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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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northbound 880. we will tell you about this and the problem on the bay bridge, coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on this first day of may. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we have lots of sunshine with warm temperatures, and the comments on facebook are interesting. some love it and some hate it so we will have something for everybody this week. we will bump the temperatures up and it is clear. even the coast looking great today. we start off with 40s, 50s and 60s and ending up with 70s, 80s and near 90 four some. -- and near 94 some. san francisco 78 degrees today with temperatures continuing into tuesday. we don't look for fog until
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late wednesday or thursday morning with a big drop. we will have 90s over the next few days with this light offshore breeze. we have the north wind in vacaville, and fairfield turning to the north. 50s on the temperatures, 60s for san francisco in 68 in brentwood, 57 in san jose. upper 40s, your area 51, 56 four san jose. bayside temperatures up and taking off quickly which translates into the 70s, 80s, upper 80s and low 90s. we talked about this the last time, there was a stall and i said something was wrong with the bay bridge but let's go to this quickly before we get to that deadly crash. on the westbound bay bridge there was a stall and they are moving it. if you are going to the bay
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bridge give yourself at least 25 to 30 minutes for the bay bridge. 880 northbound is closed due to a deadly crash some cars getting through. it looks like occasionally they will let some cars through but this is northbound 880 before fifth, we have a deadly collision and the traffic is backing up. we do not have a big backup yet at the coliseum but it is building and you can see that at the top. pretty soon it will be passed. and i would not recommend 880, use 580 instead. southbound at whipple there is a crash. all very slow. southbound 680 is slow through pleasanton as you drive into the south bay, so we have quite a commute on our hands. we have another update coming up soon. may 1 is celebrated around the world as international workers day. in the bay area there are
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rallies and demonstrations planned, and we are in the newsroom talking about some of the focus this year on the immigrant workers. >> the groups are organizing various events around the bay area today. they are emphasizing on the anti-immigrant policies from the trump administration. there will be a may day rallies san francisco at the justin herman plaza at 11 am followed by march to the civic center, and a rally at the uc berkeley campus at noon, and at oakland at the fruitvale bart station there is a rally followed by march. educators, students and state superintendent will gather for rally the show there support for the immigrant students before the school begins. you can see the students taking part in the events and preparing for the today's events by painting the signs, getting the word out about the demonstrations and marches.
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organizers are expecting a turnout into the thousands. >> we are organizing all of our people not only in the latino community but the muslim community, the women and lgbt community, all communities that are being affected by the administration. >> some businesses in san jose are closing so that the workers can take the day off to participate in some of these plan marches and demonstrations. santa clara vta rerouting the black service and we have posted a link to all of these bus line changes in the south bay on our website, it is 6:04 am. the open police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night on the home depot on alameda avenue. the police say one man was shot and killed in the parking lot just before 11 pm after the
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home depot had been closed for hours. so far the police have not given a description of the possible suspects or motive in the killing. it is 6:04 am. the northbound nimitz freeway is open after the deadly early-morning crash shut down all lanes overnight. this happened just before 1 am near the marina boulevard exit in san leandro. the ford ran into the back of a honda and pushing it across all lanes of the traffic and into the center divider. the third car hit the honda which then bounced back into the traffic and it was hit by big rig. the driver of the honda died, and the driver of the nerd car was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. chp is investigating why the ford hit the honda but the officer said that investigators do not believe that alcohol led to the crash. the palo alto police are not saying whether the recent
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string of sexual battery and sexual exposure catches gas -- cases are related and it happened were many students live. the police report a man sitting in a park car exposing himself to the students, then driving off. the earlier incidents include three cases of women being groped in the earth science building along the escondido road. the police do not recall such a number of high incidence during one month in the students are on high alert. >> we are an open campus and we invite the community to come in but sometimes that has negative repercussions. with the campus climate changing i think it is great that reporting the incident is more commonplace. >> the campus officials and palo alto police are encouraging students to continue to report the problems, and they suggest that
