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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 24, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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that some bart riders may not be happy about. 7:00, a busy friday. we'll start you with live pictures from center road. this is where mandatory evacuations are still underway for thousands of people for those who are able to return. this is what they're finding in their neighborhoods. work trucks trying to clean up the mess and mud left behind. children's playgrounds taped off and piles of debris, dave, many of them coming home to find not much to salvage because so much was flooded. it's been a week. thankfully it's friday, friday february 24th, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is over there. would you believe me if i told you it's cold out there? no, some of the cold air
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working its way up. many 30s and reports of frost this morning. a cold 35 in martinez but beautiful weather at the martinez marina, thanks to joe for this picture. there are a lot of temperatures coming in in the low 30s, even a couple of upper 20s up north near lake port. reports from san francisco to kent field, maybe where you are as well, frost reports. mostly clear. weak system to the north that will start to move in towards mendocino county later tonight and tomorrow. not a big rain producer. flood warning continues at lake port. slow receding and a winter weather advisory is out parts of mendocino county. snow level down to 2,000 feet. 29 now in santa rosa. there's a lot of low 30s not far away. brentwood at 32. livermore at 33. san jose 38 on the coast.
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san rafael 37. on the peninsula, 32 in lass al los altos. many of you getting down to spring training, it's brisk and dry. 39 in tucson. 44 in phoenix. tucson was down to 36. 47 in san diego. 46 in la this morning. mostly sunny today. clouds moving in tomorrow. best opportunity for rain is late saturday into sunday night and monday. 50s on the temps staying there through the weekend as well. we have some slow traffic. some on the freeways taking a friday break. looks normal at the bay bridge. the traffic is moving along okay. no major problems but the traffic is going to be a bit slower. the traffic here is pretty normal. there is si slow down approaching the san mateo bridge because of westbound 92, an accident on the bridge.
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we're talking about that coming up. let's look at 880 northbound. the traffic is busy as you drive on 880 but it's not stop and go. i want to mention in foster city san mateo area, there was a crash on 92. that has slowed traffic coming off the san mateo bridge heading this way. the dunbar bridge which is having a good day, i would like to say that's a decent alternative route especially if it's not too far out of your way. 92 as you can see, i'll put the arrow on it, it's still slow. 7:03 back to the desk. >> the latest on the recovery effort on the way in san jose. extreme flooding earlier this week. 3800 people remain under a mandatory evacuation order but city leaders are allowing many evacuees to return to their homes to see what damage was done. 10,000 people have been allowed back home.
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ktvu sa lex savage with the latest on the clean up -- -- alex. >> reporter: there's no doubt, it's a long slow recovery for so many families here in san jose. the clean up along could take weeks, if not months, especially here in the rock springs neighborhood along coyote creek. this is an area hit especially hard by the flooding. this is north dale avenue off of center road. this entire neighborhood which was under water a couple of days ago is a muddy mess today. city crews have been out cleaning the mud from the streets. the city is also putting dumpsters out so people can throw away trash and debris. city crews working late in the night to install temporary sewage hose lines to help people in the area recover as people return to their homes. we saw the barrigan family cleaning their belongings until
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in their homes. the family is planning to find another place to live and trying to start over. . >> it's sad because everything is gone. so we have to start all over again. >> a lot of money in the trash, everybody is going on now. -- -- everything is gone now. >> there are mandatory evacuation orders in place. authorities are giving the okay for people to go back to their homes especially the williams street park area that has dried out. the mobile communities are dried out as well. the city now focused on tallying up the damage from this disaster. it will be many millions of dollars that have been spent here and that's going to help to request state and federal leave money. now as we bring you back out to a live picture, you can see the work continuing.
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city crews out here trying to do the clean up and get the sewage lines back up and running. city leaders are looking into why people living near coyote creek weren't told to evacuate earlier. water district officials say that they did give an alert to the city to say flood waters were rising on tuesday but it's unclear exactly why an emergency alert was not sent out to people. obviously a lot of questions to be asked here. >> certainly during the time of immediate crisis we know the mayor has praised the firefighters in the work they did. >> right. what they're trying to look at is why there wasn't an emergency alert sent out earlier on when they knew the water levels were rising. the first time they heard there was flood waters was when the firefighters who did an amazing job, the first time they found
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out there was flooding going on was when they showed up at their door to get them out of their homes. the heavy rain has left the bay area for now, there's an extra challenge for officials in santa clara county. fogging season is underway. standing water could be considered a breeding ground for mosquitos. they are concerned about the spread of west nile virus. fogging by air will continue through next month and in april santa clara county will begin fogging at specific neighborhoods. much more information on the situation this morning in san jose as well as information on how you could help all those forced from their homes. . time now 7:07 word of a flattening hillside in the clayton area. a viewer posted this on our facebook page. this shows the road sliding on morgan territory road.
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reportedly there's a broken water main that's to blame. environmental regulators telling officials in oakland they have to move. debris from the warehouse fire was dumped and regulators told the bay area news group the debris had to be properly disposed of at a land fill. another government agency tested the charred materials and they found no danger. however, the regulators were ri if remains may threaten wet lands when you consider the rain we have had. at least for now they're not taking action against the city of oakland. they expect the city to comply with their order. an xamgs of the burned out warehouse found asbestos in the pipes -- -- examination. they are talking about illegal dumping tonight. a group is organizing a forum and they say the litter is an
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eyesore and a possible health hazard. tonight's meeting begins at 6:00 at the st. louis church on 100th avenue. this morning president trump is speaking to the country's largest gathering of conservative activists in washington d.c.. president trump will be the first president since ronald reagan to address cpac during his first year in office. cal state university is urging undocumented students approached by immigration agents to call campus police first. in the memo all 23 uc campuses police will act as liaisons providing students with guidance and resources. he says students can contact university police 24 hours a day and if someone asks them for documentation about their immigration status. the memo comes days after homeland security secretary
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john kelly outlined toufr immigration enforcement policies. talked in washington to appeal the affordable care act may be leading to an increase in people who want the program to stay in place. a new survey out today finds 48% of people view the health law favorably. that's the most since obamacare in seven years. 1100 adults were included in the latest survey. the positive results are due to the lack of a replacement plan. if the affordable care act is repealed. she's been missing since her car crashed into alameda creek last month. a possible break in the case that may finally bring this woman's parents some long awaited answers. . if ridership is down on bart, could that mean fares are going up? we'll tell you all about it, coming up. today's traffic seems to be a little bit better than other days of the week.
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highway 24 not too bad on the way over to the tunnel. we started the week off when it was pouring down rain. torrential amounts and now we end it clear and cold. we'll see what's in store for the weekend. why don't we sell it on letgo? [banging on door] i'll take it. it's time to snap, post, chat and sell. it's time to letgo.
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there are words to describe every step we take. words for the joy... and the sorrow. ♪ but through all of life's journey... there is no language adequate to describe the ultimate heights you can attain. your full potential. ♪ we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages.
