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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it's the sound of another storm make its way through the bay area. tonight more rain and water levels are rising like here at the san ramon creek in danville. >> a similar scene in the south bay. drivers navigated through the roads of san jose earlier today. some people became stuck and had to leave their vehicles behind. >> in the north bay a doomed house. >> an emergency in the central valley after a levy breach tonight forced hundreds of people from their homes in the small city. it's just the latest of a series of storms to pound southern california and we're not done yet i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. we have live team coverage with debora villalon and maureen naylor with some of the problems people are facing.
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>> we had significant rainfall this morning and this afternoon. we saw up to five inches in the coastal hills, almost six inches in ben lomond. in the san lorenzo river there was or a flood warning was dropped. very significant rainfall in a short amount of time a very powerful storm. we saw numerous watches and warnings go up today. a lot of the warnings have gone down, but there are still flood warnings out there. let's take a look at what's left of the bay area. this area right here, this is going to be the creek. and that warning will go down at 10:15. now the flood warning over here in alameda creek that will go away at 10:15 up here in san lorenzo river. that has been dropped. now this is the one we are watching out here in this area. this is a levy breach and this is right off of the san joaquin
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river. it uncovers a huge area. but this whole area in here basically is being allowed to take on a lot of water. the levy has been breached. there's a flood warning that will stay in effect in that area until tomorrow morning with scattered showers throughout the bay area right now. you'll see what happens, right? the flood warnings, now this levy breach. we still have scattered showers in the north bay. but what about tomorrow morning? well tonight it is not as bad as this morning's commute, but there will be scattered showers and the potential to be a little wet. a wild weather day with wind gusts, heavy snow in the mountains and extensive impressive rainfall totals over here. >> bill, thank you. now to ktvu maureen naylor with a host of problems in the south bay tonight. >> she is live along coyote creek, which is rapidly rising as water is being released from anderson dam in morgan hill. maureen? >> reporter: well julie and frank, the rain has let up a little bit with some wind. it's been a wild night over the south bay with many calls for the trees down. now take a look as this is not actually the bulk of the tree.
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these are just some branches. this massive tree came down here tonight over this guardrail bent in several locations. as it rains over, you can see the massive tree that will just splinter tonight. sitting right next to the creek. if we pan off you can see that rushing creek and that is actually the biggest concern for city officials over the next 12 hours. this is what it was like driving on the road in north san jose. cars are plowing through standing water that would cover roofs and crosswalks. nearby the mobile home park, maria george was watching the rising waters flood the streets outside her home and contemplating what valuables to evacuate with. i got my daughter and my health and livelihood is here. i've got 20 years of here. there is a lot for me to take. >> reporter: she was hoping it wouldn't rise as high as it did in the past flood. but the problem is is this park
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that nestles up against the creek. and the streets started to flood because the creek is so high the storm drains couldn't do their jobs. >> if you look behind you, you can see the water is, i don't know eight inches deep right behind you right now. it wasn't there when i got here an hour ago. >> reporter: and thanks to this crew and their pumps, the water started to recede. but the concern is not over for this and a dozen other spots along the creek. >> our biggest concern right now is the water being released from anderson dam. we know that sometimes tuesday morning it will probably hit the peak flow. and we are concerned about some communities along coyote. >> reporter: the flood concerns aren't the only issue. this is what it would look like in san jose as strong winds would whip their rains sideways. not far from here a tree came down to a live powerline. power outages throughout the region including here in this
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area left restaurants, intersections, and motorists in the dark. in downtown san jose near the shark tank, fans left the stadium to see a guadalupe river going higher and higher. >> before the game we decided to take a look and walk and the whole place. when we come back we noticed it rose at least two feet. >> reporter: here is another live look at a rushing coyote creek in san jose. the concern officials say they have rushing runoffs here plus water spilling from the anderson dam that flows 30 miles through san jose. they expect peak flows between 6:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning to be coming through san jose. they say that's their biggest concern. in the meantime they opened up lake high school as an emergency shelter. anywhere who needs a place to stay overnight. >> yeah really something in that rain going sideways there. maureen naylor in the south bay tonight, thank you.
