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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a nice slice of the crescent moon. we do have mostly clear skies. we will probably see that for the morning. in the afternoon some clouds building. along the coast -- san mateo and santa cruz -- light shower activity. going into monterey. the majority off the coast. some of them are on the coast. we will keep that in the forecast through today. maybe later on -- lake county, sonoma, carmel valley getting rain as well. 30s and 40s only temperatures. the airport is at 32. it will be a blustery day for a few. 12 in truckee, everything over the next five days will be taking a path out of the north. occasionally you can get a system that could produce showers. overall a mix of sun and clouds and 50s. we have a typical
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slow traffic that is beginning to form in these commutes. it was quiet -- it is filling and gradually. the macarthur maze -- there is something right here. i see some flashing lights. something is going on. i don't know if that is a stalled vehicle. the traffic has been busy already. it looks like it could be an accident. the traffic is going to be slow. we have slow traffic coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze as is the case for a normal commute at this time. highway 101. it is open now. it has reopened in both directions. also in gilroy and morgan hill. highway 37 is open in nevada.
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i just want to make sure the word gets out. 37 is open in both directions between highway 101 in atherton avenue. the top story is in san jose. thousands of people are still under evacuation orders because of flooding. >> some people have been allowed to go home. many has spent nights in shelters. the homes still affected are in the rock springs neighborhood. there are three mobile home parks along old oakland road. the flood waters in coyote creek have gone down. it could be a while before people can go home. officials will be checking out the situation throughout the day. alex savage is in san jose. what is going on? >> reporter: we are here at the riverbend mobile home park. one of the ones you alluded to. i will show you the scene behind us. it does not look dramatic.
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we can tell you this home park is empty. we did see a couple of picture -- people clearing out belongings. this remains under a mandatory evacuation order. at the same time we got an update -- a lot of the evacuation orders are being lifted. this morning the update is about 4000 people are still being told it is unsafe for them to return home. >> in the neighborhood around williams st., park there is about 3800 people there that are still affected by flood water. it is important not to go into that area. along old oakland road there are 3 mobile home parks. 550 mobile home in that area across the parks. still standing flood water. it is not safe to reenter. >> >> reporter: we want to show
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you hear some of the people returning to their homes. and seeing the damage of close. this is what just up lake found what she came back last night near 21st st. and williams. floors had mud -- branches and debris. she thinks it will cost $10,000 to repair the damage. she and her family last night were pumping out the water and taking everything out their home. the recovery just beginning. >> all you can do is clean up after what happened to us. i have been trying to stay positive.>> reporter: while some people are getting to go back to their homes there are other neighborhoods that remain off-limits. you heard the spokesperson talking about the rock springs neighborhoods. there is some standing water. officials warning evacuees even when they return home there are
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hazards. the water is potentially contaminated. people need to be careful when they go back home. some of the evacuation centers were shut down yesterday because they were not being used. there are still 2 overnight shelters in place. about 4000 people to remain under that mandatory evacuation order this morning. the city of san jose is promising a full investigation into the disaster. santa clara valley water manager has been releasing as much water as possible at anderson dam since january. >> that valve does not trained fast enough and has to be redesigned. flowing water from anderson dam and reservoir cost of flooding in san jose. >> we have evacuation areas that exceeded the 100 year flood zone. that gives you an indication this is not a flood that we would typically anticipate. what happened -- is the cause
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of what is happening here.>> the water district says there is a plan to create a second release valve closer to the spillway to allow them to drain one third of the water in a few days. >> there was an emotional story of one of the evacuation centers.>> a family drop off donations at the james lick has -- emergency shelter and they ran into a relative they had not seen in 20 years. she went to the shelter after her apartment was flooded. >> what was your reaction when you saw your family? >> we were happy. we haven't seen each other in a long time. >> reporter: the red cross is operating 2 overnight shelters at james lick high school and evergreen valley. 273 people stayed last night.