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. more bad news for jc penny. the retailer is planning to close 140 stores across the country and offer buy outs to thousands of its workers. jc penny struggles to compete with online sellers and specialty stores. other chains such as macy's and sears facing similar challenges. the closing is saiing them 200 $200 million in annual cost. despite crowded bart trains, bart is seeing an overall drop in the ridership. >> christian captain live at the bart station to explain what this means for bart riders
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going forward. . good morning, the morning commute in full swing. you can see riders getting on bart here at the walnut creek station. many are surprised to hear overall the agency is seeing a decline in ridership and that's causing a budget short fall according to the latest report, the agency has seen a 5% drop. weekend trips took the biggest hit with a 9% drop. that means the agency is facing a $5 million short fall. operating revenue could come in at $15 million below what was budgeted. riders had a tough time believing ridership is down. >> the trains are mor crowded than i remember them. there's fewer ridership as far as i'm concerned.
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>> a bart instituted hiring freeze is asking departments to cut the money they spend on consultants but more drastic measures have may have to be taken. bart's board of directors has made it clear they don't want to see service cuts to those savings and they would come from elsewhere. we will continue to monitor the situation here and check in with riders to see how they feel about the possibility of higher fares down the road. >> i bet i can guess, christian. we'll talk to you later on mornings on two. time is 7:15. sal is over there looking at our commute in other ways. how do we look now? >> dave and gasia, not too bad. i think the east shore freeway is a good indicator of a lighter commute. we have not super light but slightly lighter as you can see. it's 25 minutes from the
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cartinez bridge to the mac arthur maze and that's good for a regular commute. definitely the best of the week along the stretch. there's waiting to do at the bay bridge toll plaza so not completely out of the woods. you'll see as a result of an earlier crash, a lot of slow traffic there. today we have some decent alternative routes like the dunbar bridge. highway 101 it's not bad either. 880 is lighter than usual. so at the very least, if you use the san mateo bridge the rest of the commute won't be bad. let's bring steve in with this weekend's forecast. >> for everybody who had to go through the commutes, i hope this week is easy. it's been tough. >> a lot of areas of frost this morning. mostly clear, a few clouds near the coast but overall looking good. lots of sunshine but man, it's a cold one. coldest we have had since the end of january that's for sure.
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a lot of warm systems coming in. 30s around the bay and upper 20s as well. clouds up in clear lake. bringing on friday, partly cloudy and calm, 26 in lake port and clear lake, high today between 49 and 51. i'll buy that. here is marty. donny downer. beautiful clear morning and 34.7, are we getting snow tomorrow? don't beg marty. no, i don't think so. maybe sunday morning but we'll get down around 2500 feet, looks to be but there's a lot of snow speaking of -- these are the snow totals for the season. for mount rose 636 inches of snow. that's 53 feet. sugar bowl, 620. that's a lot of snow. a lot of snow up there. that's good but we hope it doesn't melt too soon too fast.
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keep an eye on it. pulling through february, still have march and april to go. clear here, a little bit of cloud cover popping up in the northern part. a couple of weak systems dropping down from the north. so it's going to stay on the cold side. santa rosa, 29 degrees. 32 at brentwood, fairfield and napa airport. 34 in palo alto and berkeley at 36. chilly here. some of the 20s up to kelseyville. 30 in the northwest napa and point ridge, 38 and 39. mill valley at 33. our observer bonnie had 31 in mill valley. to the south we go. morgan hills in there. boulder creek, and so cal and santa cruz, 33 and 35. santa clara at 33. many of you off to spring training. don't have to worry about the rain but the next couple of
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mornings i would bundle up. 44 in phoenix. 39 in tuesday. 39 in las vegas. i don't know how they will make it. 46 this morning in los angeles. >> they're done. >> yeah, they're done. cold storm watch there now. [ laughter ] is that three? three in truckee. three degrees. this system punching in here won't do much. snow in mendocino county starting tonight into saturday. snow level may be down 1500 feet. the canadian model was latching on to this and bringing in good rain and wind. now everybody has backed off. a couple series of systems coming in. the one for saturday looks to stay offshore. he says it looks to stay offshore but we will mention increasing clouds and possibility of light rain on saturday. the better system even though there's not much on sunday. nice today and staying cool
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with mid 50s. colder systems on the weekend. some rain and low snow levels towards sunday night and monday. maybe down to 2,000 feet. not a lot. a quarter inch, maybe a third of an inch for us. after monday morning, next week is looking dry. i think it holds. it's time. back to back months of very wet conditions. usually followed by a third month. mostly sunny skies today. looks good, temperatures in the 50s, that's it. clear and cold again tonight and then we'll get cloud cover in here over the weekend. some rain and staying cold. >> i just heard from kelly in new york. it's warm there. >> 60 something. >> tara in nashville, it's 80 degrees. >> yes, extremely waiting room. ly warm. i was on the weather channel, 60 plus days without an inch of snow in chicago. a record. >> amazing. >> meanwhile here we're under
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underwater. six months ago a college baseball player was killed playing pokemon go. what his family is doing now in hopes of tracking down his killer. amazon alexa is full of useful information. the feature being added that may help you save someone's life.
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i just want to thank -- you know my first major speech was at cpac. you were there and i loved it. i loved the people and the commotion. then they did these polls where i went through the roof and i wasn't even running, right? but it gave me an idea. and i got a little bit concerned when i saw what was happening in the country. i said let's go too. so it was very exciting. i walked the stage on cpac. i'll never forget it really. i had very little notes and even less preparation. so when you have practically no notes and no preparation and then you leave and everybody was thrilled, i said i think i like this business. [ laughter ] i would have come last year but i was worried that i would be at that time
7:25 am
too controversial. we wanted board security. we wanted very strong military, we wanted all the things we're going to get and people consider that controversial. [ applause ] but you didn't consider that controversial. so i have been with cpac for a long time. all these years we have been together and you finally have a president, finally, cheerz cheers [ applause ] it took you a long time. it's patriots like you that made it happen, believe me. believe me. you did it because you love your country and you want a better future for your children and because you want to make america great again. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> listening in as president trump addresses a largely friendly crowd at the political action conference in maryland this morning.
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he made reference to the fact he did not attend the conference last year during his presidential run. he was first speaking about his first appearance that was six years ago and dave, back then he told the crowd he was eyeing a run for president. he did of course wait until the next cycle to get into the race. we have been hearing from a number of white house officials and executives we know that the chief strategist stephen bannon said that trump was should show appreciation for activist support. contra costa told the crowd that by the end of the week cpac will be. they will bring more to you throughout mornings on two. time is 7:26. california's infrastructure continues how much money it will take to fix the state's damaged roads and where that money would come from. 150 flood evacuees still need shelter.
7:27 am
the red cross caseworkers are showing up to tell them about their options. today not a bad day on the commute. on the bridge for example, doesn't look bad on the way to san francisco. cold out there, some 20s and a lot of 30s. frost everywhere and it looks like a nice friday. what about the weekend? we'll tack a look at that coming up.
