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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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will be looking for as mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's tuesday, last day of february. 28th. >> we will get to weather but we things to talk about. >> thirst this breaking newsw. refollowing in sanna clara county. we want to take you there live. this is a heavy police presence. you can see a is sheriff's vehicle there. right there in the foreground of the shot this is on kirk avenue at allen rock this is a live picture. several roads in the area are closed and we are still waiting for word on what sheriff deputies investigating. if are familiar with this area this is right near linda vista elementary school. 6:00. hopefully it's a little to early for school and the kids. you may experience some delay ifs are you driving around that area. we will bring you new
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information but this is in santa clara county and a police presence and we are working to find out more information. >> and sal will have a drive -- report for you. steve paulson is right here talking about your weather as your day starts. looking like a beautiful day. just a little cold right now. thank you. we have clear skies. up on the north coast little bit of a rain activity. for us, 30s and 40s. few 20s up toward the north. up in lake. mostly sunny. cold but nice and warmer weather. more so tomorrow into friday. the weekend looks like clouds roll in on saturday with rain on the horizon. looks like on tap for sunday. a lot could change but that's how it looks. we have mostly clear skies. up north a little bit of rain. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. here say hint of a breeze. napa31, kelseyville 27, 37 heels bugger. glenallen at 36. all the way down to the north.
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southern california there is rain in arizona. certainly in phoenix and then the snow up thwart. may have an impact on spring training. should be gone by about noon. for us clouds along the coast. parallel to the the coast. 50s and 60s. little warmer here. >> all right. we will take it steve. thank you very much. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and show you what it's like getting in to san francisco. lue see the traffic is not going to be to bad as you drive into the city. thank you are used to it. 15 to 20 minute delay. looking at the east bay drive. highway 4 is starting to get slow through pittsburgh and some of bay point. slowing approaching walnut creek on 680. on the peninsula we see traffic that's looking good. slow on el camino real. for the most part the major freeway and that includes highway 1 and 92. not a bad drive over the hill to 280 and if you are driving to get out through pacifica
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doesn't look bad. let's look at 280 and san jose. you can see that traffic looks good up to highway 17. let's go back to the desk. three people on their way home to the south bay died in a plane crash in southern california. >> that small plane crashed in a neighborhood in riverside and then erupted in to a ball of fire. we are at the airport right now. the executive airport. that plane was supposed to have returned there last night. >> reporter:a you said three people on board the plane died in the crash. two others lived but were seriously hurt. the cessna was headed back to the airport yesterday afternoon when it crashed in a neighborhood moments after taking off from the riverside airport in southern california. this happened around five. the plane crashed in to two homes in that neighborhoodt. sparked a large fire. firefighters were able to put the fire out. they were able to rescue and
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pull out the two survivors from the wreckage. firefighters say that nobody in the homes -- nobody on the ground was hurt. >> we just saw the plane go down. really fast. then flames and a big loud boom. >> did you see it seconds before it hit? >> just seconds before it hitw. he thought it crashed in to a house. i was kind of in a panic. >> records show that the plane that crashed was registered to an 83-year-old of san jose. we went to the neighborhood yesterday evening and a neighbor caring for his cats said that he and his wife flew to southern california with their granddaughter for a cheerleading event. the usa nationals junior cheerleading competition happened at disneyland over the weekend. the neighbor confirms this was the facebook page. we don't know the identities of the two who made it, we were told they are two adult women. they are in the hospital with
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serious injuries. one at the burn center. we are working to gather more information about the victims, about what cheerleading organization they were participating with in this competition that happened over the weekend. back to you. >> such a sad story and i know we will get more information throughout the morning. thank you. police in the east bay city of pittsburgh are investigating a deadly car crash. officers say that a car and a van crashed on willow pass road near bailey road about 7:00 last night. investigators say that a woman who lived nearby heard the collision and ran to see what happened. police say she was hit by an suv that was headed west on willow pass road. the driver is coop lating are investigators who don't believe drugs or alcohol are linked and police are not saying if anyone was seriously hurt in the first crash involving the car and the van. more than 20 jewish organization around the nation including some right here in the bay area were targeted by bomb threats yesterday.
