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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the highest in more than 100 years. right now it's under 10 feet, which is just below flood stage. >> and here is a new look at anderson reservoir where water managers are continuing to dump water into coyote creek. the reservoir is over 100% capacity. the santa clara valley water district says it could take more than two months to get the reservoir back down to where it should be. it is not suppose to exceed 68% of capacity because of seismic concerns. >> in san jose the evacuation order includes the rock springs neighborhood, the east william street corridor, and three mobile home parks along oakland road. >> we have team coverage tonight, ktvu frank somerville is at one of the overnight shelters where people are pitching in to help. >> but we begin with ann rubin who is in a neighborhood that is still under water tonight, ann? >> reporter: yeah, cars in this area use today be completely submerged, but now they are submerged to show you the water is slowly receding, offering little reassurance for those
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that it could take weeks or months to clean up this mess. >> and brought through this home used to fit the coyote creek, now it will sit in it. this is their backyard and what's left of their shed. his basement didn't fair much better. >> to be held until the windows broke it was all said and done. >> today people along william street in san jose returned to assess the damage. among them they are moving here from minnesota and were stoat close on this home friday. -- were set to close on this home on friday. >> it's a really nice neighborhood. we wanted a place with a pool, but we couldn't find one, so this mitigates it all. >> reporter: 18,000 people were set in the evacuation zone with no timeline when anyone could move back in. authorities say first the creek needs to recede and then the inspections can begin. >> we will be evaluating the safety first. we will be evaluating the safety of the buildings, the streets, the utilities, all
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those things to make sure people are safe to go back in. >> reporter: though not everyone are waiting. some are driving, even walking through flooded homes against the advice of the authority. the fire department cautions this could be extremely dangerous. they're now setting up command posts with the three hardest hit areas to offer them on site to help. >> we're not ready to bring them in, in terms of pre- occupation, but we will do everything we can. >> pedro came to check out them near center road to show us this video of the damage inside. he says it is hard to be patient when you don't know when or if you will be able to go home. >> it's a big part of where you live now. no bed, no couches, nothing. wherever we could get it, we would have. >> reporter: in addition to the fire department command post, we have also seen the mayor, several other city officials, plenty of multi-lingual volunteers here at the scene
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near center and felin. they want to make sure those who come out here are able to get their questions answered, frank, julie? >> so you showed us there on the top, we are trying to get a sense of how far down the water has gone. what would you say maybe three feet today or so? >> reporter: yeah, actually that's a pretty decent estimate. three maybe four feet. let me show you one more time so you can kind of see the cars and the pickup trucks out there, the cars were mostly submerged. the pickup truck over the truck's bed and now the water has gone down to just above the tires, the wheel well area, so it's going down. i can tell you in the areas where the water has receded it is a slick muddy mess. you know, to really show you the clean up will be massive. and so even once the water recedes it will be a huge, huge job ahead. >> so many people affected, all right ann rubin in san jose tonight, thank you. now to the shelter where evacuees, some of them are staying, ktvu frank mallicoat
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picks up our team coverage from there. frank? >> reporter: all right julie, thank you very much. we're out in front of the high school. this is one of four evacuation centers in the greater san jose area. the other is at evergreen high school in a couple of community centers. i've been here all day long. i've got to tell you the community has really stepped up with so much kindness for some people that just really needed to help. the economic center in san jose is now home to 160 plus flood evacuees. tough times in tight corners, but spirits are high. >> there's a sense of humor. we've been talking, some of them have needed some issues in taking care of those issues. >> people are in pretty good spirits despite losing everything. >> yes, they have. >> donations have been pouring in by the armsful. everything from diapers to clothes, so much they started piling the goods outside the gym. >> we're fortunate that we have what we have. and the families, they lost everything.