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a look at one of two evacuation shelters filling up to the public in san jose. many people have been spending the night here since their homes and apartments were flooded out. the good news is students were out of school this week. that was planned as part of the school calendar. students are coming back to school. what is going to happen to those who have relied on this and the other remaining shelter. lee martinez has been following the story for days. she has an answer to where the people were going. first it's the sunshine, very cold friday morning. february 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. gasia didn't believe me it was cold. >> i did because the heat was cycling on overnight. >> that drives guys nuts.
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. >> turn that heater off for crying out loud. wear a sweater. right sal? ? >> yes, put on a sweater. >> are you my dad all of a sudden? i've turned into my dad.  i get up in the middle of the night to turn that thing off. >> i do too. all right, where were we? we digress. it's clear and cold. another cold morning in roanoke park at 31 degrees. robby says the weather bug is 29 in santa rosa. feels like 25 but more accurately more like minus four. still a sunny day. a lot of areas of frost being reported. a weak system and very low snow levels possible as we go into today and the weekend. 29 in santa rosa. 30s for many including around
7:32 am
the bay. east bay temps can't find 20s yet. a couple reports near the concord pavilion. walnut creek at 31. danville 33. vallejo at 33. lafayette 32. 39 in tucson and southern california, san diego, 47. bakersfield, california at 37. some could produce low snefl snow levels. another sweeping by on sunday t not a lot of rain but staying cool. 50s here on the highs. okay sal. the old man voice comes out in me. put a sweater on if you're cold. good morning. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. on the richmond bridge, the traffic getting from the east bay to marine county is not too bad.
7:33 am
they're doing road work and also an earlier stalled vehicle. i'm going to put this on the map. a little bit of slow traffic westbound on the span but there's nothing eastbound. the traffic is about normal for what it would be this time of the morning. also looking at 80 westbound filling in richmond and berkeley area. if you're driving out to the south bay, you can see the traffic here. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. our coverage of the flooding in san jose continues. there's about 3800 people who can still not go home. most spent the week staying with family members and friends. a handful of evacuees are still at the two emergency centers.
7:34 am
lee martinez at james lick high school. tell us how the evacuees are being helped now. >> reporter: the red cross says that caseworkers will be showing up here at some point to advise the evacuees on potential options -- either legal -- some people wondering if they're renting do they have to pay rent in this time of emergency? also how to file an insurance claum. they're showing up here collator e later. some of the evacuees probably didn't bring paperwork because they had to move in a hurry. they checked out and verified the people based on addresses. there are fewer people here tonight. the red cross told us 144 people stayed last night and another ten at evergreen high school. one family has spent three nights at the shelter. they shared their third meal delivered by the salvation army.
7:35 am
jamie mon teal was home and took this cell phone video before she was evacuated saying her husband's car and her car were submerged in flood waters. >> my baby said i want to go home. what can i say? i mean, i still have my son but i can't go there. . >> jamie hasn't been able to get to her job and a friend is driving her husband to his construction job in oakland each day. there's mounting frustration over whether there are apartment and houses that are livable and if they have to move, where they can move that will be affordable. now, come monday, the two high school shelters are not going to be available. the high school students are going to be coming back from winter break and have to go back to class. the red cross says they're in negotiations now to develop a new shelter this weekend.
7:36 am
they are coordinating with the city and county to set up the shelter. several organizations have come forward. churches and mosques have come forward to offer space. they haven't announced where the new shelter will be. they promise one will be set up. there's also a community resource center set up on sunday i'm told by a red cross employee that will be providing several resources including caseworkers and also some clean up kits and supplies in case they have to go home with a mess on their hands. time now is 7:36. rescue crews went to the san jose stable. they were in the rock springs neighborhood that had the worse flooding. the owners tended to them during the storms ch they used
7:37 am
boats and canoes to get to them and give them food and clean water. however, we're hearing 20 other horses still have to be rescued. >> crews are strengthening levies this morning to protect valuable farm land. more water downstream could cause creeks and rivers to swell and threaten the 1600 miles of levy across the central valley. more rocks opt levies to prevent flooding. if one fails it could trigger several breaks. senator harris toured the oroville dam yesterday as crews worked to repair the damaged spillways. crews have been working nonstop using rocks and concrete to harden the emergency spillway. the threat of a catastrophic flood prompted the evacuation of 2,000 people. the senator says the emergency clearly shows the urgent need to deal with infrastructure
7:38 am
problems across the country. the alameda county sheriff's office is trying to confirm whether a body discovered along alameda creek is that of 18 year old jenkins who has been missing since her car crashed into the water off niles canyon road january 21st. a man out walking his dogs along the creek came across the body last night about 5:30. authorities say while they haven't confirmed the identity of the body, they have notified the jenkins family about this possible finding. the alameda county sheriff's deputy hit by a bus has died. he was hit by an inmate transport bus at the jail in dublin. before becoming a sheriff's deputy foley who is 60 years old worked for 30 years at the concord police department. last night his former colleagues remembered him as a friend and mentor.
7:39 am
the chp is investigating the accident. they say the driver was going 50 miles per hour and doesn't see foley who was wearing dark clothing. a man linked to a pursuit where a chp officer in sacramento was killed is due to appear in court this afternoon. the 26 year old was arrested and booked on charges of stealing a motorcycle and evading an officer. he's suspected of being the motorcycle igs that the officer was chasing on wednesday. he was on his cph motorcycle when a car crossed in front of him and his motorcycle collided with a car and the officer was killed. there was this special ceremony yesterday at the chp academy in west sacramento honoring the officer. a bell ringing ceremony, he was a 7 year veteran at 31 years old, he followed in his dad's footsteps.
7:40 am
his father also worked for the chp. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. the time is 7:40 big changes heading to bart. the possible cuts and fare increases riders may see and the reasons behind them. with the police department that has a legacy and history and tradition that is known across the world. >> last night i sat down with a new police chief of san francisco. when we come back, the challenges he says he's facing like gaining the support of the community. the richmond bridge traffic is recovering from earlier problems. lots of sunshine today. but it's a cold one this morning. plenty of 20s and 30s. we'll see what's in store for the weekend.
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a $50,000 reward is being offered by the family of a college baseball player killed near san francisco's aquatic park six months ago i can't say enough that i miss him. i want to bring him back. i need someone to come forward. i'm begging someone to come forward. someone has to know something. >> that's the father of calvin riley. he hopes the money will lead to an arrest and conviction. announcement came last night that included many of the younger players where riley attended high school. in my pondering and fears ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> i never saw him yell or get
7:44 am
mad at anyone. he was the nicest kid in the world. i hope forever he smiles. >> he was shot in the back the night of august 6th while playing pokemon go. this suspect is describe as an african american man or latino in his early 20s. they identified two possible cars, a dark colored car with an unknown make or model. time is 7:44 last night the rare one-on-one sit down interview with san francisco's new police chief, william scott. he's been on the job for a month now. he came here after 27 years with the lapd. san francisco is a sanctuary city and working with a police union and as an outsider, winning the trust of the rank in file.