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that includes the jewish community centers in palo altox san rafael and the san francisco office of the anti defamation league. ktvu had a crew at the anti defamation league office right when the police found out there had been a bomb threat there. police say that a staff member picked up the phone just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon. heard a man's voice say there was a bomb in the building. police evacuated the building at 720 market street and shut down market street. a bomb sniffing dog was brought in and the entire ten story building was searched but nothing was found. the regional director of the anti defamation league said more education could make hate a thing of the past. >> hate is something that's learned and if it can be learned it can be unleashed we want to see america be a place for no hate. >> centers and schools
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california to florida and new jersey were getting threats. the anthony defamation league said since the beginning of year there have been 100 similar threats. the fbi is working with local authorities on many of the investigations. united states attorney general said that the justice department will take action against people behind the anti semitic threats. he condemned the string of bomb threats and vandalism at jewish cemeteries. vandals knocked overhead stones at a historic cemetery in philadelphia over the weekend. a similar act of vandalism happened in st. louis. jeff sessions said the justice department will do what it can to help there prosecutes anyone proven to have participated. the president set to deliver his first address to congress tonight. >> our reporter joining us live from washington. give us a preview of what to
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expect. >> reporter: good morning. while tonight's speech is not a state of the union address the white house said that the big speech will give us a look toward to the next four years under the president. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. >> reporter: it'll be the president's first formal address to both chambers of congress with millions of americans watching home to see what specifics the president plans to lay out. >> obama care has been a disaster. its been way out of control. ly talk about the military and the border and remember this. on the border and -- throughout our country we are getting the bad ones out. the bad people. gang members, drug lords, murderers. >> reporter: the speech will talk about issues tax reform to how the president plans to protect the american people. democrats who have promised to stand up to the president at every turn slamming the speech
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before it's even given. >> when the president talks about a mess he is talking about hits own first 40 days in office which he has wasted. >> reporter: we know there are democrats planning to bring immigrants and refugees as their guests but the president and first lady plan to bring their own guests which include widows of fallen officers and the parent of a student killed by illl legal immigrant -- illegal immigrants. women all that's been happening in washington around the new administration are we anticipating all republicans will go around what the president sasins. >> reporter: i mean that's certainly what he hopes for. republicans obviously in charge of the entire congress. house and senate. they are hoping to see and hear specifics on an aagaina that they can work for. they also hope to hear that the
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president -- they hope to hear a little more team work this there in tonight's speech. >> thank you. you can watch the address to congress right here on ktvu fox 2. our coverage agains. we will stream it live. you can get the local news tonight on ktvu plus. steve was showing that overhead shot of the orrville dam. there has been progress made out at the dam. we will have the latest on the repairs and a view of the dam from hundreds of mile away. >> a is symphony cancels a show and is replacing with something different.
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. the city of san jose announced the first estimate of the damages caused by the coyote creek flood. that estimate, $73 million. 50million of that for private property. city also said that its been almost $940,000 in donations made for the flood victims. many pardon mes are now yellow tagged and they are in need of those funds. >> i was surprised. i mean have so much water down here. >> we have three other homes that we are doing with that they are don't have shushes or money. we are doing -- trying to help out people that need it.
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it's quite sad to be honest. >> city council meeting later today will focus ongoing after federal and state funding. water is no longer cascading down the damaged main spillway. the operators cut off the water baggie released yesterday and from the air you can see that the lower portion of the spillway has been -- there is a clearer shot of the dam. look at that. there is where the spillway was just washed away. the water flows also eroded the hillside underneath the spillway. you can see the damage there. state officials hope to keep the out flow of water turned off for about a week them want to give crews clear time to clear debris from the channel below the dam and then get a plant back online. the crisis at the dam is visible from space. take a look at this from this is a russian cosomaut took this picture. you can see the water flowing from the main spillway there.
