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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and already warm. >> today will be a warm day. very warm. i think anyone over 80 is getting up there. for some it will be in the low to mid 90s. other locations will be in the 80s. we are looking for, if not today, we will see a change. sometimes it can be a slow process but the higher clouds are coming by right now and that is keeping a lot of these lows up. wears the fog? there it is in southern california. it is not taken the turn past southern california but that will work its way and probably tomorrow night. that will be very shallow. it will make any difference at all today. 50s and 60s. it would said 76. pittsburg, 72. they are not cooling off at all. want to creek, 58. 67, martinez. very warm conditions. these higher clouds are helping but they will clear out fast. high pressure will kick in. 70s, 80s and 90s. 82 in the city.
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>> 82. 82 was a good year. >> that sounds about right. >> everything is becoming fog year and foggy here. i hear dave snickering back there. >> i'm older than you! good morning, everybody. let's go take a look at the commute. solano county, if you are driving on 80 westbound, bacca feel, -- vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. no problems into vallejo. 37 looks good. no problem on the car kunis or venetian bridge. this is a look at highway 24 from lafayette. if you driving for want to creek to oakland, no major problems. at the bay bridge toll plaza there are people there but it flight. no major problems there. let's go back to the desk. police in berkeley are looking for a man who stabbed a person in what appears to be a
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random attack investigators said the victim was walking near his home last friday night on san diego road near john hinkle park. the suspect approached him and stabbed him for no reason. the victim is expected to recover. the attacker is described as a white man in his 30s with sandy colored hair. he had stubble and was wearing light-colored clothing and a black backpack at the time. 4:32 am. said it was police arrested a man accused of a hit and run last night where a woman was hit as she walked her dog woman and her dog were walking on westcliff drive along the white house field state beach when the car hit her. she was airlifted to a bay area trauma center and is listed in critical condition. police say they found the suspect through witness descriptions of his car. the suspect identified as 63- year-old lorenzo ortega of san jose. the oakland fire department is investigating the latest fire at a homeless camp at the
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start around 8:30 pm at a campanile interstate 5 80 along 35th and magnolia street >> near the emeryville city border. firefighters say the fire burned about a dozen tents and sent a large plume of smoke into the air. there were no reports of injuries. the fire is under investigation. a cooking fire burned a homeless camp near 880 last month. none of the 40 people living at the camp were hurt but the fire did kill a dog. i fire in concord damaged a couple of outdoor sheds and threatened homes. that started shortly after 330 that started shortly after 3:30 pm. firefighters kept the flames from spreading. they did have the situation under control in about 20 minutes. the cause is still under investigation. a city planner in oakland was the highest-paid city employee in oakland last year, earning more than $480,000. most from overtime pay.
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according to a nonprofit watchdog group called, transparent california, the regular salary of civil attorney kenny lau is $108,000. that means he received almost $300,000 in overtime pay according to this report. city officials say most of his caliber salary is paid for three p's with -- fees with development applications. several made the events held in the east bay yesterday. hundreds of people took to the streets of oakland to show the support for immigrant rights. the march along international boulevard for a rally in the cities for dale district the reports of any arrest. earlier in the day, four people were arrested on suspicion of trespassing during a demonstration outside the alameda county government office building. several protesters change their arms together to block the entrance. the demonstrator called on county supervisor to change their policies. they want them to stop posting urban shield police training
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and stop cooperating with federal immigration officials. the oakland school district said it's working to make sure students will be able to get to school next fall after canceling a long-term contract with the ac transit. the district how to community meeting last night at skyline high school. because of the cut in state of the, the district could to pay the $2 million for the supplementary bus service for students attending skyline, montera community day school. administrators say ac transit provided the extra transit service to other districts but oakland was the only district that paid ac transit. if they're going to be eliminating some buses then she may not get to school on time and there we go with all these letters of truancy and students should not be penalized for not being able to get to school on time if the -- if it's becoming a hardship to get to school. >> the district said it is trying to negotiate with ac transit on a solution but so far they are still pretty far apart. ac transit said it created
