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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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slow snow levels. 30s for us, 40s for many as well on the peninsula. 34 atwood side. palo alto, menlo park. loss altos in the 30s. it's close for others. a lot warmer today compared to yesterday. you can see the air flow out of the north. southern california on the dryer side. that's not the case in arizona if you are going to phoenix. i think they are dealing good rain heret. will be better by this afternoon tomorrow. for us but for a few clouds, mostly sunny and cool. here he is. mr. sal. >> you know what? if you -- charlie rich has a song called the most beautiful girl in the world. >> yes. >> one of the best the ever. >> that was a nice touch wasn't it? >> yes. yes. any way. good for the control room. i like charlie rich. let's go out and look at the drive now. traffic on 80 westbound.
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vacaville, solano. nice drive here if you are going into vallejo. if you are on highway 37 all the way over to nevado. you can do that now. traffic is looking good and so this entire area of the bay including solano but also just -- as i'm kind of search around for slow traffic. i like when i do this i don't see any red. i'm look for -- let's -- i see something here. there is a little bit of slow traffic. we found a little bit of stop and go traffic. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic moving along nicely into san francisco. in san jose northbound 280 through downtown. it's looking good. it's a good drive right now for you to get things done if you want to get on the road. let's go back to dave. we have a better look at the massive damage to the spillway at the orrville dam. the crews reduced the water flow yesterday.
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eventually stopping it completely. you can see the lower part of the spillway has been washed away. the water flow has eroded the hillside under it as well. state officials hope to keep that out flow of water turned off for a week to give the crews time to clear debris from the channel below the dam and also get a plant back online. almost a mile of a rural but important road is shut down and officials have no idea how long it'll be before they can even start repairs. we are talking about morgan territory road. it's 14 miles of narrow and twisting asphalt between livermore and ranch homes outside the town of clayton. a section near clayton started sliding on friday and it's still moving. engineers are trying to figure out how to stabilize it. until then the road will stay closed to all cars though people who live in the area can walk across the area.
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that's about what 200 people are to do to get the water provided by the county since that slide caused a water main break on friday. they have been without running water ever since. more than 20 jewish options around the country including some here in the bay area were the targets of new bomb threats yesterday. that includes the jewish community centers in palo alto and san rafael and the san francisco office of the anti defamation league. we had a crew at the anti defamation league right when police found out there had been a bomb threat. police say a staff member picked up the phone just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon and heard a man say there was a bomb in the building. police evacuated the building at 720 market street and shut down the street. the bomb sniffing dog was brought into the ten story building to search but nothing was found. the regional director of the anti defamation league said more education could make hate the a thing of the past. >> hate is something that is
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learned. if it can be learned it can be unlearned. we want to see america be a place of no hate. a place where everybody is welcome. >> jewish community centers and hebrew schools received threats throughout the day throughout the nation. the league said since the first of year there have been 100 similar threats in the united states and can damp the fbi is working with local authorities on many of those investigations. a man from santa rosa has been arrested ceus of killing his father and his estranged wife. the body of the 57-year-old dale carlson was found saturday morning on valley center drive. about two hours later police found 37-year-old jessica carl san sew body in a house on glenn brook drive. dale's son, 32-year-old dalton carlson was arrested on unrelated charges. yesterday police arrested him on murder charges.