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students walking pairs or groups and be aware of their surroundings. a man is arrested in santa cruz and suspected of murder after he body was found near the boardwalk around 4:20 am on the main beach near the volleyball court and identified only as a 52-year-old transient. the 52-year-old kevin callahan has been arrested in connection with the death. witnesses told investigators that callahan and the victim were fighting before the man died, and the victim and callahan are homeless and were camping on the beach. the city of san francisco considering a plan to address the mental health needs of the homeless people with a fleet of mental wellness bands. -- vans. the ideas released the high number of amulets hospital stays for the psychiatric issues among the homeless in san francisco. the proposal will call for five, 24 hour, seven days a week mobile vans to go to the areas
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where the home is gathered to provide them with mental health services. the labor dispute involving hundreds of city employees, the deal we are just learning about that may have averted the planned strike for today. president trump is putting out a new ad today, is missions and the cost of the commercial. here we are talking about sunshine with warmer temperatures today and already 60 for some in san francisco.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and the time is 6:10 am. president trump saying dave victory in it looks like democrats say they won as well. they worked out a bipartisan deal to avoid the government shutdown.>> reporter: they are ahead of schedule around here, believe it or not but there is a price for the compromise on the budget deal that runs over $1 trillion. >> reporter: washington may be able to keep the government shutdown under wraps for a few months with the congress on the bird of making the deal to keep the government open until october but that was not easy. yesterday president trump was talking about the art of dealmaking in washington. >> in many cases you are forced to make deals that are not the deal you would make, and you
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would make a much different kind of a deal. >> reporter: the president had to give up, for now at least, the border wall funding which is a win for the democrats. the white house is getting political cover with $1.5 billion for additional order security measures including the detention beds and technology. the president gets $15 billion in military funding and more money for the coal miners. the planned parenthood funding will stay intact and present had to abandon a host of cuts that the democrats said went too far. >> he cannot dictate what he wants to not talk to us say we must support it because the country does not work my way or the highway. >> reporter: the president promising another push to repeal and replace obamacare, and promising to continue the key tenet of the affordable care act.>> i just watched another network on the figures and they said pre-existing is not covered but pre-existing
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conditions are in the bill. i mandated it that it had to be. >> reporter: the president will run into the same issues he had the first time he had tried to repeal and replace obamacare back in march getting the republicans on board but for now he has averted the budget crisis it looks like. fox news and washington. the president trump campaign organization is marching with a 1.5 b dollar run of television ads listing the presidential accomplishments for his first 100 days in office . >> donald trump sworn in as president 100 days ago. >> the ads will air throughout the country and organization said it is "highlighting the presence work over the first 100 days and fighting back against the continued media bias ." the youngest member of their british royal family celebrating the second birthday, and princess charlotte is turning two years old
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tomorrow.>> she is adorable. >> and honor of her birthday, the kensington palace releasing the photo of the second child of prince william's and princess kate and they will celebrate her second birthday privately at home. >> she has a bit of a smirk. >> i can see william in her face. >> it is a good looking pair. i know you have some experience about the terrible twos but i wonder if the royal couple has terrible twos going on in the castle. >> if i were a betting man i would say yes because the better you are, kids are kids. we have a pretty serious collision, the second one of the morning unfortunately on 880 northbound. this is 880 at fifth avenue, the crashes turned deadly just before the fifth avenue exit. the crashes blocking almost all
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lanes except for the fast lane. we have a crew arriving at the scene for a closer look and here's one of the vehicles involved, but it is hard to see due to the cars going by but it is very damaged. you can see one of the vehicles in the left lane, and there was a box truck involved. there is at least one person that did not survive the crash. chp is taking pictures and doing an investigation but traffic will be backed up big time in this area. this pictures taken from the roadside level at i-880. the traffic is backed up past the northbound commute with very slow traffic driving past the high street. i got it tweet from someone saying they are stuck just past high street and it is at a complete standstill. i would not recommend using 880 at all northbound and use 580 as your alternative route.
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at the bay bridge approach with a stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge with very slow traffic at the toll plaza. it is moving a little bit faster now that they have removed the stall but the damage has been done at the bay bridge. if you have to go to work at the city you may want to use barker do something else. it is 6:16 am. we have some good weather today. >> unless you don't like sunshine or hot temperatures but hang in there for the major change by the end of the week. if you like warm weather today's your day without a cloud in the sky, warm for everybody and even along the coast. yesterday we had 70s and 80s, today more upper 70s, 80s and low 90s. santa rosa 92, san francisco 78. already 60 near the city college in san francisco. livermore from 83 to 90 and running warmer. san jose from 79 to 80 degrees.
