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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 5, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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to $200,000 per if you're interested, it closes may 16. breaking news for the past hour and a half on mornings on 2. you can see from pictures taken by the viewers, there was smoke in the air around the valero refinery in suisun bay -- in benicia. close to refinery there's a shelter and placed order affecting the city of benicia after a power outage before 7:30 this morning at the refinery. that power outage according to valero caused flaring and smoke from the stacks and at this point anyone downwind has been asked to evacuate and benicia police are telling people to shelter in place and close your doors and windows and bring your pets inside. the committee center is open for evacuees on east on e. l st. we will talk about that as we have bringing breaking news throughout the morning on
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number two. we will go to christian and talk about more. >> tell us more. >> reporter: e. 2nd st. in benicia said and i photojournalist we arrived and saw the scene and stopped to bring you the live pictures so you can take a look. benicia police issued an alert about the incident via twitter at around 7:30 this morning saying the refinery was experiencing a power outage bit and that led to flaring and smoke as valero vegan the fuel. additionally there was no cause for concern and shortly before 8:00, 20 minutes later, pd issued an alert saying any businesses or structures downwind of valero should evacuate the area. we heard from people in the area there was heavy smoke and some were reported nausea or having trouble breathing. benicia police have told us
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benicia unified school had issued a caution alert saying robert semple and matthew turner schools students should shelter in place where they are now and all the students in the district are expected to be safe if they are at school. they are telling parents if they choose to keep kids at home, they will not be marked absent. meanwhile, this flaring having a major impact on traffic in the area southbound 680 through benicia is closed because of this player. it could impact traffic on northbound 680 as well and again, we hear this started as a power loss at valero the power has been restored and crews work to contain the issue and the situation here. again, some have reported smelling heavy, thick smoke feeling nauseated, lightheaded, having trouble breathing. we do not smell anything and this is the second street e. 2nd st. near the refinery.
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you can see the way that that smoke is blowing it is blowing into this industrial area. clearly, anybody in the path of the smoke would want to heed the warming that's the warning from the police shelter place, close the window stay where you are to avoid going out. if you have pets bring them in as well. >> this started from a power outage, surely the refinery has expressed power outages but in the back to the systems going into effect any word from valero in regards to something not going right in regards to the backup systems. >> not that we have heard. we will try to track down the timeline to figure out exactly what happened with that power outage. ny caused a player and why the flare is different than other players. gasia, you referred earlier, anyone near a refinery is accustomed to seeing occasional flaring. what is different about this case, that's an issue that we
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will investigate and try to get to the bottom of throughout the morning. >> christian, we will stay on this picture i mentioned what appears to be normal or normal- ish flaring is happening and we heard back from the senior producer who lives near the area and he said what you are seeing now is not considered normal. i do not live by a refinery, he does get what you see over your shoulder, by one account is not business as usual. >> reporter: right. you can see the dents, black smoke coming off of that flaring stack the chimney stack and there's active flame and the top i have seen flaring in the past and fire in the past. the heavy black smoke is not what i am usually seeing when i see flares again, i'm not an expert on what a flare should look like. certainly, it would be a good
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note of caution for anybody who lives or works within the plume being put off by this flaring to either shelter in place and try to evacuate the area. >> if you are trying to drive the juicy closures chv dispatch, there is a closure on 680 but they do not say where. what did you see as you try to get close?>> reporter: we did not see closures. we were on our way initially to san francisco from corte madera and came down south into benicia we didn't see closing ourselves but we heard reports of closures and we have heard that chp is closing some of the areas and the freeway. 680 southbound is what we heard was closed. >> all right. we saw in the picture the benicia bridge traffic is open. thank you.
