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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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he was born with a heart disease. >> a tearful moment by jimmy kimmel on the late-night television show. it reached washington dc and what republicans are trying to pass with the healthcare bill. welcome back. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, may 3. >> this is the middle of the week. let's go over to steve to find out the forecast. i am ready for cooler weather. >> i love this. >> really. >> those -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> some of my family members, it is a dry heat. >> it cooled down to 90 at night.
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>> we have one more day of sunshine and warm temperatures. the coast could be cooler but sometimes the wind kicks in in the afternoon. it is not on the coast unless there is a little of a northeast trees. hayward has a north shore breeze. the water temp is doing everything it can. once there is a bump from the system, it will, flying in but it will not make an impact today. it will be another hot day and there could be hazy skies. there is warm air. it is 40-70s on the temperatures . it is 62 in cooper. except for the immediate coast, it is a warm day. the system is working it's way in but it will pop out of here.
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there is 90s for most. the drive is picking up? >> it is still. we do have some slow traffic if you are driving on tracy. you could see stop and go traffic. people who make the drive, you can see traffic is busy as you drive into the area but it gets better after the past driving into the dublin interchange. there is not a lot going on. that is the way we like it. traffic is moving along nicely on the east shore freeway. there is a 17 minute drive at the bay bridge travel -- told travel bridge. this will be at 5:30. let's go back to the desk. the family of the 15
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-year-old shooting victim, jackson, they are remembering him with a smile that could light up a room. he died as he drove a car in san francisco. another car pulled up to him and someone fired a shot that killed him. family members say they are remembering the teenagers life rather than the way he died. he played youth football. he loved to play sports. they said he was close to his younger sister. the family forgives whoever took his life. >> we forgive them. god bless him and his family. we hold no bitter feelings. we hold no bitter feelings. >> no arrests have been made. ktvu has been told that the suspect and johnson came in contact with each other at the beach earlier that day.
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the police are investigating whether this is road rage. the crime statistics show improvement in some others. overall, violent client -- crimes dropped by nearly 80% in 2016. property crime is down by 10%. gun violence is up. there were 58th homicides last year compared to 53 in 2015. they say the people shot and injured jumped by 25 percent up to 228th people -- 228th people . this man has been charged with the murder. gregory was in court yesterday and is facing a count of first- degree murder. prosecutor said he killed his estranged wife in walnut creek. they said he went to martinez
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where there was a standoff with the police. he finally surrendered. they say the woman had a sun who tried to call his mother the day she was killed but the phone call was intercepted and he told the son he would never see his mother again. there is not enough evidence to charge a man who was arrested for killing a man on the boardwalk. kevin callahan admitted -- admitted to this but he said lee was alive when he left him. someone called to report a death. officers saw callahan about 100 feet from the body. witnesses told investigators that callahan and lee got into a fight over alcohol. they were homeless and sleeping on the beach. in a few hours, the
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prosecutor will resume closing arguments with the man charged with killing lamar. the district attorney told the jury that the only trace of the body was in the car of garcia torres. he showed the video. he said the only way to explain the dirt is that she was on the ground or was dragged. the prosecution called the theory that she ran away was absurd. >> they anticipate the argument of the defense and they are knocking arguments down before they are made. the defense is going to have to be very strong, emotional, in the way they start closing argument. >> once the prosecution wraps up the argument and the defense will give vital statements. garcia did not take the stand.
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he could be sentenced to death if convicted. president trump is pushing for healthcare reform but we do not know if republicans have the votes to repeal and replace the affordable care act. emotional comments from a late-night talkshow host who was helping fuel this debate. president trump and the republican leaders could be a few votes away from healthcare reform but time is running out. >> president trump celebrated with the air force academy football team but clearly is consumed by another issue. >> how is healthcare going? are we moving along? i think it is time. >> it may be time but are the votes they are? they are struggling to keep moderates and conservatives on board with the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. much of the debate is focused on pre-existing conditions on whether insurance companies should have to take all. there is renewed attention after jimmy kimmel spoke
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emotionally of his child who was born with a heart defect and required immediate decision. >> if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it does not matter how much money you make. that is something whether you are a republican or democrat or something else. we agree, right ? >> we see little difference between this and the one that failed if you weeks ago. >> democrats have latched onto the issue of health coverage which could allow consumers to shift into high risk pools if they have pre-existing conditions. the key provision of obamacare that could allow people to forgo purchasing health insurance until they get sick is difficult to finance. >> the idea of taking pre- existing conditions out of the whole equation, that is no longer insurance.>> it is akin to taking your car to an insurance company and say i
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would like to buy insurance. it is the reason why the popular part of obamacare was paired with the least popular part of obamacare, the requirement that everyone carry health insurance. in washington, fox news. the feud between trump and clinton is rekindling. she spoke in new york and she says she would be president if it had been held two weeks earlier before james coming sent a letter to congress and announced he was reopening the investigation. >> it was not a perfect campaign. there is no such thing. i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim cummings letter and ricky leaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were going to vote for me but were scared off.
