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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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yes. preppremiums will be coming down. deductibles will be coming down. >> house republicans passed the latest version of their health care bill with 2 votes to spare. it is not a done deal but republicans took a big step toward demanteling obama's health care. >> the health care act goes to the u.s. senate where it will likely see changes. for 7 years the g.o.p. has turned a corner. >> reporter: this was a win by house republican and president trump, but a close one. no democrats voted for the bill. if two republicans had voted no
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it would not have passed. >> this has brought the republican party together. >> republicans painted a picture of unity in the white house rose garden after passing their american health care act with last minute amendments. >> premiums will come down. we will pass it through the senate. i am confident. >> it is one step in this process, an important step. we have a lot to do to get it signed into law. >> it was passed by the narrowest of margins. 20 republicans voting no. some democrats taunted republicans by singing and waving goodbyes. nancy pelosi said it would be toxic in the mid-term election.
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>> you will glow in the dark on this one. >> every medical group that has pressed an opinion on this bill says it does not protect preexisting conditions. >> the chances of it being signed into law as is is slim. the content of the g.o.p. house plan is unclear says political analyst ryan sobel. >> these things are incredible detail technical documents. it is hard for even the members to know what they are voting on much less constituents. . >> between factions in the
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republican party, swing state moderates face reelection. >> i don't think it predicts what it will do in the senate bill. we have to have consensus. >> it can mean everything from eviscerating the bill to taking the bill as it came out of the house and working with pieces of it. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hashed out priorities. it could be a separate health care bill they could put forward to a vote. >> what if it is different from this version? >> they can either send it to the house and see if that passes or form a temporary conference committee. that would be members of the chamber and house and senate. they are doing a reconsillation process. democrats can't block it.
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it is 20 hours to debate. that's it. >> all right. the california delegation in the house split along party lines. 14 republicans in the house voted for the bill and 39 democrats against. they could be volumener able for reelection. a break in at the tomorrow montessori school, they have hired private security. >> reporter: yes, they haven't had a chance to board up the windows. i wanted to show you a sign, sorry we are closed due to vandalism, the first time in 16 years. you can see some of the windows are broken. all of this is leaving families
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scrambling for child care. it was supposed to be a day filled with joy for the may the 4th star wars party. it was filled with sadness. >> it is devastating. >> when they arrived she found broken glass, practically every room ransacked, office, kitchen, infant room with the most damage. >> diapers, formula, food, all the carpeting will be replaced because of the broken glass where the baby's crawl. >> they had to notify 115 families. >> these are 115 families that rely on me to go to work. >> the vandals struck between midnight and 6:00 in the
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morning. surveillance cameras malfunctioned. she heard someone leaving the front door. he was homeless. >> it was either one person with a lot of time being very deliberate or a lot of people in a short time. >> families are not so lucky. >> they chose a place for infants up to 4-year-olds, it's horrible. you have destroyed their safety net. >> how do you feel right now? >> sad. and i thought the window was cracked. i feel -- >> a hard lesson for children. >> this violence is not okay. we have to build our community stronger and better.
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>> vandals didn't steal much, an ipad and some food. they hope to reopen by tuesday. >> it is just horrible seeing that. you can see someone stealing but trashing the place? what is the point of that? >> right. they don't know why they were targeted or why someone would thrash a place for kids. the kids and adults are feeling this is hoping they can figure out who did it. they are making repairs and trying to rebuild. >> like that little girl said, it's sad. you will recall the snack
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shack was vandalized. since our story aired, boosters have raised $7,000 to rebuild that snack shack. this time they are getting quotes on a stronger structure made of steel. berkeley police are releasing photos of 3 men who committed violent assaults at civic center park. they also want people to come forward with videos who may have committed crimes. police arrested 20 people april 15th in clashes between supporters and protestors of donald trump. that story is on our home page. uber's use of a secret software to avoid detection
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uber has admitted a future called a gray ball to disguise location of cars to throw regulators off the trail when trying to collect evidence that uber was breaking taxi laws. they said they would stop using that software. an officer shot and killed a man who killed his exgirlfriend's parents. the victims are not public. the gun fire was at a home in the 1000 block of laura villa lane. the shooting rattled neighbors. >> we could hear the screaming. later we heard a couple more pops. >> frightened neighbors found a
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man had broken in and shot two. >> it is perpetrated by evil. >> patrol officers arrived finding the barricaded suspect in the home. they tried to talk the 24-year- old man into surrendering. >> he did say just let the boy go. it was scary. >> the 13-year-old wouldn't turn himself over. one officer fired one time killing the suspect. >> they entered the residence and found the adult male and female in the home diseased. deceased. >> the twin killing could have been over heart break.
