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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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- [announcer] promotional considerations like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. (upbeat electronic music) - welcome back. i met a lot of interesting people on my tour of nrl. some of them straight out of school. and they are inventing the future. - this is not just a test evaluation facility. in fact, that's kind of a lesser role. it's really about supporting the research. so as groups get together to combine different aspects of their research, they can test it in an environment
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that is more like the real world. so i believe we are going to have autonomous systems that really help mankind in all sorts of domains. whether it's healthcare, could be robots inside of hospitals, it could be a robot doing elderly care in someone's home, so they don't have to go to a nursing home, and of course, the military has a lot of uses that try to have our people in less danger. - being in those simulated environments was a lot like being on a move set. they're that real. and they have to be, because when we go into real deserts and real jungles, our future tech is coming with us, and it had better work. that's it for earth 2050. i'm chuck pell. i'll see ya next time.
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i'm chuck pell. out and they ate dinner near up and coming musicians. >> mccartney, starr, walsh, grove, and did we mention -- >> tom hanks was with them. joe and ringo came out with their wives and posed for the cameras a little bit. >> in 12 years, have we ever got a more awesome table at a restaurant? >> paul, tom -- >> ringo, the two remaining
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beatles. >> super stoked to be at that table. >> he is huge. he was in too fighters and in the band from the 1990's. martin and maya are "snl" alums. we had to ask the question? >> what do you think about "playboy" bringing back the nudes? >> and he gets in his car. >> what are your thoughts? >> ok, that's a bummer, but the point is the boobs are back in "playboy," also -- >> what a cool dinner. >> if i were at that restaurant, i would do an "i love lucy" and go in the back, give me an apron, let me go out there and do this for you. >> can you imagine if harvey levin walked up to that table. >> put your shirt back on, the apron is not covering your nipples. >> there is an unsettling image. hope you enjoyed your dinner, famous people. >> thank you very much.
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>> i got bryan chancet toto tot cranston. >> when did you do decide when you're going to bury, a certain age? >> you tell your mother whatever she wants to hear. >> she also asked me to start thinking about my will. >> she is a smart woman. >> she is trying to prepare me. >> maybe she knows something. she knows you're not destined to be on this earth long. >> it's a premonition on bryan's part about you. >> that's very big in the italian community. we picking our plots early. >> dennis gets the plot. >> buckles up the family plot and everything. >> dennis has wanted to die for years. [laughter]
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>> thank you so much. >> alanis morrissette, convin convince -- song bird of the 199's and victim of a massive burglary. >> someone broke in her house and stole $2 million in jewelry. >> talk about a black fly in your chardonnay. >> this is in a very secure area of l.a. i think burglars shop by catalog. they want to see who has the best jewelry to steal and instagram is the best catalog? >> could the same have happened here as kim kardashian? >> you choose alanis morrissette? >> she never wears anything. >> are there photos of expensive jewelry. >> yes. >> semiprecious stones and turquoise. >> are you sure? how about exhibit b? >> costume jewelry. >> what are you talking about, this is fine hawaiian jewelry.
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>> you can tell by the jewelry and the medallion that says stoked. >> somebody tell me i'm wrong about the theory. >> you're wrong. this is a collection of her buttons. >> ok, there is a lot of crap on there. if it's all crap, how did burglars make off with $2 million worth? >> update, update. >> alanis morrissette, all of this jewelry she is posting, these rings, $5,000 apiece a lot of them. legit, expensive stuff. >> there you go. >> yes, alanis morrissette isn't just a hippy that likes button and candles, but a baller with straight-up bling, at least she was until she got burgled. >> happy birthday, how does it change being 30 now? >> embrace it. >> we asked him if anything feels different.