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>> she is writing a book about the election. she holds herself accountable for the loss but the russian government aided donald trump's candidacy. president trump fired back. he said director commie was the best thing that happened to hillary clinton and that he gave her a brief pass forbade the. this story was used by the democrats as justification for losing the election. the president tweeted, perhaps donald trump ran a great campaign. >> james comey goes to capitol hill and he will face tough questions about russian interference in the presidential election. he confirmed that the fbi was investigating possible coordination between people involved with the trump campaign and russian operatives . the intelligence community accused them of hacking into political organizations and releasing stolen information to
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hurt hillary clinton's campaign . the attorney general says the state ban on the confederate fly -- fly does not apply to individuals. a painting was banned from the art competition for displaying a federal -- confederate flag. it shows a scene with a battle. they are banning dysplasia and and the -- the painting could not be displaced. the warriors one at the nba playoffs. we will show you highlights from the win and tell you what curry said after the game. severe flooding in the midwest and a major river that will rise 15 feet above flood stage. so far, so good when it comes to driving around the bay
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area. we are able to weather the traffic storm. if you can whether the heat, we have a another day. well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"]
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welcome back. tensions
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continue to rise between the u. s. and north korea. the news agency is calling president trump a war monger. bombers are deployed and two bombers took part with a deterrent to the north korea, including the missile threat. china needs to stand firm against the regime. >> they say they do not want north korea to have nuclear weapons but they are not doing anything necessary to make that happen. >> both china and notes -- north korea is angry that they -- the u. s. deployed the system but the u. s. will to -- expand the system and they are capable of shooting down the missiles. it is stirring up opposition. protesters held protests. they say they are troubled by
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increasingly heavy police and military presence. they are worried about the potential effects from the waves created from the radar. i called this fear unfounded. it is 5:16 and let's get you moving. we were talking, some of your friends are having a good day today. you need to take us to the bridge. >> can we? >> yes, sir. >> thank you. okay. >> a couple of others, right? >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> that is right. all right. we may or may not because i do not have control today. you may hear some songs but today i am a traffic guy. a morning. traffic is moving along well on 101 northbound. yesterday, we had a bad one but today, we are starting off on
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the right foot. this is traffic coming into the south bay. it looks good. there is no problems on the bridge. it is continuing out. we are good at the toll plaza. hopefully this will continue. we have not had crashes. it is just the way we like it. let's bring steve with the weather. are you enjoying it ? >> i like it. >> we have the same taste. a nice 68th degree day, right about there. >> you are more strategically located. >> thank you. >> if you enjoy the heat, we have one more day. today, is a days -- day of 80s and 90s. the coast, this is shallow and write down on the ground. we are trying to find the west wind. it is 80s around the main lien.
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there is not much of a push. oakland is calm. the temperatures are cold. it will fly in here and it will drop 15 or 20 degrees inland. 40 day today. brent word says 76. it is 55 in kelsey. this is in the hills. the wind is 66. dega bay is 60. is 32 here. it is 77 in palm springs. these people are looking for rain as we head to the weekend.
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in southern california or arizona, it will change. we will change also but not today. when the system gets in here, the high pressure is dominating the area. the system will bump this out of the way. the process is slow. tomorrow, it will accelerate towards friday and 70 -- today. if you are away from the coast, that is most locations. we will have a west wind kicking in today. it is 60s and 70s and maybe 80 degrees. we need cooler weather for the weekend. the time is 5:19. there are fears of floating in missouri -- flooding in missouri. they could get two inches of rain tomorrow and more rain is
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expected in the southern part of missouri. there is flash flooding and evacuations and three people died. more than 300 roads are closed this morning. they are setting up bags. >> it is important to support the community. >> this is close to my heart. this is my home. >> the floodwaters have damaged 200 homes. they are threatening 1500 more. they predict a eastern missouri city, it will reach over 13 feet past the blood stage. getting around in the east bay got easier. there is a new car sharing service. it is a win for drivers and the economy. a teenager was shot and killed by the police. new videos show that they police officer lied about what
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stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. welcome back. the time is 5:23. in baton rouge, hundreds of people came together to remember the life of walter. they decided not to charge the police officers for the shooting death. he was shot to death last july after being pinned to the ground by officers who were
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arresting him. according to the report, he was jolted with a stun gun. they said they spotted the but of a gun in a pants pocket and said he tried to reach for. the videotape shooting prompted protests around the country. the police in dallas said the officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old boyd has been -- the boy has been fired. they violated policy. he shot and killed jordan evans saturday night. the high school freshman was leaving a party when the police responded to reports of underaged drinking. the police claim the car was reversing in an aggressive more -- direction towards the police but the video shows he was driving away.
