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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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this is the latest in a long line of refinery incidents that i have covered over the last 30 years. some are more serious than this. there was an earlier incident at a chevron refinery. the city did a good job and some residents are unhappy with the warnings and lack of information from the city.>> i could not hear it very well. it was very faint and some inside dish from inside my house it did not go on long expected city did not have any information.>> there was a lot of sheltering in place including schools and in the case of this nearby industrial park, evacuations to locations downwind and these women got caught up in that.>> i would hate to be in the building when it goes up. the final goodbyes to everybody. you are done.>> we were all
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told to go down at the end of second street and wait for advisement expect the lame pg&e and valero refinery expands is retiring -- refinery 15 years ago but never has generators that is a real concern for major earthquake. the problem is getting a permit to increase generation.>> we have not because the environment in california and adding another cogeneration unit increases the carbon footprint.>> this has been going on all day long. >> i would hope there would be a backup plan for when the pg&e is goes out and the gas builds up or whatever but apparently not. >> the relationship between valero refinery and the county will change a bit. more in favor of valero
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refinery and the county of the public because that is what happened. we had more incidents. reporting live, ktvu fox 2 news. tom i am wondering why you are out there. could you smell something out there? >> the flare stacks if the smoking down you smell.but we were over there an hour ago and there is a steam generator that has a chimney and that steam coming on us and you would think that seem being bottled water would be nothing more than that but it had a very heavy smell of petroleum. we had to move the vehicle simply because it was so bad. i think the epa will have to take a look into that. that may be part of the restarting -- process or getting an online. i don't think the steam generator should be generating anything
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but steam and i think the epa will have to take a look into that. schools were ordered to shelter in place during the incident. turner elementary and central elementary were closed down with a handful of students air- quality monitors have given the clear and parents were advised that could not drop the kids off because of the emergency.>> we messaged folks and they are having a right to take them home.>> if they chose to keep their children home, they would not be marked absent. an investigation is underway after a university police officer shot a man off-campus early today. authorities say the shooting followed a report of gunfire and a man running a group of women with a gun. new information with more on what happened. >> reporter: we understand the state campus police officer was following up on a report on a
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domestic disturbance. the man ran and when a taser was unsuccessful, the officer opened fire. >> a crime scene near businesses and homes. the owner of the store was shocked to find the area with officers at this.of her day.>> ahead a business for 30 years and this is the first time the street has ever been blocked off for a crime.>> the sergeant said it began around 2 am on friday as bars were close thing -- in downtown. the police asked the state university officers rebecca. that is forwarding came up to the officers to report a domestic by between a man and woman near this field.>> one of the lady said the man pulled out a handgun and pointed it at her and basically threatened her life.>> police and neighbors heard a series of gunshots nearby.>> i heard a
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scuffle and screaming and high volume noises. i had no idea. my husband went up to go to the restroom and while he was in the bathroom i heard shots.>> they found full bullet casings but no sign of the suspect or woman. around 4:45 am a university officer saw a man matching the description of the suspect as he walked out of a creek that. a foot chase began. a taser was unsuccessful and the police officer shot a man twice. the 22-year-old man is recovering from surgery at a local hospital. authorities did not find a weapon.>> it does not make you feel secure. i know we were safe upstairs but you never know what can happen.>> i am sad and shocked nothing like this ever happens your.>> the sheriff's office is the lead investigating team and they are interviewing the campus police officer and we will update us on they have
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more information. thank you. breaking news and skyfox was over a multitude car crash on highway 101 near the san antonio offering. the chp said this was a major injury crash that happened in the southbound lanes at 4:45 pm. according to the chp, this may have involved a person who was hit after stopping to change a tire. here's a look at the traffic map. you can see the southbound traffic is the red area on the east freeway that is backed up for several miles. more about a deadly police shooting on highway 101 last friday. chp said three of the officers opened fire during the incident. investigators say the officers responded to what appeared to be a traffic accident and found in our demand carjacking a 55- year-old woman. the officers spotted the man
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and ordered him to drop the weapon. he refused. they are on paid administrating leave but that is routine in cases like this. new information on how the fbi broke into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the senator revealed during a meeting at the justice department paid $900,000 for the job. the fbi has sent -- said they unlocked it with an unidentified third-party vendor. jury deliberations are scheduled to resume in the trial of an accused of killing the 15-year-old sierra lamarr. tours could face the death penalty if convicted. the 26-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder of her and three other counts of attempted kidnapping and carjacking involving three other winning in 2009. jurors got the case yesterday and delivered a -- deliberated