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>> just donating a bunch of coats, blankets, socks to keep them warm. >> does it make you feel good? >> oh yeah. you know to get help by your community. >> one thing the shelter needs is is toys because there's a lot of children inside and little stuffed animals like this, they could cheer up the kid pretty quickly. >> and so do girl scout cookies. 41 boxes all hand delivered by these san jose scouts. >> we brought in thin mints, tagalongs and trefoils. >> a number of non-profits have pitched in too. the compassionate network donated 100 brand new pairs of shoes. >> some of the people here, they might need those shoes because they are awake. and we want to share the blessings. >> reporter: they are one of google's massage therapist, but the tech giant center free today to do a little flood
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stretch release. >> at first they probably never even had it before. but they would warm up very quickly and being able to help them then. >> and evacuees are all so appreciative. angelina lopez's family washed everything in 30 minutes. >> we have a place to go, but i mean it's not home. >> reporter: but it will likely be their home for the next several days. the city of san jose and the city of the red cross told me as long as there's a need these evacuation centers will remain open and right now they are filled up. also just for you to note just recently a few minutes ago i talked to the red cross. they had been giving so much stuff, so many nice things, all the donations, they really don't need anything more just because it is almost taking too much time to sort through everything. evacuation centers aren't that big. they really don't have a place
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to put everything. what they are asking now, the the best way you could donate to go to their website and give a cash donation and that will go to the good of the cause. that's the latest. we are live down here in san jose i'm frank somerville ktvu fox 2 news. >> school is in session. are they still holding classes there at their high school? while the evacuation center is open? >> reporter: that's a good question, frank. actually the baseball team was working out today. i chatted with a couple of the guys on the team. they're on winter break right now. they are off this week, so the timing of it would work out rather well because none of the students are here. however come monday morning the students are returning and evacuees are still here they will have to work out with a plan that will likely do that i guess over the weekend determining how long they will be here in the first place. >> frank there, are so many people, thousands of people affected by this. but is there enough room for everyone? do they feel comfortable or are they pretty crowded? >> reporter: it's a little
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crowded. there's over 160 people both older folks and young kids as well. apparently all getting along pretty well. there is is a privacy issue. we only need to go in there for a minute to get a wide shot to at least share that with you. but they really don't want cameras in there, but people are playing board games, they're on their cell phones, a lot of people are talking. and as the red cross gal told me who is a registered nurse, everyone is actually in pretty good spirits right now, but this is day one. they've only had one night here a couple more nights from now we'll see how it all goes. >> considering where they are going, it will be so great to see them with that outpouring of support, thank you. flooding from coyote creek would shut down highway 101 in south san jose last night to keep it closed for the morning commute. chp closed the highway in both directions between interstate 880 and the 680 junction. needless to say that caused big backups during the heart of the morning commute.
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and chp sergeant told ktvu this spot is known for flooding, but he says in 20 years he has never seen it this bad. >> now we're following the levels in coyote creek to hit 100-year highs, which is hard to imagine. but a 100-year high. >> the dam wasn't there 100 years ago, so i imagine the creek, it was unrestrained. now you have a flood control device out there. let's take a look at the situation. here is the anderson reservoir here just so you can get a lay of the land. coyote creek comes out of that. you see the reservoir. right now the creek, the reservoir is 103%, so it has been dropping. but look where it is at on tuesday, 106%. that's what would be the increased releases where they were all about. we need to get rid of some water as they started to dump more water and that created their flooding situation. you go downstream now from the
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dam from the flood patrol. the river is running right into downtown san jose, but the low lying areas that were evacuated, the flood zone got up to 13.6 feet, flood stage is 10, so you are 3.6 above that. as of right now you're .2 or .2 below flood stage. so the river is coming down rapidly. as you know we're getting a break out there right now with a few scattered showers show up. we've had reports of hail, some pictures of hail up in windsor, santa rosa, and napa as that cell moves through the north. we have a nice big break right now. more rain in the forecast, but not before we get a couple of days of sun. when i come back, we'll talk about that and get you set up for the weekend because there will be rain showers there. an alameda county sheriff deputy is in critical condition at this hour after getting hit by a bus that was driven bay fellow deputy. that deputy was driving through the employee parking lot of the santa rita jail this morning when he hit a co-worker walking
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through the same lot. cristina rendon is following new developments live at the jail in dublin now with more on the officer's condition, cristina? >> well frank, this is a hard time for the alameda county sheriff's office. the deputy, his name is mike foley, he's surrounded by family right now at a bay area hospital and the deputy driver who hit him is just absolutely devastated and traumatized. this accident happened early this morning in that parking lot of the santa rita jail where employees and transportation buses parked. it was around 6:15 this morning and it was still dark outside. we understand foley was walking to work wearing dark blue navy clothing when he was hit by that inmate and their transportation bus driver and the deputy passenger were on their way to pick up bag lunches for inmates. it is very possible the condensation on the bus windows could have obscured the view of the driver because we're told the driver just simply did not see him. foley was on his way to start his day.