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police officers were in the hospital after they were targeted in a drive-by shooting on the south side of chicago. they followed up on an investigation when two cars pulled up and someone started shooting. the officer was shot in the arm and hip. the other was shot in the back but both are expected to recover. three people of interest are in custody. police will pay tribute to officers who were killed in the line of duty. a motorcycle officer died last june after he was struck by a minivan attempting to make a left turn. the driver stayed on the scene. in a strange twist, three weeks after his death, he met a man at a -- at event and took a photo but the man was the driver who hit him.>> i hold no ill will towards him and his
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family and this just was an accident. we want to extend to him grace that god extends to us every day. >> that was three weeks before the death. that is a strange coincidence. today, michael will be among 13 : officers honored at the police headquarters. around the country, 144 officers were killed in the line of duty last year. it is 5:26. a fire that burned 11 miles and took a month to contain, what we know about the wildfire in santa barbara county. a unanimous vote in san francisco. we will bring you a live report on market street that was approved. so far, so good on the morning commute. we do see a flow of traffic getting into san francisco.
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it will not take long to warm up and there is sunshine today. the bayside inland is the 80s and 90s. ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland.
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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland. good morning and welcome back. it is the middle of the week, may 3. thank you for waking up
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with us. we have the forecast. it will be cooler today. >> tomorrow. >> you have wishful thinking. >> can jude give us the -- can't you give us the wish forecast ? >> i wish it would be cooler. i wish it was warmer. today, it will be warm. there is not enough of a west breeze. it runs into a wall with high pressure. that is not a factor. it could be later for the coast but not inland. there is not enough of a breeze. there is nothing in oakland or san francisco as far as the west wind. maybe things will change around 3:00. there are cold water temps and that will help. the inland temps will start off at 60s for some and 70s
5:31 am
brothers. we will end up in the 90s. it is 74 in brentwood. there is warm greetings. it is 60 in lafayette. it looks like sunshine and warm temperatures for one more day. it is 60-90s. >> they are picking up. a good morning. on interstate 80, westbound, if you are driving on 80, things are okay. it is going to go slower on 37 as you get over to sonoma. there is a little traffic at the bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is 10 minutes to make it onto the bridge. san jose is off to a quiet
5:32 am
start. here comes a train. the traffic on 101 and 85, there is an opportunity to do some work before everyone gets on the road. let's go back to the desk. a proposal for bike lanes in san francisco drew a reaction from the fire department. >> it involves the upper market street. here is the proposal and the reaction. >> reporter: we are at market and last night, the board unanimously approved a package of safety improvements on this stretch of the upper market. it includes the protected bike lanes. there are bike lanes but protected bike lanes means the bike lane is closest to the curb and then you have a row of parking and then you have regular traffic. it is the same lanes that exist in the golden gate park. here is a picture of what the
5:33 am
project is supposed to look like. it will take up a mile line straight -- street. it includes features for pedestrians. there are islands and features to make parking safer. it includes changes to this part of market and octavia. this is a very busy intersection . this is where drivers enter onto highway 101. this is a deadly area for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross. the board said on monday, there was a pedestrian killed in this area of the octavia on-ramp. they unanimously approved the safety changes last night. fire officials have raised concerns. they are worried that a building , if it catches fire, if they have to respond, these bike
5:34 am
lanes, they have to park in the middle of the street and there are overhead power lines. they said they can work with fire officials to address those concerns. they did address the board members. advocacy groups say this is necessary. they are needed for the area to cut down on the number of injuries and deaths. >> it is a big topic in san francisco. thank you. the police need your help to identify a stabbing suspect. they released this sketch of the suspect. investigators said a man approached another man who was walking on san diego road and stabbed him in the stomach near john hinkle park friday night. the victim is expected to survive. if you have information, call the police. they are searching for a man
5:35 am
who is accused of lifting the skirt of a girl walking down the street. the girl told the police she was walking yesterday afternoon when the man lifted her skirt and ran away. the suspect is described as a shorthaired white man about five foot seven inches and is wearing a green shirt and tan pants. aman will spend -- a man who killed others will spend the rest of his life in jail. he was declared competent to stand trial for the massacre at oikos university. his attorneys agreed to a plea deal. he is expected to be sentenced to seven life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. the sentencing date is july 14. firefighters know what caused a big wildfire that burned last summer. the fire in santa barbara county