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special routes specifically for oakland schools in addition to extra buses and security. the trump administration is rolling back some policies that were focused on getting kids healthier. yesterday, the new secretary of agriculture said he wants to change federal nutrition guidelines for school lunches. the relaxed standards involve three areas, sodium, whole grains and milk. >> how about that lunch? >> reporter: a new boyce street students at the school lunch table, sonny perdue come the newly sworn in secretary of agriculture >> were trying to keep your food safe and keep a nutritious. that's why were here today. >> reporter: he signed his first proclamation monday at a school in leesburg, virginia. it announced three changes to usda school lunch guidelines that had been set during the obama administration. schools can receive exemptions for not serving whole grains. schools can also reduce sodium
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from about 1200 milligrams per meal to 930 milligrams as planned under the obama administration. and schools will now be allowed to serve flavored 1% milk such as chocolate milk instead of nonfat milk. produced said school districts should have more local control because food is wasted when students don't like what is served. >> they tell these food-service workers what they like and what they don't and they see what goes in the trash. this is important. it's not only symbolic but it's dealing with a pretty important constituent.>> reporter: some say taste isn't about salt levels, is about federal funding levels for more fresh foods. >> the government gives you back approximately three dollars for a school lunch, a national school lunch, you can't even go through a drive- through at mcdonald's for three dollars. >> reporter: michael lewis heads up food for thought, 18 the cooks and delivers about
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1400 school lunches a day to private schools and public districts such as piedmont, berkeley and orinda. his meals contain about 530 milligrams of sodium compared to the current standard of 1200 milligrams. but fresh foods cost more. about five dollars per lunch. at a concord soccer field, some students say their school offer lunch picks they have hamburgers and pizza and stuff. >> reporter: many parents and students say they prefer that schools offer more fresh foods. >> my son likes that there's more option in regards to fruits and salads. >> reporter: jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news picture, sonoma county jail inmate who escaped from the north county jail is back in custody. authorities say richard medina stopped clothing and bedding inside a sheet to make it look like he was asleep in his cell yesterday morning. deputies believe they climbed over a fence topped with razor wire but he was found at a home in windsor later in the day. medina started serving a six- month sentence for adult with a deadly weapon in mid-march.
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one worker at a half moon bay restaurant is under arrest, accused of using his cell phone to record people inside a women's bathroom. this happened at jersey joe's restaurant and the victims include children. one woman eating at the restaurant found the phone saturday night. investigators determined it belonged to pedro gonzales. they say the video captured images of two women and four children. anyone who visited the restaurant saturday night is asked to call the san mateo sheriff's office. democrats in the state senate want to make changes to california's cap and trade program that lets big polluters buy their way out of trouble. fremont state senator bob like how ski is one of the sponsors of a bill that would use money raised from taxing polluters to give energy rebates to consumers. it would also set aside some of the money to pay for research on climate and clean energy. the california cap and trade program is one of the biggest ways california encourages cutbacks and carbon emissions. the current version will expire three years from now.
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all of the storms we've had this winter are expected to lead to a dangerous fire season across most of california this summer and this fall. the hills that are dense and green right now, they will start turning brown as we have more hot days. that will generate and create a lot of fuel for wildfires. federal forecasters say the biggest danger will start in july and continue until the first big storms of the fall. the places most at risk where homes backup to wildlands including in the sierra and some of the local areas including mount chual pius and the east bay hills. san jose man is in serious condition after a snake bite. he was on mission peak at fremont. this happened yesterday afternoon while the man was hiking with his wife. emergency workers say the man sat down on a rock. that's when the snake bit his hand. the victim was airlifted to washington hospital in fremont and was given some antivenom.
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440 4:40 am. president trump is raising eyebrows. coming up, what he said about north korean leader trent 27 that sounded like a major change in his foreign-policy. first we're learning more about how much snow fell in this sierra this year. next, a look at the final snow surveyor of the year and the growing concerns now about flooding. the golden gate bridge -- traffic looks good heading south as you head to the toll plaza. pretty warm out there already. a band of high clouds coming by is holding our upper lows up. for some it will warm up quickly. we will look at those tuesday temperatures.