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the average is 64-50 in the record is 88, so not near record-setting territory but possible by wednesday. 43 and the record low high kicking in with the warmer monday and tuesday with transitioning on wednesday. through then we get the offshore breeze with warmer temperatures thought store in hayward, stronger for some. do north at vacaville and fairfield sending the temperatures up quickly. the fog is wiped out by this offshore breeze, 70 in brentwood, 50 and half moon bay, 50 in san jose. we have 40s for a few, and we have napa, petaluma and kelseyville. in san rafael they said it is 60, and look at fairfield, 14 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago with livermore 7 degrees higher. i think you get the idea that we are out of the gate pretty
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quickly with warm temperatures. upper 60s today for south lake tahoe and tomorrow we have a and ariel flood advisory and that is affecting the truckee river. that is the item of interest as far as the warning or watches. this is a warm pattern until this vibrates down starting thursday. we will go for 90s and into 60s by the weekend. nothing through thursday but watch what happens friday as we increase the precipitation late saturday and sunday with a possible quarter-inch of rain. i am not kidding. not today of tomorrow -- today or tomorrow but for saturday and sunday. 70s, 80s and low 90s with temperatures bumping up pretty quickly. we are running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday so it is all about the sunshine and warm temperatures for the next three days. wednesday we will begin to cool down and by the time we get to friday and into the weekend we
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will be much cooler. before we go, what about the snowpack?>> they will be melting but again they will go back down cooler. it will warm up and then slow down big time.>> thank you. you heard stephen the other experts and whether saying that this week the warmer temperatures will rapidly melt the california record snowpack. the merced river in yosemite is expected to hit flood stage by wednesday. the swimmers have been warned that some of the california rivers will be colder and faster than usual as the snow melts. it is 6:19 am. teenagers jumping into the fish tanks at the sporting goods stores, a bizarre prank that is popular on youtube, but one attempt to make a big splash in colorado went terribly wrong. a pool party turns tragic, the investigation into a
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shooting where one person is killed and several others injured. hey allergy muddlers
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stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. welcome back in it is 622 on mornings on 2. in seven day go -- in san diego one person was killed and several hurt at this apartment
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client -- conflicts in san diego. the police arrived and the gunman appeared to be reloading his gun and pointing the weapon at the officers. >> the officers saw the suspect and engage the suspect and saw that he was still armed. the suspect pointed the gun at our officers, and three of our officers fired on the suspect.>> the gunman died at the scene and identified as 49-year-old peter selis. there is no word on the motive but they believe he lived in the complex, and several of the victims are in critical condition. it is 6:23 am. several killed and dozens injured in the severe storms that hit the southwest over the weekend. tornadoes destroyed some areas and in other communities the flooding is the big concern. >> there were trees everywhere,
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this is got to be the worst ever that is happened around here.>> reporter: deadly storms slipping across the midwest and southwest bringing tornadoes and heavy flooding. one man was killed in durant, mississippi after a tree fell on his home. >> for someone to be here one day and gone the next is very hurt will. -- very hurtful. >> reporter: one-family survives in canton, texas after finding safety in the closet. >> i was holding the closet door so the air could not getting a. >> reporter: and in oklahoma the floods devastated several homes and businesses.>> it was a 15 to 20 minute time period, and the water went from 6 inches to 60 inches with an estimated eight feet of water at one point in the middle of town.>> another family survived after a tree fell on the home in benton, arkansas. >> it is by the grace of god we are still standing here. >> reporter: the neighbors are
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helping each other to clean up.>> they are not home yet and when they get home hopefully we can have the tree out of their driveway. >> reporter: there could be more rain on the way wednesday for many of the affected areas. it is 6:25 am. a famous mountain climbers killed in an accident and ueli steck was killed yesterday at the camp near mount everest after reportedly falling nearly 3200 feet down the mountain. his body was recovered and flown to a nearby town by helicopter. he had planned on climbing mount everest next month. at 40 years old, ueli steck was one of the best-known mountaineers of his generation. it is 6:25 am. if you live in alameda county you will have to start ringing your own bag just about everywhere and starting today the plastic bag ban is expanding . good morning.