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the motive is under investigation. the man accused of leading a police officer on a chase that led to the officer's death is due back in court next movement the 26-year-old was made first -- made his first appearance in court on charges of stealing a motorcycle and evading an officer. investigators say that the officer was chasing him last wednesday when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed causing his death. yesterday outside the courtroom the mother defended her son. >> all over the facebook. people ceusing that he should go back to mexico. now they want to throw him back to mexico just because is he mexican? that's being racist don't you think? >> he has been in trouble with the law before. court records show a bench warrant was issued for his arrest in 2015 after he failed to show newspaper court on charges of burglary, unlawfully taking a motorcycle and possession of a controlled substance. police in santa clara are searching for a pan who
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sexually assaulted a woman. she was attacked on the sidewalk at lafayette and poplar street two blocks the university just after 8:00 sunday morning. the man ran away after the attack. police say that the victim said he was an african american man with a shaved head between 30 and 40. he was about 5'7'' or 5'8'' with a medium build. he was wearing dark clothes. mountain view police are investigating a stabbing that injured one person. that happened about 10:00 last night near phyllis. the police department said that one person is in custody. there are no other suspects but they have not released any details about the victim's condition or what may have led up to that stabbing. a bold burglary and it was caught on video. an atm tagged from a business in marin by thieves who tied it to a suv. police in san rafael are
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searching for two thieves involved in that heist early yesterday. deborah has the story. >> reporter: marin buses come and go here all day and night but for a three hour gap between one and four. >> wow. they planned out. >> reporter: riders stunned to see the glass sliding doors gone, patched plywood.metal landing stairs bent. >> that's unbelievable and surprising for marin. >> reporter: the burglars hit about 2:30 a.m. during that schedule gap. a newer model white suv pulled up and a passenger got out. he broke the glass to get in and ran a rope or cable through the lobby attaching to the atm off camera. then he is barely out of the room and the machine comes flying after him. pulled by the waiting vehicle. once it's rip from the room the burglars load it in the suv and they are gone. >> probably about two or three
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hundred pounds. republican police were -- police found the wrecked room and pieces off the atm owned operated by an independent company. >> it appears that someone obviously knew it was there. then they interest put a lot of work into getting it out. >> reporter: just before noon the atm was found at a richmond business park dumped in the parking lott. had been cut open and emptied of cash. >> i'm shocked. you just wouldn't expectt. >> reporter: airporter passengers say they count on the on site atm for the 22- dollar fare to the airport. management find it's faster all round to avoid plastic so tickets are cash only. >> it's convenient to have it in there. i rarely carry cash anymore. >> reporter: police hope someone know this is vehicle which may have rear end damage from getting the atm in or know
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this is man. possibly recognized by his tan sweatshirt with white graphics. perhaps a skull. a man accused of a string of late night home burglaries is under arrest. he targeted home was unlocked garage doors. officers caught the suspect sunday night the at a home under renovation. investigators have not released his name but say he is on probation for a prior offense. brace yourself. get ready for your pg&e bill to go up again. pg&e will change its rate structure that. means customer who loose less power will see your bills go up 2%. right now the normal residential customer pays about $99 a month. that will go up to almost $111 starting the bills for the month of march. most will already surprised by
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rate hikes in the past couple months. >> the reason that we had the initial rate increase last year was for safety but the main increase was for gas safety. this 2.1% is for electric transmission. >> here is something else. also starting tomorrow customers who use more than four times their baseline amount of power will pay a new high use sur charge. you don't have to be in new orleans to celebrate mardi gras today. a parade with several local bands will hit the streets in san francisco. it all starts at patricia greens on octavis. the parade is free but the mardi gras ball requires tickets. >> all right. a fender bender that turned deadly. up next what happened moments after this crash that led to a woman who wasn't in either car
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being killed. >> also its being called united's shortest flight. the new service offered between san francisco and sonoma. >> good morning. right now traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. if you are going over to the peninsula it's a nice drive. we will talk about the peninsula and the bridges coming up. >> its clear but it's cold out there and looks nice here in the next couple days. there is a northerly breeze. have to deal with that. temperatures upper 50s. low 60s.
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. welcome back. it's 4:43. a top uber executive who just joined the company is stepping down after reportedly not disclosing claims of sexual harassment at a previous employer. he was hired five weeks ago as
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the head of engineering at uber. the new york times said he did not tell uber he left his job at google because of sexual harassment allegationsments he denies that claim. this comes as uber is facing other allegations by a former female employee who said the company ignored her sexual harassment claims. muni said everything is back on track this morning but that's after a service disruption snarled the evening drive for thousands of riders. passengers had to take a shuttle bus between the church street -- because of a problem with the switch. muni said a car crashed in to the church street tunnel. service resumed after the car was taken out of the tunnel but then about 5:00 last night a malfunctioning switch at the same location caused more problems and muni said it was probably not a coincidence. >> we can't be totally certain that the car driving in to the tunnel caused this incident but it'll be quite a coincidence if it didn't have any impact. >> we have talked about this.