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>> a little older, nothing else changes? >> he walks out. he already has his boarding pass and stuff. he walks up to security, which i think is so hot. >> it's so hot to print your boarding pass at home. >> you thought about things, you organized things, you have it all together. >> whatever michael b jordan does right now, it's sexy. >> it's true that there are certain people, no matter what they do, it becomes appealing. >> in my thursday night basketball league, is he a good basketball player? he isn't that good. >> the girl says shows he is not dedicating all of his time to basketball. [laughter] >> nobody asked you. >> no doubt. >> since beyonce announced she is pregnant with twins, we have seen her in a crown. we have seen her underwater, but now beyonce as you have never seen her before, stripped down
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and built for comfort. it's beyonce in sensible shoes. >> she is wearing all black. she was out in beverly hills at barneys wearing an oversized t-shirt, rubbing her belly while she was shopping. >> she is known to be in heels and dolled up. she is in white lace-up sneakers. >> she looks like a normal huge being except for the entourage. >> how do you get the job of holding her water? that's all i want to do. >> your mother and i us did not pay for four years of college so you can shlep some pop star's mineral water. however, the question has to be asked again and again and again how pregnant is she? >> there is absolutely no medical way to tell how far how long somebody is by eyeballing in. >> you get a glimpse of the side view. you can't tell, she is wearing an oversized shirt. >> guesstimate. >> five or six. >> really? >> no, we're totally guessing!
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anyone can do it. but it's super nice to see a huge star with her feet firmly on the ground unlike -- >> kim kardashian was actually used for population control when she had her first baby. she was wearing those high heels and whatnot. >> athe i.u.d. salesmen went through the ceiling after that shot. >> derek jeter and hanna jeter are having a baby. they're having a little girl. they posted a photo. >> what are the chances she is not going to be totally beautiful? >> she did a photo shoot. >> the kid, he is talking about the kid. >> the kid is going to be gorgeous. they're so hot. she is only 26. >> good for them. it's like all of a sudden these, a lot of guys are settling down. >> all of a sudden? he is 42 years old.
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>> spending his whole life not settling. >> it's a thing. >> harvey, he literally impregnated her with the last bit of semen that he had. [laughter] >> coming up -- >> big news, we have finally broken through, the first black bachelorette! [cheers and applause] >> look, even the black intern in the back turned around! [laughter] >> plus -- >> "tmz"
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>> coming up -- >> christie tiegen was wasted. she snapchated like being drunk. >> it's a mama. >> be right back. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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>> marc anthony just finalized his third divorce on monday from model shannon. sad. what is this middle-aged man supposed to do now? get a smoking hot new girlfriend half his age! papi liky. >> marc anthony wasted no time finding a new girlfriend. he is now dating a 21-year-old model from miami named marianna downing. >> who cares what her name is? >> who cares what her name is when you give her a number 10. >> how old is he? >> 48. >> are we cool with this? >> no. >> why?
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>> 21 is nothing in common. >> what is the age difference among lovers. she brings her schoolwork not beach, responsible. >> his daughter is older than her. >> true, she 22. who cares. they are getting serious. she went to one of his shows and the caribbean together. we have to ask -- >> are you watching jeopardy college week? >> we haven't, and it's super good. >> jennifer lopez or her, who do you have sex with? >> j-lo. >> it's always going to be j.lo. >> fair enough, have fun, lovebirds, remember, age is just a number and your number with could be four as in his fourth wife. best of luck! >> we're having ramen.
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it's a mama. >> christy tiegen got home from her partying and she was wasted. she snapchatted like being drunk. >> i'm on the floor and john is in charge of taking my jewelry off. >> she is wasted. thank you. yay! >> a typical girl i want. >> are you mad at me? i don't know because i got drunk. i got drunk. >> 1948, alice coachman is the first black woman to win an olympic medal. 1952, cora brown, the first elected to the senate. the first black female astro
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naught. 2017, witness until lindsey becomes the first black bachelorette. >> we have finally broken through, when i say we, the first black bachelorette, even the black intern in the back turned around. she wants to know who this is. >> well, she is a 31-year-old lawyer from texas named rachel lindsey. she is pretty easy on the eyes and she is making history as the first african-american lead contestant in 33 seasons at the show. isn't that great? >> i don't like this. >> she is so on the show, they ruined it. >> rachel is still on the season currently airing, so spoiler alert, she didn't win. >> i don't think america is ready for her having 80/20
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caucasian. >> she revealed -- >> she never brought home a white guy. >> go get your undercooked penis -- >> ok, what is that crazy corinne up to. >> i'm really bloated. >> oh, corinne, you always know the right thing to say. congratulations on the new title, rachel! >> kim and kanye out in new york city, valentine's day date. >> happy valentine's day. how do you keep love alive? >> they're getting out of the car. kanye is back to blond and there is a ton of people, a ton of paparazzi. >> what did they say? >> nothing. >> they're so boring. >> is kanye still up here where he was? >> kanye will never lose his perch in hip-hop, the defining artist of his generation. stevie wonder was one of the best artists in a long, long time. he made crap music and he is still stevie wonder.
