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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome to our house. here is our yard. >> i like your view. thank you for the jumpstart this morning with this beautiful view. the bay bridge, very pretty and clear because it is very hot. you may be surprised to hear what will happen by the end of the week. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 or may 1, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson knows what the week will be light.>> up and up today, temperatures bumping up and they will continue today as we look for the upper 80s and low 90s. banking on this north wind, and that develops at 92 but if not 88.
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san jose from 79 to 86 degrees with clear skies. we have a northwest breeze, 40s, 50s and 60s. in the santa cruz mountains upper 40s, 52 in santa clara, boulder creek at 48. the fog will not be an issue so the coast in the bay are looking good. we have this big system in the middle of the country, and we have high pressure over us equally -- equaling upper 80s and low 90s for some. i don't have anything going on. but i do have a question, tell me about pacifica and daly city. >> around 72. nice. there is a release from the heat wave.>> thank you very much.
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the people in dc are jumping up and down. let's take a look at the tracy commute, slow down at 580 and 205 which is the usual with stop-and-go traffic on 205. a lot of people are out there on this monday with stop-and-go traffic. the rest of the east bay does not look bad so far. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza is light and usually gets crowded around 5:30 am. northbound 280 is off to a good start. the oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that occurred overnight, and we are in the parking lot in oakland where the victim was gunned down near the store. >> reporter: good morning. we have contacted the oakland police and we have some new details we released in the last half hour. the police have confirmed they are investigating a deadly shooting that occurred in this
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home depot on alameda avenue and it happened around 10:45 pm last night. the male victim was shot in the head and the lot was blocked off for over an hour as investigators looked at the scene to determine exactly what happened. the investigators have not released any information about any arrests made or providing suspect description and at this point not releasing any information about the victim. we are hoping we can get more details about this later this morning including the male victim and the possible description of the suspect vehicle if there was one involved. >> hopefully they will get more information about this. it is 5:03 am. the palo alto police are not saying whether there is a link between the sexual battery and exposure cases at the
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university. the latest incident happened just before 2 am yesterday morning where many students live. the man sitting in a parked car exposed himself to the students and then drove away. earlier in the week there were three cases where the women were reportedly groped in the science building along the escondido road. some of the students we spoke with said they are on alert.>> we are an open campus and we invite the community to come in, and sometimes that has a negative repercussion. with the campus climate changing , i think it is great that reporting the incidents has been made public. >> the campus and palo alto police are encouraging students to report any problems, and they said there does not appear
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to be a reason for the recent spike in crimes but they suggest that the students walk in pairs or groups. one man arrested on suspicion of murder after the santa cruz police found a body near the boardwalk around 4:20 am on the main beach near the volleyball court, identified as a 52-year-old transient. they have arrested the 58-year- old kevin callahan in connection with the death. witnesses said that the two men were fighting before the man died in both the victim and callahan are homeless and were camping on the beach. the may day marches and rallies planned across the bering area -- bay area, and may 1 is known as the international worker day. here it is shifting to the issues around immigration, and the marches today could be the largest in recent history, protesting the trump administration recent immigration policies. many activists spending
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yesterday getting ready. >> we are hoping people will shut down their businesses, out of school or whatever it is that is available to show the economic power. we are hoping for over 10,000 people. >> we are organizing all of our people in not only the latino community but the muslim community, the women, lgbt community, all communities that are affected by the administration. >> some stores in san jose will be closed today so that the employees can take part in the march. the santa clara vta -- vta will be rerouting the bus service due to the marches and we have posted a link to all of the bus changes on our website,
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the rally will begin at 11 am at the justin herman plaza in san francisco, and then berkeley there is a rally at uc berkeley at noon and in oakland at the bart station at 3 pm. that is followed by march at the san antonio park. the san antonio police arrested one and cited four others after a recent operation at the homeless camps. they were looking for people that are considered high risk, and the police that the arrest they made was for the alleged parole violation with four citations issued for possession of drug paraphernalia and other charges. four people were killed and dozens injured after severe storms hit the southwest and midwest over the weekend. tornadoes destroyed some areas, and in other communities the flooding is a big concern. >> there were trees everywhere, and this has to be the worst that is ever happened around
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here. >> reporter: deadly storms sweeping the midwest and southwest bringing tornadoes and heavy flooding. one man was killed in durant, mississippi when a tree fell on his home. >> for someone to be here one minute, gone the next is very difficult. >> reporter: the tornado ripped apart homes in canton, texas, and one family survived by finding safety in the closet. >> i was holding the closet door so the air would not gedeon. >> reporter: in oklahoma the flood devastated homes and businesses. >> it was 15 to 20 minutes and it went from 6 inches of water to 60 inches. at one point we had 8 feet of water standing in the middle of town. >> reporter: another family survived after a tree fell on their home in benton, arkansas. >> it is by the grace of god we are standing here now.