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switching gears now the san francisco symphony will hold a special pride event in april. the music director said that the event will highlight music from gay composers and the money raced to go to nonprofit groups helping members of the gear community. there there was an opening in the calendar after it cap celled two concerts set for north carolina. that was a reaction to north carolina's new law that wiped out local anti discrimination protections for the gay community. a marijuana festival scheduled for this weekend on tr ib al land near las vegas is being threatened by the government. the high times cup is a trade show and festival. a united states attorney general based in las vegas sent a let tore the tribe hosting the event reminding them that the transport, possession, use
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and giving outs of marijuana is illegal under federal law. nevada voters legalized marijuana use effective january 1st but some say if the federal government intervene itself would indicate that the trump administration will crack down on marijuana use even in states where it's legal which again includes us here in california. >> right. sal you taking care of our friends at the toll plaza? >> yeah it'll be a crowd now. of course. you can see the traffic going to show you this picture. lue see that there is waiting to go before you make it on to the span. once you make it on it looks good this typical delay of 15 to 20 minutes. nothing out of the ordinary. when you get to the other side traffic on the peninsula looks good including the 101 and 280 but for southbound 101 are beginning to see a back up on southbound 101 approaching
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ceasar chavez. southbound 101 a crash reported five minutes ago involving a couple of cars. now they are blocking lanes. southbound 101 photograph sick not thing. i can see chp is just getting to the crash. you can see at the bottom chp is trying to get to the crash. give yourself extra time or better yet use 280 out of san francisco. they are almost on the scene we will find out more when they get out there. let's take a look at the south bay drive. this looks good in san jose. we haven't had any major problems on 101, 280 or 85. let's bring is steve in. we have clear skies here. temperatures little cooler. 30s and 40s. looking up, hipping up to by a beautiful day. temperatures bumping up. layers in the and then in the afternoon. it's chilly herew. restarting with chicago. we are starting with chicago because in the first time in
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their recorded history of 146 years of weather keeping no snow on the ground for january and february. first time ever. if you are from chicago you don't believe that. no snow january and february. its been very warm. they had a couple of days 70 degrees. mostly sunny. cold in the morning but nice. each day, wednesday, thursday, friday will be sunny and warmer. mid60s. a few 61er 67-degree highs in the santa clara valley. by the weekend looks like clouds start to move in. then rain in the picture by sunday. william is in vallejo. good morning. what orange ball. what are you talking about? >> it'll be here through the end of the week. maybe slowed clouds and a little bit of rain.
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that's holding that temperature up a little bit but still plenty of 30s. san ramone and blackhawk at 33. lafayette. concord 34. livermore at 36. nine in truckee. 32 to 37 many yukia. cold there. single digits. state line at nine. south lake tahoe down to three. 15 at incline village. they come over down to southern california and push that off into arizona where they are getting rain in phoenix. scottsdale. over just to the north of tucson. really good rain and snow to the north. winter storm warnings for much the mountain areas and there is some flood advisories out for the phoenix area. that goes until 11:15. by noon things should start to be better. a lot of people may head down for spring training. southern california now on the dryer side. temperatures 40s and 50s.
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bakersfield at 39. a few clouds on the coast. good to go through friday and then the weekend changes will start to roll in late friday. saturday we get some clouds and all signs point toward rain visiting us again on sunday and maybe late sunday into early monday. until then we don't have to worry about nipping. rainfall won't be great but heaviest north of santa rose a. nothing through friday. probably not saturday but then late saturday, sunday into monday could see one inch plus amounts. up toward mendecino. something to watch but not until sunday, monday. up ear's. low 10's on the temperatures. temperatures each day will be bumping up about two degreesw. will take that into 62, 64, 61 over the next few days and increasing cloud saturday. right now still painting rain out on sunday. >> okay. thank you. >> you got it. still ahead a victory for gun activists. up next why a judge said california violated a man's first amendment rights.