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>> he made crap music? >> "i just called to say i love you." >> that he is always stevie wonder is, the same way kanye is. >> kanye is going to do a -- >> kanye will probably come out with some corny stuff or something. >> kanye will do, "you just called to say you loved me." [laughter] >> enjoy your dinner. >> we do the candy burress from "real housewives of atlanta." we ask her about "real housewives of atlanta" and nene coming back and what is going on? >> she said she will last longer than anybody, a cast member on "real housewives," do you agree with that? >> put it this way, i would like to see her come back, but at this point it wouldn't be longer pbecause she has missed a year. she actually missed two years, the year before she wasn't really a castmate. >> if you want to be technical, i'm actually longer now because nene took two seasons off.
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>> everybody says regis has been on tv more hours than anybody else. >> he has. >> you don't touch regis. >> i think i do. >> you have been on the people's court for a minute. you're outside for 10 seconds. >> three minutes. >> regis was never like a side character on anything. >> a side character? >> you're not doug or the judge. >> you're not even the bailiff. he is on screen longer than you are. >> listen, thank you. >> coming up -- >> we got christie mets in new york city, the star of "this is us." we asked about her character kate who always fails. >> do you feel that's inspiring or upsetting to viewers? >> i like my 600 pound life scared straight for me. don't let it go there. >> plus-
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>> christy, how is it going, girl? >> that's this is us star christie mets whose character on the show kate struggles with losing weight week to week. >> she got kicked out of the fat farm hypotheically. >> you might get a hypothetical banana in your tail pipe? >> is that inspiring or upsetting to viewers? >> i don't think she has failed at losing weight. she has to make more of a concerted effort. that is what she is trying to do. >> i disagree, she is making a major effort. >> to saying you're going on a diet and put the effort to be on a diet. >> she was eating salads for a long time. >> it was one dinner and doughnuts that night. >> you have to have cheat days. >> it inspires people because we're all on different journeys and we all progress differently. when we're all in it together -- >> could somebody translate that for me?
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>> it makes you feel bad about struggling yourself. >> i'm totally the opposite, i would love to see someone conquer it. >> i like my 600 pound life. it's scared straight for me. >> that's the reason why i watch intervention. i'll watch intervention with a glass of wine and feel better about myself because i'm not there. >> they're kidding, and probably lying to themselves about their own issues. so thanks, christie mets for inspiring us all in one way or another. >> thank you. >> "tmz sports" swimsuit -- "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover girl is kate upton. she didn't get just one cover, she got three covers total. >> she looks amazing. >> it's her third time, six times now being on the cover. >> what happened when the camera reaches off, her vagina and
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boobs are hanging out, a crew all around her and, hey -- >> back in the day, i used to get the behind of the scenes of the "sports illustrated," all kinds of into nudity. >> you really are a pervert. [laughter] >> new york fashion week, the most popular convirtue turned model jeremy meeks walks the runway and he looks so good. he looks so good. you guys, he was among some of the most popular people right now, fetty wap, desiigner and even young thug. >> jeremy meeks. >> is he a legit model? >> yes. >> if there was a green room and you had to go to the bathroom and you had something expensive, would you leave it? >> i don't care, look at his eyes. >> the teardrop tattoo means he killed someone in prison.
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>> so jealous. he is so hot. >> is he really? >> he has a big head now. we tried to call him about fashion week, he is trying to elevate his brand above "tmz." >> no! >> by the way, we are below murderers now. >> he is not a murderer! >> coming up -- >> harrison ford is free to fly while they're investigating his really missed landing. >> he landed on a taxiway over an american airlines plane. that's really troubling. he has a reputation of being a really good pilot. >> it sounds like you're making excuses for grandpa leaving his blinker on. >> ryan seacrest, we talked about nick cannon leaving "america's got talent." rumors he could take over. >> simon cowell is a judge on the show. >> if ryan came back as the host, it would be the exact same thing as "american idol." >> basically with more juggling.
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>> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7.our phone 24/7.
