. to not have been successful and it's -- it was quite a scare last night when people were
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told failure was imminent. >> stork's group with the sierra club and the south yuba league file a motion with the federal energy commission saying in part at present the ungated spill way at oroville dam consisted of a spill lip and utilizes a hillside as the project spillway. this has the potential to cause severe damage downstream. the environmental group wanted the feds to require state and local agencies behind the project to re-enforce it with concrete so it wouldn't be a bare hillside. they argue that a bridge could be catastrophic saying that they are concerned about the zone of impact may not reflect the true downhill impact during a flood event. but they rejected the request saying the spillway was safe saying the likelihood of a failure was low, so low that
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such a possibility is statistically not quantified. while the oroville dam is not in danger of failing the emergency spillway is. when asked about the concerns raised more than a decade ago. the director of the water resources deflected the question. >> we will get into recommendations and concerns that we are voicing in the past and we are focused on public safety and not just during this' - event but during the latter period. >> concrete was rejected because of the cost estimated to be one hundred million dollars. >> any of the local waters ways are involved. >> yes.
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alameda was and definitely cost played a role. >> amazing when you see the prediction happening, the exact scenario asking for a concrete barrier. fascinating. >> thanks monty. we are very fortunate to have the assistance of the alameda county sheriff's office, those inmates all in excess of five hundred of them were transported down to alameda county jail. they arrive safely and currently being housed. >> he is talking about inmates at the butte county jail. they were forced to another fa till at the bay due to flooding concerns. the 600 inmates at the alameda jail in dublin and joining me now is sergeant nelson of the alameda county sheriff's office. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> why your jail? >> we have a big enough
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facility to handle an influx of over 570 inmates. we have the space capacity and enough deputies that we can call into major those inmates. >> how much warning did you get that this nearly 600 inmates were coming your way. >> not a lot of warning, just as they had the warning up there was pretty quick. the sheriff up there call sheriff ahern and made the arrangement and do it forth with. >> talking about 600 inmates, i am guessing they will come with additional costs. >> there will be a cost that comes with it and butte county has correctional officers to help manage the inmates in our facility that is a great asset and to open up housing units and have the staff do that so there will be costs. >> do you have any information as to when the inmates will be transferred back to butte
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county. >> it is an open invitation to stay. >> how does that transfer work? it happened last night. heavily armed vehicles from the butte area to the bay. >> without specification they do transport them in vehicles and they are guarded along the way and just as if you are taking inmates to court and same principle but you got to keep everybody safe. >> on a larger scale. >> yes. sergeant nelson thanks for coming in. those 600 inmates are being housed at the alameda jail in dublin. going to rosemary with a look at your forecast. rosemary. thank you. let's talk about the local weather and what's going on for today. as well as tomorrow. valentine's day. and most folks will be at least out doing something to celebrate to giving you a look outside our doors as we get into the partly cloudy skies. this is what we have seen for the entire day. mid and high level clouds in the forecast. dry weather in the forecast and
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temperatures for the most in the 60s. 66 right now. santa rosa and san francisco checking in at 60 and oakland 59 and san jose holding on to 62 that hour. sunset 5:45 and was we get in to tuesday. more of the same. dry weather and we have high clouds that spill right over that and that's about it. pleasant for the most part. we start off cool in the morning and by the afternoon, relative mild weather. here is a look at the numbers. for tomorrow. 41 santa rosa and 48 san francisco and 44 for livermore and afternoon highs tomorrow expected to be the warmer day of the week. 67 in morgan hill and 64 san mateo. in the extended forecast as we talked about at the top of the forecast. rain is coming back. i will have a look at that
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extended forecast coming up. thanks, rosemary. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in washington meeting with president trump. >> despite the tensions over the travel ban and north american trade they expressed common bonds perform lauren blanchard has from washington. >> the leader receiving a congenial welcome from the conservative u.s. president. >> it is a great honor. reporter: first attending a round table with business leaders including the president's daughter ivanka. and groined by the vastly different positions on immigration was at the forefront. this as the white house is considering rewriting the president's executive order on immigration that is in legal lim. into we want to have a big open beautiful door and we want people to come in our country but we can let the wrong people in. >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down
4:25 pm
and lecture another country. our role, our responsibility is to continue to govern in a way that reflect canadian's approach. >> and the prime minister headed to capitol hill to meet with top republicans. and today the senate voting on steven mnuchin as treasury secretary and david chaffetz the president has selected the most anti working class cabinet that we have seen. >> all of this is one of president trump's inner circle finds himself in hot water. michael flynn report to go to vice president after reports found that flynn was mislead helping said he never discuss sanctions with the bad in the morning. leading to arrestings with
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a dozen people. we talk about the five year negotiation. all coming up on up on the four
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on two.