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>> reporter: the neighbors are helping each other to clean up. >> they are not even home yet hopefully when they get home we will have the tree out of their driveway. >> reporter: there's more rain expected on wednesday for many of the affected areas. the city of san francisco is considering a plan to address the mental health need of homeless people with the fleet of mobile wellness vans. they want to reduce the number of ambulance and hospital stays for the psychiatric issues among the homeless in the city, and the proposal will call for five, 24 hour, seven days a week mobile bands -- vans to provide them with mental health services. the plastic bag ban is expanding and now where the shoppers will have to bring their own bags, more than the grocery store. avoiding the
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government shutdown for now, and coming up we have the plans that donald trump had to give up. so far, so good for the morning commute. no major committee on the san mateo bridge, looking good heading to the high-rise. sunshine and warm temperatures are on the way, and a huge change at the end of the week, and get ready for the roller coaster ride.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:12 am. it looks like congress is worked out the deal to avoid the government shutdown, and the bipartisan agreement would keep the government open until october. to reach the deal the president and democrats had to compromise. the white house getting 1.5 billion for the border security but no funding to build the wall . >> he cannot dictate what he wants without talking with us. >> in many cases you are forced to make deals that are not the deal you would make. you would make a much different kind of a deal. >> as part of the deal republicans will receive more money for the coalminer benefit. the planned parenting funding staying intact and the president had to give up other cuts that the democrats said
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went too far. president trump visiting new york for the first time since moving into the white house and scheduled to visit that uss intrepid for a ceremony with the australian prime minister. the security ramping up for the visit and the new york police department estimate it will cost the city 308,000 a day for security and traffic control while the president is in town. >> i love new york but going back is very expensive for the country because they close up fifth avenue and 56th street. >> protesters gearing up for the visit from the president and the mayor says this is an excellent opportunity to remind the president that new york is the greatest city due to its diversity. the state coming up the way to get a look at the presidents state tracks returns. the legislature would require
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the president and vice president to release five years of tax returns, and it would not offer information about the federal return but offer information about the potential conflict of interest. the bill will likely pass the state assembly but could run into trouble in the senate. it is 5:15 am. earlier we were talking about i 880. >> the 880 commute is doing well and no problems at san leandro and that crashes gone. most people would drive by without knowing anything happened. going out to the gilroy and san jose commute, traffic moving well from gilroy to the morgan hill or into san jose. a nice commute with no major issues. at i 280 in san jose, looking good so far out of downtown heading to the west valley. looking at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, nice and light. the crowd usually arrives at 5:30 am. there are already a lot of people at the altamont pass, and we don't believe this will be lighter than usual. it is 5:15 am. we will be stepping out today.>> where are you going? >> outside where it is nice, "stepping out" with joe jackson. [ music playing ] >> a little bit of a breeze with the offshore breeze, land to sea with the coast looking fabulous. only a couple of days and i
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will be hibernating in the house due to the heat. it will not be 100 or anything but we will have upper 80s and 90s. 70s and 80s along the coast, upper 80s and a few low 90s. warm to hot, and a warmer monday taking us into wednesday with the breeze offshore again meaning no fog on the coast. however, thursday we have a huge change in temperatures. the reason is this massive system coming to the middle of the country and heading toward the great lakes but that front extending from the great lakes to the deep south and heading to the northeast and that is the main player. there has to be a ridge of high pressure downstream and that is over us. here is the low cloud deck and the offshore breeze. on the surface and the loft everything in place. 40s, and a lot of 60s and 50s.