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>> his overtime shift wasn't going to begin until 7:00 this morning. he was at least 50 minutes early for work. that's the type of individual he is, has been in his 30-year career with the department, and every day he has worked with the sheriff's office. >> the sheriff there said foley spent 30 years as a concord police officer. he joined alameda county in 2007. we're told foley was conscious and talking on the way to the hospital and he has since gone through a number of procedures and remains in critical condition. his family is asking for prayers and well wishes in hopes he will recover from this accident. we are told chp has been called in as an outside agency to investigate this crash. we understand they have been mapping the the parking lot throughout the day and tomorrow morning and they are trying to recreate the weather condition to get a better sense of what happened here, frank? >> well, we will hope the deputy will recover. outside santa rita jail, thank you. keeping an eye out for
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trouble, the new equipment police hope will suffer a rash of freeway shootings in the east bay. >> whistle blowers will make an accusation against the agency in charge of making sure the airway bridge is healthy. 2 investigates, the allegations and the response from the agency in charge of regulating bay area pollution. plus, why your 4th of july plans may include a pair of skis to go along with your barbecue and fireworks.
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now to a 2 investigates employee, employees are accusing the agency of destroying public documents. >> these are documents they say are essential to your health
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and safety. 2 investigates candice wynn has the whistle blower plan that was just filed. >> that's right frank and julie, this agency is in charge of regulating and enforcing air pollution in the bay area. the former employees are coming forward saying air safety can't be ensured if these documents are being destroyed. they also say they were fired when they raised concerns. the 1999 fire killed four people and exampled these whistle blowers as they say it is why documents like these, detailing the permits, in violations as they immediate to be preserved. >> maintaining those records are the only way we can properly regulate and enforce the air quality regulation in the bay area. >> reporter: on wednesday two former employees for the bay area air quality management district announced they filed a whistle blower claim against the agency, accusing it of illegally destroying sensitive documents. michael bachman was in charge
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of the district and their retention system. sara steele was their assistant. >> by december of 2016, i was inventorying the garages of the building. >> reporter: steele found a filing cabinet full of documents. for instance this inspection report detailing an acid leak. >> those documents contained a notice of violations, complaints, a permanent record, mutual settlements, also a permanent record. >> reporter: when she investigated who was responsible for them, steele says the air district's legal council approached her. >> i was not to inventory the cabinet or honestly do anything with it at all. >> reporter: steele went to michael bachman who got this response from legal council as well. >> it was okay, staff was destroying documentation. as a matter of fact it could hurt us if we actually had an inventory of the records that were being destroyed. and so this did not sit well with me or my staff.