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that is down from 300 the night before. good news for drivers in the north bay. highway 37 is finally open. the rain has caused repeated closings between 101 in atherton avenue. it has been shut down three times this year. they've been using construction equipment to shore up the highway. they installed a barrier along the eastbound portion to keep water off the roadway. at noon a memorial bill will read -- will ring at the chp in west sacramento for an officer killed in a crash last night while chasing a suspect. lucas was chasing a suspect who was also on a motorcycle in sacramento. the officer was thrown from his motorcycle after losing control and slamming into a pole. he was rushed to the medical center. but he died. fellow officers say he was a beloved family man who sacrifice will never be
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forgotten.>> was something like this happens it doesn't just affect the chp but also the people that we serve and protect. we lost one of our heroes. >> the suspect did a stay. officer was married and had two children. he came from a law enforcement family. his father is a retired captain. his sister is an officer. a sheriff deputy is in critical condition after being hit by a bus yesterday in the parking lot of the center rita jail. it happened when it was dark outside. deputy mike foley was just about to begin his shift one a bus driven by another deputy hit him. we're told condensation on the windows might have blocked the driver's view. foley was wearing dark clothing at the time. deputy foley spent 30 years as a concorde police officer before joining alameda county.
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the chp has been brought in as an outside investigator. right now it appears this was just a terrible accident. two dozen protesters arrested overnight. some tried to break into a police officer's home. the incident involving an all duty officer in 2 teenagers. get ready for a summer vacation ski trip. we will show you how much snow has fallen on the sierra mountains. we have cold conditions out there. it will be nice. a few showers on the san mateo and santa cruz costs. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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california senator. kamala harris will visit the oroville dam as crews continue to reach -- repair the spillway. she will survey the damage and repair work by air. she will get a briefing from local officials and the national guard. this comes a day after governor. brown made a visit. the spillway eroded walloon lake overflowed forcing evacuation of 180,000 people. the dams main spillway is damaged. the cost is much as $200 million. about two dozen people were arrested in anaheim in southern california after protest.
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is comes from a shooting in anaheim involving an off-duty lapd officer and a group of teenagers outside his home. take a look at what happened yesterday. >> this began because a police officer was angry about teenagers walking across his yard. he tried to detain one of them. they got into an altercation. no one was hit by that gunshot. last night hundreds of protesters hit the streets. some people gathered around the offices home. breaking windows at the house and breaking car windows as well. the crowd tried to get inside the officers house.>> he pulled out a gun on a child. that is not okay.
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>> 24 protesters were arrested. as for the teenagers involved, you are looking at -- a 13-year- old boy was arrested for criminal threats and battery. the 15-year-old was arrested for assault and battery. that officer is now on leave. president. trump makes a controversial move regarding transgender students using the bathroom of their chart -- choice. it is and attack on the lgbtq community. other support the decision. >> reporter: that makes me feel really sad as a trance person. to think about a young person feeling a lack of hope because of what the people in this building in washington dc are doing.>> reporter: schools are no longer required to make sure transgender students have access to bathrooms of their choice.
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>> i agree with president. trump. this is a state issue. the federal government was engrossed overreach when it imposed this directive.>> reporter: in north carolina where there has been a heated debate -- some are worried about what this means to transgender kids throughout the country. >> i think everybody deserves an equal shot at being who they are. love who they want to love and go into a bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.>> reporter: even in the administration there have been disagreements. the white house says everyone is behind the decision. >> i made this clear and the president has made it clear he is a believer in states rights. these issues are not dealt with at the federal level.>> reporter: advocates said the obama guidelines have not hurt anyone. >> withdrawing it will create can -- confusion and fear for students. truck the white house said it
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was forced to act on the issue because of the pending supreme court case.>> reporter: secretary. of state rex tillerson in mexico where he will meet with the mexican president. he arrived yesterday. he will be joined by john kelly. relations between the us and mexico have been strained. mexico's foreign minister set the government does not have to accept the new immigration rules released by the trump administration. they include deporting immigrants who insert the us illegally. even if they are not from mexico. officials call that hostile and unacceptable. we have to get you to where you need to go. you are watching highway 24. a little while ago you asked me if it was quiet. but now we're beginning to see a couple of things. it doesn't take long.
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for things to change. is take a look at highway 24 westbound. more people are on the road. i would not say it is terrible. it is going to be slow. slow traffic between concorde in walnut creek. this commute definitely feels better and more hopeful if you are want to get there within a reasonable amount of time. the bay bridge backed up to the maze. i have to do a shout out to my photographer friends. it is going to be nice and clear weather. last night's sunset was great. is take a look at 680. there is a crash walking one of the lanes and traffic is low. driving south getting out of pleasanton -- on the way to fremont. we do have mostly clear skies. there is still some activity coming along the coast.
