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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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body from the crash site to the coroner's office, sky fox flew over the procession as officers made their way west on 580. when they arrived at the coroner's office fellow law enforcement officers formed a line and saluted as his casket was wheeled by covered by an american flag. >> we have live coverage tonight, leigh martinez at the coroner's office where his body was taken. we begin with henry lee standing by at ch p in dublin.>> reporter: the sheriff's deputy was on his way home to stockton when he was hit behind by this bus caring tesla workers. the csp is trying to figure out what caused the crash. alameda county deputy sroeuy khin heading east on 580 in his volkswagen beetle -- volkswagen beetle, he just finished a shift, for some reason the deputy stopped or slowed down in the lane of traffic, and that's when a charter bus traveling 65 miles an hour slammed into his car
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from behind east of grant line road. the bus had 51 passengers on board, employees of tesla corporation, the employees being transported from fremont to stockton. it's unclear what caused the crash, heading east the chb says the driver could've been blinded by the minor -- by the sun. one thing is known. >> drugs and alcohol don't appear to be suspected in a factor. anytime there's a situation like this and potential for criminal charges we have to weigh what we have. >> the fact that law enforcement personnel see so much in the normal course of duty, it's difficult to deal with that alone and when they deal with the loss of their own brother, it is tragic and heart- wrenching.>> reporter: we spoke with the owner of the company -- hired to carry the tesla workers and he said the driver spend it with the company 10 years. >> he is distraught, very distraught with the fatality. most of all, our hearts go to
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the family, very unfortunate accident. >> reporter: one person aboard the tesla bus treated for minor injuries, tesla said it was deeply saddened by the crash. the csp asking anyone who may have seen the deadly crash or witnessed what happened before or after to give them a call. in dublin henry lee tgv you fox news. you would think on a freeway that busy some witnesses may have stopped when the crash happened did anyone see anything?>> reporter: they talk to some witnesses and motorists in the area of, they may been heading -- some people may have been heading westbound, that is who the csp wants to talk to. >> henry lee live in dublin thank you. 2 alex gordon ktvu leigh martinez at the coroner's office with more details on what were learning about the fallen deputy.>> reporter: the deputy sroeuy khin escorted by ch p and several other deputies back here, some the deputies that work at the
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bureau stop to talk to us but declined to speak on camera out of respect for his family. it is obvious, his loss is having a very deep impact on his fellow brothers. the deputy sroeuy khin was driving home from work this morning. he lived in stockton with his wife and 4 children. the sheriff said he was a dedicated deputy who would often work overnight shifts and had just finished putting in 12 hours at the santa rita jail. the sheriff said chp officers found his id and badge and in his car and noticed the law enforcement of the loss of a fellow deputy. >> he has been in various units his career, his most recent assignment was santa rita jail. he just opened the night shift and was headed home. he was just trying to do his best to earn extra money to take care of his wife and
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family.>> reporter: sheriff ahearn said several law enforcement agencies came together to help give deputy sroeuy khin a dignified escort back to alameda county. his body covered with the american flag as officers saluted his arrival at the corners bureau. we are told, several of the alameda county sheriff's units are with his family in stockton along with the chaplain to help them with the grieving process. as you mentioned before, he was 50 years old, his birthday, his 50 verse earth day was tomorrow. -- 51st earth day tomorrow. >> is there a makeshift memorial shaping up for him?>> reporter: we haven't heard about that, not at the corners bureau. the past few months have proved deadly for alameda county personnel, mike foley was
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struck by bus in february as he walked in a parking lot at the santa rita jail. in november the body of a 21- year-old sheriff's department volunteer was found in the east oakland park, carlo ramirez cipriano had been beaten, stabbed and burned, 2 people arrested in connection with the case. a the accident investigation caused math -- massive traffic backup cut the shots from sky fox to show traffic creeping through the area, after the lanes reopened before 2 pm. if you want to watch the procession from the scene of the crash to the coroner's office go to , the story right on the homepage. another night and more car fires in the east bay. the 6th and 7th suspicious car fire this past week, the fire spread through lafayette, walnut creek, martinez and brent what. the arsonists struck overnight. last night the 1st parked car was on wall -- juanita drive the 2nd on crescenta court and lafayette 2 miles away. rob malcolm live in lafayette