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>> reporter: 2 investigates obtained more records, which bachman and steele say are examples of what they might believe was destroyed. after raising concerns with higher ups, they were retaliated against and fired. >> i have worked with these people for 16 years. excuse me. it's really hard to think this type of stuff is happening. >> reporter: the air district sent 2 investigates a statement saying, "the data former employees of the air district have accused agency of destroying are in fact all available in electronic format and available for public view. for nearly 30 years air district has retained information in an electronic data base for all notices of violation, facility complaint, investigation documents, and correspondence." >> to be clear documents themselves are not available online, but the district provided us with a link where the public could request what they want to see. now i asked the bay area air quality management district for those specific talks or
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records, the ones bachman suspected were destroyed and a spokesperson says they are currently working on the request. she said the district is committed to transparency. >> what about third party? does third party ever investigate these accusations? >> they did have a third party law firm come in and investigate the information about a year ago, but they determined the accusations were false. however those attorneys representing the whistle blowers paint a different picture, saying an investigation was not done properly. >> what exactly do they want? do they want their jobs back, do they want money? what do they want? >> we asked them all the questions, a short q and a period they said. if it becomes a remote possibility, they would love their jobs back, but at the end of the day they felt at least they told us they had no other choice, but to let the public know because they felt there was a public safety issue. >> all right, candice, thank you. with the storms that brought almost seven more feet of snow to squaw valley and alpine meadows, these pictures
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were posted online today. so far this season squaw and alpine have seen 14 feet of snow and more than, excuse me so far this month they have seen 14 feet. soar this season they have seen 46 feet. both resorts say this will be their longest season and they plan to be operating well into june, in fact they hope to be open on the 4th of july. >> you can can see how much snow they have received in the first part of the year and they will have more snow to get through the rest of the year. >> oh yeah, it will go off in march as they could see another ten feet of snow. >> i have skied on july 4 actually. back there about 10 to 12 years ago. it does happen. it's warm. that's the kind of thing you would see though. >> yes, it will be pretty good. we do have some showers out there now. we did get some hail up around
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windsor, santa rosa, napa. we could track that for you. because i got some really cool video of bringing us back now. and we are at three. so right here about 2:58 you could see the time code there. i'm backing it up just a little bit more there. and then it dies out, but watch what happens as they would work their way through north. they didn't have severe weather, but some thunderstorms and hail as well. then in this isolated area, they are moving out of the area. right now for us without backing us up, this is currently something you could see with the showers east of livermore. i mean it's all just drive-by stuff. it is moving pretty quickly. and then as you would look at the main picture and the big break, a nice dry day today for the first time in a while and it has been nice to have it. it's been a long time. a lot of rain. here we are setting up with a cool night right now into santa rosa at 46 degrees. 49 in napa right now.
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so overnight lows tonight will be downright chilly. the winds are brisk, we've had gusts up to 35 miles an hour. we've got, let's see what sfo is doing, sustained at 24, half moon bay is gusting to 25. san jose gusting to 26. it's very windy out there, well the wind advisory stuff. it's windy. you'll see them here on the bay too. that will set you up to let you know it's windy. and the clouds, there might be a stray sprinkle between now and the next few hours, but that shouldn't be the end of it. overnight lows will get down there. 31 in santa rosa. that will get you some frost and freeze. i don't think we will see anything, maybe in their valley areas, 29 in napa tomorrow as close as it has been tomorrow and these inland valleys, even hayward at 38 degrees tomorrow. if you or your kids head out to school tomorrow, you'll want a jacket. at the end of the day they will be in the 50s. as you look at san francisco, there's thursday mornings 76
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degrees, pretty chilly. and then lunchtime it will be 55 degrees in san francisco. and sky conditions, they will have a nice looking day tomorrow. that is your thursday. friday will start to deteriorate. so we will see increasing clouds by the next time you see it, we will talk about this opportunity for rain on saturday. >> but it will be so nice to see the sun today. >> oh yeah. >> thanks, bill. last year there is a rash of freeway shootings in the east bay putting innocent drivers in danger. coming up, what they hope would put a stop to them. >> new at 6:00 caught on camera. a bay area police officer attacked in the streets, what we're learning about this violent confrontation and how some good samaritans came in to help. >> and looking back at it, i wish they would have more.
