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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is how your morning is beginning. thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. the middle of the week already. wednesday, may ten. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. it is drizzling? >> fog and drizzling. >> sometimes they have to take off and land in different directions. >> cooler. and if you don't have the breeze, be fortunate. for some, it is extra hold on the hair spray and blew for me today. fog and clouds screaming up the koegs. after zooming offshore, the north-northeast breeze. and after that, everybody cools down. when you get the delta breeze, this is the key here, i have been doing this a long time.
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vacville, howling dell delta breeze. pushing back already. 40s 40s on the temps and ksh 40s and 50s on the -- stanford sleeping in. that's okay. the low clouds and fog, the onshore push, this is replaced by another system pushing in and looks like it will stick around more. 60s for livermore. hobt that many. >> this is my anti-mclemore -- macle mor. more. this is more mile high style. back in black. acdc. let's go to the county. everything is back in green. doesn't have the same ring.
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vacville, valdeo area and to the bridge. no major problems as you drive through. this is a look at the bridge traffic, you can see it looks good. the work on 780 is picking up, no longer an issue, can drive through there without any delays. this is the -- 19-minute drive as you get out to the maize and when you get -- to the maze and to the toll bridge plaza, it is light. back to the desk. last night in pleasant hill, a goodwill store caught fire and there was a lot of damage. live there now. show us the damage. good morning good morning. . >>reporter: good morning. you wouldn't know if there was a fire here. take a look. this is the goodwill stoer and the lights are on and electricity is on and peeking inside, looks like the store
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its itself is fine and saw some blackened debris out back outside. and some photos and video taken by the fire district. this started this morning and spread inside the business and was encroaching on some of the other businesses there. you can see the firefighters pulling the debrie from the store and the firefighters had it under control are of the fire and we haven't heard from goodwill about the extent of the damage, what can and can cannot be saved. on the report, looked like the outside of the store has had the most significant damage. we haven't heard from goodwill since, but looks like it's fine inside, some damage to the
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clothes and materials there. we know that the fire is still  under investigation and they have not released a cause. . >> thank you. a four-year-old boy was hit and killed after he was hit by a car in the parking lot of a mobile home park. police were called there at about 6:30 yesterday evening and the four-year-old boy was riding scooters in the area. the woman said the 6-year-old was playing in front of her car and she said she didn't see him and hit him. no charges, though not suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. a doctor arrested near -- the da office is reviewing this
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case before any formal charges are filed and the sheriff's department is look rg for other possible victims. >> there is a belief that there may be some additional victims out there. if anybody has seen him where they might have felt awkward or uncomfortable or hesitant to come forward, we would like them to come forward and give us a call. >> the references to him online and say he is on leave. and also released a statement, the safety and care of our patients is always our highest priority and cooperating with the sheriff's department and the ongoing investigation. the shooting of a university police officer last week. a parolee with a history of violent offenses. officers spotted him in a creek
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bed after authorities tried to arrest him and -- fired when he saw him roof for a waistband. a semiautomatic gun was found nearby. addressing the claims of anti-smet and i can racist symbols in the school. the swastikas and a dance routine with the formation in the formation of a swastika. and this occurred at piedmont. >> some have been on the receiving end. >> been told you efing jew. >> been called (bleep) a few
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times. i'm not actually black. i'm tongen. >> and a statement saying the unified has no tolerance for bigotry. police looking for a man who apparently attacked a man and yelled anti-gay slurs. this happened at the powell street station. and a man standing on the platform when a man dressed as a security officer shouted the slurs and punched him in the face and the victim fled on a train. the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. learning more about a rug by player who was bsh rugby player with who was badly hurt. left him partially paralyzed below the chest with limiteded movement in his arms. the family started a gofundme
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page, hoping to raise a million dollars, for hospital and first year of this patient. a moment of prayer is set for thursday on the campus. hope for children of -- charged 32 $32 a day to to for housing them in the hall. -- considering a bill that would eliminate the fees statewide. >> time is 4:38. jerry hill plans to introduce a new bill to crack down on the use of disabled parking back mrak ard. and to apply for them every four years and also have to conduct quarterly audits of