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he spoke with a firearm marshall and has the latest. >> reporter: we are in lafayette where the 2nd of 2 car fires took place last night, looking at this suv burned out right now. as you look closer the vehicle, it appears the accelerant was thrown underneath, igniting and taking the vehicle with it. we talked to the homeowners, they declined to go on camera but were in good spirits and like everyone right now hoping the perpetrators get caught. the fire's lead investigator, they've investigators working 24 7 on this, and they say it's a matter of time before the arsonists or arsonists are caught. >> reporter: 2 car fires in one night with the 1st call at 2:06 am where a burned and charred sedan exploded in a fireball at 1300 block of lanita in unincorporated lafayette. 15 minutes later another car
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and lafayette, where the sedan was burned out, the serial arsonist covering a lot of ground.>> the total number is at 7 for the week. we are investigating other fires to the 1st of the year, at this point were confirming it's more than 12 but we don't know the exact number. in walnut creek, david bloomberg tries to make sense of his loss. >> it's a total violation. it is scary. if not for the vigilance of the neighbor that called i was sound asleep. this would've spread to my house and god knows what would've happened.>> reporter: the anxiety for homeowners rising as steadily as the fires, all connected officials who event kept busy trying to stay ahead of the serial arsonist.>> we have all or fire investigators on it. we have other folks who work for the fire district who are part of the investigation and assisting were necessary. we have partners throughout the county through law enforcement, and other agencies in the
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county. >> reporter: all the fires in the east bay, lafayette, walnut creek and brentwood, investigators have surveillance but are disclosing with a scene, they said so far they've been looking know it's been hurt.>> it is problematic, the fires this morning were in the street. but they were in older neighborhoods with a lot of trees, well-established big trees and that kind of thing. the fires yesterday were close to houses, one started to catch the house on fire right below the bedroom of a six-year-old girl. >> reporter: another look at this vehicle you can imagine the amount of property damage the serial arsonist is unleashing on unsuspecting people. we heard from robert marsh with the fire, he is looking at surveillance and asking everyone in the neighborhood if they have surveillance to look it over, maybe they saw someone in the area that didn't belong and hopefully the video will yield clues. live in lafayette, rob malcolm
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ktvu fox 2news. a yesterday we had images of someone connick camera but it's hard to see in the dark to make an identification. our fire officials asking homeowners to do anything else will the search continues quick >> --? >> reporter: fire officials are saying if you park your car in the driveway, park maybe 4 or 5 feet away from the house. if you have dry brush or anything flammable to cleared away from the house of course having your property well lent is a deterrent in will obviously make the perpetrator possibly drive by her home, and make sure you are not a target in that sense.>> route -- rob malcolm live in lafayette. 2 the latest on a massive cyberattack affecting dozens of countries, it shut down hospitals and sent thousands of companies scrambling to protect their data. fetters confirmed it's been the
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victim of a malley -- malware attack, the delivery companies window base symptoms experiencing interference and working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. the attack infects computers with ran somewhere in demand payment from the users to unlock the files. kittery experts say it appears to exploit a weakness in older microsoft windows. >> it's a system that hasn't been supported by microsoft for the last 2 or 3 years which means, the manufacturers are no longer looking for security vulnerabilities and trying to repair them.>> in england the ran somewhere attack honed in on the british national health system affecting hospitals across the country. officials are asking patients not to come to the hospital unless it an emergency. 2 experts say could be the biggest cyberattack so far, peter young told us that the software may have been stolen from the us government.>>
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suggested the national security agency, some of their older tools, delete a malware, and it is taken on a nasty twist. anything that originated from the nsa or anyone, actually has now been tweaked in homegrown or customized. >> analysts also say the cyberattack is a good reminder to make sure your own software systems and computer firewalls are up-to-date. i don't think would be a bad question to ask. >> coming up next president trump talking about fire fbi director james comey. the weekend is upon us, mother's day weekend, how was weather turnout? twists and turns, i was see you after the break.
