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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  February 27, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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. now to our top stories, a stretch of market street in san francisco remains evacuated this evening because of a bomb threat called into the anti- defamation league. at 4:30, that building and several others were evacuated
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as a precaution, this comes as jewish community centers in several states received threats today. a small plane that crashed in southern california was heading to san jose, one person was killed and at least four or five people were injured in homes on the ground. the plane had just taken off when it crashed this afternoon. i swear that i will support the constitution of the united states, the constitution of the state of california, and the charter of the city of oakland and to the best of my ability, perform the duties of the office of chief of police for the city of oakland. >> thank you, congratulations
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to you. the city of oakland has a new police chief. anne kirkpatrick hopes to transform the oakland police department into a model agency for policing in america. she's the first woman ever to run the oakland police department. they have been without a chief for eight months. you are watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. this afternoon, the senate confirmed another member of president donald trump's cabinet. wilbur ross will be the cabinet secretary. today the white house shared details of what americans can expect from president donald trump's speech tomorrow. >> reporter: good evening. the white house and the president will touch on 11 major points, one has to do with a new budget he expected by mid mamp, it's heavy on defense spending.
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>> this budget will be a public safety and national security budget. >> reporter: speaking to the nation's governors at the white house, president donald trump shared the proposals he plans to focus on. at the top of the agenda, a call for a historic $54 billion increase in defense spending with the same amount being slashed from other federal agencies. the white house said they are rolling out the budget by mid march, it will include major hikes in infrastructure spending. the president is also revealing his plan for the tax code and his plan to overhaul the affordable affordable care act. >> their hard right said they want to repeal without putting in money. >> reporter: there are new
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questions about the trump administration's involvement between campaign awdz and russia. >> we are questioning whether or not the campaign -- aids and russia. >> we are questioning whether or not the campaign aids aids and russia had contact. >> reporter: they are going to cut the environmental protection agency and the state department but they said social security and medicare will be left untouched. >> will president trump go into any detail tomorrow?
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he will talk about crowing the budget for the defense, will he detail the cuts? >> reporter: that's a question that everyone is asking. there is a report out lawsuit this evening on the saying that as far as the epa goes, they are looking at upwards of 24% in terms of the cuts that they are seeing. that's 25% of the staff. but as far as specifics, the white house went out of their way to say that the president is going to brush the speech with broad strokes, keeping in mind he has only been in office for six weeks. they are going to stay away from the details and specifics and they are going to present a bigger picture. what they expect to see -- picture of what they expect to
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see. >> you can watch president donald trump's address to congress and the american people here on ktvu fox news. our coverage begins tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. today, a three judge panel denied a request from the justice department to put the travel ban case on hold. they did extend a deadline. today we got our first look at the damage done to the oroville spillway. water managers stopped the water to assess the damage, it's a mess. most of the lower spillway has been washed away. we have tom here on the race to
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get the spillway ready for the snow melt. >> reporter: the flow from the oroville dam was reduced to zero so officials can figure out how much water they can run down the spillway without further damaging it. they also want the reconstruction of the emergency spill way at the top of the dam completed. they also want to remove the debris pile at the foot of the spillway. that will allow the dam's hide row electric plant -- hydro electric plant to keep the levels safe. as the power plant use water to turn generators, it can put enough water down the river to
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pre- serve fish habitats. >> minimize the threat to the levee systems and the environment and the fish resources during this period. >> reporter: they want to assure that the reservoir level goes no higher than eight hup 50 feet. until these things are done. >> our evacuation warning is in effect. >> this is frantic work. >> reporter: as we move into march, the snow pack will melt sending a lot of water into the reservoir, some of which has to go over the damaged spillway. >> we need 10 or 15 days before the sun gets higher. then we see the snow melt. >> reporter: to assess the damage to the oroville spillway, officials are using drones and helicopters. privately owned drones are forbidden through may. >> if we have to shut down because of a third party drone,
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that effects the safety of our first responders and the community of oroville. >> reporter: the ground is so wet that any rain goes right into the reservoir. thank you tom. coming up, tragedy in new orleans. >> also a guilty plea over an air bag defect that has been linked to the deaths of a dozen people. >> space x is making plans to send people to get a look at the moon >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. new information tonight about a crash in new orleans over the weekend. a 25 year old had a blood alcohol level triple the legal limit when he plowed his truck into a mardi gras crowd. he is charged with reckless operation of a vehicle, 30 to people were injured. two women remain in the hospital tonight. a japanese company, takata has pled guilty to covering up air bag rks that contributed to the deaths of -- air bags that contributed to the deaths of two people.