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>> traffic is open on benicia bridge chv is waking that's waiting for caltrans for hard closure. they will put up cones. >> clearly developing we will see on top of. former state senator mark leno has officially entered the race. >> i am running for mayor because i want to offer it, my expertise and experience and energy and skills and passion to address the issues of affordability and housing affordability accessibility cost-of-living our homeless population. >> filing paperwork to run for mayor yesterday starting his career with became a san francisco supervisor in 1998. after serving as a supervisor was elected to the state assembly and the state senate and his term ended in fall. if elected he will be severance first openly gay mayor. >> should i be fortunate to be
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elected mayor i will be the mayor for the entire city. i do not think my sexual orientation will be an issue in the campaign. >> leno tells ktvu is the last -- he wants to be mayor before retiring from politics. republican healthcare bill's bias that's passed will head to the u.s. senate gathering with each resident to celebrate passing the reform bill called the american health care act. 217-213 20 republicans voting no. president trump called it a victory and democrats say they will target republicans who voted for the plan and the midterm elections. >> your premiums will start to come down and we are going to get this past through the senate and i feel confident. >> you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. you will blow in the dark -- glow in the dark, you will glow in the dark. >> analyst says the chances of the house bill being signed
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into law in the senate as is appears slim. the content in the plan and impacts remain unclear. >> people are talking about this. question of the day, do you support the new american health care act passed by the house. yes, no. look at the results overwhelming when we checked it remaining the same. 85% say you do not support it. 15% say yes. danny says obamacare raise my family's assurance drastically but this is not the answer. i would rather pay more so that others can be healthy too. >> and someone chimed in think terrified of the thought my prenatal appointments may not be covered if i were to get pregnant again. >> moreno says new healthcare act should not cause one person to lose coverage. it's like having a seat on an airplane and being booted off. >> sarah executive director of
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california health networks. appreciate it. we do not know if it would pass the senate at is. if it does, half 1 million -- 20 million californians get insurance through the workplace. what will happen. will they get benefits scaled- back as a result? >> the bill has implications across the field of healthcare. there could be some changes that we would see on the employer-based coverage and a lot has to do with the latest amendment taken where it provides and offers a chance to rollback essential health benefits and these are not cheap services this is hospitalization and inpatient, outpatient care, prescription drugs, maternity care. >> there's something california will not -- as it is will not rollback some patient protections. >> we have been assured by leaders they will do the best they possibly can. let's face it, we will save anywhere between $20 billion- $40 billion deficit because of
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the changes to the medicaid program. in california, 14 million californians are covered by the medicaid program. this is children, pregnant women, people with disabilities. and its low income adults as well. it is hard for us in california to be able to say and make up the huge deficit we would save. >> what do you tell people who maybe are frightened by what happens. it's not law. are you saying wait and see what happens? >> we say you should get involved and talk about the importance of the healthcare coverage like many other people who chimed in today. it's not a lawyer yet . people should use healthcare coverage but we it's an uphill battle in the senate. we need as many as possible to see how good the coverage has been. >> is there a positive? >> there is no positive. it will have implications
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financially for people's coverage and the protections that we offer in california and it's not a replacement. this is a repeal in which 24 million americans could potentially lose healthcare coverage asked young people, do they get a benefit? >> -- men and women in their 20s? >> healthy people. >> shifting to the tax credits are based on age would be based on age as opposed to income. if you have a low income, healthy young person they may face a challenge in order to afford healthcare coverage for the benefits right now they would receive under a portable care act would be essentially cut in that affordable care act would be cut in half. >> donald trump, president trump praise australia and their healthcare system. universal access open healthcare, what will it take for america to have you uncover no matter what since we are dreaming. >> the challenge of getting over that is a political
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challenge because i do not think republicans really care whether or not people will lose coverage. in many ways this was a political game that they essentially are shifting as nancy pelosi said yesterday on the floor, this is a large redistribution of wealth back to the wealthy and corporations. i do not know that we can actually get there because this huge clinical divide we face right on the country. >>, 20 republicans voted for the bill -- a lot of california republicans voted for the bill. >> the reason there's a demand for an afterschool program in south san francisco. >> a woman bitten by a rattlesnake. the reunion with two teenage boys who helped to save her life.
