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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a key road for some east bay residents collapses, leaving them stranded. why engineers say there is nothing they could do. >> neighborhoods in san jose get the all clear to return to their homes. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor. heather holmes is off tonight. residents in a rural part of contra costa county are trying to figure out what to do next after a landslide destroyed a part of the road that has them cut off from the rest of town. >> contra costa officials met today with homeowners on morgan territory road near clayton. ktvu leigh martinez joins us live. leigh, county officials fear the entire road could go any time, right? >> reporter: yes. the situation has gotten much worse. the only way on to morgan territory road if you live back there is walking through this barricade. then once you get around the
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barricades there's a problem. the crack today is much bigger. we're seeing more of the road slip down. now the low is the creek. what we're being told by public works the creek is cutting into the side of the hill. it's eroding the side of the hill. that's contributing to the collapse, plus you have the collapse on top of the hill, the landslide on top of the hill. so everyone is worried this road is going to eventually just completely collapse. that's why public works could not get in to repair the road and it is why they cannot get in to repair the broken water main. that means everyone who lives back here, they do not have running water. >> the night before this all started my wife and i were driving. i looked. wow what's the line in the road? >> reporter: patrick duggan is talking about this line in morgan territory road. the moving land is forcing the road off the hill and breaking the area's water -- and broke the area's water main. >> i fear there was water underneath.
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>> reporter: taking us above the road you can see where the landslide starts. >> all the roots have pulled away from the rest of the land all the way through here and all the way down about 100 feet. this little section just ripped away. >> reporter: on friday evening the road collapsed cutting off the main way into clayton. >> i was coming home and i got trapped on this side. my husband was home that day, so his car is on the other side. so he drives down the hill a mile and then we walk the the distance. i don't know, maybe a quarter mile to get my car and head out to the store. >> reporter: it's getting much worse with each day. e residents -- residents pointed how far the road has moved. >> i was surprised. i came up with one of my buddies and thought how bad could this be. i have lived here for a long time and i did not think it would be as pronounced as it is. >> reporter: contra costa county can't fix it because the land is still moving. this leaves some residents and their ranches without running
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water. >> the horse alone takes 150 gallons a day they said. so one horse. we need to get water out there. >> reporter: county officials want to discuss gaining access through a road on private property. but even if they don't have permission to use the private leon drive, they say emergency plans are in place. >> if there were medical emergencies out here, we would be able to evacuate very quickly. i don't want residents to worry about that. >> how would they be evacuated? an ambulance out here? >> a helicopter. >> county officials met with locals this afternoon. there's no timeline for when water will come back to their homes or when the roads will reopen. >> reporter: now one positive thing, pg&e was able to reroute the power lines, so the power right here is not active. they were able to reroute it. everyone back here does have power, they just don't have running water. because things are looking much worse, public works is saying it could be shortly, they might
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have to block off the road completely even to foot traffic. >> leigh, do they have any plans? any plans on how to get a large amount of water in to some of these people? >> reporter: see that's the problem. they did bring in some water coming through with their trucks on the other side, which means you need to go through livermore. that's the entrance point on morgan territory road. but it's a one-lane road, it is very narrow and hard for trucks to get in. of course residents are worried too because they have had landslides back there too. they're worried it has started to rain. if we have more wet weather then they will have problems on that side and be completely blocked in here. so they do have that water set up here, but it's just not enough for the animals. so that is something the water department, public works, they're all working together to kind of tackle this issue. but they don't have an answer just yet. but it is something they have to work on. >> all right, thank you. leigh martinez reporting live in contra costa county tonight.
