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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we have live team coverage tonight. >> we begin with henley lee. >> we're at the corner of 98th and golf links in east oakland. the lights from the athletic fields right here with the students nearby, police are relieved this man with the gun who's a computer science engineer is in custody. the call came in just after 9:00 this morning. a woman said her next door neighbor was firing shots. but it wasn't from an ordinary handgun. >> this was a male described to have a long rifle with a scope, he was reported shooting in the area 9500 block of las vegas. it was reported the shots were
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fired address dentth and -- at residents and at cars on the street. the police responded immediately. when they arrived this individual shot in their direction. >> a guy with a gun. i was scared and i'm alone, i stay inside lockdown, lock my house down. >> as the shooter situation was unfolding the high school was placed on lockdown. on and off-ramps at 90th avenue were closed. sky fox shot these images. the oakland police s.w.a.t. team were called in and officers were able to arrest the suspect outside the home.
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his rifle with the scope was recovered. he was shot in the shoulder and ankle by a sniper. taken by ambulance to the hospital. neighbors told us that he shot at the cars and homes earlier in the week. i have learned that the suspect has been involved in ongoing disputes with his neighbors. as we come back out here live, some of the disputes are racially tinged with this suspect using racial epithets with his neighbors. >> if neighbors say he shot at cars and homes earlier this week, were police called then? >> i've heard from a police source officers did intend to get him, he went into the
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house, unclear if they thought he was a threat at that point. it's possible he opened fire today because he was trying to retailgate for the -- retaliate for the neighbors calling the police earlier in the week. we've been looking into the suspect's background. talked with a neighbor who's house was riddled about bullets. >> we're learning about the suspect and the details that don't add up. the next door neighbor who didn't want to be identified said her son was first to hear the shots. >> and as we were getting our shoes on my son screamed out, what was that. i said what? i heard what it was, it was shots fired through his bedroom window. >> we caught up with the neighbor as she was being it's
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courted by police officer. the suspected gunman had a hostile relationship with his african-american neighbors. he's accused of sense lis -- senseless violence and tagging. according to his facebook page, he's a computer science engineer that attended ucla and the utpa of michigan -- university of michigan law school. the neighbor's focus is on her son. >> he was very strong in all of this. when the situation was diffused he cried. he was very upset. >> that neighbor says she and her son hid under a bed. she could only fit part of her body as bullets knew over them.
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she's amaded they weren't hurt. >> such a scary situation. are they able to go back to their home? >> i spoke with her, she was trying to get a sense of everything. i asked what it would be like to go home. she said her omahas a lot of -- home has a lot of damage. >> how many shots were fired at her house. >> i asked her could she have been hit, she said absolutely. in terms of how many shots she told me the windows were shot up. the door and garage, it was a lot of shots. >> it's like a war zone. thank you. stay with ktvu for more on the story as it develops tonight and through the weekend. strong wind and rain return to the bay area, many
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reservoirs are dumping water and we're seeing the power of the winds. >> heavy rain is coming down in places. bill martin with the latest. >> it's raining hard. the morning commute was wet and the afternoon commute is a wet situation, water the roadways, there's a wind advisory. the rainfall accumulations are significant, 2 inches in ben lomond. and these are the totals since the start of this morning. half inch in oakland. as we speak, it raining on the afternoon commute. not just in the bay area, los angeles is getting hammered with heavy rain, flood warnings and flood watches. the heaviest rain is the areas
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of orange, rainfall rates are significant. .8inches an hour, that's a lot of rain. half inch an hour. inch an hour of rain is in a tropical disturbance. these are very wet areas. to the north in napa showers as well, concord raining hard. you can see the entire map covered with green. the afternoon commute is not great. you can see traffic coming toward walnut creek. it's a welt one. these showers should and dieing down soon. the afternoon commute is a messy one. the rainy weather is flushing debris from the sierra and to the bay. what the water looks like. it's brownish color, plenty of vegetation, the coast guard has
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issued a warning to be aware of fast currents that mayor the boats free -- may tear boats free from the mooring. >> the problem is you take seriously saturated ground, at more rain and wind, you have falling trees and debris. >> 40 and 50-mile-an-hour winds were common this morning as the storm pushed through the bay area. but it left a path of destruction. in fremont a huge tree fell on a car smashing it to smithereens harming no one. the lucky part is that the tree did not fall into traffic or on a house, both were in the range of the tree fall. >> i thought it was thunder at first. didn't expect to see a tree there.