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the strike has been averted in sunnyvale where hundreds of 80 employees were planning on walking off the job for one day as they try to negotiate the new contract but the strike has been averted, and we will tell you about the deal that was worked out during the overnight hours. good morning. we still have the deadly crash on i8 80 northbound blocking several lanes before fifth in oakland, and i would not recommend using northbound 880. use westbound 580 we will have more about this coming up. cloudy weather for everybody over the next seven days and for those of you that like sometime of sunshine a warm temperatures, today and tomorrow is your day.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this monday, the first day of may. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook and it is just about to ask 30 a.m. and is hot as many of us can take it. >> some people love this. >> i think after having so much rain we are happy to see the sunshine. >> we need to be out on the water.>> it should be nice. for those of you that like
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the cool weather, hang in there because by thursday we will drop by 50 degrees and the weekend could be rain. today is all about sunshine raining down on us as temperatures warm up quickly with the offshore breeze. 81, and yesterday santa rosa in san francisco, livermore and san jose and today 92, 78 and 96. tomorrow looks to be almost as warm and the fog would not be an issue until late wednesday. even tuesday afternoon we have 80s and 90s in the interior. 60s and 70s coast temperatures. there is a pronounced win out in the valley, vacaville and fairfield, and even contra costa. it will be warm and not taking long to warm up and look at half moon bay at 48, 57 san jose. pittsburg already 52.
6:31 am
a big difference and all depending on the wind but by the end of the day we are all in upper 80s, 90s inland and 70s and 80s along the coast and bay. we have a couple of issues.>> we will start with oakland at i-80 near fifth avenue. you will see a crash blocking the lane's and that is northbound 880 with only the left lane open. there is a deadly crash and the traffic is backing up as you drive up to downtown oakland. this is the picture from one of our cruising you can see how badly damaged the cars are. it started with that box truck that was involved in the crash. this card took the brunt of the hit. definitely one person did not survive this crash on 880 northbound. the far left lane is open but that is about all. we will show you that traffic is slow on 880 northbound, at
6:32 am
the coliseum barely moving so i would not recommend using 880. use 580 instead, 580 westbound through the maccarthur maze commute also slow. we had an earlier stalled vehicle at the toll plaza with the traffic not good into san francisco. if you are avoiding 880 and coming in on 580 you will see a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. southbound 880 is a mess due to that crashed at whipple in union city with the traffic jam packed at 238 heading south. we look at 580 westbound and that is out of castro valley. if you want to get around that oakland problem it is not looking too bad. sometimes it gets crowded later but now's the opportunity for you to get on the road in avoid northbound 880 past the coliseum. it is 6:32 am. we have for justin from sunnyvale that the planned
6:33 am
strike by the city employees has been averted, and alex savidge is in sunnyvale, and tell us about this last-minute deal. >> reporter: good morning. the two sides have negotiated into the early morning and finally reached common ground on the deal. the strike in the city of sunnyvale has been called off. this was going to be over 450 city employees across various departments on the picket lines today instead of being on the job but that has been averted. we got the word a short time ago from the president of the sunnyvale employees association, and he is kind enough to join us this morning. i know that you and the members are pleased that the strike is been averted, and what changed overnight? >> we were able to get the conversation going, and the supervisor got us back together at the table and we were able to stay at the table for close to four hours or little bit
6:34 am
more and about 2 am we got the deal done.>> the threat of the one-day strike must've played a role in that.>> it definitely played a role in it would've been an ongoing strike force long as it took the we had members that were dedicated and we voted, 90% to walk out today. -- 98% to walk out today. >> reporter: you and your members were asking for 14% raise, and what was the deal that was reached? >> there was a little bit more put on the table from the city, not quite what we were looking for but a deal we could take to the membership and we will try to get that ratified in the next few days, and it was good.>> obviously you are pleased. >> reporter: the members will not be on the picket line but why did it get to this point? you have talked about the cost of living in silicon valley but how did it come to the point we almost had to stage a one-day