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we have some low 50s with other areas a little bit warmer than some but mostly fit. -- mostly 50s. 60s and south lake tahoe, 70s on tuesday and wednesday. it will be warm even in the mountains. we have an issue along the truckee river for that aerial flood advisory due to the release out of lake tahoe, ramping up big time. very windy on the desert of the weekend but warming up and it won't take long for them to get hot in southern california. clear skies, warmer today and tomorrow with changes. today is okay and tuesday and wednesday, but we do have a system coming in. the forecast models are in sync with this happening thursday and friday and a possibility on saturday for rain. we have 5 to 6 days to iron
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this out but the best forecast model has been on this. we have five days to see how this develops but it will be cooler and windy. today it is all about the sunshine, 70s to 80s, upper 80s and low 90s inland. some may top out today and others on tuesday, but it will be sunny and warm over the next three days and then we will drop 20 to 30 degrees by the time we get to the weekend. >> looking pretty warm. it is 5:19 am. around the world people are taking part in may day marches, and in taiwan thousands hitting the streets. around the world may 1 is known as international workers day and union workers marks for rights. stretching for miles in taiwan, workers calling for the
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national minimum wage. in south korea the workers sang songs and chanted slogans at the may day rally in seoul, south korea demanding better pay and better working conditions. it is 5:19 am. the beach is closed because of sharks, and more about the shark attack that left a single mother fighting for her life. the world famous climber that is found dead, and what happened on his latest expedition near mount everest. who are these people?
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:22 am. president trump saying he will not rule out using military force against north korea they conduct a nuclear weapons test. >> i will not be happy if he does a nuclear test. i don't believe that the president of china, who is a very respected man, will be happy either. >> the u.s. has been pressuring china to do more to control north korea, and the u.s. is installing a missile defense system in south korea that could be up and running soon. the japanese military biggest warship left the port today to escort the american supply ship in the western pacific. it will refill other u.s. ships in the area. this is the first time japan is involved in operations like this during the piece times,
5:24 am
but tensions are rising in east asia due to the north korean recent actions. president trump extending the controversial white house invitation to the philippine president and he wants to talk with the philippine president about the alliance against north korea. the president of north -- the president of philippines known for waging war against drugs by killing the drug users. a climber killed near mount everest, and ueli steck was killed after reportedly falling over 3200 feet down the mountain. his body was recovered, and flown by helicopter to the nearby town. he is a swiss climber that was planning to climb mount everest next month, the most renowned mountaineer of his generation. the u.s. soldier killed in
5:25 am
the explosion near mosul has been identified, and military officials say that it is first lieutenant weston lee who was on patrol when the device blew up. the 25-year-old from george's the third american soldier to die in combat in iraq or afghanistan in the last week. the us-led coalition airstrikes killed 45 civilians in iraq and syria during the month of march, and the pentagon said that all feasible precautions were taken in each incident but the airstrike against the isis fighters still resulted in unintentional loss of civilian life. the report did not include the result of the ongoing investigation to the strike in mosul. this strike resulted in over 100 civilian deaths. revels in syria opened fire yesterday on a group of marchers protesting the infighting between the rebel
5:26 am
groups. >> the shootings took place in the neighborhood outside of damascus after the marchers filled the streets and the area has been under siege by government forces for three years but the fighting between the three rebel factions has recently claimed 90 lives and several demonstrators were reportedly hurt in the incident yesterday. it is 5:26 am. hundreds of workers in sunnydale due to walk off the job today, and the other may day events being held around the bay area today. not a commute so far, we have a commute looking good on the san mateo bridge heading to the high-rise. we are all set for a sunny and warmer thomas hot day -- to almost hot day is we take a look at the temperatures for the week.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, may 1, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. the first day of may is coming in a little bit warm. i am one of those people that thinks anything over 75 is hot. >> that sounds like my mom. it will not last long and
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not hanging around for week or two, but it will hang around for a few days. we have some locations they could top out today, santa rosa and i saw the computer projections. other locations not topping out until tuesday or wednesday but anyway you look at it, 70s, 80s to the 90s. it should be 75 in remember a week and half ago it was 61. it will be warm today, 70s, 80s and 90s. it will be warm for everybody with the north wind at the surface translating into a very warm day. we start off some locations very warm, brentwood at 67, danville is yet at 47, a 20 degrees spread. we have clear skies and fog not playing into the forecast until
5:31 am
wednesday or thursday. upper 80s to 90s inland. >> i was going to say that it looks like most of those are 80s.>> 70s, 80s, upper 80s and 90s. the morning commute on i 80 westbound from solano county looks pretty good. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, traffic light so far and we like what we see driving into vallejo. so traffic on i-80 and slow traffic heading toward marin county as we take a look at highway 24 westbound, crowded but not stop and go from walnut creek to oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have the metering lights on with the small weight of 10 minutes before you get on the bridge. northbound interstate i8 80 is open after the deadly early
5:32 am
morning crash shut it down for three hours just before 1 am near the merida boulevard exit in san leandro. the ford ran into the back of a honda and pushing it across all lanes of traffic into the center divider. a third car it a honda which bounced into the traffic and it got hit by the big rig. the driver of the honda died, and the driver of the third car was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. chp is still investigating why the ford hit the honda but alcohol is not considered the likely cause of the crash. cities around the bay area are getting ready for the may day rallies and demonstrations in support of workers and immigrants. >> we have some of the events happening today. >> the events are happening in oakland, san francisco, berkeley and san jose with marches, demonstrations and
5:33 am
other happenings. there will be a may day rally in san francisco at the justin herman plaza at 11 am. there will be of march to the civic center following. in berkeley a rally at the uc berkeley at noon, and at the fruitdale bart station a rally scheduled at three clock followed by the march to the san antonio park.>> community groups and organizers spent the weekend preparing by painting signs, get thing -- getting the word out about the plan that they are hoping for a good turnout today. >> we expect they will shut down the businesses, come out of the schools, shut down whatever it is that is available to show the economic power. we are hoping for over 10,000 people. >> in the south bay some businesses will be closed so that the workers can take part in some of these marches and events.
