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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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that's what you call a beautiful live picture of the bay bridge this morning. i'm sorry the golden gate looks beautifuli am seeing a lot of lights of traffic this morningit's chilly. sal we'll talk about the commute and steve has the weatherwelcome to mornings on 2, friday, february 24.>> i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off this morning. it's a chilly morning>> somewhat say it's cold >> a lot of 30s. it is clear out there. that's the good news. we will have a lot of sunshine today. temperatures struggling to get above 57. a weak system will approach tomorrow. it does not look like it is going to phase with this other system. if you're heading to spring
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training it's clear but cold30 some attempts, many 30s around the bay on the peninsula. san carlos and san mateo at 38, we are in there as well. 38 las vegas, 16 flagstaff, phoenixes 45. san diego a bone chilling 49. some systems coming down won't be here until over the weekend. until then enjoy the sunshine. we have a lot of 50s. below average today. we have traffic that is a little better than it has been the first four days of the week. we are hoping it stays that way. we will start off this time with the tracy commute. we can look at traffic that is slow coming in over the altamont pass. you can see traffic is slowing down as you drive right through the pass. especially before you make it to the wind depart. after you get past the altamont
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pass and looks pretty good getting into livermore. the east bay community is not badit looks good as you drive on 680 or 580 or even 880. as you drive past the coliseum it should be a nice-looking drive. let's move along and take a look at 880 in front of the coliseum. it does look goodat the bay bridge, once the bay bridge gets credit some of the other commits do too. at 5:02 am let's go back to the desk we are starting with the flood recovery and san jose. two more areas damage by floodwaters evacuees can el cajon >> there making progress. floodwaters continue to recede. later today the city will distribute free dumpsters to help people remove debris. as of this morning less than 1080 homes are still under mandatory evacuation. that's about 3800 people blocked from going home. so far or than 10,000 people have been allowed to go back
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home, but as anna smith tells us many people don't know what to do next. >> reporter: in the rock springs area of san jose crew spent the evening putting in a temporary hose to improve proper sewage flow. one family cleaning their belongings in the dark with no electricity.>> it's sad because everything is gone.>> reporter: these are just any belongings. it's her parents livelihood. holding a flashlight, 13-year- old davey helping her mother wipe down her makeup kit. her mother does hair and makeup for a living. her dad a mechanic, salvaging his tools. >> this was a lot of money. it's all in the trash. everything's gone. >> reporter: this refrigerator shows how hype the water level came. the garage and bathroom a muddy mess. to top it off they do not have flood insurance.>> for now i don't know what i'm going to do. i feel lost right now.>>
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reporter: they are not alone. families are packing what they can. dozens of cars are caked in mud. this area is under a mandatory evacuation, cities giving -- officials getting the green light for some families to go home.>> we continue to pump out water back into the creek channel, and we can say at this time that we are pretty much dry in all three parts.>> reporter: the city is focused on estimating the damage critical and requesting state and federal disaster relief money. families like the berrigan's are banking on that assistance. 's but now all of us are going to need to look for a new home.>> rescue crews took the horses to the san jose equine center yesterday. we were checked out for any
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possible health problems. the horses were housed in a stable and a rock springs neighborhood. their owners did tend to them during the storms. they rode in canoes to give the animals food and clean water. 20 other horses still need to be rescued. with all the rain we've had in california most of the state is now officially out of the drought. take a look at the side-by-side comparison showing the drought conditions right nowon the left compared to a year ago on the right. the us drought monitor report says less than 20 percent of the state still has drought conditions compared to a year ago when 90 percent of california had some form of drought. the alameda county sheriff's office is working to confirm whether a body discovered is that of 18-year- old jade a jenkins. she has been missing since her car crashed on january 21. a man walking his dogs along