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and the car alarm was going on. >> in san jose two trees fell on two homes on the 500 block of empire street. >> it happened around 9:00. my girl friend told me the tree to the side fell. i came home and as i rounded the corner i see the palm tree hit the house and destroy the fence. i parked across the street, and i was across the street this tree fell. >> another tree fell. the oakland zoo was virtually dissetterred after -- deserted. >> when the weather is stormy as it was and raining the decision is made to close the zoo for safety of the guests and the animals, they like to
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stay indoors. >> while we were there a few of the curious creatures came out to see the human beings. the weather has been bad all season long. the otter could have cared less, but the zoo does care. >> we had a lot of rain this year, we've had to close 14 days this rainy season. >> what that means the 14 days are a hit on the income of the oakland zoo, when the weather is nice go visit the zoo. what's going on for the last few weeks is rain upon rain, as the ground is saturated it's deeper in the ground. and roots are getting into slushy, muddy kinds of mud, that can lead to far more saturation falls of trees, we have to keep an eye out for
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that. we have more rain coming in the next few days. >> the rain and wind are causing problems at sfo. 170 flights have been canceled at sfo. in terms of delays some flights have been delayed longer than three hours and departing flights to newark are delayed 1:18. 10 flights were canceled in oakland. emergency crews in oakland found the body of a man in a sunken car. it started just after 8:00 this morning. someone reported that a car had gone into the water off doolittle drive. the car was pulled up and the body recovered. no word on the man's identity. as water levels drop behind
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the orville dam, the danger level has dropped. why many say they are worried about another evacuation. >> more on the storm damage spread far and wide and the reason why the clean up could take a while. there's a sense of urgency to make sure i'm ready. i'll be catching the game earlier. >> buster posey explains why there's a extra sense of urgency.
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. a lot of trees are falling
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in monterey county. the downed trees forced to close your of 101. a lot of wind damage in salinas and big sur. there's reports of scattered power outage. it's similar in santa cruz county. south bay reporter jesse joins us with a update on the road closures. it was raining earlier in the hour. how is it now. >> the rain has not let up and neither have the problems. tree limbs, power lines fall and forcing motorist and residents to find another way around. >> 7:30 this morning you heard a big crash, i said i better get up. this is what happened. >> her neighbor on the other
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side of park avenue purchased this home. today the first homeowner trial by tree after this tree crushed a truck and did heavy damage to the house. power lines cost residents and businesses service. aj's market uses a generator but management may lose money. >> if it stays off the frozen products, all have to be thrown away. >> officials say hi winds and heavy rain caused power outages on the central coast and the south bay. >> there's sparks earlier we could see from the bedroom, and both ways were closed. it's scary. >> many cases leaving home was
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the hardest part of the day. detours popping up. >> i warned my kids not the drive. >> chp officers gawked -- cautioned motorist to be weary. >> trees are falling, it's hazardous and we can't get to everything on time. there's trees falling we can't get to. >> it's the side of california living many say they can do without. hopeful the weekend brings a break. >> it's what mother nature does. >> wrecks things. >> i know, but you know what, everybody is safe. >> and the gentleman whose house was damaged was not hurt. he was on the other side of the dwelling. there's no reports of injuries from all the accidents today.
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>> big trees. this big trees often bring down power lines. if you're in a situation you have power lines down. call 911, call pg&e? >> call 911 if you can, pg&e once the power goes out will get a crew out there. stay away from the power lines. if itry takes down the power line stay away from the power line. in the mountains work to repair highway 17 is on hold. the last storm triggered a mudslide and as a result only one lane is open in each direction until repairs are done, that's causing major back ups. the repairs won't resume until
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the storm passes. let's talk about the latest storm, it's raining right now and another storm is on the way. >> we'll get a break on saturday and sunday, heavy rain on monday, right now we're seeing the bulk of the system as it moves through the area. we'll have a slight break on saturday and sunday. it's raining from crescent city to mexican border. check out san jose, this is significant rainfall. very, very wet. around san francisco, moderate to light rain. raining hard in concord. and we're getting our share of rain. in southern california, they are looking at rain the most they've seen in a couple decades. i was watching some of the reports in l.a. four, five, 6-inches of rain.