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the latest from washington, lawyers for president trump denied any ties with russia saint a review of the president's tax returns from the last 10 years did not show income of any type from russian sources. however their letter did say there were a few exceptions related to income from a beauty pageant in the sale of a florida estate. the attorneys did not provide a copy of his tax returns to the media. there are also new developments, and the controversy over his firing of fbi director james comey. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief the senate next week on the chain of events, fox news reporter lauren blanchard tells us the president added fuel to the fire with a tweet that seem to threaten comey if he talked to
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the reporters. 4 1st he fired and then he called him a show about in a tv interview, but today the president went as far as to possibly threaten former fbi director james comey on social media. on twitter he wrote, james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. >> the president with his tweets this morning has said things that border on intimidation against comey and others who will disagree with him publicly on this issue.>> reporter: in addition the tweet implied the president may record his conversations in the white house, some members of congress are demanding the white house counsel turn over any tapes the president may have, including conversations with comey as well as russian officials with whom the president may have met or spoken to. >> did president trump record his conversations with former director comey? >> i'm sure you're referring
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to the tweet and i talked to the president he has nothing further to add.>> why did he say that? why did he tweet that what should we interpret from that? i the president has nothing further to add. >> are the recording devices in the oval office? >> as i said for the 3rd time there's nothing further to add. >> do you think it's appropriate to threaten something like mr. comey not to speak? i that's not a threat he cert -- he's stated a fact, the tweets speak for themselves i moving on. 4 unsubstantiated reports saying the interim director will take over for the acting director enter mccabe who would resume his position as deputy director. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. this comes as democrats suggest the president fired comey to squash the investigation into possible ties to russia by his campaign, in an interview that airs tomorrow on fox news jeanine pirro asks president trump about a report that he asked comey to pledge his loyalty back in january, as well as
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suggestions he taped their conversation. >> apparently the new york times is selling that you asked comey whether or not you asked his loyalty, which was possibly in a plug -- inappropriate? i i don't think it's inappropriate. >> did you asked that question? >> no i didn't, but i don't think would be a bad question asked. >> what about in a tweet you said there might be tape recordings? >> i want talk about that. all i want is for him to be honest and i hope you will be and i'm sure he will be i hope. >> comey turn down an invitation to testify before the senate intelligence committee next week as the russia probe continuous. temperatures today not that far off yesterday's number, but more sunshine in that got us up in the 70s, and upper 60s for most bay area cities.>> reporter: this isn't post to be
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here, the low center we talked about last night, it spinning around, the flying and the only men as we moved into the weekend. as a goes through the north, it will trigger cooler cloud activity, onshore winds, and even in the mountains a little snow, snow flurry of activity toward saturday, and sunday night. the wind is blowing, it's windy, strong westerly, northwesterly winds. gusts about 30 miles per hour at the beach, stands are blowing. temperatures upper 60s. the gust is at 29, 30 miles per hour, sustained at 28 in oakland at the airport, very windy. you are gusting up to 37 miles an hour, coming up on 40. runways are normally fine, airports are fine, prevailing winds, they expected, it doesn't throw them off even