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overall generally clear and cold. we start off with sunshine in the morning. some clouds this afternoon. isolated showers to the north. but yesterday i think windsor took the honors. a couple of hail photos. there was also a photo earlier. it was a crazy held events in windsor. now it is 29 degrees. also santa rosa, cloverdale and napa. we mentioned this coming down out of the north. northern sonoma and napa -- probably not today. there is still energy coming across. the main focus is on the coast from about napa they sell. toward santa cruz also to monterey. it is just skirting along. you can see traveling highway 1. it is heading right into the
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monterey peninsula. that will stay in the forecast through today. if some of this makes it over to the santa cruz mountains it might produce snow. there are reports in big sur. some areas toward santa cruz as well. right into monterey -- that one cell went out. carmel valley. there are others approaching. you could get off in on rain. 30s for the thames, 40s for some. there are a few 20s. lakeport 28, 31 napa, calistoga -- low 30s for some. 29 in windsor. bodega bay -- 39 degrees. 33 concorde. buchanan airports is 41. if you are away from the airport is 10 degrees colder. 31 walnut creek. northwest breeze will be with us today.
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everything will be out of the north or northwest. that's where the source of the cold air. that cold air over the ocean thames produces cloud cover and showers. the airflow coming down -- that will swing in a couple of disturbances. the one we get on sunday will be fast. they don't have a lot of rain but cold air. we will get some light rain to moderate rain -- nothing to heavy. these are projected amounts. 50s on the temperatures. it will stay this way through the weekend. very cool nights -- 30s and 40s. 50s on the highs. often on rain saturday. one more system sunday and monday. did we get a break. at least it is not going to be pouring. >> it could be worse.
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>> the party will go on regardless. still ahead major developments to bring you from iraq. he will talk about clashing as the us and iraqi forces recapture and airport there. the 49ers make more front office changes as we get closer to finding out if that guy colin kaepernick is coming back.
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the river through modesto is causing flooding. it reached 59 feet. about 4 feet over flood stage. it is caused by recent rain. the release of water from the don pedro reservoir in the national forest. homes along the river had been flooded. presidents are nervous about losing everything they half. >> we have nowhere to go. we have no place to live. we lose that we lose everything. >> dairy farmers along the river west of modesto have moved 2000 house to safety. they are worried the rain will
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hurt milk and almond production. almond orchards could be more vulnerable to disease. because of the extra moisture. the iraqi military back by us collisions said it has recapture mosul's airport. officials say iraqi forces came under heavy fire is they pushed onto the airport grounds. as part of a major assault the started five days ago to drive isis from mosul. thousands of emails detail close ties between the head of the epa and the fossil fuel industry. more than 7000 pages between scot pruitt and oil and gas executives. oklahoma's attorney general -- to fight environmental regulations. in one case executives helped him draft a letter he sent to the epa.
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the emails show his ties to conservative billionaire charles and david coke. >> union city police arrested a 17-year-old boy suspected of robbing a girl scout. police say he robbed a 12-year- old girl and her mother at gunpoint. they were selling cookies outside the safeway. he was arrested at james logan high school and reportedly confessed. officers raise $1000 in donations for the girl scout. they bought all the cookies she did not sell. commuters on highway 24th might have seen it. the highflying work happening and what this means for pg&e customers. more than 100 people are staying in this evacuation center forced out by the flood in san jose. by monday they don't know where they are going to be.
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we can see traffic is getting busier in some areas already. including here on the san mateo bridge. we have some good visibility. clear skies for the most part and cold this morning. temperatures in the 30s. in our suvs,
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars,
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you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. take a look at pictures we took it in a neighborhood in windsor. in sonoma county. a viewer sends us this after a hailstorm. it looks like light snow on the ground. the roads were covered yesterday afternoon. it lasted 10 minutes. >> there is so much snow in the sierra -- several ski resorts will stay open until 4 july.
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squall valley, alpine meadows reports 47 feet or more. mt. rose ski resort 53 feet. many resorts expect this will be there longest ski season ever. and will stay open until june. let's hope they can make up for five years of slow business. i feel weird dumping the water from my salad spinner onto the pot by the front door. now it is a habit -- >> yes it is a rain year. next year could be dry. always conserve. >> mammoth will stay open until the fourth as well. they have a lot of snow as well. unless it melts fast -- we hope not. we have clear skies unless you are on the san mateo coast. certainly well to the north. otherwise it is clear and cold.