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>> this relationship had something to do with his motive. we don't know the extent. >> the suspect had a criminal past and mental illness and violence. neighbors are trying to return to normal. >> it is unfortunate. it can happen happen anywhere. >> the officer will be on leave. there will be a join investigation into what happened. in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we have learned the adult male killed by the gunman was the vice president of sunny valley network. we are focused on supporting or employees through this difficult time.
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they are providing health services to the community. a man accused of shooting and killing a hayward police sergeant, mark estrada, the hearing was under way today when the back up officer who witnessed the death took the stand. cameras were not allowed in court. sergeant lunger shouted whoa, whoa. then he was shot. >> he is a member of our family. his family is our family as well by extension. it is for us to support the criminal justice system. >> the judge will see if he can be held for trial.
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he could be sentenced to death. mark leno is entering the race for san francisco. why he is kicking off his campaign 2 years before the election. a significant cool down today, 20 degrees in some places. more clouds in the forecast. two days in the hot seat, a fighter training drill with extra significance. humbling. an honor.
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new at 10:00, black smoke over vallejo. firefighters are in training. deb, that house was donated. >> that's right. it is gone now. it is a pile of ash. they are keeping an eye on it as it burns out. it wasn't the biggest fire they will see but one of the first and a chance to feel the heat. >> a city with more than 500 fires. this one is going strong. secitatespectators are close. his church owns the building. they decided to let it burn.
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newly hired firefighters could learn in a real life situation. >> what they do is run in a building when others run out. >> breaking the color barrier as the first black firefighter. educational for the community too. >> we have had members coming out bringing grandchildren. children are saying i want to be a firefighter. they have more of an idea of what a firefighter does. >> 15 weeks of training, graduation is saturday. >> home town department. couldn't ask for anything better. >> it is hard to get hired in this job. it has been a long journey. >> the training put recruits inside during the fire learning to move around. every stage strategically
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planned. mimicking how most homes burn. >> there is a lot more chaos and other things to think about. >> the chief calls it the single best way to train. >> seeing your first live fire in a controlled situation with folks looking out for you is a benefit. >> it is hot. there is cracking. we have one of the best instructors. it was an experience. >> after 29 years they will stop learning the bell. >> i will miss the excitement of running calls. >> dan sarna who taught a generation of firefighters. >> the little things that happen that are funny, the jokes in the station and the pranks we pulled on each other. >> you did a lot of saves. >> we di i am thankful for
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those. >> it's an honor. >> you know it is a training exercise when the students and their mentor pose for a group shot before the flames are out. this was the 384th live burn the captain has run. new information on the suspect shot and killed by san francisco police. investigators identified him as 26-year-old nicolas flushi. an employee is out of the hospital. ktvu has learned the officer who fired the shot is the same one who wounded another suspect months ago. more on the man and the officer who connects them. >> a go fund me page to cover funeral cost system set up for
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the 26-year-old who stabbed a subway working during an argument over a century. two officers shot and killed him. this card belonged to him who appeared homeless. he original hailed from texas. wednesday night the officer who pulled the trigger is the same officer who shot a mentally ill man on the steps of his home 4 months ago. he has not been officially identified but he responded to a call at the ocean view home in january. body cam video shows he was physically combative and kicking officers. he shot twice and retreats in the house. >> he is gun happy. he likes to shoot. he needs to train. he needs to take care of people
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in distress. >> a judge dropped 8 of 10 charges. today the judge released moore on his own recognizance. it remains to be seen if this has any bearing on moore's case. >> it is troubling but i don't know the facts of what happened yesterday. >> the district attorney is pushing forward with the charges. >> we have different rulings from two different charges that are contradictory. we want clarity from the bench to determine what our next steps are. >> moore is happy to get out of jail after 118 days behind bars. the next court appearance in may. a big cool down, 20
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degrees. look it will slide through toward the weekend. it will bring cooler weather. last two days in a row, we have record warmth. temperatures plummeted with clouds over head. tomorrow is friday. 60 in concord. it is 11 degrees cooler in fairfield. you know you will wake up cooler. the winds are blowing on shore. we have temperatures out there in the 50s and fog. right around the bay and pushing into the bay and up into berkeley as well. tomorrow morning clouds. that's how the day looks. tomorrow partly cloudy, partly sunny. 58. cloud cover at the end of the day, partly cloudy.
