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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the reason the hike is now on the table. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. if you're just joining us, it's windy. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson, right over there. >> can handle it right over there. windy for some, not bad for others. low temperatures and fog, the clouds are taking a drop and continue this afternoon. not so much this morning, but later this afternoon. ten to 20-degree drop. the differences yesterday to today. and looks like additional cooling will take place and yesterday, we had the offshore breeze and temperatures warm up, changing overnight, you can sfeel fooel it.
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-- you can feel it. delta breeze. the low in the four corners and replacing with another system and that is cogoing to carve itself out and be here for seven to ten days. 6:01, a little hiccup in the city. everything okay now? >> yea. i want to ask you a question. >> yes. >> sun or no sun? >> mostly cloudy, but always areas that get the sun. >> thank you, steve. just had my own personal weatherman i can ask questions to. we haven't had a lot of traffic. today is starting off a little bit better than norm. around the berkeley curve, you will see some delays. not a big deal, but traffic is going to be okay getting on to
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the city -- into san francisco. this is oakland, northbound and southbound 80 , not bad at all. northbound 101 after the 280 interchange and the pence lay -- the lins la is looking o -- the peninsula is looking okay. starting with breaking news, the wife of espn sports anchor chris berman has been killed in a car accident. she and another driver died in a two-car crash. chris berman was in new york broadcast ingbroadcasting a mets game. he has been with espn for several decades and recently took a step back after last season's super bowl. and the president of espn released this statement saying, this is a devastating tragedy
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and difficult to suns. chris is beloved by all of his espn colleagues and for good reason. a huge heart and given so much to so many over the years. we know how much his family means to him and all we can do in a moment like this is give him the love and support at this hour. our thoughts and prayers are with chris, meredith, doug and the entire berman family. happening today, president donald trump will welcome the russian frm foreign minister. . >> set for the ovl office of the white house beginning at 7:30 our time. the big topic is the russian plan to stabilize syria after six years of civil war. shock waves are still
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rumbling washington, d.c. after president donald trump abruptly fired fbi director james comey. and alley has more on what's next and the reason the president is giving for the firing. >> months ago, praised fbi director james comey for his guts in pursuing the allegations against hillary clinton. and now citing his handling of the investigation as the reason for firing him. and the top official in into leading the official investigation into the russians and the campaign during the election. and with that -- i appreciate you informing me on three separate oceans that i was under investigation and -- not effectively able to lead the  bureau. and with that, following the advice of jeff sessions to fire comey. democrats and republicans are
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raising concerns about the timing of all of this. >> the first skwe the administration has to answer is why now? if the administration had observations to the day director -- had objection s objections to the day the director was named, could intrur didn't fire him then. >> and some lawmakers are asking the same question on social media. from jeff make,. and in response to all of the uproar, president donald trump is defending his action on twitter saying, the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey, including that he should be fired, now they're crying. so sad. know anyhow looking for someone to bring back the prestige of the fbi.