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the trail came across the body just after 5:30 pm last night. authorities say they have not yet been able to can firm the identity of the body. they have notified jenkins family about the possible findings. a man link to a pursuit where a chp officer was killed in sacramento is due to appear in court this afternoon. 26-year-old albert are heroes of sacramento was arrested and booked on charges of stealing a motorcycle and then evading an officer. he is expected of being the motorcyclist that officer lucretia lou was chasing on wednesday. the officer was on his chp motorcycle when a car crossed in front of him. his motorcycle collided with the car and the officer was killed. >> yesterday there was this, at the chp academy a west sacramento they rang a bellhonoring officer shall lou. he was a seven year veteran of
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the chp. 31 years old, following in his father's footsteps. his father also worked for the chp. the officer leaves behind a wife and two young children the sheriff deputy who was hit by a bus and an east the jail parking lot has died. mike foley was hit by inmate transport us wednesday morning at the santa rita jail in dublin. a friend of foleys was actually driving the bus. before coming a sheriff's deputy fully worked for 30 years at the concord police department. last night his former colleagues remembered him as a mentor and a friend.>> he was absolutely that guy, when you came in as a rookie you looked up to him. he would go and help you out. he was the example. >> the chp is investigating the accident. the driver was going about 15 miles per hour and did not see fully who was wearing dark
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close. fully was 60 years old. he came from a law-enforcement family and relatives say his organs will be donated. santa clara county heading back against president trump's executive order to do the fund sanctuary cities. county officials want a federal court to block that order. in order that threatened to take away federal funding to approximately 400 sanctuary cities that don't help immigration authorities. the county officials held a news conference at valley medical center and county leaders argued that the constitution gives congress the power to determine where federal funds are allocated, not the president.>> without federal funding for women infant and children's program otherwise known as wake, thousands more women would not have the appropriate nutrition for their healthy pregnancy. thousands more children living in the county would suffer from poor nutrition.
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>> the santa clara county gets almost $1.7 billion every year in federal funding. without that money the county officials say they will face severe financial hardship, maybe even bankruptcy. a court hearing is set for april 5. president trump will address the nation's largest gathering of conservative activists later this morning in washington. the president is due to address a conservative political action and contrast. he will do that in just a couple hours. yesterday the group heard from steve bannon, one of the most controversial figures in the white house, who rarely speaks in public. he said the trump administration is in a battle to deconstruct washington.>> the way the progresses left runs is that they can't get it passed. they will put in some regulation in an agencythat will all be deconstructed.>> president trump will be the first president since ronald reagan did it to addressee pack during his first year in office. new train cars are
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turning out to be heavier than expected. the agency has to re-calculate how much those cars will weigh when they are full of passengers. bar says it is working with the manufacturer to lower the weight of those cars. one engineer has studied bart for decades say those heavier cars could put stress on the systems infrastructure.>> the cars are actually part of the demand and post on the system, but the real concern is focused on the capacity or ability of the system. in this case aerial structures, to support the weight.>> bart says starting next week an engineer is going to inspect 30 aerial structures for safety. the agency says it's confident that even fully loaded the carswell lane -- carswell weigh less than the trained being
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used today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. california lawmakers say they are standing by transgender students. the lbgt caucus gathered yesterday in sacramento condemning president trump for reversing the roles that allowed transient her students to use the school bathroom of their choice. the lawmakers trust that transgender students are still protected under california law. the trump administration says the issue of transgender bathrooms should be left up to the states. california passed a law back in 2013 allowing students to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity. caitlyn jenner is taking presidents trump's attack for the results of of the
