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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 5, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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broken windows. the shocking vandalism in san jose that forced a school to close its doors. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is friday, may 5. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. i saw a little drizzle coming in this morning. >> maybe more like thick fog. >> there is a drizzle out there. remember on wednesday when it was 92 -- >> no. i try to remember the positive. we are going to the 50s and 60s today. not only low clouds but the higher clouds coming in from that system we have been talking about. it has arrived in big-time glory. west at sfo. it is turbocharged out of travis. southwest at 25, gusts to 30. it will be cool all the way out to the sacramento valley.
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below will form and that will give us a breezy and windy pattern for the next couple of days. a big cool down today and tomorrow. up north, a lot of 50s and a few upper 40s. cloudy skies. the system will give us cloud cover and their may be a few breaks later but more likely it will be a cloudy, breezy and windy day. the low will take a track toward southern california. we will be dryer by sunday. 50s, 60s, maybe a 70 or to. a big change compared to 48 hours ago. >> although the newsroom is a little slower to change. >> and you are saying? >> it's a little warm for me. not everyone agrees. it's kind of like -- you are in the car and your wife once it a little hotter and you want a cooler. let's go out and take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along well on 580 westbound as you drive through. it is going to be a nice
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commute. no major problems on the altamont pass. the traffic is looking good. no major problems, by the way, on 880 or the east bay commute. we are also looking at 880 new oracle arena where the workers are now 2-0. it's nice to say that. traffic is moving along well as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a look at the maze. traffic looks good. at the toll plaza it is light. let's go back to the desk. the republican healthcare bill passed by the house yesterday, now heads to the u.s. senate. republicans gathered with president trump at the white house, celebrating passing the reform bill. it's called the american health care act. it passed with a very narrow margin, 217-213 . 20 republicans voted no on the plan. president trump called it a victory while democrats say they will target republicans who voted for the plan in the midterm elections. >> your premiums will start to
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come down. we are going to get this passed through the senate. i feel so confident. >> you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. you will glow in the dark on this one. >> a little analysts say the chances of a house bill being signed into law in the senate as is are slim. the rush to vote with no congressional budget analysis means the content of the plan and its impact is still unclear. a san jose preschool hopes to reopen tuesday after thieves ransacked the building and caused more than $10,000 in damage. the break in at the tomorrow montessori school on almaden road happened between late wednesday night and early yesterday morning. the thieves took off with an ipad and food but also left a mess and every room. azenith smith reports of the anger and sadness felt by administrators, parents and children.
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>> reporter: at the montessori school in san jose, it was was to be a day filled with joy for the school's may 4 star wars party. instead it's filled with shock and sadness. >> this is devastating. this is beyond anything we've dealt with. >> reporter: the owner arrived and found this, broken glass everywhere. every room ransacked and furniture and equipment destroyed, including the office, kitchen, the infant room. >> diapers, formula, food, because of all the broken glass, all the carpeting will have to be replaced. this is our infant room. infants crawling here. >> reporter: heartbreaking, the owner close the school notifying the families. >> these are working families that rely on me to make sure they can go to work. and that their children have somewhere safe to be. >> reporter: surveillance cameras malfunctioned. the only clue, as brown entered the school she heard someone leaving the front door. she said he appeared to be homeless, unsure if he came in afterward. >> those either a lot of people
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doing it at once or one person spending a lot of time and effort. >> reporter: this woman said she's lucky, able to take care of her four-year-old as the school makes repairs. >> the fact that they chose a place for infants up to four- year-olds -- that's horrible. you have destroyed their safety net. >> reporter: the younger, is helping cleanup. >> how do you feel right now? >> sad. and i thought the window was cracked. i feel they were being bullies.>> reporter: a hard lesson for children and adults. >> this violence is not okay. we need to find a way to build our community stronger and better. >> reporter: azenith smith, fox 2 news. viewers are coming to the aid of another school that was vandalized. we told you up at the eagle scout who had built a snack shack at brenham high school to
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help support his baseball team. but someone set fire to that shack this week. we're told that since ktvu reported the story on tuesday, the high school has raised more than $7000 to rebuild it. the school is getting quotes on building a stronger structure that this time will be made of steel. some parents in south san francisco have been camped out all night, hoping to get the kids into a coveted afterschool program. the parks and recs department run the program at four south san francisco schools. but there is limited space. this parents say it's the only shot they have of getting affordable childcare. >> it's not hard for us to get into the school because we live in the district. we had no problem registering her for kindergarten but the afterschool program is run by the recreation department. it's a different group. unfortunately, they do not have that many spaces.