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slightly down 12 points at this moment. s&p nasdaq up by 10% each. california is one step closer to eliminating high school exit exam. the state assembly approved a measure to get rid of the exam suspended since 2015. critics say it's outdated because it's in line for the curriculum standards in place when the exam was started in 2000. california as adopted new standards but the bill goes to the state senate. a preschool helps to reopen tuesday after thieves tear the building apart doing $10,000 in damage. look what happened after the break in at the tomorrow montessori school. it happened between late wednesday and early yesterday. they ransacked it they took off with an ipad and food and tore apart the rooms leaving behind glass and furniture. the owner had to tell more than 100 families that school is closed next these are working families relying on me to make
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sure and the staff can make sure they can go to work and children have somewhere to be. >> it's either a lot of able doing it i was or one person spending time and effort and being delivered about it. >> the owner says surveillance cameras malfunctioned. anyone with information call the police. city of oakland will start referring people from a sanctioned homeless camp that caught fire monday night to nearby shelters. the fire underneath 580 at the emeryville city line was a second at the camp in the past two weeks. it burned tense and sanitation station -- one dozen tents and sanitation station. >> el dorado hills, woman reunites with teenagers who helped to save her life when she was bitten by a rattlesnake.>> reporter: carolyn spent her afternoon outdoors in el dorado hills, a nurse and her last hike beginning like the others.
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>> been walking the trail for 10 years ending with carolyn becoming a patient following a dangerous encounter with a rattlesnake. >> i stepped on the snake and i felt like spongy something under my foot which shocked me. i jumped up and reared my leg up and as i did the snake was literally hanging on my leg. >> reporter: and the venom quickly taking over. >> there was tingling throughout my entire body and my face started to swell and i thought it would -- i could not move my mouth to talk. >> reporter: two teenage boys running nearby spring and -- they sprang into action. >> she was complaining of tingling so i was worried. >> reporter: calling 911, waving emergency responders down. >> i'm glad we were there and happy we made a difference for us 10th-graders. >> my boys.
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>> reporter: now heroes in a strangers eyes. >> oh, absolutely i feel like they were my guardian angel a sports sports as carolyn is still recovering from the effect of the venom swelling and bruising taking over her entire leg and tingling throughout her body. >> i feel like there is 100 buzzing bees on my skin. >> even now? >> it continues. i never realized that a snakebite could cause this cautionary tale. >> we know they are there. sometimes we get comfortable. >> reporter: rattlesnake season kicks off into high gear. coming up on mornings on 2 at nine a study involving young children and technology. we will talk with the author of the san francisco chronicle mommy files some suffering from mommy or daddy guilt. that is fine in theory.
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i hope you were with us yesterday research talks about letting babies play with tablets could delay speech. the study found the more time children between six months and two years spend using handheld screens the more likely they will have speech delays. the study said every 30 minute increase in daily screen time was linked to 49% increase in delayed language develop it. we have been talking about this we had to bring in amy author of the mommy files for the san francisco chronicle. it's different these days than when we were kids because we had to sit in front of the television in the living room. you see screens at grocery stores and restaurants. >> kids are on screens everywhere. the key is to set boundaries and age limits. you need to set boundaries that you can actually consistently follow through on. sometimes as parents we are
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ambitious and we come up with charts. >> right. >> and you will watch 45 minutes on friday and on saturday you can watch one hour, it's too complicated . >> right. >> simple fight it. i have a 12-year-old son and he wants to play video games. he loves minecraft and he's not allowed to lay during the week but on the weekends he can play. it is so easy. >> as much as he wants? >> yes. the weekends are busy. >> i see. >> six hours at a time. >> when we have friends over for dinner on saturday night and a buddy comes over, they may end up playing for hours minecraft. he may not play another day that we get small children, i've seen and been guilty if your kid is having a meltdown at the supermarket and you give them the phone and that will quiet them down, you will do it because first of all, you may be embarrassed he's having a meltdown in lane five.