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right now, deputy of fbi director james comey, and no word on the replacement, but white house officials say it could be this week, as a possible name to be on there. >> thank you for the update. the firing of james comey was the focus in a town hall last night in the north bay. turned to the fbi after comey was fired. huffman is joining the call for a special prosecutor to head up the investigation of any possible links between the russians and the trump campaign. >> the information the fbi was getting a little close to home in these russian connections. we'll see what happens from here. i think at a minimum, this very political act from president donald trump has slowed down this investigation. >> the original theme for the
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peeth was holding the president accountable and the congressmen were joined by three attorneys, one of them part of the successful challenge of the president's attempt to with withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. to sierra lamar, the penalty phase beginning tomorrow. after found guilty of killing the morgan hill teenager. found guilty on three charges, including first-degree murder and attacking three other women in 2009. sierra lamar's mother said it brings relief years after the disappearance, but still an ordeal. >> been a difficult journey and very difficult. the angst, i will tell you it's like reliving the nightmare, and worse with all of the gory
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details you have to here. >> went missing on her way to school. and her dna was found on a rope in his car and his dna found on her clothing, the clothing found abandoned. >> with sierra and all of that stuff. all at one. >> showed no reaction when the verdicts were red. his family and attorneys refused to talk to reporters and the prosecutor judge will decide if it's the death penalty or life in prison without parole. a fire in the cogood will store, started on contra costa boulevard and spread to inside the store. at this point, we don't know if that fire was intentionally set. despite the rain and snow
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over the winter and spring, east bay could see the rates go up on water. >> 20%. and we hear how conservation efforts may be contributing to rates going up. good morning. >> good morning. californians were told to conserve water. they did just that. reduced the water by about 50 dlons a day. not using that much water also means less revenue for east bay mud. and shea they said in its board meeting yesterday that the upgrades and maintenance is needed and in order to pay for that quickly, needs to be a two part increase in rates. 9.25% starting in july and
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another 9% increase in 2018. that amounts to almost 19% in alameda and contra costa counties. the average household is using about 200 gallons a day. if your bill is $47.25, going to go up to $49.51. you did a good job, conserving water and with that, the pipes that are 90 some years old, need needs upgrades and that's why there's the charge. >> and with the conservation and -- a little bit of public outrage. they're not the only ones too. ten minutes after 6:00.
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and the fda stamp approval doesn't necessarily mean all drugs are safe and what is said about it. a new twist in san francisco's famd lombard street, you drivers may get to keep some money in your pocket. >> connecting to new customers in a new way. no everyone is happy about it. >> cooler and drizzle and fok in the forecast. one that's going to last a while
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at this. two people recovering after their boat capsized right off the pier in berkeley. their boat got in trouble off of university avenue yesterday. pulled the two victims from the water. taken to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia after clinging to the boat for hours. no word on what caused the boat to capsize. the krugs -- no -- reports that between 2001 and 2010, there were problems with 1- third of the fda-approved drawings. manufactures had to add extra
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health warnings after the accelerated approval process. the time is 6:15. happening today, a town hall meeting scheduled tonight about the flooding and traffic problems on highway 37, the busy road between -- closed over the winter because of rain and flooding. debating charging tolls to pay for road improvement. that starts at 6:30 at the sonoma veterans hall at first 1 are first 1 are street ws. a charge for driving down the famous lombard street. could be -- quarter million dollars to study operation to make lombard a toll road. the board president said she was having trouble with charging people to go down the street and now that vote has
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been postponed until may 23. supporters say the delay isn't likely to effect the study, but say something needs to be done. the number of cars on lombard street has nearly doubled in the last 18 years. seems like the number of cars everywhere has doubled. in the last five years. sal knows. >> i drove by lombard street. krashlly, i'll drive by. and never ceases to amaze me how many people lining up at the top with cameras. >> and the cars lining up -- >> yeah. we forget. generally don't drive there and then you're like, what are all these -- oh yeah. good morning, everyone. take a look at the commute yesterday. the commute today. i was thinking about yesterday. but this is a live picture, the
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live television there. doesn't look bad. 101 and 85 are not bad either. getting a little more crowded and the south bay is not a problem. can look at it and i'll show you that the road sensors don't show a lot going on right now and don't have any crashes to report. the drive looks good on 880, going south, a little bit of slowing at hayward. that's about it. antioch, not bad to walnut creek. this is 880 in oakland and traffic is moving well in both directions in front of the coliseum. and on the bridge, we do have a delay, about a 15-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. windy there at the altamont pass. >> there and the delta. the bridge, 80, that's correct. what a change from even 12 hours from yesterday.
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warm yesterday, some say cool it down. i'm not responsible. i just call it as a see et. it. not going to take much to get that going. sf for life. sp, did i hear you say plunging temperatures? yes, you did. and the temperatures that we'll see. the temperatures in thewise 60s today. after the 80sl 80s yesterday. not today. down 15 degrees. san francisco, 59, 53. what's average? 64, 5251. the record low, 43, 2003. don't usually see that. the north breeze yesterday and all of a sudden, the system got closer. the fog and breeze is coming roaring back with the strong delta breeze.