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though it's blowing hard they expect the northwesterly wind so they designed the runways for that. they are closing the runways in any shape or form. outside friday night i hope you have big plans, the weather will cooperate, it just won't be as amazingly warm as it's been but very nice weekend. as we look at tomorrow's forecast highs, temperatures coming in in the yellows, similes, just like today. you may notice the blues, the 50s, edging eastward. strong winds, infecting or pushing and moist cool air into the area. even sacramento, mid-seventies tomorrow. mother's day we get into the low 70s mother's day which would be nice, tomorrow 70 in napa. saturday, 70 santa rosa, a couple days ago, 90, 92 in brentwood, way down. 67 livermore tomorrow. morgan hill 69. 5 day forecast, breezy
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conditions continue but not as breezy as today and windy right now. 70 on the high and sunday, a tad cooler. low-grade temperature span, tuesday rolls around, we will see shower activity on tuesday. that will be interesting. this thing with mother's day i think it will be nice, barbecues may require a jacket if you're outside, you will be outside. just won't be what it is last weekend. >> what is it typically from in may? >> mid-may, i expect 86, 84 something like that. >> coming around the corner here. >> with possible sprinkles next week could we get more snow in the mountains? a maybe even a little more snow saturday night and sunday in the mountains. i went on good authority the
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skiing is good in the squad, it's cold enough. >> it's mid-may. >> the low i showed you up there it's an unusual feature this time of year. here we are, and had all week. the wind helping allergy sufferers.>> 38, 39 miles an hour at sfo. not as bad as a few days ago with the heat. the weekend is here and it will be nice, pack a jacket. for the mornings and afternoon. >> thank you bill. the golden state warrior star steph curry introduced a new play last night in san francisco.>> look at him, he sat in with the band at the black cat restaurant and bar playing tambourine, according to the website he and his wife aisha saw hamilton before heading to the black cat for a bite. his rhythm on the basketball court apparently carries over to the mold -- carries over to
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the music world. the new mode of transportation in its final phase of testing in the north bay, coming up why this train will run quiet through several cities. have $1 million worth of items stolen from pharmacies, details on the police bust in the east bay that led to several arrest. new twist in the legal battle between uber and weibel, the company by a judge that sets the stage for a public trial, we'll have that at.
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a huge new piece of transportation infrastructure soon to make its debut in the north bay and it will be free to ride for several weeks. >> tom baker reports were the smart train is about to go public.>> reporter: testing of the sonoma smart train entered its final phase in preparation for full passenger service sometime in the near but
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unannounced future. >> right now were in the home stretch, testing our draft schedule, that means the public can expect to see more than 30 trains running each weekday and quite a bit. it's been generations since these northbay counties have a real service regularly crossing streets and highways. >> always be alert and aware near all river road crossings in tracks and trains. >> reporter: the serious is underscored by this. the cities of san rafael and novato have successfully petition the railroad administration to grant their cities what is called quiet zones. >> in those areas we won't blow the horn at railroad crossings, but if the engineer sees something he or she will blow the horn, but then again that's another reason for people to be very careful in those areas, you may not hear the train so be alert and aware. >> reporter: smart trains expect quiet zones speak granted over the entire
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territory, and issued thousands of safety warning cards up and down the line. best estimate, passenger service will start later this month or early june. until the fourth of july you can read -- right free, from july 4 through labor day half- price. full fair after that. tom baker ktvu fox 2 news. a new troubles for an east bay district attorney, why his own deputies are speaking out against them in a grand jury recommends he be removed from office. happy gathering, but the road to get there has been painful. coming up, a special mother's day celebration in richmond.