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rainfall accumulations in the next 36 hours, the end of the next 36 hours, they could see five and 6-inches of rain in the hills. they're not set up for it. there's san francisco tomorrow morning. this is what i was talking about. i know it's raining but that's a break. in the afternoon clouds and a break later on. there will be a few sprinkles in the morning and most of the day should be fine. the break is the sun. the model sets up like this. here we are at 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning. and there we are in the afternoon, good break. sunday night the system rolls in. sunday morning a few light sprinkles. around 5:00 on sunday eek the next system -- evening the next
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system comes in. bricking two -- bringing 2 to 3 inches of rain. not something we can't handle. in l.a. is something they can't handle. there will be rain on saturday morning. rain on sunday night. i'm calling those break days. it's not measurable. then monday and tuesday it's getting going good. there's a break on wednesday. >> sunday night, monday, tuesday. >> monday morning will be sketchy and tuesday morning won't be much better. things change. >> but the ground is so saturated. >> wait until you see the pictures out of l.a. this ends in l.a. in the next 12 hours, they are getting copious amounts of water and they can't manage it.
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the big game, it's on the basketball court. we go live to stanford where this game is crucial to the cal bears. coming up new at six, landslide concerns as another round of rain makes it's way through northern california, several homes are in danger. >> san mateo county was doing what it could to keep the water where it belongs.
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. it's the big game, cal and stanford for the second time this season. this is critical for the bears trying to get into the ncaa tournament. scott is live at stanford with a preview. >> this game always a big deal for both teams and fan bases. stanford and cal. they played in berkeley, the bears held serve at home, tonight stanford trying to return the favor. a lot of star power on both sides. the cardinal playing better of late. travis having a break out season playing at an all conference level. ivan will be a lottery pick. he scored 25 against stanford in the first meeting. tonight, we got it from both
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sides. >> they've done a great job with the transition, getting out quickly and watching the game against arizona state i thought they did a tremendous job. getting the ball out quick. we have to do a good job of setting the defense. >> rebounding is huge for us, keeping other teams limited to 1 shot is huge. offensively we'll be okay. on the defensive end, limiting them to 1 shot. >> scoring the ball will be important, we went through a stretch where we were inefficient. we have to be aggressive and have a game plan that allows us to score efficiently. >> one injury, cal freshman charlie move limb -- moore is expected to play tonight.
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good news. as for stanford head coach, you heard from him, he played his college ball at cal about 20 years ago before transferring to kansas. he played with jason kidd in 94. some extra emotion involved when he coaches against his former team. more coming up at 6:15. orville dam operators are confident in the dam. many people who live near by they are planning for another evacuation. president trump back to his campaign style events. what he said at boeing headquarters this morning. guys, thanks for making our new french toast so authentic,
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. the state department of water resources shows the water level is down 44 feet from last weekend and 3 feet just today. making room in the reservoir is critical because the dam has two damaged spillways and more water will fill the lake. >> trucks on the ground, helicopters in the sky over the
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orville dam, despite the rain. >> we've been working hard to reduce the water level. >> department of water resources says they made good progress lowering the depth, now at 861 feet. hoping to bring the number down the 850 giving the dam more room to collect more fresh rainwater. >> mother nature is in the room, i don't expect that to be a risk. >> friday afternoon engineers slowed the water releases from 80 now the 70,000 cubic feet per second, another sign of confidence, the emergency spillway will holdup. many in orville are getting ready to evacuate. >> people are in panic mode. >> i'm going the watch, i'm not going to wait for him to say it will never happen. take my leave.
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>> she says the ordeal made her more prepared should it happen again. she's ready to two. >> did you cover everything. i left my checkbook and medication. there's things you have to remember. >> you have them now. >> now i have a bag and stuff, make sure i have provisions at home. >> the county sheriff said officials have their eye on the weekend weather but don't expect more evacuations. >> the likelihood is no, but my job is to keep people prepared. >> not just people who live here who are more prepared to evacuate. we heard that from the sheriff, neighboring sheriffs in other counties are more prepared because of what they went through last week. various sports teams are
5:33 pm
making donations to help those impacted. the a's and the earthquake sent out the tweet. out the tweet. the red cross has been providing meals and places to stay for the 180,000 who were evacuated. crews working to prevent flooding. the river has been rising because of the water released from behind the dam. crews are working to patch up weak spots. they want to make sure the levees don't fail. >> that crisis at the orville dam reinforced the worker with doing. the need for flood protection. >> it's unclear how high the river could go. the levee improvement procks are meant to -- projects are
5:34 pm
meant to provide protection for 200 years. the white house denying reports of using national guard troops to round of illegal immigrants. >> president trump in his element revving up a crowd of boeing employmenties. a new tone after criticizing boeing in the past. we want products made by our workers in our factories stamped with the four words, made in the usa. talking big business and jobs, he says it's part of fulfilling a campaign promise. >> i don't want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back,
5:35 pm
no tax, no nothing. >> following the stop at boeing the president heads to florida working out of his winter white house. as questions linger what's going to hop to the national security council. another pick is approved. scott pruitt. republicans blaming the other side of the kyle for dragging on the process. >> it's clear what's happening. they want to move them as slowly as possible. >> why do they want to rush through the cabinet? >> vice president mike pence heads to germany where he will join james mattis and john kelly for the munich community service. the vice president is in germany he is expected to reassure nato allies that
5:36 pm
president trump criticized nato and vice president said that the u.s. fully supports the nato alliance and focused on tension with russia and the deployment of nato troops in the baltic states. >> we join the united kingdom and germany and canada, this is a fully defensive deployment. >> rex tillerson is in a different part of germany. he condemned north korea missile test. the senate confirmed scott pruitt today. he spent much of his career as the attorney general in oklahoma suing the epa. he's questioned if human activity contributes to climate
5:37 pm
change. one republican susan colins of maine voted against pruitt, two democrats from states where cold industry is strong voted in favor of pruitt. california is getting soaked. we'll go to l.a. county where the storm is bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. some of the guys are joking on me. >> from a young gun to a veteran leader. buster posey explains why there's extra urgency for him this year.