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and travis, up to 35 or 36 and coolerout to yuba city. folsom, all the way out there. helped by the cold water. 40s and 50s. not so much running that cool, but the highs will be noticeably cooler. low clouds the & fog now will probably get maxed out tomorrow. this low is seasonally strong, cruising through the four corners. 76 degrees. 71 degrees below average. kicked along. working its way in. down to southern california again. maybe a little bit of rain up
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north as we head towards tomorrow. breezy and windy. maybe next to do toouz, the forecast models are painting rain. quarter inch. see if that holds. that may be the best bet. steve, you see any rain? they write me and ask me. 60s and 70s and a cool pattern for some. low 70s andoon the coast, 50s. in the cities, #06z 60s and temperatures -- 60s and 70s and temperatures continue to work they way doidown. >> i lived in mar marryysville. and -- bmxing. coming down and barbecue. >> summer or winter? >> summer. it was warm.
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>> it gets hot. >> it was fun. cute lisle little town. >> thanks, steve. 6:21. a wul nut creek doctor -- walnut creek doctor, what he's accused of. >> cracking down on cheaters and what this means ffr drivers with disabilities. -- means for drivers with disabilities. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. jerry hill plans to introduce a new bill to crack down on the abuse of handicapped parking placard. >> the name and -- reapply for a new placard every four years and quarterly audits of applications and cancel placards for people who died. the measure comes after a state audit of 15% of checked placards in a sting operation are used illegally and 35,000 placards are registers to people who are dead. mean time, the investigation goes on after the body of a missing college student was found over the weekend in a river in suter county. the body of a woman found on
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sunday identified as 25-year- old alley yeoman. her pickup truck was found not far from where her body was eventually found. family and friends are devastating. >> so heartbreaking. because you grew up with that person, you share memories and end up loving that person as they're a part of your own family and my family loved her every time she came over. >> so far, not saying if she was a victim of foul play. the director of homeland security is telling airports to be ready for the ban on electronics. countries from middle east and africa are not allowed to take them on the to the plane, after the plans found to smuggle the
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electronics with explosives and the ban could expand to some european countries. >> to me, it's ridiculous. >> there so many other ways. >> i think it's rubbish. >> i think it's a good idea in a bad situation, honestly. somebody trying to put bombs in it, we can not let it happen. >> the new policy could be announced by the big summer rush. dove has new bottles. they -- various shapes, the idea that women come in different shapes as well. dove said the body is shapes should be celebrated. some women don't like the concept. said, just give me soap. i don't need to be prere minded
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-- to be reminded that i'm pear shaped. . >> another fight on a flight? you're going to see more. you sool how a passenger intervened. plus, cracking down on drugged driving in california. we'll tell you about the technology that many police departments are using to spot people that are possibly driving while high.
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. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week. wednesday, may ten. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. steve is here. pretty windy most of the bay? >> some, not all. but altamont pass, some -- it depends. you learn the microclimates, don't have any breeze out here. but it's the direction. west-southwest, the delta, sfo, all of that pattern, you can get that pattern. sunrise over the city, low clouds and it is going to be cooler even without the sun. that cloud bank will -- ali
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rasmus. heard of her? yeah. thank you. low loudz and fog that are just charging back, helping by a system coming back. that is going to bring us a strong pattern. going bonkers on the breeze. could get good gusts there. and concord-buchanan has wind gusts. that's rare. water temps continue to be very cold, the fog has no problem forming. 40s and 50s on the temps. east bay, low to mid 50s. martinez, 25 and livermore. -- 52 and liver mor. 50s and 60s or low 70s. how are things, sal? >> things are okay.
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moderate slowdowns as you might expect. o to go going to the mac macarthur, going to about a half hour. that timer starts again at the toll plaza, about a 20-minute drive. almost an hour from valeo into san francisco. no major problems, but it is slow. by the oakland coliseum, okay. 580 is looking good through the lake shore area. slowing down, slowest is 85 near the valley and 101 and 280, but 280 looks okay. at 6:32, back to the desk. it is relatively easy for a police officer to see if a driver had too much to drink.