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muni said during the last five years there have been about 25 vehicles that have drive then to the tunnel. that's despite speed bumps and warning signs. the time is 4:45. starting in june the bay area will be home to the shortest flight by united airlines. united will offer jet service between sfo and santa rosa beginning june 8th. that's about a 40 minute flight. don't think of it as a way to avoid highway 101 traffic. united isn't saying how much the tickets but a quick check shows they are going for at least $400. these flights are aimed more at people from outside northern california who fly into san francisco and they want to go to the wine country. >> a the lot of people do. a lot of people need to go to work. how is the drive? >> yeah. the drive is okay. we have a little bit of slow
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traffic there on 580. we start with the tracy drive here and you can see we have the stop and go traffic as you drive on 205 and 580 as you make your way in to the livermore valleyf. are you going into livermore it hasn't been that bad. traffic looks good. also look for slow traffic in contra costa county. you have an easy drive. over to the peninsula as promised we are looking at 101 and 280 and things looking good if you are trying to get out of san francisco. get down to sfo or in this area. we are off to a nice start. let's take a look at a live picture over the bay bridge. westbound traffic is light and this morning in san jose downtown traffic looks good. it looks goodall over the south bay. let's bring steve in. we do have clear skies out there and temperatures -- is my mic okay? >> you sound great. >> you gave me a funny look. >> that's just my face.
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>> my face. thank you. on the north coast you have a little bit of shower activity. cool temperatures though coming down from the north. you can see the air flow and cloud cover will be over the ocean. that is about it. there is our little guy. still clipping, looks like low snow levels. just north of garberville. isolated shower activity to the forth. upper 30s for many. mid-30s for a few. napa, fairfield. livermore at 35. little bit of a breeze for some. may be hold that temperature up. 36. morgan hill to gilroy. all 35, 37. same for boulder creek. even santa clara and campbell is at 37 degrees. we have a way to go here before we get -- settle in on the coldest temperatures at sunrise. little bit of that northwesterly breeze. little more on the coast. that's holding temperatures up. half moon bay at 39 yesterday. in the upper 40s now because of that breeze allot the oakland
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airport. five up in truckee. sacramento upper 30s. redding at 32. around lake tahoe. a lot of teens and a few single digits. south lake tahoe at five. water temperatures have been stuck for the longest time between 53 and 54. they have not changed for a really long time. maybe a little cooler here with that north breeze. you get the up welling. you can see southern california now starting to clear out. raining in phoenix. snow in flagstaff. rain in tucson that. will impact the spring training. in san diego yesterday with three quarters of an inch of rain. this is at golden gate weather san diego. lindbergh field has reached their entire normal rainfall season of 10.34. everything from here on out is a bonus. from statewide we are doing well. there are a few advisories. flash flood watches or snow. into arizona. that's the bulk of the
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activity. southern california quieting down after the rain yesterday and we will stay on the quiet side. it's dry until the weekendw. are good through wednesday, thursday, friday. clouds start to increase friday night into saturday. partly to most thely cloudy by saturday night. up on the north coast and then by sunday admonishing we bring acies temperature in here and it should last through early after. there is a possibility of a few more systems behind that. enjoy the nice weather. you may see a change. i'm using the gsf for the forecast model. on the rainfall totals. the euro is much weaker for those who follow that kind of stuff. nothing heavy but increasing north of santa rosa. maybe it changed by the weekend. until then sun and warmer temperatures. slow warm up cold. warm america to thursday, if not thursday, friday. rain on sunday. >> we can handle it. >> all right steve. here is something steve was
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talking about that's been a very cold storm. the skies is have cleared over the bay area. definitely a different story near placerville. snow fell as low as 3,000 feet. caught some people by surprise. some people stopped to enjoyt. one driver was headed to tahoe to go skiing for the first time but was forced to mechanic a pit stop. another wasn't expecting to put chains at such a low elevation but he came prepared. immaterial it's great. we have come in the past and there is been less than a foot of snow. this year it's great to have this much snow. >> that snow board certify from oakland and said he makes regular trips to the sierra and after years of drought is very happy to have this much powder. some students had a lesson in healthy living during a field trip to facebook. about 150, 9th graders took a tour around the menlo park campus. their teacher and chef nikki
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shaw a great friend of mine helped organize the field trip. there is nikki. she wanted to show the students the benefits of exercise and healthy eating but also what a career in the tech field looks like. >> i want them to been superiored empowered by this place and the energy and hopefully it'll open up some doors for them in their future. >> the students put their lessons in to practice by eating a nice healthy lunch right in the facebook cafeteria. >> very nice. a new comedy festival is coming to the bay area. up next the a list comedians that comedy list central is bringing when you can catch the show.