6:35 am
strike? >> the city was claiming they're worried about being physically sound and our members are worried about taking care of their families, and in the end we could find some happy ground. >> reporter: and you will be voting on this in the next couple of days? >> yes. with the bylaws we have to take at least five days before we can get this voted on. >> reporter: this is john simontacchi, with the employee association and again the strike has been called off and we will be waiting for a comment from the city of sunnyvale coming up later this morning. >> alex savidge in sunnyvale, thank you. it is 6:35 am. a 24 month old boy was sitting killed by car and he ran into the parking lot while
6:36 am
his parents were shopping nearby. it happened on decoto road about 3 pm and the little boy had been hit before the parents realize what was happening. he died later at the hospital. the driver did stop and cooperate in the investigation. two suspected burglars in brentwood are in jail, and the 21-year-old layton and 26-year- old hernandez were arrested saturday suspected of committing a burglary at a business saturday morning. the evidence found at the home of layton connection with other recent burglaries and both were booked on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property. it is been one month since the 20-year-old college student disappeared in yuba county and a hope vigil was held last night at aly yeoman at the starbucks where she used to work. aly yeoman was last seen leaving her friends house on march dirty if, and her truck and cell phone were found in an
6:37 am
orchard one day later. her family says they are not giving up hope that she is still alive. >> she was always smiling from the day she was born, she always had that smile that was contagious. she is my first daughter, my first grandchild and i miss her very much.>> investigators continue to follow the leads in the disappearance of aly yeoman that are not providing details. there is a $50,000 reward offered for information connected with this case. former governor arnold schwarzenegger in france to see and receive the most prestigious award, the president presenting arnold schwarzenegger with the legion of honor metal -- medal, and he is helping cities and states reduce the greenhouse gases. >> we have 7 million people that die every year because of pollution and this is why it is important that we reduce the greenhouse gases and reduce the
6:38 am
pollution. we can do it because it is man- made. we have created this mess and now we have to get rid of the mass. >> the legion of honor is the highest award in france and created over 200 years ago by napoleon bonaparte. president trump says he will not rule out using military force against north korea if they conduct a nuclear weapons test. >> i will not be happy if he conducts a nuclear test in i can tell you also that i don't believe that the president of china, who is a very respected man, will be happy either. >> the u.s. has been pressuring china to do more to control north korea in the u.s. is installing a missile defense system in south korea that could be up and running soon. it is 6:38 am. if you are leaving from or picking up a pastor at the san francisco international airport, check ahead to see if the
6:39 am
flights are on time, and more than 10 flights have been canceled or delayed in that is expected to grow as the morning goes on. it is all due to the repaving project on the second runway at sfo that is generally used for arriving flights. most of the work is done on the weekends but the work that started saturday one not finish until noon today. airport officials say they have scheduled the work to take place at times that would cause the least amount of inconvenience. >> it is done every 8 to 12 years, and it is a lengthy runway and they want to make sure they can get all the prostheses done. >> the runway project is expected to continue through the middle of june. the san francisco giants closing out april with another loss to the division rival. the giants had the 2-0 lead after hunter scored in the sixth inning, and teaching seven innings and in the night the former giant sanchez hits
6:40 am
the closer and ties it up. it stayed that way until the 12th and wil myers came in with two men on sending it into the left field. the padres won, 5-2 and hoping to regroup after going nine-17 -- 9-17 for april. the astros taking two of the three in the series and houston had the 2-0 lead and brian smashes the ball to the right and it bounces over the head of ryan healy. the astros adding to the misery for the a's in the eighth, hitting the three-run homer and the a's are off today before they had to minnesota to play the twins tomorrow. we now know the warriors will play in the second round of the nba playoffs, utah jazz.