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everything is dropping from the north. visibility is very good. extremely cold air moving right over the ocean. triggering a little bit of scattered shower activity. we will keep that in the san mateo santa cruz -- it goes down to monterey. we do have some of that on highway 1. san mateo coast. and into monterey occasionally they rotate through. 32 napa airport. a few 20s to the north. hayward's 39. berkeley is at 37. on the peninsula 36 menlo park. woodside -- 35. sent carlos 38. northwest direction a breezy day. it won't be very warm. temperatures today in the 50s. the next four or five days
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everything comes from the north and northwest including our weekend rain. it is not going to be a lot. it will keep us cold. middle 50s on the hyper today. we have slowed traffic. at the maze and at the toll plaza. a couple of issues have popped up. i think it is a decent commute. especially in regard to what we have had the past few days. let's take a look at the freeway. san mateo bridge westbound 92. not a bad drive. it looks pretty good. driving out to the dumbarton bridge traffic. as you drive over. a lot of people on their. once you have had a few days of that commute this normal commute is just fine. bay bridge toll plaza 15-20 minutes. carpool lanes are looking good. this is a banner day for photographers. look at the pretty colors. you can go out there on sunrise
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or sunset and bring your code -- camera. put it on prolonged exposure. that is good living. southbound 680 f purnell. they are clearing an accident. traffic is backed up at pleasanton. evacuation orders are still in effect in san jose affecting thousands. >> some will spend another night in emergencies but different shelters. james lick high school. >> reporter: even if the water received this week some of these homes might still be too damaged or too dirty to return home. there is 164 in evacuees here at james lick the spent the night. some of them are saying they were caught off guard by the flood. they left their homes with just a few items. donations are coming in.
6:34 am
with the people dropping off warm clothes at the evacuees showed up in wet clothing. she says her apartment along the coyote creek is still submerged in flood waters. contaminated and uninhabitable. veranda last night had a surprise reunion with a couple who was dropping off donations. the woman was her niece who she had not seen in two decades. >> what was your reaction? >> i was happy to see her. we have not seen each other into many years. i lost her number. >> over at the evergreen valley high school evacuation center last night a father received good news. he was able to go home with his son. he was evacuated as a precaution on the water rose quickly. there was no damage to his apartment. he considers himself lucky.
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, monday this particular shelter and the other one is not going to be available beuse the kids will be coming back from winter vacation. school has to be in session. some churches and a few mosques have said they are willing to open up for a shelter. nothing official has been announced. a landslide in a remote part of the east bay is getting a lot of attention. >> it is a way from home and roles. it is causing serious problems for pg&e. a look at the problems that could affect traffic on 24 which is very busy.>> reporter: right now you can see behind us traffic in both directions on highway 24 moving smoothly. the has been a problem in recent weeks drivers slowing down to stare at 2 cranes parked on the shoulder. we can show you a video -- you
6:36 am
noticed them before. they're located in the eastbound direction on the shoulder. the cranes are there to catch overhead power lines just in case they should fall. why are pg&e worried? further up the hill there is a landslide threatening a high voltage transmission tower. this is an aerial view. the tower is in a remote location up in the hills. hard to access by vehicles. it is not near any homes. so far helicopters have been hauling -- up to the hilltop to build a temporary backup that pg&e can connect the wires to shoot the transmission power -- tower go out service. the cranes are here out of an abundance of caution as they try to shore up the tower. they are hoping drivers keep your eyes on the road and don't
6:37 am
get distracted. north of here in lake county there is a local state of emergency. clear lake has overflowed -- it covers part of library park. more than 200 people have been forced to evacuate. one man who lives in the mobile home park says before he had to go to higher ground he raised furniture. he moved to things he could not take with him a foot off the floor. he is worried about more rain in the forecast this weekend.>> we might have to go back and take the boat back in. it might need to go higher. you always have that fear of losing your tv in bed. i won't know that for a few days. >> emergency workers out there preparing for the worst. even in dry weather that lake received just one and a half
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inches a day. the lake level right now is that 10 1/2 feet. 18 inches higher than flood stage. a new tool to help police crackdown on shootings. three new surveillance cameras have been installed. on interstate 80. they are hoping they will help solve shootings when they happen. and prevent shootings similar to the one that plague the 80 and 2015. the shooters made a quick getaway with few witnesses to help solve the crime. >> sp's of 65 or in excess it is hard for witnesses to get accurate ascription of what occurred or even recall the incident. so with these cameras we will be able to go back and get an accurate vehicle description.>> san pablo has more than 100 surveillance cameras along city streets.