5:34 am
may day is celebrated around the world with international workers day but this year it is focusing on the immigrant workers due to the current political climate. organizers and city leaders are expecting to see a high turnout at these events today. the santa clara vta will be rerouting bus services. we have posted a link with these changes on the website, . hundreds of city workers in sunnyvale planning on striking after not getting a raise in five years and the workers are frustrated after two years of failing negotiations. last year 450 union employees voted overwhelmingly to authorize the strike after rejecting the latest offer.>> this includes a 10% raise with generous health care benefits and even this last week we
5:35 am
added the $6000 per employee signing bonus to try to get this deal made. >> even with what we are making the cost of living in housing, especially if you rent, it continues to go up. a lot of city employees can no longer afford to live in sunnyvale. >> nonessential services such as libraries and parks could be affected by the strike. the 25-month-old boy was hit and killed by car after running into parking lot while his parents were shopping nearby on decoto road, and before the parents could realize what was happening the little boy had been hit and later died at the hospital. the driver did stop and cooperate in the investigation. in san diego one person killed and seven injured after man opened fire at a birthday party last night at the apartment complex near the uc san diego. the police responded to a call
5:36 am
about a man shooting people near the swimming pool, and the gunman appeared to be reloading his gun and pointing his weapon at the officers when they arrived. >> our officers saw the sauce becoming gays the suspect is saw that he was still armed. the suspect pointed the gun at our officers and three of our officers fired on the suspect. >> the gunman died at the scene and has been identified as 49- year-old peter selick, and there is no word on the motive and several victims are in critical condition. in los angeles the police are investigating whether the two arrested in the stolen car are connected to a deadly shooting. they were taken into custody saturday night outside of the motel, and deputies say it all started when a man with the gun forced a woman out of her car
5:37 am
and a 33-year-old man died from his injuries, no word on the conditions of the other victims. it is 5:36 am. it is been a month since a 24-year-old college student disappeared and a vigil was held in aly yeoman and they gathered at the starbucks where she wants work. she was last seen leaving the home of a friend on march 30, and her pickup truck and cell phone were found in an orchard the day later but no sign of aly yeoman, and her family says they are not giving up hope that she is still alive. >> she is always been smiling since the day she was born and it is contagious. she is my first grandchild and i miss her very much. >> investigators continue to follow the leads in the disappearance of aly yeoman that they have not given us details. there is a $50,000 reward offered for information in
5:38 am
connection with the case. if you are leaving from her picking up a passenger at the san francisco international airport, check ahead to make sure the flight is on time. so far six flights to and from the sfo have been canceled with four delayed for 20 minutes due to the repaving project underway. most of the work is being done on the weekend but that work continues through the morning. the runway is generally used for arriving flights, and airport officials said they have scheduled the work to take place at a time when it would cause the least amount inconvenience. >> it is a link the runway and they want to make sure they get the processes done. >> the runways due to reopen today at noon meeting the delayed flights will be back on schedule later in the afternoon. the entire runway project is expected to wrap up by mid june. if you live in alameda
5:39 am
county, you will have to start bringing your own bags to more than the grocery store, the plastic bag ban is expanding to the retail stores and is started with grocery stores and convenience stores in 2013, expanding further later this year and you will need your own bag for restaurants in food trucks. since the ban has been adopted the county says there has been a 44% reduction in littering with plastic bags. it is 5:39 am. will taymor about a deadly shooting, the investigation underway right now. the lake berryessa contaminated with sewage water and what they are saying about the drinking water being supplied to the local cities. traffic getting busier and will let you know more about your morning commute. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:41 am. the successful launch of the spacex rocket that took off from the kennedy space center in florida. the falcon 9 successfully touchdown at the spacex landing, the fourth the successful landing of the falcon 9 rocket. it was scheduled to take off yesterday but scratch due to an issue with the center, carrying the satellite to the national reconnaissance office, the first mission that spacex has done for the u.s. military. a popular california beaches closed after the shark attacked a woman near camp pendleton in northern san diego county. there is a go fund me page identifying the victim as leeanne ericson. her mother said she was written on the leg by the shark who