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low 60s. most of us will be 60 and 70s. cooling on the weekend. a california family kicked off a delta flight on their way home from hawaii. the video that has prompted an apology. the warriors seem to turn it on and take control with the utah jazz. the post-game comments coming up in sports. the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the jurors began deliberations.
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the golden state warriors have taken game 2 in the playoffs against the jazz. final score 115 to 104.
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they lead 2 games to none. lucky to be out there at oracle and have the post-game coming up later in sports. the series will shift to salt lake for game 3 saturday. in the south bay a jury is deliberating the man accused of killing sierra lamar. at the courthouse, closing arguments ended. jurors began deliberating. >> reporter: more than 5 years after this teenager disappeared from morgan hill, the murder case is in the hands of a jury. >> it is a blink of an eye compared to how much time we haven't had sierra with us. >> she was kidnapped and killed as well as 3 woman outside of a
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grocery score. closing arguments came to an end. >> we continued to build on the cases with the safe way attack saying that torres was practicing in those event and got it right with lamar. he kidnapped and killed her. >> sierra's father was in court receiving hugs after 13 weeks of testimony and 3 days of closing arguments. >> now we wait. we pray. we hope for justice for sierra. >> almost there. >> supporters wore red converse tennis shoes. >> i don't think there is one sierra volunteer that isn't changed. >> the motive was sexual assault. her hair was found on a rope in
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his trunk. >> this is dna, dna, dna. that is the forefront of the case. >> the defense questioned if lamar is still alive, ran away or if her true killer is on th loose. >> the jury is made up of 6 women and 6 men. they will deliberate tomorrow morning but not in the afternoon. the court will give a 1-hour notice when the verdict will be reached. a piece of bay area art meets its demise. the effort today to salvage it. the race for san francisco mayor is on. the election is 2 years away. mark leno is the first to enter the race. coming up at 11:00, parents
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camped out, the coveted after school program drawing a crowd on the eve of sign up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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san francisco city hall lit up tonight. the next mayoral election is 2
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years away. the race has its first official candidate. mark leno announced he is running for mayor. the election is november of 2019. >> leno is getting his hat in the ring before voters make their decision. that is part of his strategy. live at city hall after talking to leno about why he is geting in the race early. leno has a long history in politics as san francisco supervisor in 1998. he wants to be mayor before he retires from politics. >> how are snu you? >> he filed the paperwork. >> i want to offer my expertise, energy, skills, passion.
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i want to work on the homeless population. >> he will fight for the same issues he did for 20 years in the political spotlight as supervisor. he served in the state assembly and the state senate. >> i want to see a more just, fair, and equitable city. i will fight for homeowners, small businesses, renters. >> a political consulting firm that has helped candidates win, leno was advised to start his campaign early. >> he is the front runner in this race. i think he is pop popular. he is well liked. >> he ran gavin nusam's campaign. he has everything to gain
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running early. >> he needs to stay relevant. >> his website shows he has support from community leaders. why he didn't run for mayor against lee in 2015. >> i had another year with hopes of another year in the senate. the timing didn't feel quite right. >> there are other candidates. if elected he will be the first openly gay mayor. >> i will be the mayor for the entire city. i don't think my sexual orientation will be an issue in the campaign. >> the 65-year-old said this would be the last office he would run for. he started as a small business owner who has become a
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homeowner. ktvu fox 2 news. >> a bill to move california's presidential primary from june to march has passed the state senate. they want to address issues important to californians. the bill would move legislative and congressional primaries. it was moved to june in 2012. run candidate john kasich has learned an important lesson in the 2016 race for the white house. he was live in the studio on be 9. >> when i was on the trail i was talking about the budget and health care. do you care about me? is there someone there to help me when the water rises.