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. welcome back. two tennis players in is san francisco got a big surprise while they were playing a pick up game. one of the world's best tennis players said i got next. >> just having a walk at night and i'm thinking about asking these guys if i could hit. >> that's what happened sunday night. that's serena williams. she was walking through san francisco's mission park with her fiance and she posted this on snap chat. two guys on the court were shocked. she took a few swings for fun.
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>> the moral of the story is you never know when i may come to a tin escort near you. >> she did not play a full set because she didn't have the proper shoes. warriors beat the 76ers last night. they just keep rolling. a comedian and actor kevin hart was there to watch the game from court side. all five warriors starters scored in double figures. kevin durant led the way. he had 27 points. he missed a game over the weekend because of an injury. the warriors play the wizards tonight. even the best will sometimes have a bad night. the warriors won despite the worst three point shooting performance in seth curry's career. he missed the most three- pointers. he was 0-11. he did make seven of 12 two
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point shots and all five of his free throws. turning now to spring training in baseball. the a's won another spring training game over the giants. the a's matt joyce homered in the first against the giants starter. that helped the a's get a lead that held until the 7th inning. the giants tied things up but then gave up a bases loaded walk in the 8th. the a's won it. they have batten the giants in eight straight spring training games going back to last season. comedy central has picked satisfy as the setting for a first of it's kind weekend comedy festival. its going to bring in kevin hart. jerry seinfeld and others. right near city hall. it'll be held the weekend of june 2nd. it's expected to draw about 30,000 comedy fans. there will be multiple stages at civic center plaza.
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we have new information about the coyote creek flood damage. how much it'll cost the city to repair the damage and how much has been donated to flood victims. >> well quiet out there unless are you on the north coast. it's cold but sunny and warmer here each day. just a little bit. it's okay to cry, right?
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no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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. we have new details about this small plane that crashed in southern california. it was headed to san jose at least three people were killed. etonight is the president's chance to lay out specifics for the next four years. in washington i will tell you what we can expect. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. taking a nice live look outside at the city. the skyline. and the bay bridge and then that sales force tower. that will change the look of the skyline. >> more coming. >> yes. >> it's a very clear, mild day. don't forget the coats. cold. i was surprised when i stepped
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outside. it's tuesday february 28th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clarkw. regoing straight to steve. rehabilitative tell you how cold it is. >> cold enough to bundle up a little bit. by this afternoon you won't need it because we are in the layers kind of pattern. cold morning and then sunny, warm days, warmer. it's getting warmer today temperatures will bump up. everything is coming out of the north include that system clipping the north coast. some isolated showers and showers. it's to far north fors to worry about. there is a little breeze that cuts right through it. especially if you have 30s on the temperatures or low 40s which is what most locations have. fairfield down to 34 right now. there are a few locations to the north. even colder. napa32. kelseyville still 28. windsor 36. 41bodega bay. they were 39 yesterday. breeze, that northerly breeze holding temperatures up. coming down out of the north to the most part. out to


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