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but other drugs is not so easy. >> some help to get drugged drivers off the roads. more on this issue, how they're working on it with medical marijuana use and recreational pot use, more could be driving. >> things just got more complicated for police in california. last year, voters here in california gave the green light to the recreational user use of marijuana. so you have police departments -- recreational use of marijuana. so you have police departments here, struggling to figure out the best ways to spot people who may be driving while high. some agencies are relying on portable saliva tests, can screen for six different drugs and the chp and the sacramento police department will be holding a demonstration to show exactly how thouz saliva tests work. at the same time, lawmakers are
6:34 am
working on this issue. senator jerry hill is trying to crack down on drugged driving with two bills that are now moving through the state capitol. one of those bills would make it illegal to smoke pot in a car and the other would lower the threshold for alcohol consumption if the driver has drugs in their system. >> will give us a stopgap to get some of those people off the road, who are smoking marijuana and drinking at the same time. >>reporter: and just last week, a person changing their tire on the side of a skrelt area freeway was hit and killed by the driver of another car who authorities believe was under the influence of marijuana. and testing for drugs, the problem is there's no presumed level of intoxication, like the .08 level for alcohol. those saliva tests will be
6:35 am
demonstrated later and gaining acceptance especially after a judge accepted the ruls of the tests. others are struggling to catch up here as they figure out the best way to spot people that may be under the influence of drug and alcohol behind the wheel. >> very interesting topic thank you. mayor ed lee is promising the san francisco 911 dispatch center will meet national standards by july. criticized after the power outage last year, understaffed at the time and didn't answer quickly. the national standard is ten seconds many no word on how much, but 75% of the calls are answered in ten seconds or less, saying there is higher turnover than expected, still
6:36 am
understaffed. arrested. >> accusing him of sex crimes. this is the mug shot of the doctor, who had an office at the health care system near walnut creek. the contra con costa . >> may be some additional victims out there. if anybody has seen him where they might have felt awkward or uncomfortable or hesitant to come forward, we would like them to give us a call. >> the health care system has removed all references to him online and says he is on leave and also released a statement say rg the care and safety of our patients is our highest priority and kwapting with the sheriff's department and their ongoing investigation. >> your time now is 6:36.
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the piedmany mont is investigate investigating -- formation in the shape of a swastika. those sdints reportedly took place within the last couple of months at the high schools. we talked to some students who say they have been on the receiving end of some of that bad action. >> saying, you ancestors are (bleep) jews. >> been called (bleep) and i'm not black and i'm tongen. >> and a statement saying the unified school district has no tolerance for bigotry. it is 6:367 and we have some new video to show you of the fight over the weekend of the southwest airlines flight that was headed to oakland.
6:38 am
. this was wild. this fight on the plane, the flight attendant tried to stop it and instead, she was knocked to the ground and ends up on the bottom of the the pipe plaza, it is light of people. the man in white, throwing the punches, originally the victim of the fight. some ran up from the back of the plane. >> i was talking to the stewardess, call the captain, there's a fight and people with the cell phone camerases in the way. so i just tell them, shut off the camera, get out of the way and go help. and then i go forward and that's when i finally reach them, i separated the two men.
6:39 am
>> that you just heard from, praising southwest airlines flight attendants for doing what they coldu could and the man throwing the punches is arrested and on assault charges. shot by a police officer last week, new information. the suspect has been identified as a 22-year-old of santa rosa. he is a parolee with a history of violent offenses. officers spotted him in a creek bed and spotted him -- fuzz used a taser to stop him and fired his gun, when the officer saw him reach for an object in his waistband and a semiautomatic handgun was found nearby loaded. information about a rugby
6:40 am
player who was severely injured over the weekend. the family said that injury from this weekend's championship game partially paralyze ld him below the chest with limited movement in his arms. the family has a gofundme page, million expenses of a million dollars and first year of therapy. a prayer service is set for thursday at the uc-berkeley campus. action some are asking the mayor to take ahead of mother's day. . >> much-needed repairs coming to the area, but they're not using asphalt. slow already. some slow on the san mateo bridge, for example, looks pretty slow heading up to the peninsula here.