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>> did you get that? >> i did. i believe that's the most important issue. >> the governor said he will not rule out another run for the white house in 2020. delta airlines is offering compensation to a southern california family. >> i understand. now you have another passenger off. >> i paid for this seat. >> a flight from hawaii to los angeles was captured on cell phone video. his family was forced off the plane and threatened with jail after refusing to give up one of their children's seats. he wanted to put the toddler in a seat for their older son. now the airline is offering them a refund, additional
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compensation and an apology. summer is cinco demayo. we have suggestions in our weekend watch. >> into the first weekend of may, here is what is happening in the bay area, the children's day festival in japan town saturday at the peace plaza. at the botanical garden, a plant sale. all day family friendly celebration, music, cultural performances on valencia between 21st and 24th. mother's day and cinco demayo in oakland. the oakland urban wine festival, craft beer, live music and food included.
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wine and beer tasting, outdoor dining, a family fun zone. in the south bay the mountain view, art festival through sunday between church and eflin avenue. evelyn avenue. art cars, utility vehicle and other cool vehicles, this is saturday. in sports, giants on the road. a's and quakes home. that is your weekend watch. change of ownership for a craft beer maker. the deal and a major european brewery. it was cooler out there. changes coming tomorrow and into the weekend. hillary clinton back in the political game to help other democrat and their causes.
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french voters go to the polls following a highly
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watched debate. lapent tossed an egg at her at a campaign stop. there could be another brexit. the polls show mckrone with 62 percent. hillary clinton plans to launch a political action. those running for congress in 2018 and assist groups of president trump. she placed blame on james comey, wiki leaks and russian hackers. aheinekin owns the petaluma
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craft brewery. it was estimated at $500 million. the businessman who build dreyer's ice cream has died tuesday while playing tuesday in oakland. he was 74 years old. the cause of death is not released. rogers was the chief executive for 3 decades until it was sold to nestle. our chief meteorologist is looking ahead to the week with the complete forecast when we come back. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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a famous red sculpture of the red baron has fallen back to earth. the art work is probably familiar to anyone who has been stuck in traffic on i-80 before the bay bridge. >> if you have taken frontage road headed into san francisco
10:46 pm
you have spotted dueling planes. they are sculptures by an artist in 1975 from berkeley. there is snoopy and the red baron. only one is left standing. >> snoopy shot down the red baron. i don't know if everyone is happy about that. >> under the red baron gave way crashing into the bay. they took it upon themselves to salvage it. >> we are trying to liberate the red baron from the sand and muck. >> the plane's tail was stuck. they tried to hoist it up. >> if we lean this way. >> all without breaking it. it wasn't flawless. >> mud in my mouth. >> but still in tact.
10:47 pm
>> finding it a permanent home. >> it has been a long standing tradition here in the community. it has evolved over time. there were dozens of mud flat sculptures. >> with a city full of artists, it shouldn't be a problem. >> get down here. we want creations. >> emeryville is competing to have an arts community. it is a semi-finist. the mayor said they hope to showcase the red baron and the story. ktvu fox 2 news. the clouds are moving into the area. temperatures dropped significantly today. now we have more clouds moving in. the weekend moving in and a much cooler weekend.