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>> but if you leave the store -- >> right i have to get my shopping done. >> i have a three-year-old as well and i do not allow her to use my phone. it's off limits. she cannot touch it. she cannot touch the ipad. no technology. there was a brief try. where i allowed her -- a brief time i allowed her she wanted to watch baby beluga. i allowed her to do that but that is all she wanted. she was on my case every time i got it from school that was the first think i have your phone. i realize you have to stop this altogether. >> the study focuses on up to 2 years. i agree. my children did not touch a phone until three or four years old. it is replacing parent interaction. and the critical human development which is talking, playing with other children,
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that is going goodbye. i do not think any child under the age of 2 should touch the screen. >> between watching tv in a room as you said earlier and the phone? >> i allow my three-year-old to watch tv. it is something only in the living room so she cannot ask to watch all the time. honestly, i need the time sometimes when i pick her up from school and i haven't finished my work i had to put her in front of the tv to let her watch shows so i can get things done. she will not ask to watch tv at the grocery store. it's easy to set boundaries around the tv. almost everybody -- every day she asked if i can watch a show but i do not let her do it every day. american academy of pediatrics for kids age 2-5 recommend no more than one hour of screen time per day. >> i had a friend calling me
9:25 am
freaking out her 1 1/2-year-old boy was not talking yet . the study says screen time can delay speech. do you think parents freak out too much about my kids not walking or talking. this heightens what is already paranoia about the start of speech. >> yes. we are often in these preschool situations where there are kids there and the kid that is advanced. >> i can read. >> and using vocabulary words. and your kid can barely form a sentence. it's easy to get concerned. >> don't you think we need definitive research? >> yes. the research behind the study, yes. if you let your kid use your iphone here in there, -- and there it will be fine. >> there's educational games. >> yes. >> the magic word is correlation not causation. >> yes. american academy of pediatrics
9:26 am
recommends that 18 months and under, that you keep babies away from screens between 18 months and age number two there are educational oriented things you can put on the phone that studies have shown can do good. >> common sense, nearly 40% of the age of two use a mobile device. >> seems like a lot two out of five under the age of two. >> a new world. >> amy from the mommy filed thank you. >> minecraft. >> all right. >> breaking news so much is happening, we have been reporting on a sinkhole that opened up. there's a truck in it. we will talk about what else is affected. breaking news out of benicia that particular stack
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welcome back we will update you on breaking news we haven't following the morning on two. since 7:30 power outage caused flaring and smoke at the valero refinery . benicia police issued a citywide shelter in place but new information that the order has been lifted as of minutes ago. everyone is being encouraged to close their doors and windows and keep the clean air inside. students at two schools matthew turner and robert simple schools are required to stay inside for the students safety. spokesperson says the outage was due to a pg&e power disruption and the city announced power has been restored and crews are working to alleviate the problem and nearby industrial park has been evacuated for we hope you stay
9:30 am
with us here on ktvu and when we bring new developments this picture shows continuous flaring at the refinery. a different picture than the past. >> we want to update you on a story in san francisco where a sinkhole has opened in the south of market area large sinkhole swallowing a big rig. at the scene in the truck is still in the hole, lee? (inaudible) -- >> reporter: it is being towed. it's on the roof. we don't know if it will move forward but as we go around the side we did see a look at the hole. public works says the hole is e estimated at 10 . >> 20'. there was an inactive sewer line underneath.