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applications and make sure to cancel the placards of people who are no longer alive. the measure comes a month after a state audit showing that 15% of the placards in a sting operation is are used illegally. and 35,000 placards in use are now register today people who have now died. preventing landlords from evicting tenants without a valid reason. it was going to go into effect in 45 days, giving the landlords reason for eviction, but now immediately, reports in the spike of no cause evictions in anticipation of the new law. proit'sing the prosecutet proposed cuts to the special
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education program. the teachers say the cuts planned for half of the district cool schools would have a devastating impact on the schools. and operating under a tight budget and could lose millions of dollars in cuts in grants from the president donald trump spending plan. the girl found buried in a casket in san francisco. the non-profit spent the last year trying to solve this mystery which dates back to the 19th century. the girl was edith howard cook. died on october 13, 1876. she was two years old. this research group said it's really important to tackle mysterious cases like this one. >> from a genealogy side of it, that's history that i need. i need to now your name, how
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it's spelled and everything. and -- i know where you're from. >> given the name md eve minor da eve -- miranda eve. >> you can learn more about her family tree and an interactive map, showing you where that small casket was found. find out more about edith and her life and death. >> tyking to mike mibach -- talking to mike mibach, did the story, the mapping and everything is just fascinating. looking for a new boss for the fbi after president donald trump fired fbi director james comey and the reason for the termination and the reaction from lawmakers today. >> a way to help people turn
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their lives around, an organization working with the homeless make the members go running, that's at 5:30 in the morning. >> right now, we don't have a lot going on when it comes to traffic. which is how we like it. san mateo is looking good heading over to the plaza.
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. welcome back. it's #:44. a new warning about the oroville dam. saying it's not strong or flexible enough to serve protection. ribts say they're not confident that it can protect down-stream communities and those who have
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most to lose, have little to say about the operation or maintenance of the dam. the governor has not responded to that let mer ch the area was evacuated when both spillways were failing. now a half billion dollar line of credit to repair the dame damn. could see new higher water bills. considering raising it 19% over the next two years. and the increase is said to be needed for upgratds and maintenance. people can expect -- the first increase of nine prosecution would take effect on july 1st. time is 4:45 with mother's day coming this weekend, some homeless mothers demonstrated on the steps of san francisco city hall, demanding services for families who have nowhere to live.
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pressure on for suitable housing for homeless families. >> providing more housing subsidies and hopefully another shelter for this population. it is a very high priority. >> san francisco is spending about $260 million on homeless services this year. city officials say the number of homeless families is actually down over 12% over the last two years. a national non-profit helping the homeless is making a difference in the bay area. the group, back on my feet had a meeting to celebrate the birthday of the chapter. the program requires participates to run three times a week at 5:30 in the morning in exchange, connects them with job training and housing resources. we talked to one in the shelter, found him a job washing dishes and training for
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a culinary career. >> in the job, i have to save money and prepare for the transition of new housing. i'm very excited about this journey moving forward. >> back on my feet started in philadelphia and been around for years. and helping thousands in six major countries across the country and getting in good physical shape while you're at it. >> up and run. people are up and driving and sal is watching 280 and everything else. >> that's right. and tracy, and a special shoutout to the people running on the treadmill right now. >> lily brown is always up, watching us. >> the mayor? >> i saw the former mayor the other day in an event we did in san francisco and wanted me to
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pass along, now that you brought it up, hello. >> we hear from people who that are working out. >> on the treadmill or whatever it is. >> good morning. good for you. wish i was. >> on the commute, send me a tweet. i'm on twitter and so is steve paulson by the way. and everyone on the morning somehow, right? westbound 580 is already slow. traffic on 205 is off to a slow start again. yesterday, we didn't have a good day on 205, as you may know. this morning, slow as you drive through the area. there are no major problems here. a look at 280 in san jose doesn't look bad all the way up to the valley. windy to start as steve said.