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right now pg&e says about 21 customers are without power in the south bay. 2,400 customers are affected in the east bay. about 1,000 customers have lost power in san francisco, and hundreds more are affected on the peninsula and the north bay. most of the outages are a result of high winds that are blowing trees into power lines. the rising water of coyote creek turn add homeless encampment into -- turned a homeless encampment into a cascade today. they were able to use their cell phones to call for help. the water rescue team responded and was able to get them to shore. a short time later firefighters rescued a man from the same creek downstream. another landslide is causing a traffic nightmare on highway 17 tonight. it happened at about 5:30 this evening at alma bridge road in los gatos. they closed both lanes because of rock debris on the highway. officers say traffic is being diverted off of 17 on highway 9. there's no estimate time of
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reopening those southbound lanes. now earlier today a huge fur tree fell onto highway 17 near the summit of the santa cruz mountains blocking all of the lanes. but check out what happened next. lisa miller sent us these pictures of people getting out of their cars taking action. one man had a chain saw and started cutting up that tree. others cleared the debris. the tree fell at about 3:00 this afternoon and about 90 minutes later all the lanes were cleared thanks to those volunteers. and now to the north bay where unfortunately a house is about to fall into a river. ktvu debora villalon is in sonoma county where they are still slipping and sliding sounding pretty bad up there, deb? >> yeah frank, the river is still continuing to rise. but flooding is not a threat right now. and at least one river front property, they are about to topple it in. >> you have a couple of rows and little hills up in the grassy area that's covered with the water down here now.
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>> reporter: and the russian river has submerged beaches, backyards. those who live on their banks are watchful. >> everything is concrete under this house. we don't worry about any eroding out from under us. >> reporter: this resident feels confident, but he knows further down los gatos road, several neighbors aren't so lucky. >> i know how the river runs very close to them and they are on woodpilings, and, you know, that's dangerous. they did a lot of work with trucks going in and out of last week with the pressure off and the big boulders, big commitment trying to shore up the house. >> reporter: trying to save the two bedroom home known as the pyramid house. for their distinctive architecture. west sonoma county would continue to be saturated. with daily problems on their roadways. as gusting winds, soggy soil would bring down more trees. crews have gotten very quick at clearing the mess for traffic.
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but this washout past guerneville is going to take days to clear. a slide hundreds of feet long, it sent mud and trees crashing down a hill barely missing home. >> there was a big crack in the road the other day. today the crack widened up and half the road fell. they went down the hill in a muddy mess and went between two houses on highway 116. >> the river is going to do what they want to do. >> reporter: but nothing has people talking like the doomed pyramid house listed on airbnb as a $300 a night rental. built in 1969 and a survivor of many wet winters. now its foundation is collapsing. >> it would be terrible to lose your whole house. it's one thing to clean up mud, but to lose your house entirely is pretty bad. >> this sinkhole just appeared underneath after all efforts to save it. the structure will fall. it's just a matter of when. >> so there -- there is really
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nothing you could be. the house is starting to move. there is nothing anyone could do unfortunately. >> reporter: at least three neighbors of the pyramid house are also threatened, but they have a bit more time and space to continue to shore up that river bank. that house that is doomed is valued at about half a million dollars. live in sonoma county debora villalon ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu viewer allison best sent us this pictures of flooding in dublin. cars are plowing through deep water on the connector from southbound 680 to eastbound 580. allison said it was so bad she could have surfed to dinner tonight in dublin. in the east bay a flash flood warning for alameda county has been extended until 10:30 tonight. ktvu cristina rendon was at niles canyon where alameda creek is causing some problems, but anales spiring awe. >> reporter: the shear power of alameda creek. >> this is about as high as i have ever seen it get. >> reporter: is on display in
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niles canyon. >> we heard about the warning and we had to see what it was like since we live so close. it's amazing. >> reporter: a flash flood warning alert had residents documenting the water through pictures and videos. >> it's pretty bad. we have never seen it like this. not for a very long type. >> to watch the rivers flowing like this, normally in the summertime it is barely a trickle. >> reporter: nearby a major mud slide is keeping the road closed from niles canyon to caster valley as rocks continue to fall. on tesla road in livermore. >> this is actually probably the fourth time this year they have closed the road. >> reporter: the road is shut down between greenville and cross roads for flooding. cleaning out debris near his home to keep water flowing. >> we don't really get any flooding in this area, but we're fully saturated right now. >> reporter: residents near niles canyon are a bit concerned, but impressed with the deluge. >> like i said in 1955, at a