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now to san jose where people in neighborhoods were affected by the coyote creek flooding have been cleared to return home. they have completed inspections for almost all the properties in the rock springs and william street park neighborhoods. state inspectors also gave the go ahead for residents to return to the mobile home parks along old oakland road except for three red tag properties. all the evacuated residents have been cleared to return. they must begin the task of clearing up the mud and debris left behind by the floodwaters. in the meantime city workers will work with the officials on an assessment. >> we will continue with an assessment process. we are required to put in our numbers on monday for disaster relief to start the process. we've been working fast and furious to get those numbers together. >> one of the 1,300 units have been yellow tagged meaning improvements must be made before residents can move back in, but they can return home to start make those repairs. more rain is in the forecast
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tonight. city workers will be monitoring neighborhoods 24 hours a day and checking for any areas of can. if you would like to help the flood victims you can find a link to the flood relief fund by logging on to and click on web links. state water officials are ready to stop releasing water from lake oroville. currently water is pouring from the oroville dam spillway at a rate of about 50,000 cubic feet per second. by tomorrow afternoon, that is expect today reach zero. department of water resources manager say cutting off the flow for several days will allow for debris to be removed from the base of the spillway. since february 12, managers have lowered water levels in lake oroville from about 900 feet to 842 feet. that is nearly 60 feet below the top of the emergency spillway. san jose police are investigating a nightclub stabbing that ended with one man dead. officers were called to the tres gringos cabo cantina on south second street just after
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midnight. that's where they found the victim who had been stabbed at least once. he died at the hospital a short time later. police weren't able to locate any suspects and no arrest has been made. the identity of the victim has not been released until his family is notified. we're going to have more on this story coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. police in oakland are searching for clues after a 21- year-old man was shot to death as he left a party earlier this morning. it happened 1:30 on 69th avenue near morgan street. so far no arrests have been made and the victim's name has not been released. another shooting, this one inside a vallejo bar killed a man and injured two others. police responded to gentlemen jim's on lincoln road east just after 1:00 this morning. officers located two men there suffering from gunshot wounds. one of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene, the other victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a third victim suffered non- life threatening injuries from a gunshot wound. he drove himself to the hospital. no arrests have been made.
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there are reports tonight. the white house press secretary sean spicer has asked his staff to hand over their cell phones recently to make sure they were not leaking information to reporters. according to cnn, spicer called a meeting with staffers last week and asked for both their government-issued and personal cell phones. they told them using encrypted texting apps was a violation of the federal records act. it's not clear if spicer turned up any evidence of leaks. he declined to comment on the meeting. we're more than a month into the trump administration, but almost half of the cabinet nominees have yet to be confirmed. the white house is putting the blame squarely on democrats, saying they have now set records for party line votes opposing the president's choices. reporter lauren blanchard has more from washington. >> reporter: the president is setting a record he likely doesn't want. his cabinet is taking far longer to be confirmed than the last six administrations. for context, president bush had his entire cabinet confirmed in two weeks. now we're five weeks out and still eight members are hanging
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in limbo. >> our administration is running with great efficiency, even though i don't have my cabinet approved. nobody mentions that. it is just a delay, delay, delay. it is really sad. >> reporter: here's a look at the nominees still waiting for full senate confirmation. some have passed a committee and need a full senate vote. coates awaiting a scheduled committee hearing and others have no hearings at all. this senate has been out, but the labor secretary nominee is scheduled for a vote tomorrow night. democrats have been dragging their feet on nearly every nominee. majority of the votes have been party line and democrats have vowed to continue the slow down because they say the cabinet doesn't have the average american's best interest in mind. >> president trump talks about being the party of working people. then he certainly put together an administration of working people. he has more billionaires, more millionaires in his cabinet and
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his administration than any president in history. he has appointed people who are going to decimate the means of the elderly, sick, and the poor. >> we also expect the senate to vote to break a filibuster. on the congressman who will be up for interior secretary. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. the father of a fallen navy seal is demanding the trump administration investigate the circumstances that led up to his son's death. the welfare officer was killed last month during an anti- terrorism raid on a suspected al qaeda compound in yemen. the officer's father bill owen sr. refuse today meet with president trump when they both came to dover air force base to receive the casket carrying his son. the senior owen said he requested a private ceremony. he also questioned the timing of the mission that killed his son. the president approved the raid one week after taking office. hundreds of people met up in the east bay for a town hall meeting with senator dianne
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feinstein. the senator didn't attend. allie rasmus explains why organizers said that did not matter. >> reporter: a full auditorium at elm hurst prepped in oakland on sunday morning. >> we really want to resist what's going on with trump's policies, trying to get more open town hall forums, will we get to meet with the representatives? >> reporter: the event was called an empty chair town hall with senator dianne feinstein. empty chair because the senator wasn't attending. the group behind it was the local chapter of indivisible, sprung up in recent weeks hosting town hall meetings with members of congress across the country. some of those meetings are rowdy and vocal. white house officials have down played events like this calling outspoken town hall participants professional protesters. >> were any of you paid to be here? >> no. >> reporter: the indivisible organization and its chapters across the country have drawn comparisons to the tea party movement philosophically different, but similar in their strategy to pressure members of
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congress to resist a sitting president's agenda. >> the tables have turned and it is our turn to be loud and to show up at places like these to let people know how we feel. >> reporter: organizers knew senator feinstein wouldn't be attending today a. represent -- today as a representative from her office said she is traveling. some organizers say it does not matter if she is here. >> she's not a progressive. she's someone who has been in office for decades, right? so i think her views have evolved with the democratic state. >> reporter: people attending this event say even if feinstein declined the invitation to answer their questions today there will be many more events like this to come especially in the bay area. >> we're in a very special place in the country. i think we have a unique opportunity to push ahead and continue to be progressive despite everything that's happening. >> reporter: in oakland allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead what investigators have learned
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about the man accused of plowing into a group of mardi gras revelers in new orleans. sadness from hollywood. we take a look back at career of bill paxton who died over the weekend. in weather we start off today with sunshine, but the clouds are moving in right now. even a few scattered showers. coming up, we'll let you know how long the shower threat remains in place as they are talking about the dry and warming weather pattern setting up in the long range weather.