9:31 am
bears that's we do not know if there is damage. we need to get the truck out of the way to assess the damage. the truck was parked on the side of the road and the driver was sitting in the drivers seat when he started to feel the truck was leaning to the right. he knew it was a sinkhole i was not hurt and was able to get out on his own crawling out of the window all from public works. he was able to call it in and at this point we have 7 street for one block blocked off between brandon and townsend and we do not have an idea at this time whether or not they will have this open at any time soon. they said they have to get the truck out of the way and clear out what fell off the truck and go in and assess the damage. we do not have an estimated time as to when this will be reopened. >> leigh martinez live in san francisco. north way, happen today
9:32 am
sonoma county sheriff's office will hold a compass about a 13- year-old cold case. jason allen and lindsay cudjoe were found shot to death in their sleeping bags and a beach during a trip in 2004. they were councils at a christian summer youth camp in el dorado county set to be married a few weeks after the trip. news conference is set to happen at 8:30 this morning santa rosa beach we will have it it at 10:30. jury decides the fate of the man accused of killing the teenager sierra lamar five years after she disappeared. >> it's been a long trial and it's a blink of an eye compared to how much time we have not had sierra with us. >> the jury will decide a 25- year-old garcia torres kidnapped and killed sierra lamar and accused of trying to kidnap three other women outside of a grocery store. yesterday the prosecution wrapped up the case and closing arguments on both sides ending. right here we spoke with legal analyst stephen clark who has been inside the courtroom
9:33 am
during the proceedings. >> both sides have significant challenges for the defense. it was the mountain of forensic evidence the prosecution put forward and mr. garcia torres' own statements putting himself at the scene of the crime but for the prosecution, we have no body, no crime scene and no murder weapon and events hit it hard. >> stephen clark says the jury has a lot to consider not just sierra lamar case but those other three attended kidnapping charges against garcia torres and all 12 jurors have to agree. dozens of parents can't out and south african hoping dashcam to out -- space is limited. registration opens at 7:00 many parents did not get their child enrolled and the father first in line camped out at 3 am
9:34 am
yesterday could only get his child on the waiting list. there are 600 children in the program, 40 vacancies. returning students used it last year have priority. highway 37 could one day have to pay a toll to use the roads . according to the press democrat a proposed toll could be as much as five dollars. flooding could make it unusable for weeks at a time and sonoma county supervisor say a toll could raise the money needed for a long-term solution. supporters of the idsa state funding could take decades to secure but tolls could complete the work in eight years newspaper says tolls could generate up to $12.5 billion over the next 50 years. shoes are getting attention on social media. want to show you the zo2 prime shoes from alonso ball. signature procedure that sneakers retailing for $495 . in comparison the most jordans
9:35 am
went for work $400 the first in 1985 costing $66. unveiling of the shoes makes them the first player to have the first issues before -- going to the draft. shaquille o'neal posted this to twitter, lamarr ball, real big baller brands don't overcharge kids for shoes. big baller brand is the name of the company formed by the ball family to promote there's own lazo balls brother. big baller's are loose if you cannot afford zo2 you are not a baller. i'm on shakeel's aside ridiculous -- shaquille o'neal's aside. it's ridiculous. >> premature. >> this might backfire you never know. >> there are no refunds or
9:36 am
exchanges. once you buy it you are out 495. >> i take it you aren't buying them. >> utah jazz and the warriors. >> curry is up. >> they jumped to another great start led by 18 points or they led by 18 after the first quarter and made 14 threes on the way 2115-104 victory. is there six postseason win and that the record. game three tomorrow in salt lake city. oakland athletics takes the final game in a series against the minnesota twins 8-5. batting for the a's on the splayed early and often. slugging out season-high 14 heads in minnesota. matt joyce has had two weeks that hits, two walks and rbi for oakland. the team returns home to host detroit tigers tonight first
9:37 am
pitch 7:05. and giveaways including bob, a bobble head. where do you want me to put this? right there. directions from the director. it comes out tomorrow. you see number 33, he's 33 wins away from reaching 1000 wins. and there's a watch. spewing that's the rustling you heard. >> it's a computer. >> we will tweet it if we find it very good. >> san francisco giants continue a road trip in cincinnati against the reds. hoping to improve on the 11-18 record the worst in the national league. first pitch 3:40 this afternoon. >> i will watch that. the weather, will it be a nice day or cloudy rosemarie?