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couple of times it was not quite this high and not for so long. well with the continuing rain all the time it will keep building and building. >> it just seems like so much water. the road was shut down just before 5:00 this evening as they would rise onto the roadway with several small rock slides that needed to be cleaned up. in fremont cristina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. a reminder now, you can download the free ktvu weather app in the very latest on the storm including live radar and an extended forecast for your neighborhood. this is one of the avalanche rescue dogs in the cityier a. the avalanche danger is high this weekend and he might change your life. the story is coming up. more fallout for milo yiannopoulos. the -- the issue between his
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book deal. we hang onto the views. >> the latest on president trump's controversial travel ban. the new executive order that could come out as soon as tomorrow. is
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right wing speaker milo yiannopoulos is under fire tonight. this time controversial comments come at a personal cost to the outspoken 32-year- old. he lost a book deal and an invitation to the conservative political action conference. ktvu jana katsuyama is in the newsroom now with the new
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developments and a video from milo yiannopoulos tonight. >> a very unusual apology came from milo yiannopoulos. his comments, which came from the video in 2016 have create add fire storm. the controversial video of milo yiannopoulos was posted by reagan battalion a self- proclaimed twitter account. >> we get hung up on views. i accept it. but we get hung up on this kind of child abuse stuff. >> reporter: the conservative man talked about complexity of sexual relationships between men and minor boys. sparking outrage from those who saw it as condoning pedophileness. canceling milo yiannopoulos' book deal. and the american conservative
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union has decided to resend the invitation of yiannopoulos. >> i think it's a splinter with the party. i think the libertarian parts of the party, which milo would identify himself with are in extent to a different place. >> reporter: henry brady uc berkeley dean of the school of public policy says while parts of the gop have seen yiannopoulos as a champion of free speech, he appears to have crossed a line. >> he oversteps the balance of decency. i think he constantly tries to excuse his poor behavior and really pretty insensitive statements as if that's just a joke. i think that unfortunately diminishes the degree to which in fact he is hurting people. >> reporter: even some young republican supporters questioned yiannopoulos' comments. >> he is putting out an
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important voice for reviewing and discussing the conservative and libertarian voices on college campuses. i'm hoping it was taken out of context. i'm hoping there's another part of the story. i'm hoping that milo will be able to clarify this. >> reporter: late mont yiannopoulos posted online an a- - late monday yiannopoulos post online an apology saying he was a victim of abuse and then a video. >> i don't want to blame anyone because i said the things you have seen as some of them were stupidly worded. >> he is sorry and repeatedly said he regrets he phrased things poorly and that people misunderstood his joke tone, but this has raised some questions on whether he might be booted from the post as senior editor. >> all right, jana, thank you. san francisco-based uber has hired eric older to look
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into claims of sexual harassment at the company. uber's ceo made that announcement in response to a blog post. susan fowler rigetti said she knew they were preparing her, but did nothing to stop it. according to rigetti it was the manager's first offense, but she found out other female employees complained about him. in response to the claims of the blog post, uber's ceo was described here against everything we would believe in and anyone who behaves this way or thinks this will be fired. >> the president's holiday will give the chance for them to turn out and protest rallying in the raid of san jose tomorrow to portland, oregon as well as l.a., chicago, salt
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lake city, even rapid city, south dakota. demonstrators say they are angry over the president's policy. they are also upset about his cabinet choices. we are getting word tonight president trump could release a new travel ban as early as tomorrow. the executive offer will report the same seven muslim countries as the one being challenged in court. but they would have extension for their dual citizenship. they would announce their chip for national security advisor. >> to continue to serve our nation and i'm grateful for you. >> the attorney general served in the persian golf war in afghanistan and iraq. he'll replace their national security advisor michael flynn. mcmaster does not need to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. we are tracking the showers
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that have rapidly or are rapidly drying up. we're not seeing as much activity, but a few sprinkles are showing up in the north bay. finally heavy rain around 4:00 this afternoon. in the south to santa cruz you would have numerous reports of flooding. you remember it. it was just a nasty commute morning and afternoon. fortunately it wasn't a busy drive, but it was raining hard this morning and this afternoon. still some rain in san rafael and areas with pockets. as far as i'm concerned we're out of the woods in terms of heavy torrential big distribution of rain. scattered showers here tonight and dry in san francisco right now. that's what the model would do. so you can see tomorrow morning in san francisco and redwood city and the sky cover with a little sprinkle. this is a cake walk after what we went through today and then by the afternoon commute, it'll be dry as can be.