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law enforcement arrested 12 people accused of being involved in a criminal group in the last decade. part of a five-year investigation between police
4:29 pm
and the department of homeland security. workers at the corcoran apartments replaced a busted outdoor cleaned up shattered glass after law enforcement descended on the complex in swat. >> a huge explosion woke us up out of a dead sleep and the second one lit up the whole living room. >> it is pretty sketchy in the full combat. it was loud. >> 12 people were arrested this morning. wanted for their involvement with the criminal gang police say for crimes like murder and traffic trafficking and extortion. the arrests was part of a five- year joint investigation with the investigations unit and that immigration and customs enforcement or ice was not involved. >> to be perfectly clear everybody arrested is looking at going to prison. not to be deported. they are looking to go to prison for very serious
4:30 pm
charges. >> some residents at one of the apartments remain skeptical. >> the timing is weird. you know. the whole administration, it is just really weird. >> i spoke with the woman that lives in one of the apartments raided by police and says the person they were looking for does not live there. no one was arrested there. she and her daughter moved in a few a few months ago. >> but investigators had thorough warrants to enter the home where the arrests were made. >> i am confident that the homes we went to were directly related to investigation. a man was shot and killed in san leandro right in front of his wife and two young children and police believe that shooting may have been connected to a road rage incident. the shooting happened on marina boulevard at 9:45 last night.
4:31 pm
the victim's family ended up about a half mile away from keiser permanente where witnesses heard a woman screaming for help. the victim was there and his name has not been released to police. there was a verbal altercation before the shooting. >> the victim was looking out the driver window. having an argument with a subject and the woman heard shots being fired. now police say there were several vehicles and not directly connected to the shooting but they were in the area at the time. if you have information you are urged to give them a call. ktvu henry lee is working to find out more details. be sure to tune in on ktvu at five for the latest again on that shooting. the leaning tower of san
4:32 pm
francisco and now a second group of tenants has filed a lawsuit. michael cardoza weighs in. continuing coverage on the emergency at the oroville dam. we will speak to a congressman affected by the evacuation. that is coming up next.
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continuing coverage on that tense situation at the oroville
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dam. and the evacuation of 200,000 people. >> 188,000 people under evacuation orders in northern california. in certainty of the structural integrity. >> i was surprised about the traffic. my neighborhood was leaving and i was in panic. heavy rain to the west coast apt emergency spillway was used for the first time in 50 years. that's when officials noticed erosion had spilled through sending the concrete flying and creating a huge hole that kept throwing. >> we tried to go to the area to go home and we would be probably stuck. >> i am scared because i have never been in anything like
4:36 pm
this before. >> residents in butte county hit jammed park ways as the evacuation order came down. >> we had 7 lines out here. crazy and nonstop. >> thousands inshelters as engineers continued to release water from the main spillway and with another storm on wednesday and thursday. the national guard and red cross was getting ready for extended relief effort. >> dry safe and get to high ground and if you need to come to the shelters. we had a shelter here. >> the national guard was told to deploy. 23,000 members. if that was to happen it would be the first time since the la riots in 1992. in yuba city california. adam housely. fox news. for more on the fallout we are joined by congressman jane gerrendande.
4:37 pm
congressman thanks for joining us. with so many people out of the home what are the concerns from a logistical standpoint? >> these people are very stressed. they want to know what is going on. and so we are trying to provide them with as mitch information as possible. the national guard and the counties that i just visited awhile ago and the evacuation in wood land california. they had food and a place to shelter and they want to go home and we are in oroville dam and trying to address the emergency spillway for the possibility of it collapsing is not in the future. >> congressman we heard from officials and they said that they are looking at the possibility of "repopulating the area" allowing evacuees in the area.