6:41 am
sunshine on tuesday replaced in about 12 hours, cooler pattern today. not only today, but going forward.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. want to take you to the big board here on the market. dow and nasdaq slipping, snooep, hating -- the s & p,
6:44 am
hating the uncertainty. and the firing of the fbi director james comey and the effect on the market and the agenda, the tax can you tell us they're looking for. wall street responding negatively to that today. we'll keep watching. eight democrats are asking the securities and exchange commission to look spa into what is called troubling information about a billionaire. led by elizabeth warren saying icon took in a lot for renewable fuel credits and may have violates insider trading and manipulation laws. that is because he is still controlling his businesses while overseeing the reform for the trump administration. not commenting on the letter, but in the past said he does not talk to the president, quote, that often.
6:45 am
how many out of state student that is it admits. the university of california is revisiting the proposal to eliminate the out of state and international undergrads. under this, keep the percentage at 18% in five of the nine campuses. berkeley, ucla, san diego and irvine whose residents exceed 18% would they be allowed to keep but not increase the higher percentages. the previous plan called for a 20% system-wide cap on nonresident students. after three walkoff wins, the a's were too far behind. lost to the angels, 7-3. kevin durant was there. watching them going deep three times. . a's firstman -- not enough.
6:46 am
game three of that series tot at 12:35. is it and the giants last again last night. the mets beat them 6-1. game over in the first actually. left fielder misplayed this single. yeah. turned into a tripping. four runs in the first. and the giants only has three all of zack wheeler. traded we'res ago. with -- the worst record in baseball and high priced prosecute free agent on the disabled list with an injured arm. and playing the giants again, 10:00 our time. it is 6:46. checking in now with a look at what's what's going on in our next hour. >> good morning. joining you in minutes, if you think the only reason to borrow a lot of cash is because you don't have a lot yourself, think again.
6:47 am
apple is borrowing even though there's god hundreds of billions in overseas holdings. the tech company is borrowing instead of using its own and what stockholders have to gain. in san jose, a just cause ordinance, preventing listened lords from evicting tenants without a valid reason. going was going to take effect in ha days, and we'll explain why it's going into effect immediately. back to you. identifying the little girl born in the 19th century, found last year, but ried in a casket under a home in san francisco. >> the non-profit group, guardian of snents, working to solve the history.
6:48 am
determined to be edith howard cook of san francisco. died in 1876 at the age of two. the group said it's important to tackle cases like this one. >> from the genealogy sield of it, it's history i need, need to know how to spell your name correctly and birthday and date of death. i know where your from. >> given the name miranda eve after being found in a home remodeling project last year. >> we have more on our web page and her family tree and an interactive map to see where the casket was found. you can learn more about her and her life and death on
6:49 am state funding received for needed road repairs. 4 $400,000 for -- rubber from recycled tires. part of the dprants going to 20 california communities. . speaking of roads, 6:49, sal is right over there, watching highway 24 and everything else. what are you watching right now? >> i look over here and over here, you have been out to my area, right? ? >> yeah. >> going to move --. >> i'm going to do a feature and show people what you do over there. >> i do have my cameras heefrp. s here. and i can show you what i'm look -- have my cameras here. and i'm look, showing you what i do, and i'm trying to find out what's going on, what is causing the slow down on 24.
6:50 am
traffic is going to be a little bit slow at the bay bridge, there is a some slow traffic westbound at the toll plaza there and slowing down the metering lights because it looks like there's a stalled vehicle there on the blij match a white ford van there just before treasure island, might be able to see it one of the cameras if the fog isn't too thick. and get to that in just a moment. 880, looking good. the commute is beginning to fill in. if i had my pick, till stil use 280. at 6:50 are, let's bring in steve. >> thanks, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. the wind is switching around and the fog bank is,ing in.
6:51 am
that breeze -- is roering in. the pattern is turning -- roaring in. the sunshine is -- i love waking up my the morning i'm listening to ac/dc. played that this morning. we enjoyed that. if i could send a message to the breeze though, you shook me all night long. that was -- >> very nice. >> 50s and 60s today after yesterday's 80. 80s down to 60s and 70s. san francisco, below average. 1941, the record. usually go back to the 1800ses for the low. but that's not the case. 2003.