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altamont, should mention the winds, should duet your tension. 4:45. let's bring steve in. steve, you are excellent in social media. >> i try. so are you. so are sam and -- if you want to know what's going on, go there. >> okay. >> i don't go there first. >> sometimes to the sports. these times, i have been going to willy's page fist. >> and sometimes -- first. and sometimes jokes. yesterday, 80s, and today is call awl coming down. hanna said the weather is dreamy. >> in buffalo, new york. i like that. the weather is just so dreamy. if you like low clouds and fog
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and wind, going to be dreamny. not too hot, not too cool. and of course a microclimate by the coast. -- a couple of banana belts there. 50s. mostly cloudy. 70s inland. down 15 to 20 for some. the fog is coming back, along with a delta breeze up to 40 40 miles per hour. yes, sir. that clouds and fog will continue to be front and center because of the water temps, we have talked about that. all we need is the fog and a little bump from the system. 40s and 50s for many here. mid 50s #rfer some. couper teach know -- cupertino.
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55 in las vegas which had thunderstorms rolling through yesterday. fog screaming up the coast and that southerly surge is what we can call it. the escalation around that game -- the circulation gave some rain to california and nevada and down to the four corners. snow in the rockies. impressive this time of year. that is going to sweep through, drizzle and fog, rain, north tomorrow. the message is the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. going to continue to drop today and tomorrow. keep it there. 60s for just about everybody. very low 70s with 60s ton coast. impressive. >> what about the allergy folks? >> they're on their own, dave.
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what can i do? >> thanks a lot. >> what can i do? ? >> thanks. >> nothing to sneeze at. >> it's bad. trees and grass now. >> and i have been out on the golf course , it's bad. >> suffer through it. >> soldier for it. time is 4:52. a new documentary about a legendary rapper that has been approved. the academy award winning director who is working on a new fifa about tupac -- new movie about tupac. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:55 and we are watching a special tribute, the person who created the rainbow flag for the lgbt community, his ashes were spread in the bay area. he was 68. treat colorado stated the flags for the gay pride parade in 1978. a 300-mile bike ride to honor fallen colleagues. it's the unity tour, tomorrow is the first day. a fundraising ride from new jersey to washington, d.c.,
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this is from a berkeley police officer who is taking part. this is dedicated to san jose officer, a motor vehicle officer killed on duty last june and also took part in that unity ride last year. due to arrive in washington on friday. the opera is going to launch a project in honor of steve jobs. signed on as a cosxhigser in a biographical -- cocommissioner -- the production which is also commissioned by the stlt seattle opera will come to san francisco in the 2019-2020 somebody. a documentary on tupac shah cur. shakur.
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the director, steve mcqueen and directed 12 years a sleeve. tupac was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in las vegas in 1996 and another movie about his life, all eyes on me will also be released smch. we are coming up now on our 5:00-hour and trying to find a solution to the flooding along the busy highway, the town hall meeting happening today on highway 537. why did president donald trump fire fbi director james comey? and what happens now? we'll take a look at the recent move by the president, coming up next.
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. fallout this morning after president donald trump fires fbi director james comey, all the while, the president defends his move on xhooed social media. mornings on two continues. good morning to you.
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i'm pam cook. it's wednesday, may ten. >> i'm dave clark. let's get to mike -- are you prepared? >> as much as i can. >> the high in phoenix yesterday was 76. >> that's a nice temperature. >> beautiful for phoenix. are you kidding me? how far below average is that? should be 93. today will be 79. if you're traveling down to the desert, it's okay. if you like cool, i don't favor one orr another. call it as a see it. cool for everyone. 40s. 60s and 70s for the high. dropping 15 to 20 degrees for some. yesterday was off shore push and today, on shore push. screaming through.


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