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there are new problems tonight, district attorney mark peterson, a grand jury recommending he be removed from
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office for willful or corrupt misconduct. now his own deputy attorneys speaking out against them. christien captain has the latest from martinez.>> reporter: members of the deputy district attorney's union board voted no-confidence in the district attorney this morning and other asking members to do the same. district attorney mark peterson admitted in december he'd spent more than $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. in january who is fine $45,000 by the state, yesterday a grand jury recommended he be removed from office and other leaders of the contra costa he district attorney's association -- association says morel is at an all-time low in is difficult to conduct the business of upholding justice with a criminal at the helm of the das office. >>'s actions affect ongoing trials. jurors read the paper and jurors have brought up in her jury selection, that has happened since this -- since this occurred, what's going on with mr. peterson, that's important, that matters, credibility is important.>>
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reporter: board members of the district attorney's union calling on the approximately 90 district attorney's to issue a no-confidence vote on the district attorney in the next 10 calendar days. christien captain ktvl fox 2news. from a judge sentenced a former la sheriff to 3 years in prison, lee baca convicted of obstruction of justice and other charges, the judge said he would a sentenced him to 5 years but he suffers from early alzheimer's. prescott is say he tried to block an fbi investigation into guards abusing inmates in his jails in 2011 and lied about it. the city of antioch named its newest police chief, a familiar face in the department. tommy brooks has served in antioch for 22 years, calls the job a dream come true. the antioch city manager said rooks has risen through the ranks from officer, sergeant, lieutenant and captain. he served as interim chief since the retirement of alan
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cantata. transportation officials went door-to-door in the south bay with the safety warning about silicon valley extension, the tracks electrified with 1000 volts of electricity. more than enough to kill with just a touch. valley transit workers want to make sure people understand that even though trains are running yet the tracks are deadly.>> our community outreach team will go out in the neighborhood to contact tens of thousands of people to let them know, businesses, schools, homeless shelters, to let people know to take this seriously and not go near the tracks. officials are worried of people trespassing and using the tracks as a shortcut even though there is fencing and warning signs. the 10 mile stretch of track runs from the recently opened warm springs station in fremont to the station in san jose set to open next year. has rescheduled construction work this to check bart has rescheduled
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construction work for people heading to the san antonio spurs game and the oracle, in the western conference finals. bart planned to close the lake merritt station so they could rebuild the tracks between lake merritt and the station all weekend but now the work will only happen saturday. the restaurant in richmond held a special mother's day celebration, the rest of owner have been touched by violence and that includes the restaurant owner herself. rob roth spoke with mothers trying to overcome enormous difficulties in with this mother's day means for them.>> here in this restaurant dozens of mothers gathered for a special mother's day celebration but each of them is on their own. >> the mothers honored either escape domestic violence or barry children killed in homicides leaving families morning on holidays. hello all of you.
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happy mother's day. i the restaurant owner knows what violence can do, years ago her mother was murdered in ethiopia and later her husband abused her. >> we are here together, we all have a story to tell. >> barbara harris has a story. her daughter was shot to death last month in richmond as she took her young boys to school. this is barbara's 1st mother's day without her.>> i lie awake, she always did something special for me for mother's day.>> reporter: wearing a purple flower her favorite color she is now raising her daughter's 3 boys. 2 of them witnessed the shooting by an ex-boyfriend. the young son lost their mother. >> 5-year-old, he tells me he wants to cry but he can't. the older 2, they sometimes
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just break out in tears.>> reporter: another mother here teresa anderson and she says the -- she says she used to be beat. him you i am driving. all types of things. in front of my child.>> she said she appreciates the luncheon and what it's providing. >> it's great to have something like this, for people to come together who share similar experiences and feel comfortable.>> reporter: this is the 5th year in a row she's hosted this.>> i can't hold only the bad all the time. i know this is sad but it's good also. to visit. 4 mother's day and sadness and in celebration. in richmond rob roth ktvt you
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fox 2 news. san francisco's hard rock cafe getting ready to reopen, the pier 39 restaurant has undergone 6 months of renovations, plans call to update the interior bringing it from the 1990s into the 21st century and restaurant managers say they're happy with the work. >> we are very pleased with the results, we redid the entire facility, from the fagade outside, the decor inside, a new private dining facility, with the bells and whistles. the shop is been redone, we are blown away by the results, it's beautiful. the grand reopening set for tomorrow morning at 10:00 and bands are scheduled to play outside the restaurant all weekend long. 2 million fake wells fargo accounts was the initial estimate now we know it can be way higher. coming up, the new number of unauthorized accounts the bank is accused of opening. they