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they agreed to pay a million dollars in penalties. eight hup $50 million -- $850 million to victims and their families. on wall street. the dow closed at a new record high for the 12th session in a row. elon musk said that space x will fly two people to the moon next year. two people approached the company asking to be taken to the moon. the price has not been disclosed but it's going to happen. we are tracking the forecast for you tomorrow. is a dry day tomorrow with more
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dry case to come and increasing temperatures >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. . new at 6:30, a group of students from the east bay got a special inside look at one of the world's best known tech and media companies, the field trip to facebook was meant to offer the students a window into the tech world. >> reporter: it's so easy for us to forget how difficult high
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school was, standardized tests, pressure to make the grades and fitting in, but for these inner city kids in east oakland, their environment outside of the classroom also presence a challenge. >> the biggest challenge, leaving what ever happens at home, at home. >> reporter: james said his mind is at ease in the community garden at his school. >> if we drink more than one soda a day, can you imagine this much sugar. >> reporter: when she was asked to speak at facebook, one of the teachers asked if she could bring along her students. she brought delicious cookies
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and cupcakes but the healthier lunch options filled their plates. even if they did not sound good, they enjoyed something different. >> i eat a lot of junk food. so this was great. i need to start eating more fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: the facebook fitness guro got the students on their feet and stepping. >> i want them to be empowered and inspired by this energy and hopefully it will open up doors for them in the future. >> reporter: in celebration of black history month, it was a great time to bring the student to facebook to show them what a career in tech looks like. >> we were showing them people that look like them working in
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tech. >> reporter: their message was well received. we are tracking the cool night out there. also the warmer days to come. temperatures get back to the mid 60s this week. also we are starting to see the tree poll epis plooming and more sign of spring, temperatures today in the mid 50s. -- tree pollens plooming and more signs of -- blooming and more signs of spring, temperatures in the mid 50s. there is a system exiting through southern california, that was the sm that brought the showers yesterday. here we are with the winds lightning up. as the winds lighten up, the
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temperatures drop. temperatures tonight are chilly. 49 in livermore right now. it's going to be 34 in livermore tomorrow morning. a chilly start to the day. 45 degrees in san francisco tonight. a cold morning for everyone. by lunch time in san francisco, a few clouds, partly cloudy and partly sunny. not a super hot day but a bit warmer than today. then further warming later in the week. you will notice this wednesday through friday. no rain to speak of, except maybe sunday night. but in the meantime we have a nice run of clear weather. next week has the potential to
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be a wet week. we will track that for you, in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine. >> would you r wow -- wow. coming up, warriors take on the 76ers >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ♪
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. mark is here are sports. the warriors in philadelphia starting off the week right. >> three hour time difference, if you were in traffic, and did not get to see it, the warriors taking care of things. doing the usual, so, so in the first half and then taking care of business. the warriors were a little sloppy but then get fancy. steve kerr not thrilled with this. warriors up three in the half. kevin durant appreciates
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greatness when he sees it. green having trouble with kerr, but he is on his game here. a nice steal. he does not mess around. the warriors six of 29 from beyond the arc. so they take it inside. steph curry making it look easy. 109 - 108. it was the 50th win already for the warriors. 50 and nine. that's good. now spring training, it's going on. in this case, it's in arizona. this is a home game for the a's. a single rba. later, a shot that gets them off to a four nothing league,
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but later san francisco closes the lead. a young guy trying to make the team, arroyo going with a two run single. the a's win on a bases loaded walk. five - four is the final he. >> you see hockey fights all of the time but not like this. this is minor league hockey. they not only go after this guy on the ice which resulted in ejection, but they take it into the runway and then it gets physical. no referees is -- there. >> europe they leave it on the ice. >> thank you for joining us,
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good night
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