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. it's 6:23. the leader the california senate said there will be an
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investigation intoa temperatures to silence a lawmaker giving a speech last week. republican senator is a refugee. she refused to stop a speech that criticized the late state senator tom hayden's stance against the vietnam war. when she didn't stop talking leaders called former microphone to be turned off. she kept speaking was removed from the senate floor. democratic senate leader said all senators have the right to be heard. a federal judge rules california may have violated freedom of speech while trying to protect lawmaker who voted for gun control. the chronicle report that last july a progun blogger posted the name, addresses and phone numbers of 40 lawmaker who backed a bill that create the a database for people who buy ammunition and required them to pass background checks. several lawmakers reported they were getting death threats. the state ordered their personal information be removed
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on the basis of a 2005 law if they fear for their safety. however the federal judge said that the online post was political speech and was protected under the first amendment. raiders linebacker aldon smith was in court yesterday just weeks before the nfl could even state him. he faces charges related to a dui arrest from back in 2015. in that case he is also charged with hit and run and vandalism. smith had also been sidelined this past year due to a suspension tied to violating the league's subtans abuse policy. despite his trouble he said is he confident his problems in the past. >> i'm just happy that all this is behind me and i can move forward and enjoy the rest of my life. >> anything you want to say to the fans? >> thank you for your support. raider nation all the way. let's just keep this on the straight and positive.
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>> smith will be back in court. a judge has requested a judge to move the trial of cosby to another county. rehabilitative stand trial in june on charges of drugging molesting a former temple university employee. his attorneys say that finding unbiased jurors near the school would be hard. they decided to ridge bring in a jury from another county. the multibillion dollar company behind the k in jarrod's jeweler are being sued. the employees claim that sterling jewelers created a culture of is sexual harassment and discrimination. named in that lawsuit is the ceo and other managers who the women employees claim groped them and forced them to do sexual favors for promotions. not all members of the lawsuit are claiming sexual
6:27 am
inappropriateness. many ceus the ceo of wage violation saying that women were paid less than men. sterling jeweler social security disputing the allegations. its going to cost more to turn on the heat in the morning and the evening. coming up another rate hike for pg&e. we will tell you when it'll start to hit. >> plus a man in the hospital. serious burns. after an apartment fire. we will tell you about how firefighters rescued this man from his apartment. at ikea, we believe that everything, from your lamp to your couch, should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford.
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that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea.
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hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. . thank you for joining us. we want to take you back to our breaking news we are following for you. again we are taking you to santa claraa county.
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a heavy police response. this is kirk avenue on -- at allen rock and from what we understand several roads, you can see the tape going across the road and several roads in the area are closed. we are still waiting from the sheriff's department on exactly what they are investigating there. you can see then more police presence down the road there. if you are familiar with the area this is near linda vista elementary school. we are checking in on when school starts. if it'll affect the school. if you are driving in the area it could impact you there. we will bring you new information as soon as it comes in to the newsroom. thank you for joining us here. mornings on 2. tuesday last day of february. february 28th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 6:30. steve is here. it's a layering day and march is coming in like a lamb. >> very quietly. very quietly. >> look at that.
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my ship camen. i'm at the bus station again. here we are. its clear and cold out there this morning. 30s and 40s but it'll be a fantastic day. good visibility. temperatures bumping up. good morning. chilly 33 here in this morning. put on a sweater. come on. keep that temperature 64. mother nature. upper 50s. cold air in place. few isolated showers. 30s. 40s. so far the little bit of a breeze holding up the temperatures. wood side at 34 and then menlo park, milliono alto. san carlos at 39 the pacific at 41. you can see why it's so cold. everything down there southern california. rain though is on the go. certainly for those spring training people in phoenix.
6:32 am
looks like on the pack side of that in about two hours so hopefully things will clear out. good snow in the mountains. winter snow warnings. it's a -- an advisory for sunshine and a lot of sunshine. 50s and 60s. severe clear. >> good photograph taking weather. >> yes. >> thank you. let's go out and take a look at what we have. we had a crash on southbound 101 earlier in san francisco. happy to say that's been cleared up you can can tell by looking at it here that southbound 101 photograph sick better as they took the accident off the freeway and they are sorting out after. you can see southbound 101 traffic looks good. northbound 101 getting crowded. right near the 280 interchange which is normal. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic will be backed up toker a 15 to 20 minute delay there. have been no major issues here. if you are driving now on -- looks like my map got stuck. 580 westbound look at all that slow of traffic.