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director of transgender access to public school bathrooms. she posted a video last night on twitter.>> finally i have a message for president trump from one republican to another. this is a disaster. you can still fix it. you made a promise to protect the lbgtq community. call me. >> in the video jenner also criticizes attorney general jeff sessions for his role in the transgender bathroom protection. the times 5:15 am. you're busy watching the bridges.>> that's right dave. the gilroy commute just looking at it off-camera. let me show you what i am
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looking at. my computerize map system as we push in, you can see that traffic will be busy on highway 101. not stopping go as you drive all the way into the valley. you can see traffic here is okay. how we have been looking at the commutes, and we see the road centers are green. green means there is not a lot of slow traffic. sometimes there is red and yellow and that means slow and slower. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. also for the dunbarton bridge it looks good to the peninsula. when you get over to the other side highway 101 are looking good and kishor catching a flight. there should be a problem on highway 101 through san bruno and millbrae. there's a light delay on the bay bridge. 5:30 am is when the lights come on. we are hoping it might even be lighter today. let's bring stephen. >> because it was so busy earlier this week i did not get the opportunity to say happy 84th birthday to my father.>>
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oh my, congratulations to him. is he watching? >> of course he is. we went out to lunch yesterday. he told me wonderful stories. >> as you get older you get up earlier and earlier. it's true. we have clear skies, it's cold out there. on the clotting measure it is darn cold. we will have lots of sunshine todaya couple of systems, to be honest with you, the models they keep backing off on the preset. there will be some preset up on the weekend. it is going to stay cold. if you're heading down to spring training it is clear but cold. it was warmer through much of the country yesterday than it was down in phoenix and scottsdale. toronto was 63, phoenix was 63. it is chilly down there. 30s on the temps, 40s for some, fremont is at 36. 32 in menlo park, los altos is
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very close 37 in san mateo. hillsboro 38, montero is at 39. 36 tucson, 45 phoenix, flagstaff at 16, las vegas 38. 49 in san diego, los angeles it's 47. that is cold. global cooling. we do have systems continuing to come down out of the north. there's the system over here, originally these models were phased. now they are not doing that. they keep most of it off of the coast. eventually it's loads -- slides in a weaker system late saturday and sunday. we will get cloud cover and some shower activity. it doesn't look like it's going to be much. today it was nice, mornings cold, in the 50s later on. some rain mainly offshore, you can see on the rainfall it starts saturday morning up
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north. saturday night a little bit moves through. there is not a lot here. maybe a quarter or a third of an inch. sunday night the next system comes into monday. all signs point to clearing in a gradual warm-up for the rest of the week. this is small compared to what we have had the last couple weeks. a little bit of rain but not a lot. mid-fifties on the temps today. 57 in oakland, 57 san jose, 57 santa cruz, and today will be nice. good visibility, tomorrow increasing clouds. we want you to take a look at this video from the chp. it's a helicopter in the sierra that shows a snowboarder. even his arms say please get me out of this cold snow. he spent the night on a
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mountain. that is 32-year-old aaron you. he veered off and separated from his friend late tuesday night as the snowstorm hit the mounds. he was able to text his friends who notified the ski patrol. the conditions were so bad that rescuers had to wait to go get him until wednesday morning.>> it was scary. it was probably one of the longest coldest and darkest nights of my life.>> he spent the night under a tree for shelter. he was treated for frostbite on two of his fingers, and then he flew back home to los angeles. he says he learned a valuable lesson about mother nature's power. he says he has nothing but restart -- respect for the people who saved his life. denying claims of deceit, how federal agents are responding to santa cruz county officials who say immigration raids took place on their false pretenses. up next, the investigation into the actions of an off-duty la
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-- lapd police officer. what led him to pull out his gun during this confrontation with a group of teenagers.