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when we come back we will go up to the sierra to talk about the snow and the rain and the wind. we'll see you back here. still to come here, the father of a dallas football player who was murdered falls victim to violence himself. >> it is very hard breaking because because we just lost someone important. >> up next how landry kelly is being remembered by those who knew him. >> spring training is here as they would have one of the best defensive teams from their mar joy. we'll talk about their game later in sports. what it will cost to fix them at 10:45.
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new at 10:00 the family of friends are mourning a man who is credited with saving a number of young people from street violence in richmond.
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landry kelly started to help young people as soon as their son was murdered. >> he was a tight end, killed just days before he was expected to leave oregon. after meeting some of the people who landry kelly helped. everyone would describe him as a father and coach and so much more. they say his grief for his son would surf to strengthen his son as a result to prevent other young people from losing their lives to violence. >> reporter: despite the rain hundreds filled the mortuary in richmond. a testimony to the impact landry kelly has. >> it's as many places, where we could see where they would end up in this. just to take it. >> they are among the highest kelly helped through a foundation he started to provide services to teach underserved, underprepared and underrepresented youth.
10:25 pm
on this night, the uc health has a report of the photo they credited for keeping them on the right tracks. >> do you want to talk to us? it is like a mentor and you know also this one here is private. >> reporter: in 2004 his son was shot and killed just two days before leaving to attend the university of oregon on the football scholarship. his parents graduated from concord's high school. the impact of parents and deaths on the teens depicted in the movie when the game stands tall. resulting on the death of his son with the current youth foundation. for the past 12 years the pron -- through 12 years they taught students blessings. >> there's a blessing out there someone is trying to help our teenagers, you know. >> we miss him because he was not only attached to the kids, but he was attached to the
10:26 pm
parents. >> reporter: kelly die add week ago. family and friends told us they had gotten into something at a gathering in vallejo. as a result they would suffer their head injury dying two days later. >> landry was real close to me and my brothers. just web, a college graduate and the other was a college student describing their mentor guidance as eye opening. he kept me accountable all the time. it was like losing a father, you know, i feel like the city will make you feel a little empty because he is such a big part of the city. >> landry kelly's funeral will be held tomorrow at hilltop community church in richmond at 11:00 a.m. his family says they will carry on his legacy through the youth foundation. friends say it is hard fat into words his invaluable service to the community and that he will leave a board. ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> there is a nice quote from the former head coach. he did not want their death to be another senseless act of violence as he wanted it to mean something there with all their kids to be helped as he would follow through on it. >> he touch sod many people and their lives. still to come here an increase danger up in the sierra. >> it rains, it snows, everything is in a huge portion just like a winner in steroids. >> up next the threat o -- avalanches after opening fire in the east bay. what we learned about a different shooting involving the same man just days before.
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go ahead and dive in. the gmc sierra. several feet of new snow are expected in the sierra
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tonight and into tomorrow. that is no help to drivers trying to make it home after a long three-day weekend in lake tahoe. tonight chains are required on highway 50 and interstate 80. westbound 80 is being held at the nevada state line. we're with bill in the weather center now. so much snow in the mountains. what are the conditions like right now? >> they will get a lot more snow. we'll get a little break tomorrow as you talked about, they will get hammered again tonight and tomorrow and snow up there right now, boy is it raining for much of the day up there in truckee and around the the lake, but the snow levels have dropped. they are continuing to drop. hey listen maybe another two to three feet of snow. and three hour waits to get from truckee to tahoe city. that's not an exaggeration. plus up at the top of squaw valley we had a wind gust of 130 miles an hour. so this storm even though it's moving through here, they will continue to hammer the winter storm warnings in effect through tomorrow.