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>> there are limited spaces available in the afterschool program. the parents can start signing up at 7 am. we are also learning more about the incident on wednesday were san jose police officers shot and killed a suspect in a double homicide. authorities say the 24-year-old suspect was seeking revenge after breaking up with his girlfriend. he shot and killed her parents wednesday night. he also took their 13-year-old son hostage negotiators talked them into letting the child go. a two hour standoff ended when a police sharpshooter killed the suspect when he pointed his gun at police. >> it's a tragic incident, perpetrated by eva. i don't know how else to put it. >> the suspect had a history of mental problems and domestic violence. so far neither the names of the suspect nor the couple that was killed have been released. the man who was killed by the gunman was the vice president of engineering at juniper networks in sunnyvale.
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the company did release a statement saying "we are focused on supporting our employees and their families through this difficult time." the company is helping assist authorities and members of our community who have been affected. we have more details about the man who was shot and killed wednesday by san francisco police during a stabbing incident. he was 26-year-old nicholas flusche. his facebook said he was from texas. he stabbed an employee at a subway sandwich store was arguing over sandwich. police rush to the scene and later shot and killed flusche. the police officer who shot him is the same officer who shot and injured shawn moore, a mentally ill man back in january. body camera video shows moore punching and kicking police officers at his home before he was shot. >> to me it's troubling. the same officer. at the same time i do not know the facts of what happened. >> the next few days, san
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francisco police will hold a town hall meeting and give us more information about this week's shooting. berkeley police are asking for help to find three men accused of violent assaults during a demonstration at civic center park last month. police released photos of the men they are looking for. they want people to come forward with any other videos or photos of people who may have committed crimes during the april 15 demonstration between supporters and opponents of president trump. police did arrest at least 20 people. we did post the photos of the men at in the local news section. take a look on our website. if you recognize them, please call berkeley police. there are reports that the justice department is investigating uber and its use of a secret software that help it's cars go unnoticed by regulators. according to reuters, a grand jury in northern california has subpoenaed uber uber admitted to using a feature called, gray ball to disguise where it's cars are. reportedly to throw off regulators who wanted to collect evidence that uber was
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breaking local taxi laws. last month the company said it would stop using that software. 4:09 am. state lawmakers just voted on california's high school exit exams. coming up, we will tell you what the state is simply just decided and what it means for the test that has been on hold since 2015. formor state senator mark leno is running for mayor of san francisco in 2019. why he is launching his campaign now and the issues he will focus on. good morning. we're off to a nice start if you're hitting the road soon. you should see 280 in san jose looking good getting up to highway 17. my campaign promise was cooler weather was on the way and i have delivered. it's going to be much cooler today. down about 25 degrees from two days ago.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. during a cinco de mayo celebration in washington, mike pence present the latino community and said there will building is "a priority for the trump administration." >> cinco de mayo has become a day to celebrate the extraordinary contributions that mexican-americans and really, all hispanic americans have made and continue to make in the united states of america. >> president trump did not attend the event which marks mexico's victory over french forces in an 1862 battle.