6:39 am
they are monitored 24 hours a day. the system is identical to the one in pittsburgh. they installed cameras were there have been shootings. a man is in jail for the death of a community activist who spent his life rescuing young people from street violence enrichment. lantern kelly died last week. after being injured in a fight with another man. police arrested 49-year-old kevin jackson. he was booked on charges of murder. kelly started the foundation mentoring young people. after his son terrance was murdered. turns with a star football player. he was killed two days before he was to leave to play football for the university of oregon. it's been a month since san francisco's new police chief william scot was sworn into office. became to the bay area from los angeles. the department is implementing several reforms. just got to sit down today with us for the first time during our 4 pm newscast. he will talk about the goals he
6:40 am
has for the department. i will also get a chance to meet him to sit down with him. i will show you what he says tomorrow. commute traffic has been especially congested. what many drivers could be doing differently that could potentially alleviate some of that congestion. amazon continues to branch out. what we found out about their plans for new grocery stores. we are seeing traffic is going to be busy. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. maybe a little windy and cold. pretty big improvement over the last few days. we do have mostly clear skies. a little cold for some. we will get clouds later. a few showers on the coast. 37 and berkeley this morning.
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just about 13 minutes ago the markets open. last week -- 30 year fixed rate mortgage fell to 4.15%. the dow jones is up slightly. nasdaq down by a points. we will watch stock throughout the day. goldman sachs is warning investors the party could come
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to an end. the dow jones is up 13%. a top economist for golden -- tax cuts and regulation rollbacks of energize investors. they might have reached maximum optimism. serious tax cuts will not happen until 2018. there appears to be no plan or the spring on how or when obamacare could get replaced. other priorities are likely to get delay. things are breaking in terms of money -- banks. the three biggest banks chase, tank of america and wells fargo took in more than $6.4 million last year. for atm and overdraft fees. is $25 for every adult american. you can avoid paying the fees by using in network atms. you can set up and overdraft protection for your checking account. more details about amazon's
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secret plan to open supermarkets that would not have checkout lanes. they have applied for liquor licenses for a grocery store drive-through in seattle. customers will place their food orders online and pick them up at the drive-through within a specific window. they will be working on plans for two similar grocery stores in silicon valley. they have declined to comment. there was testimony by a lead investigator in the murder trial of the man accused of killing missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamarr. that investigator revealed garcia torres and sierra lamarr had mutual friends. the first time we have heard of any possible link between the 2. attorneys for garcia torres said their client never met sierra lamarr. prosecutors say he kidnapped and killed her on her way to school in march 2012. her body has never been found.
6:46 am
if he is convicted he could get the death penalty. the warriors hope to start the second half with a big victory against the clippers. they hope to dominate after beating them 144-98. golden state will have reinforcements. david west is expected to be back. chris paul is also clear to play after surgery. the 49ers general manager and head coach kyle shanahan met with colin kaepernick. he left the meeting excited -- it seems like kaepernick is in a good place. he added the evaluation process will continue. kaepernick can opt out of his contract as early as next week. they could release him to avoid paying his salary this year. you want a direct answer --
6:47 am
i will say compared to the last few days of commuting today is much better. as we go to the maze there is slow traffic. we don't have rain or when. you do need to be careful about went on some bridges. i would say it is a decent commute. considering what we have had. it is slow at this time of the morning. with a look at the toll plaza. you are waiting 20-30 minutes within the realm of what you expect. will commuters hate is things they don't expect. that is what makes them late. southbound 680 -- you will see the traffic is going to be slow. as we pull back and look at 880 southbound it is slow from 238 down into union city. dumbarton bridge does not look back. sunrise over the big city. it is cold out there. a few 20s. went is 29.
6:48 am
mostly sunny but there are some clouds along the coast. we will get some later on today. a mix of sun and the morning and clouds in the afternoon. probably not the thunderstorm activity we had yesterday. also cloverdale in napa -- still energy rotating. closer though over to the san mateo and santa cruz coastline going into monterey. if you're heading down to the monterey peninsula -- it is raining. half moon bay -- looks to be the main action. 30s on the temperatures for many. 40s for some -- hayward is 39. 31 -- 37 kelsey bill. there are a few 20s as well.