10:31 pm
>> come get me. >> a record snow season means it is avalanche season in the sierra. >> it's like a winter on steroid. >> rescue crews are ready for the worst. wu more storm means more potential danger headed our way. >> the fact the storm moved through the bay area today as bill just mentioned produced up to five feet of snow in the sierra. the rapid build up in the snow pack is attracting the crowds of snowers and ski boarders -- snowboarders and skiers. he also met a young puppy that could become a big hero when the next avalanche hits. >> and the drought has left their mark on the slopes. over 35 feet of snow has piled up in the summit, a dream for skiers and borders. >> this year we would have no idea what's going to happen.
10:32 pm
if it rains or snows, everything is in a huge proportion just like a winner on steroids. he's a ski patrol director and their snow pack and avalanche danger. he would point out a part of the mountain that failed two weeks ago. it is kind of surprising as we would hardly see this area go. >> i'm standing up here on top of the sierra tahoe as they will be moving over to the left. but behind me, huckleberry canyon, it is very challenging for the skiers and the snowboarders and also very dangerous with high avalanche danger. >> that's what we live for to get back into the back country with your friends. nobody is around, waist-deep powder. it's the best feeling in the world when you're floating. >> they would lead the team to minimize their avalanche danger, saying the storms have produced big loads. >> there's a strength for their model, which has a lot of relationship to the avalanches. when you overload the snow pack with a lot of weight with rain,
10:33 pm
that could be detrimental. >> always do it with a buddy if you are headed for the back country. the transreceive is a part of the ski patrol uniform. >> it sends out a signal on a frequency. other people will have a chance right now. i'm on send, which means i'm sending. if i were to get buried my partner's search will be located. >> reporter: fresh snow could make any mountain unstable. this rescue dog represents a select group that may save your life. this will be the last season before retiring. stepping up is spooner a pup in training, nearing the end of the program. >> it would take about two years of training before they are fully satisfied. that is our goal by the end of the year. he's a commission ready dog and ready to go. >> reporter: the crew is teaching them a game that would have their defined steps. first step the toy. >> what's up boy? are you ready? come get me.
10:34 pm
next a run to the snow cave before one last call. >> spooner come get me. >> reporter: the cave is is sealed and the trainee uses the command to search. there is never any discipline involved with search training because this is the happiest thing they ever get to do. we really want them to be happy with the drills and happy it in finding the victim. >> reporter: the training exercises could turn into actual rescues where this winter they have produce add couple of surprising images. back in january an avalanche trapped two men in their car on highway 89. this was a big knock on the door a controlled avalanche would push this massive snow into a cabin. this report was filed from the sierra avalanche center after the skiers were killed last november. >> this is a week later, we'll run through this to see where that fracture would start. >> reporter: back country
10:35 pm
danger is real and likely increase with more storms moving in. >> a lot of our terrain is getting even more difficult for the end of the day. we've had large avalanche cycles, pretty frequently around all these large storm events. >> reporter: mark tamayo ktvu fox 2 news. >> for more on this story check out their youtube page as we have posted more video of the dog in ax. and coming up an officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. now we're learning the suspect under arrest was just released from jail last week. plus, a new study confirms what most bay area drivers already know. we'll tell you where they landed on the list of the worst traffic spots in the world and a handful of cities where traffic is worse. ♪
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a police officer in southern california was killed this morning while responding to a crash involving a stolen vehicle. officer keith boyer was a 27- year veteran of the woodier police department. investigators say a 26-year-old man inside one of the crashed cars opened fire when the officers approached. at least one of the officers fired back wounding the suspect. police say he is a well-known gang member who was just released from jail about a week ago. authorities are also investigating whether the suspect was involved in another killing earlier in the morning. the woodier police chief broke down today as he talked about the officer who was killed. he said officer boyer was a beloved member of the department who was a mentor to other officers, and that he recently talked about retiring. we have new information tonight about a man who went on a shooting rampage last weekend in oakland where he was shot and killed by police. ktvu has learned oakland police were warned about jesse enjaian
10:39 pm