9:38 am
>> if you like a cloudy, cool, breezy today's your day. happy friday. looking at part of the weekend. giving you of you of what is happening outside at this time. we have been talking about the winds this morning and as you know breezy in spots and live look into san francisco where we will have partly cloudy skies and mix of sun and clouds on friday we have our eyes on the winds and in the valero and benicia where we track breaking news. let's start there. this is where the refinery is and you can see the wind bars going in the westerly direction meaning pushing that wind toward the east and if i slide to a little, a better idea where it's heading. moving toward suisun bay and inland so it helps to disperse. good news. if you are in the area and you see the smoke, smell smoke, it is toxic. good idea to put your ac unit on recirculate and keep windows
9:39 am
closed. we have cloudy skies in place and that will be what we see as we get into the afternoon. look at this, widespread across the state with a trough moving in for the bay area weekend. afternoon highs expected for today, 59 degrees and san francisco, low 60s in oakland, upper 63 concord. 72, a warmer spot for antioch. looking at the extended forecast, india bay area weekend, not a lot of change saturday. mix of sun and clouds temperatures on the cool side. breezy conditions will remain as well and national weather service may issue a wind advisor portions of the coast. not just yet but we will keep an eye on that. sunday looks to look better in the way of sunshine as well as temperatures. and a warm-up as we get back to work on monday. for the weekend, unfortunately just school and breezy unless you like it like this. >> perfect. thank you. animal thompson grew up and san francisco in the fillmore district and his brother was shot and killed and later he
9:40 am
was shot six times for being on the wrong side of town. since then we have talked to hannibal about comedy. he's holding a fundraiser at the plaza apartments and san francisco to raise money for summer programs for children hannibal live in studio welcome. >> good to be back. >> tell me more about the fundraiser. >> second time i'm doing it i'm teaming up with people in the community adrian owens and martha and putting together a fundraiser for the summer program in plaza east because some reason they cannot seem to get funding to go -- >> why? >> i do not know. it's weird. it's small plaza east not many kids but it's a good amount taking them on field trips in the summer. took it upon myself to get with some people in the community and have this fundraiser every year. >> you know, people must ask
9:41 am
you this but i will ask again after what happened to you and the family, how did you start doing comedy? it's unexpected to say the least. >> i always loved comedy and wanted to be a comedian and actor. it was my calling. the streets were a phase. it wasn't something when i was young i was watching gangster movies and said i wanted to be that. no, that wasn't me. i wanted to be something and told myself i would be something. the streets was a phase. >> when you are back in the neighborhood, do you feel like it was yesterday and you feel like it was 1 million years ago? >> it feels like it was 1 million years ago. when i go back the good thing when i go back, people do not see me as the old person. they look up to me and they want to hear stories about when i traveled to do comedy is the people i meet. >> yes. >> you are rich. the other day i had a guy, i was dropping off t-shirts and
9:42 am
someone walked up to me and said let me borrow a few thousand dollars. >> [laughter]. >> when it is a challenge, what will i do for the summer for some children. do you get children coming to you you have stories about we have nothing to do? >> typically when you're trying to raise money. >> no. kids they will find something to do. >> that is a problem. >> exactly. that's the number one problem. >> which way will you go? would you go and hang out do this and get into sports. i am trying to raise money for the program so they can do things. last year we had a live dj and games and dance contests and it was fun. we will do the same this year. i do not want to do it in plaza east. the goal is to do it and every neighborhood in san francisco. >> spread it out. >> exactly.
9:43 am
hunters point, i have seen marcus pierce from the chiefs mr. fab marshawn lynch they have a carnival in oakland that inspired me i would love to do that. >> the kids love it but parents must appreciate so much. >> the parents appreciate how i became positive role model with my actions and i my words. >> more about the event plaza east breaking barriers community barbecue summer kickoff is tomorrow from noon-4 held at the plaza east community center buchanan st., san francisco. proceeds go to benefit summer programs for children a good cause. hannibal thompson thank you. >> i have something for you. >> bring it on. >> hello. look at these. smacked this is tamaya and daisy i brought you t-shirts.