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>> hey, it's justin bieber having goofy fun right before he went cuckoo bananas crazy insane on a total stranger allegedly. >> justin bieber got into a fight, the guy's name is dean parker, he has video of the alleged attack. >> yes, according to dean, he was filming justin play fighting with his pal kyle massey when -- >> a quick selfie and you see him do a complete 180 and like mad. >> j k at camra, but can't get to it because the guy is 6 '5", i don't think justin can reach the camera. that's all you see in the video. >> the guy says that justin punched him in the face. >> god, if there was only a piece of evidence. >> there is a piece of evidence. >> wow, that was easy, ok, go ahead. >> if you look at the picture that we got of justin bieber leaving that restaurant, you zoom in on the hand and there is a cut, a fresh cut.
5:30 pm
>> from a punch? >> absolutely. >> wow, if there was only a famous murder case to compare this evidence to. >> the o.j. simpson case, one of the strongest piece of evidence, o.j. had a cut on a finger. >> he had a knife and stabbing the crap out of two people so -- >> remember that. as for the guy justin allegedly assaulted, he doesn't want to press charges against him. >> he wants to fight him in the soulja boy and chris brown fight. >> the charity event or something, i'm down for that. >> it would be great if he holds justin at bay like this. >> why a ought -- >> justin is a lover, not a fighter. actually, he is a fighter, just not a very g one. see you in the ring, guys. >> how are you doing, dannell? >> we got dannell outside of catch and we asked her -- >> are you worried about the champion lawsuit at all? >> her clothing line, catch me outside, is like the same logo as champion, right? >> i'm the champion.
5:31 pm
>> she has a way with words. >> dannielle, have you thought of doing your own videos? >> she didn't say anything about that. >> this clip, the fan girls that are going crazy. >> that girl was literally freaking out. >> hold on. catch me outside on the right, john stamos on the left. >> john stamos! >> john -- catch me outside or regis? >> regis. >> jared fogle? >> on the outside for sure. >> you guys have fun. thank you. >> attention, "tmz" passengers, if you look to your right, you'll see a 74-year-old movie star with an earring heading right outside our plane.
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>> harrison ford is under investigation by the f.a.a. he flown into orange county airport, he flew on the taxiway. >> he made a bit of a booboo and the f.a.a. is stepping into say nothing. they don't consider it to be an immediate danger. some have quietly and respect fully concerned. >> he is considered by everybody a really good pilot. >> obvious not. >> he is really good at crashing, van. >> the guy crashes on to one golf course and he is branded for life. >> the golf course was ruled mechanical. this one is just bizarre. there was an american airlines beauing 737 on the taxiway. you never land in front of a plane that might be taking off. >> that's the first thing they
5:33 pm
teach you in airplane school, yeah. >> he has a reputation of being a really good pilot. >> you're making excuses for grandpa leaving his blinker on. >> it's comp plmy -- complicate. >> your porsche is parked at your desk, i'm taking your keys. >> sounds more than fair. thanks, harrison, ford, you need a new hobby, maybe. >> we got michael bay, director. >> big director. >> he announced that this transformers was his last one. >> how do you feel about saying goodbye to it? >> not yet. >> he looks at our camera guy. >> i can show you how to hold the camera better, though. >> i bet he could. >> he did "armageddon." >> "pearl harbor" too. >> when he took over victoria
5:34 pm
secret videos, it went to so much better. >> is he single? >> this gentleman here does not have a wife. >> you have a good one. >> nick cannon definitely leaving america's got talent, the show set to start filming in a month, but no one is there to host it, so who are you going to call? >> ryan seacrest, what's up, man? >> he is leaving a gym in hollywood heading straight on to the a.t.m. stage, maybe not literally, but let's find out. >> you could be taking the position -- >> the first time i'm hearing about that. >> really? why are you sweating so much, huh, seacrest, oh, right, he was at the gym. >> it's a fantastic show, it could be around forever.
5:35 pm
>> leave it to him for buttering up the bosses. >> it would be the exact same thing as "american idol." >> basically with more juggling. >> sorry, come try again next year. >> you would be hosting and he would be judging again? >> with the stars that were left -- >> what else is he doing? >> new year's is right around the corner. seacrest is the busiest man in showbiz. he has his radio show, the kardashi empire, his treasure hunting, his time with the gorillas in africa. >> a definite yes or no, would you take it? >> so much breaking news, i don't know if i can ingest it. >> someone called him to find out, good thing. >> i said were you just like doing this for the camera? he said he was doing a lower body workout. come on. >> seriously, come on and stop
5:36 pm
bothering that man with your texts, he is very busy. >> we got boris kojo leaving catch. we talked about one of the main fortune cookie guys that bright the fortunes? >> he retired because he got writer's block. >> yeah, his name is donald lu. he used to write 100 per year, now two to three per month. >> what the hell? >> can't you recycle at a certain point. >> evil fortunes, it's going to be evil fortunes. >> don't fly, don't fly. >> we said have you ever had a fortune cookie that comes true? >> absolutely. >> they all come true. don't drive after 8:30 tonight. >> that's not a fortune, that's a warning cookie. >> harvey's are menacing, i know what you did last summer. >> i'm right behind you.