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there's word from iraq isis is increasingly using drones to drop small bombs on iraqi government forces in the ongoing battle for the city of mosul. drones dropped more than 70 explosive devices on iraqi forces in a single day. meanwhile refugees continue to
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leave mosul. all before boarding buses to camps. by some account, 750,000 people are still trapped inside the embattled city. the united nation officials said civilians in mosul have made up an unusually high proportion of the casualties. elsewhere in iraq, an ambulance carried the body of slain kurdish journalist to her grave site this weekend. gurdy died yesterday while covering the fighting in mosul. she was a presenter for the media and was killed in a bomb attack that also injured her photographer. co-workers described her as one of the news organizations most daring journalist. in new orleans a suspected drunk driver is facing a serious of charges after police -- series of charges after police say he plowed into a group of people celebrating mardi gras injuring two dozen people. >> reporter: a drunk driver plowed into a packed crowd.
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he is accused of jigger at least 28 people, 21 were rushed to the area hospitals while chaos ensued. there is no suspected link to terrorism. the local paper reporting his blood alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit. >> we send a strong message about not drinking and driving. a number of these people are being treated right now. i want to thank all the first responders. >> it is the point we are making. potential vulnerabilities that we have on bourbon street. we think it could help save people if we had barricades. >> reporter: witnesses recount the moments just before the truck hit the crowd and the territorying moments just after. >> it looked like a cloud just ran out. it was chaotic. at first it was calm, like what's going on. and then it was chaos. >> i was crying hysterically because i saw the entire thing
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happened. if i had walked two steps forward it would have been me being run over. >> reporter: he now faces multiple charges including first-degree vehicular injuring, which is a felony, hit-and-run driving, causing serious injury, and reckless operation of a vehicle. while the cause of the crash is still under investigation, it won't impact the rest of mardi gras. in new orleans will carr fox news. >> police have identified two homicide victims found dead in separate homes yesterday. officers found 57-year-old dale robert carlson dead in a home on valley center drive. about 30 minutes later officers were dispatched to another report of a deceased person at the house about four miles away on glen brook drive. that's where officers found the body of jessica carlson pronounced dead at the scene. it's unclear how the two victims are connected, but they believe the deaths are related. some sad news from
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hollywood today. bill paxton has died. paxton spent four decades in film and television. some of his more noticeable roles include titanic, the terminator, twister, apollo 13, and aliens. he portrayed in the hbo hit, "big love." his family says paxton passed away yesterday following complications from surgery. he was 61 years old. judge joseph lockner from the people's court died today at the age of 97. he was better known as judge wapner. he began hearing cases in 1991 to 1993. wapner presided over more than 2,400 cases during the show's run. he is survived by his wife 0670 years and three children. okay, the weekend is wrapping up. for the most part the weather was pretty nice out there. mark tamayo is in to tell us how things are shaping up for the workweek. >> yes, a system that could
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generate some heavy rain here in the bay area. thankfully for most of the weekend, it has been dry with a few scattered showers popping up this afternoon and evening hours. for the rest of the week they will get ready. the change you're waiting for is approaching. we do have showers and some snow showers up to the north coming down to around 3,000 feet. also out towards the sierra they have a winter weather advisory in place where they could possibly get three to six inches of snowfall. that advisory in place until 4:00 a.m. monday. here you can't see some of the coverage out there with the rain showers and the snow showers. we're talking about some quickly passing showers across the region earlier in this afternoon about one to two hours ago with some of the coverage right now. up in portions of the the north bay, this is not too widespread or not too significant, but still a little bit of scattered showers are popping up for parts of the north bay. south bay just some clouds in place for places like mountainview and san jose. we will check in on some of the current numbers out there. the cold weather pattern is still out there. temperatures pack down to the