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authorities are hoping new cameras will stop a dangerous problem that has plagued parts of the bay area. cameras have been installed along i-80 in san pablo coming after a rash of shootings of innocent people. >> and ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us right now after speaking to police about the extra set of eyes on a busy stretch of highway. henry? >> frank and julie, there has not been any shooting for a while. and san pablo police hope it will stay that way. >> reporter: this stretch of interstate 80 is now under surveillance. police say they hope cameras
5:27 pm
will deter shootings like the one that plagued the i-80 corridor in 2016, including two shootings in san pablo. in many cases they made a speedy giveaway with a few witnesses including the gun battles. >> they are in excess of 55, hard for witnesses to get an accurate description of what occurred or were called in and they were able to witness it. and with these cameras, they will be able to go back to get an accurate vehicle description by what occurred. >> they were less than a mile between two in san pablo. and they would have three cameras on the stretch of i-80 last month. >> they have more than 100 surveillance cameras up along their city streets. this is the monitoring room at the police department, where the video is recorded, then stored 24 hours a day. police say after a crime occur they could find video footage of vehicles leaving the scene and then they would need to track their license plate information. >> if you come to san pablo to commit a crime you'll be
5:28 pm
captured going through our city and we will need to use that to find you. >> the camera system is identical like the one set up in pittsburgh where they would have 120 cameras on city streets. last year they would install 14 cameras on highway 4 where they were shooting. pittsburgh police said they lead to 50 arrests. the chp would welcome the added cameras along i-80. >> the biggest thing we would need are witnesses. what better than a camera? and now we have video cameras of what has occurred. anything to get us more in our investigation we have done before. >> we would focus on drivers with the new camera. reaction was missed. >> they need to make sure they live a long time ago. because people are here set up with all of this violence, you know, just for the hell of it. i don't know what is wrong with the viewing. >> and obviously we need people to watch what will happen with the freeway.
5:29 pm
even by privacy. >> reporter: san pablo police say their surveillance system could be expanded even more. there are plans to connect the cameras with shot-spotterred gunfire detectors and license plate readers. live in the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. the reservoir that flooded coyote creek is 100% above capacity -- at capacity and water managers can't dump water fast enough. coming up next the new plan to double the amount of water being released that will hopefully keep the reservoir levels in check. >> they are almost everywhere you would look these days, potholes. in some cases huge potholes. and the problem is is even bigger than you might think. coming up an in-depth look at one of the most expensive issue facing our infrastructure.
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tonight dozens of people in san jose are waiting for words on when they could return home after floodwaters from coyote creek are starting to go down. people should not return to their homes until they determine it is safe to do so. officials also say homes, cars, and belongings that had been flooded should be treated as contaminated. >> and my concern is is when they are staying safe for me or for them, i don't know what would happen from here. >> and these evacuation areas lynn clued a rock springs
5:33 pm
neighborhood and three mobile home parks. we are told some people who live here, the green area on the map should be allowed to go home soon. they would need to remain under evacuation orders. san jose officials had a full effect from the devastated floods and why there was not much warnings before they hit. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now continuing our coverage live from a very full anderson reservoir. but the closer look at the problem and their impacts, jesse? >> julie, water district officials say the reservoir is 103.3% at capacity that they were releasing water through the outlet tube at the bottom of the hill since the beginning of january, but that has not been enough. so now the spillway is active. >> reporter: anderson reservoir's overflow spillway, a raging river at a rate of about 22,400 gallons per second. >> they would think of releasing, the district releases the water, they are not occurring by the district.
5:34 pm
mother nature basically has water to come over the spillway. >> reporter: ultimately millions of waters were moving down over the creek. eventually inundating several san jose neighborhoods. thousands of residents have been chased from their homes under either voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders. san jose's mayor sam liccardo. >> there is no question we'll need to do things differently next time. assessing what those things are will require us to understand better what happened that led to this. >> reporter: one of the problems is the reservoir and the dam built in the 50s. anderson's relief valve can't drain water fast enough. the recent round of storms that created a 100-year level flood event. there are plans to fix this. >> we're working on the project right now, to rehabilitate anderson. >> reporter: the chief operating manager says the new feed replaces the current feed valve with one that has an opening two and a half feet times larger than the black
5:35 pm
line. the newer valve will be leading to the spillway, that's the blue line, enabling officials to drain anderson in three to five days before they reach 100% capacity. >> to give us greater control of the water. >> so it will not happen. it will be up so high. >> exactly. >> reporter: even with red tape and local approval, the fix won't be finished until 2024 at best. so until then it falls on politicians and first responders to keep up the potential troubles. >> we continue to monitor water flows through the streams to better understand what the waters will do in the coming days. of course we are preparing for rain expected over the weekend. >> there is an informational meeting to the public about the proposed changes that are going to cost about $400 million. it won't be done until 2024. that'll happen next month down in morgan hill. we'll put a link to that information on our web page.
