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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a man is under arrest after a shootout with san jose state police. what they are saying about the exchange of gunfire. in san francisco, the results are now in. what today's election of emmanuel macron's election means. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. an investigation is underway in san jose tonight after police exchanged gunfire with an armed man. >> no one was hurt and they were able to take that suspect into custody. ktvu leigh martinez joins us live at san jose where leigh, this officer-involved shooting marks the third one in a week? >> reporter: that's right. so this section of tulley road was blocked off. around 3:00 is when they had it back open. it was surprising as there were
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no injuries in this shooting. but as you mentioned this is the third shooting in a week. just before 8:00 sunday morning a 911 caller reported seeing a man with a handgun on tulley road. when officers arrived the man allegedly opened fire on the officers. at least one officer returned fire. the suspect ran and jumped a fence into a mobile home complex. police found him and arrested him. >> i was walking my dog. i heard everything. there were 30 pops. i see only one guy. they arrested him and then they took him in. >> reporter: this is the fifth officer-involved shooting in san jose so far this year. last week san jose police shot and killed a man who allegedly came at them with a knife. just one day later police fatally shot a double homicide
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suspect in the willow glen neighborhood. leslie hernandez said she move today san jose last year to escape growing crime in chicago. >> but i see a lot of problems over here. >> reporter: the shooting investigation blocked off tulley road for hours. >> it seems more and more lately every time you turn around something is happening. >> i notice all the traffic. i'm like what the the heck is going on? i mean it's just not even surprising anymore. that's what's sad. >> reporter: now the identity of the suspect has not been released. we had placed several calls. we went over to the police department trying to get some answers, but they were not talking to us. by the time of this broadcast, however happening at 6:30 there is going to be a press conference at san jose police department. we do have a crew there right now. so we'll have more for you later tonight on this story. >> all right. thank you so much, lila alligood in san jose. now to france where a
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youngcenturist has won, emmanuel macron won against marine le pen. political analysts say macron's win is a resounding rejection of le pen's first nationalism. we have more from paris. >> reporter: polls have closed here in san francisco. we're looking at the victory for independent reformer emmanuel macron and a defeat for his rival far right marine le pen. 65% or so going for macron. 35% for le pen. the voters were going for a 39- year-old moderate pro european nato, pro nato, promising a reform a. bit vague on details. this fellow has never held public office. his party is brand new as well. >> i would like to say thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart. my gratitude is to express to all of you who have voted for me and have voted for me.
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>> le pen's message played well in many parts of the country where the economy has been especially hard hit. she's a critic of the european union and the euro. hard on immigration and on terrorism, also resounding in the country that has been hit by terror attacks. now concerns about our polarizing rhetoric, however, probably won out in her concession speech she wish mad cron well and also said she had worries about his presidency. also important the lower than usual turnout and a lot of extensions here today, blank ballots being filed by people not happy with either of the main candidates running in this runoff. the candidates of the major parties were knocked off if in the first round and many other outsider candidates got support then as well. emmanuel macron will finish his night at a made for tv
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spectacle where he will speak once again to his followers. something right out of american tv politics. also america itself looking very closely at these elections. france is an important ally and a partner in the u.n., nato, and also important economicically. a major player in the european union. there's a big stakes in these elections and the entire globe. oakland mayor libby schaaf joined us in the studio. we asked her about reports several oakland fire department inspectors lack appropriate certifications. >> this is something that does not worry me because we will absolutely have it corrected. i am thinking more wholistically though about all of our fire services. since that ghost ship fire back in december, we have been working diligently to really ensure we provide the best fire service of any city in this
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country. >> you may remember 36 people died in that ghost ship fire following the tragedy. oakland plans to increase the number of fire prevention inspectors from six to 20 in the next two years. >> the head of the marin county coroner's office has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation. according to the marin independent journal, the chief deputy was arrested on thursday in eureka. the alleged crimes happened in marin county between may of 2008 and march 2017 with girls between the ages of 14 and 17. the cases are being investigated by the santa rosa police department because of his professional ties in marin. harris is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. one national park official is asking for the public's help in trying to find a 24-year-old man last seen at yosemite. alexander joseph sevier was at the housekeeping camp last monday in the yosemite and hasn't been seen since. they say he may have gone
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hiking outside yosemite valley. here is his picture. he's described as five-foot six inches tall, 128 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. he may have been wearing holliste, r or abercrombie clothing. the contra costa fire department was called to help. the hiker was rescued around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. he had a broken ankle, being taken to the hospital. we are told expect today be okay. a non-profit organization is reportedly pledging $100 million to fight homelessness it in san francisco. according to the chronicle the pledged donations from the tipping point organization is the largest of its kind ever made to the city. the organization says their goal is to cut chronic homelessness in san francisco in half over the next five years by creating more housing and improving mental health services in other programs.