6:33 am
eastbound 580 still clearing an accident at north flinn. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. investigators are looking for the cause of an apartment house fire last night where a man was severely burned. >> alex savage there at scene the fire to talk about more -- about what happened. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. this 68-year-old man has very serious burns. second and third degree burns to his upper body. he is being treated at the burn unit at santa clara valley medical. he lives in one of those ground floor units on the left hand side. you can see some of the debris in front 246789 complex here on san pablo avenue near lincoln and the apartment caught fire at around nine last night. the complex houses people with special needs and the elderly. when the firefighters got here last night flames and smoke were coming that one unit and the man inside was overcome by the fire and had to be rescued by firefighters. the el sorito fire department
6:34 am
had to call for more help from a number of nearby agencies. >> we had a total of nine abouts. units from the el sorito fire department. richmond fire department and then rodeo, bat loop chief. >> the ell sorito -- the police department will all be working together. the fire was contained to just that single unit. there was smoke damage from some of of the other units. again that 68-year-old man he has, what we understand to be second and third degree burns to a good portion of his upper body and he remains in the burn unit at santa clara medical. >> all right. thank you. >> yeah.
6:35 am
we know that an 11:00 news conference will be held this morning in riverside about that deadly plane crash that we have been talking about. it was head from southern california to san jose. >> five people were on that plane. three were killed. two others were hurt. it was a cessna. take was going back to the airport when it went down in a neighborhood in riverside. shortly after taking off from riverside airport just before 5:00 last night. >> the plane hit into two houses and started a large fire. the five people on board the plane were returning from a youth cheerleading competition at disneyland. now we understand that two adult women were ejected from the plane on impact and survived. one underwent emergency surgery at a hospital. the other was taken to a hospital in riverside. after being ejected from the plane she crawl from a burning home to get help. >> they were ejected into the
6:36 am
house. that's where the firefighters were able to make a -- an aggressive attack and get them out from the house early on in the fire. >> nobody on the ground was hurt. so far the names of the five victims haven't been released. this plane was registered to a man who lives on north 2nd street in san jose. a neighbor who was caring for his cat said that his wife dana september a message about two yesterday afternoon that they were flying back. the neighbor became wore writed when they didn't arrive. oakland a new police chief said that her top priority is to make the city safe. >> preform the duties the office of chief of police city of oakland. >> i will. >> thank you. >> the chief was sworn in yesterday by the mayor and she will lead a department that has seen several police chiefs come and go but the new chief said
6:37 am
that she intends to stay. >> i'm not a quitter. there is not a quit in me. even in this are challenges and there are many hats and many master that i will serve in oakland and i understand that. >> she said that she is taking over the department in disarray with the scandal involving police officers and a teenage sex worker, the fall out over the warehouse fire and just this monthallations that officers twice failed to arrest a man for shooting up a neighborhood before he was shot and killed by police. a decorated police sergeant is now suing the city saying that the police department took revenge against hip as he investigated the death of another officer's wife. sergeant ghant said that the revenge started after he started to suspect police officer brandon o'brien shot and killed his wife. her death in 2014 was ruled a
6:38 am
suicide. 15 months later o'brien committed suicide. a note he left behind set off the sex scandal. gant said when he started investigating he became the target of harassment. a retired police officer was found guilty of attempted murder by a jury yesterday. he faces a maximum sentence of more than 31 years. weighs arrested last year for stalking threatening his estranged wife before firing into her bedroom. he lived in antioch. is he expected to be sentenced in april. the chp is investigating a deadly bus crash near los angeles where one woman was killed, 26 were hurt. it happened yesterday afternoon in kramer junction. that's about is hundred miles northeast of los angeles. investigators say that a charter bus going from fresno to las vegas crossed into oncoming traffic and hit two cars head on. a 55-year-old woman in one of
6:39 am
the cars was killed. first responders asked for helicopters to take people to hospitals but the helicopters couldn't fly because of bat weather. >> because of the unavailability of the helicopters we reinforced the ambulances to get them here to transport the patients. >> investigators say that nine people sieverred life threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. now 6:39 and it is said to be united's shortest flight ever. coming up at seven the new service being offered from one end of the bray area to the a. >> and the 49ers may get their quarterback before the draft. new reports about kirk cousins and now how he feels about a trade to san francisco. >> good morning. we have photograph take is getting busier all over the place which is in the realm of normal. traffic will be busy through
6:40 am
the lafayette area. >> our weather isn't getting busy. it'll be warmer.