6:41 am
the warriors of had a week to sit back, wait and watch as the clippers and jazz by let out but last night they found out they will be playing the utah jazz. the jazzing clippers play their final game last night -- jazz and clippers played their final game last night and jazz won, 104-91 and they will move on to play the warriors tomorrow. the warriors will host the jazz on tuesday and thursday night and in salt lake city on saturday and monday. it is 6:41 am. the crime scene in the parking lot of the home depot store in oakland and more on that deadly shooting. the reports that lake berryessa has been contaminated with sewage and what they are saying about the drinking water supplied to the local cities.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 as we go live to the big lord. the dow jones up by little bit and heading close to the 21,000 mark, 21,000 and nasdaq has a gain of one third of a %. the s& p 500 is also up, and we have a lot of the earnings reports coming in that will affect the market. tesla, apple, facebook and
6:45 am
other big names reporting their earnings this week. more student housing to becoming for college student in san francisco, and nearly 800 units of student housing are slated for development. that could accommodate over 2000 student. the colleges in san francisco say that with the high cost of housing that more student housing is needed in order to attract the students. it is 6:45 am. if you live in alameda county you will have to start bringing your own back to more than the grocery stores and the plastic bag ban will expand to the retail scores -- retail stores, and it will expand even more later this year. you will need your own bag for the restaurant and the food trucks. since the bag ban has been adopted the county has seen a 44% reduction in littering with plastic bags. beginning tomorrow the bike and pedestrian path on the bay
6:46 am
bridge will be open seven days a week and it was closed monday through friday as they this band the rest of the old bridge. the vista point will also open and it will have bathrooms, a water fountain, benches and a bike rack. it is 6:46 am. let's check in for gasia mikaelian and what is coming up in the next hour. >> good morning. on that heels of mark in 100 days for president trump, democrats looking ahead to unseat him in 2020 and what joe biden has to say about running for president. other big names laying the groundwork for the next election . chained the landscape of television and a countdown for the possible writers by the writers guild of america and we take a look at how the tv schedules could change if there's no one to
6:47 am
write our favorite shows, which shows could be impacted and how long we could see that affect your the stories a much more when i join you in a few minutes. it is 6:46 am. millions of gallons of sewage water may have leaked into lake berryessa and area tributaries, and the rains caused the waters overflow into the sewage treatment facility in about 6 million gallons of wastewater probably went into lake berryessa . according to the sacramento bee, e. coli readings were seven times the number allowed by the regional water board. >> i will stay on the shore and i'm glad i did not goes swimming. >> i wish i'd known that before i got in the lake. >> hopefully they can anticipate those kinds of things. >> lake berryessa provides drinking water for vacaville and vallejo, and the county
6:48 am
said the public was not it risk -- not at risk because the water is treated for pathogens. a teenager in colorado could face charges for this bizarre prank at the sporting goods store. the boy jumped into the large fish tank at the bass pro shop and injured his head, and this prank is a viral tree and where the teenagers go to the sporting goods stores with the large fish tanks, jump into record video to post online. >> it is a little bit ridiculous in my mind. >> it is kind of stupid, why would you jump in?>> why would you, good question and the teenager could face charges if he caused damage to the tank or the fish. it is 6:48 am. and we have lots of traffic that is messed up. >> we have a fatality crash and unfortunately know that two people died in the crash on northbound i8 80 just before
6:49 am
fifth avenue. here is a look at from the camera and we have a crew on the scene to show you the traffic northbound and the people that died were in this sedan, in the backseat of this bmw. this is what i hate about this job is reporting that a child died in this crash along with an adult. the car was driving up and apparently did not be the stalled truck on the shoulder, and it hit the truck on the shoulder and then came back out of the traffic and hit by a ford f2. the truck -- f250 pickup truck. the corner -- coroner is on the way in the left lane is open. this is heartbreaking to have to report this. the traffic is very slow as you drive northbound on i8 80 northbound approaching the coliseum and backing up at the hagan burger road.
6:50 am
i would not use 880 and use 580 instead. here is a look at the crash in oakland and a stalled vehicle at the bay bridge toll plaza and that commute is slow as well. we are also looking at southbound in hayward city. the south bay commute looking pretty good so far. it is 6:50 am. good morning everybody. we have clear skies, sunny and warm today. for some of you it is a beautiful forecast but for others you will have to wait. warmer temperatures and i realized the allergies have been tough after this long and rainy season, and the grass, weeds and mold are making their move. the combination of the old, ash
6:51 am
and grasses as you suffer. we are clear on clearlake as we a rate -- we are waiting for the sunrise, and it will be warmer for everybody today compared to yesterday. we started this on friday and continued saturday but leveling off. the lows are recovering very fast as we start to see temperatures staying in the upper 80s and 90s inland and also into tuesday with no sign of fog until late wednesday. we will have 90s at the interior, and we have the offshore component and this northerly breeze coming out at the higher elevations, oakland and berkeley hills translating to a beautiful day over by the coast. temperatures warm and north wind taking care of temperatures warming up quickly with fairfield at 63, brentwood 70 with other locations running much cooler.