7:45 am
>> it's like a good coach or parent -- they got my best interest at heart. when people know that, they respect your decisions. when you have to do thing that are unpopular and unpleasant and you gain trust, it makes it more difficult when you don't. particularly in this type of organization. >> chief sdot says his family is very, very important to him and when i asked him what brought him joy and happiness he said being a good husband and father. if you want to see more of my interview, go to where you will hear him talk about a variety of issues like how he plans to reform the san francisco police department. i'm wondering how that process of meshing with the police department itself is going. i also wonder if he talked about his decision to leave a career with lapd for 27 years he said he talked to the people closest to him including his
7:46 am
sister and asked what do you think? she asked what do you want to do? and he said he really wants to help the city of san francisco in so many ways so after he determined that, the decision was easy. >> okay. >> and he's in it. >> more of that waiting online as well. very good. 7:46 we'll talk about traffic sal. i drove to work today. it felt like i was driving in candy land. typical morning commute felt so much better. >> definitely when it's not raining obviously, it's better. it really makes a difference. let's go to highway 24 westbound as you drive from the walnut creek area to the tunnel. it's lighter than usual on this friday. the traffic continues to look good on the other side. it will slow down when you get to the other side near the 580 interchange. some congestion like gasia said, much better conditions from the other days of the week. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza.
7:47 am
you see the traffic is moving along slowly. this is still a 15-minute delay before you make it on to the span. looking at the silicon valley commute, it's continued to be a decent drive. there's slow traffic on 101 near the airport on 85. a little bit on 280. if you drooi every day, this day will seem better than others. 7:47 let's bring steve in. we have clear skies and it's cold out there. it's freezing. upper 20s for a few. 30s for many. widespread frost. a lot of that being reported. it's breezy and cold one with a lot of 30s and temperatures will be slow to warm up. 0. >> sten son beach, very spooky.
7:48 am
>> snow totals for the season, mount rose, 636 inches. 53 feet. sugar bowl, 620. we still have at least six weeks to go. that's a lot of snow. 40-50 feet for many of the ski resorts up there. if we don't get a rapid snow melt they probably will. going all the way to july 4th mostly clear skies. a little bit of a system up north. some of this will sneak in to mendocino county. advisories start later today and snow levels down to 1500 feet. i just had a report of 20 this morning. 29 in santa rosa 26 in berkeley. 22 in fairfield. a lot of 30s around.
7:49 am
a lot of low 30s in the east bay. danville and blackhawk, take your pick. spring training a lot of people heading down there now. it's okay weather wise but a cold one. 44 in phoenix. down to 43 and 39 in tucson. they were 36 and also southern california and nevada are quite cold. las vegas is 39. 47 in la and san diego, that's chilly for them. a few showers scooting through the next system dropping down on the north, if it phases with this there's signs of it staying offshore. forecast models bringing in good rain for the weekend. two pieces of energy, one for saturday and the other one on sunday looks for more inland trajectory. even though there's not a whole lot of moisture, it will give us some rain. nice today, staying on the cool side. colder systems coming and we're not getting out of the 50s until early next week. mainly offshore, one system on
7:50 am
sunday has more going for it. nothing crazy on the rain totals, a quarter of an inch maybe a tenth to a third looks to cover the spread. monday morning, it's out of the picture. high pressure and all signs pointing towards building for next week. we'll see. watch how this system goes right in there. most of it offshore. there's some inland, not a lot. the bulk of it staying offshore. the secondary system coming in sunday night into monday. it will give low snow levels down to 2500 feet. 50s on the temps staying relatively cool under mostly sunny skies. clouds off towards the coast dealing with some of that. 50s will stay here for a while. i don't think they're going anywhere until next wednesday or thursday. >> i believe it. >> it's pretty chilly. time is 7:50. the warriors won, beating the clippers last night 123-114. first game since the all star break.
7:51 am
took them a while to get rolling. down by 12 in the half time but in the third quarter bay exploded for 50 points. the first time since 2014 anybody in the nba did that. in the 50 point explosion, steph curry and devon durant combined for 35 of the points -- -- kevin. time is 7:51. stuck overnight on a mountain, why rescuers had trouble getting to a stranded snowboarder in the sierras. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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when i saw this, i thought guys like me and you -- not saying we're old guys -- but we might remember this. the theme from "shaft". i want to thank mr. benting ton for sending this song. you're one of us, thank you. we're doing movie themes today. this is a movie back in the 70s, "shaft". if there's a special song you want to hear, let us know. i'll play your request. .
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>> hush your mouth, sal. cph helicopter rescued a stranded snowboarder in the sierras forced to spend a night on a mountain at heavenly ski resort. the rescue way down there is 32 32-year old aaron you who veered off course and became separated from his friends. he was able to text his friends and they called the ski patrol. because the weather was so bad the rescuers couldn't get to him until wednesday morning so he took shelter under a tree. he was treated for frostbite on two fingers and flew home to los angeles. the voice activated amazon echo can now save lives. the american heart association says alexa will tell you how to perform cpr and give warning signs for heart attacks and strokes. to get that information, ask alexa starting with the phrase
7:56 am
"alexa, ask american heart" that will make sure you're hearing science based information from the american heart association. back to our series on california's infrastructure. more and more vehicles on freeways around the bay area and the rest of the state. a lot of them are old or packed with potholes. the metro poll tan transportation collection says if we want wider roads we have to pay for them. the bay area may get extra lanes on existing highways and extensions of the existing rail systems but new roads? not in the picture. it also says all of the potholes and road dissent grags only add to a big backlog of bay area infrastructure needs. >> we're spending 90% of the money we think we will have available over the next two decades to take care of the system we got.
7:57 am
we have a $20 billion backlog to repair our local roads and same number for public transit and state highway system. >> now transportation experts say the state could raise more money for highway road repairs and improvements with another gasoline tax. an extra 50 cents per gallon could generate an extra 8 $8 billion per year. time to check in with mike and gasia. the waters have receded in san jose but the mud remains. we continue to monitor the clean up efforts after this week's historic flooding. a big announcement involving jc penny, how many jobs the company could cut soon.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, the clean up continues in san jose after this week's flooding disaster. how many people still under a mandatory evacuation order this morning and what the city is doing to help families get back on their feet. fare increases for bart riders. welcome back everybody, live picture here on center road in the south part of san jose. a mandatory evacuation still underway for thousands of people. for others allowed to return home, they are finding damaged beds and other homes. their vehicles destroyed at the same time crews are out there working on the sewer system trying to get things back to normal lake it was before the historic floods we saw this week in san jose.