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the organization says the money is being raised privately and will be given to city agencies. two different trends when it comes to robberies on bay area transits. bart has been struggling with recent high-profile robberies. the agency says there is a spike in electronic robberies. overall crime has been trending down for two years. meanwhile crime is also trending down on muni. crime is at a four-year low. but passengers are still giving the agency a b minus when it comes to safety. now we want to show you something you probably won't see every day. a two-story single house on the move in berkeley. it shook up most of university avenue this afternoon as you can see here as it was relocated to its new location just down the street. but no word yet on what the house will be used for, whether they will serve as a business or even student housing because of the close proximity to uc berkeley. members will return this weekend after mixed reviews of
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the gop managing to pass the health care act. many democratic lawmakers including dianne feinstein says they are concerned about what will come next. >> reporter: lawmakers are getting their first feedback this weekend after the house of representatives passed the american health care act. several returned to their town hall district filled with angry voters including this one in idaho where he had a heated exchange with a woman who works in an emergency room. >> reporter: today on the sunday show senate democrats continue to express their own concerns with the bill passed by house republicans. >> i am really very worried that in the rush to judgment we
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create a major health care problem for people. >> reporter: despite all the criticism of the bills senate republicans remain very optimistic they will be able to improve it. >> speaker ryan today said he hoped the senate would improve the house bill. i think we will do so and we will come up with a whole new fresh approach that will solve the legitimate flaws that do exist with the aca. >> reporter: and president trump remains confident the gop will come out on top tweeting today, "republican senators will not let the american people down. obamacare premiums and deductibles are way up. it was a lie and it is dead." the senate republicans plan to take their time with the american health care act to make sure they get it right. meaning the debate over health care is not going away any time soon. in washington i'm garrett tenney fox news. coming up concerns are growing after another american is detained in north korea. also the investigation into alleged russian ties from the
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government administration taking center stage tomorrow. the former obama official expected to testify on capitol hill. and weather is a bit warmer today across most of the bay area. lots of sunshine right now. big temperature swings over the next few days. coming up the warmest day of the workweek and we will break down chances.
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north korea says they have detained another american over unspecified hostile acts against the country. the korean news agency said kim hak song works for the pyongyang university of science and technology. he was taken into custody yesterday. last wednesday north korea announced the detention of an accounting professor.
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he was being detained for hostile -- for hostility against the country. violence is escalating in venezuela as the president clings to power. thousands of women protested in major cities across the country yesterday demanding freedom from repression. the country is dealing with a deep recession, inflation, and massive food shortages. tensions grew yesterday after the venezuela supreme court stripped power from the opposition-led national assembly and essentially put a democratic election on hold. >> reporter: they want to avoid what no republican can avoid. a popular vote. through a popular vote. so protests will continue until they understand they must listen. >> clashes between protesters and police have left at least three dozen people dead over the last month. pope francis is taking issue with the naming of the
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u.s. military's biggest non- nuclear explosive as the mother of all wrongs. the word mother should not be used in reference to a deadly weapon. last month the air force dropped the bomb on state fighters in eastern afghanistan. later this month pope francis is scheduled to meet them at the vatican, given their completely opposite position on immigration, refugees, and climate change. the investigation into russia and the 2016 presidential election will take center stage tomorrow at a senate committee hearing. two obama administration officials are set to testify about their knowledge of former national security advisor michael flynn's contact with the russian ambassador. according to the washington post, senior members of president trump's transition team warned flynn any conversations he had with russia's ambassador would likely be picked up by u.s. intelligence agencies. former deputy attorney general
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sally yates is expect today give details about her warnings about flynn tomorrow. president trump's travel ban issue is back in court tomorrow. the order aims to keep people from half a dozen muslim countries out of the united states. it is set to be reviewed by a federal court. allison barber has a preview. >> they are set to hear arguments over stopping travel from six predominantly muslim nations. they will decide if trump's travel ban violates the constitution. specifically religion proximate causes of the first amendment and due process clauses of the fifth. the administration argues it does not. they say the ban doesn't harm anyone because it only applies to foreign nationals. people outside the country without current visas. in a statement the secretary of homeland security john kelly defended it like this. >> unregulated unfitted travel is not a privilege especially
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when national security is at stake. >> reporter: opponents say it is nothing more than a targeted religion ban violating the first amendment. all those arguments will play out in court tomorrow afternoon when the president took office. he issued a travel ban almost immediately, but quickly as he signed the executive order protest came. from los angeles to chicago to new york. then the courts got involved in the administration, which they issued a travel order. that second order is what will be at issue now. historically have a lot of authority when it comes to emigration and -- immigration. the immigration and nationality act. tomorrow's hearing tests that power. the fourth circuit is not the only court looking at this. the ninth circuit court of appeals in california is looking at similar challenges. their hearing set to begin next week. the two courts will come up with different rulings. it's likely this will head to
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the supreme court. in washington ellison barber fox news. in case you noticed gas prices are slipping. california follows the national trend with the cost of gas down $0.02 nationally. they report the average price for gas across the country is now about $2.35. as usual though here in california it's higher with an average of $2.98. in san francisco it is $3.13 a gallon down a penny since last week. san jose and oakland it's $3. all right, take a look at the weather with mark tamayo in the weather center. it's a lot nicer today. not quite as windy as it has been the last few days? >> the wind advisories have expired. we're not talking about any record heat or nice comfortable range with temperatures out there. 60s and 70s. eventually we're talking about some 80s in the near future. take a look at some of the highs from this afternoon. we've had sot 70s out -- we've
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had some 70s out there. san francisco 65 and pacifica maxing out at 60 degrees out towards the coastline. look what's happening to our south if you have friends or family in southern california. they're picking up some rainfall. you see the system down towards our south. the wraparound moisture here producing some snow out towards the sierra yesterday. in fact they had chain controls last night on highway 50. so just amazing it's been a record snowfall season. we're adding a bit more this weekend. but right now just some clouds over the sierra. you can see right now we just have a few high clouds approaching the north bay up towards sonoma county. current numbers are checking in on those. still very nice and pleasant out towards san jose. fairfield 72 degrees. santa rosa 73 and san francisco downtown 62. wind speeds no major wind, but the winds are around 6 to 9, maybe 14 miles out towards napa. a bit stronger for sfo.