5:43 am
almost drowned her by pulling her under the water. she is listed in serious condition and the single mother of three young children, and she will need help paying for several surgeries. millions of gallons of sewage water could have late in the creeks near the lake berryessa over the pass rainy season according to the state database that monitors the release from treatment plants, and they explain what this means to the surrounding cities. >> reporter: this is the type of news no one wants to hear. >> that is gross and we were just in that lake. >> reporter: millions of gallons of sewage water leaking into lake berryessa and the nearby creek. >> i'm glad i did not go swimming. >> reporter: according to the sacramento bee, the problem started this winter and the district had to spray the wastewater on land where it was mixed to the rainfall and
5:44 am
flowed into the creek and into lake berryessa . >> somebody has some explaining to do.>> reporter: the lake supplies drinking water for vacaville and vallejo, and the county officials said the public was not at risk because the water is treated for pathogens. the rainfall this winter likely helped with any wastewater that did get in. >> they hopefully anticipate those kinds of things. >> reporter: the people that live near lake berryessa were furious at this small water facility serves about 160 homes in says it was a huge mistake. they have not announced any fines, and they have announced that the levels were seven times the level allowed by the board. they are gad this is a catch and release creek. >> i do not want to be in their. does not sound good to me. it is 5:44 am. we are
5:45 am
looking at the people coming in from tracy with a lot of people on the road and a lot of people checking in for the last year with more more people on this commute driving in on 205 and 580. definitely in the last few months whenever i go somewhere it is almost a lock i will hear from someone that makes this commute. it is a tough one and traffic is slow this morning as it normally is. 680 is slow heading out of dublin with no major problems. driving on i-80 in oakland, nice drive into downtown oakland, or perhaps alameda or up through the maccarthur maze to the east bay. at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound traffic moving along okay. it is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. it is a little bit slower than i like.
5:46 am
whenever i see this i think there's something i'm missing on the bridge but i see something on the eastbound but not westbound. we will investigate, but it does not look right to me. it is 5:45 am. i want to correct something, it is farther, not further, and farther is distance. >> we will probably get a call from the english teacher but at least it is corrected. we have warm temperatures on the way and not so much right now because we have 40s, 50s and 60s. it is sunrise over the big city and there we go, we have the rooster. it will be warm today and some people love this. >> [meowing] all right, i will feed you. [ laughter ] that was pretty
5:47 am
good. you did that, dave? that was good. high pressure winning out today, tomorrow and wednesday with the changes coming. it is 4 to 5 days but it looks cooler but not for now. we have this offshore breeze, and that cat is out. that was a good one. here is the deal. we have this strong low in the middle of the country heading to the great lakes with this associated front stretching from toronto down to atlanta and the deep south. that is a deep area of low pressure, and that high pressure is over us for at least three days. 50s for most, 60s for some and 46 at half moon bay, 68 in brentwood. stanford at 49, pacifica at 60 degrees and yet mott terrace is
5:48 am
49 with an offshore breeze in pacifica. 30s in truckee and upper 60s to 70 for tahoe, 49 for monterey and ukiah. due to that release out of lake tahoe there are some ariel flood advisory's out for the truckee river that is running high, fast and cold. it was a windy pattern for much of the desert but sunday and warmer as temperatures move up fast. we will have temperatures moving up quickly as well but this pattern will hold for a few days before we see a change coming in later in the week. we will deal with this as we get closer to thursday and friday but it looks like it will be cold and windy by saturday with the possibility of rain. don't cancel your plans yet but you may want to have plan b in your back pocket. today have plans for sunscreen and get out. inland it will be in the upper 80s to near 90, the coast and bay in the 70s and 80s.