8:01 am
good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. it's friday february 24th, the last friday of the month. >> let's talk about weather. if you take the dumpsters and yellow tape and work crews out of there you have a beautiful sunshine day. >> hard to believe that was two days ago. a lot has happened this week on monday and tuesday. now dealing with a lot of cold air coming in. there are clouds that are developing over the ocean producing partly cloudy skies. generally it's clear. a lot of reports of frost. now the sun is up and temperatures are warming up. many reports of 20s this morning from santa rosa north up to lake county and mendocino. 20 degrees here in our part of the world. that's the coldest i've seen so far. mid 20s in lake county as well. 25-26 a little system up north. this is a sign of things to come for the weekend. there's a series of systems coming in not that strong but a lot of cold air. 30s and 40s on the temps.
8:02 am
coldest readings are bouncing off. mid 30s here, take your pick. even 40 for san carlos loes and belmont. i know there were upper 30s in half moon bay. santa cruz area, 39. up in the hills nancy says it's 41 so chilly here. we are beginning to warm up so slowly. travel plans down to phoenix and scottsdale, the days are nice but the mornings are very chilly here. so keep that in mind. 30s and 40s. for us mostly sunny weather today. a system coming down to skirt the coast. light rain saturday night and another system on sunday. not very strong but they will keep us on the cool side. 50s for your highs today. 8:02 so far things have been good. >> especially when you compare it to the other days in the week. this friday has been better than normal. still have to wait at the bay bridge before you make it on to the bridge.
8:03 am
the waiting area here, things are getting better. when you look at the 880 ramp and it thins out, that's the first sign we are getting better quick here as you get into san francisco. looking at the san mateo bridge, an earlier crash on the foster city side off the bridge. it slowed traffic on the span and that's gone now and traffic is recovering. looking at that silicon valley commute, earlier this week we had a closure and heavy traffic. today it's slow in some areas. for the most part it's good. we haven't mentioned highway 17 because traffic through scott valley and over the summit has been good. the lanes are open now in both directions. 8:03 back to the desk. now to the latest on the clean up in san jose. 3800 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders. city officials are allowing evacuees to return to their home. >> so far more than 10,000 people have been allowed to return home.
8:04 am
alex savage live with the latest on the clean up in one neighborhood. >> good morning, it's sgog to be going to be a long, slow recovery. neighborhood clean up teams from the city of san jose in the rock springs area trying to help some people whose homes were damaged by flood waters. we're seeing people showing up going into their homes to retrieve belongings. a lot of homes in this area were inundated with flood waters that people can't live here for the foreseeable future. the city has put out dumpsters in the neighborhood to help people put away trash and debris and sort of get things back to the way they were before. city crews work late into the night last night also installing temporary sewage in this area to help the recovery process. we saw the family living in this area cleaning their belongings in the dark last night. no power for them. the rising flood waters surged into their home leaving mud in
8:05 am
almost every room of the house. the family says they're certain they have to find another place to live. >> this is pretty sad what happens to all of us. now we're looking for a new home. i don't know what i'm going to do. it's a loss right now. . >> understand toir evacuation orders in place for 4,000 people. authorities have been giving the people the okay to return to their homes in the williams street park areas and also at three mobile home communities on old oakland road that had been inundated by flood waters. the areas now are dry. the city focused on trying to tally up the damage from the disaster and that helps to request federal funding and money here to help with this disaster. in the meantime, city leaders are acknowledging that people living near coyote creek should
8:06 am
have been notified earlier. they are working on figuring out why notifications aren't going out sooner. they say the first time they knew flood waters were in the neighborhood were when the firefighters came knocking on their door to rescue them and that's far too late obviously. environmental regulators telling oakland city leaders they must remove debris dumped by the city. regulators told the bay area news group the debris must be properly disposed of at a land fill. they tested the materials and found no dangers. considering the recent rain they are worried the remains may harm people. for now they are not taking action against oakland because they expect the city to comply with the order. an exam of the burned out warehouse itself found asbestos in the pipes. leaders are taking part in a public meeting tonight about illegal dumping. a coalition organized the group
8:07 am
saying the litter is an eyesore and potential health risk. the meeting starts at 6:00 at st. louis church on 100th avenue. even though bart trains are crowded the number riding bart is dropping. live from the walnut creek bart station to tell us what this means for bart riders going forward. >> we are in the heart of the commute now and take a look, you can see commuters coming and going here at the walnut creek station. many riders might be surprised to hear that despite crowded trains overall, the agency is seeing a decrease in ridership leading to a budget short fall according to the latest report, the agency has seen a 5% drop. weekend trips took the biggest hit with a 9% drop in ridership. that means the agency now facing a $5 million short fall for the first half of the fiscal year and operating revenue could come down as much as $25 million below what was
8:08 am
budgeted. riders this morning have a tough time believing ridership is down given how packed they see trains sometimes. >> on the weekends it's packed. it's just packed on the weekends. >> bart has already instituted a hiring freeze and is asking departments to cut the money they spend on consultants. they may have to take more drastic measures going forward. the board is looking at ways to make-up the short fall including the possibility of fare increases and changes to discounts or elderly disabled riders. going back to the live picture, folks still at the station. bart directors have made it clear they don't want to see service cuts and those savings they say would lookly come from elsewhere. we're expecting a bart spokes american to be here any minute and we'll have the latest details on how bart will proceed from here.