6:52 am
half moon bay at 48, san francisco near 60 and then carlos already -- san carlos already near 60 and pacifica at 60. it is warming up pretty quickly. 48 and ukiah and 41 in monterey was sacramento already at 61. the entire west is being dominated by this high pressure system in the middle of the country, and we have changes kicking in thursday with big changes friday and saturday with cooler weather and possible rain. today is all about sunshine with warm temperatures, upper 80s and low 90s with temperatures close to these during the next few days. if you areas warming up and a few cooling down the get ready. if you want cooler weather, hang in there because it is on its way on thursday. we have a big cooldown into the weekend. it is 6:52 am. traveling through 50 states
6:53 am
by the end of the year and up next, the latest ops for the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and what he learns from the experience. president trump planning on returning to new york for the first time since taking office, and the reasons the officials -- the reasons the officials are upset about the cost of the visit. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2, it is 6:55 am. u.s. soldier killed at the explosion near mosul has been identified and the soldier was first lieutenant weston lee who was on patrol when the device detonated. the 25-year-old from georgia was the third american soldier to die in combat in iraq or afghanistan in the last week. president trump returning to new york city for his first visit since taking office and bracing for a major gridlock and we have more on the preparations underway at the cost of the visit. >> reporter: much of the extra security around here is a permanent fixture so long as president trump is commander in chief. with this first official visit to the city, new york is bracing for the unexpected and the famed fifth avenue and home of trump tower is lined with police barricades for crowd control. the nypd officers are stationed here 24/7 with a permanent
6:57 am
command post, and with his first visit as president the security is wrapping up and so is the gridlock. here is trump talking with fox news. >> i love new york going back is very expensive for the country because they close fifth avenue and 56th street. i live in trump tower. >> reporter: it will cost the city about $308,000 a day to protect president trump and deal with other safety and traffic issues. and getting hit with that is like a slap in the face.>> we should have the full reimbursement and that is how it works, and we should not be putting hard-working police officers on overtime when they are trying to protect the city. >> reporter: the president will visit the uss intrepid for ceremony with the australian prime minister but don't expect city officials to roll out the red carpet. >> he will not receive a warm welcome in new york city and
6:58 am
the vast majority of the citizens of new york are not happy with the trump administration. >> reporter: it is unclear whether the president will stay at the trump tower at his property in new jersey and if he chooses the new jersey address will not be to play golf. >> that cost almost nothing with hundreds of acres insecurity, and they don't have to close the streets.>> reporter: the mayor says this is an excellent opportunity to remind the president that this is the greatest city in the world because of its diversity. in midtown, fox news. it is 6:58 am. mark zuckerberg continuing his new year's resolution to visit every state in the u.s. by the end of the year and in the midwest over the weekend and he surprised the family and newton falls, ohio and was welcomed by dan and lisa moore,
6:59 am
and during his visit they talked about the family work at the orphanage in uganda and zuckerberg will plan on holding a fundraiser for the orphans. >> the more he talked to the my liked him and the more was inspired by him. >> it is surreal and incredible. >> earlier he spoke with muslim students at the university of michigan in dearborn and visited dayton with people recovering from opioid addiction. he also spent time in wisconsin over the weekend and posted photos of the visit with the grant family farm and blanche bill and they raise gary and the cabell -- dairy and beef cattle and half for five generations. he fed a calf, trite unpasteurized milk straight from the cow and driving a 70- year-old tractor and he has 30 states to go. fighting for workers rights
7:00 am
as activists get ready for the may day rallies across the bay area and there is a special focus on school. the deadly shooting in the parking lot of the home depot in oakland and the investigation is underway. all ahead right here on mornings on 2. blame the grass you knew it would get going there so much rain. they are so tall and the weeds


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