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police and malaysia say preliminary test shows a deadly nerve gas or agent reportedly was used to kill the half- brother of north korean leader kim jong. a woman from vietnam and in indonesia woman were arrested in the case. in north korean man is also in
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custody. here's a video. the two women are suspected of rubbing vx nerve agent on kim jong nam's face. protesters in malaysia now want their government to cut diplomatic ties with north korea because of that incident. spike anaheim police chief says the department is reviewing video between -- a group of teenagers and a cop. the officer and a group of teens who walk across his front yard. anaheim police say during the confrontation a 13-year-old boy allegedly threatened the officer. the officer then decided to hold the teen until backup arrived. there was then another altercation between the officer. you can see the teenagers, he pulled out a gun and he did open fire.>> while physically detaining the juvenile several houses away for the initial incident began several older
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juveniles became involved in a physical altercation. at least two juveniles physically assaulted the officer and knocked him to the ground.>> nobody was hurt in the shootinginvestigators determined that the officer shot at the ground. the los angeles police department is also conducting its own internal investigation into the incident. two teens were arrested. they have since been released. there arrested spark violent protests on the street today in anaheim. and outside of the officer's home on wednesday night. a suspect is dead is washington dc and to dc police officers are recovering from injuries after a shootout last night. we still do not know the circumstances surrounding the shooting. we do know the injuries to the two officers are non-life threatening. a weapon was recovered there at the scene. we still do not know what led up to that shooting. a month on the job and you talk to san francisco's news police chief. very interesting. >> up next, the san francisco chief bill scott talks about
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issues like sanctuary cities, and how president trump's immigration policy is affecting san francisco.>> very strong reactions to some of the executive orders. they impact us in many ways.>> coming up in 12 minutes i will let you hear more of my sitdown interview with chief william scott. and what he wants everybody to know about when enforcing immigration laws. in our suvs,
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. it is friday, fairbury 24th.>> i'm dave clark. it's cold this morning. steve paulson has the weather. he is working on it. he can tell you what is happening. >> it's fresh out there. it's brisk and nice.>> nice? that's not the word i would use.>> my computer is still loading. it was 63 yesterday in toronto. warmest february day ever. it was also 63 in phoenix, and mcallen texas it was 101. it's february right? we have clear skies, and it's cold. temperatures and 30s.
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a few 20s up north. keeping an eye up north as well. that will be the source of our weekend change. there will be very low snow levels. it looks good for california and much of the west. it is cold. 33 santa clara, 32 bookends. 33 four -- 47 la, 36 in bakersfield, and if you're off to spring training it is dry. very cool, 35 to 46. it looks good until tomorrow. cloud cover in here and a little bit of rainit will stay on the cold side. temperatures will be in the 50s. we will get light rain late saturday and into sunday. 50s on the high today. still quiet or something going on? >> what we do have hasn't had a
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major impact on the morning commute. let's start off with 80 westbound you can see traffic through the vallejo area. the celano commute doesn't look bad as you drive west on 80. as you head out to the car keenes bridge. when you get to the car keenes bridge and we get out to the area here traffic is moving along okay the commute direction is the other way. these days the commute direction is every way. just watch for slow traffic there. also looking now at the commute at the macarthur maze coming around the corner it doesn't look too bad. driving to the bay bridge toll plaza when you get to the bay bridge meteor -- the lights did turn on. there's a backup of 5 to 10 minutes before you make it onto the span. as we begin this day there is still about 3800 people in san jose who can't go home yet.>> most of them have
5:32 am
stayed with family or friends. some are still sleeping and the cities to emergency shelters. our reporter is outside at one of the evacuation centers. >> reporter: there are fewer people staying in these evacuation centers tonight. the red cross is about 144 people stayed at the james like high school, the other high school evergreen high school has only about 10. they were talking about consolidating these two evacuation centers. coming monday the shelters will not be available because students will return to school from winter break. supervisors do promise they are working on a new shelter. hopefully by this weekend. one family has spent three nights at the shelter. they shared their third meal delivered by the salvation army last night. jamie montiel was home in the floodwaters came onto her street. she did take some cell phone
5:33 am
videos before she was evacuated. she said her husband's car and her car were submerged in floodwater.>> my baby keep saying i want to go home. what can i say? i don't have a home. i still have my son.>> jamie hasn't been able to get to her job. a friend drives her husband to his construction job in oakland each day. there is mounting frustration at the evacuation center over whether the apartments and houses will still be livable after all of this is over. if they have to move, where they can go, that is affordable. the red cross says it is going to be having some caseworker stop by the evacuation center to give some advice and talk to people about what their options may be. they will be showing up in some of the neighborhoods for some of the folks that have able to get back home. the time is
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5:33 amwork crews are strengthening levees in the central valley to protect valuable farmland. the rain forced operators of dams to release more water downstream. that could cause creeks and rivers to swell up and threaten the 1600 miles of levees in the central valley. the state conservation corps is working with engineers to put more rocks out there on the levees to prevent flooding.>> california senator, harris is calling on congress to address our nation's infrastructure. senator harris toured the oroville dam yesterday. crews are working nonstop using rock and concrete to harden the emergency spillway. the threat of a catastrophic flood prompted the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people. harris's emergency clearly shows the urgent need to deal with infrastructure problems across the country. a 20- year-old man is diagnosed as autistic is due back in court on monday. it's in connection with the standing of a school administrator in berkeley.