opening fire in his neighborhood at least twice before last friday's deadly confrontation. enjaian's neighbor told us a week before last friday's shooting the 32-year-old computer engineer was shooting at cars in the neighborhood. four days later the neighbor said enjaian shot at him while sleeping in his car. >> once i identified him as a person who shot me, still nothing was done. once i got back to my car i had spoken to the neighbor in the neighborhood as they told me the police are not going to do anything to him and they have been calling, complaining that he has a gun, he's been shooting at people and shooting at things. >> oakland police told ktvu they are looking into the the matter, but so far they have not issued a response. it turns out the bay area has some of the worst traffic not just in the united states, but in the world. analytics company studied traffic congestion in more than a thousand cities around the bay area and they ranked fourth, following los angeles,
10:40 pm
moscow, and new york. the study shows the bay area commuters spent an average of 83 hours a year stuck in traffic in los angeles. it was 104 hours. our traffic reporter says traffic here has gotten much worse over the past few years. >> it used to be maybe in 2010, 2011 we had a phenomenon called friday light. even in my traffic report i would say it's friday light and people could count on a day when there was, you know, a break and now it does not happen. >> the metropolitan transportation commission said the afternoon commute now typically starts at 1:00 in the afternoon and it will last until 8:00 at night. one reason for the gridlock, more people are walking and working and buying more affordable homes that are further away. >> finding ways to fix california's failing infrastructure. >> we still don't have the money we need to maintain the existing system. glop next part one of our week long series as we would look at the safety of california's
10:41 pm
bridges and what it would cost to fix them. plus, more rain on the way. our chief meteorologist bill martin will have a look at your complete bay area morning's forecast. ♪ [ music ]
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the rainy weather has not stopped the 24-hour efforts to stabilize oroville dam's emergency spillway. the risk of the failure happened a massive evacuation. the water levels reached their goal of 850 feet this morning, leaving room for more rain water. in the main time we're learning 11 people at the voluntary shelter of the silver dollar fairgrounds are doing better after falling ill over the weekend. they may have suffered from a food-born illness, the norovirus, or the flu. both president trump and governor brown agree fixing our infrastructure should be a top
10:44 pm
priority. it's a way to grow the economy and promote good paying jobs. >> our reporter tom vacar has more on the infrastructure and tonight we will begin with a closer look at our bridges. >> in the last ten years about 111 new bridges and overpasses have been built in california such as this new napa river bridge 13 months ago. almost 600 others have undergone major reconstruction. nonetheless they need to identify the repairs on 140 structures at a cost of $13 billion. in his state of the state address 13 months ago, governor jerry brown proposed increasing car registration fees to pay for an estimated $77 billion in need of repairs. not just to our bridges, but the ravaged roadways as well. >> we have to bite the bullet and allow new fees and taxes for the purpose. >> what has happened since then? >> we still don't have the money we need to maintain the existing system that we have in
10:45 pm
california. and we need sustainable funding to maintain our infrastructure. >> reporter: the american road in transportation builders association would estimate that about 5% of california's 25,000 bridges are structurally deficient. and what that means is for about 1,400 bridges in the golden state have some sort of structural defect that is so bad they are rated poor or worse. nationally 56,000 structurally deficient bridges are crossed by 200 million cars, buses, trucks. to put that in an understandable light if you put a way to end those bridges, they would be stretching all the way from san francisco halfway to new york city for almost 2,700 miles away. >> as the old saying goes, anybody who can't fix a problem by putting money at it is talking about somebody else's problem. >> this is a problem for all of us as we need to throw out a
10:46 pm
ton of money on it. and so how much just to fix ask and replace the existing deficient bridges in california? $1,130 per california's household. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. and we did get our share of rain today. both the commutes got hammered pretty hard. coming in under six inches, but coming up on half a foot of rain. ben lomond nearly half a foot of rain, so a lot of rain. that is less than what was forecasted by the models by the way. and some of the models would suggest places like san francisco and through today, they could get four to five inches of rain, instead we would see one to two inches of rain, very helpful in keeping things a little bit sane around here. if you've got scattered showers out here right now, san rafael, it is wet, san mateo wet, concord it's wet. but you'll see how widely scattered everything is. but as we would go into tonight and tomorrow, it is going to look a lot like this. a few scattered showers in the
10:47 pm