8:09 am
new train cars set to be part of bart's fleet of the future are turning out to be heavier than expected causing a challenge for the transit agency which now has to recalculate how much the cars will weigh when they're full of passengers. they're working with the manufacture to lower the weight of the cars. one engineer who studied bart for decades says heavier cars could put stress on the system's infrastructure. starting next month an engineer will inspect airline structures for safety. breaking news we're following in san francisco's bay view neighborhood where we have learned two people were shot early this morning. police received a call about a quarter after 6:00. they found two victims on ban croft avenue near jennings street. this map shows you east of 101. both people were taken to the hospital for injuries. we're working to get information on the suspected shooters and more about the victims. we'll bring it to you here as soon as we get it. a deputy has passed away
8:10 am
from his injuries after he was hit by a bus. what we're learning about the investigation as friends and colleagues learn about the loss. a big announcement involving jc penny. how many jobs and stores the company could soon cut. we have traffic that is getting busier but all in all today it hasn't been bad. on the 101 near mckee, looking good heading up to the airport oorjts our friday weather is looking good. mostly sunny. clouds hovering near the coast and we'll see more over the weekend. we'll have an update on that.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
more bad news for jc penny. the retailer planning to close as many as 140 stores across the country and offer buy outs to thousands of its workers. this news comes as jc penny struggles to compete with online salesers. department chains such as macy's and sears are facing similar challenges. the store closure is expected to save jc penny $200 million. lock head martin is moving hundreds of jobs from the area. it will move 650 jobs in its missile program from sunny vail to florida and colorado. the employees work for the missile program which designs and engineers nuclear missiles. the move will help the company take full advantage of its other manufacturing facilities
8:14 am
moving all the jobs soon to be complete by the year 2024. president trump wrapped up a speech at the conservative political action conference in maryland. he spent the beginning of his address criticizing the media. >> i want you all to know we are fighting the fake news. it's fake. phony and fake [ applause ] [ applause ] >> the president says the media shouldn't be able to use anonymous sources because they just make-up sources. it's all the conservative audience that this is their moment. . >> our victory -- was a victory and a win for conservative values. [ applause ] our victory was the win for everyone who believes it's time to stand up for america and stand up for the american worker and to stand up for the american flag. [ applause ] [ applause ]
8:15 am
>> the president also reiterated promises to repeal and replace the affordable care act and build a wall between united states and mexico and renegotiate trade deals. before he he tweeted blaming the fbi for failing to stop leaks to the need ya saying the information being reported is classified and could have a devastating affect on the country. his tweets followed report that white house chief of staff reince priebus asked the top fbi official to dispute reports that president trump's campaign advisories were frequently in touch with russian intelligence agents during the election. the chancellor of cal state university is urging undocumented students to immediately call campus police first. in a memo to the president at all 23 campuses, the chancellor wrote that campus police will act as liaisons providing students with resources. white says students can contact university police 24 hours a
8:16 am
day if they're asked for information or documentation regarding status. the memo comes days after homeland security john kelly outlined more strict immigration enforcement policies. talks in washington to repeal the affordable care act are leading to a boost in people who want the program to stay in place. a new survey out today by the kieserer family foundation finds 48% of people view the health law favorably. more than 1100 are due to the lack of replacement plan. the trump administration says it will increase enforcement of federal law banning the recreation use of medical mnl. >> when you see the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many stiet states, the last thing we could do is encourage people that we need to abide by.
8:17 am
>> california along with seven other states plus the district of columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. california businesses will be able to sell marijuana january of 2018 setting up a conflict with federal authorities. sal, good happy friday morning to you. >> same to you mike and gasia. this morning's compute is better than it has been the last few days. highway 24 going to start there. you can definitely see things are becoming just a bit better. a lot of room here. yesterday at this time, a lot of traffic through here. today it's light and as you get to the tunnel, traffic is getting lighter. moving along and taking a look at the commute at the toll plaza that has improved quite a bit. if you have the luxury waiting around watching a little more of ktvu here in a sefrg serving message 101 was slow but it
8:18 am
seems to have been mostly sunny here, a couple clouds near the coast. a couple systems weak as they may be there will be some rain. not a lot late saturday night. running totals for the total snowfall so far. mount rose looks to be leader of the pack. 636 inches at 53 feet. sugar bowl 620. 584. skies -- clear skies and clouds popping up to the north. many 30s and a few 20s this morning. a couple in marin county up to the north.
8:19 am
beginning to slowly warm up, 30s for some and still 28 in kelseyville. 31 in northwest napa, also 29 29 degrees and 38 in point rays. it's cold on the coast. those heading off to spring training, the days are nice but mornings are chilly. 30s in sue son. la and san diego 46 this morning morning. dominican republic d -- sh tucson. that will make for okay weather by the coast. three degrees in truckee. monterey at 45. 46 in santa barbara. light snow is certainly possible. hit and miss showers on the north coast. there's a winter weather advisory for parts of mendocino county. maybe down to 1500 feet snow levels. this system coming down here will not merge with that system. if it did, all bets would be off. looks like it's staying parallel to the coast.
8:20 am
closer to the coast, maybe a better opportunity for rain verses those areas inland and sunday another system with more land trajectory. that gives us light rain and snow levels. today is nice. cold this morning and cool this afternoon. mostly sunny skies in the 50s. a lot of rain staying offshore diving towards central and southern california. rainfall over the next 48-72 48- 72 hours is only a tenth of an inch. far cry from anything we saw earlier in the week looking at inches. these are more reasonable and that makes sense of this system coming out of the north. 50s on the temps, 54 in santa rosa and 55 in hayward. 57 for san jose. mountain view and santa cruise, i wouldn't expect these temperatures to warm up -- -- santa cruz. next week is looking dry. >> we'll take it. from the football field to
8:21 am
the big screen, the film in the works surrounding tom brady.
8:22 am
my name is danita seaton. i'm a gas service representative for pg&e here in oakland. when i work in oakland, i feel like i'm home, because i grew up here in oakland, my family still lives here. every time i go to the customer's house, i treat them like they're my family. if they smell gas, or they don't have hot water, i'm there to ensure that by the time that i leave, they feel safe and they can go back to their day to day life. to learn more about gas safety in your home, visit together, we're building a better california.
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we asked people for their favorite movie sound tracks to do traffic jams. this is from a movie called "the graduate" back in the 60s.
8:24 am
paul brewer sent that in. thank you for play that, paul. let us know if there's a song you want to hear. use the hash tag ktvu on twitter or facebook. the company little tykes recalling toddler swings after more than 100 reports of the inting breaking while being used which resulted in children falling to the ground. the recalled swings were manufactured between november of of 2009 and may of 2014. little naomii was bornl three days ago. look at the cheeks. she was born at home. her mom delivered her at home with the help of firefighters. >> usually people call us on the worst day of their life. so you know, it was a nice change.
8:25 am
>> part of her birth plan was she didn't want men in the room besides me. so now she got five men in there besides me. >> i'm sure she was thankful to have them. they were taken to the hospital and released yesterday said to be doing just fine. changing gears now. sunday is the day nascar kicks off the season with the daytona 500. chase elliott has the pole. dale earnhardt jr. is back after suffering a concussion in michigan last june. he missed the last 18 races but says the lay off did a world of good and he's looking to win his third 500. you can watch the daytona 500 right here this sunday, coverage begins at 11:00 in the morning. one of the commentators is retired nascar champ, jeff gordon. tom brady will not take part in a movie about his career.