5:35 am
his name is angel juarez. he was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. this happened on tuesday. at the vs center. investigators say that juarez who is a student there ran from the scene. he was later arrested . the injured administrator is out of the hospital now. police and berkeley say that juarez blamed her because he recently lost his job. a man and fillet hopeland not guilty to manslaughter charges and connected -- in connection with the -- a local community activist. mr. kelly died last week. the family members and friends say he suffered a head injury after apparently being punched during a gathering in vallejo. mr. kelly started a foundation to mentor young people and help shape the lives of hundreds of young people after his own son was shot and killed
5:36 am
in richmond.>> it is a loss for everyone. it's a loss for the kids. it's a loss for every child that was going to be in the angels program. the program will still go on, but they will not have landry.>> landry kelly started his mentorship program in honor of his son terrance. he was a star football player and de la high high school. he was shot and killed days before leaving richmond to attend the university of oregon on the football scholarship a $50,000 award is being offered by the family of up college baseball player who was shot and killed in san francisco's quanta park six months ago.>> i can't say how much i miss him. i need somebody to come forward.>> the father of calvin riley hopes the money will lead to an arrest and conviction.
5:37 am
the announcement came during a visual last night in san mateo that included many of the younger players on the baseball team where riley attended high school.>> [ singing ]i never saw him yell or get mad at anyone. he was the nicest kid in the world. i hope forever a smile for him.>> riley was shot in the back on the night of august 6. he was playing pokemon go. police released a sketch as a possible suspect. they identified two vehicles of interest. a dark color car with an unknown make and model. investigators believe that riley's killing was random. the time is 5:37 am. the trump administration indicates it will increase enforcement of federal law that bans the recreational use of marijuana.>> i think that when you see something like the
5:38 am
opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people. >> california and seven other states including the district of columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use. california businesses will be able to sell to recreational users beginning january 2018. that is a potential conflict with federal authorities.>> the day that we are allowed to serve adults we will serve adults. if the federal government wants to take action against test, -- we have taken the preparations that we can.>> the trump administration says it is only targeting the use of recreational marijuana. not medical marijuana. it could be a tough fight was 17 more states considering legal measures that would legalize the recreational use
5:39 am
of marijuana. despite crowded trains during peak commute hours the number of people who ride part could -- bart is actually going down.>> our reporter is live@a bart station. >> reporter: walnut creek does get packed. commuters are starting to roll in. for the people who do go into the peak commute who pack in the trains the east bay time is reporting that barre is reporting an overall five percent drop below what he projected. weekend trips took the biggest hit with a nine percent drop in ridership. the time is reporting that agency is facing a $5 million shortfall for the first half of the fiscal year. and an operating revenue that could commit a $15-$25 million below what was budgeted. bart has arty instituted a hiring freeze. they are asking departments to
5:40 am
cut the money it spends on consultants. the board may have to take more drastic measures going forward. all ideas we are hearing are on the table to make up for that shortfall including a possible fare increase. a review of discounts offered to the elderly and disabled and possible cuts to early-morning service. we will look to talk with writers here at bar to get a sense of what they think about this projected shortfall. this possibility of having a higher fare in the future. we will talk with bart to get a sense of what they're going to do to make up on the budget shortfall. last night i had a rare one-on-one sitdown interview with san francisco's new police chief william scott. he's been on the job for a month now. he comes to the bay area after 27 years with the lapd. chief scott knows he has many challenges like coming into the department as an outsider, gaining the trust of officers,