morning with a lot of brakes, but the sprinkle could come your way. i'll show you that on the model. right now it's raining a little bit with just a few stray showers. this is how the whole night goes if you look at the distribution, the last wave is pushing through with a lot of storm reports i wanted to point out this area right in here with some debris flows about 5:00, 4:00 this afternoon out on the peninsula. and a cell came in that it was very aggressive as we would see the flash flooding and the debris flows and such. and just a real messy day. i hope you had the day off and you were able to hang out at the house to watch it happen. and the winds were blowing too with the winds around here to 50, even 55, but we also were talking about wind gusts of the squall peak. it is nothing up there. they're not done as this system comes in tomorrow and the main system went through and the apparent low this guy here is going to come in to bring the cooler environments where the snow levels will drop down,
10:48 pm
bringing down the scattered showers to our area. that's something to look out for. and also you can see a little bit of wind with this forecast model as you'll see more of this and here we are with the morning drive and maybe a sprinkle in san jose and then there we are in the afternoon drive. here we are tomorrow or wednesday morning, but look what comes down just a little bit, still a nice day and maybe a chance for a sprinkle on wednesday morning then again into thursday morning and it will be all fine. we pretty much got through that in one piece as i will tell you what it could have been really bad if the rainfall was here last night and we were talking and obviously sunday night and you can see the models when they start forecasting four and five inches of rain in 24 hours in an urban center. >> yeah. >> especially with all the rain we would have, that thing will just explode as we would get about half of the rain that was forecasted, which is a lot. i mean, it seems like it was really coming down this afternoon. >> oh my gosh, yes. it was. most places would get one and a
10:49 pm
half to two inches for the cities. it's a lot of rain. >> we are gearing up for another round it looks like for the next few days. >> all right, thanks, bill. it's me. sports is next. a big, big trade in the nba involving the sacramento kings. we'll have that and more with mark in a moment. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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all right, mark is here now with news of the big trade in the nba. >> a big trade for one of the biggest guys, literally. i'll tell you what a weird weekend for him. he wondered why he was not playing a lot of any player participating where it turned out one of the kings would whisper in their ears to say you're getting traded, that he is for sacramento trying to unload him. he's had some problems as you can see from time to time. there is not getting around the fact of that talent. he'll go to the pelicans of new orleans in exchange for buddy, evans, for this year's draft in june where it will be the center piece.
10:53 pm
they think he's the next steph curry. meanwhile the kings general manager, he is taking a lot of heat for what appears to be a one-sided trade. >> what do you have now? >> yes. that'll be just perfect and they did not sure you away not as much as the other one. this will be a critical time. >> just a speculation it doesn't look like they would have a whole lot of sleep since making that trade with a better deal a couple days ago. in the meantime the all-star weekend and most of the festivities, a whole lot of fun, whether or not they would need to speak with or make up
10:54 pm
with his former teammate. this is before the game to look at the hooded k.d. who would kind of slip around and not exactly warm and fuzzy. but you know what once they started they were on the court for a little while together. k.d. is insisting with his old running mate to point out to him as they would make eye contact and did not have a formal apology. but you know what overall just a great exhibition for that basketball and no defense. >> we went in to get those points. the guys are over and we would throw it up, a good point and a good catch. >> showcase everybody's talent, nobody got hurt. there is a good amount of conversation, so mission accomplish. >> there you go. earlier tonight i was talking about how kyrie irving would talk about the world being flat
10:55 pm
in his opinion. they have a social life and they have not heard about it. but yes, he evidently does a lot of research. here is kyrie who was backed up by green as a matter of fact. and the earth is flat in case you didn't know. >> you have seen pictures of the planet, right? like it is a circle? >> i have seen a lot of things. and for my education system. >> i don't mind at all. >> i'm not saying i think about it, but i don't know. but it could be. >> there you go. >> no, no. he is serious and he does a lot of scientific research. we will check in with bill martin and our meteorologist to get confirmation. in the meantime let's talk a little spring training baseball. the giants are going at it. it was raining all weekend down in arizona as well. they would have some festivities washed out, but
10:56 pm
last week joe fonzi was down there. you need to have the strength up the middle as they would have that. buster posey a couple of gold gloves just a second. >> and how quick things could happen for them, the world series and the all star alongside buster. as an infield you would take so much pride for one of the greatest special feelings. joe has been fun to play with and probably the most consistent. since being in the major leagues for a couple of years in a row. we are excited to play another one together. >> yes. confirmed.
10:57 pm
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