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welcome back live look. this area tomorrow would be taken over with drinks, booze and music for the urban wine festival. it's free to attend. tasted best tasting tickets are available. >> we are joined by the director of the event. take a walk to the square. i'm surprised by wineries i happened upon secret gems. >> we have one dozen wineries in the district we have campo beat up there's a ton. >> because they are popping up more is this the reason for the
9:47 am
event? >> yes. we are shining a light on the urban wine trail and bringing people to enjoin line. >> is different than napa or sonoma county. >> yes. it's an urban twist. >> it's walkable. >> yes. >> you don't have to worry about who will drive you home. >> sometimes i go to these things and it's free you purchase tasting tickets and you only get five tastings. >> it's unlimited tastings $45 presale and you get unlimited you have craft beer from federation and crooked city cider. >> all restaurants open? >> yes. ready to have every body. >> you have people knocking on the door trying to get in? wineries saying do this -- have this here or there. >> weather in livermore. >> yes -- whether it is
9:48 am
livermore. >> yes. >> jump on board with urban >> we have a new tenant oakland supply. >> perfect. >> she opened yesterday. stop by this weekend. >> when you talk about urban tasting rooms, we go to napa to taste but are they popular? >> yes, yes. >> i see people all the time. >> urban legend they are popular. >> you can save gas money. >> sure. very good, nick all the information you can possibly will want and more about the urban wine festival on under mornings on 2 and mobile app. nick cantinellio. we are facebook friends and now we meet in real life.
9:49 am
>> it sells out. >> it will, yes. enjoy the festival. we have live music and other stuff. >> nick, thank you. from wine to margaritas, what is to go demaio without a good taco and margarito. with cinco de mayo. >> come back food. water. internet we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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mexican army victory over france in the day when americans spend money celebrating with beer and tequila nachos and americans spend big corona beer last year 50% of all beer sold for the week of cinco de mayo was corona. sales of salsa and tortillas and chips outsell other staples like hamburger buns and potato chips. the california avocado commission says avocados gained popularity and have increased in price. over to gasia with tips on spicing up the celebration. >> i'm happy to welcome olivia from berkeley salt and honey catering back to talk about drinks and snacks for cinco de mayo. >> down with margaritas today. we are going to learn how to make them. >> i have never mixed a drink so this is my first. i will drink the mistake.
9:53 am
i do not see salt and margarita mix. >> is the real deal. it is called suite heat infused with cucumber and jalapeno to freshen it and make it light for the season. >> let's do it. >> grabbing the cocktail glass and add she -- cucumber and jalapeno and with a mortar and pesto you will muttle it into the glass. >> we are going to add our fresh lime juice. >> okay. >> syrup and tequila. and 1 ounce of wine and simple syrup and 1 ounce and a half of tequila. if you want more robust in terms of libation, add more. and we fill it with ice.
9:54 am
>> i've never used a cocktail shaker. >> all the way up. put your shaker at the top make it sturdy move it over and shake [laughter]. >> it will not leak. >> you want to pop it and hear it click there you go. >> okay. >> and you take the strainer. >> yes. >> put it on top and grabbed the other strainer so that you don't have any stuff left over. >> is that a coup? >> yes. if there's hard stuff tap it with the shaker. and we garnish with jalapeno and cucumber. >> elegant. enjoy. toast cinco de mayo.
9:55 am
first cocktail ever. yowza with a kick. i love the sweet and hot together. you have to snack with this. my boy i created a taco bar for him. melting my heart. my favorite food, carnitas. >> chipotle carnitas and chicken everything we have made from scratch and tortilla chips. we have salsa, ceviche. >> $100 worth of garlic i am -- avocado. >> all the work is in the prep so when the party happens said it out and the fun is making the food with the guest. >> it's interactive and easy- going and there's things you can make an you can purchase them ahead and serve. >> i love buying for the
9:56 am
parties at the local grocery. >> go to the mexican a grocery store they make amazing carnitas set it out so you and the guest can enjoy and not be stuck in the kitchen. >> other may have kentucky derby parties. >> that's right. >> mike, you are into it. >> the race is on. >> this is for you. look, you are supposed to be on assignment. >> here you go. >> do have a lot of kentucky derby parties or is it more cinco de mayo? >> we do a lot of cinco de mayo. there is good southern food on derby day. >> i have recipes from olivia salt and honey catering on . >> are you impressed with my techniques? >> very. >> thank you, mike. >> we are all family.
9:57 am
>> okay. it's good, isn't it? >> well done. >> thank you. >> olivia, glad to have you. thank you for sticking with us today here on the nine. it's been busy needless to say we will have more on the breaking news at noon. now it's chips and guac. happy cinco de mayo to you! na ni. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm! when i was 14 years old.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yeah! [ applause ] so glad it's friday.


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