4:38 pm
what do you need to hear or perhaps see to feel comfortable with people going back to the area near the dam. >> i think at the construction site and the area where the erosion took place on the emergency spillway. that will go on i suspect through the night. and we'll see in the morning what the situation is but i suspect that the county sheriff and others are not willing to open the big population until they have some sense of security that 30-foot high spillway is not going to collapse. so we will see what takes place with that but i would suspect maybe tomorrow morning there will be some indication of the success and be able to strengthen that spillway.
4:39 pm
they are lowering the level of the reservoir and down about a foot now and i suspect it will be lower tomorrow. about five, one foot for every 12 hours. >> that 30-foot barrier would equate 30-foot wall of water catastrophic. how many people ignored the orders to evacuate and in harm's way. >> if it would give way in less than an hour it would be one hundred feet of water over top of me. the people in oroville have left and the others around have businesses here and working on the dam and working on the safety. there is some traffic through town as people move through but i can tell you it is pretty well expanded.
4:40 pm
i came up to marysville that i represent and yuba city and it looks like a ghost town. >> congressman garrenmendi thanks for taking time to talk to us and officials as they address the situation. again, thank you congressman. all right. coming up, the son of former football coach jerry sandusky also charged unbelievably with sexual assault on a child. we'll speak to michael cardoza about that and a couple of cases after the break. stay with us. our dry pleasant weather will continue for tuesday, valentine's day. i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and tracking more rain. that and the extended forecast coming up.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. several prominent legal stories in the bay and around the country. we are joined by legal analyst michael cardoza. many people watching the battle over lefty abduls. >> it is a big deal because lefty abdul's name can't be
4:44 pm
used. they stipulated to it and i don't think i saw anything from stopping bo bos to use that game. >> they cap use it until the legal issues are ironed out. >> that's correct. and the millennium tower. another lawsuit filed with some of the owners. these people are looking for relief. >> they are. and from what i understand from friends of mine, there is a bit of a schism inside the millennium. some of the tenants are saying be quiet. don't talk about it. property values are going down and others want to broadcast it. apparently it is six tenants are now suing and they are suing the millennium, the builders for not letting them know that the foundation was going to have some problems and would be seeking more than anticipated. they say you didn't tell us
4:45 pm
that so now we are coming after you and they are suing the eastbound terminal that as you know is building next to the millennium hotel. if you remember correctly, they built a wall, subterranean wall. quite expensive in order to obviate problems with the millennium, it will be interesting to see if the millennium can prove that the building of the east bay terminal actually had an effect. this will be the supreme battle of the experts. >> absolutely. and it will probably take awhile. jerry sandusky's son was arrested today for the same offense that his father has been convicted for. sexual assault on a minor. really shocking the football world and folks on the east coast. >> not shocking to me. i will tell you who jumps into my mind is the mother and the
4:46 pm
wife of sandusky in prison. it is my experience when the kids go out and do these crimes, that means they were molested. so the mother has got to be beside herself with this. it really does tell me and you now have these types of allegations. i got to tell you it is not going to be pretty for him and emotional as you can imagine allegation and then you got dad in prison for the same thing. remember mom defended him and said oh, no. he didn't do any of this. and yet they got him into prison. this has to just be rocking her life to a horrible stop. >> i feel sorry for her. >> and she has been defending him in court and as early as this year, maybe she will change after this. >> i think you got to come to a reality at some point. >> michael, thank you. that's it now. let's go to rosemary and people wondering how much rain will we
4:47 pm
get? especially folks in oroville. an. >> looking several inches by sunday and monday because we are not dealing withing one system but two or three and maybe four and i will explain that. lee jordan look at storm tracker 2 where we are covered in clouds at this hour. it will provide for a pretty sunset. about an hour away from now. mid high level clouds continuing to sweep through the bay today. we get sunshine and we get cloud cover and filtered sunshine and any case. it has been pleasant for most. here is a look at futurecast. on the back end of the forecast we want to talk about the next possibility of rain. tuesday is a dry day and wednesday is a dry day and a few sprinkles in the picture by wednesday and thursday, here we are system number one moving to the bay area. it looks early on and could actually impact the morning commute. storm number one on thursday. friday afternoon another system develops and most of the bay area and we are left with wet
4:48 pm