5:37 pm
>> appreciate it. >> coming up -- >> we got ceelo, we asked him about the gold outfit he wore at the grammies, is this a new alter ego? >> something else, man. >> it's called gnarly davidson. the pre-grammy party, an all black version. >> a really cool plus size store somewhere. plus- >> i'm not hating on it for you. >> ok.
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>> 25. >> that's adele winning the grammy for album of the year, an achievement that music fans are calling -- >> the biggest criminal act in
5:40 pm
music history. >> guys, you're off the hook. >> the most unbelievable egregious error ever made by the recording academy was adele beating beyonce for album of the year. >> perhaps a bit hyper bottomic, yes, many are shocked thatadele beat beyonce including adele herself. >> i can't possibly accept this award, the "lemonade" album was so unbelievable. >> therm both -- they were both in contention. >> it was spectacular. >> adele will hear about this injustice right after the grammies in l.a. >> i'm not hating on adele for you. i love adele. >> all right, then. >> did you ever write your album
5:41 pm
>> daying hello from the other m side? adele did. >> we're good with this. >> who is queen bey? >> that's all i'm asking. >> adele, adele. [beep]. >> there we go. so why did "lemonade" lose? >> i think the grammys, they liked adele's album. >> get off your duffs, grammys and get used to what the kids are listening to. >> these crazy kids are always on the edge. thanks, awards, you make people's lives better. >> joanna krupa out at catch, looks amazing. she sued a strip club for using her image. their counterpoint was, yeah, no one expects her to be there, like colonel sanders serving
5:42 pm
chicken at k.f.c. >> it's a bad defense. >> we start to talk to her about that. >> will you go to that strip club? >> strip club, me, never. i'm an angel. >> so she is looking down on strip clubs. >> she is looking down on everything. >> do you think that's ground for dismissal. >> that means she had a price at one time if they can't afford her. >> solid point. >> good night, joanna. ceelo, my man, how are you doing? >> all right, it's ceelo green, a.k.a. goldy no locks leaving delilah in l.a. >> is this a new alter ego? >> someone else all together. >> you have a doppelganger.
5:43 pm
>> i looked it up, this is his new thing. there is a group. this is called gnarly davidson. >> i like it already. >> it's gnarly davidson. he even has his own instagram. >> would you go see him? >> [beep] yeah. i'm becoming a fan. >> you're buying his albums? >> yeah, is he putting an album out? >> you wouldn't know, wink, wink. gnarly did drop some new music on valentine's day. >> the new song is "jay-z's girl." >> like beyonce. >> that's funny. he is kind of like weird al now. >> what? >> yeah, come on. he is more like gary coleman now, awesome individual, man. >> i like it. >> he is fantastic.
5:44 pm
>> yeah, we can't wait to buy gnarly davidson's album and neither can he. >> i don't like to waste money, it better be good. >> oh, you or a.u. >> jeannie bouchard we got her out in new york. she was tweeting with this fan during the super bowl and she was going for atlanta and he was like if the patriots come back, will you go on a date with me. yeah, there is no way they're going to come back. so they won and they went on a date and met the guy. they went to the brooklyn nets game, he is actually very hot. >> did you plan the date? >> she planned it. >> do you think there will be a second date? >> for sure. >> really? >> by the way, not only is he a stud but he deserves to be in the hall of fame of shooting your shot on instagram. there was no way that they were
5:45 pm
coming back. >> did we all believe this? this is the most setup thing i have ever seen in my life. >> it's the most improbable thing that has ever happened in sports. >> the people that tweet, let me go on a date with you don't look like that. >> someone had to call the falcons and had them fix the game. >> i'm lost. >> coming up -- >> justin was having dinner with germany's chancellor angela merkel. >> he is smart, he fights for women. >> it's not just the looks. i don't want to bone him, but i wish he was my friend. >> plus -- >> conor mcgregor was in los angeles for a recent trip. maybe i'll find khloe kardashian's big fat ass, i really want to see it. >> that's a total compliment. >> if someone came up to me and say i love your giant big jugs,
5:46 pm
i don't take that as a compliment. >> really? i do.