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until the weekend. a partial set a mate -- settlement has been reached. the survivors and families are the people killed the building manager and the company for building the balcony and a collapsed during a party. a company has now agreed to settle but the manager and the owner have not so those lawsuits continue. the amount has not been disclosed. five irish nationals visiting berkeley for the summer were killed along with a young woman from the park just one day after the house passed legislation to repeal and replace the affordable care act republicans are saying they plan to write their own bill. one thing is certain and that is the process moving slower by design. it requires the senators wait for them to issue its report before a vote can happen. the house passed its version of
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the building for the cbo could way and on how much the plan would cost and how much -- how many people stands to lose coverage. they will start over and write their own.>> we will move ahead with deliberate speed. we are doing that because exchanges are collapsing. people could be without insurance premiums could go up. we want to get it right work and we don't want deadlines.>> republicans can pass the bill with the 51 votes rather than the 60 votes required to avoid a democratic filibuster. republican lawmakers launched an effort to repeal california's new gas tax increase. orange county is trying to gather the signatures necessary for a measure that would overturn the governor's $52 billion project to fund road improvements. last week the governor signed a bill which raises gas prices by $.12 a gallon starting this
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november. law includes a new vehicle registration fee to help fund for repairs and transit projects across the state. new figures out today signal strength for the us labor market with unemployment at its lowest level in about 10 years. labor department said today that unemployment is dropped to fourth and 4%. they added more than 200,000 jobs last month exceeding analyst expectations. organ sale financial advisor joined us this afternoon on the floor and said this is great news after a week job victors -- week job figures. a sad report. today 211,000 jobs. that was fantastic. the economy needs 100,000 jobs just to break even. if you get to 150,000 jobs, we are doing okay. when you get to 200,000 like we did today, that is great. >> the figures show that the checks were up. hourly wages rose 7 cents to
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$26.19 an hour. >> we feel confident that we have the killer in custody. a major break and a double homicide case that stunned the counties 13 years ago. sinkhole that opened up in san francisco and nearly swallowed a truck with the driver inside plus chief meteorologist with the big fundraiser talking about ways to save the environment and helping the fish in water and helping the state. we will talk to folks about ways we can do that and although and out there. the wind advisory will be sticking around for the weekend. hey allergy muddlers
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a chair -- scare for a truck driver delivering cement this morning when the road collapsed. his truck sank five feet forming a large sinkhole. tara moriarty tells us it happened at eight busy intersection tying up traffic but this street is clear tonight.>> the driver of the making a delivery of cement before 5:30 am did not know what to think.>> the truck lifted this way and a sinkhole appeared in the pavement. >> created a 10 by 20 foot
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sinkhole five foot deep.>> crews worked to figure out why it caved in the sidewalk buckled. >> sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is a serious. either way we are here to fix it.>> for hours a dog and jackhammer. they are trying to pinpoint the culprit.>> there was no sewer smell are gas leak work a pipe. fun and a water line was untouched. nine hours after the truck sunk, -- >> they found a boy between the asphalt and ground underneath and that is what the truck fell into.>> usually when you have a void like that, the culprit is water that moves the soil out.>> the area around the sinkhole was bone dry. the cause is a mystery. many of the buildings here in the district are built on old mod that has been field. we think the sink -- sinkhole
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issue could be widespread.>> you would see it in a wider area than this one spot her.>> by the afternoon, one lane of seventh street was open to traffic and for the evening it was back to normal. monday crews will pour concrete for the street and concrete. -- sidewalk. rapidly mounting snowpack in the sea area -- sierra is causing problems. around tahoe it is inundating the homes. the runoff has been following channels and bubbling out of the ground near home >> the fire district has fielded dozens of calls.>> the normal areas are seeing a heightened amount right now. those areas cannot hold the water. we have responded to calls in different residents to help mitigate the issue.>> they have
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sandbags available for people who need them and officials say the homeowners should survey their surroundings to check for potential problems. a new fundraiser working to protect and restore california's wild trout, steelhead and salmon population in san francisco.>> live at the four seasons hotel it is starting to fill up in there. >> it is getting busy in her. i am back and i keep saying that california and the waterways are so important. is an ecosystem thing that is not just about fish but it is about mammals and bogs and birds and the whole system. we were talking about your job and your goal to clean up waterways and to make fishback, the native species. what is your favorite project? >> there is a lot of projects.