roadway and impact the evening dry and saturday in between day. a few scattered showers and maybe to start the day and saturday could be a fairly dry day but then by sunday we are looking at this next system and this will be storm number three that will be tracking for the days ahead. the futurecast model wants to put another storm behind it, if you look behind me can you can see something back here over the pacific. we may have another storm that comes in on monday. getting way ahead at this point and track one at a time. with the first system we will see from a quarter inch to an inch and as we get into thened of the weekend, they don't wap to go for me but looking at two or three inches and not sure why this is not doing a projected area. two or three in the oroville area in the feather river and that will contribute to the runoff going into the reservoir. giving you a look outside our door. 59 in oakland and 57 in san
4:49 pm
francisco and 66 santa rosa and 62 for san jose. upper 50s in the east bay and another cool start. not too bad as we are in february. 47 for oakland and 46 san rafael and livermore, south bay 46 san jose and temperatures on the coast 53. afternoon highs for tomorrow, a lot like today. 60s in the forecast and upper 60s for some and 65 for san rafael. the east bay shoreline 60s and mid to upper 60s for the east bay, out and about celebrating valentine's day you may want to condition a picnic. 67 san jose and for santa cruz. the extended forecast dry weather tomorrow mainly dry on wednesday. but then by thursday morning the rain is back. snow for the sierra. friday storm number two, sunday storm number three and a few
4:50 pm
inches by the end of it all. we will enjoy the next few dry days. a look at the stories we are looking on for fox news at 5. much more on the situation in oroville. coming up team coverage on the oroville dam and where it water level is and what authorities are saying about the situation. and what they are telling the thousands and thousands of people who have vacated. a look at what has been done to shore up the spill way. the crisis in oroville. bay area reservoirs. similar situation in the south bay. a large reservoir in oroville. 90% capacity and rising for weeks. the fear is an earthquake large enough to damage the dam because it would extend the water rushing down the stream. the race to reduce the water level before the next round of rain. that so much, and we will
4:51 pm
see you in a few minutes.
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4:53 pm
the problem in many cities now an effort is in san jose to remove illegally dumped items from city streets. the mayor is helping with the dumping response team to pick up piles of trash including old tvs and abandoned furniture. in the last three years incidents of illegal dumping in san jose has increased by fifty percent. the mayor talked to us and this morning he wants to boost the city's effort to make the streets cleaner. >> more boosting efforts providing free pickup for the residents and expand that program so it is unlimitless and we will report signs of
4:54 pm
blight and graffiti. we will see how we can get the residents engaged. the city say dumped material can be a health hazard and attract more illegal dumping. ace train service today and tomorrow has been stopped between stockton and san jose. there will be a reroute of the tracks that ace trains use because of weather related problem. about 5000 people ride the ace train every week day. drivers in the altamonte livemor corridor can expect more use until the tracks are restored. why experts are saying this test in the missiles are bigger than those in the past. the four on two has more.
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stay with us.
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. >> president trump vowed to deal with a country strongly. >> north korea launched a surface ballistic missile into the sea of japan called it a success. >> the latest launch comes at sensitive time. >> north korea confirm that the country has conducted its first
4:58 pm
missile test of the year. officials tell fox news it was a k n11 maude 2 intermediate range from a submarine. >> the test coinciding with the japanese visitor with president trump. it did not enter japanese waters prompting a swift response from the prime minister. >> president trump and i myself share the view that we will promote further collaboration. >> it comes at a sensitive time when the trump administration stepping up deployment of advance missile defense system in south korea. there has been a strategic threat making it less likely
4:59 pm
that beijing will reign in its north korean allis without military concessions. >> china will not worry about the missile tests but concerned about the alliance between south korea and the u.s. >> the pentagon is monitoring the situation closely calling the lunch a grave threat. in london. greg balcott. fox news. fox news starts now. >> a water emergency seems to be overted. water levels are dropping at the oroville dam and repairs to the emergency spill way are under way with 200,000 people still evacuating. good penning. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the water has been dropping four inches an hour. here i what we know about this
5:00 pm
developing know. the water level has been slowly going down after reaching its peak last night at more than 902 feet. it dropped 900 feet last night. it is under 8 95 feet. they want it to go down more and tom vacar has the latest information. the evacuation is still in effect. >> for the 188 butte residents say butte county sheriff will depend on the long term safety. >> a decision to allow people to return to the areas are difficult decisions to make. >> because operators of the oroville dam have


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