5:36 pm you can take a look and see how they want to fix this and prevent overflow that could flood coyote creek. >> jesse, we wanted to ask you about drinking water. is the drinking water safe for people in san jose? >> reporter: yes, julie. it's safe for san jose. the big concern is when the flooded areas, the floodwaters were tainted because of sewage coming up and also vehicles that were submerged. you've got gasoline and motor oil, etc. in the water, so they were worried about people getting that on their skin, but drinking water will be down in san jose. i live right downtown with no problems for me. >> you're looking good tonight. jesse, thank you. >> thanks. now to a problem that pretty much every driver knows about. they seem to be on every stretch of road you would drive these days. they're talking about potholes. in some cases they are huge. the kind that could actually damage your car and it's going to take caltrans and city work crews months and months to make
5:37 pm
a dent in the problem. this turned into our question of the day, where do you think the worse area is for potholes? response came pouring in here just a few of them. kathleen says worse potholes are 101 north between burlingame. i-80 is horrible after the semitruck picked up and cracked their windshield. michelle says westbound through the pass on interstate 580. finally one week where we could all agree on, here is what they wrote. >> the worse pothole area for me are any i happen to be driving through at the time. >> in the third part of his series on infrastructure, ktvu tom vacar joins us now with a look at the huge piles of bills mother nature is presenting to taxpayers, chunks of crumbling chunks. >> these are the roads were we talking about, all along the ground stuff. i brought me a tomato and we are going to talk about it in a second as we would welcome the maintenance. now here comes the bill.
5:38 pm
>> this gaping pothole on highway 24 is longer than the car that stood across it, one of the the parts marking their roads. roads are complicated layers of various materials that will show you just enough to bend and break because vehicles, especially trucks will roll over them. >> when you have heavy rain for a sustained period of time, that is a lot of water being squeezed into the asphalt and you'll have a lot of potholes. >> the road engineer would rush through the east bay road and maintenance firm. a firm that has many public agencies and public road owners as clients. continuing reigns will continue to deteriorate those weaken road structures. >> if we are seeing more or more and they are telling us this is a premature failure of their roads, which means their rehabilitation, maintenance costs will be skyrocketing. >> reporter: nonetheless
5:39 pm
statewide maintenance at the rate of almost $6 billion a year. temporary patch repairs made on cold rainy days will not last for more than a few weeks, but you can't make the permanent repairs unless it is is warm and dry and it has to be 50 degrees. >> even with many hired contractors, caltrans, counties, towns are simply overwhelmed. >> all the rain we've had and all the extra work force, the crews have been working 24/7 on the big pothole repairs, they've been working on mud slides, trees down, slip outs, assisting pg&e with power lines down. >> reporter: when the weather turns warm in dry, expect a lot of lane closures limited to a stretched road limit. how serious of a problem is this? well just this half of the road and walking just about 40 feet to permanently fix it. minimum cost about $2,000 times god knows how many more miles we are talking about.