5:49 am
few upper 80s that the warmer temperatures and santa rosa, concord and those areas. much cooler on thursday and we will drop big time friday into the weekend.>> quiet at change -- quite a change and thank you. we have information about a fatal accident. >> this started off as just a crash, and it did not seem like it but now it is reported to be a fatal accident northbound on i-80 at fifth avenue. it looks like some cars are getting through an chp is leading a couple of cars get through with one or two cars coming through. the southbound traffic will be affected. the crashes northbound i8 80 and you can see some the cars are getting through. it is backing up, and looking
5:50 am
at the camera i cannot see a lot of slow traffic but this will definitely affect the commute, and a few moments ago they have announced that is a fatal crash at ia 80 and fifth. -- i-880 and your best bet is to use the 580 westbound. the backup is not big yet but it will get big. trust me on this, i would not go out there now or until it is cleared. we will talk about this more coming up. starting tomorrow the bike and pedestrian passage on the bay bridge will be open seven days a week. and has been closed monday through friday while they dismantled the old span bridge but the new $2 million vista point will be open as well with
5:51 am
restrooms, a water fountain and benches along with a bike rack. the road leading to yosemite national park will reopen this morning and we are checking into make sure it opened about an hour ago, and the big oak flat road had been closed and the crews are still making repairs so be prepared for some delays. up next, the latest stop for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and what he is learning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:54 am. the giants lost to the padres, 5-2 and the giants had a 2-0 lead and hunter scores in the sixth. looking like he could pick up this win and in the ninth inning the former giants hector sanchez ties it up and it stayed that way until the 12th inning when wil myers hit a home run with two men on. the padres win, 5-2 and the giants way that la with a series with the dodgers. the houston astros taking two out of three with a seven-
5:55 am
to win. houston had the lead in the fifth and brian smashes the ball to the right side and it bounces over the head and oakland was down 4-0 and adding to the misery for the oakland a's, gonzales comes up for a three run homer. the a's are off today and heading to minnesota to play the twins tomorrow. we now know the warriors will be playing in the second round of the nba playoffs and they had to wait a week to watch the la clippers and utah jazz battling it out. last night they learned that they will be facing the utah jazz. the clippers around for a while but it was the utah jazz game all the way and the final was 104-91 as they move on to face the warriors tomorrow. they will host the jazz on tuesday and thursday, then the warriors had to salt lake city on saturday and monday. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg
5:56 am
continuing his new year's resolution to visit every state in the u.s. by the end of the year and this week he spends time in the midwest surprising a family in newton falls, ohio. dan and lisa moore welcomed mark zuckerberg in their home to sit down and have a meal, and during his visit they talked about the work with the orphanage in uganda and zuckerberg is now planning a fundraiser to benefit those that are orphaned. zuckerberg spent time in wisconsin this weekend posting photos of the visit with the grant family farm in blanchard bill. they have been raising dairy and beef cattle for five generations. mark zuckerberg said he did a lot of firsts including feeding a calf, trying unpasteurized milk straight out of the cow and driving a 70-year-old tractor. mark zuckerberg has 70 more
5:57 am
states to go. protest planned across the area today and coming up at 6:00, preparations underway and why there is a special focus on public schools. women reportedly groped and reporting indecent exposure, reset incidents having students at stanford on high alert. there is a deadly crash in oakland blocking the freeway on northbound 880. i would not advise you using 880 and 580 is your best bet. emergency vehicles continued to arrive which is curious to me, and we will get to the bottom of what is going on coming up. the country warming up and we will tell you how long coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
community groups and activists are getting ready for may day rallies and demonstrations across the bay area today. we take a look at the events plan including the rally focusing on public schools in oakland. we have several series crashes including one in oakland that is shut down
6:00 am
northbound 880. we will tell you about this and the problem on the bay bridge, coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on this first day of may. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we have lots of sunshine with warm temperatures, and the comments on facebook are interesting. some love it and some hate it so we will have something for everybody this week. we will bump the temperatures up and it is clear. even the coast looking great today. we start off with 40s, 50s and 60s and ending up with 70s, 80s and near 90 four some. -- and near 94 some. san francisco 78 degrees today with temperatures continuing into tuesday. we don't look for fog until


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