5:41 am
and san francisco's commitment to being a sanctuary city and not collaborating with federal immigration authorities.>> our job is to enforce our city and our state, and our nations laws . that does not include immigration. that's a federal responsibility. we want people to feel comfortable that when they call the san francisco police department we are not coming to question their immigration status.>> stay right here with us throughout today's mornings on 2. i will let you hear more with chief scott's interview with me. including the reasons for taking the job, and the role his family who he loves has played in his decision to move to san francisco. still ahead this morning, google versus huber. a battle between the two companies over driverless cars. coming up at 6 am, how one
5:42 am
engineer is at the center of a major controversy. >> are you eating of -- enough of the right foods? will tell you about recommendations on how much fruit and vegetables you should eat to stay healthy. >> it slow in some areas. we are looking at the commute to the tunnel on 24. you can see on the way up to the tunnel it's getting more crowded heading west on 24. >> it's cold out there this morning. we are looking for a nice looking friday. what about the weekend? any changes, yes, but not that bad.
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5:44 am
spectra department of homeland security is denying that it misled santa cruz authorities during a rave last week. 12 people are alleged grain -- gang members. homeland security says the other 10 people were targeted because of their immigration
5:45 am
status. they have all been released. the santa cruz police chief says the department was led to believe that the raid only targeted gang members. federal officials insist they did inform the police department ahead of time that immigration detentions were part of the raid plan. makes messages yesterday from the trump administration about its border policy. the secretary of homeland security john kelly was in mexico. he promised the united states military will not be involved in deportations.>> let me be very clear, there will be no mass deportations. everything we do in dhs will be done legally, and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the united states.>> hours earlier president trump described stepped-up deportations as a quote military operation. the white house later explained the president trump meant it
5:46 am
would be done with military precision. secretary of state rex tillerson who was also in mexico tried to downplay some other differences. let's go out to south kasten for a look at how this friday commute is shaping up. >> we have a look at the 580 commute in tracy triangle. we do have slow traffic thereif you are driving on 580 westbound as you drive over the hill you will see stop and go traffic. it's more along the lines of normal traffic after getting on the freeway in livermore it looks okay. you can see traffic is not going to be too bad. southbound 880 we had an earlier accident near amaretto miles. it has been cleared. traffic is slow coming out of hayward to union city. it should take a little while for this to undo it self. now that all the lanes are open. let's look at the san mateo
5:47 am
bridge. the traffic care looks good through the peninsula. we had an accident earlier coming off the richmond bridge. if you're driving over to the east bay from her and you might want to give yourself an extra few minutes. the bay bridge is backed up. let's go to steve now with today's forecast.>> we do have clear skies here. we will show you some of the snow totals for the season so far. it's clear and cold. mount rose, 636 inches of snow for the season. i will do the math for you that's 53 feet. sugar bowl, 620, laurel 584. that snow has to go somewhere. this -- let's hope we don't get a big early spring snow. we are at the end of february.
5:48 am
there is a lot more to come. it's all good on the sierra. pretty quiet right now. we will have changes on the weekend. i don't think saturday system will do much. the sunday one will give them a round of snow. we have a weak system trying to drop in. it will not -- impact us today. it does not look like the system is going to phase with a warmer system. if it did we would have widespread rain. 30s for manny, 32 rent -- berkeley is at 37. 32 santa clara. 30 and scotts valley. boulder creek at 31. 30s for the valley including bakersfield. many of you heading off to spring training right now. it's clear but cold45 in phoenix and 36 in tucson. flagstaff 16, the system i'm talking about is out here.