8:26 am
the best-selling author who co- wrote a book will write a book and his screen play about brady and his come back from the deflaet gate scandal. many patriots fans are giving thumbs down to this movie idea, supporters say brady should be played by mark wall burg, ben afterless or leonardo dicaprio -- -- affleck. there's a time in our nation now where law enforcement is at a pivotal point. >> when we return, dave clark joins us with a look at his sit down interview with san francisco's new police chief. >> it's day three for several people in an emergency flood shelter. coming up, what kind of advice and help is being offered to
8:27 am
them as they move forward. it's still slow although things are improving quite a bit for the morning commute. if you're driving to work you'll see slowing approaching the bay bridge. beautiful looking friday. cold this morning and our highs today in the 50s. not that warm. we'll look at what's in store for the weekend.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪[ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> flowers in my hair, thank goodness no umbrella needed today at at least after a very wet week with flooding in the south bay. well to the north of us, we're
8:30 am
thankful to have a dry end to this week. it's friday morning, thanks so much for joining us. any time day or night, it's gorgeous. >> 50 years ago the summer of love. >> june 1967, that song. nice weather here today. mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the 20s and 30s this morning. won't see much change in that. the lows coming up over the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds and some rain. not a lot. these are much weaker systems but they are coming right down out of the north packing a lot of cold air. just not a lot of rainfall. 30s on the temps still here. we're slowly warming up. east bay temperatures making it to the 30s. danville in there, lafayette 35. reports of frost around vallejo as well. san ramon 36. up north, sign of things to
8:31 am
come, not a lot of moisture but a little bit is moving in. some of that making it to mendocino later. our system will just hug the coast. maybe closer to the west, more rain inland. sunday looks better for some light rain. not a lot. extremely low snow levels with enough moisture. 50s on the temps. 8:31 friday light would you say? >> lighter. gone were the days where we would have a very nice commute on friday but today is not that bad. something to talk about though if you want to take the south bay commute. northbound 87, a crash here in the vicinity so i would suggest instead of 87 there are plenty of other alternate routes. you can stay on 101 or use other side roads to get around to get up towards downtown san jose instead of 87. let's move along and take a look at the live picture of the san mateo bridge. even that is cleared up.
8:32 am
a crash on the other side of the bridge but the traffic is going to be improving quite a bit. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up still for a 50-minute wait. at 8:32 let's go back to the desk. >> more than 10,000 residents ordered to evacuate because of the flooding have returned home. the people who are not allowed to return are staying with family or friends. these evacuees are wondering whether their home is okay or too damaged to live in. lee martinez joins us live now from one of the emergency shelters. >> mike, at least 150 people still need an emergency shelter this week. the ones that are open are high schools and they are not going to be available come monday. the kids are coming back from winter praek and need to get back into school. the red cross is working oncoming up with a plan and new shelter for this weekend.
8:33 am
they haven't announced anything yet. they say one is definitely coming. the evacuees are saying aside from finding another location they're worried about long term and what their possibilities are and how this flood will affect them in the long run. we spoke with one family last night who has spent three nights at the shelter so far. the couple are concerned about their housing. they say they still don't know if their apartment is livable and if so, when. they pay $1,400 a month for a studio and they're worried they may not be able to find something else affordable. both cars were submerged into flood waters. red cross caseworkers are coming in today to talk to evacuees about housing and legal options with insurance claims. they don't need to have paperwork. red cross says they're verified by addresses how do you find
8:34 am
permanent housing for folks in the community? that's a one-on-one conversation with clients. >> jean took this cell phone video of her street shortly before she was evacuated. the video she took while being rescued in a rachlt the images she would like to put behind her. the couple says they hope to return to the same apartments. the red cross again is looking to find another shelter for this weekend. they say what's holding them up is a lot of coordination with the city and county but several organizations also churches and mosques have offered space to the evacuees for this coming week so we'll get an answer today as to where the new shelter will be. a community resource center is opening up this weekend offering clean up kits. some of the people that get to go back to their homes, there may be a lot of dirt they have to clean up so they offer clean up kits as well great to see
8:35 am
the community stepping up to the plate here. rescue crews saved horses this morning from a stable in the rock spring neighborhood with flooding. the owners tended to them during the storms by using boats and canoes to give the animals food and clean water. 20 other horses still need to be evacuated. crews are showing up and strengthening levies to protect valuable farm land. more water has been released downstream which could cause creeks and rivers to swell. the state conservation corp. is working with engineers to put more rocks on the levies in hopes of pr venting flooding. . california senator pamela harris is calling on congress to address the nation's infrastructure. she was in a helicopter yesterday as crews worked to
8:36 am
prepare the damaged spillways yesterday. crews have been working nonstop using rocks and concrete to harden the emergency spillway. the threat of a catastrophic flood prompted the evacuation of 200,000 people. the senator says the emergency clearly shows the urgent need to deal with infrastructure problems of our country. the alameda county coroner says a body discovered last night is that of the 18 year old jenkins who has been missing since her car crashed into the water on january 2 #1s. a man walking his dog along the trail near the creek came across the body after 5:30 last night. authorities say they noted the family last night as well. the sheriff's deputy hit by an inmate transport bus has passed away. alameda county deputy mike foley hit by the bus wednesday morning at the jail in dublin.
8:37 am
a friend was driving and the chp is investigating the accident before becoming a sheriff's deputy, he worked 30 years at concord police department. a man linked to a chase where a man in sacramento is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. he was arrested and booked yesterday on charges of stealing a motorcycle and evading an officer. he's suspected of being the motorcyclist the officer was chasing on wednesday. he was on a c hp motorcycle when a car crossed in front of him. his motorcycle collided with the car and he was killed. just a month on the job san francisco's new police chief has his hands full with local and national controversy. >> dave clark sat down with the new chief. great conversation with him. >> i met him, very professional and eager to be here in san francisco. i sat down with chief williams scott and we talked about
8:38 am
several issues including why he would be a good fit for the police death penalty. >> we're at a time in our nation now where law enforcement is at a pivotal point. we have the nation and communities that we serve asking us to change. we have a lot of things that have happened throughout the history of law enforcement that have led us to the point that we are at now where people demand change but there are a lot of good, hardworking men and women in this profession. it takes leadership really to get us to where we need to go in terms of the 21st century policing that the president's task force has laid out for us. and i think i can make a difference. this police department is a good police department with some good folks. we have made some mistakes and done some things we need to
8:39 am
correct like many organizations but it's a good police department and i think when i did my homework i wanted to go somewhere where i thought i had a chance to make a difference and be successful. this department really fit that. i thought it was a good fit for me. when you have a rash of officer involved killings where officers have been killed, it can weigh on you and you can without knowing it, it's possible to really devil into the area where you look over your shoulders -- -- delve and it's not that way. most folks in this city they respect law enforcement and i see that day in and day out. there's an element out there that will not like law enforcement no matter what we do but you have to keep that balance. >> he tries to do just that. it was a pleasure talking to him. he talked about a variety of topics. he believes in tazers and the
8:40 am
body cameras and sensitive to the community and we talked about fixing that. we talked about all of those things and i know he and i will talk more about it. they are very open about being the face of the san francisco police department. >> i like him saying he can make a difference. what about the police officers association? any concern with trying to win them over? he says he doesn't know. >> he says the only way to do it is do it together. so he's extending he's reaching out to the police union and hoping for the best. >> time will tell. dave clark, good interview, more online now at dangerous conditions up in the sierra, the rescue at heavenly ski resort and a warning for everybody that's heading to tahoe this weekend.
8:41 am
good morning, we do have slow traffic and a couple spots have become an issue although the bay bridge is not one of them. we'll tell you about a spot in san francisco that is very slow. we started the work week off with torrential rain and now ending it with clear skies. it was darn cold this morning. weal see what's up for the weekend.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
this was used in the "breakfast club". thank you for playing along with traffic jams. we pick song and you can let us know what you want to hear. use the tash tag, ktvu on twitter or instagram. new warnings for people who plan to ski and snowboard in sierra. >> some resorts are reporting more than 50 feet of snow and while it may be exciting news for skiers, snow is also creating very dangerous conditions. tom miller has more on the rescue after a snowboarder got lost from his friends.