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westerly at 20 miles an hour in san jose a gust of 26 miles an hour. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco. very neat shot here looking out to our mountain in the distance with some haze over at san francisco bay looking out towards the pacific as well. a nice sunday evening and tomorrow morning mostly clear skies. 40s to the 50s out there to start out your day. san francisco 50 degrees. santa rosa in the mid-40s, 45. in fact in san francisco our sky cast is showing you this fair sky 7:00 a.m. at 52 degrees with lots of sunshine. 65 on track to reach the upper 60s. approaching or flirting with the 70-degree mark for tomorrow afternoon. so here is our weather system down towards southern california. they'll be scooting out. a nice little warm up for monday and tuesday and not like last week with the record heat. then the extend on wednesday will cool things off. more clouds on thursday. there is a chance we could have a light shower not here in the
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bay area, but maybe some shower activity to the north by thursday. here is our forecast model showing you mostly sunny skies into monday and tuesday and then we will thicken up the clouds by wednesday at 2:00 p.m. with that. we will cool off those numbers. a big drop off in those numbers by wednesday and thursday. if you like the warmer temperatures to make the most of tomorrow and tuesday and warmest locations are back up into the 80s. look ahead to your five-day forecast. there is our cool down. a sharp drop off in numbers only in the 60s by thursday and friday and the cooler weather pattern will remain in play and carry us right on into the upcoming weekend. but just so nice to see all the green hills here with all the recent rainfall for the past few months. i would imagine it will dry out rapidly as we head towards june. just make the most of thosehikes and bike rides out there. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, mark. all right, a seesaw effect for the oakland a's today. >> we will hear from the general manager about kerr's
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at the stadium to compete in their event. there they go. they're fast. it is hosted by san francisco's parks department. and the san francisco police department. this is a great opportunity for the parents and the kids that are here today to meet their local officers, you know, oftentimes in emergencies is one of the first times they would meet each other. why not meet today at the track and field event. we are getting to know each other by our first names. >> they will call it a long jump where all the kids received ribbons, congratulation. >> a nice community event there. we're learning more about the warriors head coach and what is going on with his back. >> yeah, they are not saying too much, but they're hopeful he could come back in time to at least catch the last part of the playoffs. he underwent this procedure as we told you about it yesterday on friday. and today his general manager bob meyers is talking about him
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a little bit undergoing a procedure on saturday. as we said to patch a spinal cord leak, which stems from a back surgery kerr had in july of 2015. it's been about two years. but it has been causing migraines, nausea, back and neck pain. friday's procedure is similar in nature to other procedures kerr has had. warriors general manager bob meyer spoke to kerr after the win and spoke to the media about how the surgery went. >> even the doctors are not entirely sure of recovery time. that's why we've been a little indefinite about everything, we don't know. good news it's on the path to recovery, but i wish i could be more definitive. >> the cavs and raptors game four. can we just cut to the chase. put the warriors and the cavs in the finals. do we need to play all these games? lebron james with five three pointers today. he had 35 points, nine rebounds, no drama. they win 109-102.
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sweeping the raptors to improve to 8-0 in the post season with a little rest because the wizards and the celtics series, that is tied up at two a piece. a's had an exciting weekend. giants not so much. let's start with the good. little league day at the coliseum to get out of my way. they are cute, but that guy knocks that guy over. the bottom of the 9. tigers are up 6-5. rajai davis with a leadoff walk. and jed lowry off of francisco rodriguez tied up at six. ryan healy gets a hold of it, but the ball keeps going. and it's a walk-off home run, two-run jog. and of course healy gets the post-game showers. a's win 8-6 taking two out of three from detroit. giants and reds, pete rose at the ball game. the bottom of the third. giants are down 2-0. johnny cuedo gives it up to schebler.
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3-0 cincinnati. johnny cuedo gave up six home runs. the second one to zack cozart losing 4-0 and they were swept by the reds. not just swept guys, they were outscored 31-5 in those three games. they really hit a rough patch right now. >> they can't seem to get it going. >> they need some bats. >> yup. >> we wish steve kerr the best. hopefully he'll be back soon. thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 10:00. >> and at 11:00. until then have a good one.
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