10:48 pm
temperatures last couple days have been at record levels, saturday, sunday below average on the weekend. you see clouds and showers showing up north around portland. there is the cloud cover. we have temperatures on the cool side compared to last night, 20 degrees cooler. you go outside, you can see the bay bridge lit up and the city with the fog. you see the haze. this is the model. you see the fog and low clouds hanging in. it clears. cooler tomorrow. mostly 60s for us. 70s are the yellow. we are orange and red, 80s. even sacramento is dropping off. this system parks itself over
10:49 pm
the top. it is continuing descending temperature and a chance for a sprinkle. the models have a drive by sprinkle saturday. 7:00 a.m., tomorrow. thursday morning. saturday morning, pardon me. watch this. showers there. saturday afternoon in lake tahoe maybe sprinkles. the main impact cooler weekend and cooler day tomorrow as the trend continues with clouds and jacket weather. it will be breezy too. the 5-day forecast you see the clouds. this pattern cooling off helping you with hay fever and allergies, a 180 from where we were. we had 2 days in a row of record high temperatures. >> i am glad the pollen count
10:50 pm
is down. >> that is unusual for you. >> yeah. >> people who notice it will get a break the next few days. >> thank you. in great britain, prince philip is retiring from duties. he is 95 years old. the spokes person said queen elizabeth's husband will no longer attend public events. >> he has been supporting the queen. >> prince philip gave up his career when she became queen in 1952. she turned 91 last month. a school ransacked sending parents scrambling to find child care.
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>> warriors in the best of 7 with the utah jazz next and highlights. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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mark is here now after spending time at oracle to watch the warriors beat the
10:54 pm
jazz. it just seems like the warriors dominating. totally dominating. >> in my opinion the only way they can lose is beating themselves separate from attention deficit. utah jazz, let's face it, they can't hang. at times the warriors are just not interested. first time in franchise history they are 6 and 0 in the post season and haven't trailed for a second. before the game draymond said hello to jack del rio. he said we always like the long ball. he let's lose hitting 5 of 8 threes. kevin durant. up top and they led by 20 points. they were only up 13 at the
10:55 pm
half. defense right here. andre will get it back and leave it back for kevin durant. 25 points of 13 shots. went to the line of plenty. did steph curry call bank on that 23 points. 5 threes. here is the moment that had all warrior fans stunned for a moment. draymond green goes down and went down hard. he tries to get up. he collapses on that left knee. he went down for a number of minutes, was led into the locker room where he was examined. he returned to the court and finished things out. warriors finished the jazz 115 to 104. here is the way draymond described what happened to him after the game. >> it's sore right now. i'll be fine. i will ice it tonight.
10:56 pm
it won't swell up. i'll be fine. >> a guy like draymond does so much for us on the floor. he seldom goes down. you think that initially it has to be serious. i asked if he was already. he said yes. >> if there is one guy the warriors cannot afford to lose, that guy is it. the celtics moving back to washington to face the wizards, but there was some peskiness involved. obre junior, they go at it. he kinds up getting ejected. he just gets into it with them. 3 evections.
10:57 pm
8 technicals and john wall going to the hoop, 24 points in a 22-0 run. washington took it to boston from the get go. they are in on the series, celtics leading 2 games to 1. one of the classiest guys in the nba, spurs point guard tony parker. we may never see him again on the court after this jury last night against the rockets. he goes up, looked like an ordinary basketball play. as soon as he goes down, you realize he is injured seriously. he has a ruptured quad tendon in his left leg. he will be out for the rest of playoffs. it is a career threatening injury. he was operated on later today.
10:58 pm
meantime, the a's really needed a win a lot of low expectations. sometimes it just feels good to get a victory. road trip in minnesota. a youngster with his 4th home run of the year. they lead 6-3. one of the most liked guys on the team, fan favorite with the bat, 2-run double. twins get back into it. their slugger is up at the plate. castillo loaded up. the a's take an 8-5 victory. it is time to check it out. it is our play of the day from
10:59 pm
major league baseball. 7th inning, fenway is packed. rips it to right. joey richards pins around. get it going, makes a nice catch with a couple of runs. that is a nice play. it is also the sporting news. we have plenty more on the warriors game as well. a live report from jason. coming up next. ransacked classroom and broken windows, a shocking case of vandalism. parents scrambling to find child care after a school is vandalized. >> that break in happened over
11:00 pm
night at the tomorrow montessori school in san jose. we have live coverage. astmeth they hired security guards? >> people are staying over night to make sure vandals don't come back. 70 percent of the windows are broken. the school has no idea why they were targeted. at the tomorrow montessori school it was supposed to be a day filled with joy for the may the 4th star wars day. >> it is devastating. >> when the owner arrived she found this, broken glass, every room ransacked, turnture and equipment destroys. >> because of the broken glass the carpeting will


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