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the president has been at odds with some mexican and mexican- american groups regarding his immigration crackdown and use against the north american free trade agreement. a bill to move california's presidential primary from june to late march is a step closer to reality. the state senate passed it yesterday. now it goes to the state assembly. the author of the built said the change would make sure it that presidential candidate take the time to address issues important to the people of california. the bill would also move legislative and congressional primaries to the same day. california first moved its primary to march in 1996 but then moved it back to june in 2012. election for san francisco mayor is two years away but formor state senator mark leno has officially enter the race. >> i am running for mayor because i want to offer my expertise and experience, energies, skills and passion to address these issues of affordability, housing affordability and
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accessibility, cost-of-living, our homeless population. >> he father paperwork to run for mayor yesterday. he started his political career when he became a san francisco supervisor in 1998. after serving as city supervisor, he was elected to the state assembly and to the state senate. his term their ended last fall. if elected mayor, let it would become san francisco's first openly gay mayor. >> should i be so fortunate to be elected mayor of san francisco i will be the mayor for the entire set out. -- city. i don't think my sexual orientation will be an issue in the campaign.>> he tells ktvu this will be the last office he will seek he wants to become mayor before retiring from politics. 4:15 am. it's friday morning. are you ready to take care of the folks? >> yes, sir. i am ready to take care of the folks on a friday. or any day, really. or any monday through friday. let's take a look at the
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gilroy commute we will show that traffic is off to a nice start between gilroy and san jose. it has been very nice continuing up highway 17. it is a nice, light commute into the south bay. we could see traffic in san jose is off to a very nice start with no major problems driving up to the pay gates. and we always look at the toll plaza because it's one of the most important commutes in the bay. so far, so good on westbound bay bridge as you get into san francisco. 4:16 am. let's go to steve. there was traffic out there, i had to go around people. >> you have a fast car. >> i do. but i drive 55. i am very law-abiding. we had an incredible week. temperatures, which were record- setting on wednesday, have plunged. it will be a cooler and windy
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friday. 50s, 60s, maybe if you 70s for some but the majority of us will be in the 60s today. a very dynamic system for may coming in. this will be a bigger impact for the sierra and southern california for us but low and high clouds. windy. cooler. below will form. it looks like it will then dive toward southern california. it will be cooler and windy on saturday. on sunday, we will get a northerly breeze. we will get warm early next week before another system comes in. it looks like the pattern is really changing. west at oakland. west at sfo. northwest at hayward. the key this time of year, during the summer months when you get warm, if you're looking for cooler weather, that is the key. travis, 25 with gusts up to 30. that is a howling delta breeze which means they will cool down in the sacramento valley.
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mostly cloudy skies. in the sierra, maybe some isolated showers and more likely snow tomorrow. a lot of 50s for the temperatures. 52, blackhawk. 54, vallejo. lafayette's, 51. livermore, 53. 55 in truckee. a strong southwind. there wind advisories and southern california. that kicks in tonight into saturday. for us, a cloudy morning and much cooler. a lo is forming right there. that's going to form off of us and dive toward southern california. it is mainly a windy and cooler pattern for us. maybe some drizzle this morning. dave encountered a little mist and drizzle. 50s on the temps. windy conditions. sunny and breezy. it will be warmer but not hot.
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the middle of next week and the end of next week, i think we are looking at rain. >> that cool air through the window felt very nice. >> great sleeping weather. 4:19 am. the bay area has reached a milestone when it comes to air quality. the bay area air quality management district said the bay area now complies with federal standards on the amount of fine particles of pollution in the air. the rules were imposed on wood- burning back in 2008 on spare the air days. the air-quality officials say the popularity of hybrid and electric cars have also made our air cleaner. today, a big volunteer effort is about to get underway to help hundreds of homeless veterans in the bay area. san mateo county is hosting a stand down event at the san mateo county fairgrounds. this is video of a similar event in alameda county last year. veterans will be able to get free food, clothing and health
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screenings also some counseling. the event runs from 7 am until 4:30 pm. 4:19 am. he's not in the nba yet, he is months away from doing it but a ucla basketball star is making headlines. and 20 minutes, more about his signature shoe, it costs more than a pair of air jordans. deadly flooding impacts more areas of the midwest. those details straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. french voters go to the polls to elect a new president on sunday. the two remaining candidates, are back on the campaign trail following a highly watched televised debate. yesterday, le pen shielded herself from protesters who were throwing exit her. europe could be facing another brexit if le pen wins as she supports france's exit from the european union. the polls show her opponent ahead with 62% support. also this morning in paris, greenpeace activist climbed the eiffel tower and unfurled a banner urging people not to vote for presidential candidate le pen. the banner featured a french national motto, liberty, equality, fraternity, which greenpeace says is threatened by le pen's far right party. he reports that mexican drug lord el chapo guzman will be in solitary confinement at a new york prison.