5:40 pm
without proper maintenance, roads cannot live out their decades long life span. most interstate highways will not live past their 50-year life. other than serious emergencies, already badly-worn roads will get little attention as they would need to keep them from going bad. and the cost in fixing the road is almost to the end, they are not going to change much. and if you let a good condition go, where the moderate conditions will start to fail and your costs are going to escalate rapidly. >> reporter: all right, so how else do you pay? coming back live i want you to consider this the lonely tomato. a scientific study has shown conclusively tomatoes are more expensive than they need to be because some are damaged while being hauled on the bumpy pothole roads by those trucks. that is a real fact. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. >> those darn potholes. >> just another one of those. not only will it cost a lot to
5:41 pm
fix those potholes, but julie and i if in separate times yesterday just realized we both hit the same gigantic potholes coming out of the tube. it actually damaged your car. what do you do in a case like this? >> the owner or city or caltrans will be responsible for that. but you need to bring a lot of proof. the problem with it is is only one out of ten of those claims are paid, even though hundreds of thousands are filed. so you have to understand that you need all the proof, the pictures, the whole thing or you would have no chance in recovering. >> you've got to ask you're is getting a few hundred dollars be better than an insurance? that's tough. >> yeah. >> we will find out tomorrow to take them there tomorrow. and they might have a great vibration in it now. it's expensive. thank you, tom. coming up, it was one of the key promises on the campaign trail. president trump says over and over he's going to build a wall
5:42 pm
along the u.s. border with mexico. today we learned the money might be coming soon. from fires to floods near clearlake. one community north of the bay area is dealing with yet another disaster.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
house speaker paul ryan visited the u.s./mexico border today as they would prepare for a border wall.
5:45 pm
they expect the president to request emergency funding from congress any day now to begin construction on the wall along the 2,000-mile border. this is the speaker's first trip to the border. they would criticize them for not visiting people who live in those towns to hear how they might affect them. two of their cabinet members are on a diplomatic mission to mexico. the secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland secretary are expected to meet with mexico's president tomorrow and discuss their policy on immigration. also today trump resended federal protection for transgender students. the protections that were put in place by the obama administration. those protections allowed transgender students to use their bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. >> he's a firm believer, in certain issues like this, they are not left out with their federal level. >> california passed an anti- law allowing transgender
5:46 pm
students to use the bathroom for the gender they would identify with. and also by the end of the week, president trump is expected to issue his new executive order restricting travel for immigrants. two federal courts struck down their original order, which banned immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the the united states. the last of the dakota pipeline protesters have moved out of their protest camp. they marched away peacefully today, chanting and drumming as they walked. one man carried an american flag upside down before they abandoned camp some burned their tent sites. a few protesters remained at the camp and they were arrested. it's not clear how many. the army corp. of engineer set a deadline to move out saying protesters were at risk of spring flooding. some say they are simply moving to higher ground and they will continue their protest. lake front property becomes
5:47 pm
a part of the lake. it is the latest natural disaster in an area north of the bay area that has been hit by summer fires and now winter flooding. we are tracking some clouds out there right now with a few scattered showers in the area and some snow still falling up in the lake tahoe area. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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i looked into the streets. >> what did you think of that? >> it's worrisome. >> reporter: clearlake typically draws people to it, but now it is forcing some away. many were living in this mobile home park under several feet of water with more than 200 people under mandatory evacuation and another 200 county wide have been advised to seek higher ground. >> as of yesterday the water started to come into the house. >> reporter: this man is one of about 75 who spent last night in the red cross shelter thinking about what he has left
5:51 pm
behind. >> so maybe things were about 12 inches, now we may need to go back to take the boat back in because it may need to go higher, i don't know. so you always have a fear of losing your tv and your beds and couches and stuff. so i won't know that for a few days. >> reporter: officials are keeping close watch on clearlake, which has risen to two and a half feet. flood stage is nine feet. the problem clearlake only drops by an inch and a half a day on dry days, so this water could be here for weeks. if it seems as if lake county has been set by recent natural disasters, well it has. there were devastating wildfires the past two summers. now this. although they have been causing serious problems in the fire stormed area. >> we are seeing some of the flood zones. >> the street was cast into the river when you have a beauty