5:49 am
it looks like it will stay offshore. maybe a better opportunity for rain on the coast on saturday. there is not a lot here. it's cold this morning. it will stay on the cool side even with the sunshine. a colder system drops in. sunday it looks like a better opportunity. the rainfall protection i'm using the euro model. it's a little wetter than the gfs. a third of an inch in santa rosa and san jose. maybe some low snow levels. watch how the system stays offshore. there is still some up here on saturday. especially to the north. we clear out sunday and bring the next impulse down sunday afternoon and sunday night into early monday. that could give us some very low snow levels. maybe down to 2500 feet. 50s on the temps today.
5:50 am
temperatures in the south will not be that much warmer, 55 to 57. clear and cold tonight. clouds rolling in on saturday. we get a break next week.>> you are saying there are places for claudine to ski? >> plenty.>> that will not be a problem this winter. the international space station has a new stock of supplies this morning. a robotic russian cargo ship arrived at the space station a few hours ago to deliver nearly 3 tons of supplies. the ship is the second cargo ship to arrive at that station in as many days. a space x capsule made a delivery yesterday. how about those warriors? they beat the la clippers last night. 123 heiko 113. their first game since the all- star break. it took the warriors some time to get rolling.
5:51 am
warriors scored 50 points. first time since 2014 that anybody in the mba has done that. they had 35 points from both staff and kevin durant. it was the warriors 50 point. since 1989. the fourth time in team history. and just hours from now the san francisco giants will step up to the plate for their first official spring training game of the season. they will take on the cincinnati reds it starts afternoon in scottsdale arizona. >> it's nuts to be able to come in and use spring training for what it's for. and not have to tax yourself an off-season.>> the giants are playing today, oakland fans going to have to wait to tomorrow for their first game. did you hear about
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it's 5:54 amfor years you've been told each are fruits and vegetables. now there's a new study that says you need to eat even more. the study says 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables they give you a long life. london researcher saying eating those 10 servings means reducing your risk of heart disease by 24 percent. stroke by 33 percent, and also reducing the risk of cancer and premature death. right now five servings of produce a day is what health experts are recommending. this study researchers say 10 is even better. the academy awards are happening this weekend. the red carpet is ready. the final preparations are underway. it is the 88th annual academy awards and it takes place sunday. at adobe theater in hollywood. the films include 14 n. -- nominations. comedy oscars will the film take home when the oscars are
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handed out. it is facing tough competition like from fixes -- fences. expect you won't see beyonce performing at this year's coachella music festival. she is under doctor's orders. slow down her busy schedule. you know she is pregnant. she has pulled out of coachella. she was due to headlined coachella april 15 and on the 22nd. we don't know yet who will replace her. the festival says she will be back to headline next year's festival. beyonce's last big performance was at the grammy awards. she probably displayed her pregnancy. you know she and jay-z are having twins. way to go. nearly 4000 people still out of their homes this  morning. coming up we will be live in san jose with the latest on the evacuation. more on the cleanup with this week's flooding.>> later on a drop in tobacco sales. we will tell you what helped
5:57 am
people quit. >> good morning we have traffic that is just moderate. nothing major. look at on the other side of the richmond bridge. see over there on the top there is an overturned car just around the corner. traffic is slower than it usually is heading over this way.>> cold this morning but it will be a nice day. what about the weekend? changes but not a total washout.
5:58 am
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good morning. the time now is almost 6 o'clock. we are still talking about the long and difficult cleanup in the south bay. san jose flood victims, a lot of them still trying to get back to their home.>> a possible break in the search for a missing bay area teenager. what investigators told the family of 18-year-old jade a jenkins. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu , more on 2.
6:00 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, february 24. i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. it is chilly outside. it is dry.>> i would concur. there will be a little rain on the weekend, but not much. there might be a dusting of snow on the bay area hills. some of the totals coming in for the season, norstar hundred 35 inches. sugar bowl 620, squaw valley 561, sierra tahoe 477, mount rose has 53 feet. last time i looked at the calendar we are still in february. we will see a break. some cloud cover will start to roll in and maybe some snow showers likely on the


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