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a federal judge ruled yesterday it was necessary to keep el chapo from escaping and also prevent him from earning his drug empire from prison. el chapo has escaped from two mexican prisons. his lawyers asked he be moved to the general prison population after he complained about the prison conditions. the judge also refused el chapo's request to have visitors but is allowing him to send prescreened letters to his wife. in a report says u.s. immigration agents cannot track foreigners who overstay their visas because of inefficient computer systems. the department of homeland security's office of inspector general said immigration agents the better and more integrated computer systems. >> in order to check immigration status, that report also said the united states has been slow to roll out a system to screen foreign visitors when they leave the u.s. in a pilot program underway at atlanta's airport, that report found more than 500,000 people overstayed their visas during a one-year
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period ending in september 2015. 4:24 am. after a week of deadly storms and heavy flooding, they are cleaning up across the midwest today. in some areas, rivers are still rising and it's still raining. jackie ibanez reports on the efforts from new york. >> we have no control over the river and the water but we have some ideas of where it went in 2011. >> reporter: rivers are rising in the midwest with deadly flooding submerging towns in arkansas and missouri. motors downstream are trying to get prepared. >> we got a little warning this time and i'm going to save as much of my stuff as i can. >> reporter: the governor toward the damage thursday as many people lost everything. >> we have about 250 homes affected within the county. we've had nine folks displaced totally. >> reporter: the governor signed an emergency declaration seeking federal funds for the
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cleanup and >> we have to do the full assessment. we have to bring all of that together at the county level. right now, based on what i've seen, i have a strong level of confidence that this is going to become a federal disaster. >> reporter: it may be weeks or months before anyone gets the funds to fix the properties. >> those assessments have to be done statewide before the governor can actually write the declaration and give it to the president to sign. >> reporter: the storms of moved east with heavy flooding across indiana. >> those folks that are near rivers, creeks, we are watching all of those right now. there are many counties in the state watching the rivers and creeks. that anyone who lives close to those areas may need sandbags. >> reporter: indiana could see several inches of rain through tomorrow while arkansas and missouri are expected to enjoy mostly clear skies the next few days. 4:26 am. it's been five years but now the sierra lamar case is finally in the hands of the
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jury. next, or on the closing arguments in court. a man accused of killing a police sergeant in hayward is back in court today. up next, the support from the police department as a judge decides if there's enough evidence for a murder trial. good morning. we see that traffic is doing pretty well to start this morning. we see traffic on westbound 80 coming around the berkeley curve looks good. a big drop in temperature starting yesterday and continues for inland areas today. we are under mostly cloudy skies. there is a rep, roaring breeze. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪
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you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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[ music playing ] >> that's a good way to start the day. >> you can sing. you know this song.
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with the clouds and the live pictures and the camera panning around the bay area. there is the bay bridge. i just want to start singing on a friday morning. >> i want to start a salsa dance. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we know how to start a day. it's friday, it's cinco de mayo. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it is 4:30 am. carlos santana's dad used to play in a band that would come around and mill valley. somewhat so, that's his dad! >> a lot of those guys are from the bay area. timeless. that goes back to 1970. >> and it's still very good. good morning, everybody. we do have a


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