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come from all around the world speaking different languages but when the soccer ball is in play they all communicate as one. still a come how a sport is being used to make a difference in the lives of some east bay college students. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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jack vo: vampires wake up. jack vo: werewolves come out. jack vo: the boogie man gets his boogie on. jack vo: and my hashbrowns turn into my new munchie mashups. jack vo:they come with crispy hashbrowns and tasty white cheese mashed up with your choice of savory egg and bacon, buffalo chicken and ranch, or jalapeños and bacon. jack vo: so you can keep going until the sun comes up. jack vo: ouch, that's gotta hurt. jack vo: introducing my new munchie mashups. only at jack in the box. new developments on the wells fargo fake account scandal, a lawyers for wells fargo
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customers says the bank may have open 3 1/2 million unauthorized accounts, this number is more than previously thought. investigators 1st found employees open 2 million accounts without permission to meet sales goals, a spokesperson for wells fargo to the new estimate isn't verified and is based on a hypothetical scenario. last month they agreed to $142 million settlement for customers with unauthorized accounts opened on their behalf.>> police in ohio trying to find out why a man shot and killed a small-town police chief and went into a nursing home and killed 2 women this afternoon. dozens of officers took part in the procession at the hospital where kirkersville police chief steven disario was pronounced dead. he was 36 years old, had only been on the job 3 weeks. he and his wife had 6 children with another on the way. investigators say he was responding to a report of a man with a gun when he was
5:40 pm
ambushed. >> deputies were in route to back them up, when they arrived they discovered him in the street, they removed him from the scene, we then had information that there was a shooting in the nursing home, deputies searched in the nursing home and there were 3 deceased people found.>> police say the gun man identified as 44-year-old thomas coral terrace was among the 3 people found dead at the nursing home, the 2 other people, both women work at the facility, it's unclear if they had any connection with the gunman. >> homeland security considering an expansion of a laptop ban to include western europe. decision hasn't been made, with officials saying they don't have new information of us the pacific threat. the 1st restrictions went into place in march of banning laptops and tablets on flights originally from 8 countries in the middle east and africa airlines for the middle east have said the measures were hurting their business and slowing demand for flights to
5:41 pm
the us. >> we are to political company we aren't interfering in politics of any countries. what we are seeing at the moment, there is a problem of the screening issues. >> a new policy could be announced by the end of the month before the summer travel month. >> a rough 1st quarter for department chains cornerstones for most for years, jcpenney released its 1st quarter earnings reporting a loss of $80 million. many retail chains have been falling on tough times as shoppers increasingly shift to online stores and away from brick-and-mortar stores. to boost sales jcpenney shut down underperforming sales and have been pushing athletic wear and other products, they are facing competition from other discounted rivals such as h&m and t.j. maxx. 2 yesterday at macy's released its earnings report, profits dropped 84% from last year, amounting to $160 million loss.
5:42 pm
macy's in penny stocks have fallen 20% in the last 2 days. a special night in the east bay, how a bay area university using soccer to find common ground, and let teens set goals. not many things can be a 1st for tom brady for football but today he landed on the cover of the madden videogame for the 1st time, how he's showing he's not superstitious of the honor. the weekend look forward to, getting it lined up, we will see you after the break. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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a standing room only crowd attended a mass for rugby player left paralyzed after being injured him -- in a match, it was held at a jesuit high school in carmichael word 20-year-old robert taylor was us -- was an outstanding athlete, he suffered an injury last weekend during a championship match, his lower body paralyzed. his life was changed for
5:45 pm
all who know him.>> this wasn't a funeral. as he works to figure out the path for him, we hope to be invited to be a part of that new life, and share the joys and challenges he will live out.>> after the mass, there was a donut fundraiser with proceeds going towards taylor's mountain 90 -- mounting medical expenses which family members estimate could be a -- million dollars. a a wide range of backgrounds, a soccer tournament in he word between cal state east bay students and faculty against high school students from oakland. >> the 1st of its kind event through cal state and soccer without orders for immigrants and refugees. amberley has the story. this mini tournament, games of hope invites these teenagers, immigrants and refugees to a largely unfamiliar world of a college campus. they came to play soccer.