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. from the miserable weather here to scottsdale, arizona where the giants training is underway. spoke to buster posey today. >> it seems like yesterday that buster posey was a rookie that came up on the 2010 giants team. they won two more and believe it or not posey is entering his 8th major league season. >> some of the guys are joking on me because i have grays coming in on the side. but it's part of it i guess. >> as posey's years in baseball
5:41 pm
adds up he has to balance the number of the innings he plays in a demanding position. >> i've tried to approach it, is to be as productive as possible. not get to the point you're worn down so much you lose productivity. it's overwhelming. >> you prefer being a catcher. >> i enjoy being a catcher. >> posey has an desirable element this year. he's a member of the u.s. team in the world baseball classic. >> there's a extra sense of urgency to be ready, i'll be catching a full game earlier. we'll have that national pride. it will be fun to see the other teams. they'll have energy and passion and it will be fun.
5:42 pm
>> who's ready to have a baby. buster posey. >> when you reach the status posey reached. four time all-star. batting champion. national mvp. he remaining a grounded player. >> i have a wife that keeps me humble. so i think that helps, i give her credit. one day this game will pass us up and someone else will come through, you have to keep that in mind and realize, appreciate what we've been able to accomplish as a group, but understand sometimes we're not as important as we think we are. >> posey has become an iconic figure in bay area sports history. he's not a rookie but he has plenty of career in front of
5:43 pm
him. coming up, more storm coverage as bay area reservoirs dump water ahead of the rain. >> we're tracking the rain that's falling. we'll look at southern california, they are getting spanked with heavy rain and flashflood warnings and watches.
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the winds are stronger in southern california. a flashflood watch issues and voluntary evacuations in ventura county, some of the evacuations could be mandatory. matt johnson is in santa clarita. we have watched the radar, you are getting drenched. how bad is the situation? >> covered in rain and mud. it's a dangerous situation here for a lot of people in the burn areas in southern california. this area was burned and hit by flooding last month and flooding again. what looks like a river is a roadway. this is a very major road, this is called sand canyon road and goes to homes, ranches up here in the area, it's near a flood channel, this morning and
5:47 pm
throughout the day and right now, it is crested over flooding properties and making it difficult and dangerous for not only first responders but people to cross through here. a lot of people where i am under the flashflood advisory told to shelter in place. in other areas, nearly 200 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. some people decided to stay in their homes and on their property to watch it and maintain that area. they had to sign releases. earlier today, if you look at this video, there's city crews with a lot of the burn areas, trying to remove the debris as the washes crest over and covered with the debris. we talked to a homeowner. >> you guys have been through a
5:48 pm
lot up here. >> a little bit, fire, flooding, more flooding. i don't know. what do you say. it's the price to life out here i guess. we bought next to a wash. >> back out here live, what looks hike a river and what not to do when you see rainfall and water on the roadway. it takes 6-inches for the car to be inoperable. the engine can get shut down. i've covered three times it happened in burn areas. never drive through that. a lot of people being held back by the sheriff, people not getting the message, shelter in place. just don't come out here. that's the latest, it's a dangerous situation as we're under the flashflood advisory
5:49 pm
by the national weather service in southern california and the burn areas. >> has the rain come all day long? it has. >> matt, this is one of the worst storms forecasted in the last couple of decades. from other storms you've covered how does this compare? >> you know what, this is what people, residents are talking about, about like a 50 year storm, at least the storm of the decade, the weather forecasters is experienced, they have not seen anything like this and the water totals in nearly 10 years, i grew up in southern california and never seen anything like this. stay inside. >> the biggest concern, not
5:50 pm
only the flashflood warning but the concerns about mudslides. there's been so many fires in southern california. >> right -- >> we apparently lost matt johnson. you can see the rain, the flooding behind him. let's go to bill martin. you were talking one of the storms the worst we've seen in decades. >> i'm hearing 21. malibu, ventura, oxnard, so far they were the front edge of the storm, they are major flooding and flood warnings. let's look at the radar, here we are up north, that's a whole another animal. the yellow representing rainfall rates. look at this rolling into l.a. and orange county.