5:36 am
, a man was burning a log in the wind blew smoke out of the fireplace and into his home. they said he carried the log outside and used water from the faucet to put out the fire. ambers from the log dropped on the ground and ignited grass. the choir spread and eventually it burned 11.5 square mac miles. -- 11.5 square miles. tonight, there is a round of proposals to split up a school district. >> the office that oversees school district organization heard from supporters and critics to separate five schools. they would lead -- leave the school direct and create a smaller school district. it would be made a worth gait high school and elementary schools that feed into the
5:37 am
foothills and those are valley, bankrupt, and walnut acres. there was a comments section last night. they heard from teachers, parents and students. the arguments are divided over the issue. supporters say they are trying for 30 years to get more local control of the schools. the critics say the plan would remove the most affluent part of the district and create ethnic and economic segregation. >> my concern is the level of diversity we would have an the axa students would have two programs that are district wide. >> there are school sites in 10 cities or towns. it is too big. >> after tonight, the committee has 120 days to make a recommendation to the state on
5:38 am
whether to approve or deny the petition to break up the school district. donations are pouring in. this shack was a parting gift from hannah who graduate. he planned and built it for the baseball field. it was destroyed by a fire. they said it was intentionally set.>> i heard it was kids that i hope they are cut soon. this is a terrible thing that does not just affect baseball but the entire community. >> the fire destroyed $10,000 worth of snacks, uniforms and equip. the suspects were captured on surveillance video and they will investigate until they are cut. there is new optimism about caltrain getting faster and cleaner electric trains. the proposal, they will vote on
5:39 am
it today, and it includes $100 million. if it is approved, that money will go towards electrifying the rails between san francisco and santos -- san jose. there were concerns that the federal government would withhold money to update cal- train because they approach the high-speed rail project . ridgewood operates on cal-train tracks. they have issued the first air alert the season. it is because of unhealthy amounts of smog. they encourage you to bike to work or use public transit. last night, the warriors eat utah jazz. >> this is game 1 of the western conference. >>[ chearing ]
5:40 am
>> games like that, played the first game in more than week. the warriors did not look rusty. they jumped up to a 9-zero lead. they passed the ball well. they made two mistakes. they had 32 assist and seven turnovers. >> i want to come out. this is a tough game. it is a tough game. we can not be relaxed. happy teams get beat. >> this is the first playoff where a team, the warriors had five players with five or more assist. the other team did not have one with five is is. the warriors are up 1-zero. they look ready. >> it is the time, chains are on handles. the city protest is happening
5:41 am
right now. they have more than 100 students calling for change. kittens in redwood city was rescued before it was too late. they went unnoticed for three days and you can adopt them. we have traffic that is off to a decent start on this wednesday. they are getting up to highway 70. if your cat or dog is looking at you saying when is it going to cool down? it is not today but one more day.
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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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the time is 5:43. we have to tell you, the team announced the prospect, casey
5:44 am
thomas died suddenly in arizona. he was a minor league infielder . his father was a scout for the team. there is no word on the cause of death. there is a moment of silence before the game between the a's and the minnesota twins. they are will close down as the fire season gets heated up. the fire district officials say they do not have enough money to keep this wire station open. it will close at the end of let -- next month. there are three aynor stations -- 350 fire stations. firefighters will be transferred to the other fire stations. there are is a serious concern for fire and medical and other emergencies.>> it will be a
5:45 am
less piece of equipment that is on the road. those are the facts. >> it is a shame. what will they do when there is a fire. it is a shame. >> this is the second time that the fire station has closed. in 2015, you might remember that voters rejected the utility tax measure that would have raised money to keep the station open permanently. fire district and the county scrape together enough money to keep it open until the end of june but there is no permanent -- permanent funding for the station. aaa opened up a car sharing service. there are 250 black cars. they can download the app to find a car and then rent the car by the mile or by the hour or for the day. most trips are expected to be short distance costing $2.50 per mile.
5:46 am
the new service could reduce traffic jams and solutions -- pollution. >> they remove vehicles in total from the road. >> the cars will be available in berkeley and oakland and they plan to have two designated parking stalls. the company is looking to expand to san francisco. $25 for 10 miles? my choice. let's check in. >> good morning. >> we do not have unusual traffic going on. there is slowing in the usual spots. in the livermore valley, you will see slow traffic on those streets on 680 heading south and also on the tracy commute.