6:49 am
there is a decent north or northwest breeze that will continue throughout the day. all the way until the weekend we will get cold air. we won't be that warm. the cold air over the water would trigger isolated showers. the airflow is coming). that will keep it on the chilly side. the next two systems over the weekend will not have a lot of moisture. they will give us some cold rain and maybe snow levels as well. starting off with mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy an isolated showers later. another day will be a getting a break. we will take that into friday. some rain on saturday, sunday and monday. two hands on the road will -- wheel dodging potholes.
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y a long-term fix might not come anytime soon. over 200 years old -- the new beginning for the presidio. (vo) what if this didn't
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transportation officials want to hear about changes needed and how to finance them. today's for both from 9 am until 5 pm. tomorrow from 9 am until noon. they are being held at the metro center in san francisco. a bridge in big sur that has been cracked will have to be replaced. the pfeiffer canyon bridge bridge is beyond repair. it is been closed since last week's after cracks caused it to start thinking. it will take six months to build a new bridge. it means drivers can no longer take the complete highway 1 scenic route. president. trump's new immigration policies were the topic of discussion last night at a community forum. the panel included actor danny glover. public defender jeff, in an immigration judge. the guidance memos issued from the department of homeland security called for more border agents -- for detentions of
6:54 am
people in the country illegally. the immigration courts are already struggling to keep up with a huge backlog of cases.>> the immigration courts for many years is not have sufficient funding. to be able to hear every case with the amount of attention it deserves.>> the judge says right now there are 300 immigration judges and field course all the country dealing with a half-million pending cases. in chicago school principals have been told not to let federal immigration agents into their schools without a criminal warrant. public school officials are urging the principal to keep immigration agents outside and to avoid sharing any student records with those agents. a federal judge has brought the california law the highest the ages of actors and
6:55 am
entertainment professionals -- the website to remove the actors ages. the law was signed to prevent age discrimination. the law infringed on the first amendment by preventing them from publishing factual information. on his public website. spacex made a 250 mile hike delivery at the international space station. in navigation delayed the problem -- the to journey. the dragon cargo ship delivered 5000 pounds of supplies. another shipment from russian will arrive tomorrow. the ongoing battle between nature and technology -- the state-run tv network in china released footage of a siberian tiger taking down an aerial drone. officials at a tiger preserve use drones to keep the animals -- their running after the
6:56 am
drones. they get their exercise. one tiger was able to jump up and actually not the drone out of the air. he tasted it a little bit. park officials came and could only retrieve what was left of the drone. >> i don't think there is much. san francisco's presidio is opening a visitor center. in an old army jail. ribbon-cutting will be held. brightener the bus stop. we had an early tour of the new center. the building dates from 1900 -- he went through a $5 million probation. there is still bars on the windows. lines on the floor outlining the old cells. organizers say this is the start of a new presidio experience. even for a long time people who have lived here.
6:57 am
>> even people who have lived in grown up in san francisco. the presidio is foreign territory. being a military base for so long people did not come here. is actually new for a lot of people who have lived here all their lives. this building is open seven days a week. nancy pelosi will cut the ribbon later today. we continue our coverage of san jose flood disaster. we will look at where water levels are and where evacuation orders are in place. insurance deputy and alameda county in critical condition hit by a bus. up next -- what was involved that might have played a role in the accident. (vo) my name's nick
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and i make dog chow in denver, colorado. one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch. i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day. >> water is starting to recede in some neighborhoods. returning home, the difficulties are just beginning. this and more next on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. taking a live look at one
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neighborhood in san jose in the area of 19th and williams street. this is the williams street park neighborhood. you can see an awful lot of mud, an awful lot of landscaping, debris on the sidewalk. the one thing that you don't see here, dave, that we have seen for the past two days at least is water. so many neighborhoods were under water. cars flooded out. water inside homes. people being evacuated by boats. this is the scene at williams and 19th. our crew has been busy driving through san jose. many of the spots that were under water yesterday are now drying out. talk about -- think about the flooring and the carpets and the beds and everything that you own that might have to be replaced. the situation continues certainly. we will bring in alex savidge for a live report in moments. there are still 5,000 people under evacuation orders. first we welcome you back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, february 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. good morning to you. it is


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