5:46 pm
>> i just wanted to go get the ball and start playing.>> reporter: putting on cleats in a jersey is a game changer for the students. they come from 10 different countries including afghanistan, mexico and burma. many spoke no english when they arrived in the us. when they play soccer they can't -- they can communicate with each other. we all love soccer. that's how we get along. 4 a sophomore computer science student, and immigrant from congo, he says soccer without borders made a difference in his life. he along with his professor came up with the idea of the event. they want to change the narrative of what it means to be an immigrant or refugee during this current club -- political . it's more about soccer and winning and losing, it's about the educational aspect, feeling
5:47 pm
socially networked and connected to people.>> everyone is free to be who they want to be.>> reporter: make me feel like a new person. >> reporter: this high school student said when he immigrated from thailand, it brought him out of the shell. >> i am the 1st to graduate high school. i'm very proud of myself.>> reporter: organizers say it's more than the soccer game, it's about building a community of inclusion. at cal state east bay in hayward amberley k tvu fox 2news. let's check the weather, it is friday, the weekend just about here. it's a cool one, it will look like it's going to be cool but not too cool for mother's day.>> reporter: will go right through saturday and sunday similar to what we had today, plenty of sunshine and breezy. not as windy tomorrow, but
5:48 pm
breezy and overnight lows in the 50s, daytime highs like these, 60s and low 70s. a couple low 70s tomorrow, today we had 70s in napa, fairfield, tomorrow a degree or 2 warmer and sunday the same. not a bad set up, just not as hot and record-setting heat as we saw the last couple weeks ago. here's the jet stream drawn in, advantageous jet stream to parts of the rockies, severe weather, these troughs with increment weather, we are in the bottom of the trough. where here with really bad weather, the winds are sharing apart, instability, and the left side or right side of the trough. in here it stable. here it is stable but on these right sides of the trough, instability. you big time whether going on. problems with airports in atlanta and dallas and appear, we aren't seeing a lot of
5:49 pm
moisture, but we are seeing cooler weather brought to us by the trough, where the air here is to verging, it opens up and allows the air underneath to rise, and you get instability. basic stuff. with that in mind we will continue with this mild pattern with the trough relatively in place, winds are howling, gusting up to almost 40 miles an hour at sfo, temperatures in the 60s. the winds, this is significant in novato 33, 32 fairfield. 28 at half moon bay at sfo close to 40 miles an hour, they are at 39. it's windy on the bay, you can see in front a little bit one of the ways i can tell there's wind, nancy the texture of the water, not the texture but the water, when there's a lot of wind in the shallows and clouds up by novato, petaluma creek,
5:50 pm
the sentiment gets mixed in and the bay turns darker brown and muddy looking. you will notice that tomorrow also. environmental clues. partly sunny and cloudy tomorrow, san francisco. not bad. clouds around, but no rain. highs tomorrow san francisco 60 degrees, not that warm. more highs and temperature 70 brentwood, 70 napa, a nice day saturday. sunday not have bad for mother's day. really nice. do the boys have big plans? do you? >> we will cook dinner or something. >> you just put your feet up or just hang out? >> just kind of hang out. brian does a good barbecue. >> have a wonderful mother's day, sunday will be beautiful, if you go outside to barbecue you may need a jacket.>> reporter: we're doing lots of stuff, i don't want to say in the air because it's very secretive. breakfast at the house,
5:51 pm
presents and stuff. >> the funny thing about mother's day the warriors playoff days in the middle of the day. a lot of moms are going to be like, julie will watch it, if you're cool with it it's fine but it could step on a few mother's day's>> not mine. my mom says pamper me after the game, just take care me during the game. >> easy evening. >> eymann. >> thank you bill. an historic moment in space today it came when astronauts made the 200 spacewalk at the international space station to install and replace equipment. it was performed by jeff fisher and paid he -- and peggy women holds the us record for the most spacewalks by female astronaut, this was fisher's 1st walk that lasted more than 4 hours. new england patriots quarterback tom brady will be on the cover of the madden nfl 18 videogame and today he released video to laugh off the
5:52 pm
idea that athletes who appear on the cover get injured or have a bad year during the next season. it's been known as the madden curse. there is no such thing as curses, it's a myth. see? all good.>> pushing it is any? it's the 1st time he will be on the cover of the madden franchise, the videogame available august 25. the department of justice calls it a successful mission, the results of the largest anti- gang crackdown in the agencies history targeting those involved in human smuggling and trafficking. >> a new twist in the legal battle between uber and waymo, a decision by the judge that sets the stage for a public trial. half $1 million worth of items stolen from pharmacies, the details on the police bust that led to several arrests also at 6.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