8:45 am
chp rescue team sports a mis missing snowboarder wednesday morning after he waited it out overnight with temperatures in the teens. the 32-year old of los angeles is the man below. >> it was very strong winds and the snow was blowing. i think i had veered off course and didn't realize where i was on the mountain. >> 50 miles per hour winds. >> the chp pilots say because of the extra snow they are pushing the limits creating an up tick in the calls for help. >> hyperthermia steps in and fatigue and dehydration. >> he says he accidentally crossed into an out of bounds area before finding himself with snow up to his chest. >> it was scary. i think it was probably one of the longest coldest and darkest nights of my life.
8:46 am
>> to pick him up, a sheriff's deputy was picked up. >> we're avoiding risk. >> the ski instructor says avoiding areas in the country is more critical with a major influx of snow. >> conservative train is flat. if it looks like it's fun to rip, it's probably too steep if you don't know. >> it could have been much worse. he's happy to be alive after surviving a night in the last places you would want to find yourself stuck. >> i have an incredible amount of respect for all of people involved in this effort. i'm so grateful to them. >> tonight at 5:30 tom is wrapping up his week long series on bay area infrastructure by taking a look at what's happening underground. things as water mains and gas lines. so this morning our question to you is this -- is our infrastructure a concern to you.
8:47 am
let us know what you think by posting a comment on the facebook page. . time is 8:47 sal you owe we're a cool bunch in the newsroom. people are getting out their cell phones for pictures. here on the set on the 9 in about half an hour. >> i can't wait. >> i have my phone ready too. don't think i'm not above that. >> he's got a great story. we're talking to him so on fridays we do a lot of music. . let's go and take a look at 280 in san francisco. northbound 280 coming out of daly city up to ocean, there was a crash looks like one of the vehicles was disabled and has been there for a while. the traffic is backing up almost all the way back to sarah . you could use side roads and get on the freeway after if you know your way around san
8:48 am
francisco. slow on the northbound 101 this morning. slowing from san bruno up into south city and into the city that way. so you have your work out cut for you today. if you know the side streets you can do a good job. san jose northbound 80, downtown accident near kurt ner. let's take a look at these pictures. we have a look at traffic here that's going to be okay at the toll plaza. then interstate 880 is looking slow northbound out of san lean dro. let's bring steve in. clear skies mostly clear, cloud cover near the coast. two systems dropping down. staying off the coast and the other coming off the coast. let's take a look here from then and now.
8:49 am
on the left to february 23rd, i see brown to green. i see a huge snow pack in there. that is a tremendous difference and let's face it, in a relatively short period of time. the rain started in october and it continues. everything is green. some of the images coming in, we don't have to mention this anymore. cloud coffer forming up in mendocino county. a weak system coming in. not a lot with this. maybe some isolated showers, a few 20s and a lot of 30s this morning. getting 40s, 30s on the coast. a heads up if you're heading to arizona, it's not hot. it's been cold in the morning. gradually warming up but they did have 30s and low 40s this morning and las vegas was 38 degrees this morning. la made it to 46. chilly there. cool air making it down to
8:50 am
southern california and st desert southwest. 21 in reno. cold air in here, you can see this line approaching the mendocino coast so that's playing in there later today. waiting on a system to drop down. skirting just along the coast on sunday. coming down with more of a land trajectory. a far cry much different from the last series of systems. those that are warm out of the southwest due north they holds less moisture. a tenth of an inch should cover it to everybody. monday morning, most of this is scooting out of here. some dry weather in the next week. 50s on the temps, 56 in concord and napa. and san rafael, not much warmer to santa cruz and san jose. 50s are here, at least through tuesday, maybe some light rain this weekend week, not a big deal.
8:51 am
low snow levels monday night. . caitlyn jenner getting political. her message to the trump administration after this week's reversal on a transgender bathroom rule.
8:52 am
8:53 am
22 people were arrested or detained on february 13th and joining an operation with santa cruz police. 12 of them are gang members facing criminal charges but homeland security says the other ten people were targeted because of their immigration status. they have been released pending hearings. the police chief says the department was led to belief the raid only targeted gang members. they did inform the police department ahead of time it was part of the plan. although republicans both the white house in congress, democrats say there's a silver lining to the trump administration getting more engaged with constituents.
8:54 am
>> we think we have a big enough facility and we find out we don't. 0. >> 600 people showed up at a town hall meeting. they submitted changes ranging from appealing obamacare and trump asian stand on immigration. the congressmen says the public can make a difference now. . the lgbtq caucus gathered yesterday in sack act to condemn president trump for revariesing the rule of transgender students yauzing the school bathroom of their choice. students are still protected under california's laws. the trump says it should be left to states to decide. a law was passed in 2013 allowing students to use bathrooms and locker rooms accord to go their identity.
8:55 am
caitlyn jenner is taking trump to task on the legislation. she posted this video last night on twitter. >> finally a message for president trump. from one republican to another. this is a disaster. you can still fix it. you made a promise to protect the lgbtq community. call me. . >> in the video she criticized jeff sessions in his role in lifting the protection saying "apparently become attorney general is enough to cure people of their insecurities". it's been six months since a college baseball player was killed. up next what his family is saying about tracking down his killer. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed.
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and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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0 this happened at 3:35 this morning in downtown san francisco this morning. they are used to bringing people who are arrested before they are booked. a $50,000 reward is being offered by a college baseball player who was shot and killed six months ago in an fran's aquatic park. >> i can't say enough how much i miss him. i need someone to come forward. someone has to know something. >> the father hopes the money will lead to an arrest and conviction. he was shot in the back of august 6th while playing pokemon go. they believe his killing was random, says investigators. the department is reviewing video of the confrontation between an off duty police officer and a group of teens. it stems from an ongoing dispute between a group of teens that walked across his
8:59 am
yard. a 13-year old boy threatened the officer. he decided to hold the teen until back up aryed. there was another altercation where several teens surrounded the officer and he opened fire. you see him here reaching for his gun. the los angeles police department conducting its own internal investigation. one suspect is dead in washington d.c. after a shoot out last night. we don't know the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting but we do know the jury injuries of the two police officers are considered non- life threatening. a weapon was recovered at the scene. a 20-year old man is due back in court. investigators say war resident who is autistic ran from the scene but later arrested. the injured add minute traitor
9:00 am
is out of the hospital. berkeley place say war resident blamed heifer because he recently lost his job. bidding wars on bay area real estate, are people pricing their homes low on purpose? ? plus, ktvu tom bakrar wraps up his series on bay area infrastructure bay taking a closer look at what we can't see. we know that oakland's own fantastic band is joining us fresh off his win at the grammy's.


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