6:52 am
delta breeze, 35, 40, cool all the way out to the sacramento valley. south wind in santa rosa this time of year, very cool direction. west-southwest, west-southwest, west-southwest. water temps are cold. they're cold all the way down to santa barbara. 50s, 50s r50s, don't hit the 60s until sant monica. very cold -- santa monica. 50s and low to mid 60s for might be mid coast. 48 also for los altos. big news in the arizona area, phoenix only came in at #678 degrees. -- at 76 degrees. cane reign, unusual pattern. cooler than avrn and a little
6:53 am
warmer, but still nice. the slow moving system is getting connected out of here and that's what it needs is the kicker. this system is going to swing in and be here for a while. i don't think we'll get rid of it. rly next week, around tuesday, some rain. stay tuned. five or six days to iron that out. might be coming down the pipe here. 60s and 70s. 50s and 60s 70 for some. 50 so -- 15 to 20 for some. going to stay here through the weekend. >> you can feel it. thank you, steve. a different way to help the bay area homeless. the non-profit helping teach a lesson very early in the morning. >> sharks and other fife life
6:54 am
is dying off and some experts explain what's going on. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes...
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priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:56. the national nonprofit that helps the homeless is making a difference here in the bay area. the group back on my feet held a fundraiser last night to celebrate the launch of the san francisco chapter. they take a different approach to getting people off the street. their program requires
6:57 am
participants to run three times a week at 5:30 in the morning with the goal of teaching discipline. in exchange, they connect them with job training and housing resources. we talked to a man staying at the shelter and the group found him a job washing dishes and now training for a culinary career. >> i have a job. i have to save money and prepare for the transition of new housing. i'm very excited about this journey and moving forward. >> back on my feet started in philadelphia and has been around for ten years. the ceo says it has helped more than 6,000 people in major cities across the country. >> fascinating story. >> yeah. leopard sharks and several other kinds of sharks have been dying in san francisco bay. >> yeah. they've been seen washing up along the shoreline. tom spoke to experts about what is causing the spike in deaths.
6:58 am
>> reporter: san francisco sharks are suffering the worst loss but not all. >> hal bot. >> reporter: the aquarium of the bay on pier 39 has observation tunnels to show visitors what few can see in the murky water. bacterial viral toxins are killing vulnerable populations in the bay. >> there have been several thousand animals dying. we're just seeing the ones on the surface that are landing on the beaches. >> it started out in the redwood city, san mateo area and spread, you know, from there. >> reporter: right now, we're in leopard shark and bat ray pupping season when the offspring are the most vulnerable. >> toxic substances they are swimming off. >> it is a runoff issue complicated by tide gates that
6:59 am
would prevent the sharks from egressing or exiting that -- those water ways which are filled with storm water runoff. >> reporter: a lot of the toxics were washed into the bay by this winter's relentless rains made worse by marshes reeds and plant life that once filtered out the toxins. >> this isn't the first one. 2011 was a big year. 2006 was another year. >> the sharks and other animals are being found by the department of fish and wildlife to make sure it doesn't happen again. we are at least restoring some of the tidal marshes around the bay which are the toxic filters. hopefully in the coming decades it will be less of a problem. ktvu fox 2 news. boy, a big shakeup in washington d.c. after president trump fires fbi director james comey. the questions about the timing
7:00 am
of this from both republican and democratic lawmakers. >> reporter: east bay mud proposes a 19% water rate increase because people conserved so much water during the draft. coming up, how homeowners feel about that. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> the time is 7:00 this wednesday, may 10th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. i saw a lot of clouds. i just ducked out. >> it is a hair up day for the ladies. extra hold. >> every day is an extra hold day. >> not firm. extra, extra hold. the breeze is howling. we kept talking about this yesterday because the water temps are so cold, it doesn't take long if it gets a nudge. it is getting it. it is cloudy and cold out here. in the sunset district. yes, it is. the fog is back and there is a


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