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6:42 am
. welcome back. it's 6:42. we are looking live at the big board. the dow jones is down 18 points. 20, 818. the s and p down a bit as well. the nasdaq the most. act a quarter percent. it started down yesterday.
6:43 am
managed to make gains and today if the dow closes with a positive note it'll make history. we will talk about that in just a little bit. investors will be watching tesla. shares for the car company fell 5% yesterday after a down grade. overall stock is down 11% since it's quarterly report. there is some worry about model 3 production but the ceo said that last week the factory is slated to ram up to as many as 5,000 model 3 vehicles a week by the end of 2017. get ready for your pg&e bill to go up again. tomorrow pg&e will change its rate structure. that means customers who use less power will see bills go up 2% starting tomorrow. right now the normal residential customer pays about $99 a month. that goes up to almost $111.
6:44 am
most are already surprised by rate hikes in the past couple months. uppity the reason we had the initial rate increases last year was for safety but -- the main increase was for gas safety. this increase is for electric transmission. >> also starting tomorrow customers will who use more than four times their baseline amount of power will pay a new sur charge for high use. if you are thinking about having a sandwhich for leadership much you may be concerned about the result of a new restaurant food test. researchers tested the dna in the grilled chicken filets used in subway's chicken sandwhichs and wrapst. found they contained just 54% chicken dna. the strips were made of 43% chicken dna shall the rest of the dna was from soy used as
6:45 am
seasoning and filler. subway disputes the results of this testament they say their chicken products contains 1% or less of soy protein and are made from 100% white chicken meat. it's time to check in with gasia with a look at what's coming up. >> good morning. i'm going to be in the studio with more news including scandal at clayton valley charter high school. the scandal started off campus. today we are following reports that a student filmed the school's executive director while that man was naked in a local gym locker room. the action reportedly taken against a number of students. and forget use your fingerprint. what about an iris scan to unlock your phone? one feature scans your eye. why expert the say it's more security than anything else out there right now. and we continue to preview
6:46 am
the president's address with joe. we will discuss the issues the president is expected to speak about this evening. these and more when i join new just a few days. the warriors beat the 76ers in philadelphia. 119-1o 08. they had a solid performance from durant. >> you have to play each and every game no matter who are you playing or what record they have. that's about it. made it any way. durant made it. >> is he the man. kevin is back after missing the previous game. he had a bruised left hand. make it easy. yeah. he had 27 points. clay thompson had 21. the warriors improved their record to 50-9789 tonight the warriors play the wizards in washington. the quarterback rumors swirling for the 49ers. espn is report that washington quarterback kirk cousins will take a trade but only to the 49ers. is he not under contract with washington right now.
6:47 am
they have the option of playing a franchise tag on him for a second season or sign him to a long term deal. he knows the 49ers coach from his days of washington and many people think that is the reason why the quarterback would want to go back here. let's go back over to sal covering a few things in traffic this morning. >> we are starting in the east bay this time. where the photograph sick getting busier. we will start in contra costa. you drive through lafayette. there have been no major issues but it's getting busier here and in lafayette. the let's go to the the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic here is going to be slow as it normally is. right through the middle of the -- through the same areas as you normally see it. no problems driving through into san francisco.