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one of my favorites is where helping to restore salmon in the sacramento system. one of the ways we are doing it is using the floodplain that there is rice growing in northern california and people find issues but the reality is that rice is here to stay and we love rice but during the spring flood we are working with the rice farmers to allow them to flood their fields and growth salmon, the young salmon returning to the city and we found out using science and working with students is they found out that in the floodplain there is a lot more to eat and the salmon grow three times the size they normally would. they are stuck inside the
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channel that is the sacramento wherever. -- river >> there is tons of fish but had to get them back into the channel?>> they have these weirs that they raise it and lower. they flood the plane and they grow the salmon and they grow three times the size they do if they are left in the river. and then as the water ebbs as the spring comes on and they start start evacuating they let it back down in the water rushes back into the river. the fish are three times the size and they are surviving. they are bigger and stronger. >> when they are small fingerlings, they are getting picked off by other fish. that is one of the innovative things that you guys are doing. it really is. we are all californians but
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this is what makes our state a great. the wildlife and fish. let's do graphics. we will see the wind advisory. tomorrow it is windy and we will see less wind as we go into tomorrow afternoon if the system passes to the north of us. in the meantime, there is the wind right now. you could see gusts up to 20 miles per hour. it is breezy on the bay. is breezy around her. the weekend is going to be cooler, way cooler than last week when we had the record heat. when i comeback, i will hang out and put in some bids on some of these bottles of wine and a lot of cool stuff they have her. i can barely hear you. the room is filling up.>> how much are they hoping to raise? >> say that again. >> how much are they hoping to raise? >> that is a great question.
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a lot. i will talk to doug and a minute but it is crazy. when i comeback i will have the answer for you.>> all right. thank you. coming up, generous, smart and one-of-a-kind. that's how friends urged describing an -- an attorney from modesto that was gunned down in a parking lot. where steve kerr is seeking help for his back problems.>> authorities are planning for san jose. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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's today is cinco de mayo. celebrates the victory over the french foreign legion in 1862. here in california, cinco de mayo has become an occasion for fixed to go out and have a fun time partying.>> police are increasing patrols. jesse gary shows us how the city is preparing for the celebration. >> are you ready for tonight? >> in east san jose it is never too early to fly the colors for the show of cultural pride.>> am celebrating with my son. it is where i grew up in the community.>> robert and his son are poised for the slow roll
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over the pavement tonight. souped-up cars and trucks with american and mexican flags displayed and are a staple of the celebration. in recent years, violence has marred the event. and 2015 one stabbing and two years prior, police issued 93 citation and arrested 33 people.>> the police department have taken steps to go ahead and offer up high visibility patrols in certain areas.>> the officers for multiple departments will flood hotspots to make sure a good time does not get out of hand.>> some of the things that we are looking for is people behaving badly. people that are creating havoc throughout the city. we're hoping the people find time to celebrate responsibly. we will be out there and prepared to handle any situations that may occur.>> the business association said its members of confidence in the police response and don't
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plan to hire security but some owners say they plan to close early on friday to avoid problems.>> the potential for problems is not confined in this celebration. anytime massive -- mrs. gather the good can be tarnished but if you'd bad ax.>> everywhere. you have to avoid and not be so ignorant when it comes to letting things accelerate.>> fox 2 news. still ahead, one of the most mysterious homes and the story behind it. we will talk to the stars of the new movie winchester. a major break in a double homicide case that stunned sonoma county 13 years ago. a couple shot to death while sleeping on the beach and the details on fox to news at six.
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people in benicia work up to sirens because of a power outage first valero refinery to burn off chemicals sending
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smoke into the air which prompted an evacuation order and a shelter in place for two elementary schools. within the last hour, the evacuation orders and shelter in place orders have been lifted. crews don't know what caused a large sinkhole. the driver of the truck you saw was delivering cement just before 5:30 pm. the pavement collapsed under the wheels. the driver was able to climb out through the window. crews will return on monday to finish the repairs on the street. you're watching ktvu fox 2 at 630. 13 years there is an arrest and the killing of a young couple shot to death as they were sitting on a beach. the suspect knows things only the killer would no. he was in jail after accused of failing shooting his own brother.


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