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united airlines ceo is likely to face some tough questions today when he testifies before a congressional committee. he and representatives from other airlines will testify in front of the members of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. he is expected to is a questions about the passenger dragging incident caught on camera. the executives will also face questions about improving the relationship between airlines and passengers. uber will go to court today, trying to block san francisco from forcing the company to turn over the names and addresses of the >> reporter: drivers. the city requires rideshare drivers to apply for a business license. that would put their personal information on the public website. according to the chronicle, the city wants uber the handover drivers' names and addresses so it can notify them if they have not yet applied for a business license. >> reporter: set it already turned over that information in an audit. it does not with the city to post their drivers' information on a public website.
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airbnb has agreed to settle a lawsuit against the city of san francisco. the agreement ends a battle that could have hampered the home sharing company's efforts to expand and go public. airbnb has agreed to san francisco's demand to be more transparent about its host and to help enforce existing registration laws. another home sharing company called, away, reached a similar settlement. both companies will now require all new hosts be registered with san francisco before they can post a rental listing on either side extract today, you will like this. a new vista point opens today. the lookout area is at the end of the bike and pedestrian path of the bay bridge. it features bathrooms, benches, a hydration station and bike racks. also starting today, the bike and pedestrian path will be open seven days a week. up until now, it's been closed monday through friday. pam will be out there riding her bike as well. >> i love riding my bike around.
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i've been across the golden gate bridge many times. maybe i will try to head over the bay bridge as well. very nice. 4:45 am. it will be nice weather. >> i think today is a great day to walk and be outside. let me raise my chair. you are a lot taller than you look on tv. sometimes my chair sings. there we go. >> no slouching. >> exactly. westbound 580, traffic out there already. you can see stop and go traffic on 580 and on 205. that only took a half hour for this to happen. we saw this at 4:15 am and it was completely clear. around 4:30 am is when it starts to happen you. once you deliver more it looks okay. no major problems this morning on 880 north- and southbound. we had a bad day on 880 today.
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today we are hoping for better. so far, so good. when you get to the bay bridge, traffic is light. a couple of lanes have a little backup that nothing major. at 4:46 am, let's go to steve. we have high clouds over us. the lows are being held up and for some it's very warm. for others, maybe a little on the cooler side. we wind up with 70s, 80s and 90s. there are signs we are going to see a good search of fog wednesday night or thursday morning santa rosa, 89 yesterday in town. 93 today. oakland airport, 87, 88 today. 94 in palo alto. you can see higher clouds. those will clear out quickly. most people will not see anything. the fog is in southern california. it has not taken the turn yet the old rule of thumb is one it takes a turn around point conception, you watch it as it comes up the coast.
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49 is the water temp at bodega bay. san francisco buoy's at 51. monterey, 52. when it's that cold, it does not take long when you get a west wind and with heat in the valley -- that fog will come flying in. it won't be today but as long as those water temps stay cold, that's a son the fog has no problem performing. there is a 60 degrees spread between bread and livermore. 50, half moon bay. fairfield commons 64. it's pretty warm out there. 50s on the temperatures on the pencil a. sin karlis, 62. montero, 62. pacifica, 52. look at los altos hills. 67 with warm air aloft. higher clouds will get out of here but it's going to set the stage for a warm day. high pressure is winning today and most of tomorrow. we will see changes. that fog will fly in toward monterey and santa cruz but not until tomorrow night.
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70s, 80s. upper 80s and 90s for many. warm to hot on wednesday and here comes that fog. it will come roaring in and will drop temperatures on the coast and bay. and for everyone as we head toward the weekend. 4:49 am. did you see this? people in modesto were concerned when a major irrigation canal that runs through the city turned blood red. water officials placed red dye into the canal to track the herbicides they put in there to kill weeds and algae. they say that die is non-toxic it will not hurt animals or farmland but city and county agencies were flooded with calls. people were worried about whether that water is safe. it looks like goodness for california's water supply after the final snow surveyor of the year. survey shows the current snowpack has twice the water content of average. in the short term as the
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weather is warming up, all that melting snow could cause flooding some reservoir levels are being lowered to handle the run up. the merced river in yosemite could hit it flood stages as early as tomorrow. a very unusual rescue in sacramento. how rescue teams were able to bring a pitbull to safety after it fell 12 feet down into that hole.