5:47 am
if you drive this way every day, it will not surprise you. this is a look at the traffic further out. 580 driving into the castor valley is slow. ate 80 will slow down as well. traffic is moving along nicely. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the lights went on 15 units ago. there is a 10 minute delay. there is some waiting before you make it to the bridge. there is a beautiful sunrise. it is 5:47. >> right on cue. it happened again. the sun came up. thank you. we do have temperatures that will warm up. the record high for san francisco is 79. we will blow past that if the west wind does not kick in. we will be close. it is 70s by the coast unless
5:48 am
the west wind kicks in. i think it will kick in today. there are no issues about getting warm and hot today, especially inland. it is hard to make a move. there is not enough of an onshore breeze. there is nothing at the service. we have very warm air with high- pressure. the water temps are raring to go. this is good upwelling that is good for the marine life. once you get the west wind or a southwind to kick in, but there is not resist. once it gets moving, it will be a fast process but until then, 40s and 70s. look at this. 62. belmont is in there.
5:49 am
it is 65 degrees on the observation. it is 75 in las vegas. it is 53 in monterey. it is toasty in southern california and the desert. by the we can, they could get good rain as we had towards sunday and monday. we have unseasonably cool temps. it is out here. it is moving in and it will break off the low pressure near the bay area. this is probably a windy and cooler pattern. we will update that on friday. today, if you are near the coast, 70s. some areas, this is the warmest day. it is the same for santa clara. i do not think there is enough. you can go anywhere from 60 to
5:50 am
the upper 70s. it will cool down for most tomorrow. >> we can get a signees -- sunny spot on the coast. it can be a 40 degree temperature change. >> i have seen that before expect i have also. >> i have watched the thermometer. it is hard. the time is 550. the giants last last night. there is another rough night for the giants. it started out good. there was a line drive. there were two runs and the marlins led 2-0. now it is 4 -0. the dodgers bounced above -- back. the dodgers loaded the bases. dangerous hitter. he had a two run single and the dodgers -- there he has.
5:51 am
the giants and dodgers, they play again tonight. >> they were pounded in the loss last night. minnesota pitcher santana had seven strikeouts and six shutout innings. he got plenty of support from the team out >> they had six homeruns. he went deep for the first home run for the game. he had a two run homer. castro got a solar -- solo home run. this is the second home run for the game. the twins one big. -- the twins one big. kittens are safe after a triscuit -- tricky rescue. somehow, these kittens became stuck inside the axle of a construction vehicle.
5:52 am
someone walking by heard them. they called the spca. officer, she squeezed herself and put her arm up inside to find them. they finished -- they brought them out one by one. the kittens were in there for a couple of days. they are doing okay. they will be put up for adoption when they pump up to two pounds. they have to be to pounce. >> you can barely see that. >> i hope they get good homes. 5:52 is the time. some passengers on american airlines are getting stressed. -- less. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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good morning and welcome back. it is 5:55. a man is facing charges after a fight broke out on an airplane that was about to take off from tokyo. it was caught on video. the two men were fighting on the airplane. the man video this, he said the fight started with the man in the red shirt -- the man dressed in black and the passenger who video the pipe got involved. -- the fight and they were
5:56 am
about. >> i said you are acting crazy and need to go. i guess that triggered him. he said crazy. you think i am crazy? what about the government. >> you can see the man who was not identified being taken off the plane. according to the airline, you choked a gait agent on his way off the airplane. he was arrested for assault. the ceo of united airliner -- united airlines testified on capital hill. he apologized for the incident last night when a passenger was forcibly removed. the viral video led to outrage. there is high-level executives from american, southwest and alaska airlines testified at the hearing. delta airlines declined to send a representative. it is about to get more cramped for your legs on
5:57 am
american airlines plains. they are reducing the space between seats in the economy class by 2 inches. they are making it similar to other discount airlines. american says it is reducing leg room in order to add more seeds on the new airplanes. next on the 6:00 our -- 6:00 our, -- at 6:00, two police officers are in the hospital with gunshot rooms. hillary clinton is opening up about losing the presidential election. macarthur maze, traffic is looking good. there is a problem on 237. that will make it slower as you drive. it will not take long. sunshine and warm can tissue's
5:58 am
-- conditions away from the coast. inland, it will be in the 90s inland, it will be in the 90s for many. inland, it will be in the 90s for many. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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good morning. closing arguments will continue in the trial of the man who is accused of murdering sierra lamar . students are protesting. they say the university needs to offer support to african- american students. we have an update on the protests. they are locked inside a building. mornings on 2 continues . good morning and thank you for joining us. >> good morning. let's talk to steve to see if we can find some fog. it is out there but not on the coast. >> this might be the last of the hot days for a while. the outlook is


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