5:52 pm
salon and the house close by you just have to roll with it. >> some of the water is in my front yard, so we will have it there too. >> more rain is expected over the weekend to get worse here. in lake county rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. >> we are getting dry weather out there today as we would talk about that and a beautiful live shot for you. let's pour that up here. a few clouds are lingering out in the distance there and we are seeing a sprinkle. if you look hard from the bases, you might see a little bit of gray come down. i would see a little bit there on the left one as you'll see a little sprinkle not hitting the grounds, but they will fall out of there. the last remanence of the stormy weather. that's what we would have here with the live pictures, the radar, you can see basically while it has been way drier than what it has been. check out some of these numbers, it's fascinating. let's go up here and turn their
5:53 pm
incline. using these numbers, we're on the nevada side. but 40 inches of snow in their incline village, check this out 63 inches of snow. >> in how long? >> i'm going to guess that it is in the last five, six days, something like that. >> oh my goodness. that's on the east side. that's a great question. i'm not sure on these reports, but they will be back out there measuring 63 inches of snow. 12 inches in reno, so it will be very, you know, we could show you about five to six feet of snow in some weeks the last three to four days. as you look outside, it is windy as we would talk about those windy conditions. and the breezy conditions will be lingering in this evening to break up the fog formation. some cold air settling in to give us a dry night. that will give us a dry couple of days. then we would get into this guy on saturday. and how does it go? that is thursday morning, thursday afternoon, friday morning. friday afternoon and you can see that shift.
5:54 pm
they will start to shift in by saturday morning and saturday afternoon we're going to get wet again. different kind of weather system, but it won't be a belly washer or anything like that. it won't be a plea of nolo contendere but in terms of runoff, i think it will be a run of the mills average sixth storm or something like that to enjoy the next couple of days or something like that. it will be nice to see it. >> they would need to get that fresh air or something like that. >> and search for possible life on other planet. they will need to take a step forward. >> if they give us a hint, that finding a second birth is just it. >> and the discovery that would have them so excited. attacked in the streets, what we're learning about this violent confrontation and how the public would step in to help. >> everyone wants to be a star.
5:55 pm
point them out.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
life may be passable. rick rick has the details. >> reporter: life on other planets, the answer could be yes. the space agency nasa along with their research team is making a discovery of seven new planets.
5:58 pm
they are all in a cluster of some 40 light years away in a zone where they could exist. >> if they could give us a hint, that finding a second birth is not just a matter of if, but when. at this point, scientists say water, even life is possible on three of the earth size planet. >> and we would need to make that forward and life on other worlds are speaking. >> all seven planets are orbiting around the star and the constellation aquarius. the star itself, it will be a dwarf size the size of jupiter. >> it is much cooler, much smaller. and they are much closer. very close to it. >> the astronomers would use the space telescope along with multiple ground games to make it remarkable. >> and one of them, it will
5:59 pm
just need to watch the strong composition, because it will be one of the zones. >> astronomers are still carefully looking at the stars and the system surrounding it. they say there could be even more planets nearby. in new york rick leventhal fox news. developing news out of the south bay where some residents are heading back home tonight. the thousands are still under evacuation orders after devastating flooding along coyote creek. we have live team coverage on the evacuations still in place tonight. and the clean up efforts are now underway, plus a live interview with the mayor. >> to another developing story, this time out of the east bay where the sheriff deputy is fighting for his life tonight after being hit by a bus at santa rita jail. tonight we have learned that deputy was hospitalized in critical condition. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. an employee was walking in the
6:00 pm
parking lot when he was hit by that bus. for more on the developing story, ktvu cristina rendon. cristina? >> reporter: julie, frank, deply mike foley is surrounded by his family tonight. he has head trauma, undergoing a number of procedures. the sheriff says he is still with the deputy that drove the bus to hit foley and he's devastated. >> and so it is just an awful time for them and their families and their co-workers, everyone who knows about deputy michael. >> reporter: and it was still dark around 6:15 this morning when the accident happened in the back parking lot of the santa rita jail. that is is where employees and transportation buses parked. the bus driver and another deputy were on their way to pick up bagged lunches for inmates when the driver hit foley's. it is possible condensation on the windows could have obscured the driver's view. we are told


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