5:51 pm
even though the afternoon commute is wet and wooly, it's about southern california when all is said and done. those are the pictures in the newspaper tomorrow or the web or the newscast. millipede as significant rainfall. these are aggressive. it's pouring south of sunnyvale. over an inch of rain an hour. this cell north of san jose. the rainfall rates are powerful. let's stop this in l.a. we were talking in the break. l.a. doesn't have, there's over 1/2 inch an hour. l.a. doesn't have river. look at the rain. ventura 5 inches of rain. they will probably go 6 inches. long beach is over an inch.
5:52 pm
you have to realize, all that concrete, you know what the l.a. river looks like. it's a concrete canal. all the water has to go somewhere. you get three, 4 inches of rain, they will, it will go in backyards, hills and create mudslides and flooded roads. >> san jose tomorrow morning, here's the chance, afternoon that's how it looks. there's a break. i'm calling saturday and sunday break days, look at saturday afternoon, so not too bad. that's saturday after 9:00 looks good. here's the model. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, sunday morning, a few sprinkles. and then by sunday afternoon you see the clouds increasing.
5:53 pm
and the next system is potent. we'll track it. we have the proper timing. we'll see flood warnings and watches on monday. i don't think we'll see -- the mudslide concern is always there. i think we'll be fine and the weekend is a break. >> interesting hearing that reporter say he grew up there and never seen anything like this. sunday marks 75 years since japanese americans were sent to internment cams. local japanese leaders are worried. >> landslide concerns one bay area community as another round of rain makes its way through the area. why homes could be in danger. >> the water closed down the ditch, it makes a difference. where do babies come from?
5:54 pm
well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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. japanese americans are coming to defense of muslim- americans and others targeted by the trump administration. sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the internment of japanese americans in world war ii.
5:57 pm
. >> february 19th, 1942, president roosevelt forces 120,000 people into remote and desolate internment camps. >> 2/3 of us were american citizen, but that made no difference as long as we looked like the enemy. >> the time was world war ii, japan had attacked pearl harbor, hysteria was at a high. >> it has a impact on children. your made to feel ashamed. >> when she was 9-year-old her family was one of thousands rounded up on city streets. some taken to temporary assembly centers before being hauled off to tooly lake. >> i remember that. i was only a child.
5:58 pm
it's a painful memory of the treatment they received that motivate them to speak out for immigrants. >> we've received complaints from the care who have been yelled at. >> activist will fight the travel ban on muslims, the wall and extreme vetting. >> a muslim ban is not the same as sending them to internment camp. if we give him an inch he will keep going. >> know your history, and strong, and don't be ashamed. >> a public ceremony to honor survivors of the cams -- camps will be held this sunday.
5:59 pm
. from pouring rain and howling wind to downed trees and power outages. the latest weather conditions. we're at the ail end of the -- tail end of the storm but another is on the way. >> the latest round of rain is filling the reservoirs again. look at the conditions at to anderson reservoir in the south bay. crews are working to release water from the reservoir into coyote creek to make room for more rain. >> the wet ground and strong winds are causing trees to topple like in san jose where palm trees fell. no one was hurt. >> and in the north bay the rain is flushing debris down rivers and into san francisco bay. this is near the ferry terminal. it looks brown.
6:00 pm
the debris is vegetation, wood and trash. leigh martinez is in san mateo. >> we're seeing rain. >> it's on the afternoon commute and causing problems. the rain will die down, but right now it's hammering. not on the scale of what we've seen in terms of rainfall accumulations, ben lomond, almost 2 inches of rain. other areas, quarter inch, half inch, an inch. it's a significant amount of rain and standing water on the roadways. the afternoon commute will be dragging. let's come in close. right now it is raining in the north bay, the action is clearly down here in san jose. that's heavy rain, on the afternoon


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