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welcome back. a san francisco chef now has the title, the best chef in the west. chef corey lee of the restaurant beat out five other top california nominees at the prestigious james beard foundation awards. san francisco's law talk korea on mission street also won a special owner as an american classic. the finalist for the outstanding chef of the year included david kinch of men raisa and christopher, stall of the restaurant at meadowood in st. helena. a last-minute agreement was reached early this morning to avert a strike that could have blacked out son -- some television shows. is good of america said it has reached a tentative deal with representatives of movie and television studios. the deal was reached past the midnight deadline. the sides agree the provisions to make up for shorter tv seasons and a 50% increase in
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pay. television residuals, royalties for shows sold on dvds, string platforms and cable tv were also an issue. along with funding for the guild's health plan. the deal has to be ratified by members of the guild. the giants won last night but it took advantage of the ace of the dodger staff and the be the doctors 4 have been 3. giants jumped to lead with hunter pence going deep. 2 run home run off of clayton kershaw in the first inning. the dodgers tied it up in the second inning. in the third, buster posey, another home run off kershaw. in the fifth, superstar 22-year- old, christian arroyo hits the kershaw pitch down the line. that drove in the giants' fourth run of the night. the dodgers could not catch up. they will play again tonight in los angeles tonight. the oakland a's start a three-game series with the twins tonight in minnesota. tonight is game 1 of the warriors and utah jazz in the
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second round of the nba playoffs. it's in oakland. the warriors are going back on the court after an eight day lay off after sweeping the trail blazers and 4 straight games. kevin durant is back after that calf injury. the head coach will not be on the bench yet. he is still dealing with a back problem. the warriors are going ahead, assuming the coach may missed the rest of the playoffs. >> we are ready but we will approach this entire thing as if steve is not coming back. that's our approach to this entire playoffs until we hear otherwise. >> the game starts at 7:30 pm at oracle. all fans will get a yellow t- shirt just like that. instead of strength in numbers it says, warriors, 2017 conference fire -- conference semifinals. a pitbull and is happy to have his dog back after an rescue in sacramento yesterday
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morning. a pit all fell into a storm drain in the community of natomas. joshua sandoval said he let his dog off leash to run around. he fell 12 feet into a storm drain that was not covered. the sacramento fire department responded, lowered a rescuer into the drain and moments later, frank and was back on ground. there is a population boom in california. coming up, the cities in the bay area topping the list as california's economy keeps rising. the fate of sierra lamar's accused killer may be in the hands of a jury. what is expected to happen today in court. it's not too bad out there right now. we do have some slowing to begin this commute. highway 24 is not too bad on the way to oakland. cool for some, warm for others. it will be a toasty day for many. there are signs of the fog coming back not today but by tomorrow.
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good morning. a 15-year-old boy is shot and killed in san francisco inside his car and he quite neighborhood. we will tell you what witnesses saw in that deadly shooting last night. across the bay area, may day rallies went off without a
4:59 am
hitch but in other cities, violence broke out. the arrest and the damage left behind as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us here. that is one of my favorite shots. that overhead shot of the whole city, the bay and the bridge. very clear but i will warn you now, it is already warm out there. for those of us who don't like it above 75, you're going to be a little hot today. thank you for joining us. tuesday, may 2. i'm pam cook. >> you need to drive with the window down. >> bring out the sandals and the skirts. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk more about your weather. steve is in his office. it will cool down but not today.
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tomorrow night i think that fog comes back in. there are many signs of that happening already but it will not be today. some will top out today. it still very warm. there are higher clouds coming through. if you're in the eastern parts of contra costa county, antioch, 75. they do have that north breeze and that will hold the temps up. i hope it cools down soon. i work outside. if you are away from the coast, today and tomorrow will be toasty. it will start to cool down fast. pittsburg, 71. brentwood, 75. blackhawk, 59. concord, 59. there are some cooler ratings but there are some very warm ones. it will be a warm to hot day. everyone in the 70s, 80s or 90s. some inland locations will top out around 93 or 94. bodega bay water temp, 49. monterey, 52. when the water is that cold, all it takes is a south or west wind and with the he


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