5:47 pm
>> tom hardy talking to dogs. >> i looked at leyla and give me a kiss. >> she gives kisses. >> i have a bigger problem that you call yourself mommy.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
>> canada, they have given us so much, trivial pursuit, the egg carton, eugene levy, never have they given the world something as beautiful and charming as the prime minister, justin trudeau? >> justin trudeau was having dinner with german chancellor angela merkel. he is so hot. look at him just sitting across at this table. >> and check out her eyes. they're just screaming --
5:50 pm
>> the epitome of my jam, by the way. >> get in line. >> is merkel going in for a kiss there? >> do you blame her? he is handsome, he endorses the legalization of marijuana, what more do you need? >> i couldn't have an actual conversation, i would be mesmorized by him. >> he couldn't have a conversation with you either, words like mesmorized. >> you use what you got. >> what is he using? that's what he is. >> you don't think he knows he is super good looking. >> he is not using anything, he is not coming out in a tank top. >> he is rolling up the sleeves,s toing -- tostling his hair. >> how old he is? >> toronto is one of the best cities in the world. >> it's not high, high pitched.
5:51 pm
>> it's higher than a want it to be. >> in the porno that you're looking at and putting him in with yourself. >> thanks for the memories, j. >> nene leakes at catch. the rumor she may be returning to "real housewives"? >> they don't want you back on the show. >> they're off the show before i will. >> if she is talking smack like this, she is coming back. >> she was with cynthia bailey, another castmember. while she is saying this, she is talking with a castmember who is probably involved in a conversation about her not wanting to come back. >> you guys are cool, you guys are good, what's up? >> unfortunately they will leave before me. >> cynthia bailey has to be in line with her, why is she in the same car with her?
5:52 pm
>> getting back in the storyline. >> they were good friends and cynthia -- >> be real, complicated? oh, we're going to brunch today. i don't want to go to brunch today. i'm going to throw a wine glass at you, pow! how complicated is that? >> conor mcgregor is finally talking about something other than floyd mayweather. he was in los angeles for a recent trip. he talked to "g.q." magazine. what are you doing in l.a.? >> maybe i'll find khloe kardashian's big fat ass, i really want to see it. then he goes, i'm fascinated with it. i want to see it in person. i have seen pictures. i want to see what her ass looks like in person. we have that video from kim kardashian from a long time ago -- >> i love my big fat ass. >> khloe kardashian's brand is her ass. she does the things putting her ass out there. cannior wants to see it, is it a
5:53 pm
compliment? >> someone came up to me and said i love your giant big jugs, like i don't take that as a compliment. i just don't. >> really, because i do. [laughter] >> coming up -- >> drake, so he was performing at the 0 2 arena in london last night. a fan was waving this odell beckham jersey mid concert, he takes the jersey, has him sign it. >> is this too nice for you?
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>> drake, so he was performing at the 02 arena in london. he made a fan's life. he takes the odell jersey and walks over to odell beckham. gets odell to sign it and walks back to the fan and gives him the jersey. >> drake signed it, too. >> drake signed it, too. >> is this too nice for you? >> it's not tooifies for me. i zoned on something else. >> you're saying you didn't pay attention? >> i normally focus and i happened to have a moment that i'm thinking of something. >> now that you're engaged -- >> tell me again. >> so drake had a concert, there was a fan in the crowd that was
5:58 pm
waving an odell beckham jersey. he goes up to him, gets it signed and brings it back to the fan. drake signed it, too. >> that's really sweet.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
economic law enforcements, what they're asking the voters to do. >> and president trump hold as campaign-style rally, taking his message directly to his supporters. >> good saturday evening. >> and good evening, conditioning aol democrats held meetings today all over the bay area as the republicans move towards repealing and replacing obamacare. >> we're live from the news room with how democrats say they can save obama's signature health insurance policy for all. >> reporter: six congressional democrats met with their constituents facing a more receptive crowd and cheers compared to what the republican leaders have seen at their town


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