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upper 40s for san francisco. santa rosa 47, and santa fe 57 degrees. dramatic skies across the region. the clouds are definitely moving in. you can see a few of the clouds out there over the next few hours. so much flooding up in lake county where the flood stage is at nine feet. as you can see it is at 10.2 feet slowly coming down. that's been the trend over the past few days. no big changes even by wednesday, still above flood stage at 9.9 feet. still some issues up there in portions of lake county. as far as overnight lows some 30s and the 40s start out the day with partly cloudy skies. even in san francisco 45 degrees. by lunchtime we'll call it partly cloudy. then we'll have the sun/cloud mix by 3:00. throughout the afternoon there's a chance for a pop-up
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shower in the bay area. just kind of like to see that we are not completely dry with a few showers for tonight. a sun/cloud mix for tomorrow and beyond that time frame here is what happens as high pressure returns and a dry week ahead beginning on tuesday. even for most of tomorrow as temperatures are back up into the 60s. so for tonight still tracking some clouds with a possibility of scattered showers even into early monday morning. we're starting out with mostly clear skies and possibly a few showers popping up throughout the afternoon hours into your monday, but it should not be a big deal. temperatures for tomorrow a lot of 50s out there with a sun/cloud mix. here is a look ahead as we have been through a lot for january and february and it is nice to show you tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. could the streak continue? we'll show you over the weekend. it looks like it could be dry with a few clouds over the weekend and temperatures back up into the 60s. this is great news. >> it is. have you seen the blossoms coming out too? >> all right. spring is coming our way. >> all right, thank you, mark.
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>> thanks, mark. coming up the great american race is in the books. >> daytona 500 with another thrilling finish for a first- time winner. sport's jason appelbaum is next.
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jason is here now with an exciting end to the daytona 500 with a first-time winner too. >> nascar is the only sport to kick off the season with the biggest event, the daytona 500. kurt busch didn't lead a single lap all day until it counted at the end. dale earnhardt jr. back in a race car after suffering a concussion in july. he started on the front row in the middle of the race. kyle busch, kurt's brother won the first segment with a tire cut down that goes spinning, collect the number of cars including earnhardt and the number 88 car who drives over kyle's car. busch and earnhardt are done for the day. after the race junior felt fine he would be ready for next week in atlanta. now lap 128 another favorite knocked out of the race jimmie johnson spun by trevor bahne. danica patrick gets caught up in the mess. johnson is done for the day. final lap northern california product kyle larson was leading, but ran out of gas,
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which opens up the door for kurt busch as we said kyle's older brother takes the lead, the only lead of the day wins the daytona 500. that is tony gibson his crew chief. he becomes the first drive in daytona 500 to lead only the final lap and win the race. ryan blainey second and a.j. allmendinger came in third in today's daytona 500. the warriors made history last night with the earliest playoff clinch in nba history. ordering for jeremy lin with a little pre-game love to about a minute before the half. steph's three pointer and the foul. he beats the buzzer. a four-point play that caps off a 10-0 warriors run. despite 15 losses in a row comes off tough, but too much steph, he and clay combined for 51 with kevin durant sitting it out with a sore hand. warriors clinch a playoff spot with 24 games left in the
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regular season. after the game steph kerr announced they were parting ways with weber. jose calderon another guard from the lakers a veteran guard, we believe they will sign him to help on the bench. >> all right, thank you, aye son. >> all right, thank you, jason. coming up on 10:00 news the south bay community is mourning the loss of a local little league leader. >> we'll have the latest on the search for his killer and how the community is coming ought to -- coming together to honor the loss. >> we'll see you at 10:00. have a good night.
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ooh, more details about the new star trek film. there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth. i'd be more interested in a scene depicting spock's conception. oh, please. for vulcans, mating-- or if you will, pon fahr-- it's an extremely private matter. still, i'd like to know the details. his mother was human. his father was vulcan. they couldn't just conceive. maybe they had to go to a clinic. can you imagine spock's dad in a little room with a copy of pointy ears and shapely rears? how come on star trek, everybody's private parts are the same? no alien lady ever told captain kirk, "hey, get your thing out of my nose." (knock at door) hi. can you help me? i was writing an e-mail and the "a" key got stuck. now it's just going "aaa..." what'd you spill on it? nothing. diet coke. and yogurt. and a little nail polish.


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