us attorney general jeff sessions directed federal prosecutors to seek the most serious charges against defendants including those accused of low-level drug crimes. the move reverses a policy of the obama administration reserving the harshest option for only high-level or violent offenders.>> i have given our prosecutor's discretion to avoid cynicism that would result in an injustice. this is a key part of president trump's promise to keep america safe. >> critics warned the move
5:56 pm
could again a new war on drugs in reverse a big drop in the federal prison population that took place under the previous administration. the department of justice announced the largest antigang crackdown in agency history, they arrested nearly 1500 people in recent weeks. the doj focused on national gains involved in human smuggling encamped -- and trafficking, the latest from the pentagon.>> reporter: the biggest gang crackdown the justice department has attempted, officials say he was a major success. a total of 1098 people arrested on criminal charges, half federal offenses. another 280 face deportation for gang connections, of those arrested 21 faces murder related allegations and 7 arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault.>> gang members involved in a broad range of criminal activity including drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, other
5:57 pm
crimes related to our border. 4 immigrations and customs say the mainly target transnational gains, two thirds were american citizens, it focused on force cities, houston, new york, atlanta and new york. going after games like the bloods, crips, msa 13 which the trump administration has made a priority recently. our goal is to arrest, prosecute, imprison, deport and remove transnational gang members. >> reporter: the agency says there was no politics involved with the trump administration is linking it to the president's hard-line stance on immigration calling it a national security priority. >> is focused on targeting transnational gangs and prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens who pose a threat to public safety. i officials say 3 of the rest involve dreamers, immigrants brought to the us as children and avoided deportation under previous policy by the obama administration. lucas tomlinson fox news.
5:58 pm
looks like pg&e rates going up, the public utilities commission voted to increase gas and electric bills by 1% this year, it averages to $1.65 per customer, it will be used to upgrade infrastructure at various sites across the state, additional rate hikes scheduled for 2018 and 2019. i the oakland airport offers a -- offering 5 days of free parking for those traveling to europe, it will be available for people flying from oakland to europe not stop, 5 days of parking typically cost $120, people who want to park for free have to download a coupon from the website on the airlines, it will last through august 19. a final salute to a fallen deputy, bay area law enforcement officers and morning after a freeway accident took the life of an alameda county sheriff's deputy.>> he was trying to do
5:59 pm
his best to earn extra money to take care of his wife and family. >> deputy sroeuy khin was married and a father of 4, he was on his way home to his family in stockton but he never made it. good evening i'm julie haener. i'm ken wayne in for frank deputy sroeuy khin killed on 580 after he worked overnight at santa rita jail, he was heading eastbound 580 near grant line road and ultima pass when his car slow down or stop in a bus smashed into it from behind around 7:10 am. sky fox was over the crash scene this morning and the bus appears to have minor damage but the deputies white volkswagen beetle is all but destroyed. today the alameda county sheriff called deputy sroeuy khin a hard worker and his death a big loss for the entire department. he would've turned 51 tomorrow. new details from leigh martinez at the coroner's office where his body was taken. deputy
6:00 pm
sroeuy khin escorted by cht officers and his fellow deputies -- ch p officers and is valued -- fellow deputies, several are in stockton with his family, the chaplain is also there helping the family get through. i spoke with a sergeant who said one of the hardest parts of this tragedy is knowing the kids lost an amazing dad.>> reporter: sroeuy khin was on his way home . he lived in stockton with his wife and 4 children. sheriff ahearn said he was a dedicated deputy who would often work overtime shifts and had just finished putting in 12 hours at the santa rita jail. the sheriff said chp officers found his id and badge in his car and they notified the sheriff's department of the loss of a fellow deputy.>> he spent various units out -- throughout his


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