6:48 am
san francisco, highway 101 is not bad. it still looks good. if you get to the south bay you can he see the traffic here. up to the main part of the south bay. all those drives in to the west valley. let's go to steve. clear sykes, it's cold. patch or two of fog. 30s and 40s. good visibility day and each day. we will be inching those high temperatures up a few degrees. 27 degrees. pretty day. once the sun comes up in kelseyville. that's wrong. it's 28. 28 degrees. that's right. 31napa. 3 -- low 40s for some. bodega. 38, 39, little more of a
6:49 am
breeze. a lot of sun. mostly sun. cold morning. sunny and warmer. rain set to return on sunday. right out of the north. the air flow continues and that has produced rain. a lot of dry air. fort bragg there is not much left. farther north you go encounter shower activity. 30s on the temperatures. 40s for some. coldest temperatures up forth. there are still some that are plenty cold. morgan hill and gilroy at 34. boulder creek. socal at 34 and campbell with santa clara a brisk33. add a little wind chill. santa rosa. northwest at oakland. northeast toward haywood. 48 in las vegas.
6:50 am
yukia. eight degrees. three degrees. water temperatures haven't changed. they may go down with this northerly flow. haven't seen much of a change at all. now toward arizona they are getting rain. the next hour or two. watching us off the tablet. spring training. after that i would think you will see a lot of improvement. bakersfield 39, 54 degrees san diego. clear skies for us. 50s and low 60s. 60s will start popping up. thursday and friday. all the way into the end of the week. rain on sunday.
6:51 am
still ahead. an million right -- animal rights activists lost in court . >> and former president george w bush releases a new book today. his new passion project.
6:52 am
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. welcome back. the largest and most active
6:54 am
volcano in europe spewing hot lava. you see it here. explosions pushing balls fire in to the night sky. the eruption didn't threatened the towns. the united states appealing court rejected a bid by animal welfare groups to show if eggs laid by hens were egg free. they met the legal standard for acts reasonablely when they considered but rejected the group's request for label requirements. the groups wanted the agencies to set rules for labels showing cage free, free range or eggs caged hens. they said some labels like those advertising natural eggs
6:55 am
are misleading. san francisco's muni said everything is back on track this morning after service was disrupted and really tied up the evening drive for thousands of riders. passengers had to take a shuttle bus between the station because of a problem with the switch. muni said a car crashed in to the church street tunnel yesterday morning. service resumed after the car was taken out of the tunnel. about five last night a malfunctioning switch at the same location caused even more problems. muni said that it was probably not a coincidence. >> we can't be totally certain that the car tariffing in to the tunnel caused this incident but it would be a coincidence if it didn't. >> muni said during the last five-years there have been about 25 vehicles that have drive then to the tunnel despite the speed bumps and warning signs. there was another bad incident involving a float during a parade in brazil.
6:56 am
at least 15 people were hurt when the top of a float collapsed right there. this is early this morning in rio. at least five people were taken to the hospital. two are in serious condition. we don't know how the collapse happened. on sunday you remember another float crashed during a parade. at least 20 people were hurt including three of them seriously. former president george w bush releases his new book today and it has paintings he has made of wounded warriors. the paintings are veterans he became -- he -- was able to know personally over the years. the former president has taken a painting since he left the white house. he said it was an honor to tell their stories through art. >> i got two new instructors and one is a young guy who paints really fine portraits. he said you should paint people
6:57 am
nobody knows. it just dawned on me. warriors that i got to know. i painted all of them. i know all of them. i know their stories. i ride bikes with them, play golf with them. >> great work. all of the proceeds from the book will go to the bush institute's programs to help veterans. comedy central has picked san francisco as the setting for our first of it's kind weekend comedy festival. it'll bring in kevin hart, and others to outdoor stages and civic center plaza. it -- it'll be held the weekend of june 2nd and will drive up 30,000 people. there will be multiple stages and inside the bill graham center. we are still follow that deadly plane crash. three people died in the crash.
6:58 am
what we know about the victims and the event. >> and today the president delivered his first speech to congress. this is gus.
6:59 am
gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
7:00 am
>> three people are dead after a san jose bound plane crashes into a southern california neighborhood. what we're learning about the people on board and the event they had attended. today in a prime time address, president trump will have the chance to lay out his plans for the next four years. what we can expect from the commander in chief in his first formal address to congress. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a very cold tuesday morning. >> yes. >> february 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> shivering. i'm dave clark. she is not kidding. it is cold. >> it is. sunrise over the big city. clear out there. temperatures, 30s and 40s. there is a breeze keeping things on the chilly side. all signs point


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